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User Reviews for Justfly - Cheap Trip Booking

4.86 out of 5
29.8K Ratings
5 years ago, uusuck
Flown two round trips.
I more than surprised with the flights on Frontier Airlines. The flight attendants were more than willing to help me on this no frills airline. Hope to fly Frontier Airlines again This time I booked my own flight and am overjoyed that I will be flying on Delta. The experience of booking only took a few minutes. So much quicker then having to make calls to various airline s or search the net for the right fare. Thank you so much for your help.
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5 years ago, Trish Travel
Awesome international business fares
I was very reluctant to book with this company as I had never heard of them. I got an awesome price for round trip from Orlando to Chang Mai and then from Bangkok to Orlando. I under 5,000 dollars. I flew with an airline that I had never heard of and was told I would have to call them directly to get my seats. It was a challenge as English was not there best language, but it was booked and I did get what I wanted and had no problem at all with any flights. I wasn’t super happy with the quality of the business class on this airline, but it had a flat bed for my 19 hr flight so that was ok with me. I now Check the flights in Just Fly first now. I would have rated this 5 stars but some of the agents I spoke with were not very well trained and could not answer my questions. I did find one who I found that was wonderful and stuck with him. I also had to call and book my own seats which was unusual. Otherwise it would get 5 stars
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4 years ago, Kaitlyn Stransky
This app is awful and so are the workers for this company.
They take your money. Pretty sure it’s a scam. I booked my flight with Summer trying to get a returning flight from Fort Myers to DEN and she booked it as from San Jose, MEXICO to DEN. She also charged me $216 for the mistake she was making and the difference in the ticket. This ticket was for the wrong returning flight for the whole 4 HOURS I was on the phone with her and I even had her repeat what she had “set in stone” for my itinerary 4 TIMES and she still managed to screw it all up. Called back the next day for help but was put on hold for 1 hour only to be told they have to call me back later?! So I call again the next day and my confirmation number for my itinerary doesn’t exists? Weird! Then the recorded message says they are only taking calls for people who have flights in the next 72 hours. So what are people with my situation supposed to do?! Absolutely AWFUL agency do NOT buy tickets off of here they are always messing up and taking your money. Not reliable at all!!!!
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2 months ago, San12080
This app is a joke
They took our money for flights so we called customer service, they charged us TWICE without us knowing and this money hasn’t returned even after the flights were cancelled. They stole 4k from us like it’s not a big deal. Even customer service don’t help, when we finally booked different flights the plane got cancelled and had to rebook(which is normal) we called customer service and they said we had to pay to rebook, which didn’t make sense so we called the airline and they changed the flight for us for free. Justfly wanted to charge us for something we could have done for free, it doesn’t make any sense at all. So they wanted to take extra money plus the 4k they didn’t return!!! I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone and personally would never use it again. It’s a waste of money and time.
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5 years ago, Harlo99
Awful customer service
I needed to change my flight I called and the rep ( you can tell it was in India just by the background people on phones ) offered me good flights with little lay overs, price was 563 ( I paid 800 for original ticket , I told her I would call right back, before I could say good bye she offered 100 off to 463 . I said I had to check with family just one more time on dates and would call back . I called back and the lady offered me something completely different with about 30 hrs in lay overs , I asked for a supervisor and waited forever , he finally got on and after explaining everything to him ( Rocky , but you could still hear the Indian telemarketers in background ) he found the original flights they offered me but now he said the price was $848 ! I will never do business with them again , don’t recommend them at all
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5 years ago, hkz290
A scam and horrible customer service
I had booked a roundtrip flight from New York to Paris for pretty cheap and Just Fly had sent an email to me saying that both my departing and return flights were confirmed. On the day of my return flight, I went to check in online and the status of the flight was canceled. I immediately called the company only to find that my ticket was never issued to me by the airline but for some reason Just Fly confirmed my flight. They told me to just book a new flight ($800 one way) and send them the receipt to maybe be reimbursed for my return flight that I paid for but never had a ticket for. I spoke to representatives for over 2 hours and when I got to the supervisor she hung up on me. No matter how cheap the flights are, please do not purchase your tickets through this company. It is not worth the risk.
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5 years ago, Raquel904925
Zero stars
I tried to purchase a round trip ticket, international, for some reason the site gave me an error message saying my purchase could not be completed and to try again. Turns out only my return flight was scheduled but not my departure. I called customer service to ask and I was assured that flight was canceled and I would see a credit in my card 24-48 hrs. After 48 hrs I called the airlines since I didn’t see my credit and my flight was still scheduled. And now I couldn’t cancel myself since it had been longer than 24 hrs. I am trying to speak with some one at JustFly cust serv. And as soon as I explain the problem they suddenly don’t speak English. Plus I’ve been on hold for over an hour and nothing. DO NOT use JustFly. Terrible service. I’m out $903. Like I have extra $$ to just give away.
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5 years ago, TheKillers24
I had two tickets for Thailand and a email that confirmed both. A week before the trip I find out they cancelled one and were no help at all to fix the problem. I was on the phone with them for 6 hours, talked to four different people, yet they couldn't do a single thing to help. Then they blamed me saying that they had the wrong email, yet I got an email from them initially confirming my tickets (so how could it change??) They changed it so that couldn't contact me to notify me that they canceled my flight and also cancelled it without me agreeing to it. Then they charge expensive cancellation fees because they know you have to pay. Justfly is a scam, I WILL NEVER BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!! Please save yourself stress and just go to the airlines website
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7 months ago, Gorvahog
Did not work for us
I booked my flight in March and the booking was confirmed soon after. I didn’t find out until a month prior that my booking changed and I wasn’t able to verify the change (thankfully the airport attendants were more than accommodating) but when I checked in on the return at first Air Canada didn’t even register that I had a connecting flight and then I almost had to pay for the same bag twice on my connecting flight (again the airport attendants saved me here as well) when I tried to talk to an agent i received only bots except once and even then they weren’t very helpful. This app has only lead to frustration and headaches for me.
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8 months ago, fjsisf
Poor service, predatory. Do not use
This app canceled my flight without my consent, with zero explanation. I then reached out to their support, switching from email to text per their demand. I gave them my confirmation number. My phone number. My email. My phone. Then they put me on a long hold, while asking “are you still there” on a text chat. Then “for my security” they said they wouldn’t assist me without giving tons of additional personal info, after I already gave the above. This isn’t about security. It’s not for convenience. It’s a massive inconvenience to repeat all of this information repeatedly. It’s surveillance. It’s extortive. Spend your money elsewhere. All this could have easily been solved with one email- when they said they canceled my flight, via email, they could have simply stated why, in that email. They are choosing to provide poor service then being petty saying “we can’t help without tons of unnecessary information” which is not the truth.
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2 years ago, gahahsbdbxhjcjdcj
Scammed us
Me and my family purchased 5 tickets 6 months before leaving the country. We had our trip planned ahead of time. After paying all five tickets in full, we get a call 9 days before our departure saying we needed to pay an extra 400 dollars ($80 per person ) because the prices had went up and our ticket wasn’t totally confirmed but it was still on stand by. We were forced to pay the money because we had planned everything. I’m currently waiting for my flight in few days and I hope it goes well but the company will scam you and ruin your plans if you don’t empty out your pockets.
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3 years ago, Galtzo
Worst app
Login page frequently get stuck in a reload loop. Other times it is stuck as blank white and never fully loads. My flights does not prompt to login if signed out. Contrast on tab icons at bottom is near 0, can’t see them. The website is more functional but has many problems as well. The tools for finding flights that have outstanding issues (like money available to be used toward a new flight) are non existent. There is literally no way to tell which two of my dozens of flights are the ones I can redeem for other travel. But, other ease of use aspects, and the prices keep me coming back, despite hating it.
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7 years ago, Trish2382
The check-in baggage claim fees for international flights are not set fees!!!!! Just fly sent an email stating LATAM 1st checking bag fee was $25 and second bag would be $35. Unable to pay for it online I called the airline requesting to pay in advance. To my surprise, LATAM told advised to have $100 cash for my first bag. Non- negotiable!!! Without further discussion I called Justfly a spoke with a representative who was not helpful at all. Stating they are not responsible for baggage fees since they are a third party. Everyone points the finger without taking full responsibility !!! WILL NEVER AGAIN USE THIS APP!! I thought I was saving by finding a round trip to bogota and miami using two different airline without regard to the hidden fees!!! Horrible service!!!
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6 years ago, ricanmay
I paid for a last minute flight that would leave in 7 days for my boyfriend and I. They took the payment send me an email with a confirmation and within a hour or two I receive an email stating it was canceled. They didn’t refund the money. I had to use more money from my savings to book the flight that I would need in a few days. Everyone has a strong accent and I couldn’t understand how why they canceled or how to get my refund. I will never ever use them again. Apparently they were using two different airlines to go and come back. One of the airlines gave me a refund but the other I’m still waiting for a refund. Do not use them.
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6 years ago, justdontfly
If I could give negative stars I would! Justfly got refunded by American Airlines when they cancelled my ticket without ever telling me. So I find out by going to check-in on my mobile app for my next day flight from SFO to Miami, but I can’t because it says cancelled flight. So when I call American they said “your ticket was cancelled by Justfly weeks ago and we refunded them.” Wow, so not only did justfly keep the refund, but I had to buy a last minute expensive ticket to Miami! Justfly said that the AA flight was cancelled, but that was a BS lie because I had to re-buy my same exact flight directly from American Airlines. Don’t fall for the cheap price- you’ll pay big time! Effers!!!!
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2 years ago, watra keeper
Watra keeper
They don’t answer phone calls at all today only I have called 3 times and every call that I have made was at least 3 hours to 4 hours on the line After all nobody picked up the phone I have told them that I have a problem getting my visa the guy I talked to didn’t even cared kept cutting me off didn’t wanna let me explain the situation so now 4 days I have been trying to reschedule my flight and they keep telling me there is no options no flights I think that’s unprofessional I don’t think I will book any tickets from Justfly in future unless the circumstances has change
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3 years ago, Big Al whatever
Scammed us
Billed our credit card $200 more with hidden charges. When we saw the overcharge we canceled the tickets within the 24 hours allowed to cancel. When they did not give a credit back to visa we disputed the charges. Now they claim we did not cancel even we have proof from their website we did. Big mess. Being billed for $4k we do not owe. Hard to deal with visa while your overseas. We purchased tickets for the same flight with a travel agency that did not try to scam us. Beware of Justfly. Adding on charges they do not tell you about or are deceptive about when booking by phone.
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6 years ago, Gentle thunder
Didn’t read reviews before booking bc this app had “4.8” stars. This company charged my credit card $30 more than the flight price I authorized when I clicked “authorize this charge”. WOW. Customer service was pleasant and refunded the $30 for me. But don’t you think that’s super sketchy?!? They also have been spamming me with promotional emails which I did not sign up for, and when I go to the unsubscribe page, it reads, “you are not subscribed to any promotional emails”. Yikes! Now that I read other reviews, I’m really concerned that when we show up to fly, we won’t even have a ticket. I would avoid using this service if you can.
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4 years ago, shzique1963
I was searching for airline tickets for certain days and was checking prices because my days were flexible and bougt the tickets. Then reserved rooms and a car for trip. When I got the receipt I noticed I picked the wrong days. So I quickly cancelled the flights, it was maybe 5 hours later. Then I realized that I was going to be charged 225 for the cancellation by just fly. The airlines never would of done this, because they have a 24 hour cancellation. So I will never use this app again it’s just not worth it. You will eventually make a mistake and the any savings you might of gotten will be eaten up with their cancellation fees.
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3 years ago, joevaleri
If I could give them a zero….
Cheap flights are only cheap until something goes wrong, even a simple flight cancellation or change. Anything that requires even minor customer support is a disaster with JustFly. Worst experience I have ever had with a travel company and I have been flying many times a year for the last 25 years. Not worth the small savings. I had even bought first class tickets and that made no difference, just no one answering phones, an automated system that doesn’t handle cancellations and never, ever let’s you get to a human. Avoid JustFly at all cost!!!
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5 years ago, ttnr85
Scam rip off
Worst airline agency ever!!! They are a big scam full of big liars !!! They changed my reservation date without my authorization and took the money of my credit card account because it was saved in their system! When I called to see what’s going on they said they can’t do anything about it and I need to pay $600 to get my old reservation back. I’ve been talking to them for the past three days for hours and no one is helping me !! They keep on hold for 44 minutes and come back with the same information. Worst agent and treatment I hope they will be closing soon and no airlines work with them again!!
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5 years ago, wrdy grl
Quick and easy
I love just fly . The app is way better than the site Last night I tried booking and I got the spinning wheel of death six different times finally went to bed this morning took me less than five minutes to book the same flight. I am confirmed with airports in the past and I’ve never had a problem. Great to have options
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6 years ago, A2sherri
Best Prices Easy Booking
I have used this app twice to book my flights and every time it’s quick easy and efficient. The prices are always better than some of the well know services and definitely better than direct airline prices. It also gives you options with even lower prices if your travel plans are flexible. Sherri S.
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4 years ago, Wont Fly With Then
Bad Customer Service
Tried to book a flight for a funeral, wouldn’t go through originally thought it was my service so went ahead and booked with a different company, they then however charged me and refused to give me a refund, told them I’d then call my bank and report it to them, reported it to my bank and then they called me back to apologize after the women told me I should’ve called sooner instead of booking another flight, called me back apologized offered to only charge me 75, needless to say my banks dealing with it and I’ve deleted their app.
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5 years ago, allaalasaregone
The Best!
I have more than twenty flight finders on my phone, some well known, and others not. I tried to book this flight on many, and couldn’t find it for less than 200 anywhere. On one site it got me the same price, but I was redirected and the flight went up fifty dollars. Here, I got the lowest price, was not redirected, and that’s exactly what I paid. A great one!
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4 years ago, Daniel Duss
For the ones checking the reviews to see if its a scam. Its absolutely not. I purchased two flights and they gave me the best prices. Yes the speak broken english and sound sketchy but provided me with great seats and flights. Plus justfly has been there a while now. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT. Just make sure you don’t get charged with extra fees.
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2 years ago, Adaijah_j
I booked two different tickets for my family to come to my college graduation and instead they booked it vice versa. I went and checked numerous times what i typed from the history and I was right but for check in on the airline it was appearing vice versa. When I called them they told me they could not give me any money back and I had to rebook. My mom had to take a loan out for everybody to see my graduation and it messed up my grad gift. I have told literally everyone I know to delete this app and they have will never use again.
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6 years ago, Kadra P.
I am a kind, patient person and I have never bothered to write a bad review. Today was my first and last time using justfly. Their (foreign) call center Customer Service is HORRIBLE. The person two people up the line refused to let me talk to her supervisor and kept interrupting me. I actually yelled at her, I have never yelled at a customer service person in my 42 years. Their “extended cancellation policy” that you can purchase is misleading and I just lost $250 for a flight I was unable to take, unless I can find a way to speak to someone above the “supervisor” that I just got off the phone with.
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2 years ago, manibagz
This app deserves less than 1 star! I don’t usually give ratings for apps but had to leave a review after this. JUSTFLY is a SCAM. They take your money and cancel your flight. My wife and I went to the airport just for the airline to say that we were nowhere in their system even though we had an itinerary from JUSTFLY. We had to come out of our pockets $1000 just to get another ticket. Tried calling customer service but they do NOT answer the phone. This is ridiculous and these people should not be in business.
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5 years ago, PackersFan1234
JustFly by night awful
Good fare price but their app and systems are glitchy with poor customer service by people that barely speak English. I paid extra for seats 26J, 26K and 26L. The app shows 26J, 26K and 26K (not a typo). It shows my wife and daughter in the same seat - a physical impossibility unless my 11 year old daughter sits on my wife’s lap. I’m told it’s just a system issue and not to worry. No refund can be made and nothing they can do. I won’t be surprised if 26L gets assigned to someone else and we’re left separated. I guess you get what you pay for. Won’t book through JustFly ever again.
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2 years ago, Pokemon breeder 1233
A literal scam!!
They steal your money, are HIGHLY unprofessional with airline flights and ignore phone calls about refunds COMPLETELY. This app needs to have a boycott and honestly shut down because they literally do rob people of their money. The problem requests just stay in request for a long time until they “reject it” and steal your hundreds of dollars. Good luck to this app after getting sued is all I have left to say. Cancelation protection from this app also gets 100% disregarded and airlines themself speak on how unprofessional and disgusting this app is.
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3 years ago, illia Z
JustFly is a scam 30% of times you book
This review is for JustFly in general as a business. I’ve gotten a few flights with them. Pretty bad experience even if minor issues arise with booking. They can make changes without you confirming, they can charge your card on file without confirming, re-booking and cancellation is just a nightmare so do yourself a favor and stay away from them. I wonder if these 5 star reviews are actually legit, seems very strange as I see hundreds of one stars which have real issues listed.
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12 months ago, Gods Promises
Best little trip booking site
My ticket was really inexpensive and the booking was effortless with no problems. I’ve used other cheap booking sites and have been disappointed. But I will be using justify again and again!!! Mahalo
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4 years ago, Jamess25
Be aware of just fly is scam website
We have purchased ticket thru just fly international round trip but the flight was canceled we contacted just fly customer service now they wanna charge us $360 for canceling the flight we told them our flight was canceled by airline we did contact the airline they told us our flight was canceled and we should receive our money in full but unfortunately they can proceed because we purchased thru just fly horribly company bad customer service be ware they are scam Indian people.
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3 years ago, Garrettsims
Love this app!
My friend told me about this app, and I was skeptical at first, but it is fantastic! Just booked my first flight through the app for way cheaper than I could find anywhere else. They make the whole process so easy!
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2 years ago, Jenna St. Cloud
User friendly
This app was very user friendly and had Q/A for just about every question you can think of. I like how it gives you options as you are checking out.
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3 years ago, its me agen
Just take your $$&
This is a total scam of a booking company. Stay away from them. I booked a first class ticket with them cancel few hours later. They did not want to refund my money. Could not get customer service on the phone. Had to make multiple calls, finally got someone the phone. He ended my call when I asked to be refunded. Called back again, my number was blocked. Save yourself the headache delete this app off your phone including all browser histories.
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5 years ago, just avoid
Just Avoid
I’m a business traveler and fly all over the world. This is my second time making a reservation with this company and it’s just horrible experience. Their call center does what they can but their USA and Canadian service I have not heard back from in 1 week after they over charged my card even though I had to send them my CC statement. Just horrible service. Imagine if you’re traveling outside of the country for them to leave you stranded. Just horrible and should be avoided.
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5 years ago, Asanga1756
DO NOT BOOK with them, specially if you in a hurry...
If you book with them, except a definite cancellation by the time you go to the airport! Low price are only available online. The system even allows you to pay, but in less than 18 hours they cancel the booking (you will notice, only if you check your mail). This is a set-up process will make us call them for very long hours, and will end up with a HIGH PRICE. Then you will have to talk to a supervisor even longer to convince him that, “ l NEEDED TO ADD A CANCELLATION FEE”!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, JustFly Better than Hopper
Way better than Hopper
I wasted so much time trying to input a payment method in Hopper and then got frustrated and decided to use JustFly which got me the same price and bought my ticket in just a couple of minutes with less drama!
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5 years ago, Mimi1995!
Worst customer service
The worst side for tickets. It is true that give you low prices but when it's your turn to claim for money they are the worst. I bought an insurance that they offer you at the moment and they tell me that it did not cover cancellation after 24 hours and I lost the money of two flights plus insurance. Then I buy another insurance that they say that will help me, not even for active dutty orders (i can’t control military orders) so i lost the money of two flights and two insurance.
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6 years ago, Thomas Castleman
Awesome service!
I misbooked a flight and the JustFly customer service team gave me a full refund and I got a new flight booked now. I will forever use and recommend JustFly to all my friends and family. Thank you again for the hospitality and assistance!
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4 months ago, lovingnz
I've booked numerous flights on JUSTFLY. Always been great!! Seriously have checked other apps and even flights directly from the airlines. ALWAYS came back to JUSTFLY. They are cheaper and app is much much easier to use.
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6 years ago, Jdaskr16
Sad sad sad
I have no idea if it’s a communication between American Airlines and justfly but apparently they don’t keep the seats your assigned. Flying from the US to Rome the seats we were assigned got scrapped and we got new seats but luckily there was available seats they combined for us. Then we had the same issue coming back from Rome to the US but this time they have no seats. Not sure if this is happening with other airlines through justfly but be warned if you fly anything in relation with American Airlines
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2 years ago, Kamroon
Resolve this issue please!!!
I loved this app , and I used it quite a few times and I found the best of the best deals , but unfortunately it’s not displaying the results for my flight searches , I hope that they can fix up this issue!
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6 years ago, patel.akash102
Fake, unreliable, worst customer service!
Booked the flight and got the confirmation. Then they canceled the tickets and told me that you Creditcard has declined. Then i check the credit card summary and in my credit card summary it says charge was successfully completed and then i call them and asked for specific reason then they told me charge will revert back in your account in 10 days and then i asked for the same deal they they refused hang up the phone!
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11 months ago, OdavidB
High quality, low price.
The title usually doesn’t go together high quality low price; however, with just fly that’s just what I got, a high quality low price airfare and hotel.
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5 years ago, D@vison
Made A Mistake, Just Fly Saved Me
Just Fly got me out of a bad situation by finding a very VERY affordable flight. If you want to find very affordable flights I have no reason to think you’ll find anything better than this service.
Show more
3 years ago, Oaoaababtatahogo
Scammers. Not recommended
I booked a flight with Qatar airway, when i Made the payment they send me the details for the flight with two different airlines and they will not provided any meals for about 13 hours flight. I cancelled the flight immediately. They changed me $225 for that cancellation. I thought it’s 24 hours free cancellation just like other apps do. And you can’t see the cancellation fee till you make the cancellation.
Show more
10 months ago, SeaDub1285
Never Again
We missed our flight due to typhoon flooding out of Manila. South Korea Airlines said there was a flight we could catch if Justfly switched our booking in order to make our connection. Justfly declined to help. My wife and I, with our 16 month old baby, we’re completely stranded. Again, Korean Air said Justfly could have saved the day but they didn’t. We will never book with them again.
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