4.8 (888)
70 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Karmaloop.com

4.76 out of 5
888 Ratings
6 years ago, Itz MR Perferct
Love it
Been using this app for years for good clothes beats going to the mall
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2 years ago, UpbeatOstrich
As bad as before
I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them another chance after all the years. They still are lackluster. I placed an order and it advertised that it would arrive before Christmas. It wasn’t shipped in time and when I reached out to customer service (via email because the phone number doesn’t work) they sent the most generic response. Here it is after Christmas and I have yet to receive my package after 2 weeks. This site is horrible and a joke.
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2 years ago, Blick.mf
Took me money and haven’t sent any clothes going on 10 plus days
I ordered 1 shirt and my order has be “processing” going on 10 days now. They charged my card and took the money out. But the order is still “Processing”, their customer service number doesn’t work at all and the email address takes about a week to reply back to you. I dont even want the shirt anymore they must really need some Money or sumn idk …
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3 years ago, no nickname718
Customer service is nonexistent
Pray your order is correct because if something is wrong you’re stuck with garbage you didn’t want. They take months to resolve anything and then just blame it on the vendor. Might as well find something you like on the app and then go to the companies page and buy it there
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4 years ago, meth sweat
Poor service
A lot of great clothes but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a purchase and two weeks later I get a refund without any explanation. There’s obviously a lot of flaws with inventory and shipping that need to be worked out. Get it together karma loop you guys are slipping.
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6 years ago, Mmg99999
The refine/sort options do not work
When I try to pick my size of shirt every else but my size pops up. Fix this problem and it’ll get five stars until then only three
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4 years ago, itz_morse
Bad business!
Karmaloop has great clothes to choose from, but if you order more than one item they will send only one item. This happened to me twice and the clothes aren’t cheap, so if you order from karmaloop just know you might get scam out of your money!
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6 years ago, _fiestanextdoor
Keeps giving error message
App no longer works. Keeps saying it cannot connect to server and try again later. Already tried deleting and redownloading app. This app besides looking dated is now also unusable. Fix this!
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2 years ago, KILLAH K187
Every body
This is a iffy store to by from web sites they sell pants and t shirts out side the United States your best option is to go in the store in person if your order take 10 days it’s coming out side the United States
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5 years ago, DeegJay
Wishlist cant be read
I can’t view my wishlist, that’s why one star is missing. Please fix that.
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2 years ago, GeeValentino
Order an item almost a month ago and all it says is that it’s processing and the customer service number doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, emilmartinez
Best shopping app
Amazing cloth
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5 years ago, Murfgotti
App glitches like crazy
I can’t access some of the app. For instance, When I click on my orders, as soon as I get into that section it starts to click on sections I haven’t even touched.
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6 years ago, ZDopeBoy
What happened?
Ever since the update a couple weeks back my app just says I’m not connected to a server and I can’t navigate it any further.
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3 years ago, BinBallin
Use a lot
you guys slipped in a shipping fee of 12 dollars when it said free shipping on orders over 150. Not a big deal but definitely not honest
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5 years ago, PinkDolphinYo
4 weeks till and still haven’t received full order
Worst shopping experience ever
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2 years ago, Jay_guapo23
I’m in love with this app!
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1 year ago, SnackMan102
Best App Ever
Literally The Best App Ever
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6 years ago, turks boi
App always say error/connecting to server
It’s Annoying now .
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10 years ago, MikeyPho
Amazing App And Company
Great App, It Navigates You Right What Ever You Wanna Order, Good Search Engine, You Can Choose A Specific Thing Like Which Apparel And Which Certain Brand To Search For, Great Discounts Like I Got 3 Three Shirts, 2 Sweaters, 1 Crewneck, And 4 Joggers Which Add Up To 456$ I Believe Than That Winter Discount Though👌 Brought That Baby Down To 286$, Also Great Shipping My Last Orders Came In Like A Week If longer Maybe Two More Days Later, Yall Are The Reason Why I Like Shopping Online And Continue To Shop Online And Yall Keep Doin Yall Thing And For Everyone Else Who Had Problems With The App Or Karmaloop In Particular I Guess Had Bad Luck Because Im Gucci With My Orders😉
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4 years ago, Yojeff
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12 years ago, Cocoa Cari
So Much Better Than it Used 2 B!!!
I deleted my Karmaloop app mid-last year because it would continuously kick me out after I'd gotten really deep into my search - making me scroll all the way through (when I'd sign back on) to find my last spot. #Annoying. Well, I decided to downlad it (just last night) and try it again and it is truly awesome. So easy to use, nice layout, and no bugs (so far) kicking me out off the app every two mins. Thus I give the app ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
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11 years ago, Matthew Grimm
I've been shopping with karmaloop for a few months now, and I do 90% of my clothing and accessory shopping on here now. I am very impressed by the organization and functionality of this app. I just made a large purchase the other day, and it was quick and easy. Apart from picking my things out, of course. I look forward to doing more shopping in the future. My hat is off to you karmaloop!
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11 years ago, Diamondshrines
Best shop ever made
Filled with brands like Misha and black scale karma loop has many hidden gems of brands in its expanse of products. Brands filled with deep modern cultural meaning whether it be art or music. Even unknown or great quality products are here with easy purchase. The site is amazing but the app is simple and easy to use. A cleaner cut than the actual website. Must have for those with a sense of fashion and need for style and individuality.
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11 years ago, Losganjeles213
This app is legit, i have never had a problem with this app it runs beautifuly and is as fast as i need it to be when processing my orders, my only concern is the uploading of new deals on sale seems to be more opportunity on the website but then it wouldn't make sense to put half of your inventory on an app thats pretty idiotic from my stand point as a fan, you have yet to fail me
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12 years ago, Instaguzzler
Karmaloop Experience
To be honest it gets tiring going from website to website ordering products of your favorite brands. Karmaloop is the hero and carries all the great urban brands on one website which makes it a much easier process. Plus, there customer service is always a helping hand. It doesn't hurt that they have a Karmaloop app either. Karmaloop does a great job making it easy an simple for the customer. THANKS KARMALOOP! Dee
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12 years ago, Joeyzasa
Company is awesome
Everything is great about this company. Customer service, shipping, and products offered. The only problem is with the app itself the size refine option doesn't work for bigger sizes. It seems like I get everything else than what I'm looking for 3xl just a heads up. Keep up the good work. This was happening before and after the recent updates. I purchase from Karmaloop and PLNDR often. PLNDR app works great performing this function.. Would be 5 stars if app functions worked how there supposed to.
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11 years ago, Suede Fantasma
My Favorite Online Clothing Store
Dope App for a great online store... I made out really good around X-mas with the 35%-45% off... But the app sometimes have its moment (not often) where it don't show anything and then crashes but it has not happen in months... I shop at least once every pay period and 75% of the time from my iPhone 4 and haven't any had problems with security or my orders
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11 years ago, B1GNA5TY40
Great for anyone
Ive gotten so many people to try this app and they're hooked. I love the way the app lets you separate brands and types of clothes. It's easy to use and go through menus. If you shop online a lot this app definitely is a must. The only thing I seem to have a problem with is the restocking of items but that's a problem in any online shopping experience.
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11 years ago, TylerAndr3w
Best retail app
I always shop and browse Karmaloop, Plndr, and Brick Harbor. They always have good deals, awesome clothing and accessories. The app itself is easy to navigate and easy to order. I haven't had any glitches or bad experiences. I even became a part of the rep team. Use Krep18 if you ever feel like purchasing anything from Karmaloop. Should get you a few bucks knocked off your sweet deals.
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11 years ago, Miles from the block
Love the site, troubles with the app.
Some of the best deals on clothing and accessories that can be found on the Internet! Find one of their reps on Instagram and you get even more discounts with their codes! The app itself however tends to crash a lot for me. It will look like it's loading the homepage but then I'm brought back to my home screen. Other than that, it saves your account info and the app when it works, it works well!
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9 years ago, SauceG__
I've ordered awhile ago from karma and I didn't have any problems.. That was back in 2013 lol. There's to many ppl saying they lost money from them and I can't do it.. I just can't... download it. I just have to find something better I guess. I mean I will try and see because I take risks but if something happens I will be back. I love karma so hopefully it doesn't fuxk up. I was shocked when it had 3 stars. PLNDR has the same stuff for the ppl who don't shop on karma. There just cheaper kinda.
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11 years ago, Dan the freshest
Karmaloop is where it's at!!!
If I'm not on karmaloop through my computer, I'm on it on my phone, literally everyday. I love it, they made it so simple to find all my my favorite brands. It could use some adjustments and fix some bugs and glitches, but otherwise it's perfect. The app is the most used one on my phone lol, out of five stars it deserves a six and a half!
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11 years ago, Hdziggyvk
Karmaloop? More like KarmaGreat
Karmaloop is my favorite clothes and accessories store way better than the others it has just about any clothing style you can think of. Not promising having it in your size but they normally restock within one or two weeks. But still they have a wide variety of urban clothes and fashion. 5 out of 5!!!!
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9 years ago, Rookiejae
So a couple of weeks ago I ordered 4 items, one was a black button up. When I received the item it was a white button up. I got a little frustrated and said hey people make mistakes so I will just have to email them to resolve this problem. When I did the person I was emailing said that I need to pay for my own shipping because they could not pay for it.!! Why would I pay for shipping if I didn't mess up my order!?!? If I could give this place negative stars I would. Never buying anything from this place ever again
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11 years ago, Sideshowbeats
Very convenient
This app is great!!! I spend a lot of hours at work, school, and the studio. I don't have a lot of time to go out and go shopping so this app is very convenient for people with busy schedules like myself. All your favorite name-brand apparel and accessories can be found here in a few easy clicks, this is a must download app.
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12 years ago, MikeRSilva
Karmaloop is honestly the best. I have ordered 15+ shirts, crew necks, etc. Amazing quality and amazing service. Items always come on time and nothing has ever gotten lost or got to my house late. I will keep buying from them until the store goes out of buisness. But dont worry, that wont happen anytime soon. Keep going guys!
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9 years ago, Joemanw
5 stars to 1
Customer service is the single most important part of any business. When I call the CS line my phone beeps twice and hangs up, when I E Mail I get no response. When I tweet I barely get any reply. I put in an order January 29th, and still haven't gotten any tracking number or any items, just a deduction from my account. I took back my five star review to give you a real one. After the thousands I've spent on this app I expect better, probably won't use it anymore after this until I get some substantial answers.
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10 years ago, Tseringzzzz
You seriously need to update the application for more brands and some minor bugs that causes the app to crash often on ios 7.1 because I cannot find some of the brands that I found on Desktop view. That's it and everything is good!!! Good job #teamkarmaloop
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12 years ago, Mike Rodriguez.
Karmaloop is a great way to buy clothes in a stress free way. The app has awesome pictures of the item your looking at. The multiple pics give you a great idea of how the item looks once you put it on. The app also saves your info so you won't have to repeatedly put in info. Great app three thumbs up!!!!!
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11 years ago, Aeg93
It's pretty good but still needs improvements..
I just wish that every time I went to refine my results it wouldn't take me back to the home screen when I push the back button. I wish I could just refine it to something different instead of having to go through the home screen again.
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11 years ago, muschette19
I love this app every thing I need is on there. Fashion is on point! Every clothing is unusual and that's what I like most! This app makes it easier for me to shop from right off my phone....20% discount on your purchase plus an additional 10% how much better can this get???? I freaking love it!!
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10 years ago, Minnesota vikes rock
Great way to shop
It is a very easy way to shop, organized well, and always getting new arrivals. There's just one thing, there needs to be another tab to see how far your order has come. Even if it's just a link to another page with the info, it would make the app that much better.
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12 years ago, OxidizedAngel
Haven't bought anything yet will soon but omg clothes stunning beautiful love them! Love the app ! Runs good no problems except it crashes i want to know if you guys could sell fashion based of lady gaga and madonna i would really buy but i am going to buy something when i get my next pay !
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12 years ago, Court1421
Awesome product been using it since it was released. It takes shopping to a whole other level. Only downfall is it doesn't always load correctly but other than that this app is amazing #obsessed to say the least :)
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11 years ago, Donovan3000
Small tweak..promo at checkout
App works pretty good..easy to find the latest trends in fashion..the only problem I have with the app is the promo..even though I have had this issue only once when trying to add the promo at checkout it would not go through..had to email the helps risk to get a partial refund on to my card..
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9 years ago, KarmaLoopian
I have read a bunch of the reviews on karma loop about slow receiving times and super long waits, but I have not had this problem. I usually only have to wait a week for my stuff and I have ordered numerous things with no problem on shipping.
Show more
12 years ago, clsmith909
Thank you!
I travel a lot with my career, so who ever designed this App knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Not only does is have a great look but it is simple to use. The refine system is spot on!! Thank you for making a site that I love even easier in an App for being on the go!! :)) ❤- Happy KarmaLoop shopper!
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11 years ago, Pen 10
Simple and Easy
It's very easy to use. I personally use it as a wish list then when I find what I want on my phone I go to my laptop and proceed on there. PayPal was quick and easy to use and my product was shipped in less than a week.
Show more
12 years ago, ConnorKarma
Easy and Enjoyable! 20% off!
It's easy to find what you're looking for and adding and removing things from the cart, as well as paying through here is easy as through a desktop or laptop computer! Use repcode HY3R for 20% off from me!
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