Kauai Beach Guide

4.8 (554)
245.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beach Toolz, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kauai Beach Guide

4.78 out of 5
554 Ratings
4 years ago, kauaisea
A quick reliable guide!
This is app is a quick resource for current conditions on Kauai. You can easily find a beach that suits your interest, whether snorkeling, boogie boarding, or surfing. Knowing If lifeguards are available and knowing if the waters pose any risks is extremely helpful. I always recommend this app to all my guests.
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6 years ago, MarabethQuin
So useful and easy to use!
Swimming in Hawaii is something you definitely want to be informed about and this app gives you all the relevant info you need! It’s well designed and easy to use. We loved it!!
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5 years ago, Poser Tom
Updates about every three days
Got this app to see the surf and weather conditions on all the beaches on the island but the app only updates every three days or so. For instance I’m writing this on the morning of April 16th and the reports are all as of 1:20 pm April 13th. How is that supposed to help me today? Maybe there’s an in app purchase of a time machine that I missed! Otherwise the map of the island is helpful.
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6 years ago, LizKauai
A must have for a safe and fun visit to Kauai
There is a lot of misinformation about beach safety on Kauai and many people have died from sheer ignorance or foolishness. This app can help address the first condition. I recommend it highly!
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6 years ago, Ramonsim
Know Before You Go!
Many people drown because water seems calm at first. This app is the next best thing to asking a local.
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6 years ago, GiseleR
Great App! 👍🏻
We used this app a lot while we were on vacation in Kauai. It was a very useful app, and I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, Gang of 4
Fantastic App!!! Can’t go to Kauai without it!!!
Gave us the best & most up to the minute info! Really helped us out
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7 years ago, drt49062
Easy and helpful
Easiest beach description app I know of. Great helper to Kauai travel plans.
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5 years ago, Mr.Pie
Ocean report !
The Ocean report doesn’t update everyday. Without that you miss out on good snorkel days or drive 45 mins to find it blown out. I love the information provided. Just needs to be updated AT LEAST once a day.
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7 years ago, fdw3
Great app 👍👍👍
We highly depend on this app to let us know the safe beaches to go swimming while we are on Kauai. Thank you
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12 years ago, Loves to Draw 2
Great app for safe swimming and snorkeling
The map is a great way to recognize beaches where it's not really safe to go in the water - red pins - and you can filter to see the beaches that are child friendly. I like to use this app for a quick check on wave heights and water visibility before I decide which beach to go to snorkel. I also find the Kauai Beach Guide is very handy when I am telling someone about a beach I think they might like to visit. I show them where it is on the map, then point out the best areas to get in the water using the pictures and let them read about the beach. The pictures of the beaches seem to help them decide if that's where they want to go. I have this on my iPad and it works really well. I tapped the 2X in the lower right corner of the screen and it filled it up and stays full screen now whenever I open it. The photo resolution is still great at 2X.
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2 years ago, sadoutdated
It’s outdated - no ocean updates for a year
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4 years ago, rmrj78
We are seeing Jan. 16 info on Jan. 19
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13 years ago, SteveBDH
Outstanding!!! Highly recommended for travelers and residents!
The Kauai Beach Guide App is a perfect guide for both Kauai residents and travelers. The app is very easy to navigate and it delivers the perfect amount of information about Kauai's beaches with Aloha. Beach Toolz has delivered a winner here with safety being a primary focus of the application. All beach goers will appreciate the ability to locate beaches based on activities, location and safety. Beaches are flagged with color-coded pins indicating whether swimming is recommended or not. Beautiful pictures of each beach, a facilities list and historical facts connected to each beach area make the app useful for planning a Kauai trip. The local weather and ocean report are integrated into the app - I was able to eliminate looking at two separate apps! As as Kauai resident who visits Kauai's beaches daily, the Kauai Beach Guide is the only app I need! Thank you Beach Toolz for a great app! Aloha!!!
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13 years ago, Ukulele Ira
This is a fabulous app with real time features, GPS, Safety tips, and loads of helpful information. It is easy to use and packed with information on each screen. It is a "must have" if you are planning to be on Kauai. It is also a helpful addition if you live there. Current weather and surf reports help to plan your day. If I see that it is raining on North Shore and clear on the West side, I know I should be planning the day to be in Waimea Canyon rather than in Hanalei. If surf is big on North Shore, I should be snorkeling in Poipu rather than up at Tunnels. And if your not familiar with the beaches and other attractions on Kauai, you will be with this app in your pocket.
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8 years ago, Joyful!
Everyone visiting Kauai should have this!
I’ve lived on Kauai for over 20 years, and also run a vacation rental. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that someone created this app! I now recommend it to all my guests! It’s easy to use and free. People so often just go blindly to whatever beach is nearby, or their friends or guidebooks recommended, without understanding that beach conditions change, and can change radically, throughout the year and even the day. This app could save lives. You’d be crazy not to get it. And no, despite the small size of this island, I don’t know the developer. ;-)
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13 years ago, Bruce Zentner
Excellent App - Learned things I didn't know after coming for 10 years
I've been coming to Kauai for over 10 years and was surprised that I learned so much from this app. Who knew. I really like the user interface and the quality of the graphics. Having the Ocean Report is fabulous (so I can know before I go to the beach). Just to clarify an earlier reviewer commented that it would be nice to have water clarity. It is there under ocean report (in the column labeled VIS). Thanks so much for a very useful tool to help explore Kauai.
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13 years ago, ESBenoit
Terrific information!
I have visited Kauai numerous times over the years, and this app is providing me with a lot of new and interesting information. Love the history bites, info about the local sealife - so much i never knew! Makes visiting the beaches even more interesting. The GPS, ocean report, and safety info add wonderful dimension to the app, so i can get rid of some of my other apps and just use this one! Thank you for creating such a user-friendly, safety-oriented beach guide - hope you do the other islands!
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13 years ago, Nohea414
Great Info!
Aloha Kakou! If you're looking for info about our beaches this is the App for you! I live here on Kauai and I love the history information on each of the beaches. Good to know information (lifeguard on duty or not, etc,ect) for the malahini(newcomer) or the kamaaina alike! This App a lot of good information to help you decide where you're going to enjoy our ocean during your stay! Aloha a hui hou!
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11 years ago, Junoverse Stadium
Simple and Reliable
This guide is perfect for the visitor and the local who are not familiar with the island of Kaua'i and its waters. This app is comprehensive, navigable, and helpful. Although some experienced local water goers would be a bit apprehensive to some of the color choices of pins-- orange and red pins for Kalapaki beach on a fairly calm 2-3 foot wave type of day, this app is obviously geared to help the inexperienced water goer, because these 2-3 foot waves could be seen as large as 4-5 foot waves to the inexperienced visitor/local. Now, to have a feature that tracks shark activity... Kidding!
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12 years ago, Clivusboy
Get this app!
This is a wonderful app! Lots of useful information about beaches PLUS an update report on the conditions of the day per beach. I'm a local, my friend's son was rescued yesterday after getting swept out to sea! Had they been able to know the conditions they might have been able to avoid this situation!
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12 years ago, Berta38
So helpful!
As a resident of Kauai I make good use of this app personally. We also have a lot of visitors and it graphically explains how to find the beaches, which ones fit their level of water skills and brings home our concerns about water safety to them. Love the links to other sites. Big mahalo!
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8 years ago, Whatfingever
Great app!!
Great app for getting quick and pertinent information about beach access and amenity information and current surf/weather information. Doesn't try to overdue it with too much clutter. Used it every day since I've been in the island.
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9 years ago, lianesb
Wow! Glad to have this app!
As a visitor not knowing about where to go for the best snorkeling I was impressed by the info in this app. And the ocean report got me to the right place each day for the best conditions for snorkeling. Can't say enough -- super app!!! Easy to use. It’s now endorsed by the Kauai Lifeguard Association.
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9 years ago, Greenguy33
Great App. Could Be Greater!
Love this app and recommend it highly to all Kauai visitors. App developers need to find a way to post the CURRENT surf conditions. Posting info that is a day out of date is pointless and causes users to leave the app to find this current info elsewhere, like NOAA. Tweak this weakness and your great app will be even greater for visitors and locals alike.
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12 years ago, Rioboe
Great potential, leaves me wanting more!
I like the user interface. Good frame work that can use a lot of fleshing out. So many more beaches to be added for it to be useful to residents or long term visitors. Adding uptodate tide info would expand use to kayakers, paddle boarders and fishermen. Nice job so far. Needs to be completed.
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13 years ago, Life's a beach!
Kauai Beaches
This is a must app for anyone visiting Kauai! Well written and very useful information is shared about all the gorgeous beaches in Kauai. Even if you have no planned trips to Kauai, this app might help you decide to go. I just returned from a vacation....Kauai is truly a garden paradise.
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8 years ago, Mtnguy15
Kauai Beach Guide
I really love this app. I used it every day during my stay in Kauai in March 2016. The information proved very accurate and useful as I like to spend a lot of time in the water. The only complaint I have is sometimes the updates are not always made in a timely manner especially on the weekends.
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13 years ago, Lopanism
I am so going to Kauai
I was planning my Kauai for over 2 months now. This app is a nice addition to my trip. I use it now to learn more about the island, safety and beaches. And after I arrive I would use it for directions, surf report, weather and advisories. Thanks guys!
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11 years ago, mattvermont
An excellent app for the rabid beachhound. The information is updated every morning so that you can plan your day for sunning or snorkeling. The beaches can vary a great deal, depending on the wind direction. What was perfect one day might have 10 foot swells the next. Get it now!
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11 years ago, Rees' Piece
Great App!
The Kauai Beach Guide was invaluable for our guests who wanted to try snorkeling all over the island. The daily updates of weather and beach conditions is so helpful. Also the inclusion of interesting upcoming events on island makes this a Great App!
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8 years ago, Loving Soul Warrior
Great app for surfers
I love this app for checking surf conditions around the island. And... I really love checking the app when I'm back at home - chilled to the bone in a Rocky Mountain snowstorm. It always makes me smile and plan my next trip back to Kauai.
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13 years ago, Phoscheck
Good app!
Nice, easy-to-use. Good graphics & easy to navigate. Good reference for both first-time visitors to Kauai and anybody who lives here or visits often. Knowing swell height at each spot is a plus. Water clarity would be a bonus.
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12 years ago, pbs57jts
Wow! Great App!!!
We wanted to know what beaches to go to and what facilities we could find. What a surprise to find so much more. Very interesting and useful information. Thanks!!!
Show more
11 years ago, lifebeforethewar
Easy to use
This is a simple straightforward app that is easy to use and provides useful fundamentals. My kids would like to see baby beach in Kapaa added. I would love a few more photos of each beach from different angles.
Show more
9 years ago, Haunani54
Great app for visitors and residents!
Highly recommended. As a person who greatly respects the power of the ocean, I use this to check the conditions at my favorite beach. Be safe!
Show more
9 years ago, Doc Livingstone
Missing many beaches
This is a nicely designed app but why is it so incomplete?! There are Many awesome beaches in Kauai not listed in the app. My theory is that this app is intended to keep tourists away from those beaches, even though they're listed in guide books, on the web, and other Kauai apps. 😔
Show more
8 years ago, Gj0710
Nice job with good Information
This little app gives both good advice and local Information. Would like it to update the ocean report a couple more times in the day.
Show more
7 years ago, Mmk2c2012
Kauai App
Wonderful app! Provides a lot of useful information about the island to include weather in different areas of the island.
Show more
13 years ago, Seafarer Paul
Well done!
I live here on Kauai and this seems to be very accurate and concise. A Great tool for anyone who loves the island. Residents and visitors alike, will find it quite useful. Great job!
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8 years ago, RonnieRanger
Great little app for a quick overview of conditions. Just be aware that only beaches with lifeguards will show the green pin points at least that's been my experience
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11 years ago, Kauai Lizzy
Enjoyed it
Very helpful to see daily ocean conditions. Also to learn about the different beaches with photos and you can get directions.
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12 years ago, Cbaker333
Fabulous app
Really gives you precise info you need to have a safe and enjoyable beach visit on Kauai.
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8 years ago, Denver- land bound
Excellent application
Lots of information about the beaches - history, parking & other facilities. Very helpful!!
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11 years ago, poppi60
Perfect for visitor and locals
Have been thanked often for recommending this app to friends and family and visitors.
Show more
11 years ago, Kauaikeith
Use it
Excellent info for visitors and local beach regulars alike. Weather, ocean conditions, lifeguard info and sea life all in one easy place!
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9 years ago, Sandeep_Shekhawat
Not bad
Provides just enough info about the beaches
Show more
8 years ago, WSMC511
Nice Little App
As a Kauai resident, this app give quick and easy access to beach info. Would be a 5 star if tidal info was also present.
Show more
7 years ago, Morning chef
Great info at a glance!
Like the easy access to information. Great for parents with kids who need to know safe swimming areas
Show more
9 years ago, KenLark
Worked the first time, won’t launch since. Latest version claims to have fixed the problem, still happening.
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