KAYAK: Flights, Hotels & Cars

4.8 (398.5K)
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for KAYAK: Flights, Hotels & Cars

4.82 out of 5
398.5K Ratings
6 years ago, RedXIII_
A joy to use
Kayak has been a fantastic company to use for anything travel! & has continued to impress me with their fun and very easy to use features. Airline companies often set standard pricing for their flights and the caveat that the normal person is looking for it matching all these flights with their specific needs i.e. layover timeline, # of bags, airline make/model, & flight times. A ‘Good Deal’ is a very generalized term and many other apps use that as their main means of persuasion when in fact it’s clear that sites like Kayak are so good at categorizing exactly what meets your needs and alining airliners to your schedule, like advertised they have a multitude of tools like bag number and layover timeline settings with a accurate representation of what the cost will be regardless if it is two separate companies. If you choose a flight selection that has a 2 hour layover for one airliner and you select ‘book’ the airliners website which it directs you to within the app has that selection already selected. I could go on and on about how easy and secure this app is to use so please give it a try.
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2 years ago, BEWARE: WARNING
Use hopper instead
I’ve used hopper forever as I travel monthly. A friend recommended kayak and I have booked 2 trips with it. The first it rerouted my and added another stop without letting me know on a round trip. The second, which inspired this review was a multi city trip. It messed up my reservation and I spent an hour at the help desi fixing it during check in for the first flight. After this story, it rerouted us for our next stop to have a layover in city in the opposite direction without sharing this information to or giving an indication as to what happened to our initial booking. I then went in to move a flight time after already paying for the insurance, I looked up how to do this on their app and when I hit “change” to see other options it simply DELETED our flight reservation with no notification or prompt warning us. We were not given a refund or other alternatives to switch back in or change flights. If you were wondering they do not have customer service as they say you need to contact the airline for assistance as they are only a third party site. For our flight home it has moved our reservation to the following day when I work and with another timely layover. I genuinely never write reviews but I hope this saves someone the trouble 😊
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5 years ago, H3110 101
I love this app
I got this app for one plane flight, simple as that. I was planning on deleting it right after because I thought I had no use for it. But then I started to realize that any trips I was planning on taking would show up on this app and would be organized by time and date (because I connected my email). I’m planning on taking an Amtrak to the airport and then back again & accidentally chose the wrong date for the train back, and because Kayak organizes the trips so well, I was able to catch that but if not for this app, that would have been $20 down the bin & a missed class. I honestly love this app because there are no annoying adds that pop up when I’m trying to figure my plans out & it helps me organize everything so well. It also works offline when I’m looking at my already planned trips which will help out a lot when I’m abroad. I don’t use the search tool within the app for hotels cars or flights, but they have that option as well.
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6 years ago, A1y2a3n4a5
Great Site
I've been using Kayak to book my flights for about 2 years now. I like them. Only thing that would make it better was if you could filter what types of flights you wanted for alert emails. I have two kids I'm flighting with this time and even though my last two flights basic economy was a great option because I'm not particular about where I sit, this time around I need to ensure my boys are beside me. I get really excited to see a price in a email just to see it's basic economy and the regular economy tickets are like $40 more. $40 difference is a lot when you need 3 of them. Another great improvement would be being able to mix and match the flight there and the flight back. Since we're going to New York to visit my fiancé I want a really early flight to get there and a late afternoon to come back. Sometimes they add up like that but usually they don't. I could book them separate but it would be a lot easier if they could just be chosen like that. Those are my only complaints. Still like and will use the site.
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5 years ago, Kwalter11
This is such a good app so much better than Trip It or any of the other travel apps. But I really wish there was a way to automatically add the same passengers to different flights. So you don't have to add the same info for the same passenger over and over again. Also I wish that after you have put in a passenger/travellers info including their ticket number and seat number it would load mobile boarding passes onto the app for that flight. Or you could import mobile boarding passes. Keep up the good work Kayak. If you add these suggestions it will be 6 stars. P.S. I also wish you could change the profile of the travelers. P.P.S. Could you please add more games to do offline on your flight like: Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles,Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Etc... -#1 fan
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1 year ago, Karabouie
Very good app.
I like that I can view my flight and my hotel and car bookings all in one place without having to go in and manually update it. Even when I booked my hotel off-site, somehow it showed up there. One thing I would change is to filter out the information that I am seeing. For instance, filtering the itinerary to see when each flight is boarding rather than when it is departing. Seeing how long a flight is boarding to when boarding ends is critical information when time is of the essence and I need to decide if I have enough time to get to said flight or I should immediately consider rebooking. In airports where a shuttle or a train runs through the terminal, maybe the train should be recommended for gates that are far from each other. All that being said, this is still my favorite app for travel hands down! Very organized. No ads. Updates are fast and accurate. I recommend it for anyone!
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6 years ago, Maddie1975
Great except for one thing
The app is amazing. It is beautifully designed and works amazing. I only have one problem with it. It won’t let you search for a “youth’s” flight with no adult. Anyone above 12 is allowed to fly by themselves. They have a “youth” listed as a person between 12-17, whereas a “child” is 2-11. It would seem that they have this separated for the purpose of allowing someone to look at prices for just a youth; However, even when the youth ticket is added, when you try and delete the adult ticket selected on default, it will tell you that there must be one adult traveling. This makes it harder for me because different airlines charge different fees for unaccompanied minors, especially the ones that charge for the unaccompanied minor service no matter their age. As I am trying to book a flight for 2 teenagers, this is necessary for me. Disregarding that, the app is the most user friendly and easy to use booking apps I’ve seen.
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6 years ago, NOK1033
Beware of “trips” portion of App
I have used kayak for a long time but recently had a very terrible experience and will not be booking flights through kayak anymore. Beware of the “trips” portion of the app. I bought a flight through kayak and it was added to my trips. There were changes to my flight, but my trips still reflected the original times, even though I used kayak to purchase my flights. Long story short I ended up missing my flight and paying lots of money in change fees. It’s odd to me that the company automatically lists the flight you purchased through their company under “trips” but do not update the flight information if an airline changes flight times. Even when I missed my actual flight my app still said “4 hours 27 minutes until take off”. Super unfortunate end to a trip, but learned my lesson to never book with kayak again. Also, when trying to sort and talk through this issue, I was unable to speak with anyone from kayak. The closest contact to a human you can get is through an email.
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5 years ago, eddie laso
Worst experience ever spend over a thousand because of this company
I normally use them for any vacation I go on but I missed my flight on Saturday in lax going to Charlotte NC and when I got to the airport they said only see one ticket from Washington to Charlotte and could not see any other tickets so we had to purchase new tickets on top of this from some where else but kayak charged my bank account and reaching them was impossible because it was an computer speaking for them I left my number and still have not received a call back from them if it was not for my bank I would not have receive a refund so if you do not care to speak to actual customer service reps then use it
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6 years ago, Colonel Brian M
As a retired military officer I’m entitled to “Space Available” flights on military aircraft. For the past five years I’ve taken advantage of this to fly from Travis AFB in California, through Yokota AFB in Japan to my final destination in Singapore. That’s when I start using KAYAK to investigate and book flights throughout South East Asia. Using KAYAK I’ve been able to comfortably book flights to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the Philippines. I also use KAYAK to get me to and from Orlando to Sacramento to start and finish the free portion of my travel from California. I’ve tried other travel sites and always return to KAYAK. I particularly like the feature allowing me to check the day before and after a travel date to get the cheapest flight. I don’t know how we’ll KAYAK works in other parts of the world, but where I travel it’s clearly the best.
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12 months ago, chukkudu
Not best anymore
Don’t use it. Even if you use it. Check for prices directly with the airline online. I find them cheaper than the travel agents Kayak send you to. All these travel agents are cheats and charge you here and there extra for all services. I have been using Kayak for some time now. Recently I am noticing that most of the flight tickets Kayak is showing are from small travel agents who are taking the prices directly from airlines and charging little bit more and presenting it on your search. Your searches don’t show the real prices from the airline which are cheaper. Kayak doesn’t show the airline prices. Is this done on purpose? These travel agents are not only are putting out higher prices, they are charging for all services including ticket cancellation within 24hrs which is free with every airline. More and more I find searching on this site for flight ticket useless.
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6 years ago, H2018A
Not always updated or working
It seems your recommendation for price change is not always appearing. Sometimes it recommends to wait as the prices will drop and sometimes does not show up at all. Then you want to follow it, but even the next day it does not tell anything, it makes it confusing to decide on waiting or buying the ticket at that time or still continue waiting as was suggested a day before. You buy the ticket due to uncertainty of the idea that in fact prices are still going up in those two days then after a week it starts showing up to wait again as the prices will drop. This is not costumer friendly. It is valuable to have such option for following, but if not consistent it becomes tricky.
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4 years ago, Ericwood86
Website is great. App not so much.
We’re planning a wedding. The app, despite specifying dates without the option of plus/minus one day, it’s just factored in without making it clear that they have done that. You have to be smart enough to check dates, for day scouting out a destination wedding venue. Which sounds stupid since dates are obvious. But you give us a cocktease of flights extremely by one day off from correct travel plans and it’s not until we double check that we are disappointed. Appreciate all that you do, but you need to do better. On your website it’s quite clear if you’re adding a day either direction. On your app you just do it and don’t let us know. You have to assume we are stupid and won’t double check until the point we book. Bc that’s what most of us are. Stupid.
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5 years ago, Clean app
UPDATE: Bring back watchlist
UPDATE: so for some reason they buried the watchlist feature in settings. Not a great move. But it’s still around. Still a great app overall. Bring back watchlist please. One of the only reasons I had the app. Seems I’m not alone in that sentiment. I’m sure kayak has an algorithm to not fix this problem unless their Apple rating goes below a certain point. My guess is the airlines asked them to remove the feature. Also annoyed you can’t search in explore with the option to search by amount of time for a trip either. Also seems like something the airlines wouldn’t want them to offer. Maybe I’m wrong and this will get fixed tomorrow!
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6 years ago, .jay
Works but it’s a little sketchy
So I realized after buying tickets through Kayak that Kayak is basically a curator for a bunch of possibly sketchy online travel agencies. Some data doesn’t get transferred over properly, your “My Trips” tab doesn’t always reflect what’s actually going on with your trip, and they completely absolve themselves from all responsibly once you buy tickets from whoever they linked you to. It’s not immediately clear who you’re dealing with unless you’re looking for it, because everything is still wrapped in Kayak’s branding and chrome. Hopefully, I won’t get screwed over by the company I bought tickets from. But I don’t feel good about my experience using Kayak as a service and will refrain from using it again, regardless of how my trip turns out. I’ll come back in a few months to update my review to reflect the end result.
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6 years ago, YuTube2U
Kayak’s trip info is excellent
I LOVE this app. Yeah, it does a great job finding flights, cars and hotels but it’s real gem, the thing that makes this The Travel App is how it helps organize your trip. Everything neatly organized, in order. You can simply send your booking receipts to an email address and it organizes everything for you in one neat place. You can even pull up the booking receipt in the app, even if not generated by Kayak. There’s a cool way to show your taxi driver the address in a way that she doesn’t need to use reading glasses. One click and it’ll give you directions on your choice of Waze, google maps or Apple maps. This app Gets it Right. Way to go guys!!
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4 years ago, Plinkos
Cancelon Travel Bookings via TripAdvisor Not Good
Cancelon by TripAdvisor is a fraudulent service and should be removed from Kayak Service offerings. Please, please, please remove them. They give customers the run around and keep their money. We are in the mist of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and our trip to Italy is not possible and they are making it super difficult to get our money back. We even have emails from the hotel in Italy stating they would cancel and not charge anything to the booking company “Cancelon” which contradicts what they emailed us stating the the hotel refused. So, Kayak, please shut TripAdvisor and Cancelon off from your service offerings. Thank you, A huge fan of Kayak
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7 years ago, 2man73
Ok for searching flights
Using this to compare flights. Works ok if you know how to work around the issues. Airlines are smartening up and for example offer very reasonable prices until you discover that your first checked bag, your hand luggage, your meal and who knows what else all cost extra, so to really compare apples to apples gets harder and harder. Also, what I don’t like are the constant nagging to register and constant app updates that seem to bring no new functionality (and it’s fine, if it does what it needs to do I don’t need an update - but it seems like I’ll be able to price compare my baggage cart, coffee, travel literature and parking garage soon once the developers run out of ideas) and just seem to be done to remind people to use the app.
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5 years ago, HerFuzziness
Kayak + Skyscanner: Bait and switching now...
Posted the same bad review for Skyscanner too: A few years ago, I stopped using Momondo because it would advertise flights for one price, THEN raise the price AFTER you input your credit card information. Kayak (and Skyscanner) isn't that bad, but for the last month, every time I've checked a price for the EXACT same flight for the EXACT same date, it advertises the same "bait" price, then after clicking on the adjacent link, the price doubles, then triples. Not sure why you'd advertise a one-way flight for $254 FOR A MONTH, but then increase it to $720. Shouldn't you stop the BS bait price on the umpteenth search? Should I blame the cookies? And you must realize that customers can actually search a plane's seat availability, so the claim that the seats are limited is tired, not just dishonest. So, way to go, Kayak. You're just as useless as Momondo and Skyscanner now.
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7 years ago, SriniVR
Great app, can improve
Kayak is a great app, and I really like the explore feature. I have found great deals using this feature. With the explore feature you can set the filters to narrow down by month and $ amounts. However, once you select a destination to look at actual flights, and then try to go back see other flight destinations - you cannot...the search results are lost and you have to start over the search and reapply the filters, making it frustrating. Wish there was a way to go back to the explore search results with the applied filters.
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2 years ago, tanella555
Custom tab booking???
This was a great website, then app, and now it’s awful!! The latest update changed bookings direct with airlines to be in custom tab instead of taking user to their preferred browser. What that did is now none of my prefilled credentials work. I used to book within minutes now it takes me hours to remember my login. I simply now just look and then go on United and book direct. And in terms of search algorithms it’s now much worst. Used to find cheap flights but now for some reason most expensive go first. My eyes hurt to see this. I literally have to sort by cheapest every single time. Like really???!?! These days Google flight started to make more sense and shows you approx prices for your dates when select dates. You guys need to go back to the drawing board or your earlier releases.
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2 years ago, npiccol00
Waste of time, bad service
I attempted to use kayak for the first time the other day. I found a great deal on a flight and booked it, only to wake up the next day to an email from kayak saying the flight couldn’t be booked. I researched the flight on the airlines website and it is a real flight with available seats for booking. I responded to the email asking for more detail as to why my flight couldn’t be booked because the alternative flights they offered me were significantly more expensive. Kayak didn’t bother responding to my inquiry. I will not be using kayak again if they are not willing to back the companies and the prices they allow to advertise on their website. Also, if they allow fraudulent companies to advertiser on their site then I can’t trust using this site again.
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5 years ago, Kmass81
Why Kayak is the greatest must have travel app
Today on southwest at 4am my flight was cancelled. No email from southwest, no call, no text. Without kayak I wouldn’t have known about this cancellation until arriving at the airport. Upon immediate notification of the cancellation kayak emailed me saying your flight has been cancelled this is your confirmation number here is southwests number to contact them etc etc. i never take the time to write reviews but this is by far the most pivotal program that kayak can have. Alerts before the actual companies you pay alert you.
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1 year ago, Braylon blades
Very unsatisfactory customer service
I booked flights through kayak and one of their reservation companies they source to. We did not buy the cheap tickets, we preferred a Better route over lowest price. The company (MYTRIPS) correctly booked 2 of our 4 flights. They incorrectly booked the other two. We sent time stamped info to the reservation company of our original booking and were given the run around on the phone. They told us to email the time stamped photos, Acknowledged their mistake but still refused to make the change. We will not use kayak again since they are willing to use companies that provide such poor service. We had to buy another ticket to correct their first mistake and we had to rent an additional night in a hotel because of the error in the next ticket.
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4 years ago, Lovesimpsonsqer
Hello I am wondering why you falsely advertise the booking price? The flight prices you show make sure to let you know that fees and taxes included and if taxes are applied then it had to be based on a fixed “deal”. I just tried booking a flight today and the price with “fees and taxes included” so I clicked view deal and it just took me to the airlines actual website asking me to enter all the flight details. I though that might be an error so I tried again. This time it did show the flight but now the price which originally said $497 now shows $1,239. This seems pretty shady on your part since you clearly are compensated from the airline when their fights are booked through you and then you basically advertise click bate and wastes people’s time. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, Feafaye
Not properly working lately
This app has been accurate for me for years but lately it’s missing the mark. Today I used it to try and find a specific flight and it never pulled it up and kept giving a session expired message even when I close and reopen. I winded finding that specific flight by logging into my personal United account. Kayak failed to show that flight and there were plenty seats left. This is the 4th time it’s happened which is why I’m writing this review. I book flights as an assistant so it’s vital I get accuracy and I hope this app starts working like it used to.
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4 years ago, F&MC
Best Travel App Period!
There are multiple travel apps out there, but the more I travel, both domestically and internationally, the more I rely on Kayak. The app is so user friendly and one of my favorite features is the ability to set up a price watch for future trips, not just for airline tickets, but also for hotels. So if you’re a planner like me, the assistance of Kayak and their ability to notify you when there is a price drop is a significant help! Clear the clutter in your life and get rid of all the other (lesser) travel apps! All you need is Kayak!
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2 years ago, TheeStarkeBaumer
Wish I could give them negative stars
Absolutely the worst customer service. Bought the travelers insurance and got into a wreck 7 days before my international trip, I broke my leg, hurt my back, and neck. They wouldn’t help me get a refund for my flight or even try to help me in any other way. They kept saying they needed a higher up to handle it and that they would contact me. No one ever did. I tried everyday for 2 weeks and still got zero help. Now it has been almost 6 weeks and still no help. I will never spend another dollar through kayak and recommend no one spend another dollar with them. Buy it through the airlines because they are easier to deal with and that’s saying something because of how hard they can be.
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4 years ago, Pakitt
Could do a lot more and a good feature does not work.
I use Kayak very often to track prices and find the best connections. The “See cheapest dates” function doesn’t work though. If a price is listed for a specific set of days, when you click on it the resulting search is markedly more expensive. Pity it would be an excellent function, but it doesn’t reflect reality and doesn’t show updated/current information. Another issue I have is that you cannot specify different cabin classes for different multi-leg trips. I’d like to able to set e.g. premium economy for long haul flights, and economy for shorter ones. Instead the class is applied inflexibly to all legs of a trip.
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11 months ago, Tootsie718
Horrible! This app ruined my plans
I was planning a trip for four to Detroit and made reservations to kayak. The only issue was that because kayak says they are just a third-party you will not get any assistance from anyone when they don’t process your stuff. After making a payment I had to wait three business days plus a weekend in order to find out that they had canceled it the moment I even booked it but yet I was charged for the reservation now I only have three days to book a flight, and the price for the flights now are three times more than what I was going to pay so I will never recommend this to anyone go onto the airline and use the airlines website. Also, if you use Affirm, you will be put in a loan trap.
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5 years ago, ABFRE
Basic Economy
Default should filter out basic economy flights that are over 2hrs duration as I suspect few customer are looking to travel without so much as a carry-on. This is strictly a gimmick of the airlines to further economize the air travel experience and take advantage of sites like Kayal showing the lowest (unrealistic) price. “You can fly across country for *$1! * $1 flight does not include any luggage nor seat. You stand for the duration of the flight, and wear the clothes on your back for your 1 week vacation. Upgrade to an actual seat is an additional $1,000.”
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5 years ago, andychinn
worst customer service ever
I booked a hotel through Kayak and when I got to the hotel, they didn’t have my reservation. Kayak told me to book the room as a walk in and then the rate will be replaced in the morning with a call to Kayak. I’ve been on the phone for over 45min with them and they completely contradicted what they told me the previous day. I had to jump through many hoops and the operators I talked to were terrible, contradicted each other, and in the end, were extremely pushy into talking me into not cancelling my reservation, which is giving me a headache. One of the absolute worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had, and it’s still unresolved. I had to pay for my hotel room twice in the end! I cannot recommend this app. Use Expedia instead.
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4 years ago, chjihfddfgh
Terriable when you want to change flight schedule
Wanted to change flight schedule. First the agent told the change is done, and they charged my card for the change fee. But never receive any confirmation. After I called back a few days, they told me the booking is not successful, I asked why there’s no notification for that, they told me they don’t send any notification, I should call back to find out. What?! Then I have to make another change for my flight. And this time, their agent made another mistake, instead of change both of the passengers tickets, they change only one! The agent told me that they can not do anything now, but their manager will call me back, but I never receive any call. Will never use them again.
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1 year ago, Mdgwind
Love this app
I use this app to give me an idea of what airline websites I should look at to find the best deals and best flights. I like how there are a lot of filtering options in terms of dates and times of departure and landing, the number of stops, the number of bags, etc. it is also helpful when they give advice on whether or not to buy now or wait to buy the flight, although I’m not sure if the Google website might be better at that. Also great for rental cars
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1 year ago, Jendi9
Scam alert
I used Kayak to buy a ticket to Italy for a trip in August. At the time of purchase I was offered three options and I chose the one that offered the opportunity to change the ticket by paying additional amount at the time of purchase. A few weeks later I needed to change the ticket because of cancer treatments which require me to travel with a companion. When I initiated the process the Kayak partner Chatdeal responded that I can’t actually change the ticket until 24 hours before the flight and by the way the ticket was sold as non-changeable so there will be an additional $570 fee and no guarantee the change will go through or that there won’t be additional fare difference charges. DO NOT TRUST KAYAK OR ITS PARTNERS WITH YOUR PURCHASE.
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5 years ago, JR1992x
Horrible first experience
I decided to rent through kayak and reserved a car for 4pm and paid the booking fee ($18). I arrive to the location only to find they were closed. Why would you allow me to rent a car and take my money if the location is closed? The employee inside comes out and tells me to use the airport location. Fine. I rebook another vehicle for the airport location and pay the booking fee again. They gladly accepted my money online but when I arrive to the airport I’m told I can only use a credit card. (I use debit) I’m not entirely familiar with renting vehicles, but it’s completely BS that you guys would allow me to book under these circumstances. I’m in the process of getting my money back but I can for sure say I won’t use this again.
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4 years ago, Torrance Carroll
The best travel mobile app I’ve ever used
I’ve been using Kayak for multi-flight and hotel search, Kayak explore, Kayak Trips and stats for the last 4 years. It’s consistently been the best mobile app for travel I ever used, with an incredibly clean and lean user interface, works great on flight mode, provides relevant notifications and updates regarding flight updates, and helps track travel itineraries for groups. The improvements Kayak has made of the years has consistently improved the user experience with useful and intuitive new features without ever going overboard with feature-creeping. Kayak is the number one travel app I recommend to anyone considering looking for a tool to book and manage multiple flights. Thank you to the team at Kayak and Booking for the incredible work and dedication to great mobile software craftsmanship!
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6 years ago, doxzero
Please improve the watchlist
It’s a great app I use a lot, but it would be nice to have additional parameters in the watch list like a range of trip duration. A lot of times the chap flights being suggested are just not long enough and I would prefer to be able to just set the parameter to however many days max/min range I’m interested in to filter out the noise. Maybe that’s the answer, just allow day range as a filter option. Excellent work. I really enjoy and often use what you folks have created and I hope you will let your whole team know that.
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11 months ago, L. Brey
The bugs are really bad
Let me start off by saying that I LOVE THIS APP and I’ve been using it for my travels for several years now. But the bugs from this most recent update is incredibly bad. It is jumbling together different days and creating headings for the wrong things and creating duplicates. And when you delete the duplicate, it actually deletes something else. I wish it could have stayed the same. Really frustrating to use now.
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6 years ago, debdebtig
And I thought it was just for booking flights!?!
Recently went on a cross country trip and found that Kayak was more helpful than even the airline app. It tells you how long you can expect to take through security. And more importantly, how long it will take to get to the next get when you change flights. It has been spot on! You can also checkin from Kayak. The reminders have been a huge help. They almost seem to get flight updates BEFORE the airline app!
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3 years ago, Jaime21
Companies recommended are terrible.
I used to use kayak a lot. Recently they recommended a hotel company “Traveluro” I tired to book a hotel. I got a “error” message twice. I never received a confirmation or email so I assumed it didn’t book the hotel. I had to use another app to book. Well, I check my account and I had been charged TWICE with no confirmation number. Then I get a confirmation number 20 hours later! I get refused for one night but it’s been a nightmare trying to get my money back. I even called the hotel directly to explain and they said all Traveluro had to do was calll to cancel and they would approve. Traveluro has been giving me the runaround for 3 days!! Beware!!
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7 years ago, Ategworld
Inconsistent and wrong information on flight prices
Lately I have tried to book flights on Kayak only to find out the prices quotes provided were much higher when I was about to finalize my purchases. This happened multiple times and cost me a lot of work and last minute changes to purchase tickets from other sites/travel agents. If I can’t trust the price quotes provided, the. What good is this app for. Sorry for the bad review but this is my recent experience.
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7 years ago, JY237
Up to this point, I have book many of hotels and flights with no issue. kayak has been my go to app for booking trips. BEWARE of a Kayak partner Vayama. When making flight, Kayak forwards you to a partner travel site for booking. On Kayak, flights are advertised as one level, ie economy class, which includes check-in luggage, but after purchased the ticket are downgraded to lesser class with no check-in luggage. Before booking, I went to airlines site to verify what was included in the economy class. I called the partner and the agents yelled at me. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I would recommend for all to check better business bureau. I wish had checked before wasting my money with them.
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7 years ago, Herbicles
I love using kayak
I am an avid traveler of the globe. I only use kayak for plane tix, but I love the way it is set up and the idea behind it to begin with. I especially like the forecasted wait or buy label they added at the top. The only thing I wish they would add is the ability to enter a specific date range without a destination. There is a whole subculture of peeps who just want to travel on a budget, regardless of where. LonelyPlanet+ Hostelworld make their living off this type of traveler.
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6 years ago, DragonBlue
Terrible user interface
Kayak app used to have much better user interface, this version is just terrible! 1. When selecting flexible dates flight options are displayed as a list, instead of table. Who wants to go through the list of hundreds of flights ... one needs to see table w dates first 2. Starting page in app - minimalism but reduced functionality. One has to click/tap on various menus etc .. and at the end one can not see what options are selected .. eg. flexible (+/- days) dates, biz vs economy ... alternative airport ... nothing is visible Summary, this app lost its value when interface was changed. I still use kayak but only on my laptop
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10 months ago, craziek8
Through the years
I’ve taken Kayak for granted over the past 20 years. I travel a lot; for fun, for work, for family. Kayak has consistently helped me find the best deal in the place I’m manifesting a trip to! Both domestic and international travel have been made easier for my by the use of their website and now app. I’ve never written a review in all these years, so I’m happy to share my sincere gratitude for the services Kayak has provided me with for nearly two decades - age 24- 43 for me. I’ve lived abroad several times, explored the Ring of Fire before settling into Hawai’i. I still travel often and when my new friends from lifeguarding at the beach invited me to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, I immediately logged into Kayak to find the best deals on flights and accommodation. Thank you Kayak! For transporting me from here, to there, and everywhere.
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9 months ago, 4MicahAz
Good app BUT …
Two biggest critiques: you can’t cancel a price alert (you’ll continue to get emails every morning forever!) and the app doesn’t catch all flights even for the airlines it features! E.g., we received daily updates on a cross country round trip over the winter holiday including American Airlines. But Google Flight tracker (and I don’t like Google company) dound is an AA flight over $100 less over a span of two days. We confirmed on AA website and grabbed it on day 2, but Kayak never presented that flight despite Exact same date and cities!
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3 years ago, yogibear5650
Beware of companies included in search
I am disappointed kayak includes car rental from the Latvia company Discover Cars as they are not honest. From kayaks website, I booked and prepaid from Discover Cars a car that I could cancel 3 days before pickup. I cancelled 2 days after booking when plans changed and was informed they could only issue future travel voucher — not my money. I checked my credit card and they had placed 2 pending rental charges on my card for the same car. I contacted Discover Cars and they credited one pending charge and offered future travel voucher for approx same amount as my 2nd pending charge (that should not have been made in the beginning). They refuse to acknowledge this 2nd charge tho I have sent them 2 pics of the pending charges from credit card statement. Only wish I had read reviews before booking with Discover cars as web is full of similar complaints. However, I trusted kayak and assumed they checked out companies they represented. Never again!!!
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6 years ago, PerfectTimingNV
Missing Obvious Flights for No Apparent Reason
This is unacceptable: it’s completely missing certain flights. For example, checked for nonstop flights from PDX to LAS on May 27th -it completely omitted three flights from Alaska Airlines. But, it showed one Alaskan flight that involved a transfer. And no, the directs were not sold out, not even close. I tripled-checked that there weren’t any parameter issues. I’ve suspected this in the past while searching for flights, but didn’t have this confirmation. This is literally the most important thing about a flight booking website -to show all options -and it failed. App deleted.
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3 years ago, FogCityNative
What does HAND LUGGAGE mean?
What exactly does HAND LUGGAGE mean? To some airlines hand luggage means an under seat personal item and conforming carry on bags cost extra. Viva Air will sometimes gives away checked baggage (which costs them money in labor to load and unload) but always charges for a bag in the overhead bin just to screw their flyers. American and Copa only charge for checked bags. Southwest doesn’t charge for a checked bag. Then the rules are complicated by if the flight is domestic or international. I did not buy a well priced flight because KAYAK used the undefined term HAND LUGGAGE. One star, sorry. That failure to define terms cancelled all other stars. Fix it and I’d give 5 stars. Imagine if hotels were priced like airline tickets. Want bedding on your mattress? Extra. Want a pillow? Extra. Need a second key? Extra. Toilet paper? Extra. Towels? Extra. In room locker? Extra. The airlines have made flying a miserable experience. KAYAK: Define Hand Luggage exactly for every airline and flight.
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