KCL: Coupons, Deals & Savings

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Current version
Krazy Coupon Lady LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for KCL: Coupons, Deals & Savings

4.89 out of 5
147.2K Ratings
2 years ago, SheenajD
You’ll miss out unless you’ve got this app
When I first started couponing, about 2yeara ago, this was the first app I downloaded! I learned SO much from following their deal breakdowns and gained so much confidence in couponing! KCL team is on top of it!! This is still an app I use almost every day because not only do they have awesome daily deals with detailed breakdowns but they also have deals that I would’ve missed out on, had it not been for this app! I love how easy this app is to you and how accurate their tips and info is on deals. They show in store deals as well as online deals! If you’re not using this app as your main app to find the best deals, YOU’LL MISS OUT ON SO MANY DEALS! Now more than ever, we all need help to find the best deals so that we can keep more of our money in our pockets and still getting great deals!!! If you’ve just started couponing or if you’re an advanced couponer or just someone looking to save money, you CAN NOT AFFORD TO NOT HAVE THIS APP!!! You’ll only regret not having downloaded this app sooner! I’m telling y’all, THIS is the MUST HAVE APP if you’re looking to save money on everyday essentials to that special gift. Download KCL, it’s that’s easy & you’ll be impressed with all that this app has to offer! Thanks KCL team for all the deals, tips & info you bring everyday! KCL has brought so much value back into my home and I can’t thank y’all enough!!!
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10 months ago, Annabella Groupon Addict
This is the ultimate (and IMO least obnoxious) everything HACK!
Just name it and this “Krazy” app, website, texts, etc. will generate everything from prices, finds, sales, coupons, deals, business secrets, promo codes, ways to get or buy anything, promotions, price ranges and comparisons, you name it! It’s really cool to be alerted to whatever you may need, want, or even knew things you didn’t even know existed before,.. it brings it all to you and you can just easily click the link and go straight to it! You can look for certain things, you can compare places and prices and sales, it’s like one of those insurance companies that gives you all the prices and quotes of everything everywhere so you don’t need to do any of the work yourself! It’s also nice because it works for online, in store, crazy sales days like Black Friday and prime time deals, etc! It’s definitely worth it to me!
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4 years ago, HappyCust.
Takes the Stress Out of Couponing for Me!
I used to attempt to coupon by looking at different extreme couponers’ blogs and wished there was a mobile app. When I realized the Krazy Coupon Lady(KCL) had an app. I was not as excited as I should have been. I thought it was going to be like the disappointing store/savings apps I tried and deleted throughout the years. HOWEVER, when I experienced the convenience of collecting the deals I wanted to attempt, and having them all in one place in my hand- instead of pieces of scrap paper- I found myself using it all the time! I’ve been using the KCL app. for about 3 years now and it’s one of my most used apps! It truly takes the stress out of trying to save money during tough moments. I appreciate the attention they give to posting deals AND the attention the community gives to posting their own deals and extra tips per offer. Thank you KCL community for helping me secure free - almost free oral care, toilet paper/paper towels, detergent, shampoo + more for the entire year for 3 years now <3 The only reason why I haven’t given this 5 stars is because I am hoping they can survey the community to make certain feature updates like being able to filter out notifications from stores that are not in my State/area- but it’s still not a deal breaker!
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4 months ago, Target Groupie
Great Concept with Bugs
I like getting notified about deals where I shop and online. Most of the deals are legit and I’ve been able to save. Bug- after I mark “as read” notifications about deals, the app ignores that I’ve read the link. It’s constantly showing 35+ unread links. Tried deleting the app & downloading it again - no change. So annoying I’m considering removing the app permanently. Update: Developers responded to my review. Most importantly my issue is resolved. They were aware of the problem and were already fixing it. New Review: Great user friendly money saver! You control the notifications. You highlight stores where you like to shop. You can save coupons or deals. They provide tips. Most importantly - the deals not only provide pricing but they show/describe how the discounts are created so you know before clicking on the link. Example: if a deal is created using iBotta and Subscribe & Save the app shows you so you can decide whether you want to use the discount method before clicking a link to go to the store website. That’s great information & saves me time.
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5 years ago, dsh1$
Annoying/excessive notifications
The app is great for finding deals and coupons. The notifications get annoying. I’m only able to customize notifications by brands, but not by store. Here’s why I can’t stand this; I get a notification alert for “free Tide detergent”. I click on it just to find out that the store is nowhere near me, therefore you will never go out of your way to retrieve the desired “free Tide detergent”. I receive a minimum of 20 notifications a day for brands I love. However, I need to open every single notifications just to find out the location of the sale. Huge time waster and very frustrating. This app does give you the option to select favorite stores. It also give you the option to select favorite brands and be notified about them. App developers need to combine brands and stores to customize notifications. If this feature is added, then I would totally change my rating to an 5.
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3 years ago, Jatuti
Used to be great!
I used to love this app, but lately, not so much. Every time I click on an offer for the details, I get bombarded with ads. I get it, ads pay the bills. But I don’t want to have to close 3 things just to read a description. Another problem I have is that the Ibotta offers are almost nonexistent. I click on an offer, scroll down to see how to save the money & click on the Ibotta savings. It takes me to Ibotta, but even with a search I usually cannot find that particular offer. Will keep & continue to use the app for now, but would like to see a couple of fixes Update: Staff got back to me very quickly even with a holiday thrown in the mix. Answered questions & fixed a glitch that was causing problems. Will continue to use the app & now give it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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11 months ago, Njr0713
Laggy, not optimized, and could be so much better
This app could be so much better and I don’t mean by the content. The content is good overall and laid out well. But when it comes to performance this app is terrible. Also, I can’t be the only one experiencing this so how does an app with issue gets mostly 5-star reviews. Kinda sus. When starting up the app from a KCL email it often crashes. When starting it up just by tapping the app it can take sometime for it to get going. Both of these options feel laggy. Using the app for 5 mins you start to notice your phone getting hot, you also start to notice the lag when scrolling through a page to where I most times end up just getting frustrated and closing the app altogether. I get the ads are probably a main factor in support for the app, however, notice how laggy they make the entire page you’re looking at. It’s hard to want to continue to look through things and doesn’t make the whole experience enjoyable. The search feature is terrible. No matter what you type in it almost always tells you there are no results when you can just go and look for it the long way (by looking through every post) especially if you know you *just* seen a deal and lost it and want to go back and look for it. A better app would consist of one that is better optimized. Until then I’ll just keep using this less and less. I really wanted to love this app though.
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3 months ago, Mccaslinc
Was Phenomenal - Until Update A Few Months Ago
I don’t think I have ever written a review before until this app. I was OBSESSED with it and used it nearly everyday, even for small items, because it helped me save exponentially. However, there was a recent update (I believe sometime in the last 6 months) and now the app does not work, and if it does, it takes an hour to load. If it ever even does load; most of the time it takes so long that I just end up closing out of the app. It also used to be easily accessible on my iPad which I LOVED. However, since the update, it just does not load at all on my ipad. I gave it 3 stars for the coupons and how much money it truly does help save. 6+ months ago, I would’ve given it 5 stars, but since I can’t use the app at all anymore and it hasn’t been fixed (I have tried redownloading), I am only giving 3. I hope this will be fixed sometime soon, I miss being able to use this app. :(
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3 years ago, joey bag o bagels
Life Changing
No joke, this app, though seemingly overwhelming at first, taught me how to start saving quickly and stop procrastinating and overthinking. Not only am I getting amazing updates on constant flash sales, but then they break down how to save the most, why it’s worth it, and they also offer articles with tips and ideas on a wide range of topics. Life, beauty, decorating, parenting. Once you get the hang of it and utilizing what you definitely have on your needs and wishlist, it has enabled me to Gain More and Stress Less. Thank you for your time and effort KCL team from a Wife, Mother to two, sister to 5, and Aunt to 14 (just as a starting point). This is app can be a definite game changer when you have such a large family almost no one can afford to gift for each other.
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6 years ago, Fevco1
Learning to Save
My daughter does not live close to me, but had a week-end to try to teach me the basics of couponing. She gave me a list of apps to learn from and I found KCL to be the easiest and most thorough. This is the app I have as my homepage, the app I learn more than just couponing from, the app I make my shopping list from, and the app I start the day with. I am disabled and cannot shop for myself. The formatting of KCL makes it easier for my sister to do my shopping for me. She, too, is disabled, but can still walk. This way I spend the time researching what we need that week, the sales, the rebates, etc. and make the list using what resources we have, mostly using the KCL app. I pay for the items, but she does the physical shopping, and stockpiling. Then we both use what we need as we need it. Thank you KCL!
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5 years ago, jmnewcomb97
Love it!!
The app is so easy to navigate and it’s great for beginners like myself to learn how to coupon and get great savings!! You will always find something that you already need or are going to buy. They have great recipes and tips for cooking and things such as (my favorite) meal planning and great recipes and tips for prepping food in large quantities for meals throughout the week. You can easily check off a product with the different coupons you can use and where to find them and it shows you the final price after all different savings. I’m literally addicted. I have been using it more than any other app on my phone since I’ve downloaded it. No longer am I sitting on Facebook or Instagram all day. I flip through coupons, savings, and articles on Krazy Coupon Lady!!
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6 years ago, LMcPH
If you want to save money, this is a must!
Anyone who wants to save money, you have to get this app. This app even happens to have a way to teach anyone how to save money to the maximum benefit. So if you were a beginner like me, remember it’s worth a try. But if you think it’s just too hard, well don’t give up. I save money all the time or find out about sales I would never have heard about unless I was in the store and saw the discount. As much as My goal is to be a super-couponer, I still haven’t gotten there yet. But the fact that I have already saved $100’s and I’m not in that upper classification, saving something is ALWAYS better then paying full price. Bottom line, if at the bare minimum you only use the app during the holidays you will be a winner. And always know having all the people that contribute to this app are people willing to help you save money, It’s so awesome! Thank you so much to the creators of this app. You changed my life at a time I needed it after my ex of 28 years left. Money is so tight. You helped me give more to my son. For the record, I am not a paid reviewer or get anything out of writing this other than to say thank you to the creators.
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2 years ago, bee.HEBERT
You’re crazy if you haven’t downloaded yet!
I seriously use this app religiously ANYTIME I am looking to make a big purchase or need to know the best time to purchase things throughout the year. That is only listing one of the MANYYYY benefits of this App & the creators of the KCL. I have been a fan of there’s for years now, well before the app & before it has become what it is today. I can honestly say that it only gets better with time. From couponing tips, tricks & how to save THE MOST MONEY no matter where you shop or what you are shopping for. It is the best option there is to always be informed of the top sale items with the biggest discounts. Do yourself a favor & just download this already! I can promise you that you WILL NOT be disappointed!
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1 week ago, wwbigal
Love the app but latest update causing app to crash on my iPhone!
I really love the app and the great deals that it finds for you! It also provides very valuable information on products, stores, strategies, etc.! But, the latest update from 2 days ago is causing the app to crash on my iPhone XS Plus! Every time I go to the page about recalled products and scroll down about halfway to the bottom of the page the app crashes and message states an error has occurred and the app needs to close. Please fix this issue KCL! I need the app to work flawlessly! Thanks!
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1 year ago, rherrr
Often frustrating app
I would love to give this app 5 stars, I really would!! But recently (within the last few updates), it has been so frustrating to use!! When I open the app, at LEAST half of the time it doesn’t load when I go to “stores”. And far too often if I’m trying to look at a post, when I scroll down from the top, it bring me right back up and won’t let me view the contents of the post. All of the recent glitches are so frustrating!! Aside from that though, if you are at all interested in tons of great deals that are updated and posted all day long from a massive variety of stores AND articles written about saving money while shopping—don’t pass this app up!!! I love it and check it multiple times a day.
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3 years ago, Robby.mac
Advocates Sketchy Behavior
1-They post offers for Ibotta that indicate you can combine two branded offers for the same product. People comment to let them know Ibotta’s FAQ specifically forbids this and they still do it. 2-They post a Checkout 51 offer for Bic Premium Razors that explicitly indicates that it can’t be combined with coupons yet they indicate it can in their post. When pointed out, they say, in their words, they were supposedly informed it could be done. How about having who informed you remove the words indicating one can’t use coupons with that offer? 3- It’s been reported to them since April but has been happening longer that CVS and Rite Aid are sporadically showing in My Deals even though they aren’t favorited stores. When this happens, it removes Kroger deals which are favorited. This still hasn’t been fixed.
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5 years ago, Kmd1023
Easiest couponing app ever
I love love love this app, and use it daily. I love to coupon and this site breaks everything down for you so even a first timer can get some amazing deals. My only problem is that recently I’ve (obviously) noticed the ads that pop up frequently with no warning and are forced to watch the whole ad. I understand the need for advertising but I haven’t noticed any upgrades or additions to the app. I’d love to see new options and more deals. I feel like we loyal followers deserve a little more bang for our “view”, although it’s always great to see improvements, ads or not. To the creators, thank you! You helped me create a stockpile all my friends and family are jealous of! :)
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8 months ago, 2dum2no
I Used to Love This App
UPDATE: I had to take off another star. Now the app doesn’t work at all. I even tried deleting and reinstalling, but got the same results. How sad! I used to love this app. I would check it multiple times a day, but now I’ve seriously considered deleting it. I’ve noticed during the last few days that it’s become extremely buggy. You can’t scroll through it without it trying to take you to the website of one of the items listed. At first I thought I had accidentally pressed on one of the links. Not the case. It continues to happen so much that I can’t use this app without becoming extremely frustrated. Only one offer appears (the same offer) on the “My Deals”, “Online Deals,”and “Our Picks” tabs. It’s another case of taking a good thing and “fixing” it to the point of uselessness.
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1 year ago, Lairdey
A few adjustments…
This used to have better functionality. The GUI used to be more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate on one of their legacy versions. The two most annoying times are the ones when I’ll click on a notification that interests me and the text starts to load, then completely whites out, and the last is an issue of timeliness. I’ll get a notification about a deal that sounds awesome only to find that the promotion has gone on a week and the deal is on its last day before expiration. So if it’s a particularly inopportune time and your schedule won’t allow for it, be prepared to miss out on some great things because you weren’t made aware until the very last minute.
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3 years ago, Julia Kardosh
Pros and cons- I keep reinstalling then deleting the app.
I like the concept, but unless the deals are online, their specific to a particular store. I’ve driven out to stores on multiple occasions seeking after Christmas sales, for example, and nothing was present at my local store. Literally looked for specific items shown and found them 4-5 times the price. So maybe Target has great deals on socks in bulk in Kansas, but location isn’t listed. I’ve actually never found anything that I wanted to purchase on Krazy coupon lady in a store- ever. Not once. I’ve made the effort a dozen times, wasted hundreds of dollars in gas and several hours of my time for no reason. But I’m still redownloading the app so I’m hopeful. Lol.
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5 years ago, 4ogi3ear
More changes that make app less useful
App used to be great. Wish I could go back several versions. Now, every time you make changes to the app you take away helpful functionality. The coupon section which used to be helpful is virtually useless and I go elsewhere to find what I need. The brag section no longer lets you select by store. Again more useful functionality taken away. Things that need to be fixed like being able to see pictures in the brags once you click on them still haven’t been fixed. There are tons of ads that pop up when you are trying to use the app in a store and play loud annoying ads over and over and kill battery life. I understand the need for ads but not in the middle of shopping. It would be helpful if there was a way to export and print saved items to avoid the issue.
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8 months ago, 5amCoop$
Save YOUR Money and Download This App!!
I love the Krazy Coupon Lady and so does my wallet!! It’s easy to use and the best part is I do NOT have to actually “clip coupons”, get a newspaper or anything if you do your orders in the app or online... there are still printable coupons too. Just if you go through all the work to to get that coupon then get to the store and not use the coupon the time alone was a waste. Trust this is so the way to go!! It is so easy my 18 year old son and his friends now use it - seriously. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DOWNLOAD THE APP! I’m a real person and this is a real review.
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9 months ago, Jimaloo
I stumbled upon this app because I’ve been out of work due to a knee injury that turned into 3 operations in a months time. Long story short I’m broke. I’m drawing short term disability through work but it’s not enough. So I’ve been researching and googling ways to save mo ey and I had read several of your articles that were so informative and helpful and finally I paid enough attention and saw that you had an app. So I downloaded it and it has been awesome helping me save money at all the stores I normally shop at and teaching me hacks, tips, and tricks! Thanks!
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5 years ago, MeladyChris
Coupon Newbie
I started couponing about a month ago and haven’t had an opportunity to share my brags yet, which I find awesome btw. The tips and easy links to coupons are fabulous, makes the homework a lot easier. Keep up the great work for couponers everywhere. Some people made fun of me when I said I was going to start couponing as a money-saving hobby. My hubby definitely likes when I make 50% savings on my grocery shopping or bring freebies home. I am loving the beginning of my stock pile. 😁 I don’t understand why some people would pay full price on certain products.
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1 year ago, jrambin37
Best App ever
Love this app!! Ive had it for years!!! This is the best tool to use for buying ANYTHING!! Whatever you need from personal items like premium make-up, perfume, new hygiene products on the market, namebrand shoes, clothes, etc to household items… You will find the best way to buy them right here! Read everything in all of these pages and I mean all of it and you will know the “ins” and “outs” of how to buy with coupons, rebate apps, inventory checkers, in store or online and exactly what time of year is the best time to buy it. Happy Shopping!!!!
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6 years ago, Giannalu
Extremely sluggish and slow
The app has been Awesome for the time I have been using it, but lately it’s been very difficult to use due to the slow scrolling crashing and WAY to many pop ups. I am not using the app as much lately and seems that it just a matter of time before I completely delete the app for good. Sad to feel so negative about this app as I have been following Krazy Koupon Lady for years. Please update your app and fix all of the issues that your readers are posting. It’s time to fix it and make it a great app again.
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5 years ago, superwomanhasflawstoo
Great app.. one issue
I love this app overall. I just have one main issue where when I click on a notification, it just takes me to home feed on the app. It would be helpful if it could take me to the link the notification mentions. Instead, I end up having to search for it, or more often than not, I end up getting distracted by other things that pop up in the home feed and forget what I clicked on to begin with. I know I can be very forgetful, but as a busy working mom of toddlers, I would like to think I’m not alone in this.
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7 years ago, Crosez
I love Crazy coupon lady!! They do all the work for you all you have to do is shop! But, be sure to click the site and read it through since coupons might be needed. The only problem I have with the site is, when I am in the stores and mention the Krazy coupon lady most cashiers say they never heard of it or the sale until I pull it up. I have been even argued with like as if the store is theirs! But, I always win in the end, thanks to doing my homework too!! Thanks again!!
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2 years ago, GrlWrl
Name brand items at generic brand prices
I have found this platform to be exceptionally great and helpful. Needing some necessary household items on a low budget I sought to looking for coupons. That’s when I stumbled on KCL. Not only did this site save me money but I got name brands items that work for a fraction of the cost. In my first week I saved $30. The daily saving and helpful articles will never replace the money I am saving but always prove that KCL real lives up to their word. I’m addicted. Thanks KCL. Another satisfied customer!
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7 months ago, Summergrl73
The Krazy Coupon Lady app is the BEST thing ever!! I have saved a TON of MONEY, all on Amazing Items, I would have paid, so much more money for without her! She makes it so EASY, and details for you, step - by - step instructions, to save you the MOST money, on items you’re already shopping for, want to shop for, or plan to shop for. Recently, thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady, I SCORED on a Kitchen Aid Mixer, that I have been wanting for years, and following her step - by - step instructions, I saved well over $300!!
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2 years ago, HaileyH38
Few changes needed
I like this app but there are a few things that would make it 5 stars. The first thing is if I have the app open in the background and then go back on it, the deals don’t update. Even if I scroll up and pull down to refresh the page it doesn’t do anything. Another useful feature would be the ability to sort deals by newest. If I click the ‘freebies’ section it pulls up all of the articles in that section and doesn’t have it sorted at all. It’s a bunch of deals that are a wide variety of days old. Wish the app was as great to use as the website.
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5 years ago, Ja ray
I prefer to use the website instead of the app.
I want to start off by saying I LOVE the Krazy Coupon Ladies to the moon and back. This review is just about the app. The app doesn’t always save what I was doing like the website does. So if I leave the app and come back I have to start over. This only happens sometimes, but when you’re short on time it’s frustrating. Another thing is, I can’t figure out how to take things off my list without going back to the original post and unchecking the box. On the website you can stay on your list and take them off without leaving. These 2 thinks are keeping me from using the app.
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3 months ago, Bebe0222
Good content
Love the content of the app but the app ITSELF needs some work. I subscribe to the text alerts & receive notifications from the app. So, when I try to open the app from either type of notification the app will take FOREVER to load. FOREVER! And even then , once the app opens I have to search for that specific sale instead of the app opening up directly to the one shown in the notification. This has been an issue through several updates so hopefully it’s a kink the developers can work through.
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1 year ago, acaguilar
The app asked me
Here is my humble review. It seems a little messy. Sales, rebates, freebies, etc. could be better organized and kept on the site for reference…maybe 2 weeks back? It could be that I just don’t understand, thus the need for more organization. Also this not a KCL app issue however, many deals are only available for shipping ie; the Walgreens, CVS as I write this review. With shipping there are no savings. It’s getting harder to save. This is the only Krazy app on my phone and I remain hopeful to save my said household/ personal budget towards a vacation. Aloha
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1 year ago, ohioscanner
Krazy Coupon
Too many notifications. Bulky to use. Have to select the store, select item, many times the offered sale price not showing. Then go back, start from the top and scroll down each time and do it again. Too cumbersome. Most sale apps you just click on the item and go to the item. Can buy from there. I added text capability. I am getting bombarded with notifications. Going to delete app, emails, text msgs. Oh and one more thing. I look at items as soon as I receive them but so far most of them are already expired by the time I receive them.
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6 years ago, Brandy Ables
Makes my couponing life so much easier
I love how I’m taught the ends & outs of saving every penny. Checking SKU # for stock in my area, what rebate apps I can claim more back on & how many coupons & which ones to use. I didn’t start actually saving money until I found this app... it’s nice to finally go grab a roll of toilet paper, soap or the kids tell from the shower I’m out of conditioner because they knew that the last time they showered but didn’t say anything & now all I have to do is go to stock pile & grab it... thank u
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1 year ago, brookhjb
I’m torn
I have found the best deals using this app, but I can only use it in short time Period before it starts running my phone extremely slow to the point where I have to close out the app and leave it alone for about 10 minutes before I can go back in and use it again. It also overheats my phone within minutes of me using the application I have the newest iPhone, so I’m not sure why this is such an issue but it is extremely frustrating because it happens every single time I use the app, it is the only app on my phone that does this.
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9 months ago, Matt4221983
KrazyCouponLady App
I love the KCL content!! I have saved so much money since I started following her and signed up for text messages and email!! I’ve also learned things that save me money!!! I wish she would put out a course of how to coupon for beginners and then how to extreme coupon for beginners. I wish she would also do a series of courses about how to stock and what to stock for emergencies and food/product shortages. I’d def sign up and take them!! I love her app!! I love her content!!
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12 months ago, DrBillPhila
I appreciate the items listed on sale as we struggle with high gasoline prices, high heating oil prices, high food prices and the highest inflation in forty years. We haven’t had this terrible economy since another inflation causing Democrat President named Jimmy Carter. Joseph Biden is really hurting your company as many people I know are going to Dollar Stores and can’t afford your products because of Democrat inflation. It’s not your fault. I will not shop at stores that support Democrat inflation and sky high gasoline prices.
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6 years ago, RandiGirl516
Good but needs some improvements
I love the deals that I find on here. It’s great for that. However, the notifications are ridiculous. You get 2 notifications for the same deal within minutes and then you have to click on every notification to clear it. There’s not way to mark them all to get rid of the little red bubble on your app. It’s time consuming and annoying to have to do that. Especially when an ad pops up after opening 3 deals just to clear the notification. There needs to be a “mark all” option or it should auto clear it when you open notifications within the app like other apps do.
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3 years ago, Jennimack1971
Amazing site!! WONDERFUL 🥳
I am constantly amazed at how much information is on this website!! I learn new “hacks” everyday, and I can’t believe how well the requirement/description is laid out to literally walk you through step by step!! I didn’t use coupons or money saving apps prior to discovering this site/app because I wasn’t sure they were legit, however, I have found that anything posted here is “tried and true”. You’ve really saved me a lot of money and I can’t thank you enough!!
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8 months ago, Angel Villers
Love KCL but hating the app lately
Dunno what’s going on with the app lately but it doesn’t load now it’s just opening to a plain white screen. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it several times and restarted my phone over and over again. I use kcl daily several times and start the day out with checking out the deals that day. I have been a huge fan for years of KCL-these gals are seriously pros in their field. I’ve recommended this app to dozens of people who have downloaded it and now use it all the time. Please fix the issue with the app. I need my daily KCL!!!! Thank you.
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1 year ago, Kaykle21
Love The App but Has Issues
I really enjoy the app when it’s working for me. I have a lot of issues with it disconnecting. I’ve tried uninstalling & reinstalling but still have problems. I would think it’s my connection but don’t have any issues with other apps. Tonight it would load but when I was trying to look at next section it would either go out or go back to the first section of deals.
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6 years ago, AmyCakes 51679
I don’t know who takes the time to add all of the savings, but bless your heart/hearts...!!! I have saved over $200 since I downloaded it just 3 weeks ago!! The variety of products is very cool and the values are just completely awesome! But what I love the most is the step by step instructions on how to save. Thank you to the developer and the Krazy Coupon Lady for this app!! I would of paid $ for this, thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for helping me save on products I use everyday!!
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4 years ago, trizzizzle
I started following these girls a long time ago, but never had enough time to clip a bunch of stuff, nor did I get mailers often... so, I didn’t check their page that much. I now have the app and I’m totally addicted. I never used CVS that much before, but I go all of the time now. I am a dental hygienist and have my own IG just for hygiene products... now I’m going to share links when Dental products are on sale! My patients will be so happy!
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3 months ago, 2realredrum
Enjoy- but improvements could make better
Please make more categories- ex….outdoors/yard/garden, home/decor, beauty, cleaning, office/school supplies/, furniture……so I can search for deals I’m specifically looking for “RIGHT” now, & not scroll through all, takes a long time to find what I’m looking for & distracted by a lot of cool things I’m interested in, but not/can’t buy today, becomes a time waster, & I end up not finding what I’m looking for & buying nothing; after clicking on “deal”, back button makes u scroll through from the beginning all over
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5 months ago, mybabyty
Needs serious changes/update
App is really slow to load. I’ve also noticed that in the area of saved articles/tips, these items are adding up on their own. Upon deleting expired articles/tips, I’ve noticed that deleting items, the same tips are showing up MULTIPLE times, and when deleting, they sit until you back out of tab and only disappear once you go back into it, EXCEPT the same items are still in the saved tab. This is annoying AND if an article/tip is expired, it should automatically delete as its no good now anyway. Ready to delete app
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1 year ago, mfm151
Hands down best saving app ever
I’ve been using this app for a few years now and always recommend it to others. The deals are amazing and so well written as for the articles. I typically end up making purchases a few times a week of items showcased here, absolutely an amazing app and service for anyone wanting to save money and stay on top of the latest sales and deals available!
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5 years ago, Mod22
My Go-To Coupon Source
This app does almost everything but the actual shopping. I love that I can choose which stores I get info about, but my favorite part is that I can create a list with links to the sales price or applicable coupon. It is also great to use at Target! I absolutely Hate the Target app for coupons/deals, but with Krazy Koupon lady, I can use her links to get the best deals! One part I don’t like is that many “deals” only qualify if you get other apps, download coupons, get rebates, etc. to get the price advertised.
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7 months ago, Sunshine 888
Too buggy
The app has been extremely slow for the past month. Every time I click on one of my Krazy Coupon Lady notification’s the app opens up and continues buffering for 3-5 minutes. This happens even when I open the app without clicking on a notification as well. It’s extremely frustrating to say the least. I tried going directly to the website instead but when I do it just redirects to the app and it’s never ending buffering. I have loved the Krazy Coupon Lady app for years but I’m going to have to delete the app until the bugs get patched.
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