Key Ring Reward Cards

4.5 (12.1K)
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Mobestream Media
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.3 or later
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User Reviews for Key Ring Reward Cards

4.51 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Glad Perez
UPDATE: One of my favorite app!
UPDATE: Changed my rating of 1 star to 5. I was not prompted to update to the latest version even though I did look for it. Suddenly today, I finally saw it. Only gave it a 1 because I thought the developers were abandoning the app. This app is my top 5 most used app. I pretty much use it everyday. So incredibly useful in every way. I’ve told my friends and clients about it. It’s also one the few apps I would pay to keep! Thank goodness it was just an update! This has been my very favorite app for the longest time. I upload all my important cards. Definitely my top 5 app….but I see all my photos are gone! When I tried uploading one, I couldn’t. What is happening? Is the app not supported or gone to paid? I’m willing to pay!! It’s been invaluable.
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2 years ago, netgeekone
Update was a bad idea
UPDATE:Dropped it from a four to a three as it does not appear you can re-order your stores anymore, and the description field is not long enough unless you modify the names of your customers cards. UPDATE: change from a two star review to a four star review because, they just updated the app after when I would assume was a number of bad reviews, and now you at least have icons with the name of the store below them. Still haven’t gone back and edit all mine to see if it has everything that I need as far as the full store name but this was definitely needed. ORIGINAL: We’ve been using KeyRing for a number of years, but may have to look for another app due to this most recent update. We used to be able to add any type of card into KeyRing and we still can but with this newest update anything that’s not in the database shows up as a generic icon and you have to click through every single one in order to find what you’re looking for. This was a horribly bad idea for an update and one way they could it could be fixed is if you allow the user to switch between a list view like it used to be or an icon view. If the developers really want an icon you put that functionality in and you’ll save the app at least for me.
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10 months ago, AppKitten
Was great. Now overgrown
I’ve used this app for years. It started out as a work around to Apple Wallet limitations. With Keychain I could load EVERY card. It wasn’t quite the same as being fully integrated into Apple Wallet but it did what Apple promised but didn’t deliver: replace having to carry around all the extra cards. So why not more stars? For some reason, Keychain decided to go from just being a card wallet to being a shopping app. There are now many, many more features I’ve no interest in. I don’t want junk mail equivalent flyers/catalogs, shopping lists, coupons, purchase history, etc from this app. I lead a pretty basic shopping life - far short of shop-mania or retail therapy. I rarely use coupons. The few I have used aren’t a problem for my pocket or even my actual wallet. What lists I need are more easily managed elsewhere, in apps dedicated to that purpose. Bottom line: This app had an identity change. I’ve stopped using KeyChain because it’s gone overboard, at least for my use case. All the excess may allow them to claim “frequent” updates but at what point do you become content to stay the best at what you are famed for? For me that was being a user friendly app that simply housed cards that Apple Wallet would’t accept. Period.
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6 years ago, CMCPDK
Handy but not great
I do use this app religiously mainly due to how convenient it is to have my list always with me and to be able to share/update lists with my husband. However I can’t give it more than 3 stars because of the drawbacks in list management. My biggest complaint is the fact that your list is forced into categories. While I can see the rationale you aren’t able to assign items to certain categories so if the app doesn’t recognize something as part of “dairy” for example, it gets put into a. “Misc” grouping which seems to take away from the effectiveness. Also I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to display the list alphabetically so that I can easily add to the list rather than having to sort through the list to see if I have already added something we need. I keep hoping that one of these would be addressed in an update but there do not seem to have been any major changes made in the app so am not sure if it is still being actively developed and invested in.
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2 years ago, Wizyrd
Just get this app already!
I use this app nearly every day. It got rid of my keyring I kept JUST for key tags--I had so many!--not to mention club cards for Costco, BJ's and the like. The app scans just as well. One nice convenient place for all my cards. And their support is FAST. Recently, they changed their layout to a grid, rather than a line with the icon, followed by the store name, initially the grid only had the icons. Fine if your card HAS an icon, but if it was blank, you'd have to click on it to find out what it was. So I sent in feedback on this, and less than a week later, the fixed it!! Icons now have store names under them!. Now THAT's what I call service.
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2 weeks ago, c-b-w
5 star for so many years
It’s a shame i’m just writing this review now. I cant recall exactly, but i’m pretty sure this was one if the very first apps i tried out when I got my first iphone, which was the 3GS in 2009. I used it for years, but as places started allowing you to use your phone number, i didnt need the app as often. Now that I’m married I’m back using it consistently. I dont know what stores have my card with my number or my wife’s number, so rather than trying to remember all that, I’m back to using the app. It’s been a lifesaver and it’s not packed with ads or garbage. It’s a clean interface and works as it should. Thanks for all the years of convenience devs!
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10 months ago, Aerial Christine
Love my electronic Key Ring App
No more bulky keys! This app has been a favorite for more years than I can even recall. Share cards easily between household members, in town guests, and more. Load gift cards, loyalty id’s, and more. It probably has more tools than I use, but as soon as I get a card, membership ID, loyalty points card, gift card, etc. I scan it in and chop the card up (ok I keep gift cards for backup, but that is my paranoia). It is uber reliable, and does not require internet connectivity to function. Now if they would invent a closet and dresser app like this one, my life would be totally organized!
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1 year ago, Stunifoo
Bring back Fill-in Names
I have been using this app for years and, until recently found very little to complain about. While you may have designed it for shopping, I also use it for non-shopping cards like library, gym, road service etc. I formerly could easily name those cards and they would sit in alpha order. Now, every new card that’s not a store is called “Other retailer not listed” and sits at the top out of order, with the only the faint description line as a subtitle. What a totally unnecessary and irritating change!! Please return the flexibility of letting me name my own cards. On a positive note, it appears that you have removed the irritating pop-up that made it harder to get to my cards unless I relinquished some privacy. Thank you for that.
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2 years ago, subbi36
My App Doesn’t Look Like App Store App
I’m not sure what happened to the Keyring app but it hasn’t been what I originally downloaded for several years now. But now it’s just a shell of what it used to be. The app is one page of black & white icons I can barely see of the loyalty cards I added. I don’t even think they are all there or have the entire card numbers on them. Several cards wouldn’t scan when I used them & they wouldn’t work when the cashier tried typing in the number. Nothing else works either. The account, help, contact, etc, are all blank pages. If you go to their Facebook or Twitter pages those haven’t been updated since 2018. I wish I knew what was going on. I had this app since it launched but unfortunately I think it’s time to delete it. I wish I could add a picture it would speak volumes.
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1 year ago, StockbrokerUSA
Tantamount to spyware and an ad farm
We have had this app for several years and, while never that visually appealing, it served us pretty well. Then they decided to include ads. UGH! Then they decided to track locations so they could serve you even more ads and push products for that location. DOUBLE UGH! Now it loads with a nonesense screen every time we open it so you have to jump through hoops just to see your reward cards. LAST STRAW! I’m actively searching for a decent replacement. Plain and simple, we just want a ‘wallet’ for our reward cards and not click three screens to see them. While we are at it, we will look for one where it looks like some investments were made into the product so it is more visually appealing and the company opts to pay for those enhancements by a small (ONE TIME) fee versus ongoing ad harassments.
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4 years ago, Game goodie
Latest update created a major problem!
I have loved this app and use it almost daily for all my to-do and to-go lists. Unfortunately, your new UPDATE has created a major glitch! I’ve always been able to click on an item on one of my lists and edit it. Example. On Grocery list I might have “2 Tomatoes” and realize later I really need 3 Tomatoes instead. I’ve always just gone back to the original entry and changed from 2 to 3. No more! Now when you go back and click on any item, it kicks you out of Key Ring entirely. So no way to correct a previous entry. You have to check the item, go to “MORE”, select “delete checked items” to erase the 2 Tomatoes entry and a new entry for 3 Tomatoes!!! So whoever did the latest Updates(?) to improve(??) this app did a really poor job. I am seriously disappointed in an app I’ve recommended to so many people. Please fix your “fix”.
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6 years ago, Saralynnlong1980
I’ve tried other store card storage apps, this is the best! It has other great features too. Grocery list separated by category, stores other cards besides just store ones, sales sheets in one place. It is just a wonderful app, I read a complaint from someone else about a issue with a dairy product not recognizing the proper category, but it will put it in miscellaneous, at least it does do most products and makes grocery shopping a lot easier, not to mention the fact that it’s an all in one no need for multiple apps. Very pleased Thank You🙂
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6 years ago, itasarah
Loved it until…
Recently opened key ring on my phone and all my cards are gone. After years of collecting them and having them available totally disappeared. I’d like to know what happened! I’ve been trying to find a similar app to use and have not found one yet. Although I’m hesitant to reload the app I may unless somebody can let me know another one I can use. I do have wallet but I don’t really care for it like Key ring. I may give it another try but I’m hesitant. I wish they were a place to keep the cards available without Risking securityBut where if they get lost I can recoup them. I’d like to see her way 50 cards can be saved ones computer so in the event that something happens on the phone, the cards can be retrieved.
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8 months ago, Anonymous Parent
ANNOYING BUG on the lists’ function
Great app EXCEPT when making (shopping) lists, items cannot be “checked off” as they keep popping back up. Unable to delete either. Otherwise, app does what it says and greatly appreciate the way it organizes all those loyalty store cards and gym membership so one doesn’t have to carry them around. The bug has been in effect for a while but seems to be worse. One used to be able to delete or at least tap as “bought” 2-3 times before the edit would remain, but now it can’t be changed at all. Would be 5 stars without this annoying bug.
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11 months ago, Amsteroid
Key Chain - lighten your wallet!
Great app. New enhancement enables the user to sort a shopping list by “checked” items, thus making it easier for the shopper to ‘find’ the items already selected to buy on the list. Especially useful when your list of all items is long but the number of checked items is small. Should change the name of that sort sequence from”Custom” to “Checked Items.” One missing feature is a SEARCH capability to determine if an item in which one is interested in purchasing may already be on one’s list. One certainly does not want to create a duplicate of an existing item.
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2 years ago, Slick201089
Awful update
Why do these creators of these apps insist on upgrading that essentially make the app worse. Not only did I used to be able to upload all my store cards I also uploaded other types of cards. These included hotel cards airline cards my medical card pictures of my passport things like that. Now it won’t let me do that anymore. Plus most of my cards don’t have the picture in the quick view or it isn’t even listed under name. Rather there’s a nondescript picture of a blank card alphabetically where they should go, so in order to see the card I have to click on it until I find the right card. Horrible horrible update.
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2 months ago, Dcamonkeys
It’s gotten rather limited.
I used to be able to add notes and more to my cards, but that isn’t available for some reason. I updated the app, thinking that might be the issue, but no joy. Also, the pictures of my cards no longer show up on my phone, and the details of my cards, like the link to the website and phone number of the business, don’t show up at all. I used to put the reservation number in the notes section of the hotel loyalty cards so it was all in one place. Now I have to create a separate note. Edit: The developer response was to update the app again. I can’t update it if there’s no update available.
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2 weeks ago, Tahnya511
Update: Apparently the new iOS update logged me out of this account and erased my password.
This caused all kinds of issues for me with this app. I reached out to support and they were able to help. Now have everything back working as before. I love this app and use it all of the time. Not the way it was designed but I use it to store credit cards, driver’s license, nursing license, etc. It is so much easier than taking photos of all of these things and having to find them amongst all my photos.
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4 years ago, gloryb2jc
Used a Lot
This app has been a life saver...until recently. I love having all my cards in one place without having to carry around a bundle of cards. I also love being able to have my shopping list handy whenever I think of something I need to purchase and never walk off to the store and forget my list. HOWEVER... recently when I click on the item in the shopping list the entire app shuts down. I hope this is just a glitch that will soon resolve itself because I find it to be an invaluable feature. This is why I'm giving only 4 stars. I'll change it to 5stars when it's fixed.
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2 years ago, Springlering
I bought this app many many years ago, and lately use it to store a handful of cards I can’t store in apple wallet, including a gym membership I use almost daily for checkin purposes. Now every time I open it there’s a pop up to buy a new improved version. SUPREMELY irritating. I should be able to decline once and never have to look at it again. Not only that, but there’s now a privacy notification that must be approved to get access to my own cards. No way to decline it. Why the devil do they need access to something as personal as shopping and membership cards? Am deleting app. Ridiculous to intentionally ruin what should simply be a perfectly useful, basic, no-nonsense app. Def no longer recommend. Who though this was a good idea?
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1 year ago, Kimboflute
Am I being punked?
Every update in the past year has progressively made this app worse. Sort these reviews by “Most recent” and you’ll see that it’s mostly 1 star reviews in the past 12 months. My guess is a new company bought it out. Customer Support used to be excellent and responsive now not only do they not fix any of the problems but they don’t reply to emails either like they used to. In case there’s just one person left in Customer Support that actually cares about restoring this app to being functional - the last update 3 days ago sorted all of the cards randomly, they’re no longer in alphabetical order and no way to re-sort them logically -search function-if it finds 2 matches you can only open one of the cards -MORE in the upper right corner of each card used to open a drop down menu with subitems of NOTES and DETAILS where you could add more info. Now MORE is dithered on about 95% of my cards with no access to the drop down menu - I used to have multiple cards under 1 company name ie: my family’s frequent flyer numbers for an airline. They’re all gone except for one.
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9 months ago, David_CT
Convenient, Useful and Possibly Much More!
I have been using this app for many years. I consolidated all my discount and membership cards in one location…my iPhone! Life is good! Not to mention saving money for me when I use my discount cards when I need them. “Coming on Key Ring, what else can you do with this app to save me money?” Private sales and discounts? Restaurant discounts? Integration with paid discount cards? Groupon, watch out!
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10 months ago, momcat64
Used to be a 5-Star app
I’m a long time user of KeyRing and loved it for many years, but will be searching for a replacement app now. My cards are no longer listed in alphabetical order, so I have to try to use the Search function to find the card I need at that moment. As soon as I click on the Search icon, the app crashes and closes. Every. Single. Time. I can no longer re-order the stores names in my cards list to correct the out-of-alphabetical order. App lost a few of my cards that had been listed literally for years. Rather than re-add the missing cards, I will be looking for a replacement app for what KeyRing used to do: safely store and organize my cards.
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1 year ago, benny-profane
You now need to login to your account on the app
I’ve used KeyRing for years. Recently many of my cards went missing. I saw other reviews where people reported the same thing. I checked my account through a browser and saw all of my cards were still in my account. With no notice or prompting from the developers, I tried to login to my account through the app. Now all of my cards were back in the app. But WHY didn’t the developers notify users that you now have to login to fully use the app. That is very poor communication.
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5 years ago, BeachBby1111
Whatever bug has infected this app or whatever update they’re doing has completely been frustrating. You used to be able to sort by category / alphabetical / etc. And it would show up as soon as you tapped to your list. Now genius but at the very bottom in teeny tiny print and you can barely access it. So when you open the app, whatever it chooses to default to on that particular moment is how your list comes up and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to then find that teeny tiny print and recategorize. Currently looking for a new app. They’re making this one more and more difficult. NOT worth it - too frustrating!!! Don’t bother getting this app it seems to get worse as time goes on.
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1 year ago, longtime_customer
Very unhappy with update
I have used this app for over 10 years and have loved it. However, they have updated the app so you can no longer save generic cards where they can easily be labeled, you can no longer edit or update card numbers and you can no longer have duplicate cards (which I have duplicate cards such as gym membership cards for each person, but each card has a different number). And I can’t figure out how to delete unused cards. With the update, it merged my “duplicate cards” so I no longer know which id is for each person at the gym. Please update the app back to what it used to be. Without fixing these issues, I will be looking for a different app solution - yes, it is that bad.
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2 years ago, J Pok
No longer working right-a disaster!
I have used this app for a very long time. And I loved it. Recommended it to all my friends. Something happened with the new update. Half of my cards are not showing up with an icon....So I don't know where they are. My husband and I both contacted technical support and we were told to re-enter our cards. That's ridiculous. Most of the cards we got rid of after we entered them into the app. There's no reason they shouldn't be showing up. I was in a grocery store yesterday and couldn't find my card for that store. Then they told me to do a search. But the search doesn't find your own cards. It just searches for stores. Please fix this!!!
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2 years ago, Czak5
Key Ring app’s spontaneous closing when opening
I’ve used Key Ring a lot for more than store loyalty cards. I’ve made cards from anything I want to have available, such as vaccination records. I would give it 5 stars, except for my current problem. Ring immediately closed after I made the recent changes in name, added a second record of new entry & updated images or created new cards. When I close the app or actually reboot my iPhone to clear any data or actions, I still am having the app immediately close. I’m not even sure how you can help me, but I’d need to retain the card information since I no longer have the cards or other sources to create a new database & re-enter all my database records. I used a dash in the name/heading for some of the new cards. Could that be the reason it’s crashing , characters are not allowed in some fields?
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2 years ago, CW1DANCER
I have used Key Ring for years and recommended it to many friends. What the heck have you done to the app in the last week? There’s no way to take a picture of new cards added, and all my cards that don’t have bar codes aren’t showing up on the front page. Where is the alphabetical listing of cards? This update(?) has completely ruined this App and I’m already looking for a new one. Key Ring is doomed to fail at this point, and your developers need to be fired! Why would they take a wonderfully helpful, perfect app and turn it into crap? I hope people will see the latest reviews and dump the “new” Key Ring app immediately. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!
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3 months ago, sgeangel
Be warned!
I have had this app since 2014. It was great then. I could add all of my cards, including insurance cards, etc. all in one wallet. Could take pics of the front and back of cards and add all needed Info. The app tells you that your info is secure and you can throw away the cards… makes sense since isn’t this the reason for the app? But now… all the pics of the cards are GONE!!! The pics are needed because they often ask to see the actual card and the app does not always work with the automated scan and u need to scan from the picture of your card!! No problems for 10 YEARS! Now 10 years of info GONE and no way to retrieve it!
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10 months ago, TTWW33
Love it, but it’s changed😥.
I’ve used Key Chain for a couple of years, share it with my husband and have told family, friends and even people in line at the grocery store who have forgotten their cards. Lately my app has changed. It no longer has the alphabet listed on the right side for me to find the business I need. Not sure why. This was a very convenient feature. Otherwise. GREAT!!!
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1 year ago, PeterG7
App use to be great
I’ve used this app for years and have been very pleased with it until the last update. Apparently they chose not to beta test the newest version, because it is horrible. It deleted some of my cards, which I’ve used for years and no longer have the originals to scan and replace them. You can no longer have two cards on the same store, which I did, because I often shopped for a friend and used his card when I did. It seems almost impossible to delete a card and replace it with a new one, or the proper one. In short, I will be looking for a new app to replace this one, unless they fix this new version.
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3 months ago, capri0112
Items Can’t Be “Checked Off” Lists
I used to love this app and used it every day. However, for the past couple years, I can’t remove or “check off” items from any of my lists. When I do, they continue to appear, essentially popping right back up as unchecked. This defeats one of the main purposes of the shopping list function which is a core feature of the app. I see other users have already pointed this issue out and yet it persists. Please, FIX THIS BUG so I (and others) can actually use the app again!
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3 years ago, CNYchick
Why doesn't your app work in the USA?
I was shocked today when I went to the store to find out that I couldn't access my reward card because your app suddenly declared it wouldn't work in the EU. But I live in the USA? And with no prior warning, ALL my reward cards that were stored in your app are inaccessible! I never even got the chance to retrieve the info. I don't have the cards anymore and this makes shopping extremely difficult!! Help! Is there any way that you can at least send me a screenshot of the list of cards that I stored on your app?? Access to the numbers would be great, but even a list would be better than nothing!!
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6 years ago, VanRenier
Difficult to use on IPhone X.
I’ve been using this app since it was 1st released, and its improved over time, but now I have an iPhone X, and taking photos of your cards is horrible. I can’t click ‘done’ to save the photo, because the app/phone doesn’t interpret the press because the ‘done’ button is at the top left, where the time is listed which is a drop down. They should lower/move the done button so I can save photos of the cards. This also occurs when trying to view any previously saved photos (prior to my upgrading to the iPhone X).
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11 months ago, bltampa
So handy
We keep running shopping lists for grocery, pharmacy, big box, home improvement & other stores. They usually update to our 2 phones so whoever stops at the store knows what we need. I have recommended this app to friends and family. It’s very convenient & saves us from running back to stores because we forgot something we needed.
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5 months ago, LoyalSage
Does the bare minimum barely well enough
Does this app successfully allow me to do what I need it for? Yes. But it is very annoying because every time I open it, I have to sit through a bunch of slow popups about privacy policy changes and asking me to review the app when I’m standing in front of a cashier trying to show him my rewards card. It’s just not the kind of app where you can pop things up to the user upon opening the app, and the fact that the developers of this app don’t know this indicates no thought has been put into the user experience.
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2 years ago, Kateo0
This used to be a great app :(
Update: after writing the review below, I searched for a replacement for key ring. I’m happy to say I found a great one! Anycode Wallet stores your info locally and let’s you remove ads for a nominal fee. It works with no internet connection—in short it’s like Keyring used to be. Yay! I am a long time user of this app. I downloaded it when it first came out and used it regularly. Unfortunately I have stopped using it because it’s much more difficult to add non-store cards, and it seems intrusive in terms of needing my location. I would be willing to pay for an app that does what key ring used to do. I am un-installing this app.
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2 years ago, KJPA77
How did you manage to ruin this?
I've been happily using Key Ring for years. Recently I talked someone into using it. The app doesn't work the same. I believe hers is version 60 while mine is version 26. I have two tabs, Cards and Lists. Easy to add a Card and all instructions I've found on Web work like my version. Her app has "Stores" instead of Cards and every time she adds a Card to the store it tells her it was successful. But it is NOT in her app anywhere. Simply doesn't work. You've gotten too fancy for your own good and should have stuck to loyalty cards instead of trying to add all the extra features. :(
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4 years ago, LIN AUD
Update Ruined an excellent app
I love Ring and use it for all my rewards cards and my grocery lists. It is very easy to use and up until this latest update, it had no issues. Now, I can’t add notes to any of my shopping items. Every time I click on an item in my list it kicks me out of the system! Which means, no notes for sale items in the store, no adding pictures, no special notes to myself regarding specific brands, etc! I’m totally frustrated and ready to find another program. This used to be the best out there!
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8 months ago, serabee
Grocery List Errors
We have used this app for years. We have LOVED it. We tell everyone about it. Our favorite part is sharing lists. We are able to add to our grocery list and whomever goes by the store first can grab what’s missing. However, some of these updates are causing hiccups I no longer have patience for. When I shop for groceries I check off my item as I go. It’s easy to see what I still need. But now I can’t cross of an item - or delete an item without it popping back up in five seconds. I can handle technical hiccups and usually have patience in the process, but this latest one has lasted a hot minute and I am patienced out. Developers, do you not have a testing environment that allows you to make sure existing features aren’t negatively effected when you fix something else. Time to shop for a new app.
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2 years ago, Moxiegirl71
DO NOT DO UPDATE (Dec 2021)!!
The developers have effectively rendered this app USELESS unless you only shop at big box stores or if you used to use this app for ANYTHING other than grocery stores (like your local library, or regional grocery stores) I used to be able to store my library card for handy access, it’s now floating is a sea of blank square (no name, no photo, nothing) among squares that are only assigned a photo and name if they’re lucky enough to be a big box chain (IE, Target, Harris Teeter) Why do “developers” feel the need to constantly mess with things that work perfectly well, and create updates without thinking them through?
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2 years ago, Told it like it was
User interface not an improvement
The former interface was a Rolodex style where you could click on a letter of the alphabet and quickly get to the icon you wanted. This blocky style takes longer to load and you have to scroll to the desired key ring icon. Messier and not as easy to use. Still beats carrying around a lot of cards. Better idea would be to quit participating in these brain dead card programs I guess.
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2 years ago, nickname 444027582528
New version is a regression
The new version (Version 60) replaces the list format that had printed names with a set of boxes, some with logos, some that are blank ( for local stores or other items I’ve entered that the app doesn’t have a logo for). While a nice clean look, the items for which there is no logo should fill in with text form that card record. As it stands now, these are just blank boxes and you need to click on each one to figure out what it is. That is extremely frustrating when standing in a checkout line. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly, or I’ll need to switch to another card app.
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6 years ago, tejanita1222
Great app but...
I’ve used this app for years and it’s always worked great, but every time I do an update, it requires me to enter my husband’s iTunes password to update the app on my phone (we don’t share an iTunes account). The only reason I can see why is that I had attempted to share one of my cards a few years ago with my husband, but it didn’t work because he doesn’t have the app, but it kept his email address in its memory. Other than that, this app works great.
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11 months ago, MONROEVILLE Driver
A Bug in the App
This has been a great app for years until this past year. I’m not sure what happened but when you go shopping and you either add an item or mark that you picked up and item and checked it off strangely the app resets so it’s like you never put anything on your list or you never bought anything. And this is sporadic in nature. Definitely worth a shot at trying and sharing the app with household members.
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2 years ago, It-boy-Roy
Bad coding, you need DevSecOps courses!
After this last update everything about the app is terrible. Including go through capture four or five times. I’m perfectly capable of seeing stairs in a photo. But you asked me to tell you what the stairs were 4 separate times. Choose a system that works well! Field lengths aren’t long enough, password reset is a huge problem. When I do reset a password you display the password right on the screen. You don’t even choose password as the type for the input box on the HTML form. Sad sad sad. Shame Shame Shame Shame Somebody on your team needs to take a DevSecOps Course!
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4 years ago, Tha Agent
Meritorious app though flawed
I gave 2 stars because though this app has a meritorious idea of streamlining key tag usage it fails to be useful when the time comes to use it and the App needs to be updated every single time. If it filled a convenient need in a shopping situation then i would have felt inclined to give a higher rating but consistently every single time i need to use it when i’m about to check out or check in somewhere it’s disabled because of a required update. I honesty don’t like standing there at the register holding up the line and waiting for my app to update.
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10 months ago, EcoChuck
Works well mostly
I’ve been using this for years and really like it. However, recently, I’ve been able to use the search function. The app keeps closing. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app again, rebooted my phone, etc. and still the search function doesn’t work. I’m still using it because all of my shopping cards are on it. I just scroll down to the card that I need.
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1 year ago, TJMacDaddio
Past its prime
Kind of useful, but having a standalone app with a few e-wallet-like functions while advertising to you, wanting to leverage your location, etc, is not that appealing. Clamping down on permissions helps. Also just discovered an incorrect card number and there doesn’t appear to be an edit function. Having to delete the card and add it again is frustrating - and I suspect it was somewhere in the automated process of adding the card that it picked up a false leading digit.
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