Kids Foot Locker

2.7 (626)
102.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Foot Locker Retail, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kids Foot Locker

2.66 out of 5
626 Ratings
3 years ago, cjflex1k
This app needs a SERIOUS UPDATE ASAP! The servers can never seem to work properly anytime I’m trying to check raffle results and I potentially lose out on a chance at some kicks because I don’t get the chance to claim them in time.
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3 years ago, Stacey McNay
Terrible Service
Recently I put in a raffle for a pair of shoes that I wanted. According to the app you can add “head starts” to boost your chances of winning. Therefore of course I added the most amount of head starts I could (which is 4). It also took away from my XPoints. But here is where the problem occurred , on the day before it told me they where selecting winners & telling you of you won or not. The whole day I checked the app until it was the night time . I thought it might have rolled over to the morning since the shoe was a popular shoe. So the next morning comes around when the shoes released & I still have no answer .The next day after the shoes launched , my reservation completely disappear as if I never even entered the raffle . All of this occurred, just for the shoe to sell out. I never heard from them explaining the situation or anything . They never gave me any type of explanation or apology. It’s not even about winning or losing , it’s about wasting my time . Kids Foot Locker left me high & dry ! I used my points && added head starts just to not even get an answer if I won or not. Never shopping with them again , very unprofessional.
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2 years ago, BreBre86!
This was working for me for a while, but all of a sudden just recently I can’t log in. It’s so bad I can’t even buy anything as a guest. I called and complained to figure out what’s going on and the guy I talked with gave me a discount and said somebody would be in touch. When someone did contact me via email it was nothing but a cat and mouse game telling me to do this and do that, and if that doesn’t work do this, and don’t do that. This began to be hella confusing and makes me not want to purchase anything at all from any Footlocker. App isn’t working on my phone neither my compute-which is brand new! They make it seem like it’s everybody when in actuality they need to do better with they website.
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2 years ago, I love the lord 757
I just don’t understand this APP !!!
This app works when it wants too. I can’t even get into the app it keeps saying request failed. I called kids footlocker to try to fix the issue, all she could say was clean the cookies or delete the app and reinstall. I did both of them and still nothing. I even tried creating another a account still nothing. Who ever is in charge of making this app work, need to revamp it. You can’t enter raffles on the website using the web browser. So this the app is the only way to do that. I’m a shoe head and this app really make it difficult to do anything because it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time downloading this app and use memory on your phone because it doesn’t even work.
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3 years ago, TheBotsHaveEyes
I tried to purchase a sneaker that was not “in demand.” The site showed every size available but when I clicked the size to add to my shopping cart, I kept getting an error message. I called customer service and they said there was nothing that they can do about it and would not allow me to purchase the sneaker over the phone. Another time, I got on the app to try to purchase a “new release.” The shoe was released a 7am. I got on 30 minutes early just for the shoe to be sold out at 7am, not even a minute after release. HOW!?!?!? It’s disgusting that this company doesn’t have an efficient technical team that can make purchases easier for buyers.
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5 years ago, SWT "P"
Error Message
So I’ve been using the apps for a few months now, and love how everything is right at your finger tips! However for the past week when i attempt to click on the cart, it doesnt show the shoes ive selected, then it keeps brining up a message error box request failed, please try again later, however when i go through my google chrome, it shows my cart having items but no issues! Will this be fixes soon?
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1 year ago, New customer 28078
Weird application behavior
I wish I could rate no stars. I tried to use this website for the 1st time to buy my 5 year old son some new shoes but after inputting my card and personal information all of a sudden the application said “you have been blocked”. I tried removing and reinstalling the application however it did it again and wouldn’t let me login the second time. I checked my online banking and fortunately my funds are still there. This suspicious activity makes me not want to trust kids foot locker at all. This is certainly very bad for business.
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7 months ago, I know how to work KFL app!🤭
All these horrible reviews…
Basically what I am here to say is that. You all are slow and don’t know what you’re doing so you bash the company’s website due to YOUR fault of not knowing how to work an app properly or how to progress through the app. This is childlike behavior and honestly embarrassing on you all’s part. Take accountability.
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3 years ago, dhen75
Not able to verify/update account
The app tells me that I already have an existing account with an affiliate and I’ll be sent an email to verify my email address. I have no problem with this. What I do have a problem with is not being able to verify my email address. Why, might you ask??? This would be because when I click on the link the only thing that comes up is a blank page. Tried it multiple times to only get the same problem..... uninstalling.
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3 years ago, Dawnmarie223
Worst App Ever
This app is terrible! It never loads, then it shows shoes in stock and when you go to add to the cart it says it is out of stock. Why have it on the website just to say it is out of stock. Called customer service they said the app updates randomly. Website is never accurate. Signing in is a pain. The raffles are never accurate. I used my points on a raffle and that really is a waste of time. If you use your points it doesn’t give you any more chance of winning than regularly entering.
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2 years ago, tbrooks/hayes
Worst App
It’s NEVERRRRRR…works! Especially for releases, it freezes, logs you out, and at this point I can’t even click the show to see if I won the raffle. Matter of fact it still says raffle is open for shows that released 40min ago all the while advising g they are selecting a winner! Please take the raffle back to the stores because y’all doing to much, and it ain’t enough! And then to combine all these stores and all of them have the same technical issues…Chile I might as well stick to addidas & nike only
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3 years ago, MF508
Footlocker family of apps are useless.
After all these years of dealing with large traffic with releases, footlocker and their apps and pretty much useless. It’s pretty embarrassing if you think about it. The apps don’t work checking reservations. It’s pretty much DOA when there’s a new shoe release. I just tried to get socks for my kid and it kicked me out and logged me out of my account and can’t get back in. Whoever made their apps needs to be fired and they need to update their servers to handle traffic at peak times.
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1 year ago, Lvtdeal
terrible website
I concur that of the previous reviewer stated since their recent software update no longer can browse kids footlocker website via app or chrome system just keeps loading no help from customer care they keep saying do this or do that NOTHING & NOONE is helping. And i do have a newer model Iphone 14 which they said my Iphone 8 was a older model & no longer compatible with the newest software, What’s the reason with my Iphone 14?
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5 years ago, jegudvduv
Horrible app
So I placed an order online , I got the email confirmation and the “ order number “ plus the “ customer number “ , I waited 5 days for a confirmation about my sneakers shipped , nothing because they were outta stock which is understandable, Ned thing I know 3 weeks passed by and no news over the sneakers, I have to email customer service for some goddam news , now I can’t even track anything , I type my order status number and now it’s “ unavailable “ this is so annoying and retarted .
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2 years ago, Kelz242
This app does not work! Constantly telling me that my request failed! Continuously unloading, uninstalling and restarting my phone even creating a new account just to get the same results; request failed! Absolutely terrible especially since the app is the only way to purchase certain shoes. Complete failure on the app creators part because I noticed a lot of others are having the same issue.
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4 years ago, 𝕕𝕜𝕪
Pretty good
For all the people that say it’s trash and you can’t sign in it’s because too many people are using it and I personally think this app is good I’ve done many raffles and it happens and it doesn’t automatically sign you out ;-;
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2 years ago, MzHiC2U
Worst app ever!
I wish I could give this app zero stars. It logs you out and gives error messages whenever you’re about to purchase something. You lose the ability to login and nothing can be done about it. Let’s not talk skit how you can’t sign up for raffles. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, nothing works. Some things you can’t even access unless you have the app. What a waste
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2 years ago, smh DB
Poor brand and company
This app,brand,and company is horrible you can order shoes on the website and then they cancel your order this has happened to me too many times and my kids are left sad because they can’t get the shoes they want this is ridiculous I will never support kids footlocker and I hope they go out of business too just terrible as a whole brand and company.
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3 years ago, Mizz UnitedHealthcare
Raffling For A Shoe
ALL of the HOH apps are the WORST to win a new release shoe through. You sign-up on the first day; pick your 3 stores & then add your head-start points; then on Friday (the select winners day) for the app to say it’s unavailable at your stores. I had to call the store to see what this means and they say that they aren’t getting the shoes. I’ve called customer service and I still haven’t gotten my points back!!!
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4 years ago, bjkkhdscbmjggfxd
I don’t trust them
I ordered a pair of shoes in beginning of May, got a confirmation email and then another email saying they shipped. Well now it’s mid August and I STILL haven’t received the shoes. I’ve tried calling multiple times, no answer. I’ve emailed several times, no answer. I tried messaging them on Instagram, and nothing. I never got my shoes or a refund. Don’t order from them, you will get ripped off
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2 years ago, QuaBM
Keeps Signing Me Out 🤬
This app is horrible! It signs me out randomly and I end up not being able to sign in when releases come because their server is usually busy giving error messages. Only way I’m guaranteed to catch a shoe release on Kids Footlocker App is if I win a raffle. Why not give the option to use FaceID so people don’t have to keep signing in and out! Crazy tail selves!
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11 months ago, originalkid88
Horrible !!!!
I was about to buy seven pairs of shoes for my son for back to school as soon I was going to check out I put my shipping information it had said it blocked me for the following reasons You are browsing and clicking at a speed much faster than expected of a human being. Something is preventing JavaScript from working on your computer. There is a robot on the same network Yesterday when I was checking out it had said error Made me feel like it was a scam like it wanted my information the minute I put my information and all of a sudden it blocks me. I can no longer use the app.
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3 years ago, hhhhwhwhjdnenejei
This is awesome
My shoes came in so fast they came in in 6 days and they gave me all the updates and this was a great website! Highly recommend
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6 years ago, chefboyrd0914
Awesome Shopping Experience
I might be a little biased cause I work at Foot Locker but this app is amazing. The native shopping experience is really cool. Glad it’s not just the website displayed through the app like most shopping apps.
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2 years ago, MickeyDzz88
Multiple errors
I hate using this app. Either I can’t login because it states my login can’t be processed or anything that I go to within the app states “Something went wrong”. I don’t know what footlocker has done with their websites & app over the years, but its functionality is horrible & I’m at the point where I hate even dealing with any footlocker.
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2 years ago, LOVE GEEMONEY
App and website
I’m not able to sign into my account on the app nor the website, I’ve reached out to customer service with nothing being done. I tried deleting the and clearing my browser and still isn’t able. I need to find me a new store to shop at, bc this is becoming ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Get Lyfted
Order status
I’ve been all over the app and I just want to know how to check my order history and status. I only see a dashboard regarding points that I don’t care about. Where are the order updates?
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2 years ago, Scorpionqt1121
Worst app ever
I’ve been using this app for a dews years but over the past few months it’s gotten worse. I get an error every time I try to log in. Any time I try to look at new releases I get logged out. Customer service says they can’t help out with anything. This app needs to updated more often.
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5 years ago, its littttttttt
Need Help
Before about a month ago, I was able to look at the shoes in Grade School, new ones included. But recently, I haven’t been able to even get to the shoes. When I click on shoes and go to Grade School, it shows about 5-6 shirts.
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2 years ago, Mooreh
Never works
Anytime I go to the website app, it just remains a white screen. When it finally decides to work (which is rare) Shoes show available then you click on them and it comes up with an error that they are no longer available. Overall, terrible app.
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2 years ago, Karinaannina79
Consistent issues logging in
Great site if you need any to continually check out as a guest. Always a failed attempt at login and always apologizing for being unable to load. It’s a very strange and stubborn login issue that doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, NewNew803
The app is beyond slow, but the new VIP is so whack I don’t even care to shop here anymore! Then when I subscribe to the new club I lost all my coupons I earn these last few months! Fix the freezing up issues after changing back to the old VIP system
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4 months ago, Gypsypanda38
Terrible - cant reserve shoes
This is soo rigged! You cant even reserve shoes!! It says “needs an authorized user” this APP IS TRASH!!!!FIX ur app u ding bats!! Its beeb like this for months because 6 months ago when I was trying to reserve a shoe on your app I couldn't either! It said the same thing! You have clearly got to know its doing this?!! So fix ur APP!!!!!
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6 months ago, Savvy989
Issues w points releases log in
The app never works. Always a server issue. I have missed releases because the server wasn’t updated not allow me to claim my ticket. I have not been able to make a purchase from the app since idk when. Fix it! Please and thank you.
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1 year ago, HS620
Footlocker apps are horrible
I just downloaded the footlocker and kids footlocker apps and both are horrible. I can’t even try to look for any shoes to buy. This is by far the worst “apps” I have ever been on. Don’t waste your time even downloading them on your phone. They will not work.
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6 years ago, Amber Fayee
Needs some updates
App automatically logs you out after a day. Very frustrating having to log back in whenever I wanna use the app. App also doesn’t save credit card information so you have to keep re-entering that as well.
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2 years ago, KeyMitch07321
At this point I’m extremely exhausted with fighting thinking it’s my phones or services when in reality it’s ONLY this app TO BLAME! And it’s hurting my kids and I! We love the brands and of course the store but it’s already a hassle trying to win the raffles on top of that it’s giving problems on the app and website.
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1 year ago, kaimomma
Can’t login
The app won’t let me log in at all but I can log in on the regular browser. Nothing is working and I would like to use the app instead of the browser.
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8 months ago, Nita0059
Shipping and billing
I don’t like that the shipping address have to match the billing address like some people not comfortable with having their package delivered at certain address just off the fact that people be stealing people packages especially people who stay in apartment buildings please fix.
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6 years ago, QueenShaughn990
Can’t sign in nor apply discounts
I can’t sign in, EVER! And once I tried to apply my military discount and now I can’t even check what I have in my back just using the app “as a guess”. This is very irritating because I can’t sign in, and then I add things to my bag and can’t see it. It’s basically a new release calendar to me right now. NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
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2 years ago, PonderT
Could not sign in
App is crashing and can’t sign in
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7 months ago, Hi Veronica
Love shoes
This is it is incredible app because it tells you all the shoes and I really like it .
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3 years ago, Yolandapd23
this app never keeps you logged in and then it makes you reset your password a thousand times ; it force close all the time I’m just not understanding they don’t want people to buy shoes forreal cause it’s slow and something wrong from blank pages , not being able to uses the app 😡
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10 months ago, mj5400
App doesn’t work
I downloaded the app and the first thing that pops up is “you’ve been blocked”. I downloaded the app because on the website, it freezes when I click on my favorites list. This is so stupid.
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5 years ago, Kiy628
Missing too many KEY features
Why aren’t there any size chart, wishlist/favorites, or even QUANTITY options??? All 3 companies lack these same things: kids foot locker, foot locker, and champs. It’s ridiculous. You only get 2 stars bc at least you have an app. That’s about it.
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2 years ago, Waste my zam time
The app always signs you out and constantly shows errors trying to log in. It takes forever for an agent to chat you back idk why they have messaging when they take forever to message back
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4 years ago, belltab
Unable to make purchases
Won’t let me get passed credit card screen when trying to make purchases, and also wish it was set up where you can choose a section for toddler sizes instead of having to find it manually.
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3 years ago, ShanRileysMommy
Location Problem
The app works for the most part but when I have the option to select store pick up it always say no locations found and I'mess than 4 miles away from kids footlocker. 😒
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3 years ago, thenaneiwantistaken2.0
Glitching and Blocks you
This app is very glitchy. Now I’ve been Blocked from using it without any explainayikn. I uninstall and reinstall and have the same issue. I just added items to my cart and now I can’t purchase. Trash app for sure!
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6 years ago, arch6
Awesome App!!!
I love this app. It’s perfect for shopping for my little cousins. Glad foot locker came out w a kids version! Can’t wait for dem new releases.
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