King Soopers

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The Kroger Co.
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10 months ago
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15.2 or later
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User Reviews for King Soopers

4.73 out of 5
88.3K Ratings
1 year ago, HannahLaDow
FIXED: Dec 2022 Login Error
UPDATE: After leaving the below review, I received a response from KS/Kroger, and they gave me a case number and asked me to call them to troubleshoot together. I ended up talking to Michelle, and she helped me create a new account and merge it with my old one, and now I am able to use the app again! I am very appreciative that they responded to me and that Michelle took the time to help resolve my issue over the phone. Based on my experience with their support team and also my years of truly pleasant experiences using the app, I, once again, highly recommend it. For over a week now, I have been unable to use the app. When I attempt to log in, it says “Error There was an error with the sign in process”. I have reached out to KS/Kroger via multiple avenues (multiple chats, support messages, phone), and only in reading others’ recent reviews here have I gathered that it’s not an isolated issue. While I understand it sometimes takes time to resolve issues like this, I am very frustrated about the lack of effective communication about this known issue. I sure hope the app is fixed soon and that this issue doesn’t happen again, as it is negatively impacting my interest in shopping at this grocery store chain.
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1 year ago, AngrySoft
Good if you only need 80% of your order
You should fulfill them yourself then because your distributors don’t seem to have any groceries in stock. If you think this reflects poorly on someone other than you then you are mistaken. And yet despite marking “no substitutions” you still try to get one by me for less than what I ask but still double the unit cost. Can’t get me eggs, apples, and ground meat on my order. According to customer service they will sell these items anyway even if they don’t have them in the store you’re buying them. This is why I turn off substitutions because it’s more like gambling than grocery shopping. Update: turns out they didn’t want to sell me 3 twelve packs of soda for $12 so they sent me one at $7.99 when the order clearly said no substitutions. Now they’re down to fulfilling 70% of my order. If you really need something then I recommend you go get it yourself because this is not cheaper or easier and delivery will not save you time. Response to developer: trying to advertise non-existent lower priced items in order to switch them with real higher priced ones is called a “bait and switch” and is usually a purposeful feature. I cannot imagine what I will accomplish with King Soopers’ crocodile tears other than waste my time and receive some $10-off coupon that’s somehow impossible to redeem. I have no idea how my item got substituted when my order was marked “no substitutions” but I’m sure whatever it is it was programmed on purpose.
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6 years ago, Jenben7
Needs work on User Flow
So I love the new idea of ordering online and picking up my groceries. Problem with app: 1. Does not allow me to stay logged in. I have to log in each time I use the app. 2. I can’t search for products that I have not previously purchased. Example: I want a whole chicken. How do I search for that? 3. I learned that the pricing is per item, and that includes bananas, etc. So maybe it would be helpful to specify that. If I see a photo Of a bunch of bananas, I’m going to specify “one bunch.” But my order had “one banana!” :-) 4. Coupons: does not automatically add coupons for the products I purchase. That should happen. Idk, it just seems that a company as big as Kroger’s/King Soopers would produce an intuitive easy-to-use app. It’s clunky at best. It needs to flow with better user interfAce. Simple buttons, just easy. Maybe hire really good designers who understand user-friendly? I will say I spend 2x as much for groceries using the app! My husband says I go crazy online and he’s right. Instead of my weekly $200, I spend upwards of $400 using the app. He’s going crazy with my online shopping. So you guys can surely make your app easier to use so I can spend more money??? 🤗
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2 years ago, kimber45caliber
Pharmacy part is absolutely worthless
I’ve used this app for the last 6 weeks. I only use it to refill prescriptions and check to see if the prescription refill is ready. Today it would not let me sign in. It told me I needed to enroll. I tried repeatedly and it kept saying I needed to enroll. I thought maybe there was an app update and I needed to re enroll. I tried to enroll and it told me there was already an account and that I needed to sign in. I tried to sign in and it again told me I needed to enroll. It was a vicious circle. I tried the Live Chat help on the app. I explained the problem and they gave me a number to call. I called the number and they transferred me to another number. I use this pharmacy app for my husband’s prescriptions. He has stage 4 liver cancer, is dying, and I’m having to manage his care. The woman on the phone wouldn’t speak to me, she would only speak to my husband, who is sick, which is why I’m the one dealing with this. She didn’t need all his information again. The app is the problem, not his information. But she insisted and she wouldn’t take the information from me. After 20 minutes on the phone the woman said it was all taken care of and I could use the app. I later tried the app and couldn’t sign in. Same problem as before. Unfricking believable! King Soopers (Kroger) has cheaper prescriptions but it is not worth the aggravation of this stupid app and the unhelpful customer service.
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2 years ago, TSM0916
If I could give 0 stars I would! I have been a KS customer for over 40 years, and when I actually need you because my husband and I are both sick with Covid, I can’t even expect my order puller to know the difference between a loaf of bread and and a bag of hotdog buns! Seriously, if you are going to make a substitution, how about a DIFFERENT BRAND of whole wheat bread, rather than giving me hot dog buns. My husband and I never eat hot dogs, EVER! KS must be hiring millennials who have no critical thinking skills. Then when I went to online customer service to deal with this I was given a credit for the hot dog buns and a credit for the delivery fee to be used on my next order. Since I still needed bread I prepared another order and there is no place on the app to use an existing credit. So this time I called the customer service number, got disconnected three times before someone actually answered the phone, and her English was so poor I could hardly understand a word she was saying to me. She just kept spelling the word C-A-R-D, like I don’t know how to spell card. I found it offensive! If she was telling me where to look for this I couldn’t understand her. In frustration I finally ended the the call and placed the order, thinking maybe this is automatic if there is a credit, and still didn’t get the credit. Going forward I will be a Safeway customer. Apparently 40 years of loyalty means nothing to King Soopers!!
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2 years ago, gmbenn
Love curbside except for one thing
I love everything about ordering online and picking up curbside. It’s so convenient and the list prompts remind me to re-buy certain items I’ve bought before but either forgot about or haven’t had in a while. The only thing I hate is that the plastic bag use is sooooo so so wasteful. I often have only two or three items per bag, and they’re never filled to capacity. They use to use regular plastic bags for pickup orders but then decided to start using the jumbo super Teflon reinforced bags which, I’m sure, use 5-10x as much plastic per bag. The clerks have said you can bring your own bags and just have them transfer all your groceries to your own reusable bags right there in the parking lot, but that seems too labor intensive and they’d probably just throw away the plastic bags they’d already used to ‘shop’ the items. There has to be a way to make this new method a little ‘greener.’
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5 years ago, QueenSoopers
Great concept, underwhelming execution
This app is a great idea in concept, and it has been a lifesaver since I’ve had foot surgery, but there are some key flaws that make it very difficult to use. For example, when considering an item listed in the coupon or weekly ad section there may be a variety of choices that are on sale, but you can select the sale and choose from a drop down menu. Instead, you have to go hunting for it. If you want sunflower seeds to put on your salad (which you would find in the produce section) you have to search “sunflower seeds” and then scroll through the list, which isn’t organized in any sort of decipherable way (it’s not alphabetical, or even grouped by brand). I really like the weekly cart option - a citation of all the items a person typically buys each week - but I don’t want to have to add the entire weekly cart to my list just to get my standby items. I like that you save more when using the digital coupons, but I feel like I’m not doing the same amount of comparative shopping hat I normally do, because there is no price per unit information. Also, there is no product information, so this is not great for people with food allergies or special diets because you can’t tell what exactly is in a product unless you’ve bought it before.
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1 year ago, Bandooti
Feature rich but needs work on the user interface
The app does an amazing amount of things. It has all the features I can imagine it should have. However, it is a cluttered mess. It functions well, but it is difficult and cumbersome to use. Because it has so many features, it would be great if the developers could give individual users a way to customize the app such that the individual users can put the features they want front and center. For example, I care about coupons, the store, map, and fuel points. I should be able to customize the buttons at the bottom to put forth these features on my screen so I can get to them with one tap. Many apps have this capability. In the middle of Covid, I was using the app for ordering pick up, and I would like to be able to put a button for that at the bottom so I can get to it with one tap. So I guess my overall request/recommendation to the developers would be to build the ability to customize the buttons at the bottom of the screen, so that the most used features would be available to put down there based on individual preferences. Everything else can go in the hamburger drop down.
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1 year ago, chriskaprys
Utterly baffling. Tried to sign up in order to use a specific coupon. Tried the browser version, got an error message. Downloaded this app and managed to sign up, but the phone number I’ve been using at King Soopers for years as my alt id wasn’t allowed to be connected to this new account (nor was it recognised as a current valid number). After 25 minutes hunched over my phone in the store, finally finally finally ready to try to at least use this newly setup account in order to avail of the one coupon, turns out the wording of the discount is completely misleading and doesn’t make sense even when you parse the text. “Save $2 when you buy one (1) General Mills cereal of a particular size.” So why did it ring each box up as only 50 cents off? Because, despite the description clearly stating “Save $2 on one (1) box”, and despite the coupon being called a “5x Event” (whatever that means), the ACTUAL COUPON, after all of this, is 50 cents off a maximum of 4 boxes. What a waste of time and a total headache. I’m not sure they could make this more convoluted if they tried. Deleting the app pronto. You can keep your “digital coupons” and I’ll save my sanity and time.
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7 months ago, K_f_darby
Used to be my top app
New Update: I was in the middle of making my pickup order when all of a sudden the app crashed and will not come back up. It was just updated yesterday so I don’t know what the issue is. The app was still lagging big time when it was working. I am really frustrated because I need groceries and can’t order anything. UPDATE: I appreciate the response from the developer but I didn’t have trouble downloading the app. My issue is with the app performance. I’m using an Apple 14 max plus so I’m not having any storage issues or problems with getting logged out (knock on wood) but I do notice that a lot of items are in-store or delivery only. I’ve also noticed lately that I get way less coupons than I used to and the ones I do get are all baby and alcohol related so they’re useless to me. A big concern is when I try to select a potential replacement item and use the search bar, basic phrases (coffee creamer i.e.) comes back as ‘no selections found’ and when I simplify it to creamer I get options for salsa and chips. My biggest pet peeve right now is the lag!!!
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4 years ago, Cajun Karebear
Total Game Changer
What a difference! Grocery shopping used to be a big ordeal. Spend an hour there, then home to unload for another hour. I have medical issues and am very limited, but this Is great for anyone. You make your list with KS app, pay for it online and when it’s your time slot (that you schedule)you go pick it up. And get this, they let you stay in your car and load the groceries for you! So helpful! Need to pick up something on your way home for dinner? Order in the morning, or days before, and it will be ready for you on your schedule. Just pull up, get groceries while sitting in your car and continue on with your life! And another bonus: no dragging kids through aisles of everything they “must have”; and nothing gets stashed in the basket when you’re not looking. You wrestled them into the car, let them stay there. Lol. You have more time, instantly. Only deduction is King Soopers’s website is a bit clunky. You can get anything you want, but you might find it confusing at first. Good news is they are constantly improving the site.
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4 years ago, LuckyCharmsDuh
Quirky things it doesn’t do
So been using this app during the pandemic. Weird that you cannot add items to your regulars list except the few things that the app suggest to you. When you search for an item you should be able to add it to your regulars list not just your shopping list cause you’re just gonna have to look it up again next time. Also when it asks you if you want to allow substitutions on a delivery order you can add comments to help guide your shopper to get the best substitute item for you, the only problem is that the shopper doesn’t seem to be able to read these comments. I would also love to be able to text my shopper while they are shopping to offer substitute suggestions but I can’t text them unless they initiate the conversation and they don’t know I want to text them. So unless the shopper just happens to be nice enough to initiate a text string you are left frustrated as the shopper willy nilly chooses the wrong substitutions for you. So in summary, let me add items to my regulars list, let me text my shopper, and let the shopper easily see my substitution comments. Thank you
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6 years ago, Copolitics
Needs work
The delivery website is completely different from the Clicklist/App making things difficult to navigate. I have an autistic son and I’m a single mom who works a crazy schedule. I use both services and their pharmacy. I love the pharmacy portion of app but the grocery portion is very hard to use on the go in comparison the delivery website. You have to search for every, single item instead of being able to browse by aisle or category. Sometimes, I can’t think of the name of what I’m looking for or need some ideas and it’s a guessing game. The app is great, however for quick trips to repurchase things that you buy frequently because it remembers your history. I love that! I also love the clicklist and online coupons. I would never use them, otherwise. I browse through them when I’m traveling and add them to my card between shopping trips. It’s very helpful and saves me a ton money of groceries and gas! It would be 5 stars if they would make it less time consuming!! It took me over an hour to “shop”. I could have just driven up there. Ha!
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2 years ago, CR BONES
WHY can’t you order meat on this App for pickup?
I’ve tried many times to order for the next day to order my beef & chicken, & this App will NOT let me do it for any reason. I am using this App because I am recovering from Stage 4 Kidney Cancer & I CANNOT grocery shop anymore. This app is a huge lifesaver for this, to drive up for pick up but it need a lot of work with missing products I’ve bought for years in the store I am shopping at for 18 year’s now. Paul Newmans pizza’s don’t show up. Most of my organic products I need to stay healthy with. & this forces me to have to go inn to the store to shop, when I have no immune system, & no stamina to do so. wWhich puts my health at severe risk each time I have to do this! PLEASE think of Disbabled Shopper’s more, & fix these big problems. Same with paying with an my EBT card. It’s such a hastle to pay for my groceries through this app. Because I have to go in to do it. That’s not convenient for disabled people who can’t walk, that are not in a wheel chair. Please do more so we can shop & be like every customer. THANK YOU for your time, & GOD Bless.
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2 years ago, TTC after miscarriage
Great for busy parents
I have a toddler and both my husband and I work full time. I know everybody is busy out there, but there is a certain amount of chaos that gets added to life when a kid is involved. I absolutely love using this app for that reason. My partner and I can make a list together, find all the coupons we want, schedule a pick up that works with our schedules (and nap time), and then BAM somebody comes out and loads my car for me. It’s stupidly easy, and the whole trip to the grocery store and back home takes me 15 minutes. I’ve been doing grocery pick-ups through this app for over a year now and it is a real time-saver. Sure, there are occasional items that are out of stock, but it’s not all that often and it seems that the substitutions are usually upgrades from what I’d originally ordered, at no extra cost.
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5 years ago, frustrated blind shopper
Bad update
I am blind and I use voiceover on my iPhone. This app used to be very easy to use, until the last update. Last night I spent 2 1/2 hours creating my list and going through all the 500+ coupons, when I went to change the store location because I was going to a different store today than I usually do. Something crazy happened and it crashed the app. When I went back into it it wanted me to sign in. I have never had to sign in before, Once I had initially created the account. It is always been pretty easy to look through the coupons, load them to the card, and go through the Weekly ad and add things to my list. That is what I use when I go to the store with my mom who helped me shop. I wasn’t able to buy everything I wanted today, because I could not access my list and since it wanted me to sign in, I was unable to access my super card with my coupons on it. I didn’t have time to sign into the account, because I had my password information at home. Needless to say I am very frustrated, because I have only once a week to shop, when my mom is able to take me. I am going to re-try to sign in and see if that helps. I hope it does not crash every time I want to change the store. I hate having to spend up to 2 1/2 hours each week to go through the ad and coupons only to have my list and super card disappear. I hope this was an update issue and can be fixed.
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7 years ago, Red control
Love Click list
I love this service it is so convenient, especially after surgery we I can’t get to the store. They are always very friendly and helpful. Groceries are always ready to go. I use this service about 80% of the time and am so glad it finally came to my town. I was having to go to another city for pickup. I love that I can order and pickup in the same day. The only cons I have are that sometimes I am not crazy with the substitutions that they make of out of an item. Usually my husband picks up and says sure everything is fine. So not really sure that is thief fault. I also could live without the 4.95 fee. The biggest con I have is that sometimes my digital coupons of their specials don’t get added to my order. Hopefully this will be fixed. I would verify your receipt and make sure you were charged correctly.
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5 years ago, Bradleyfour
The app is great, when it works properly
When the app is working properly, which seems to be only about half the time, it’s great. I love being able to see what my subtotal will be before I check out, and the fact that it tells me which aisle to find each item makes my shopping experience go so much faster. I see at least two major issues that need to be fixed: 1. The stability of the app is horrible. I can either delete or check off an item on my list, and a couple seconds later it shows back up and I have to do it again. The same thing happens when I add an item, sometimes it disappears and I have to add it again. 2. The new in-store feature is horrible. The list is harder to read than when not in that “mode”, and I can no longer see my running subtotal (which is important to me because I’m on a tight budget). Spend more time and resources on fixing the stability of the app, rather than making it look prettier, and you’ll have a much better product!
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4 weeks ago, 2lazy2shop…
Great service, bad app
I love using the pick up feature for my groceries, it’s so fast and convenient. I’m absolutely sold on this new way of shopping and if the app worked better this would be a 5 star review. However, this app has a number of issues that sometimes make it un-usable. I’ll name the biggest two I’ve encountered: 1, sometimes images don’t load for the products. I don’t have every brand memorized and I need to be able to see what I’m buying. 2, I can’t add a new card. Whenever I try to add a new credit card I get the forever loading wheel. Ive tried logging and and re-downloading the app and it didn’t work. My credit card on file is going to expire soon and when that happens I’ll be unable to use the pickup feature since I’ll have no way of paying. If I can’t figure out how to fix this I’ll have to start doing all my shopping somewhere else and using their pickup feature instead, which is unfortunate because I like King Soopers and it’s closest to where I live. I hope someone sees this and fixes these problems.
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2 years ago, JessiJordan
Refunds are nightmares
This isn’t necessarily an app issue, more of a people issue. I’m already really hesitant on getting groceries online, but with a busy life sometimes it’s necessary. The last 4 times I have ordered (and this is 4 orders maybe 2-3 months apart) I have been charged for items I haven’t received. Like very noticeable items. I bought laundry detergent and softener, and didn’t get it. There goes 20 dollars. Just this last time I didn’t get 3 items. When I checked my receipt to see if they were never ordered, not only WERE they ORDERED and PAID for, but the shopper ORDERED THEIR OWN GROCERIES that I PAID FOR. And god forbid you need a refund???? You sit on hold for 50 minutes to talk to someone that doesn’t put the refund through, or the call just magically hangs up, wasting an hour of your life. This was the last straw. Love the app for in store purchases, but for online orders? Don’t waste your time. They don’t even let you contact or leave reviews on your deliverer, which is odd. So yeah, I’m obviously very livid about this. And the lack of help is quite frustrating.
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6 years ago, Darth Nickname
Great idea, poor execution
This is without a doubt the most consistently negative experience I have with an app. It’s just has constant glitches. For a while it would not leave items checked off my list, they would show as checked, then refresh and add themselves back onto the list. Which made the list useless until that problem went away, which was several weeks. Today in the middle of my shopping the app logged me out with authentication error message and then wouldn’t allow me to enter credentials to log back in. It would only allow me to create a new account. So I had to finish my shopping without a list and of course missed some items. It didn’t allow me to log back in until I got home, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. How convenient. As for the user flow, it’s now totally geared to their curb pickup process only. As another reviewer said they’ve buried the in-store shopping list in a menu. I guess they don’t want those of us who actually enjoy shopping in their store. But I could live with that if the app was reliable, which it’s not.
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3 years ago, kellrr
Easy and Worry Free
As a working mom, who runs my own business, I have lots more to worry about than running to the store! The app is easy to navigate, saves all my favorites on the home page to make starting my list and order super easy, and adding to it with my additional items, no matter how unusual (flax meal? Check! Tamari? Check!) is smooth and quick. It took me months to figure out how to add items to orders that had already been placed. I will say this was part user error and part that the print was small about how to do it. Now I can add things when I remember those extra couple items to complete my order before pickup or delivery. I will say, I have been happier with pickup accuracy than delivery overall, but that really seems to vary by shopper, and that is through a third party, Instacart. Love it overall!
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1 year ago, Cinniec
Some in store Grocery list items are out of order
For the most part, I love the King Soopers app!! Great way to make & update lists and get other information on prescriptions, etc. Thank you for that!! However, recently the in store shopping list has been out of order. I select aisle descending in the app. Without getting too wordy, the produce is listed at the beginning and end of the list. The dairy and meat are also out of order, at the beginning and end of the list. Not sure you can do this, but it would be fantastic if you make the list customizable, so that shoppers can edit & change the order according to our quirky shopping habits. :) Overall, however, I can work with the list as it is, just have to think it thru a bit.
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2 years ago, fleadogg13
Thank you
Love you King Scoopers! Your customer service is all top natch! You all give great service and dealing with some many people in your time spent in the store. Come to think of it any location I have ever shopped at I have never heard any employees complain. That is rare, to have people who care to do their job serve their customers and keep all the drama behind closed doors. The products in the store for me and my family, we prefer King Scoopers over the other competitors. We appreciate you all and the hard job everyone who makes the who thing work, all your hard work! May God continue to bless you all and be the great moment in someone’s day, May your customers do the same for you in return! Have a wonderful evening!
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4 years ago, Gingerklar
Are the updates tested?
I love being able to order my groceries and then pick them up. I love that I can build my list all week on my husband’s or my own phone. However, since the second to the last update when I scroll through my cart the screen jumps and keeps jumping. It is almost impossible to review the cart. And then every single time the app is updated it is released SO glitchy. The newest update (with dark mode) tripled the items in my cart that were added from my regulars when I closed and reopened the app. Instead or 6 bananas suddenly my cart had 18! Then I had to scroll through the cart as the screen jumped trying to reduce all the items. Not to mention it has trouble syncing when my husband add something on his phone if I have been in the app on my phone recently. Every update is the same. Huge glitches that make it super difficult to use. Do they beta test the app with real people using it the way real people shop?
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4 years ago, tastingswithjudy
My preference
Tonight after dinner from the comfort of my living room I was able to be present with my family and easily find everything on my shopping list. It was so nice to know what products I would need to swap out for something similar without having to waste time at the store checking in other areas. This app knows the products I usually pick so that certainly helped streamline my shopping experience too! I have a trip coming Friday and was struggling to know when I could find the extra hour+ to spend inside the store. My anxiety is now gone! Instead of the hour + I was going to need I easily have the 15 minutes to pick up my groceries on my way back from having my car serviced. #momwinning!
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5 years ago, BusyTeacherMon
Don’t use delivery!
This app is great! I love that I can scan bar codes to add to my list. The Click List staff is always great at the Broomfield store at 120th x Sheridan. Last March I tried to use the Delivery option which Kroger contracts out to Instacart. What a nightmare! I was charged double my bill. Most of the produce was rotten (from the Fed Heights location) items were missing. Kroger could not help me because it was on Instacart. Instacart did NOTHING to help. Their customer service with this issue was awful. I am very happy to pick up from a King Soopers store instead. I set my pick up time for when I am on my way home from picking up my kids from day care. A few times I forgot items and I called the store and they had no problem adding it to my order. Very happy with ClickList!
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5 years ago, thecoolfamilyinHouston
Floral discount
I was excited to use this app because my mother lives in Colorado and I live in Houston. I’d like to use it to have groceries delivered to her home but I was disappointed when I tried to load the free delivery coupon for the flowers I sent today. It was my understanding that if I bought $30 worth of floral items, I wouldn’t have to pay the $9.95 delivery fee. I pressed The coupon to load to my card, but when I went to check out, I was still charged the $9.95 fee. I went back over and over again trying to figure out how to make that coupon attach to my order because I could see it online and saw that the coupon was not expired, but it wasn’t working making me hesitate to use the service again.
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3 years ago, DatsikAdam
Terrible App and Scam
Not sure if this is King Soopers or Instacart, but how come when you order something through the app, and if the item is unavailable, you still get charged for it? For example, I have order items that were unavailable and I'll get a notification that it was refunded, but on my chase app, I can see that I got charged for the initial cost. On my King Soopers receipt, it would show that some items weren't processed ( because it got refunded and would be for example $70 ) but on my chase app, it showed that I was charged $100 because that's how much it would have costed IF those items were available. Also, some delivery person brought me a completely wrong order, and because of covid, I wasn't allowed to return the stuff that wasn't even what I ordered because it got delivered to the wrong dude, so after about 40ish mins with customer service, they told me I would get my refund. This was back in February and I have yet to receive my refund (it's now April). What a joke.
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10 months ago, Sponce91
Needs work
This app needs a lot of work and is terrible and not very user friendly compared to the Safeway app. I used to shop primarily at Safeway and use their app for coupons. That app would track my purchases and customize coupons for me based on the things I regularly like to buy, and would actually provide me with some good savings. The king soopers app doesn’t do that from what I’ve observed, which is disappointing now that I’ve moved and have been primarily shopping at king soopers now. Also, when I try and scan coupons in the store with the app, it doesn’t load the coupons into the app and instead opens a browser window that doesn’t load for me when I am in the store shopping. While I appreciate the savings as a king soopers member that are chosen discounts from the store, I prefer the more customized experience that the Safeway app offers and that the app itself works better when scanning in coupons at the store.
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10 months ago, %^~|app
I have been having problems ordering my groceries on this app for months. I have asked the king sooper employees about it when I pick up my order. They tell me that no one else has had problems. I have reinstalled and updated my app a few times. I have two issues. The first one is that once I receive my order and go back the next week to order, many times my old order is still in the shopping cart. The second issue has happened several times when I try to modify my shopping order. Sometimes when I get to the store, they either don’t have my added items or like last week I end up having two orders, and many of them are duplicates. What does it take to modify my order when I need to add more? Lastly, it is frustrating on the app does not allow you to change the pick up time once you have checked out. I usually shop 36 hours prior and my schedule can change. Thank you
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4 years ago, AvidWatcher203
App doesn’t reflect inventory
1. The app requires numerous steps to check out and even though you think you’ve completed all the steps, the order may not go through. Showed up twice at the store and they didn’t have our order. Would like it simpler process to check out. 2. What’s on the app isn’t what’s in the store. Sure you all substitutions, but there was an item I ordered 3 weeks In a row and it wasn’t in the store. Just drove to a competitor and got it. 3. Even if you allow substitutions, they don’t always give it to you. This is probably more of a store issue than an app problem, but again the app doesn’t it’s hard to believe the store was out of chicken. I just wanted 1 pound of chicken of any kind and they “didn’t have it.”
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7 years ago, GoneSideways
Hope your memory is a steel trap
Two of us use the app signed into the same account. We seem to have the issues regardless of who adds the items, who checks off the items or who or how many of us go shopping. Every time we get to the store many items we added to the list before we left for the store are mysteriously missing from the list. We're getting good at shopping more from memory than relying on the app to maintain the shopping list for us. Items we check off while shopping keep coming back onto the list. Should I just buy more of the item to make it disappear from my list?? When I'm adding coupons to my card, it would be nice to only see new coupons; not coupons I already have, coupons I already rejected, and coupons I've never seen before. Finally, what is the deal with the aisle sort order? Some aisles in our store are alphabetical like "bakery" or "seafood" while others are numeric. The app just sorts them alphanumerically rather than how they are laid out in the physical store. We scroll through the entire list at every aisle to make sure we aren't skipping anything. On a good note, we like having pictures of the items and love the ability to scan items to add back to the list. Hooding KS decision makers are reading reviews and can get some of these issues resolved. We're probably going back to our old app if the can't be fixed.
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5 years ago, Piperkat
Shopping list is unusable
I use this app for two things – looking for coupons/ sale items and as a shopping list. However, half the time it can’t find my list. Even though I’ve loaded the list from my home computer, when I try to bring it up in the app, it tries to tell me it was deleted by another user or “on another device”. I’m sorry, what? At this exact moment, I am looking at my full list online, while the application tells me I have no items on my list. Even when it works, the order of the aisles is ridiculous. Why are you putting produce at the end of the list? I shouldn’t have to keep checking the bottom of my list for anything that’s not in the center aisles. I admit its nice looking at the list of sale items and clicking “add to list”. It would be even nicer if I could actually use the list in the store.
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7 years ago, Busy_Mom987654321
Why does My List not upload to Clicklist like it used to?!?!?!
I used to love how slick the list and coupon features worked, especially with Clicklist! It was an awesome time saver for a busy mom to be able to create my list as the week progressed, add all the items to my Clicklist order with one click on Saturday morning, and go pick up my order. I’m so disappointed that this feature was not included in this latest release! The designers obviously do not use the app or Clicklist. Please, please bring this feature back or please provide instructions on how to do it in the new app. This feature is included in the app description but I’ve spent an hour trying to figure it out and cannot find it. So, so disappointed!!
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2 years ago, MaryH2013
Good for making a list, not good for ordering
This app is great for making a grocery list and seeing what items are at various locations, however the ordering pick up and delivery are not reliable. I’ve ordered grocery pickup 5 times and delivery once, none of which have been successful. I either get bags of items I did not order, bags of items left off, or a combination of both. Sometimes there are substitutions fo unavailable items, which is fine, but I’ve never had an order complete enough to keep as is. With the delivery order what arrived was someone else’s order completely so the delivery person had to take it back and redo. If you’re looking to save time you’re better off just going in, and if you’re ordering delivery in the hopes of staying away from COVID exposure just be prepared to wait and/or be flexible with the outcome.
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5 years ago, ipad4crystalbrown
Great service , able to use coupons
I am enjoying this service - fully. I am able to pick a good time slot if I shop in the morning . If you are an afternoon or late am shopper do not plan on getting all the items you want or getting a time slot. That is the only downside . I have put in an order around 1230p and received wilted produce and some items that were not in stock ( but oddly enough IN store when my husband went in to grab a drink) and a few items that were crushed under other items , BUT I am very impressed by the prompt turnaround and how user friendly the site is . I love that I use coupons and their digital coupons PLUS ibotta . I save a ton ! It’s worth a few bruised apples and grabbing an out of stock item the next day if I really have to 😉
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5 years ago, shannon moler
Kings staff
I recently hurt my back and this service has been incredible! I am a busy mom of Twins and have a dog kennel boarding facility, with a rescue and dog park. Needless to say we are very busy and this service has helped so much. I wish I would have utilized it sooner. It took my back going out for me to do it. I truly thought this service was for the elderly and new mothers. I am young and completely capable of shopping in the store. With hectic schedules it takes a load off of me not to have to walk up and down the isles and wait in line to check out. Thank you again for the incredible service. Sincerely, your happy customer Shannon Moler
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4 years ago, Deborah Sea
Online Order
This was my first time using the Kroger’s online app, I have not picked up my merchandise yet but I had a difficult time trying to set up the account online last night but was finally able to set it up this morning. I would wait till daytime to set up the account if I had known better. After I set up the account i placed an order then realized a mistake I made with the order and needed to go back into the app but was not able to cancel my order online. I had to call in to Kroger‘s customer service i to cancel my order. The agent who ended up helping me on the phone was very nice, she knew her job and was able to cancel the order for me in a reasonable amount of time! Depending how it goes when I go to pick up my order, then I will make my determination as to whether I would use the app again or not! I would have given my experience with the online app 4-5 stars but I didn’t only because of the order cancellation experience. It would be nice to be able to go back into the online app and cancel your order if you make a mistake or there’s a problem with the order or you need to change pick up time. Other then that I’ll see how the pickup process goes and then post another review.
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1 year ago, John0627
Nice little app
I use this app all the time. My wife orders for pick up with it as well. I primarily used to use the app to help me find items that are harder to find. But now the app no longer has the aisle location with the product. I don’t use the app anymore. Instead I use my browser because it still has the aisle numbers. Put the aisle numbers back on the app! For us who are using it to locate products, it is more helpful than the app itself. Why did that even get removed? The app gets 3 stars for viewing my gas points, coupons, and checking prices. Put the aisle locations back otherwise the browser is a better option that has everything. The browser app gets 5 stars because it has full service and still in the palm of my hands.
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4 years ago, Earthgal36
Convenient app - but can be confusing
So handy...I love shopping online when the kids are in bed. (I wish they had this when they were in diapers!). It’s perfect for a working mother with a traveling husband. BUT- can’t figure out how to easily get items from my shopping list into my shopping cart without adding the EnTiRe list!! Luckily they have a record of what you normally buy (via your King Soopers card) in order to just click on your most recent and routine items (including brand and flavor!). Also nice that Soopers Savings is already indicated and deducted at time of purchase (again, if you have linked your card). $5 is a great deal not to have to deal with crashing carts in the aisles, especially at 5p on a weekday or 6p on a Sunday (just don’t do it!).
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9 months ago, ReviewerTLK
Love hate relationship
I like the way this app remembers what you purchase and helps you save with coupons… these features are terrific! Here is the not so good news. I don’t like that you cannot see your orders that are in process -real time. For example, I forgot a few items on my most recent order and wanted to check my current pick up order and it is not available to see on the app despite getting emails and text messages that they do have my order. So I placed a second order and hope I didn’t buy something twice. It has not always been this way. The app would let you see what you had ordered and make changes if there was still time to add or change. Now it only shows completed orders. Very inconvenient.
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4 months ago, Marmo6
Hard to use
There are too many sections to find coupons. They are not well organized in the section, like here’s a mushroom coupon, then dish soap, then paper plates, then eggs. If you try to search for something specifically you saw in the circular, that almost never works. You can’t add “weekly digital deals” from the link in the online circular … There are also many different coupon rules. Like save $10 if you buy ten total of a bunch of random options. This couple works five times a trip, this one is one per household, limit 4 etc. Definitely feels like they’re trying to trip you up. Safeway’s app is way easier to use. And still not that great. Also King Sooper’s coupons tend not to work in store after being added more often than Safeway’s although it might have to do with all the different rules for different coupons.
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3 years ago, Hadesink
So many problems.
So I’m finally writing this because of how bad the service provided is. I just spent 42 minutes on the line with customer service because they messed up so bad. I scheduled a delivery for 10a-12 today. Imagine my surprise when I walk up to my front door to see all of my groceries delivered. This was at 9:55. My stuff was delivered prior to 9:30 in the morning. Well, since it’s 90+ degrees outside this morning, my ice cream was liquid. All of my dairy was foul. Cheese was sweating and had that weird texture. All of my frozen food was squishy and soft. I literally tossed $92 of brand new groceries because they showed up 45 minutes early on a 90°+ day. Thanks Kroger. You took my money and ruined my groceries. Wasted 45 minutes of my day with customer service and I just had to pay another company to get the rest of my groceries. 1/5 stars. Would not recommend.
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1 year ago, Verily Upset
Switches to substitutions
I ALWAYS specifically uncheck the box allowing substitutions prior to checkout, because we have allergies. On three separate occasions now, Krogers has said that their side shows I allowed substitutions, but I have the screen shots showing each item as no substitutions selected. Customer service says that I had to have done it, as they can’t access that, but something in the program switches back to the default somehow. So no, this app is not helpful and I order from Whole Foods waay more as they don’t argue with me and allow me to specify which substitutions are ok and which are not. It works sometimes and sometimes not, but customer service doesn’t seem to care that I have the screen shots showing no subs. We have health issues and cannot go into stores right now, so even returning unwanted items cannot happen.
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2 years ago, lil rico 1
Not a great app anymore
Like the title says. Make sure you get a timeslot as early in the morning as you can, as they’ll run out of things that you want in your order by the time it comes to you. Wish they could just tell you that they’ll be out of stock, while you order, from looking at other orders, instead of 20 minutes before, so you don’t have to figure out where else to get your items. Also they don’t let you pick which substitutions you want anymore, there’s really no point of choosing to have substitutions if you can’t see what it is beforehand. Also, even if your orders ready before your time slot, you’re allowed to check in, but not allowed to say you’re at the store, you have to wait 30 minutes. Why tell me my order is ready if I can’t pick it up? And the almost $5 pickup fee….
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2 weeks ago, 123:)123
What is this
What have you done to grocery shopping? I can’t add things to a cart and pay for them? I have to make a list, it made several lists. I have to clip digital coupons. I have to move things from the lists to the cart. I change my store, but that store doesn’t have pickup, (I’m guessing, I was not told this), so it automatically sends me 20 miles away to my old store? I have to add a card on the website (no apple pay or apple wallet). My pickup progress is in a tiny box 3 screens down, like that shouldn’t get top priority? I have never been so bombarded with things yet unable to find things in a single experience. It’s like you took a normal app experience and tried to make a 2 hour side quest that culminates in your order getting timed out because you can’t pay for it on the app with apple pay.
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11 months ago, JimmyGators
Frustrating changes
I don’t leave reviews in the App Store but I feel compelled to here. In a recent update, the algorithm for the coupons was changed and now it’s so painstakingly difficult to find the coupons that I want. It’s bad enough that I have to take time out of my day to use this app to get the best prices, but now it’s impossible to find the coupons I want without scrolling through hundreds of coupons. The search feature simply does not yield results. Example: I searched for “ice cream” and got one result. I started scrolling through the list of coupons and found several others for ice cream. Why not make those searchable to it’s easier to find? Please, save us all the time and energy and get your house in order.
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4 years ago, elibenik
Needs a no bag option
We’ve been using clicklist to order our groceries for years, ever since it was available at our local store. It’s a great system and makes getting groceries easy, BUT the app needs an option to select no bags when you check out. We have included “no bags” in the line with the pick up name as well as in the special instructions for each and every item in our order, and yet everything will still be in plastic bags about 90% of the time. It seems like it just depends on whoever does the order fulfillment, which can vary greatly and isn’t a reliable system. We just want to use our own bags and save some plastic, so please implement this!
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5 years ago, AgathaRex
My cart keeps auto-populating with 7-30 items. Removing all items does not work. I added this app to create easy shopping lists. They aren’t easy to use. It is fairly easy to find the items. But all the lists seem to be made for the cart. The description of easy lists is fraudulent. Grocery lists are no more easy than any other app. Instead of making every single item addable to the cart it would be better to have the option to just make a list or set the list to export to the cart or to choose specific items from the list to put in the cart. Half the time I can’t tell if I’m adding the item to my list or to my cart.
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