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User Reviews for Book Cheap Flights

4.56 out of 5
28.2K Ratings
9 months ago, Concerned User 3748826
Actually had a good experience
I saw all the negative reviews and was a bit worried. And I did end up missing a connection due to a delay. Kiwi promptly offered some itineraries that were free, but they were terrible (50 hours to get to Chicago from Dublin, and 5 connections). So I ended up booking a direct flight on my own. And to Kiwi’s credit, they confirmed a partial refund within 24 hours of me booking my flight home. So Kiwi did exactly what they said they would do. And I got exactly what I paid for (I didn’t purchase the full trip protection). All of that said, Kiwi’s rating on the App Store seems to be inflated by reviews of questionable authenticity, so make sure you do some due diligence before using the service. And keep in mind that you are using a lowest cost possible service…so if you expect to be treated like royalty you need to temper your expectations.
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1 year ago, Charlie B321
Cheap Flights but Horrific, Slow, and Unsuccessful Refunds if your Booked Flights Change
Updating to 3 stars because a refund was obtained following this review posted below. I want to preface that Kiwi is not always a scam because I have successfully flown through flights purchased through the website/app. However, should an airline change occur (even by the airline itself), you are almost certainly doomed. At that point, it is my belief that Kiwi scams many of those customers. For example, it took me over a full year to get a refund for an airline canceled flight during the start of the pandemic, and even then, it was less than the purchase price and valid in “Kiwi credit” only. This wasn’t a scam, but it was a highly undervalued refund. Stupidly I gave Kiwi a second chance for a flight in May 2021. The airlines canceled my flight, and it took a full 1.5 years for Kiwi to reach out and say (and I quote), “We regret to inform you that the carriers haven’t provided a refund for your trip…we have to close your refund request.” After following up, I was told yet again that a refund wasn’t possible—even though the airline canceled my flight. So is Kiwi a scam? Not always, but you can easily get swindled if your flights ever change—even if it’s the airlines canceling a flight. Think twice about whether or not you’d rather risk your money or spend a few extra dollars to be safer by booking elsewhere. In my opinion, never ever book with Kiwi.
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2 years ago, Travelyay!
Such a scam!
I highly suggest you book with anyone else other than kiwi. They are the absolute worst! They make you think that you are getting a deal and every corner you turn you get charged for something. They didn’t alert me about my flight delay when I was starting my trip. I was also not told in any format that I had to order my 10 hour international flight meal early. I went over my emails with Kiwi with a fine tooth comb, and there was nothing noted about this. I’ve never been on an international flight where they have not fed you at least something. When service was going around, I asked if I could order at that moment, and they said no. It was a 10 hour flight, and I only received two little cups of water. They also did not send me the right ticket for my train to Paris. And after all was said and done my flight home was canceled. No email, text or anything! I showed up to the gate and was told my flight was canceled and they put me on a different flight to Las Vegas. Just to make myself clear my home is in Seattle not Las Vegas. And no, it was not just a layover flight. They were literally dropping me off in Las Vegas with no way back to Seattle. But because I wasn’t alerted I also missed the flight to Las Vegas because it was a different airline. Please save your money and actually use a credible site. I do realize that this all sounds very dramatic, but it is 100% true. And this was before the pandemic started so it had nothing to do with that.
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1 year ago, njhgff(;$!(6
The worst company and worst app (please avoid)
Not only does this company fail to book flights, they claim flights are cancelled when they are not—they just didn’t book them. In the end Kiwi will leave you stranded, exhausted and paying for overnight hotels, or sleeping on airport floors, paying taxis in between terminals as your flights are “cancelled” or not booked. The agents are just repeating scripts and will say they can’t help you. First flight was delayed 7 hours and I contacted kiwi each other and they refused to grant me a new flight claiming the original flight have taken off on time. Had to submit photos of the departures board to prove to them our flight was delayed 7 hours. On top of this the app is a joke. Doesn’t show all invoices, designed to make understanding itinerary changes incredibly hard to read, and the best part…when you click a link inside the app or from the email it doesn’t track that your logged in…that’s right, the links inside the app take you to a pop-up window that prompts you to login AGAIN…so when you are sleep deprived and frustrated running in an airport you will then have to log in multiple times. ***The software engineers and UX designers of this garbage app are either truly soulless or have zero shame*** NEVER USE KIWI…please fellow humans. Pay the airlines directly—in the end it will cost you much less.
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4 years ago, WolfRain415
Book through the airlines.
With the recent travel restrictions imposed by the US due to coronavirus concerns, I was, at the time of my calling Kiwi, unable to make the trip. Since then restrictions were changed, but during my phone call I discovered that Kiwi will not budge on refunds even when there is a global crisis that prevents thousands from traveling. In my past experiences, airlines are usually able to make some kind of compensation for the trouble. I had a saver ticket, which I thought would be fine if I weren't making changes for personal reasons, but extenuating circumstances would be handled differently. Not the case here. That said, when everything goes well, Kiwi has fantastic, responsive customer service. The gentleman I spoke with over the phone was incredibly polite, and had clear and concise explanations, which I can appreciate even if they frustrate me. Even during the crisis, hold periods were quite short. I’m disappointed that their dedication to the customer experience doesn’t translate to actual measures taken to do the right thing in a global time of need. If it weren’t for my experience trying to explain to them that a global illness should be a fine reason for a partial refund at the very least.
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11 months ago, PatHill30
Better options for travel
I recently attempted to use Kiwi and it’s a big scam. I’m part there are so many hidden fees that you might as well book directly through the airline since you have to communicate with them if there are any issues. I paid for all the bells and whistles to cover my trip and their idea of inconveniencing your trip is such crap. I had to be at a wedding July 6th and book a flight leaving July 4th and was set to land July 5th. Within a week of booking my flight has been pushed back 3 times, creating a layover of more than 36 hours and I would’ve arrived July 7th. When I contacted Kiwi I was told there was absolutely nothing that can be done and no other flights they could get me on unless of course I wanted to pay more money. I saw several flights that would’ve worked but ended up going through the airline directly because Kiwi was charging double what the airline was and without guarantee there would be no more mishaps. Without going on a longer rant, pick a different option, Kiwi’s support team was terrible, they will put you on hold, hang up and never call you back. News flash Kiwi, if a person is supposed to land at a picked time and their flight is pushed back that is considered an inconvenience to their trip.
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1 month ago, jules10monkey
Useless and ableist service, stay away
I booked a flight and a “self-transfer” bus ticket without noticing that I needed to do the transfer myself and it is quite a long distance. I was concerned because I will likely not be physically able to make the transfer in time by myself. I contacted the company minutes after making the booking when I saw this and they were utterly useless…all they could tell me is that they “think I will make the transfer”—without knowing me or my situation at all. I find this very ableist and verging on discriminatory. They told me that to cancel, I would only get $10 back for everything. It’s technically two separate reservations made with two separate companies (a bus and an airline) but because I booked them through kiwi, I will loose all the money I spent on the flight as well as the bus by canceling (except $10)—even though I only want to change or cancel the bus leg of my trip. I don’t know how I can fix this through the bus company since it was booked through kiwi. So now I’m really in a tough spot. Customer service was not helpful and didn’t answer my questions fully. I don’t think I’ll ever use them again and I would highly, highly warn anyone against booking with kiwi.
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7 months ago, hhfgbyy
Horrible company
My experience with kiwi was worse than any company I have ever been a customer of. I booked through Kiwi for a trip to Portugal which included a connecting flight in London Gatwick both ways. The flight there was moved back a day and I was notified and the flight back from London was moved forward a day and I was NOT notified by kiwi until I was in transit checking in at the airline. This left me stranded in London for an extra day and after many back and forth calls with Kiwi, the best they could offer me was 100 Euro back to my original payment method to get a hotel and 150 Euro Kiwi credit. It has now been a month and I still have not received my refund. I have been going back and forth with kiwi customer support and they have started to deny that they issued more than the kiwi credit when I have proof they committed to refunding me after I was stranded in London and had to take an extra day off work. This company is a complete mess and does not treat their customers with any decency. They will nickel and dime you with added fees once you get to the airline and their customer support is horrific. Please book directly through airlines and don’t waste your time with this mess of a company.
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3 months ago, Mikangel0193
You get what you pay for. Except I paid for nothing!
I really wanted to like Kiwi. I like the name and the ease of navigating the app. Thought it was a very smart process for saving money on a quick business trip. However, last year I booked three plane tickets worth over $450 and whilst it was in processing I realized I had to change the flight times due to a schedule change with one of the passengers. Unfortunately, when I went in to cancel it had just finished processing. Still figured it would be fine to cancel since it was less than an hour since booking and I was just going to change flight times on the Kiwi app and would've continued to use it for future trips. After all, I've had no issues with this using any other app or website ever. Instead, I was denied a refund and after contacting support they offered me $10 of app credits! For something I paid over $400 for. Just use another platform or pay extra. I would've happily paid double anywhere else instead of being robbed $400 + for no reason other than complete disregard for customer service and greedy policies. Lost a good customer and I'm one to recommend services/goods to other people.
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2 years ago, HPiPhoneUser
Be Very Careful With Kiwi
We booked a ROUND TRIP through Skiplagged and Skiplagged routed our booking through this Kiwi bunch. Kiwi indeed charged us for the same full amount for the ROUND TRIP as what was shown on the Skiplagged site. However, when we received the intinerary information, ONLY ONE WAY was showing for the round trip price. I contacted Kiwi and went back and forth with their app’s “customer service”. They wouldn’t ever look into the issue for me. They simply stated each time that our itinerary is correct and if we wanted to cancel we would get only a $10 refund”. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company. I can easily demonstrate that right on KIwi’s own site a one-way fare is one-half price to what we paid—proving that we booked a round-trip fare. Anyone can see this yet Kiwi would not admit or look into why the round trip was screwed up when the booking transferred from Skiplagged to Kiwi. Is obviously is a bug in their system somewhere. I see on the App Store that today the app is showing an app update “fixing bugs”. I will also screen shot this to send to my CC company for I think they are trying to screw me over without admission of an existing bug in their system.
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3 years ago, Beegee698822346
Do NOT use Kiwi!
Save yourself money and hassle and book through the airlines! If ANYTHING goes wrong with your flights Kiwi will NOT do anything to help you or to compensate you. All their extra $ add-ons are completely bogus and a big scam to get money. I paid for the extra customer service, so that I could get premium service if anything was to go wrong (which it did), and they didn’t do ANYTHING to help. It was a complete nightmare. I needed to do a simple name change and i called Kiwi for 3 months trying to get them to change my name. NOTHING. They literally told me that they didn’t have The time to be on hold with the airlines to change my name. I even made a formal customer complaint and I was never responded back to you. And get this… I finally called the airline and begged them to change my name. Once they did, Kiwi noticed I changed my name and they emailed me trying to charge me $10 for a name change fee!!! I could not believe the audacity! I told them to screw themselves and that i wasn’t paying for anything. Do not ever book with Kiwi, you will never get a refund, never get the help you need, and you better pray that nothing goes wrong with your flight . BOOK THROUGH THE AIRLINES!!!!
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8 months ago, A Fishys
Fraudsters of the lowest order
Kiwi sent me a message a few weeks after I'd booked three flights with them saying that one was canceled and giving me two choices: rebook one of them at a significantly (about three times the original cost) higher rate, or cancel the entire trip and ask for a refund. I chose option #2, and before long received a message saying that the carrier/airline had refused to refund the other two flights. Meanwhile, many weeks later I'm still waiting for the refund of the first canceled flight. Then I rebooked (NOT with Kiwi this time) on the same airline, and I noticed that in the airline app multiple flights were showing up. This was...odd. So I called the airline and asked what was going on. They informed me that the other two flights were never canceled. So in other words, Kiwi straight-up lied to me when they sent a message that said the carrier had "refused to refund me the other flights," since they had never canceled them to begin with. Also, the airline had sent the refund quite a while ago, and Kiwi never bothered to pass it on to me. Well, then. Enjoy your ill-gotten gains, Kiwi. But you're definitely a fraudulent company in my view.
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11 months ago, Jennnnnnnyyyyyyy
Kiwi scammed me
Beware of using Kiwi! I recently booked added cabin baggage via Kiwi, but when I got to the airport I wasn’t accepted - they said that Kiwi is a scam and they needed separate payment. However, I only had Amex and they didn’t take Amex, causing me to miss my flight because I couldn’t pay to take my bag (which I had already paid for via kiwi). Missing this flight resulted in me losing over $2000 in missed and newly booked flights as because I missed my Kiwi flight, I missed another flight I was transferring to. I emailed asking kiwi solely for the refund of the initial flight I booked on Kiwi (not all the other money I lost because of their negligence), thinking it would be no question - I missed my flight because the bag I purchased on their site was not found to be valid. To my genuine shock, their customer service has refused, claimed my experience didn’t happen, and necessitated a receipt of my lack of bag purchase - but obviously there’s no receipt because I couldn’t pay for the bag??? It’s pretty shocking and outrageous, and I’m sure other people have had much worse issues with them. Beware of kiwi, especially for extra parts of your booking like bags and seats!
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2 years ago, DrakeyBaby
Beware of this service
I booked my flight on Frontier through Kiwi. The boarding pass stated the gate closes at 7:01 am and Departs at 7:16 am, Thursday. I arrived well before these times. When I got to security I was told to check in with the Frontier desk, when I did I was told my flight already left and that I could have another flight but I would have to pay for that and it departs Sunday, which I would not be able to make. I called frontier at 6:51 am (still before the gate was suppose to closes and the flight departure time) and was told to call Kiwi. Around 7:23 am and 7:24 am I get off the phone with Frontier and call Kiwi and am told I was late even though I arrived before the gate closes and departure time. I asked for a refund and was told there is nothing they can do. They also told the plane was on time and all the information was correct and I was late, however I was told by Frontier my flight had already left, which means there was a schedule change I was not noticed about. So Kiwi and or Frontier made a mistake in coordinating and scheduling and Kiwi is trying to pass the blame on to me. DO NOT USE THIS SEVICE, THEY WILL SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY AND WILL NOT HELP YOU.
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2 years ago, Jsarm56
If i could give this company zero stars I would
I booked a trip from Madrid to Santorini with a layover in Rome. The flights were two separate companies. I got boarding pass for my trip from Madrid to Rome but when I landed I saw Kiwi was unable to check me into my other flight. I had a 4 hrs lay over so I called the company they said they were on it. An hour passing nothing, two hours nothing so I call again and they say the same thing. I then email them and message them on the app trying to figure out how to get on this plane. An hour before boarding I call and they tell me my case is “urgent”. Finally I find some flight attendants to help me check into my fight and guess what im not even on the flight. The plane is about to leave in 20 mins and there is nothing I can do to get on the flight. The next flight that leave is the next day at 6:30 AM. So as I watch my plane leave Im stranded in a country I don’t know with a language I don’t know with no place to stay and no idea what to do. I called Kiwi once more asking what I should do and they said they would email me with “options”. It’s been 6 hrs and Im still at the airport waiting these “options”.
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12 months ago, Moe Al-Saadi
⚠️SCAM ⚠️
I booked a trip from Atlanta to Istanbul and furring this trip they messed so many things up it was unbelievable. First thing they did was book a different connecting flight for me and the person I was traveling with. It made us push our flight 5 hours and wait extra at the airport. On my he way back they, for one of the connecting flights they did not add the luggage that I paid like $700 extra for. Gave me an issue and had to wait extra as well. That was not all. I had a last connecting flight from Washington to Atlanta. I was coming from London. The drop off was at they Dulles international airport at 7 and the next flight they booked it at a completely different airport in Baltimore An hour and15 minutes away. Even though my flight was 2 hours after. Customer service is the worst. They barely speak English and will pass you around from one person to the other making you repeat everything. You also cannot speak to a supervisor ever. You will be on hold for a long time. All and all, worst experience of my life. I will NEVER EVER use this site again and you shouldn’t either. You’ll thank me later.
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2 years ago, Cap-America80
DON’T book through this SCAM Company!!!!
I had to cancel my then fiancée’s flight due to the coronavirus back in May of 2020. Gave them more then the 48 advanced required notice that I needed to cancel the flight due to the fact her one of her layover flights got altered. I wasn’t gonna have her stranded in some other country when all this was going on. Called multiple times to be given nothing but the run around,called so many times that the flight details are no longer taken. Oh did I mention too you don’t get to talk to an actual person right away you get to deal with an automated machine that requests you punch in your flight details and if it’s too old then it hangs up on you! Was told multiple times that I need to wait ex amount of time and my refund is on the way ( typically wait 4-6 month’s and call back if still nothing has shown up ), also was told I should talk directly to the airlines myself to get my refund. Why the heck should I do that when I hired this scam company to book the tickets for me?! I will keep hounding this scam company until my hard earned money is refunded back to me!!! DON’T BOOK WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!!
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5 years ago, Rita1x
BEWARE! Stole my credit card information
WOW...Do your research before buying through this site. Shortly after buying my ticket my cc information was stolen and someone tried to fraudulently purchase hundreds of dollars of goods in my name and address. I am horrified. Thankfully my bank stopped the criminal and I have figured out their location. I am connected to high authorities and if my flight does not go smoothly I will report this company immediately. I am suspicious that although I have paid for my ticket I don’t see my spot reserved or reflected on the airline database. This company should learn that dishonesty is a sure road to massive failure. Hopefully my flight goes well so Kiwi can earn a better review. UPDATE: I changed my review from 1 star (due to poor information security & lack of customer service communication) to 3 starts because my flight from CLE to MSP went smoothly and I paid a great price. However, in the future I will not make the mistake of purchasing via third party companies, & I urge you do purchase tickets directly from the airline for peace of mind.
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5 years ago, jlk2019
Horrible service with zero post booking accountability
I never write reviews but I felt compelled to write this to warn others. I booked through Kiwi last summer for a trip to Greece and thought it would save me a few dollars. Kiwi didn’t send me a booking confirmation and when I called they said they couldn’t find it in their system and therefore it was nonexistent. They gave me the assurance it was ok to rebook it. TWO weeks after the fact they sent me an email and said they found the original booking and couldn’t find it when I called due to an email typo! When I asked for a refund for the double booking they showed zero accountability and said there isn’t much they can refund since it was a nonrefundable flight! So now I’m stuck with an extra +$750 flight! That’s just not right. Also be warned, connections are super inconvenient esp in the UK since you have to go through security clearance and recheck bags AGAIN with tight layovers. It is not worth a few dollars you think you’re saving upfront for the added stress and a claims department that won’t help once they’ve taken your credit card info. Stay away!!
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3 years ago, 1746955
Horrible 3rd Party
The airlines made a last minute change that we did know until boarding. I had airhelp and additional benefits so that I informed about the trip. However the airlines rejected my booking. They offered that I could reschedule with them but because the booking was managed by kiwi the 3rd party, the airline could not do it. I had no control of last minute covid and vaccine changes. The airhelp I purchased was of no benefit. The 24/7 customer service advertised is valise and misleading. The US customer service line only operates from 7am-3pm. When I finally got to customer service the agent was hostile refused to acknowledge any fault claimed I could have contacted but I couldn’t because it was a flight outside those time periods. Then refused to even let me speak to a manager. All I wanted was credits or a partial refund. Kiwi has been an incredible disappoint. Between 5-30$ of benefits that didn’t help my situation additionally for luggage fee automatically place a fee over 23kg. So for my entire round trip 1 checked bag would cost 500$ I declined and paid through the airlines. My 1 bag cost 120$. Be very careful of this company.
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3 months ago, Irhroo
Scam will NOT refund
I realized I booked the wrong date for my flight so I attempted to get in contact for a refund, or change the flights around. I didn’t even get asked a question and they just sent me “refunded $10 credit to Kiwi.” This had not even been 24 hours since my booking. I called them and they said that since I was refunded $10 credit they couldn’t help me. I spent $322 and before a day had passed they would NOT refund my money. I called my bank, but because I used a debit card they can’t do anything. This is a scam! I am so disappointed. I tried to call again today and they disabled my booking number so I can’t even contact them. My last resort is to leave a bad review because you guys really took $322 from a student. They said they couldn’t refund me cause the airline had my money but my bank statement shows they haven’t even confirmed my money yet. It would be really appreciated if you would contact me and maybe give me something more than a measly $10 credit(that does NOT even COVER a luggage) absolutely pathetic and cheap. And trust me I will be sharing my bad experience over tiktok.
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1 year ago, Maggsterrss
Do NOT purchase anything through this company!
I was in a rush to buy round trip flights for the holidays recently. Immediately after purchasing through Kiwi I realized my mistake of purchasing through a third-party as I’ve had trouble with another company before. The flight there was great, which gave me hope that the flight back would be just as fine. The airline decided to change the time of my return time from a 2pm flight to earlier at 10am instead. When I arrived to the airport and asked an employee about our flight, they showed me in their computer that they sent notifications through email and phone numbers. The information they had on file were both Kiwi’s email and phone number. Kiwi NEVER notified me through any type of communication form, not even through the app. I’ve tried contacting them for a refund and I’ve been told 3 times that they won’t refund me (much less compensate me for the extra night in a hotel and the extra flights we had to buy). Now I’m out over $400 and I can’t even try and get credits for those flights for future use!
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12 months ago, DLynch123
Cheap but book elsewhere
Only booked because it was cheap but ended up costing me more (double what I originally paid) due to missed flights. Originally flight was delayed by 3 hours causing me to miss my connection, because I did not want to spend multiple days in the Nashville airport I had to book a separate flight to get home costing me more than if I had just originally booked through a normal carrier. The help function on kiwi is broken it kept telling me the other connecting flight hadn’t left yet even though it was long gone by the time I got there. The help desk agent said I acknowledged the change but the change I acknowledged was 20 mins not 3 hours. If you are going to book through kiwi use direct flights as there seems to be 0 recourse if you miss a connection. I will not be booking through kiwi again. Editing, changing to 1 star after hearing that there is no chance at a refund. Even though this means seed flight was in no way my fault. Kiwi will not be refunding me for the flight I missed due to a delay or the cost of the flight I had to re book. AVOID KIWI, ANY COSTS SAVINGS ARE NOT WORTH IT.
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1 year ago, MiaGSosa
Don’t do it
My advice is to just spend the couple extra dollars, book direct, and save yourself the headache. And READ REVIEWS. If everyone is saying the same thing it probably not a coincidence. Usually those are 2 rules I live by but being at the end of my vacation I was trying to be cheap and was only reminded why I have those rules to begin with and consequently, I’m going home sooner than I wanted .This is my first time ever using kiwi and I do not recommend it. It’s impossible to get ahold of anyone and the amount of work it took to get the best of the worst case scenario I feel like I had gotten a second job. I paid extra for flexibility and it only flexes in kiwi’s favor . I got scammed. So all in all I lost about $350+. I could have spent 1/3 of that booking direct &saved so much time, effort, and ofcourse money. I did get a good laugh at their website claiming to be created by Traveller’s . It’s like a group of travelers wrote down everything that would be great and every thing every traveler would hate , gave the list to the website design company who then switched the lists and voila ! Kiwi was born . :(
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2 years ago, tim stranded
Trip inconvenience
Kiwi is not usually able to give a confirmation number to get boarding passes for any segments of trips, so prepare to stand at the ticket counter in all your connection terminals. Kiwi also does not have access to all flights - I could not book on the same flight as my traveling partner through Kiwi but was able to do so through the airline website (at a cheaper $5) price. No customer service phone available during the trip ( although it became available after trip was supposed to be completed). Trying to Reset password was a complete joke and timed out twice. I did find proper connections but it just was not worth the “saved money” to spend hours of time to get boarding passes.
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6 years ago, 123reviewer321
Too much trouble for little savings
Hi, I used this app for a short trip. I would not use it again. The prices were ok but not Wow savings. The flights looked a little funky as there was a “connection” on the way back but it turns out even though it was the same airline we had to clear immigration in UK, recheck the bags and go thru security again - the flights are treated as separate. For the sake of convenience they check you in automatically to your flights. When I went to print my boarding pass a day before, to my horror I discovered I made a mistake when buying the ticket: I had misspelled my last name. A call to kiwi customer service did not help, I was supposed to scan my passport, email it to them and wait 48h for an answer to see if it was even possible to change the flight back, for a fee. For my first flight I was told I was on my own. I was lucky that Norwegian made the change for my first flight right away. I called Easyjet later and they did the return flights changes free of charge, no passport needed. I will not use this app again.
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1 year ago, big chumbly husker
Horrible Company, changed my flights and ruined my vacation
At first this seemed helpful and like a good deal. At the very end of the booking they had confusing tiers of "guarantees" that were more than double the price of my trip. I went without a "guarantee" and within 1 or 2 days my return flight was changed by more than 24hrs. This was unacceptable as I wouldn't even be in town to catch the flight. The customer service was extremely unhelpful and the representative barely spoke English. I was given no alternative. I finally got ahold of the actual airline directly. I was told that they had been trying to email me to offer an alternative, but Kiwi had been receiving the emails and not forwarding them, essentially hiding the solution from me. I was offered solutions and eventually fully refunded for the changed flight. I am appalled at how Kiwi handled the situation, and would insist that no one else use their services. 2 stars only because the app was very functional and nice to use..
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2 years ago, OldBumpie
Total scam - do not use
I paid $3200 for me and my kids to fly to Florida for spring break. Less than a week before we were to depart, Kiwi informed me that the round trip flights were cancelled by the airline. With the saver trip I booked, I understood if we were unable to go on the trip we’d be out of luck, but never did I expect to pay for a flight that didn’t exist. I browsed kiwi to see if we could rebook for anything, and somehow the budget airlines were thousands more than when I originally booked. I requested a refund and never heard any response. No response to customer service requests. Warnings all over the site saying they’re too busy to take calls. It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone running this scam of a company, they’re preying on families trying to trace on a budget and totally screwing over their customers. I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card company and it was accepted, but then eventually kiwi fought it and I was recharged. Guess they have time to talk to the credit card companies to keep the money they stole from me.
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4 years ago, Nbbbbba
Slow customer service in case of urgent need
We were left to pay for a flight for a family of 5, after many problems with the airlines and last minutes changes of destinations. With an infant, a toddler and an older child, the Kiwi customer service was not able to understand the urgency of our situation and left us hanging (in another country in a city we didn’t know or had resources to help). We hoped on a flight after being assured by them that they will refund it and were left hanging when we did the claim. I would not use their service again. It is not worth paying a bit less and then not get any competent support in case you truly need it. I would rather pay more and get real help with customer service. Last but not least, they lied about making the refund. They said they had a confirmation number and whatsoever but we never got any refund in our account. So on top of being incompetent the fact that they lied about it made us feel terrible. The app was useless as we had to do everything over the phone or by email! Stay away from it!
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12 months ago, Afgprince
Kiwi is garbage
I agree with Charlie’s review. When a flight change occurs, Kiwi is not helping you book another flight for free (even with insurance). I had a flight via United that was cancelled by Kiwi, telling me that the airline cancelled it and that they were not responsible for it. The email came from Kiwi. I was already at my gate and had to be on this flight. I went up to United Customer service and they told me that they did not cancel my flight nor did they cancel my booking. She re-issued my boarding pass and told me not to worry. Meanwhile, my wife was on the phone with Kiwi explaining to them that I was already at the gate, but kiwi representatives insisted that my booking was cancelled and that it was done by United and not then. In order to take another flight I would have to pay money again. What a scam! Imagine if I was on the way to the airport and they sent me the email/notification that my booking got cancelled when it actually hasn’t. Thank God I was already at my gate and United took care of me. Not gonna use these idiots again.
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1 year ago, Padedr79
Do Not Use this Company!!! I agree with others on here that they are a scam. The absolutely worst thing a third party company could do is screw up the dates of your return flight. We couldn’t check in from the app so we arrived early and we’re told by the agent that our flight was tomorrow not today. I showed them my confirmation from the app that our flight was in fact today and the agent called the supervisor. As he is looking it over He says, “I can’t believe Kiwi did this again” he then tells me the the flight is in fact tomorrow and that it was Kiwi’s error so I had to talk to them. When I finally get in contact with them. They were nothing but useless. Just told me to take the next flight like it was no big deal. And then had the audacity to say send in a receipt for your hotel for a “Possible” refund. They cared less about the great inconvenience they cause and were more concerned if I was getting on the next flight? Stay away from them. This company is no good.
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5 years ago, giry
Wish I could give them 0 stars. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, especially if you value your sanity. They angered and frustrated me so much I was left stranded crying in the airport overnight. My flight was delayed and I called them and they refused to change my connecting flight because they didn’t want the chance of even losing a few dollars. It is so frustrating to have the people on the phone flat out tell you they care more about the money than you ever getting home. After literally 8 phone calls to their customer service line - they still refused to help me at all - I ended up getting stranded in LA overnight. They promised to get me out of LA but the only flight options they sent me were 6 days late and to cities I was not going to. I wanted to be home so they said I could book my own flight the next morning and be refunded fully. They refunded me only 1/4 of the amount of my ticket. They are a scam that just wants your money and they do not care what happens to you. I will never use this service again - worst travel experience of my life.
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5 years ago, jpalmer0503
Kiwi flights USED to be good, now I’m experiencing issues
When I first discovered kiwi I didn’t really have any issues I paid online I was able to make all of my flights there were no delays in flights I didn’t experience any issues from the complaints that I read but as I continue to use this app for my traveling I began to notice that I am encountering problems. On my last trip the airplane was was so delayed that I almost missed my flight and luckily they held it for me as I rushed like a bat out of hell trying to get through security to make it to my plane, Most recently when I went to book a flight, the summary which INCLUDED luggage showed me a price of $803 the next day i checked my bank statement and noticed they charged me $903 and separated the luggage fee which is NOT what i agreed to pay in the app when i was asked to confirm my payment which INCLUDED luggage!! Customer service had NO explanation. I’m done using this company before i start to experience problems worse than these.
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2 years ago, KiwiNoRefund
Never ever use it
It is 0 star rating. No, it should be negative star. I spent more than $1000 on my international flight. It says it is booked and confirmed. Then, it told me that my ticket is modified due to the flight carrier change. For alternatives, my options were to pay triple (~$4000) for alternatives that have 2 stops and takes about 40 hrs to travel. And the other option was to request a refund. I requested refund on last year on early November. Guess what. All I hear is that it will take approx. 3 months to refund. And when I call, they won’t answer anything because my ticket is already “travelled”. So I am stuck here just waiting for ever to refund my ticket that is worth more than $1,000. I saw other review that it has been 5 months and still no refund. I should have read it first before I book via Kiwi. I tried to save $30, but it cause me a long term investment that grows 0%. So if you really want to invest for a few months or perhaps years to profit 0% or less(consider inflation). Kiwi is the way!
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4 years ago, danny89977655
Has taken over 5 months to get a refund. Worst booking site out there!
Do not book through this company during the pandemic!!!!!! I booked a flight through this site. My flight was cancelled about 2 months before the departure date. I filed a claim to be refunded. They told me it could take up to 3 months to get the refund. It has been 5 months and still nothing. I had to call the airline myself to thing the refund started as Kiwi has not even made a phone call yet to the airlines..... The flight was cancelled so by law they need to give me a refund. It took them 24 hours to bill my credit card, however it is taking 5 months to credit me back. We are in a PANDEMIC Kiwi! People need their money back. The 800 number won’t take my booking number because they are “only dealing with flights in the near future at these times”...... what about the people that have been waiting months to talk to you?!!! Long story short they won’t help me get a refund and they don’t have a phone number to call... customer service is awful!
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5 years ago, sonnetflower
I feel terrible that I waited so long to do this review. ... sorry about that. These guys were amazing! I took a flight a year ago (!). The airline, though everything was in order, wouldn’t let me board with my service dog. And don’t argue with me - I found out from their mouths (customer service) that everything was in order. So I missed my flight. Dealing with the airline was no help. I was going to make a new reservation myself. But prices had skyrocketed since my original reservation. So I thought, why not call Kiwi? Maybe they can help. They not only got me a better set of (and shorter layovers) flights; but also dealt with the original airline! Completely above and beyond. And at the same, original price, with zero extra fees. It’s why I always try to use them. Love you guys ❤️!
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7 months ago, Jacob_47
DO NOT BOOK WITH KIWI. If I could have given this review 0 stars I would have. This is an absolute SCAM of a company. First of all, their customer service reps are trained to argue with anything you say that they and/or the company may disagree with. I've talked to about 4 or 5 representatives within the past few days and every single experience has been the same. Secondly, they robbed me of $126. I booked a ticket, only to cancel it not even a couple hours later because every company I have ever booked with allows you to cancel within 24 hours of booking for a full refund (which by the way is THE LAW IN THE USA) only to find out that I was given a $10 credit as a refund and am now being told that there's nothing they can do to help me. I've been absolutely robbed of my money and drained of my energy dealing with these customer service reps who seem to want to do nothing but argue with me. Do yourself a favor, save yourself time, energy, and money. Don't book with Kiwi.
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3 years ago, Natchet
You Probably Won’t Save Money
I’m giving it 2 stars because my trip actually happened but not without hassle. I booked an overseas flight and the flight was cheap. I bought “insurance” (they sell you all different kinds of these) but the one I selected didn’t help me when one of my flights was canceled. They book flights with various airlines for one trip and you have to rebook if one flight gets canceled. I ended up spending way more than if I’d just booked through the airlines. Long layovers. I didn’t get a checked bag. I didn’t get to pick my seat, I had to do my own transfers. No online check in. No anything. In the end, I paid way more for a lot less. As a final note, my fiancé had her flight canceled due to COVID-19 and they just would not refund anything. They gave her like $100 credit on a $700 ticket. I’m not going to use again. It’s a straight up gamble.
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1 month ago, S P A C E K F I L M S
Just have no choice but to sue.
I got to the airport trying to check in. I spoke to the customer service. They told me they don’t want to print out my ticket. They gave me no reason why. It seemed like they were just over it working at the airport. I tried printing out my ticket. Nothing worked. I spent two more hours convincing with TSA to let me up with my booking, reservation and ticket info. They finally gave in an hour and thirty minutes after. But by the time I was finally let up, the gates were closed. I missed my flight. The funny thing is I was watching people boarding the plan. The workers upstairs refused to open the gate. I don’t get why they did that. So I bought a ticket through another airline. I want my refund back. I can request a video from the airport of me taking with the airline two hours before my flight. Let me know if you need anymore information. If things don’t settle in the next few days I have no choice but to sue.
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6 years ago, Yilcan
Don’t fooled by the lower price
Kiwi says they guarantee the delayed/missed connections. What they don’t say is they sell you a ticket looks like they are connected but actually they are separate. Airlines don’t take responsibility of the missed connections. Even though it was known that I would miss my connecting flight before getting on the plane, Kiwi would not reroute me. When I got to the connecting flight airport, there were no flights out of that city to my destination. Kiwi would take 2-4hours to make a decision when it was already 8pm and I had been traveling all day. When they came back they offered a longest trip possible and not even to the city I was flying (nearby city). Because I decided to book a different flight, they did not pay for the hotel and already paid hotel at my destination. They refunded the flight I missed but not the amount shown on the ticket. Each flight was priced separately on the ticket because they were not connected flights and from different carriers.
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1 year ago, Michelle98769
Company will squeeze you for money
While buying my ticket they will charge you to choose your seat and start charging you small fees one after the other, which will gradually increase the final price until you realize you are hundreds of dollars above the originally stated price. I bought a ticket to china and they gave me an itinerary that required me to stop in India and go through customs. They did not explained this to me before I bought the ticket. After buying this ticket and discovering this they refused to refund my money because it has been past 24 hours. Mind you they took 6 hours to send me confirmation. Any questions about the flight that I had they told me to call the airline. And on the same day of the flight at 2am they emailed me can’t check into my flight to please contact airline. Don’t use this website they will squeeze you for money, give you terrible flights without details, and than refuse to refund your money.
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9 months ago, Hector MPerez
Don’t book with Kiwi!
In May of 2023 my mother had an emergency flight and I booked through Kiwi after a price comparison . On the return flight home Frontier cancelled the flight and I was forced to purchase a very expensive ticket in order to fly my mother back home. I reached out to Kiwi and requested a refund. I was assured that because the flight was due to Frontier canceling the flight that I would be due a refund . After several months of waiting and several times called in I was then rejected for the refund without reason other than “frontier not accepting the refund” I was essentially told that I was on my own and Kiwi wasn’t going to advocate for my refund. This has to be the worst customer service experience I have ever experienced. I never go out of my way to leave a bad review but I was compelled to warn everyone not to book through KIWI. They have not adequately addressed my refund and refuse to advocate for my justified refund. Please avoid this company
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2 years ago, WillDuer
Don’t use their service
Worst customer support. No phone call options unless it is 14 days before trip. When I was booking travel with them, because they never returned my money due to COVID restrictions and instead gave me credit, I tried to apply the credit to a plane ticket purchase. I had the credit selected and also my payment information. I purchased the ticket thinking I would never have to use their service ever again. Well I look at my credit card statement less than 24 hours after purchase and I was charged the full amount. When I contacted them via “chat” they said they cannot apply the credit they have to my purchase. I contacted them several times and they will not apply the credit and refund me that difference on my credit card. Stay away from this company. It is the absolute worse. I will never use them again, other than to try and get my credit that they have.
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2 years ago, micpal24
Had to by a new ticket just to get a person
Used to be great, now they’re a bunch of scam artists. You can only call them for help if your booking number shows your 2 weeks before your flight or 2 days after. Otherwise the automated message will refer you to their online support, which is useless since they don’t get back to you even months later. Out of frustration bought a ticket I don’t intend to use to get a real person on the phone. Paid $15 extra for guaranteed refund. Called to discuss my old much more expensive flight, and why I had still not received credit or a refund after 9 months. They were no help at all. Was then told it was also not possible to get a refund for the $60 dollar flight I had booked less than a half hour before. Out of their minds, which is a shame cause they used to be good. Go with a more trusted booking site or directly with the airline. Not worth the “savings.”
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10 months ago, k0j0rd
WARNING this company is a scam/do not book through them
I used this company for the first time this week and have never had such a bad experience traveling. The customer service was horrible and you talk to a different person every time when you talk to them through their customer service. Not only that but I explained to them my problem, they gaslit me and told me things couldn’t be done in time even though it was before there deadline. When it did pass the deadline I told them I had reached out and they denied it. I had them re read through the conversation and they again denied that they had done anything wrong. You will pay extra fees at every airport if you have any connection flights. I paid in total $200 for my flights at the beginning and by the time I had finished my trip ended up with an extra $300. Save your money book through the airline you want to fly. You’ll thank me later
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4 years ago, Duvan0009
The worst booking app.
I want to INVITE everyone to DON'T use this platform because you can lose your TICKET and MONEY. On December 22, I bought a ticket that I had to cancel because the airport in the city of Madrid was closed due to meteorological issues and it would not be possible to reach my connection. When I tried to cancel my ticket, I didn't have the opportunity to contact the customer with any line, since for this type of situation I don't have technical support, I only received a message in the app saying that my money would be returned 30 days later. Until today, January 28, I’ve tried to communicate with an advisor but nobody answers neither my emails or my calls. Just as it can happen to me, it can happen to you. The question that arises from all this is whether Kiwi's purpose is for users to reach their final destination or to buy and not use their flights and to avoid responsibilities they do not have technical support or only have it if they buy insurance
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1 year ago, Jaaavierrante
If the airline changed your flight, KIWI WONT KNOW
I left home 8 years ago. I came back to my homecountry and it was a great stay but once I had to flight back to the US, the trip turned into a plain nightmare. My flight was changed to the day before, I was told by the airline agent, and of course kiwi says that if that happens they would not give a fraking F about it. The airline agent also told me they ALWAYS have issues with kiwi cuz they DONT UPDATE the info. That was my case. Thankfully, I could make the connections with the new flight, but that meant to not eat properly and having just 1.5 hours to get thru migration and re-enter the national airlines once in the states. I arrived 10 minutes before the connection flight doors closed, and of course that I had to run. I was extremely hungry and tired and gross. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable, and all I just got was the option to have a refund to take a flight on my own. Traveling from one hemisphere to another isn't cheap at all so that option was a no no. Cuz the flights prices for that same day were more than the refund. They gave me rescheduled options and ended up trying luck, which was described above. IF U GET A FLIGHT HERE, YOU'LL HAVE TO CHECK YOUR FLIGHTS YOURSELF SO THIS AGENCY COULD BE COMPARED TO A WALL. I ENDED UP DOING THEIR JOB. If you want peace of mind just don't get a flight from here.
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5 years ago, BKAJ1123
Helps find deals
This is a great app to use to help find deals, and routes using different airlines. The problem is when you book through them. They tell you that you will get your boarding pass sometime between 48hrs and 0hrs before you leave. That is a problem, especially if you are trying to plan ahead and print out your boarding passes. Also, adding luggage can be hard after you purchased the ticket. I still haven’t been able to figure out how to add luggage after a booking! The best way to use the app is to find a route, and then purchase the tickets yourself directly from discount airlines. Then it is effortless to add luggage, print our boarding passes etc... if it were easier to add luggage after booking, and to know exactly when you could expect to get your boarding passes, I would recommend it- even with the fees. But, so far my experience has been difficult. If things change I’ll update this post.
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9 months ago, Eira<3
Never again
Tried to book a flight and had flexible dates. But I didn’t realize that the flights were for a whole week later than I needed. With in 4 minutes of booking I realized the error. I quickly looked up their cancellation policy and say that if I cancelled before confirmation I should be fine to get my refund. I electronically canceled but it said it was processing still so I went ahead and called just in case. The agent kept trying to rebook me and I said no as the flights were too expensive. Then she said well your flight is canceled but you’re not eligible for a refund…. I was like I followed your procedures and read your policy. I am eligible. She kept leaving to ask questions. Finally while she was gone I noticed a change that gave me my full refund online so I went with that option. But the $20 I almost saved really wasn’t worth the anxiety of dealing with these people. Never again
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5 years ago, Not a willing Victim
Poor customer service
I used Kiwi in the past without a glitch. Two months ago I ordered a ticket for Dec. 20th. It was confirmed and I was charged on my visa for the ticket. When I went back to the app. 2 days ago, there is no sign of the ticket I purchased. Trying to get ahold of customer service has been impossible. I hit a brick wall because without the booking # I couldn’t reach anyone. I finally put all zeros in for the booking number and finally got a response. 3 different People from the company have now emailed me asking for the same information. I was never sent an email as promised at time if purchase and now a week before my departure I have a bill and no ticket or info about the purchase. If you are planning to use this company, beware. I have now filed a dispute claim against them with the credit card company for a refund of my money. In the meantime I started at square one booking with another carrier for an extra $250. Please be careful.
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