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KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for KLM - Book a flight

4.71 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
2 months ago, T A1
I am always assured of receiving excellent service and attention from the cabin crew. They have an engaging and pleasant manner, and seem to genuinely appreciate that passengers do have a choice. I also like using the KLM App; it has a clean and easy to use interface. One more thing: on one occasion l forgot my iPad on the plane and did not realize it was missing until the staff called me while in the transit lounge and handed it over to me. Bravo!
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7 years ago, frschre
Skyteam and its partners
As a sky priority frequent traveler it is always interesting to see who cares about customers, and who is missing the mark. Within the skyteam partners this point is extremely apparent. Between KLM and Airfrance, for example, there are sometimes such stark differences that you have to wonder whether the partnership brings value or damages the others’ image/brand. I for one, am reconsidering. Airfrance seems to have very little ‘customer care’ common sense. This begins at the airport in paris where there is a line wtg for passport check +200 with one agent checking passports (yes, i aware that AFR is not directly responsible for immigration - but the airport process is certainly an influencing factor for airlines to improve) and continues with the boarding process (no priority boarding for business class - skypriority lines are effectively longer than the the non-priority lines). In fact, the agent INSISTED that I wait in the sky-priority line, which was 2x as long. :-( KLM remains a preference; and as a long time skyteam member , i can only hope that AFR gets its act together, as the brand is tarnished and impacting the image of KLM. In summary, if the AFR CEO took time at the gate front facing his customers ... maybe things would change .. or maybe not.
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1 month ago, Landidnrkels
Terrible app and Incompetent staff (harsh I know)
Yeah that title is very harsh and I am hesitant but hear me out. The app had a bug. It wouldn’t let me check in. I needed to enter in basic info like gender then on the next page enter passport info. But when I finish the 2nd page, the first page cleared. We messed with it on 2 phone and 1 laptop before I called. I was on the phone for so long I literally drove to the airport, parked and went to a kiosk. Got them printed. Literally had them call as I finished. Told them I did work it out but just wanted to let them know about the bug for other people. She didn’t care. She wanted my info “I can’t help you without your flight information sir”. Fine. I did. Then she tells me there is no bug because I’m checked it. What a miracle. Except it shows that as I did it myself at the airport. She literally didn’t get my concern of the app and just letting her know. I asked if I could just talk to another worker or a supervisor. I even explained to her that she did just fine but we seem to be missing each other. She said they can’t transfer phones which I don’t believe. Just makes me very scared about this trip tomorrow.
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3 years ago, plaintiger
Membership = spam
I actually don't fly very often, and especially not since Covid came to be, and I've never set foot on a KLM plane; I just went on a binge recently where I found all the airlines the people spoke highly of and had good experiences with, and downloaded their respective apps and joined their frequent flyer programs just so I'd be ready when the day came that I did want to resume air travel. So far, of the 10 or so airlines I did this with, KLM is the only one I've noticed that makes receiving their marketing emails a condition of membership in their frequent flyer program. I am not a fan of mindless marketing emails the don't have anything to do with me other than trying to get money out of my wallet, so I looked for an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of KLM's messages, and it came to light that the only way to stop the emails was to cancel membership in their frequent flyer program. So I did. Which means I won't be flying KLM at any time in the foreseeable future.
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2 years ago, Smk268
Numerous problems
As a Delta FF I don’t have a flying blue account so I only use the app when my originating flight is on KLM. The problems - my flight reservation info literally disappeared while looking at it, had to re-enter the booking info, received an email that check-in is now available however no check-in option available in the app and had to use the web site, two KLM legs but will only provide a digital boarding pass for the first flight and had to print the second, when having to check-in at airport the digital boarding pass appears once I have reached my final destination. It used to be within a matter of minutes after checking in. Does not provide all the check-in requirements that the web site does so unable to check-in with app. Been flying KLM for many years and very happy with the airline/aircrews in general but the app and check-in process lately has been frustrating knowing it all used to work well in the past.
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5 years ago, RObo2000
KLM please change the company making this app
Every update some new crazy bugs are introduced. With the latest update showing the flight I was actually flying on was "cancelled" (allthough it obviously wasnt) - and now (may 2019) its showing on the "my trips page" my "next" flight is also cancelled (with no date mentioned, turns out this was a trip from nov 2018!!) Just an illustration..of the crazy misinformation this app provides. I actually need this app for my work and have no time for this stuff. E.g. last month several destinations just disappeared from the app list and I was unable to book those... the list goes on. KLM: this obviously isnt working with whatever team is working on it - they need to do some real field testing before releasing things. Please do something about it. thank you
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1 year ago, wtbates
Worst Airline App Ever
I travel a lot with many airlines. The KLM app (and website) is the worst one I have ever used, by far. It is extremely slow, very unreliable, and does not provide the functions and services that other airline apps provide. I’d say, don’t waste your time, but this is all you have. Just be prepared for very, very, very slow load times. The quality of your mobile or wifi connection will not impact the speed of the app. Sometimes, trying the same function/request 4-6 times gets it to work, so don’t give up on the first try (or second, or third…). As far as the flights go, the staff was always very nice and helpful. The planes (at least the ones I flew on) were old and dated. They also have the worst legroom and personal space in coach of any airline I have flown. Generally, not impressed with KLM.
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1 month ago, DemonicYT
Used to be great, but now I can’t use it anymore
Great app, and used it almost daily (I fly a lot) until the automatic update installed a new version which pops up a screen that tells me to update it, which it won’t let me do since it requires iOS 16, while I have an older iPhone. Previously when this happened, they fixed it, by reminding me that I needed to update to “use all the latest features” and I could press okay and still use the app which was still working fine. Now I’m again stuck with this “press update” only message rendering the perfectly working app in the background inaccessible. KLM joining Apple to force me to upgrade my perfectly fine iPhone? How sad…
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5 months ago, Dennis Schirmer
Worst Airline App!
Traveling can be stressful and the whole idea of these Apps is supposed to make life easier and more convenient. There is nothing easy or convenient about working with this app. App crashes, app refresh issues, the seat selection section shows a cabin full of available seats yet you are unable to select anything. The only way to exit this once it’s open is to click save changes, or whatever is at the bottom of the screen. It says seat change saved, yet in reality, nothing changed. When traveling internationally you need to feel confident in the reliability of your travel tools and there is nothing reliable about this app.
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1 year ago, Ryan M
Pretty good app but broken
I love KLM and the app is actually pretty nice but a few things have been broken for awhile now that I’d like to see fixed before I update my review: [ ] Airport selection on iPad in landscape shows up in a narrow unreadable column [ ] App Support on the app page here leads to a dead link (against App Store requirements) [ ] There’s no way to report bugs within the app or even here to help you know about these issues! Least you could do is give us an email address! [ ] Flying blue status seems to cache for months and be out of sync in various places [ ] When switching between fare classes in search prices are often out of sync [ ] Fare classes often reset in search when you tweak search terms [ ] After a couple searches airports stop populating in search until hard reset Edit: Happy to help! Let me know when some of these get fixed and I’m happy to update my review.
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5 years ago, Mlpabon59
Easy but need special assistance
It is very user friendly to find and book flight, buy and pay but I didn't found any place where they offer special assistance. Example because of mobility problems I need a wheelchair to the entrance of the airplane but cannot found where to choose it? Otherwise very good!
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4 years ago, Salman2019
KLM refused it to refund my money when my flight canceled it of covid19 it’s weird they told me they’re going to give me a credit and I said I don’t want a credit I need to get back my money and they said we can’t refund you and I said why not that’s my property And I didn’t get help much I’m not gonna customer with them anymore And I also reported my bank I lost $1182 I’m not gonna recommend it anyone behind me to book a flight with KLM I also called them over 10 times and I spoke customer services over 10 times still never get help they told me same thing and when I read the policy the policy and what they told me is different they don’t follow their policies I’m Done!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Soccerplayer199
Every button seems to be broken
I have been very disappointed with my experience using the KLM app. As part of the skyteam fleet, I was expecting a similarly smooth app experience to that of other skyteam apps. To my dismay, I’ve found that almost every dialogue I click on seems to return “Oops, something went wrong…” or some variant of “please try again later…”. If that doesn’t happen the app just points to the KLM website. I would not recommend this app to anyone, it has been an awful experience trying to fix a delayed flight that caused us to miss our connection.
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10 months ago, Fishpen0
Timeline view for my flight is very broken
Coming from the delta and jet blue apps it’s wild to me that KLM can’t put the terminal or gate number anywhere in the app. That and even if you quick switch away from the app and back, nothing is cached and you have to go through the nearly minute long reload again before you can see basic information like your flight number. Quite stressful when navigating airports with little time.
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1 year ago, Fringe_09
"We were unable to save your boarding pass to you Wallet....." Error
Many others and I are having issues trying to add boarding pass to Wallet. When clicking on view boarding passes, keep on getting the error message of "We were unable to save your boarding pass to you Wallet. Please try again". The OK button doesn't make the error message go away. Rebooted phone also.
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6 months ago, sargon2
Impossible to get support
The app won't let me change anything about my booking and directs me to contact a support representative. There are no support representatives that I can reach -- the messaging apps appear to be unstaffed and the phone lines don't connect to anyone. Update: they got back to me eventually
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4 years ago, Claudia from the Sea of Cortez
Excellence in Service
I’ve booked, changed and checked in for different flights on the app and I am very pleased about how quickly and efficiently it works. I feel that my travel needs are met if not all immediately, within short period of time they do. Klm continues to meet my expectations.
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1 year ago, Stobi08
Where am I on your app???
Totally lost in the critical step of paying for my reservation!!! Not intuitive and not clear to scroll down where only PayPal is visible to realize I have to select Visa before complete payment bar will light up! Lost our fare when page closed and had to start over. Still unsure what I paid for in the first of two transactions? First one was for seats? Then had to go in separately to pay for fares? Totally confused. I certainly hope I did not just do a duplicate purchase.
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2 years ago, LukeBeebe
App fails 100% of the time
I’ve tried for many months to get the KLM app to work. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded it, and I’ve called, emailed, and texted. The app doesn’t work and the KLM Service support team is incompetent. Not to be mean but they don’t know answers to basic questions, they don’t communicate, and they just seem not to care. Don’t know how else to put it but I’m imagining a day when KLM asks a first year college programming student for help. It might fix the app and get customers to book tickets.
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3 years ago, BJdutch
Used to be great
App has become somewhat useless as it will ask you to allow KLM spam every time it opens. As it no longer remembers your credentials, you need to login every time. Additionally, it is no longer possible to get a boarding pass on flights to Amsterdam, making you go to the check in desk for it, negating the advance of going to the gate directly. I hope KLM will get the app back to the great app it was a few years ago, instead of the website front it is now.
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7 years ago, iRemcoo
KLM is better off without Air France
Fully agree with previous review(s); Customer care, smoothness of operations and especially friendliness of flight crew and ground staff is a gigantic difference between KLM and Air France. Air France need to get their act together and learn from KLM. Unfortunately the customer service of Transavia handled in France (during strikes at Orly airport) was a disaster too: “Sorry your flight is cancelled, we’ll refund you..goodbye” seriously?? Almost seems as if customer care for any of the brands KLM, Transavia and Air France are all operated by Air France in France. Which explains the poor response during strikes. Hurts to see KLM getting damaged like that.
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4 months ago, enweigel
Recent redesign is absolute garbage
The app is now super slow and takes more time to pull up my boarding pass than before. It’s also very hard to find certain things. I don’t like how the outbound and return flights are in different “tabs.” The tabs are very hard to see/find and I always forget where my return flight is because it’s so subtle. There are also lots of different bugs I find on a regular basis. I use it because I have to, not because it’s good.
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12 months ago, App Reviewer 43
KLM app could be better
After several flights on KLM I would say that the app works pretty well but is Ill equipped to handle exceptional situations. It often shows the “please wait” wheel and more often than would be desirable shows an “oops, this shouldn’t be happening” message. Compared to American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, the app doesn’t do the airplanes and staff the service and presentation they deserve. So don’t judge them by the app and good luck dealing with the glitches. It all works out in the end! 😅
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2 months ago, bouldermoto
Back in the saddle again
As journalist shooting racing internationally between the United States and the globe I’m thoroughly enjoyed working travel with KLM and its partners. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, as I can be at Laguna Seca the next day I can be in Torino ready to launch my next adventure.
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1 year ago, Elliee2496
Slow load times
Other airline apps load flight info within 20 seconds, this one can take up to 2 minutes to load simple flight info. Additionally, when a change is made such as choosing a different seat, the app takes hours to reflect this change. Worst airline app I have ever used.
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1 year ago, Ostromecko
Not a finished product
Every time I view my trip there is a long loading time. Can't find my boarding pass. It was displayed with option to add to wallet, but when I got back into the app at the gate, the boarding pass was nowhere to be found. It's just an unreliable app. Really not much functionality because I need to rely on the app while at the airport. Otherwise I can book on web.
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3 months ago, A Thousand Acres
Worst I have ever experienced in an airline Very slow and took me at one point 5.26 minutes to toggle between emails without attachments. Very slow not worth spending money on. Also, it took nearly 60 minutes for the crew to get online services running. I even had a crew member to assist me because I thought I was doing something wrong. She had issues as well. They had to do a reset and it took the reset a long time to start back up.
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2 years ago, aga.jonas
Issues with login
Hi. I enjoy using your app as a convenient travel tool. However, lately I’ve been having issues with logging in. The log in page doesn’t work and the app remains “useless”. Perhaps it’s due for an update?
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1 year ago, JPC20351
Excellent Intuitive App
This is one of the best airline apps available, very easy to use, very intuitive interface, offers many features and functions for booking and managing your trip on KLM
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2 years ago, Archie102
Latest version is downgrade of previous ( better) version…
With this update 1.UXP Is not showed anymore under my flying blue profile 2. When trying view/choose seats you have to go through extra screens instead opening seat map in old version, not customer friendly and cost extra time needed …. Roll back to previous version!
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1 year ago, RJTal
Horrible, scam artists
The app continues to prevent us from checking out on a flight. We’ve tried to purchase the same flights for the past 24 hours and haven’t been able to because of a “system error”. Now the flights are more expensive and KLM will not honor the original price, even though we’ve been in contact with customer service multiple times throughout the process.
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2 years ago, enune
Happy with KLM, unhappy with their client apps
Its always surprising to me when companies that you would assume have large budgets for technology, have janky client apps. Banks and airlines in particular. I’m sure they have to contend with distributed systems and probably outdated technology, but it still doesn’t explain how poor the quality and user experience can be. I can’t even login. I used to be logged in and it was slow and buggy. But at least I was logged in.
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1 year ago, Dugroz Reports
It’s pretty good
I found the seat selection to be pretty easy. Also, I added a flight book through a partner by adding the booking number, and that was very easy as well.
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4 years ago, 150Dozer
Great Airlines
KLM is a airlines with fantastic service our last flight was just outstanding! We are planning our 34th anniversary and there was no question with what airline to use! When you spend your hard earned money go with the best KLM !!
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5 years ago, Mr RJ H
Just downloaded the app. Straight after the download the app prompted me to apply an update. Once in the app I tried to join to become a “flying blue member” then after entering all my details the “create flying blue account” button remained greyed out and I could not go any further. A bit frustrating and unexpected, I would have thought KLM would want more users to join “flying blue” however, if they can not register through the app then that is one less avenue for potential customers to sign up. Weird.
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5 years ago, Beaboarder
Flying Blue
KLM’s app and website are extremely frustrating to use when trying to book an awards ticket. You can go through the whole process of selecting your ticket only to find out that neither the website nor the app are able to process the payment. KLM doesn’t seem to care, their solution is always you need to go to the airport to purchase your ticket. Come on guys, it’s 2019, get your act together and get this fixed, it’s a long time known issue.
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2 months ago, Al X & R
This isn t an app. It s a slow and glitchy p o s web browser page riddled with errors and red text technical failure messages. You re better off just using your regular web browser on their website. Took me 15 mins to create an account that i can t log in because “Sorry, an unexpected technical error occurred. Please try again later or contact the KLM Customer Contact Centre.” Royal waste of time. Stay away.
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5 years ago, Armus77
So many bugs it’s useless
App is as disfunctionsl as the airline. The app doesn’t show changes to my reservation (seat change), wouldn’t let me check in (website worked), and it can’t show flight status based on flight # (have to do something else, like search on route). This app is as useless as KLM’s strike info (no decent airline would stick vital info [prohibition on checked bags] in a press release instead of the actual travel notification area]).
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1 year ago, PJ Harvey
App does not sync with website
Infuriating to use. My flight that exist on “My Trips” in my online account do not show up on this app. Seems to be not enough investment made in this software because it has continually failed to provide any sort of continuity to my information on the KLM website for years now. Too bad since some of their partner airlines, like Delta, have been able to excel with their apps!
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5 years ago, •Marushka•
Great App & Customer Support
I am a very Happy & satisfied customer of the KLM! Have always been flying Blue.. Their App is Amazing, is easy to use & very fast In booking a trip... KLM 24/7 Messenger Customer support is amazing & always giving their full support & cooperation... Best Airline App for me so far!✈️👌
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4 weeks ago, fitgirl6096
Cannot log in- always says technical issues
Tried multiple web desktop browsers, phone app, created another account, tried email and flying blue number but always the same message “an unexpected technical error occurred “. Also had a “ something went wrong” message during booking. No answer at flying blue customer service number for help.
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3 months ago, Eyeing Canada
5 Attempts before Success
While the website looked fine, for no apparent reason, the site kept glitching every time I tried to actually purchase the tickets. They purchase went through after 1 week of trying.
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2 years ago, tbeirne
App does not work
The app just shows the KLM logo on a blue screen and eventually closes itself every time I attempt to use it. We have a flight coming up in a month and I’m concerned I won’t be able to check in as the website also does not work for me. I’m hoping this issue is resolved shortly otherwise we will need to cancel our flight and book elsewhere.
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2 years ago, mdooren
XP and miles disappeared from App
I used to see the progress to work XP and Miles accrediteds however with a Recents app updates this information is no longer available. Also, my wife has been experiencing login issues which has been inconvenient at the time of checking in and access to lounge.
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1 year ago, Denisdg
Good app, slow to load reservations
Weekly klm flier here: Overall it’s a good reliable app. However since they revamped it some months ago it is very slow to load the list of reservations. Very annoying 10 second wait as this is what I do all the time.
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1 year ago, Pro photographer 2009
KLM Horrible App!!!
I cannot believe an airline is doung business with this app. It is CONFUSING, you can not search trips and see the final costs with out the system creating a “booking” that you cannot delete. This app is a mess, and the online contact service is a huge joke. Unfortunately, I need this airline, so I will use the desktop version to book, because the app is worthless.
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2 years ago, AndreaSanchezCorzo
Worst experience with KLM
I have had the worst experience with KLM, I have never experienced this mess with any airline before. They inefficiently changed my itinerary, and in the process lost my bag. Whenever I call about asking for my bag they say, “sorry we are very busy, call later” what kind of answer is that?? The app doesn’t help at all. It doesn’t even update properly with the change of itinerary.
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6 years ago, EverChimay
Bag allowance is not correct
The app said I was allowed 1 checked and 2 carry on. But when I got to the check-in counter KLM said I was not allowed any checked bags and was required to pay €40 for my bag. KLM didn’t even give me the Flying Blue member’s discount. Also the app does not show actual ticket information (just the ticket number) even though there is a button for ‘ticket details’.
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6 months ago, Puzzle HD
Difficulties trying to upgrade seats
I have been working on upgrading seats for over 2 hours now. You have made it impossible- I can choose a seat, but I can’t pay for it. Then, to top it off, you assigned seats for us, but, because you wouldn’t let me pay for it, I now have seats assigned that are “upgrades “ , but not paid for. So where does that leave me? NO assigned seats!
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2 years ago, BishopBoo
KLM not performing at industry standard,
Or meeting it’s own past standard. Outgoing flight was chaotic after last minute cancellation and consolidation, we were about 90 minutes late departing, cabin staff were nice but seemed overwhelmed. Messed up my wife’s special meal. And the KLM app on my iPhone 13 is cumbersome, frustrating-I had to re-enter my country of residence 5 times!
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