Klook: Travel, Hotels, Leisure

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Current version
Klook Travel Technology Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Klook: Travel, Hotels, Leisure

4.76 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Seaotter42
Worked great in Japan
We traveled to Japan at the end of 2022 and used Klook extensively for buying tickets. We’d found that places like the DisneySea website didn’t accept U.S. credit cards but I was able to buy without problems via Klook. All the tickets we bought worked great. Klook was easy to use and find tickets to places we wanted to go. They should probably put the “my bookings” link on the front page but once you know where to find it you’re all set.
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6 years ago, megsterrr_
Overall review
I was not really satisfied with the tours. You know most tourists don’t speak Japanese so you should have an English speaking tour guide, at least. During our tour to Mt. Fuji, we were stucked in traffic going and coming back, and since the tour guide cannot speak English, everybody was sleeping in the bus. When we got to the location the tour guide did not even explain that it was the place for picture taking of Mt. Fuji, everybody thought we were just there to eat and we were expecting more, so some of us didn’t have the chance to take pictures. The audio guide was a little helpful but it does not really explain well where we were. The day tour was fine but we did not really go to all the places that were described in the itinerary. When I needed help and tried to call customer service, someone from a different time zone answered my call and was not really able to help at all. If you mean true customer service, you should have someone based locally to help and answer questions right away, and not someone who was on a different time zone telling me to wait because he was an hour behind from where he was. Lastly, I sent an email 2 days ago, and still no reply up to this day. Sorry Klook, but I will never use you again. I always travel and have always used travel agencies without any problems, you were recommended to me so I tried it, but I was really, really disappointed on how your team handled the tours.
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11 months ago, andrewbraj
Makes traveling easy
I used Klook for the first time on a trip to Japan and it made traveling so much easier. I was able to book my train tickets to/from Narita Airport, got my three day subway ticket, got my JR train ticket, Disney tickets, and more all in one app! The best part about this app is the instructions they provide. I’ve never seen an app be so easy and clear to understand. They even had photos on where to go to collect my passes. I did run into some bugs with the app itself. The most annoying one was when I went to add reviews to the places I went, I tried adding photos but when I clicked on an image thumbnail from my photos app, it shot me up to the top of my photos. I have thousands of photos in my photos app, so having to scroll down to my most recent photos was very tedious and annoying. Especially if I wanted to add more than one photo. I noticed this only occurred if I selected a photo that my iPhone had backed up to iCloud and needed to redownload because I selected it in the Klook app. Please fix this so users aren’t discouraged and stop adding photos to their reviews!
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1 year ago, jvlqz
Booking Errors and Unhelpful Customer Service
We booked our JR tickets and I filled out the information under my account and paid with my card. Yet my boyfriend was the one who received the confirmation…which was weird but we didn’t really care as long as we had our booking. Then we noticed my full name was listed on the booking information but not on the voucher. This means I would not have been able to exchange my voucher for the JR pass. I tried to log in and it says I have no account. So I reached out to customer support and they told me that the purchase was made under my boyfriend’s account. He doesn’t even have an account. So they tell me that I have to cancel and rebook a few weeks out from our trip when we booked well in advance. It was a system error on their part and they had customer service reps telling us they can fix it then another rep saying they can’t. The communication is awful. The system error is strange as my full name does appear on the booking confirmation but not the voucher. And they had people telling us different things…all a few weeks before our trip. It has been stressful! I recommend using other sites to book the JR pass. I wanted to book experiences on Klook for our trip but I’m am very hesitant after our experience here.
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6 months ago, Singapore trip
Worst customer support service
I had booked tickets for gardens by the bay in Singapore. My husbands flight was delayed by 14 hours and I had reached out to the customer support to provide refund/credits so that we can see in the 5 days of trip planned. They had promised to provide refund and needed the details of the flight delay etc. when I reached out and provided, it was routed to more “senior specialists” and they kept chatting and asking for same proofs and that they will get back to me. While I waited, I also rebooked and saw the gardens by the bay because the agent had said if they can’t provide refund, they will give us credits if we rebook. I had faith on them. However, in the end, they still route me to different specialists and still are “investigating” and now say that it’s an “open ticket” and I can use it for 3 months. It’s useless solution for me as it was provided after I left Singapore. Extremely unprofessional and will never use Klook again. Please avoid and do not use if you ever think you might have changes to your original booking and might need help. They clearly will not help.
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5 years ago, hargar13
User Beware
I travel often and try to use local apps. I came across this app on my recent travels to book a night time tour. We had a short layover on our way home and thought it would be nice to utilize the time wisely. The app showed the tour times, so I purchased the tickets. After waiting for over an hour, no tour ever showed up. I verified through the actual tour company’s website to see they offered the tour at a different time. We had missed it. I reached out to Klook asking for a refund and for them to change their tour times on the app. They told me they couldn’t issue a refund unless the tour company allowed it. After arguing back and forth with them, they eventually issued my refund. I left a one star review for the tour on the app. They asked if they could remove it. I told them they didn’t have my permission to do so. They did anyway. Their customer service is utterly atrocious. I have in writing and screen caps, so I have proof. They are a fraudulent company. If you choose to use them, beware!!! They show zero remorse for anything. Oh, and after sharing the correct tour times with them, they refuse to change the time.
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3 months ago, YhOK
Update! Not clear language used in the cancellation policy and poor customer service
As expected I sent them the whole story of what’s happened in the link they pretended to provide (like they care). Nope! over a week after, nothing happens, not even an acknowledge or pretend like they are working on the case. Truly, a sad customer support! Previous: This was my first time using Klook, as they seem popular in Asia. I booked a car rental, but in the confirmation email, it stated that refunds were not available on the day of the rental. I attempted to cancel my reservation one day prior, but Klook refused to issue a refund and instead suggested to a full charge. Unfortunately, there was no clear explanation about refund policies or fees prior to the rental date. Despite multiple attempts to contact their call center, I was never given a satisfactory answer about the language used in the confirmation email or why a refund was not possible, the reps were just simply “no refund, bye” and didn’t bother to read my further questions.
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1 year ago, Hollywooodboy
Worst airport transport ever
Even though a taxi would be far less expensive we specifically booked airport transfer in Tokyo to our hotel expecting it to be less stressful. Klook specifically states on the booking that someone will be waiting with a sign with your name at airport for 1 hr and 40 min after your arrival. WRONG! No one for first hour we kept waiting and calling. Customer service of no help. Finally after 2 hours I literally walked up to everyone that looked like a driver. Some guy with NO sign and didn’t speak English was who I finally found. This is the worst service I’ve ever had anywhere and I advise to NEVER use this app. I could have just left in a taxi and paid half price but I couldn’t afford to lose my money since they won’t refund me money so my entire trip was delayed for hours. If Klook doesn’t respond to this review and give me a refund for their lies I will continue to write reviews across the internet to save innocent customers from getting lied to and their money stolen.
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2 weeks ago, AaronDeR
Company is a Scam Scam Scam
Scam Scam Scam What a complete sham and scam and not a serious company! Pre-Paid for 12 hours for a private car charter in Bali and when making the booking we listed the destinations we wanted to go to. After taking us to our first destination and us requesting move to our next location, the driver refused. He told us there’s too much traffic and we cannot go there and tried to propose alternate destination that we did not want to go to. This after only four hours with the driver, he would not take us according to the plan from the booking. The driver would not let us speak to the responsible of the company (despite him being on phone with him as we were driving) and ended up taking us back to our hotel after less than 5 hours! Not only this drive and experience was horrendous. 1. The seat belt in the car did not work 2. He drove extremely fast on small roads with many turns even after us asking to drive slower. 3. I’m not sure what routes he was taking, but based on Google maps and the route we took, it was the longest way possible to reach our destination - we had even told him we will pay any tools necessary. I don’t know how this company is in business. Everything must be prepaid and advance, and you have no choice or course of action. I will never recommend to anyone and strongly advise against Klook
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3 weeks ago, Mkhh09
Klook app scammed me out of $100
I booked a ticket for a ferry during my stay in the Philippines. The Klook app prominently displayed an incorrect departure time for the ferry and I booked a return flight to Manila for after the ferry based on the incorrect time in the Klook app. The ferry didn’t show when I needed it to, again because the Klook app displayed the wrong time, so I almost missed my flight. I had to book another ferry that was leaving at the time the originally ferry I booked on was supposed to leave. I asked for a refund via Klook app, showing with multiple screenshots how the incorrect departure information was prominently displayed, yet they refused to provide a refund because the correct departure time was buried in one section of an email when redeeming the voucher, even though the incorrect information was once again displayed right next to it. Don’t use this app if you want your trip to go how you planned it.
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1 year ago, FrequentFlyer148
Scam. Avoid this platform.
I purchased a premium transportation service, with a premium vehicle, along with car seats. I was charged for all of these items. I was not provided car seats for my children. I was not provided a premium vehicle, and was also provided very poor service. No one has taken the time to understand what actually happened, so they offered me a ridiculous 10% discount. If I am at a restaurant and order a steak, but instead the staff bring salted peanuts to the table, it would be absurd for the restaurant to offer a 10% discount from the steak price to try to solve the problem. That’s exactly what’s happened with Klook. Klook is a brokerage platform that has zero control of the product you actually receive and Klook has no interest in rectifying the situation if the standards of the product do not meet what’s communicated in the listing. It's a scam. Use your money elsewhere.
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3 months ago, Xbbydee
Although this app has a lot of good deals they also allow shady businesses apart of their app. We booked a hotel room stay for one night and on my statement it said I check in March 3rd and check out March 4th. We get to the hotel and the front desk tells us we only have the room for 2 hours and wants to upcharge us but on my statement it clearly says that I am booked for march 3rd check in and check out March 4th. The receptionist leaves to the back and never comes back out so we can’t even talk to anyone. We wait over 2 hours to speak to someone while also trying to get ahold of Klook only for them to tell us they can’t refund us because it’s the day of and my mistake.. What do you mean ??? We wasted 2 hours waiting to speak to the receptionist at the hotel and used ZERO of their services and they continue to allow business like this on their app. Be CAREFUL.
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4 years ago, noodlegirl8
Don’t use it
I booked a transfer between Pattaya- Bangkok. All of the Klook’s confirmation email goes to my inbox but the most important one go to my junk mail. The one which said I should be at the meeting point one hour before. I was there 15 minutes before (10 minutes earlier) than their first confirmation email that goes to my inbox. So I was marked no show and lost precious time on my holiday because of this. The customer service won’t do anything to help except to say contact the transfer company or buy a new ticket. So I went to the company’s office, and guess what? Contact Klook or buy a new ticket. It was so easy to reschedule me to the next schedule which are empty and open but no. It was an awful feeling being in a foreign country and be treated like that. A simple solution won’t be given. They just want to take your money and that’s it. You just lost a customer and much more to loose.
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1 year ago, celter #1
Horrible service "use TripAdvisor"!!
I searched for trips to Hong Kong and aisland boat trip was populated. The trip did not say Thailand on it and only sheet booking and looking at location pick up did I realize this was the wrong county. I quickly got on with customer service and was told they do not refund no matter what. I thankfully was able to do a stop payment to this company but the fact that the trip is over a week away and contacted them immediately after the mistake shows that this company only cares about taking money not about the customer. I will never use their services again! TripAdvisor offers easy cancellations and great customer care. Do not use these scammers as if anything happens you will not get any help from them! The trip I booked was $370 dollars and they are trying to take this amount regardless of the mistake.
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1 year ago, KT-168
No show up driver for airport pick up!
I’ve booked my airport pick up the day before. I got the confirmation via email. But, it did not ask about my flight number and instructions where to meet. Upon arrival, I waited inside the arrival terminal where I can see signs with name for drivers to pick up people. I did not see mine. I waited for 30mins inside and then went outside to see if I missed anyone with my name sign. I see no one. I contacted via the app customer center. It was a specialist BOT with no response. Then, I also emailed customer service. By this time 1 hour passed. I knew I had to take other option to get into my hotel. This is totally unacceptable! I requesting my full refund and hoping it will be honored for KLOOK’s mistake! I am done booking with them! KT - one unhappy customer!!!
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1 year ago, SaraJun89
BEWARE THIS COMPANY IS TOTALLY FRAUDULENT!!!! They took my money for Disneyland tickets, then suddenly cancelled all of them. Had me reorder $800 worth of tickets promising and even sending me fake screen shots that they had "never charged" me my first $800 worth of tickets. 3 months later I'm checking my statements and see that they totally charged me and never refunded me! Emailed over 100 emails with them and they just lie and say nothing was charged. PayPal and my credit card company both confirmed the charges went through. They are liars and thieves! OH! And MORNING OF my first day for Disneyland they canceled my ticket! Couldn't get a hold of any customer service being we were in Japan. Came home and they lied they never canceled that as well. They lie and steal and charge you for non existent tickets! DEVIL COMPANY
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1 year ago, CypressBill
Impressively bad customer service
I called customer service looking to make some changes to my tickets. It is obvious the reps are all offshore. Offshore is fine if reps are well trained and provide good customer service vs just being an outlet to lower expense. All I know is what I experienced which is a rep that didn’t know anything and kept putting me on hold. I didn’t get the help I needed so I just canceled my tickets and rebooked them. I canceled well within the period prescribed by Klook to get a full refund. Going on 4 weeks and Still waiting on a refund. It doesn’t take that long to process a credit refund back to a credit card. Sounded like Klook wants to make sure they get a refund from their partner before they give the refund back to you. That’s not customer service.
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2 months ago, Mr TTI
Stay away from this Klook App! Purchased a private car transfer from Kansai Airport in Osaka and we waited over a hour with no driver anywhere around to pick us up but there were many others around with cards shown for other riders. Klook support is only by chat unlike others where you can call a US Number and after wasting lots of time in chat they say the driver doesn’t answer his phone. We eventually had to catch a taxi for a higher price and later received a email from Klook saying that the driver said he was there waiting for us which was a total scam. They wouldn’t issue a immediate refund so we were forced to contact our credit card company and submit a refund claim. Stay away from Klook like the plague!
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1 year ago, IReadManga
Customer Support is inconsistent
The booking process was easy enough and the directions of how you will decisive vouchers was really helpful. HOWEVER, there was a system error and our contact information was not correctly applied to my voucher even though it is correct on my file. Due to their error, they have cancelled my order but then asked ME to submit a refund via email, which they should have initiated since they are the ones that cancelled. I tried to start a help chat for assistance but due to the time zones, there was no English speakers available. Okay, understood. So I checked periodically throughout the day and there was still no one available! This led to an email request for help but they did not email directly. They sent my request to another individual that is not responsible for the booking! It is now being said that we have given no response. It’s starting to seem like this app is a scam which is a shame because they are mentioned in many publications. I recommend booking directly rather than a 3rd party.
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6 months ago, Bellzzzzzz
Bad customer service and unclear cancellation policy
This was our first time using Klook, as they seem popular in Asia. We booked a car rental, but in the confirmation email, it stated that refunds were not available on the day of the rental. We attempted to cancel my reservation one day prior, but Klook refused to issue a refund and instead suggested to a full charge. Unfortunately, there was no clear explanation about refund policies or fees prior to the rental date. Despite multiple attempts to contact their call center, we were never given a satisfactory answer about the language used in the confirmation email or why a refund was not possible, the reps were just simply “no refund, bye” and didn’t bother to read our further questions.
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5 years ago, Mandar87778
Fantastic app
I love this app. I just saw the sign of 1,000 yen at entrance of Tokyo Tower and as I walked towards the entrance, I used the app to pay (fraction of cost), ordered and redeemed it without a fuss while literally waiting in line at tickets counter. I think while Klook gets a lot of flack when things go wrong, after having booked over 10 experiences (borderless experience, Tokyo experiences) I must say this is a fantastic app and I have had no issues. Well done folks for fantastic app and providing great value for me.
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5 years ago, TAlefaio
Klook is my new favorite travel companion!
I am so happy I stumbled upon Klook and am already recommending it to all of my friends. Klook offered great ideas for activities, very competitive pricing, and made it so easy to keep all of my vouchers organized. My only wish is that they offer more last minute booking opportunities. There were activities that I couldn't book same day or the night before on Klook, but was able to book on other sites.
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5 years ago, quicksilver3393
Klook is a Scam
Be careful with klook. They make promises, then don’t follow through, which can cost people hundreds or leave them stranded. I had nothing but issues with their customer service as well. They would make promises then not call back as they stated they would or not email back. It’s been months and we are still out a couple hundred dollars, even though we jumped through all the hoops they insisted on. Just be careful because if they don’t follow through they won’t issue a refund. Also there is nothing worse than being stranded in a foreign country because klook didn’t follow through. It’s honestly a gamble with them on if they will do right by you or not.
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1 year ago, Ange_watermelone
Convenient and quick
I only gave this 4 stars bc I had to keep verifying with my bank that I was making the purchases. However this saved me so much money and time in the long run for my trip to Japan. It also gives you a lot of insight on what you need. Favorite feature is that it connects you with other people who have been to that same place and gets feedback from other travelers so you can be super prepared.
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2 years ago, modix1124
Interesting sites and experience S and easy to use
I’ve enjoyed using Klook as it has some usual and unusual tour sites and interesting experiences to consider. We’re mostly doing our own thing but have been augmenting with Klook tours and experiences (e.g. cooking class). Also it’s really easy to navigate Klook’s website. If you have to change, cancel or make a mistake, it’s really easy to cancel.
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5 years ago, ForYou💖
Wifi device - deliver to the Hotel in Sai Gon
I got my WiFi device with the charger inside a package from my hotel front desk. Everything is working excellent so far. This device gives me a stronger signal than the hotel free WiFi. It’s very convenient to have this WiFi with me to use around the city and looking for places and direction. Highly recommended this WiFi device to anyone visiting Sai Gon, Vietnam. I am very happy with renting this lily WiFi device.
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4 months ago, 胡大图
Excellent customer support
I couldn’t find the booking confirmation on my email. I asked for help from Klook live chat. Muhammad A found my booking information and resent it to me. I still couldn’t locate it on the inbox. He sent me a pdf attachment with the live chat so that I could download it. He is one of the best costumer specialist I have luckily had! Thank you Muhammad!
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10 months ago, Vic Getaweeny
HK AirPort Express shakedown
I purchased a ticket charged to my credit card one way from HK Station to the airport. When checking my bookings at arrival at HK station it had vanished. I sent an email to your lousy customer support email (you don’t even have the decency to have a help phone number for Hong Kong) but of course there was no prompt reply. I subsequently purchased a second ticket also charged to my credit card so I could make the flight. I demand a refund for the paid for but vanished first ticket, and have certainly learned my lesson about how dicey, unreliable and dishonest this Klook service is. Nicholas Appel
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4 months ago, Liem09
First and last time
I just used klook to schedule airport pickup in Hanoi, VN. The site asked me for my flight info but didn’t realize it set the date for Feb 27 default (that’s tomorrow). I needed the pickup for March 9th. I realized the mistake and engaged them immediately. They said there’s nothing they can do to cancel. There is a 24 hour before pickup free cancellation but due to Vietnam being 12 hours ahead of the US, I was already within that 24 hour before I ever booked because of the auto date they set. This is a terrible way to do business. And I will not be using them again.
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6 years ago, AnelaD808
So far I have made 5 different reservations
So far I have made 5 different reservations 2 out of 5 worked out great the others I just basically wasted money I guess. The puffer fish restrurant knew nothing of the coupons or of Klook so we didn’t get a discount and I guess paid for reservations to klook. My Disney tickets were apparently not actual tickets but rather a payment to be allowed to change my days :( and my shuttle went to my hotel at 7 pm despite a 4 pm pick up request that was $110 down the drain. Over all I don’t know if the stress is worth the savings.
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1 year ago, Chiaja loves RIVA turbo x
Great app for Asia!
First time using Klook as I heard about it on TikTok. Was a little weary of it, but I used them for airport transfers in Tokyo and Seoul. Also used the app to book tickets to popular attractions and had no problems. App is very easy to use and will definitely be using it on our next trips where they have destination services. Pricing was good as well. Thanks Klook!
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6 years ago, mnhtx
A must have app for Singapore!!!
Very easy to use and a lot of same day deals!!! Get credits for doing things all over own and then write a review and upload pics and get more credits to use on your next activity!! Also prices are much better then buying at the activity!! Use your credits on other activities to save even more money!!!
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1 year ago, RayHawaii84
Poor customer service
Terrible customer service!! Booked couple of things to do in Tokyo with this company and as soon submit your booking , you can’t change anything!! Not even when the booking is still in process! The agents are unfriendly und incompetent, each single one tells you something else . They promised me a credit as a GWG for a booking , waiting since days, reached out to them and was told a completely different story ! Also , one of my booking isn’t even showing on my apps and they keep ignoring my questions where my booking is
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2 years ago, JumDarin
Poor customer service
They don’t provide flight information while you purchase with this app. Try other app if don’t want to get frustrated about their service. I was disappointed for your service. It doesn’t have a backup plan or system once I book the flight ticket. Normally, the service would double check about information before place an order. Once in the process, there are no contact information to help how to solve the issue. It doesn’t provide the flight details through the app.
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12 months ago, AdventureNext
I am a fan of Klook
At first I was skeptical because I never hear of Klook. But after one booking, two bookings then three now I lost track of how many times Klook has came through for us. We used Klook in Thailand, in Bali, in Vietnam, in Japan as well as S. Korea. All success with no hiccups. Keep up the good work Klook, I am glad I found you!
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3 months ago, mikewilson
Don’t waste your time
This app is worse than useless. I booked a tour, paid money, then found out 4 days later there was no availability. And since I was counting on this “booking” all the companies have since sold out as well. Now get to wait for my money to be returned, for a booking that never existed in the fist place. And of course Klook kept their cut “Klook upgrades cannot be refunded”. So they just took $10 from me on top of everything else. There are better apps that do the same thing, but come through. Don’t use
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10 months ago, fun 2021
False advertisement
Beware and don’t use this app or company. They make everything cheaper than other travel company. After you paid and book, then they will email you that they don’t have the ticket from merchants and refuse to refund your money because you already booked even thought the booking was canceled. When you try to chat with customer service, Sahira R will take forever to answer your questions and force you to a different department to deal with it within 48 hours and refuse to get me a supervisor.
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6 years ago, azeflip
No customer service assistance!
I have tried contacting them through text messages and email. Not once i have received any response! They would email you for promotions but not when you’re trying to get in touch with them! It is ridiculous., this website and app needs to shut down completely! Don’t believe that all the tours are on sale because when you get to your destination it will stil be the same price and you cant get refunded through this site! Please dont waste your time. I want my money back! And will delete this app asap! It’s the worst!
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5 years ago, BC Sis :)
Good for SE Asia Tours
I used Klook for a number of excursions in SE Asia from spa days, to elephant sanctuary, to Singapore’s Garden by The Bay Entry, to Phi Phi Island boat tours and more, and each one was well orchestrated and executed well. I highly recommended reading reviews to pick a good excursion if there are multiple options. I thoroughly read all my reviews before selecting an excursion, and I think that definitely helps my experience :)
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1 year ago, Zee287
So far so good
Was recommended by a friend who travel frequently and found it quite convenient to look aroubd what attractions were offered in each different country. Made the purchase and followed the steps eith a minor hitch, other than that, it’s quite easy to use.
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1 year ago, Filmrocks
Booking multiple packages with add ons isn’t easy. Klook passes should present to users actual discounts, some options go straight to pay now wc bypasses the things in the cart. Very annoying! I ended up getting getting a cheaper deal adding things to cart individually rather than getting a klook pass (2 attractions + disney) bec getting the klook pass doesnt allow me to add on premier access and meal options and only adds adult prices! No children’s option for klook pass. So check first before getting that pass.
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3 years ago, maxconhay
WHY would you sell tickets for all day dining at Seaworld when there’s no all day dining available! Scam much? Been trying to get a refund through email and they keep holding it off with questions I’ve already provided the answers to. In one email I included my tickets, order detail, and a description of what happened and what I did to try to solve it at the park and they just keep emailing with questions trying to avoid giving me the refund! I will update when they give me my refund!
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5 years ago, Missty.Stahler
Reoccurring verified by visa errors with very purchase
I initially liked the app until it kept giving me verified by visa errors. I understand the issue is that I have a SIM card in my phone during travel so the number is different than on record. However, we already verified our identity on the one for one purchase took about 45 minutes during our travel. The following day I tried to make a new purchase and it gave me the same error. It is an insane waste of time even calling.
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6 years ago, hslauw
Simply the best.
Klook made my journey simpler and actually cheaper. Before our trip to Tokyo, I pre-ordered 4G LTE wifi, picked up in Narita airport. So easy. No hassle. Picked it up at the counter, returned at the same counter. Also ordered onsen tickets, picked it up the same time as wifi. Booked one day tour to Mount Fuji as well. And subway tickets. Just read the instruction and notes. And follow it. Easy.
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2 months ago, Funtrip4me
Ease of Use
I was looking to book the Shinkansen reservation and came across this app. It was easy to find which day, what time and where the stations are to take the train. I will recommend everyone to use this to book their next Shinkansen reservation,
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3 months ago, Pudge636
Date changes
To whom it may concern. On the klook app I have noticed a few times with several different airlines when you add the flight number for example TG404 and my flight is tomorrow it changes the date of my flight airport transportation from March 26 to the flight today on March 25. They use the same flight numbers both days. It would be nice if the date not change. Thank you. I lost money because of this.
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1 year ago, Kimberlyyyyyyyii
Scam us for SkyPark in Singapore
Sold us tickets for a specific date for SkyPark and we took taxi all the way there to find out there’s no availability and all full won’t let us in today. Contact support three separate times to get refund and they’re so slow in responding their help chat. First time they said I can use on another date, second time they said the same thing even after I told them that I can’t do any other day. Third time they want proof that I left Singapore already to get refund. WTH
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2 months ago, seismo2000
Buggy app, poor customer support
I used Klook to by eSIM for my trip to China. I set delivery date for my departure date and I still have not received the voucher. I am testing to reach customer support, but they do not respond promptly. I had to wait for 1 hr to get a response. When the support stated talking to me I see the notifications but I do not see their messages in the support chat. Very broken app. They say I will be able to get my voucher in the app, but I do m not see anything. I feel I am being scammed. Very unhappy.
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1 year ago, mitochondria7
Klook Is great
We love using Klook. The only thing we like to se Eid be able access instructions from the booking /voucher list instead having click on the booking to go to activity to select say the meeting point for a tour etc. o/w happy with their service for many years
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11 months ago, Sharitoa
Klook App rating!
I like the app but the coupons is the frustrated part. You get one coupon when you download the app after that they send coupon or promo for other country you’re not even visiting or in. I should not have to purchase any coupons either. Not a happy customer when you spend money and you get no reward for it.
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