Kmart – Shop & Save

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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kmart – Shop & Save

4.06 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
6 years ago, samj678
Good App
The Kmart app crashes a lot, prices and availability of items tends to change in just minutes, and it’s hard to find store pickup on a lot of items when you’ve already filtered searches for store pickup. It’s design, layout and access is great. It flows very nicely and is appealing. It’s easy to access what you’re looking for and if the filters worked correctly, there are great options. 4/5 stars for crashing. They seem to be improving on letting you know before purchase when things are not readily available for store pickup, which wasn’t always the case. I had four canceled orders after checkout that were cancelled due to availability issues in the stores. No big worry when you’re using FreeCash, but I have still yet to find it returned to account. Another no so big deal when so many offers are reloaded quickly, just something to be mindful of.
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6 years ago, Sudedoo
Susan Vaughan
Everything was great until check out! Your system had an expired card in it’s system and it would not let me delete it or upgrade the information. Every time I tried to place my order it kept switching back to the expired card. After 3 times I called customer service and of course they were closed. Well that meant I would have to wait for morning and then my things could possibly not going to be in my cart. So I tried one more time, and I went back to place my order and I went back up to see if it had changed back to my old card and it had so I changed it again and I was able to finally able to place my order. I would like someone to call me about my order. You should be able to get my number from the name on my rewards card. If no one calls me in a few days I will call customer service about cleaning up my information, which being a customer I should be allowed to change or delete a card number. Your system will not let you pay by credit card unless you save your information, not everyone wants their information saved by any store because of the breaches that have happened. I being one of them. I wasn’t worried about the card you had because it was deleted by the bank for a breach they had in their system. The BANK!! If it can happen to them it can happen to anybody! We should have the option not to save our information on your website! Can you help me with that? Thank you for your time, Susan
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6 years ago, That smart guy
Beautiful app, just like Kmart itself
I gotta hand it to whoever came up with Kmart and Sears's Shop Your Way Rewards program, it's made me a VERY loyal shopper. I don't know of any other free loyalty program where you can so quickly rack up points and buy stuff with them (I mean, half the time it's 100% back in points!)... Anyway, since I now go to Kmart for almost everything, I use the app constantly, and can confidently say it's perfectly functional as of the latest update. It's straightforward and has almost no issues that I've seen. The app is fast and intuitive, and has lots of helpful features for finding what you want, getting any available discounts, and if you go into a physical store improving that experience in various ways. If you're one of the minority of people that are aware of the fact that Kmart offers better deals and quality than the other discount chains, then downloading this app is a no-brainer. And if you're skeptical of Kmart, then downloading this app (and creating a free Shop Your Way Rewards account) should make a believer out of you.
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5 years ago, Crazy Jacob G
Very frustrated and unsatisfied
Completely awful. I forgot my password and asked for a password reset email. It never came. I tried again. Still nothing. I called the help line. I was on hold for 10 minutes and then the person said there was nothing he could do. I went to my local K-Mart and they couldn’t help me either. So I ended up starting a new account with my grandma’s name (my name is Jacob Gibson) and ordering. I’m also frustrated I can’t get what I need sent to my store for some reason so I have to pay for expensive shipping. I’m aware this is mostly a rant about a bad experience but I feel like this wouldn’t have happened if the app worked better. There ought to be a way to sign in with Facebook but there isn’t. Unacceptable. I give it 2 stars because I did save some money on deals in the past. Update: also upset that there’s no way to email customer support, and that the store coupons I receive after shopping only last a couple days if not the same day I shopped. I don’t shop often and shouldn’t be coerced into going to the store more often than I need to.
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5 years ago, YuniNaoki
Better than K-Mart’s website!
The app is definitely easier to use than the actual K-Mart website on my phone. Just wish there could be a “forward” button for all of the times I had hit the “back” button by accident and lost my “refined search” It’s also kind of annoying that you have to select what kind of shipping that you want for EACH item. I had a large order of 22 items so it was a bit tedious. I guess for small orders it’s not a big deal hahaha! Another piece of advice I feel obligated to give is to please keep up with the times and accept PayPal as a payment method!! I feel that you’d attract more customers this way. It IS the number one way to pay online after all! On to the positive: The app itself is surprisingly attractive and eye-pleasing. The colors are bright and cheery, the models for the clothing are realistic and are also very cheery to look at. The formatting is great and everything is pretty well organized. The refined search works great, too; very helpful for finding exactly what I needed. Overall, my first experience with the app was a good one and I plan on using it again very soon. ❤️ (Not sure if the people who made the app also run the website, but you might want to try to implement some of these things on your website to make it better 🙃)
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6 years ago, Everything'sTaken98450
Works as intended, most of the time.
First, let’s just say I like Kmart. When I first ran into it I was surprised to say the least. Kmart is a symbol of nostalgia from my early childhood. Needles to say, I had to shop and hope it triggered any fond memories from shopping at an early age with parents. Ever since then I’ve tried making Kmart my first place I look whenever I’m shopping for anything. But anyway, on to the Kmart app. For the purpose of shopping in general it usually works just fine. You’ll begin to notice a few issues when you try using coupons or points. For instance, fill your cart that would trigger your freecash points. When you go to check the details of the points offer that’s been applied. Well, all you’ll get is the value followed by “null”. No description on what it is that being applied and towards what. In other instances you may try to apply a coupon but when you click the coupon link within the cart you’ll get nothing at all. Other issues I’ve noticed are for no cart loading up. Continually tells you the carts empty. However, force close then open back up, click cart, and everything’s there. All in all, it works just fine most of the time. I give 4 stars due to the minor issues I’ve seen. Would give 5 if those weren’t present.
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5 years ago, Atarinerd93
Good app, just needs better polish
I personally work for sears. So I also love Kmart and I shop online a lot. Overall the app is great. Good colors and checkout process is good also. My suggestion is to have it better organized. Like say I want a particular size tshirt and even though you can filter products by size, sometimes the size filter option isn’t even available. Another thing I noticed is that sometimes there’s “to much” on the phone screen going on. Like compare other products, pictures, ads, payment all of it is on the same screen. Maybe condense like-things together/make the app easier to follow. Overall 4 out of five.
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6 years ago, Jadedgirl025
Still bad
Refined and detailed searches still have crappy unrelated results. I try to sort by price and or at the store closest to me but it will still give me results for items that are sometimes hundreds of dollars when my search criteria said $10 or less. My local Kmart store in Augusta Maine constantly has items in stock that I am told are out of stock online. Not only has the recent app update not fixed any of these issues but now it has an additional issue of my text not showing up when I type anything into a box be it my address the name of the pick up person my password when logging in I’m typing. The cursor moves indicating that the text is being typed but it’s blank. Also when I go to clip coupons I’m suddenly constantly getting errors . The only pro is that the most recent update has made the app slightly easier to navigate.
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6 years ago, Hml1017
Does what it supposed to
I typically use my phone when I do online shopping and prefer using apps versus going into the webpage. I’ve never had issues with shopping with the Kmart app accept when I was doing layaway for Christmas. It was difficult in the app and not very straight forward so I ended up having to pull out my laptop and going on the actually desktop website to do it and know everything was going threw correctly. Other than the layaway issue I like the app. Only thing I didn’t like was layaway was over in stores which I have one less than 3 miles from me so when I was doing the layaway if the product/item was available in the local stores which one item was at a store over 10 miles from me, because of that I wasn’t able to pick the option to have it ordered online and added to the layaway and shipped to my house.
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5 years ago, Redflagsad
Kmart is a 5 star, the app a 2 star
I don’t know if others have this problem, but I often get cut off from the shopping I am doing on the app- the app just literally closes on me, and I have to start over again. This time, the app closed 3 times on me. I was checking out with 7 items in my cart, thought I had completed the purchase, and a survey popped up asking me about the “magazine” I had in my cart... I did NOT have a magazine in my cart. I checked my email, and there was not a purchase confirmation from KMart, so I went back to my cart and found only 6 items. Maybe the 7th item I had selected was no longer available, but I didn’t see any message letting me know. I was worried that I may be checking out the items in my cart a second time... I LOVE KMart, and miss having a store near me. I will tolerate the app, but I am usually frustrated by the time my purchase is complete. The app seems unstable. Thank you-
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6 years ago, HonestAbe8
What a joke this app is! I’ve used this for the past two years to pay my layaway. I just tried to pay a payment and it kept saying “failed to make payment”. So, I backed out of it and tried again. Little did I know each time it was taking a payment. So, instead of one payment it took three!! Unfortunately this happened last year as well. I called customer service and he put in an investigation but said I’d need to contact the store for stopped payment. I said I’m not that close to a Kmart that’s why I pay on the app and asked if they could do it over the phone, he said yes. Contacted the store and after waiting on hold for 10 mins she tells me I have to come in. I told her I wasn’t close to one and she said I realize that but we can’t do it over and wasn’t very nice about it! Needless to say, when this layaway comes out, I won’t be a Kmart customer anymore. I now realize why they’re going out of business! If I could rate this with zero stars, I would!
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7 years ago, flowergirl1133
Needs a little polishing
I like the option of shopping online, but this app needs a little more work. Got hung up with pick up at store locking up or looping back during checkout. When I looped back to my last item, there was no clear, easy way to get back to my cart. I had to "add to cart" again, then delete the item. Sad to say this matches the downgrade of selection options and quality of goods being sold at Kmart. Whoever built up groceries and added dollar store bins ruined the rest of my shopping options. Walmart has groceries cornered for less. I would shop at Kmart to avoid their crazy and miles of walking. Now there's smaller depts of ugly, cheap goods. Oh, I also can no longer add funds to my debit card. Kmart has taken away at least 50% of my reasons to go there with just that 1 action. Bet they close in 1 year.
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5 years ago, mn2014
Best way to save money
I love Kmart and am grateful my local Kmart is still around. Kmart has better quality products than their competitors and the app makes saving money really easy. The FREECASH offers are very generous considering they are stackable usually with your points you’ve accrued already and then on top of that you can earn more cash back on your purchase. For example: You have $15 FREECASH and can get another $5-10 CASHBACK when you spend $35-50. You get $75 worth of product, use your $15 FREECASH and get an additional $10 CASHBACK for your next purchase. That’s a total of $25 on a $75 purchase or as little as a $65 purchase. I love the seamless app to store experience.
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6 years ago, blondie615
Customer service
It’s would be so much easier if your able to email someone about an issue you have instead of talking to someone on the phone. It was hard to understand the ppl on the phone with there accents and the noise of there office in the back round and the way they cut in and out of talking to you then there being silence and back to talking to you. When getting off the phone they don’t even say goodbye have a nice day I hope we were able to help you and if you need anything else feel free to call back like most other customer service representatives I have dealt with in the past. They just don’t say anything back at all and make it all awkward when ending the phone conversation. I think they need to really work on that.
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6 years ago, SFBANAK
Both Sears & Kmart have moved from Little Rock & some products I liked appear to no longer be available. It started a couple tears ago when I took my lawn mower purchased there into Sears for service. Learned no more service at Sears. Had to go to a local place & took a long time. A few weeks ago, went to North Little Rock Store to get spark plug & oil filter from that location (20 miles or more away). Nice salesman; but, both wrong items. After many, many years shopping at Sears mostly, Kmart occasionally, I am to the point if not shopping at either place. Have closed so many, so, maybe answer is just close them all. Brands changed, no service, so, no need for me to spend my $$ either place. Closed my account as well. Disappointing.
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6 years ago, Jasper Elephant
Shopping made simple
I had several items I generally would purchase directly from the store, but since They’ve closed the nearby space, I’ve used the online service. I find it easy to maneuver and their product description is thorough as any other well regarded online service. I especially appreciate that, when ordering apparel. The payment page is easy to follow and shipping options are better than many other online sites. It’s a shame that the brick and mortar business is taking a backseat to this method, but I’m quite satisfied with K-Mart’s efforts in this competitive market.
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6 years ago, Fhfgjhfhff
Very Glitchy, But Still Works
Update: As of March 2018 an update to the app has made it very hard to use. It now logs me out constantly, won’t apply any coupons, and eliminates many products they have in stock when you search a brand name. It’s a mess. Hopefully they will fix this soon. I’ve been using the kmart App for years now and have come to the conclusion that it will always have problems. The most common for me are saying my cart is empty when it’s not, not being able to filter search items properly, and crashing when I use it for too long. Despite all of this, I still enjoy using the app. I get really good coupons from kmart and shopyourway, and can usually get most of what I want for free. As a result, it’s worth it for me to put up with all the glitching and I would still recommend it to anyone wanting a good deal.
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5 years ago, Mr n Mrs H
Can find what you need
Only glitches I found was I want to order a patio chair and it kind of deadlocked then I figured out it wasn’t available for shipping only store pick up and no store pick up within 100 miles And some of the pictures for the items didn’t have a good zoom and hard to see some of the details on the app was the only other item I wasn’t crazy about Otherwise it was easy to use and when I put in the search box what I wanted up came my item
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3 years ago, Family Stylist
Very Hard to stay with it
It’s hard going in & out of windows. No Continued shopping button in Cart. Why? It has to completely recalibrate to check out different colors of the same items. It doesn’t go easily back from looking at a zoomed picture back to the regular item page. Knocked me out of the website a couple of times. And after it took an hour & a half to order 5 nightgowns, I’m paying $15 for shipping? Geez. It also doesn’t keep it straight if I’m shipping a gift to someone else, but want billing come to me. What I did like is that it let me know inventory locally & online so I’d know if it was sold out. Would be nice if I knew that before I opened the window. Also to be offered contact option when it again becomes available would be nice.
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6 years ago, BlackMattie
Horrible App
I loaded this app to get my coupons and to keep track of my points. This app keeps stopping mid use and just has that spinning thing until I reset my phone completely. During a recent trip to K-mart, I went to open my app for the cashier to scan my coupons and it wouldn’t allow me to access it. She was willing to wait for me to rest the phone but the people behind me were furious and it was embarrassing. She told me I could go to customer service afterwards. I look over and there is a wait but money is money right? So after I wait, the customer service rep says she has to re-ring everything as a return then sale. Who has the time for this??? Just fix the app Sears/K-mart! Then I may shop in your store more often. As it is now, I’ve given up trying after that fiasco. Another thing to mention here is the fact that if I wanted to shop online I can’t! Why? When I click to cart it won’t add until I’m logged on even though I am logged on! So I tried to log on in the window pop up when clicking to cart and it won’t bring me to a log in window. This app will not accept my mailing address claiming “authentication error “. What a joke for an app.
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7 years ago, monji2003qpon
Neat App; few dislikes
I think the app is neat overall and easy to use. I love the fact that I can order online, redeem my points etc. the only thing I don’t like is I usually don’t receive the right merchandise. It’s like whomever is packing the items are careless about it then I have to end up driving back to get the correct items ( the closet Kmart is 15 miles from me) and I absolutely dislike Walmart so I support Kmart. Also, the app is always saying my orders are processing for pick up when I’ve received email and text messages saying the item is ready for pick up and when I get there it’s not ready or can’t be found. Other than that the app is great, convenient, and fast.
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6 years ago, trailnlazer
Placing on online order for sandals
I have never have had such a bad experience shopping. I had placed my order at least 4 times with the orders . disappearing. I was excited about the wedge sandals however you had a hard time finding the items. I would have to start my order all over again & again. Then when I would go to order I would discover that some of the sandals would have to get picked up in the store. I am at least 40 miles away. I have been looking for these sandals all summer long and have had time finding a place to order. If I had not been desperate I would not have ordered. I may not place another order it is that difficult . I would not recommend this to anyone
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5 years ago, exsposethefakes
I went on there site and let me say this!! There prices are outrageous!! How they going to save you money when they jack the prices super high and discount them. Its not even a discount. This is there Black Friday deals?? No way!! I can get a 32” tv for 100 bucks on Black Friday almost anywhere. You cant find a 1- star rated tv for less then 200 on this site. And the then the tv is only 24”?? Man no wonder they went outta business n now online they’re trying to recover big losses by what? Ouch I’ll do my shopping elsewhere where they have real Black Friday deals. Granted you give free cash but what’s free cash when you have tripled the price on stuff that should’ve never been that high price in the first place.
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5 years ago, 9089088908999
This app is terrible
Apparently I already have an account (maybe through Sears). I had to push the forgot password button because I have no idea what it could be. The first time they said they sent an email, it never came. I tried two more times. I got an email each time, but pushing the reset link just took me back to the sign in screen both times. There was no place to reset the password and it won’t take the new password on the sign in screen. They also said in the email that there were instructions on how to reset the password. The only instructions were push this link to reset password. I can’t even get in to the app because of this. I have deleted it. It is useless.
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6 years ago, Karetz2
Kmart app saves the day!
This app is so easy to work with. I can go back and forth between Sears and Kmart so smoothly. I can't understand why other apps for stores aren't so easy to use as this one is for me to get items I want with fair shipping costs. It has been my go to shopping app for a very long time. I shop at other big box store apps and for some reason almost every time the order is incorrect, often times meaning items never sent or two of every item is sent. Love this app!!
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4 years ago, SkisaWinner
Pretty good but...
When adding to cart, updating cart, or just going between screens in general, it take quite a while. In the digital age we expect to have things instantly & it really isn’t that long but when I see other shopping apps take one second between screens and K-Mart several, (5-7 seconds at least) it makes me think there’s a little glitch in there somewhere. Otherwise, it’s very well laid out and easy to find what you’re looking for.
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6 years ago, MrzPB
Love/Hate relationship!
Shopping the Kmart/Sears app is a tedious task! Constantly going back and forth through products that are not available online, or in my area, or in my size is annoying! Then finally being able to find something I need/want and placing an order only to be notified later that the item wasn't available after all and my order has been cancelled... AGAIN (And in the end losing my Freecash points :/ ) ... is very frustrating! I love the rewards program but shopping online is a pain in the ......!!!! Please fix this!
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6 years ago, jacksmom51
Sometimes stressful!
There are a lot of things I like but then there are problems in searching. Put something in your cart and say, go back to shopping and sometimes it takes you back to where you were and sometimes it goes back to home. I've gotten some great deals but usually end up calling about rewards that the app says I'll get and don't. I have put things in my cart then they leave for some reason today and I start over. I ordered 2 games today. They both said free shipping. Then in check out it charge with no option. I will have to call to get that fixed later.
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5 years ago, Pink0813
Absolutely HORRID
I placed an order for in-store pick up making sure the items I ordered were in the store I was picking up from. 2 days later than my pickup date, I still had no email okaying me to pick it up. I called them and spoke to a supervisor who said in 2 more days my order could be picked up. (now 4 days late) Supervisor even called the store to confirm. Within hours I received an email saying all my items were out of stock, my order was cancelled and my money will take another 5-7 days to refund. HORRIBLE service and NO product! The worst part is, these were shoes placed in order by us for a family whose kids needed shoes who lives in a shelter! Disgusting.
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6 years ago, Lararamirez2003
Multiple issues with app
I refined my search to include only certain sizes & only items that avail for shipping because there is not a Kmart located within 200 miles of me. Items that were not available in my size or not available to ship still showed up in the list. I also found that when I didn’t refine the items I found additional items that were in my size and available for shipping. Very frustrating! Then after adding about 8-9 items to my cart, the app booted me out & completely shut down. When I reopened the app, my cart was empty & I had lost it’s entire contents!
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4 years ago, Laxcheerr151111111111 is
No way to get a return label using the app!
There needs to be a way to get a return label using the app not everyone has access to a desktop computer. I have tried getting the desktop version using safari but when I go to sign in it’s takes me to a different website and after I sign in it never loads! I have also tried using my iPad and it looks like it going to work but when it loads after I have put in my sign in information it just takes me back to the home page without signing me in! I have been trying to return something I bought because it doesn’t fit for 2 weeks but it just won’t work!
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6 years ago, Isa52405
Love love love
I love this app because it allows me to earn free things just for using my debit card. I have my Uber linked and my debit card and anytime I take an Uber I earn reward points and if I have my debit card linked to retailers associated with shop your way rewards I get even more points. I shopped and had to pay for shipping only and many times nothing at all. Just got socks and shirts for school. $48 for $0 bucks. Love it.
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6 years ago, cmyers22
Great, most of the time
The app had been very helpful and quicker than the website on my phone. However, several times I have tapped on an item to check a price that says “check price in checkout” and it kicked me out of the app. When I would return it would go two screens in then set and load. Also was unable to apply a clipped coupon.
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6 years ago, Kathy from Little Rock
Great shopping experience!
I am so sad that we no longer have a Kmart in Little Rock. However, the online shopping is so easy! Please continue to keep your business available. I love the basic editions products because they always fit and they are so affordable! I love many other products you carry as well, so thank you for still being available for me to shop!
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6 years ago, Runningrebel185
*Wonderful app with quality!
I love Kmart. Since the days of a young boy I remember always going to Kmart for everything as Kmart has true value and quality for the dollar spent. The app simply makes it easier to shop for all your basic necessities. I will always stay humble, close to what matters most and definitely keep it simple and shop at Kmart! Thank you! ... Best, Proud Kmart Shopper
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6 years ago, Timewarpshakti
Annoying, Frustrating, and Useless
This supposed app was apparently programmed by untrained buffoons. If you search for an item to buy, invariably the built in search engine returns 872 unrelated hits, 62 items that are out of stock, and 3 items they expect you to drive 85 miles each way to go pick up. Poor Kmart. Even those of us who try to support them by being customers are thwarted. Update: now it has decided every time I log in or add a new item to my cart that I live in Chicago. I don’t live remotely close Chicago and never have even been to Chicago. So now I get to spend an inordinate amount of time repeatedly telling the app my actual location. Further, the app randomly crashes on a repeated basis. Updated update: the app refuses to allow me to add items to my cart, freezes up, or tells me repeatedly that there are no Kmart stores in my area (apparently they vaporized overnight). Poor app/website programming will be what killed Sears Holdings.
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5 years ago, Lala from the block
3 star only! App is always acting up!! :/
I thought the app would be better especially when placing orders but the app is always acting up.I would have tienes in my art and then go to check out and then the cart says no items in cart?!? I usually have to place items 2-3 times before I actually get my order place! Ridiculous! I stopped shopping at Kmart for a while because if that! Honestly it’s annoying and I do like the option to place orders online and then pick up.
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3 years ago, BubbaPower
Kmart Marketplace Shopping
I’m proud to support stores within the Kmart Marketplace and the Kmart app is perfect for my needs. Checkout is smooth. Saved for later and wishlists help me remember what I need. Everything is smooth and I always come here for certain buys. Plus, free shipping! Highly recommend shoppers use the Kmart app for specific buys such as furnace air filters and health needs such as vitamins.
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6 years ago, uplivca830
Very disappointed
I’m trying to place an order and it won’t let me keeps telling me I’m not signed in and I am . So I sign out and sign back in and it tells me oops your cart is empty you must sign in. Unbelievable happens to me all the time very frustrating don’t know what to do??????HELP. It makes a funny noise when I try to add to cart and then goes right to oops nothing in your cart you must sign in!!!!
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6 years ago, BigBang73
Unfortunately your next!
Just recently Toys R Us went out of business. I’m afraid d to tell you that Kmart, Sears, and JC Penny are next. Your websites have been lackluster for years. Everything I want to buy is always out of stock. But you don’t know that until checkout. After spending time finding stuff to know the merchandise I’d like to buy since it’s on your web site as still available. Anyways, I would love to take the CEO’s job of any of these companies. I know I would do better then what they have been giving their consumers. But lack of innovation and customer service will be the death of these companies.
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6 years ago, Theodd184
Customer service is horrible
Don’t buy anything from this company they will make promises that they then do t keep and they won’t do anything to remedy it, also when you do call and talk to customer service they will constantly interrupt you and when you tell them to just shut up and let you finish they hang up then you call back and while waiting on hold they hang up on everyone because it’s time to close and so they close instead of taking care of the people that have already been on hold waiting for them for the last half hour!!! Worst company in the World!!!!
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7 years ago, shadowwkinz
Great idea, horrible app
Constant pop ups, inability to effectively use the search feature. Every item you look at, is mislabeled as far as in stock, every time you change pages the same aggravating message blocks most of the screen. Numerous times I’ve ordered online, Kmart gave me the wrong item because my item wasn’t in stock. Even though the first thing I look for is in stock and store pickup. Not enough effort was put into this app. And if I complain I’m treated like a worthless piece of garbage.
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5 years ago, _TiaB
I love this app and Kmart stores and I’m so disappointed and sad that Kmart is closing down. I hope we can still shop online but I’m so sad to see them close. Kmart has made my life so easy when it comes to home decor, Christmas, school shopping and I overall love the layaway. I wish it was something I could do to stop the store from closing down. But Kmart is great.
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6 years ago, Sawyer Gene
Horrible App
I’ve used this app twice in the past 2 years and each time it takes me FOREVER and I have to start over several times. Buttons touched won’t advance. I put in my credit card info and it disappeared. I tried again and the typing wouldn’t show up. I typed again and the numbers showed up after a delay but the app added hyphens. I had to use my PayPal account to pay. I tried to place the order earlier today when I was at Kmart and gave up. I ordered while watching TV at home later in the day. Took about a half an hour to place the order on ONE item.
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6 years ago, rocketcitysue
Awful awful app
No wonder the KMart Corp can’t keep up with today’s technology. This app is awful. It’s difficult to navigate. You can’t use the loyalty program unless you go to a separate app. I kept getting Java errors and was forced to start over. If the 100% back deal wasn’t going on, I would have given up a long time ago I just used the app again (the next day). This morning, I had to call customer service to help with yesterday’s order. Trying to order today, once again, making today’s purchase was difficult. How many times can I say awful to describe the Kmart app.
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5 years ago, fittobetied!
Hassle to order
My order was started at 8:30am and could not be completed until 2:45pm. First after loading my cart with about 12 items I was kicked out with the spinning circle that never quit. After closing and reopening the app my cart that I spent over an hour filling was EMPTY. Later, I tried again. I really hate that I had to mark free shopping on each and every item one at a time. This is time consuming. Then if you need to add an item to the cart you will have to go back and mark free shipping all over again. I am beyond frustrated. This was not a good shopping experience!
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6 years ago, dotn89
Too much back and forth. When buying towels (or anything else) you shouldn’t have to go to continue shopping or the bottom of the page and scan through all the towel offerings to go back to the kind your purchasing. Also, they should line up in the order you purchase them to make checking your order before finalizing your purchase easy for the customer. Right now the are in random order. Makes no sense. Ordering from the website is a chore I only waded through for the 25% off!!!
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5 years ago, tara/don
My layaway.
Every time I go to use it to pay on my layaway it doesn’t work and I don’t always have time to get there. Sat it up on the app as soon has I got to my car. So I have been trying since Thursday to pay on this and it gets to the last screen and ask me to place order now. It’s all ready on layaway I don’t need to order it. Called customer service they couldn’t help me the called Kmart again and I can’t do a payment over the phone so I have to find time to go there. It’s due today and I go tomorrow and it’s back on the shelf Iam gonna be so mad. Please fix the app. Thank you. Tara
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5 years ago, Mrs.Haithcock
If you offer something on layaway it should be able to ship out. The whole reason I went with this layaway was because I thought everything could be taken care of without visiting a store. How do you not offer shipping to your own store? Don’t get me wrong I love being able to start it online and make my payments using the app but if you have something I want at a different location why wouldn’t you be able to ship it to my home?
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5 years ago, 6Wheelers
Does not care about customers.
I bought an item from a third part seller in the Kmart app. The item that was described on-line was not the item that was sent to me. The third party seller insisted that I keep the item and refused to give me a full refund like the website says will happen if I am not pleased. Sears and Kmart value more their partnership with the third party seller than they do with their customers. I have called more than a dozen times trying to get my refund. Each time I am promised I will get it but never hear back nor have I gotten a refund. Beware of purchasing from these companies.
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