Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts

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9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts

4.85 out of 5
648K Ratings
2 years ago, wrelli77
Was great, but now won’t update! 😭
This was going beautifully! Then the update came last week. (March 2022) And now it won’t let me use this app. It says my device “requires IOS 13.0 or later, but, that I can download the last compatible version”. (Download an older version of this app). Well..., guess what? It won’t even let me do that. It just spins then says it says it won’t update. And I try going back on the Kohl’s app, it says there is a new enhanced version. You can NOT close out this notification and shop any way. So I click on the notification (since it won’t close) and it forwards me right back to the App Store🤦🏼‍♀️ Such a bummer ☹️😐😩 I would use this app all the time! It was great to go in the store with. All my stuff I needed- Kohl’s cash, promotions, credit card, even check my balance, if a pick up was ready- all at my fingertips. Now gone 😢 I hope they come up with a patch or something for those of us who’s current device doesn’t have a supporting update yet. Also, must say, was nice to be able to shop from home and check my balance and due date right from the app. It’s funny, I recently gave them 5 stars right from their app, then this happens. It was definitely a 5 star
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3 months ago, Want More x10
Frustrating app…missing things like back button
I like shopping at kohls this is just an app issue. It is one of the most frustrating shopping apps I use. You cannot always go back to previous screen (like reading QA in reviews) meaning you have to go all the way back to the home screen and start your search again. Additionally, if you’re picking a color you can’t just click back you have to navigate a confusing route in order to get back to your product. Or if you are in your shopping cart and you select the item in your shopping cart because you want to read the details of the item again, you can change the color options and update the item in your shopping cart but it doesn’t take you back to the product page, so you can see details review again etc. App search functions and filters are very limited. I love the ability to eliminate certain brands (rather than selecting brands that I’d like to see) I have to go in and click all 75 of the other brands except for the one or two I’d like to eliminate, it is annoying. Because it is not an easy to use shopping app it is very frustrating, I have put it down on more than one occasion and just not completed. Meaning Kohls is losing money by not updating the usability features of this app. Please look at other retailer apps (like target) to see an easy, user-friendly app and how it should function.
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6 years ago, Reviews from SC
Worst app ever
I usually do not write reviews, but this app has frustrated me so much, I felt compelled to do so. I am a busy working mom, so, I rely on the convenience of mobile apps for easy bill pay. Well sometime earlier this year I paid my bill through the Kohl’s app and it charged my account THREE times! I had enough money in my account at the time and though it was frustrating, I thought maybe it was human error or even a glitch. Well fast forward some months and here we are again. After having went through that debacle I am always very careful when paying to make sure I don’t hit the button more than once nor am I signed up for auto draft, and wouldn’t you know, IT CHARGED MY ACCOUNT TWICE!! So now I’m of course livid, especially because I did not have enough in my account to cover both payments. I called customer service and they make it to seem like it is something I had done, which is making me even more upset, so, finally after speaking with three different people I was able to speak with a supervisor, who assured me they were going to take care of everything. I called today and not only did they NOT take care of it, they never even cancelled the second payment!! Then the customer rep I was speaking with had the audacity to say well you know you can call your payment in to us!! Worst customer service and app ever!!
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1 year ago, Lizardman137
Track Kohl’s Cash & Rewards Right From The Shopping App
The Kohl’s app does it all. As you shop, the app racks up new Kohl’s Cash while the built-in wallet is ready to apply previously earned Cash and Yes-To-You Rewards before checkout. Not only that, but any other possible coupons, promo codes, or discounts are listed in the same place. You get to choose which you want to apply. In most cases, this smart app automatically picks the best combination of allowable savings. What other company does that? Just like in the brick and mortar stores, you can earn more Kohl’s cash during sales which is emailed to you and electronically added to your Kohl’s account wallet. If you pick up purchases items at your local store, there is a $5 Kohl’s cash reward waiting for you. Shopping on the app is easy. The search function works well. I have come to prefer shopping on the app over my computer if I cannot get to the store. Every developer should aspire to build a platform that functions this well, is user friendly, and offers the Kohl’s shopping experience loyalists have come to love.
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3 years ago, coolmama3
Can’t keep you signed it. I have had a Kohl’s card/account for over 20 years & I have never, not one single time, been able to log in using my password. I always have to change it because it won’t let me in (even tho my iPhone saves it after each change). I have a book in my desk with account sign in/password info & the kohl’s section has so many crossed out & erased, it’s asinine. I hate every single thing about this app, when I can get signed in. Too many clicks necessary to go back if needed. I click on a shirt I like, have to do a drop down for color/size, can’t just hit back (when they don’t have what you want in your size, cause they never do) you have to hit the tiny x to clear the drop down menu or you can’t go back. There are so many small, annoying things about this app. And the BIG annoying thing that you can’t ever log in. And why do I want another sign in/password for my kohl’s wallet, that’s different than my kohl’s charge info? Let me log in! When (if) I log in, let me be logged in to everything. Let me pay my bill! Let me pay with my kohl’s charge! Let me see my Kohl’s cash! It’s. Not. That. Hard. I hate this app. My husband won’t even pay the bill anymore cause the website is the same way. Can’t ever log in! We’re in our 40’s & this is the only account we both despise or have this issue with.
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11 months ago, Graevon
Not a paid review
It’s amazing how many companies rely on paid reviews but this one is not I recently accepted a kohls card to get a large discount off a purchase and of course when I received the card I got this app to pay it off. Worked fine to register everything allows me to login but will not accept my password which it required again to add banking info. I call in and immediately get ab over seas agent who barely speaks English who claims to need by bank account and routing information to verify me. Interesting considering they do not have it all. I end up calling in for a supervisor rather than to give that information and the supervisors calls me a liar and says it did not happen I’m imagining Kohl’s does not ask for that information and hangs up. I call in one more time this time the agent seems to be concerned gets me another supervisor who blows it off reiterates they do not ask for that info. The kicker this supervisor turns around and tells me now let me that payment information and proceed to tell me they need the bank accounting and routing number. Amazing service considering they are not allowed to ask that over the phone according to two supervisor now. I hung up deleted the app and paid off my card at the store, currently trying to get it cancelled so I don’t have to deal with this level of trash.
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3 years ago, lovelylorilips
Wrong merchandise received.
I don’t mind shopping online, and like most people, it’s become a necessity. I have had MULTIPLE issues over the last year with items I’ve ordered on the Kohls app. For example: In one instance, I ordered a pair of women’s shoes and was shipped a 3pc bathroom set of toothbrush holder, soap holder and cup. In another I ordered a woman’s dress and received a child’s. Both instances were huge issues when I went to the kohl’s store to return the items, as they were not what I ordered. Both instances were very frustrating, dealing with the employees/managers that either didn’t believe I was telling the truth, or didn’t know HOW to help me. Although I have continued to shop online, I am less likely to use Kohl’s. In both of these cases, the items i ordered were in the 40 dollar range. I am much less likely to order anything expensive, not knowing whether the item I will receive will be correct, and if it isn’t, how it will be handled by the customer service employees when I try to have it rectified.
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3 years ago, Simi shopper
Terrible online deliveries!
I am a VIP cardholder so clearly I like shopping their stores but online is a whole other place. 4 times I placed online orders and everyone a full disappointment! First..outdoor furniture order suddenly gone missing after delivery schedule set and sent to UPS (supposedly) so they canceled it. I even rescheduled my week around this delivery. Second.. attempted to reorder outdoor furniture, confirmed order, only to be emailed days later they canceled again saying none available now. Very frustrating! Third..daughters birthday roller skates arrived literally thrown on the porch, the box inside completely torn apart and skates scratched up. The wheels were dirty. They appeared used and mistreated every step of the way. Too late to reorder them as they arrived the day before her birthday so i cleaned them the best i could. Calling customer service was a total bust. No one would answer and all automated time wasting nonsense. Last!…ordered same daughter a pair of shoes that only came in her size online at the time. They arrived with black marks on both shoes as if mishandled and a red lipstick stain on the fabric on one side. Get it together Kohls! We like online shopping too and expect our service and merchandise to be valued. This is not the type of consistency or treatment we look forward to at any level.
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2 weeks ago, nina0104dig
App needs Improvemrnt
Cleaned up review:There was a time when the payment section linked to the Kohl's card barely worked, forcing me to log in via a browser to make payments. While that issue seems to have been resolved, now the online ordering process constantly gets stuck. I often select items shown as available at the store, but when it's time to pay, I receive an error stating the items are no longer available. However, when I go back into the cart, it doesn't indicate which item is causing the issue. With a long list of items, it's frustrating to remove them one by one to identify the problem. Additionally, once I'm in my cart, it frequently gets stuck on the view. I have to manually close the page and reset it to unfreeze it. It's incredibly frustrating! I'm almost at the point of giving up, closing my card, and not returning to Kohl's. The store items are always overpriced, and the 40% coupons were the main reason I shopped there. Which is a thing of the past. But when you do get one….maybe once a year, if that, the app doesn't work, preventing you from fully utilizing them for combined purchase of online and in-store items. It's very disappointing.
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2 years ago, Lologyal67
This app ROCKS!
I can't believe anyone that has used this app would give it less than 5 🌟s! It's very versatile! I love that I can do everything from shopping, ordering and tracking online purchases, to checking "in store" pricing. From paying on my Kohl's charge, reviewing previous purchases to storing and retrieving my coupons! And I love that I don't have to worry about having my scratch-offs anymore since my percent shows right in my app! The only thing I would fix is, when I scan an item, it should show me the current price for the actual size and color item I scanned. Currently when I scan an item that has another color/size on clearance, it shows me the clearance price. I noticed that when I scan an item it would leave the size blank, then when I select the size of the actual item I have, the price of my item changes. That can be frustrating but other then that, I simply love this app!!! This app ROCKS!
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3 years ago, RobbieM76
What in the actual flaming heck? How does this garbage have 5 stars? It constantly logs you out, the interface alone is beyond trash, and the search mechanics are pure early 2000’s. Honestly, it’s literally a time warp back to when people complained about e-commerce not being user friendly. Whoever is in charge of this app should be double-dog fired and go back to rewinding videos at Blockbuster. Legitimately disgusting. There goes $30 in Kohl’s cash because the app refuses to recognize my codes, won’t verify my Kohls card, and won’t even give me the 20%discount it lists in the advertisements. And never mind that you CANT USE CASH/DISCOUNTS on so many items. This should be CLEARLY LABELED on the website, you schmucks. Because I tried to buy a kitchen item only to find out it’s not allowed, but my Kohl’s cash has already been vaporized by attempting the purchase. Fan-freaking-tastic. I hope whoever is in charge of their online purchases is a blood relative of the owners, because otherwise they’re going to get black-listed from every working in anything but a third-world country ever again. The only reason I even tried this trash-app is because their website is laughably atrocious. How are they still in business in 2021?
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2 years ago, Alusive92
The App does not work properly at all. Will not allow me to send a payment. The website is also very disappointing because I am trying to set up automatic payments due to my career field requiring me to go without internet access for a month at a time. Not only is the auto pay function inoperable, but the type of payment options are limited to “Other”. The previous options are unavailable. The website and app function so poorly I am uncomfortable sending the payments not only for the lack of faith in the sites security but also it malfunctions so much it either does not process the payment or I feel it may send the payment multiple times due to numerous attempts to process and send the payment on my end. Pls fix your online access In order for future customers don’t experience the same issues. I regret to inform whomever it may concern, I will not retain this card or account once it has been paid off. Thank you and Good luck. Also Multiple customers have reported double charges on their account and customer service will not attempt to correct the problem. Save yourself a headache! Honestly this app and website should get reported to the BBB. Absolute mockery.
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3 years ago, b-radd42
Warning! They will charge your account multiple times!
Me and my wife just recently opened a Kohl’s credit account and used it recently for a few Christmas items to the tune of about $280. At the end of the month,my wife makes a payment using the Kohl’s app. She pays the $280 balance in FULL. Which now means there’s a ZERO balance on our account. Fast forward to the next day and there’s $560 taken from our bank account by Kohl’s. When she calls to find out why,the customer service associate says “oh it looks like you made 2 payments”. My wife asks her why she would need to make 2 payments totaling $560 for only a $280 balance? These retards can’t give her a good answer because their MATH is just on another otherworldly level. She then demands the Kohl’s rep put the funds for overpayment back into our bank account. The Kohl’s rep tells her “oh,we will have to mail you a check and it will take 3 weeks”. LIVID,my wife tells her to just close our account and hangs the phone up on her. Needless to say,doing business with Kohl’s in the short amount of time we have has been a nightmare. I have a card by several major credit card companies and NEVER have I had this happen. We will never step into a Kohl’s again. What a joke of a company and credit card.
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6 years ago, Shawnbon
Promos and Kohl’s Cash disappear
I have used this app in the past and it worked great. All my Kohl’s cash and percentage discounts were in the wallet and they scanned fine at checkout. The last 2 times I went to Kohl’s the discounts have completely disappeared from the app when I walk in the store!! The first time it happened I opened the app while in my car in the parking lot to see what discounts I had available. My Kohl’s wallet showed $30 Kohl’s Cash, $10 birthday discount, and 30% off. I took a couple things to the checkout, opened the app, and they were GONE. Nothing there. I told the sales clerk about it, and she shrugged her shoulders and told me to call Kohl’s. Thanks, for the help. I put my stuff back and left without purchasing anything. Today, I took my son to Kohl’s to get some new shoes for his birthday. Once again, I checked the Kohl’s Cash and discounts in my app before going in the store. I had $10 Kohl’s Cash and 20% off. Found some shoes and a couple other things to purchase, and at checkout the discounts were gone. AGAIN. And again the sales clerk was NO help. I bought my son the shoes - it was his birthday after all - but I’m really irritated. I am deleting this app and will use the paper coupons and flyers I receive in the mail. Don’t trust this app!!!!
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5 years ago, Sideways29
Horrible app!
This is the worst shopping app I think I’ve ever used. Here’s why: 1. It freezes and then crashes constantly. I stopped keeping track of how many times it happened because it was infuriating. I gave up and had to finish the order from my computer. If I hadn’t had Kohl’s cash, I would’ve cleared my cart, deleted the app and never shopped at Kohl’s again. 2. Even when you’re signed in, the items get deleted from your cart at random. 3. If you’re lucky enough to retain the items in your cart, you better hope you don’t have to go back into the item to research anything. You’re only able to edit the existing item. 4. There are no item or product numbers. Good luck finding what you need again. 5. The categories are laid out horribly and make it difficult to find anything. It would probably be faster to shop in-store. So much for convenience. 6. Don’t want to pay for shipping? MOST stores allow you to ship all of your items to the store for in-store pickup. Not Kohl’s. Some of the items are available to ship there, and some aren’t. There’s no explanation, you just can’t do it. Ridiculous. Expect to pay that $8.95 shipping. I do not understand how Kohl’s is still in business. I won’t ever shop there again.
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6 years ago, Lsfoxracing27
Kohls cash and discounts not showing up in the app
My Kohls cash, Yes2you rewards, and discounts are not showing up in my wallet. Every time I open the app and click on wallet an error message pops up and says it is having trouble finding my profile. I thought this was just a problem the first day I went to it but it has been a couple of weeks now and I keep going back and it still says the same thing!! Very frustrating!! Also, I keep myself logged in and every few weeks it will log me out and when I try to sign back in with my password, it tells me my password is wrong and I have to reset it!! I am so sick of having to reset my password ALL THE TIME!! Now the wallet isn’t working!! Ugh! I got a 40% mystery offer on Sunday and was going to buy some stuff online, but it wouldn’t even let me add it to my wallet! So I just said forget it and didn’t buy anything! Kohls is losing my business by not fixing this! Update: I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and now my wallet is working fine. I had to agree to some new terms and conditions when I first logged in so maybe that is why it wasn’t working. If you are having the same problem as me, I suggest deleting the app and re-downloading it and see if that helps fix the problem.
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5 years ago, Lg8807
App Not Working
I used to use the Kohl’s app all the time but every time I’ve tried using it for the past week or two, it won’t open. My phones operating system is up to date and so is the app so I have no idea why it won’t work. I can’t even get it to open, it crashes and closes itself after 5-10 seconds on the initial screen. I’ve tried it multiple times and also restarted my phone to no avail. When you click the “app support” button in the App Store, it directs you to a kohl’s website that doesn’t mention anything about the app, it only has FAQ categories about kohl’s.com, not helpful. When I try using Safari to shop at Kohl’s because the app doesn’t work, whatever I click on in the search results just tries opening the app which isn’t working. Super frustrating. I honestly don’t even want to shop online right now because I don’t trust that it will work in the future if/when I need to try to pay my kohl’s charge bill for my purchases. If this is ever fixed I’ll change my rating because I used to enjoy the app. Total bummer that it won’t work, I miss the convenience of being able to access my discounts and points and having all of my order info saved (Kohl’s charge, shipping address, etc.)
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1 year ago, TheBestJess90
Just fix the order section
The rest of the app works pretty well. Great filtering options when shopping, easy to navigate, the wallet shows all coupons, Kohl’s cash, and reward points, etc. I love that I can see my Kohl’s credit card balance and info in the app as well. BUT the “Orders” section is so frustrating. When scrolling through the list of orders, all you can see is an order number, date, and a total. You have to click on each individual order, and then click another option just to view the items in the order and detailed info like if the order is ready for pickup, has been shipped or delivered, etc. It’s especially frustrating when some items in the same order are being shipped and some are being picked up and everything is arriving at different times. My suggestion: take a tip from Amazon’s “Orders” tab. At first glance you see pictures of each product ordered and when it will arrive. The complete opposite of what Kohl’s does.
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6 years ago, dolo13
still terrible.
seriously who are they paying to get these good reviews? this app is terrible and keeps getting worse. the interface is archaic and buggy all around. and after one of the more recent updates, i cant even read the full product reviews. you tap on a review to read, and instead of expanding, it still cuts it off with no way to read the whole thing. you’d think with the amount of money that gets poured into this chain, they could hire a decent app/web designer. nope. i don’t have a store within 100 miles of me and i DEFINITELY buy less from kohl’s because of this shoddy app. is that clear enough for you, kohl’s? update 4/2: this app still blows. that 4.8 star rating is garbage and if they spent half as much on the app as paying people to leave fake 5 star reviews then maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible. how about favorites? save for later? tracking numbers you can click on that give you tracking instead of having to copy and paste into your browser? maybe even, gasp, being able to click on a product in your order and having it take you to that product page instead of MANUALLY HAVING TO SEARCH FOR IT?! get it together. SERIOUSLY. oh yeah. FIX THE CROPPED PRODUCT REVIEWS ALREADY.
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2 years ago, janwholovesherfurbabies
Used to love Kohl’s App but it won’t show Kohl’s Cash
I have used the Kohl’s App for years and have loved it. A week ago it was updated and suddenly showed my Kohl’s Cash balance as $0 which was incorrect. I signed into Kohl’s.com on my iPhone SE2 and saw the same $0 balance. BUT when using a desktop computer at home I saw the correct balance of $20 Kohl’s Cash. I have chatted with and spoken to Kohl’s Representatives on several occasions who have confirmed that my Kohl’s Cash is current and they do not know why I cannot access it on the app. I can see my Rewards Points accurately on the app but not my current Kohl’s Cash. I have deleted and reinstalled the app repeatedly. I must be the only person having this problem, but having to print emailed Kohl’s Cash and carry it into the store defeats the purpose of having the app. I hope someone can fix the app. I hate killing trees printing emailed Kohl’s Cash.
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3 years ago, Dee07174
This app is RIDICULOUSLY!!!
I don’t EVER leave reviews... but today is certainly an exception. Every time I try to go onto the Kohl’s app to sign in and make a payment it NEVER works! It says my info entered is incorrect and it locks me out after ONE attempt EVERY TIME. I than have to call customer service and wait on hold for them to answer just to unlock my account and they act like it’s something I must be doing. So every month that I try to go in to make a payment I wind up having to call to do this and I have to change my password each time. Extremely frustrating, annoying, and super inconvenient!!! Why have an app if it’s not going to work??? Today I tried again to sign in and make my payment and AGAIN it wouldn’t let me. It won’t even let me sign in to shop. I’m tired of having to change my password!! And to make matters worse I tried to call customer service like I always have to do to make the payment and it says they are CLOSED!!! Even though their website says their customer service hours start at 9am on Sunday. This is completely UNACCEPTABLY and it definitely makes me want to pay off this account and cancel my card!!! Kohls you definitely need to do BETTER. SOOO angry right now. ;(
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6 years ago, Super worker
New app install: I lost all my Yes2you rewards and discounts
I agree with the previous shopper about this new app update! I saw all my current rewards an hour before I went into the store. Then I updated the app, and everything disappeared. Of course no one would help me when I tried to explain the issue. Also just was told to call Kohl’s Corporate. And I will! I want my rewards and discounts back! I am a frequent shopper at Kohls but if Corporate can’t help me when I contact them, then I will take my shopping elsewhere. And I really hate that Kohl’s cash only gives you a week to use. Kohl’s truly needs to extend that or start having them where they don’t expire for a longer period of time — like give us 6 months or a year! I can’t begin to tell you how many hundreds of dollars I’ve lost in Kohl’s cash because I could have been in the hospital, or even more, a business trip of which I do not have that extra time to shop and even look for the nearest Kohl’s when I am traveling from State to State. And it seems that the customer representatives at checkout get so happy to tell you that your Kohl’s cash has expired and that you no longer can use them. Maybe I am near a Kohl’s with not so friendly workers.
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4 years ago, JP84972683
Glitchy & be careful if you choose ship to home
I just ordered and checked & saw that my order would be delivered to me, but when I checked my order at approx minute 32 I saw it was being shipped to the other side of the US. But all orders cannot be altered after just 30 minutes, even to change an address!!! I finally figured out how to call and talk to a person and they had to cancel my order rather than change the shipping address. When I tried to order again I had lost use of my one time coupons so had to call again to place the order. There is no way they had that order with the shipper already- I’m still waiting for an order I placed 6 days ago. They could make it alterable for a full day or at least several hours. I sent a gift to my daughter once at a different address. Somehow her address became the primary address on the app. I don’t think I did this. Strangely my address was also listed twice as an alternate address. I have decided to make my address the only possible address on their app, deleting all others after this experience. And it would be also nice if you could save items for later in your cart rather than just removing them.
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2 years ago, kuhlsteph
Please fix the app!!!
I’ve never had a problem with the Kohls app. I have always paid my kohls card bill via the app for over 2 years now… however since the last update it will NOT sign into pay my bill. I can shop and buy stuff (of course they don’t have a problem taking my money using the card) but it’s been impossible to pay my bill. I’ve called customer service and I can barely understand them bc they speak horrible English and basically acted like I was dumb for not knowing I needed to “re-register” even though I have not changed my card #, pw, anything - ever. I finally got back into my charge card via the website after “re-registering”. So I thought everything was fine but when I went to the app it was the same crap - it still will not sign in. It doesn’t say my info is wrong or anything it’s just that the button does nothing when you click it. I can’t be the only one having this problem. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!! There is no way someone whose job it is to keep the app working smoothly doesn’t know how to fix this!!!! I have a new phone. Latest iOS update. Latest kohls app update… What gives?!!!!
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1 year ago, Beth8339
Rewards connectivity
I had no trouble using the app to shop. It was quite easy. I had a terrible time getting my rewards connected. I chatted for over an hour, with no avail, it ended with I don’t know, call the 800 # tomorrow. So I did. After I finally got them to understand, they had to manually link my rewards to my app. I told them it still wasn’t displaying my rewards, I got told just to give it time. I waited over an hour, still not connected. So, I was just about to call again, but I decided to sign out of the account, and sign back in. Then my rewards account showed up. I was getting rewards emails, but no where in those emails was my number, like the app directed me to find it to enter it. It is all good now, but it was a lot of drama to go through to get my rewards for giving them my business. And neither agent I talked to told me to sign out and back in, I just got told to wait and call back if it doesn’t come through.
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5 years ago, sadangrygay
Please put SKU/UPC numbers in product details
I work at a Kohl’s and customers come in all the time with the Kohl’s app pulled up on their phone and show me that the app says we have something in store. I always help them find it, but it isn’t always easy and a lot of times, the item is never found. The thing is, though, without an SKU or UPC I cannot find the location of the product on the floor or even where/what stockroom it is in, so I am unable to help the customer at a certain point, if they don’t want (or even refuse) to order it online (a lot claim they need it ASAP) or can’t find an alternate item. Also, without an SKU or UPC I cannot check availability at other stores (if they are even willing to go to another store in the first place). Sometimes, customers will get rude with me if they don’t receive their product or repeatedly complain (“But online it says it’s here!”), and it in result can sometimes lose business. Having an SKU or UPC in the product details would make it a lot easier for the customer and employees in the store.
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6 years ago, Not Usually a Reviewer..
Need Kohl’s WiFi connection to work inside store
On my IPhone, I’ve found frustratingly during the checkout process I lose all my items in my wallet, when I saw them right before I walked into the store. I realized once I reconnected to the Kohl’s WiFi in the store, the items then appeared back on my wallet. It seems the store’s WiFi was dropping on my phone intermittently and whenever that happened I was stuck, couldn’t scan a price or do anything with the app. ( I think it happened whenever my phone went to sleep.) As a test, I walked near the entrance and still didn’t have good cellular either. If my regular cell data is being blocked inside the building, and WiFi is intermittent, that’s going to make it hard to do any kind of connection to their wallet/database/price check tool etc. So crummy app or crummy store WiFi? Either way a frustrating and time wasting experience. I made the checkout person sit there while I reconnected to WiFi and waited until my items came back in my wallet and got my $15 in Kohl’s cash (whoopie), but printing these coupons from my email account will be easier than going through this again in the future.
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I “OFTEN” shop at the CORDOVA, TN KOHL’S STORE and I have yet, and DO NOT EVEN THINK I WILL EVER meet an unfriendly Sales Associate who works there!! They are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and ALWAYS WILLING TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO PLEASE EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER!! I have stood back and witnessed this with my own eyes!! When I was unable to walk far, to pick up my online orders due to an unexpected recent surgery, they were kind enough to get all my order(s), (as I had ordered several items over a 2 month period prior to knowing I would be incapacitate). EVERY TIME I entered the store, not only was I customer/guest, I became familiar with the staff and learned names, and became friends! They ALWAYS welcome their customers/guests upon entering, but I felt SO EXTRA WELCOMED when one day I was greeted by my name upon entering!! THAT STAFF DESERVES A SHOUT OUT FOR THEY ARE A 10 ⭐️ STAFF IN MY BOOK! THANK YOU FOR EMPLOYING THEM AT THAT LOCATION TOGETHER, FOR THEY ARE ONE FABULOUS TEAM!!
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6 years ago, jordan.a.89
Love the App and sorry for the previously bad review
So my first reviews was bad. I wrote it all of two seconds ago. My app refused to update. I was devastated, hurt and felt rejected by this wonderful app. Without the update I could see nothing!!! My heart was broken, I couldn’t see any of the things that I longingly look at every day and try to express self control so my husband won’t be upset when he sees the Kohl’s bill. So after a pathetic rant and plea for help, I submit a bad review and the app then decides to update! I love this app! I love that it stores all my coupons for me and when I’m curious to see my mystery coupon it shows that too! It is so handy to scan things at the store when they’ve been put on the wrong rack. It is nice to see how many rewards points I have and also helps to determine how much I spend when I’m shopping! Love the app and glad it updated!
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5 years ago, gmof 8
Shipping issues
Wow just read the review from someone else who had a problem with Kohls automatically shipping to an old address and the problems that followed. I just had the same issue happen to me . No where on my order did I see a ship to choice. It went to a very old address of my sons who has since passed away. I didn’t realize it till a couple hours after i read my message they recieved order. Apparently Kohls has a policy that after 30 MINUTES you can’t change your order. Talk about a stupid policy! Anyway I tried calling got the we shipped order line was told to call UPS which I did they said they have only a lable with no product and to call Kohl’s blah blah blah. 2 days of seeing if I could get that label/ product address change. Then look to see it’s shipped now UPS can’t help. This problem still isn’t resolved . I saw on UPS tracking that they attempted to deliver twice. Like I said no one at address ! I asked Kohls person to call UPS since they are supposed to work forcustomers. I was a customer service rep for a company and was able to stop problems from ever getting this bad . Kohls CS is horrible!!!!!
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4 years ago, Algorithm flaw spotter
Majorly flawed shopping experience
I don’t know how they think that only one picture for their items is acceptable it’s basically shooting in the dark to see if youll like the back of a pair of pants or the inside of a purse. To me its lazy and a probable manipulative tactic so youll need to return it and will go to the store to exchange. Aside from that blaring flaw, when youre in an items page and click to look thru the color selection and then want to exit the listing you must first click out of the color selection which is majorly annoying. I suggest making it not necessary to click into a listing to view different color options because its not like there are other pics of the item to look at. Make each color clickable so it can change to the desired color without being IN the listing. Again this wouldn’t be annoying as a feature is it was worth going into the listing so you could see different views of the item. Whoever made that call where theres only one view of each item needs to retire because the world they are living in is pure delusion if they think thats a plus for anyone.
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10 months ago, DoubleT223
I love Kohl’s
They offer amazing EXISTING CUSTOMER appreciation! They value their cardholders and existing customers. I love the frequent discounts, offers, rewards and Kohl’s cash. Kohl’s doesnt just say they value their customers, they live it! I feel highly valued as a customer. Those discounts, promotions and cash rewards — even the fact that I can keep the hangers — keep me coming back! Kohl’s’ competitors should take a lesson! So many companies focus on attracting and acquiring NEW CUSTOMERS yet neglect existing customers. Shame on them! Kohl’s’ staff is typically very pleasant and the stores are typically clean. Given all that can go wrong in retail and in a retail environment, I think Kohl’s is pretty great in every way. Covid caused numerous well-known big box retailers to eventually go out of business… I hope that doesnt happen to Kohl’s. Keep up the good work Kohl’s. I value you!
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3 years ago, Meme McD
My Kohls App won’t update/ or reload from the App Store.
This is the 1st I’ve ever written a review. I am writing this one because I was having problems updating my Kohls app. I tried multiple times. * Each time I attempted to update my app I received a pop up message stating my Kohls app had been discontinued from my Apple and ITunes app. I don’t understand this. I deleted my Kohls app and attempted to reinstall, hoping it would clear the problem. But no.... it didn’t work. I need help to get this straightened out. I’ve always enjoyed using my Kohls app to order on line. I don’t want to rate this until I understand and hopefully get this corrected. I’ve been paying my Bill in full each month for years. That should not be a problem. Please advise.
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8 months ago, TiffMalin37
Issues with app
I downloaded this app and was able to sign in initially but then it wasn’t showing my payment so it was advised by the help section on the app to log out and sign back in. That is when the issues started. It will not let me log in. I thought maybe I wasn’t using the right password so did the forgot password and it let me change that but then again wouldn’t let me log in. I went into the store and showed them. They told me that the app has been having lot of issues to uninstall it and power my phone on and off again. Then download the appt again. This still didn’t work. Called customer service and talked with a technician, they told me I had to register and that was the issue. Did that and nothing. He then said he reset my password and to try it again. Still not working. He then told me that I should try later and call back in. I told him I wanted to talk with a supervisor to get this fixed. He told me I would get a call that afternoon and nothing. So I will be deleting this app from my phone.
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4 years ago, clsc1980
I have been using the app for years. I watched it go through multiple changes. Some were for the good and some obviously were not. this last update though... why???The main screen is huge and obtrusive and difficult to navigate despite all the text being so much bigger. I am too distracted by the strange staggered layout to even notice if there’s any deals. I once was able to open up the app and see right on the front screen what the good deals were. Not any more! I’m bombarded by blocks and large text and random pictures which makes me feel more like I’m reading a poorly written children’s book and less like the shopping app I once loved and used all the time. And then you changed up the categories also... condensing some taking away others completely... Where I live, the closest store is almost 2 hours away. So because I can no longer handle the app and I will not take that kind of a drive I guess unfortunately I am done shopping with Kohl’s. I know my lack of business will not impact the company at all. It’s just sad for me.
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4 years ago, smillen93
Really the WORST
I would NOT recommend this APP or a KHOLS CHARGE CARD! So I don’t usually write reviews but this is the worst app I’ve ever used. It’s not just the app it’s the customer service as well. The app makes it very HARD for you to access your account to make your payment, what then ends in a late charge for you and of coarse more money for them. It’s very disappointing. You can call customer service for help but they will just try and help you make a new log in...? I can log into the account fine but it locks me out after I view my balance and won’t let me get back in. It’s very frustrating. I called today, at a time when I have been off work because they closed the restaurants due to corona virus and they still charged me a late fee that was the same amount as my minimum balance. Even though I tried paying it on time and had been locked out of my account! It doesn’t seem like they care about there customers at all. Don’t use this! I’m paying my card off and closing the whole card all together.
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4 years ago, ocd@time
Don’t trust this app not to mine data from your phone and sell it to 3rd parties
I downloaded this app while in the store to use the scanner function. A week or two later, I began getting bombarded by robo telemarketers. I guard my cell phone number like gold, so it was odd to start getting so many, everyday. Fast forward another week or so. I placed an order online using my computer. The delivery page had 15 duplicates of my shipping address AND my cell number. (I frequently place online orders with Kohl’s and have only ever had one shipping address and a home phone # listed on this page of the site.) I have NEVER provided my cell phone number to Kohl’s. All sites now want to send verification codes for sign in, and I always choose to receive them via email. Now, I’m getting texts from them. I’m sure I went through the usual acceptance of privacy notices when I downloaded and signed in the app. I did not, however, expect a company like Kohl’s to not only mine and misuse data from my phone, but to also sell the data to third parties. Beware of this app.
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6 years ago, kati3g
Needs improvements
I have found that every time I have the app go into the background while I am using another function on my iPhone such as Safari or text messaging, the app refreshes itself and the page that I was on disappears. The app automatically goes to the homepage and the screen that I was on, such as a search, is gone and I have to start my search from the beginning. Although the search results load rather quickly, the disappearing/hiding of the search bar and Kohls logo lags a bit when scrolling. I find it is a nuisance to have this feature. Either keep a very narrow search bar at top at all times or only give the option to have it visible when scrolled all the way to the top. A great feature to have is the number you’re on from the results. For example, as you’re scrolling it would be great to see in the corner a little number such as 70 of 1293. Since results keep loading as you’re scrolling, it would be great to include a go to top button instead of having to physically scroll all the way to the top when in the middle of browsing. When in the cart, if you click on an item, you cannot see it’s normal page with the full description and reviews. You would have to search for that item again to get to the items page with full description. These are the major reasons why I rarely use the app and prefer to use a web browser rather than the app.
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2 years ago, Katie_Bug8585
Bad timing
The last update was amazing. It solved all the glitches I’ve fought thru for years (because I couldn't beat 20-30% off with my kohl’s charge anywhere else). I normally do ALL my Xmas shopping through the Kohl’s app. But this latest update has made the app unusable. It won’t load. I tried shopping a little for a baby shower online instead and it took an hour and a half to find what I wanted, get it in a cart, stay logged on, and complete the transaction. Now that’s loyalty. But the online glitches were beyond frustrating and I gave up on buying Xmas presents from Kohl’s this year. I’ve been at least hoping for another update to fix the app so I can shop/pay my kohl’s charge. I’ve been avoiding resetting my password in the hopes there would be an update when someone notices a drop in sales. But alas, I’ll have to go thru the pain of resetting my password before my bill is late. :( hope you fix your app. I really did enjoy the convenience of shopping online and then picking up the same day.
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5 years ago, beths23
Here’s some help from a Kohl’s fan:
The app is terrible and has been for the last 2 weeks since the update. But it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying some online Kohl’s shopping. Something to keep in mind for those who are lost without the app, claiming many sales are lost during this time when they’re failing to provide us with a successful app — good old internet. Web browsers on your phone will automatically send you to the mobile website which is designed similar to the app. This way, you can shop successfully online and not miss a beat. And that’s strictly for the people who clearly based on reviews have forgotten life before apps. Whoever is in charge of the app really does need to step up their game. Or at the very least they should have backtracked to an old version and re-released to hold people over until the problem was solved. Maybe that’s food for thought for the app people I’ll gladly come back and change my app rating when it’s fixed and running.
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6 years ago, ROKC4885
**This App can destroy your Credit**
My wife and I opened a Kohl’s Credit Card and downloaded this app to pay for our purchases and receive a few perks of the card. Worst decision ever! My wife’s excellent credit score has lowered to the point of barely being fair! This App SAYS YOU HAVE $0.00 DUE AND THEN CHARGES A LATE FEE FOR NOT PAYING!! This happened 3 times. 2 at the beginning of the year and I called and let them know the error and damage their app is causing. They did nothing to correct it!! It happened again 2 months later! Same thing, app says $0 due and then a late fee was enforced. They acted as though it was the first time that they heard about this. They then closed the Credit Card without our authorization when we asked them to review our previous attempts at correcting this. Seems like they are trying to keep us quiet so they can keep doing this to other customers! I’m ashamed that one is the financial institution backing this card. PLEASE ONLY BROWSE THIS APP DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING ON THE KOHL’s CREDIT CARD. IT WILL DESTROY YOUR CREDIT. AN INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!
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3 years ago, iluvedward1
Needs iPad version & rewards activity
First, I like that the app is pretty easy to use and navigate. However, it needs an iPad version that has landscape capability. Second, the rewards activity page has given the same “pardon our dust” message ever since the switch from Yes2You rewards. I want to be able to see how much I earn on each item I purchase, not just the total Kohl’s cash I’ve earned so far. Third, the accuracy of in-store availability of sizes could use some improvement. If it says limited availability, I expect that to mean there is at least one in stock in the store. Half the time I can’t find the size in store. Or, the app will show not available when I’ve literally just scanned the tag in the store or I go to another store & find a size even though it said not available.
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5 years ago, CCmama1
Never again.
To say I am disappointed with the online experience with the app is an understatement. To start, I got on the app to look for some fall clothes for my youngest son. Everything I found, wouldn’t let me add it to my cart. It kept giving me an “internal error” message. Finally after waiting and waiting I got a couple of things added and went to check out, now instead of spending a ridiculous $75 to get free shipping or paying there astronomical shipping fee I made sure to get things available at the store so I could just run in and pick them up. (I have a 2 year old that’s a handful so shopping casually isn’t an option) I get the email that my order is ready and low and behold. One thing was filled from the order. The others “recently sold out” so online tells you they’re available in the store and they actually are not. THEN, to add insult to injury, the DOUBLE CHARGED ME. due to a “glitch in the payment system”. Never. Again. Will I shop online with this company. **BE VERY cautious using this app**
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4 years ago, wife who bought wrong sizes
I went shopping there last week for Father’s Day gifts. Hi but a few tops and some shorts for my husband and I are staking we bought all the wrong size. I brought them back after Father’s DayTo exchange out the sizes I had one of the employees by the name of Connie, who was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!She stopped what she was doing and help me! She ran all around the store trying to find the right sizes, she was paging people to try to find the things I needed. She was absolutely amazing!!!! Then I went to customer service because she couldn’t find some of the shirts, so I went to customer service and a girl by the name of Alex or ALEXIS, she helped me out there and she was also amazing!!!Helped me with everything! Made it seem so easy! I wish other Kohl’s stores had employees like these two women!!! They deserve a raise!
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4 years ago, Bella babe 621
Worst app ever... please fix this issue
I never ever write reviews so for me to do this shows how upset this app has made me. If I could give this negative stars I would. Do NOT recommend especially if you have paperless billing. This app never lets u log on to pay your credit card bill. I type everything in and hit log on... and nothing happens it will not ever log on nothing loads it just sits there on the very rare occasion I have gotten to log in and when I do all I can see is a total blank white page of nothing and that rarely even happens most of the time you never get any kind of log on. I have tried everything to get this app to work the only way I can pay my bill is to go onto the website on the computer the website or the app WILL NOT WORK on a mobile phone I have an iPhone and everything is updated on my phone... it’s super inconvenient considering the fact that the only reason I downloaded this app was to pay my bill and I can’t...will be deleting since there’s no purpose for it.
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4 years ago, Mrs Yelvington
Hate hate hate
If I could give this app 0 stars I would... since I downloaded the app over a year ago I have had nothing but problems with logging in... the only way I can actually log into my account is by going through the full website... what’s the point of even having an app at that point? It tells me my pw/email is incorrect and yet when I go to the full site I have ZERO issues with the exact same email and pw. I’ve even had issues paying my bill bc of this (incurring a LATE FEE of course), reset my password MORE TIMES than I can count, emailed costumer service and STILL cannot log into my friggin account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much money kohl’s has lost bc I haven’t been able to complete my purchases in the app, becoming too frustrated to even bother going to the full site to start the process all over again
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5 months ago, Laura lee lig
Easy to navigate!
I really love kohls. I’m a disabled veteran and require a caretaker. I have children and the Kohl’s cash is great. Honestly every time I’m hurting to much or don’t have the energy and forgot to use my Kohl’s cash; Kohls always helps me out to still use it as long as it’s within a reasonable time frame. I would say within a weeks time period. I even forgot about an order I was supposed to pick up and the store canceled it for me and made sure I got refunded. This store is wonderful. The app is fantastic and I am always able to find stuff for myself, my fiancé, and our children. I’m very grateful, thank you Kohl’s! I would love to do surveys, provide feedback, and photos of our family using and wearing what we buy at Kohls if able.
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3 months ago, Mel Jack30
Much better than it used to be!
I had this app several years ago and deleted it because it was terrible. Now it is the opposite! There are lots of interactive tools in the wallet. I like that you can set a reminder when coupons will expire. And no more worrying about forgetting your rewards card or Kohls cash! Can't find a price scanner in the store? This app has one! Love the improvements. Great job! Update - reviewing prior orders needs an update. If I want to re order something I have to open each order and review the contents. If the order screen would give a preview of what was in each order that would save a lot of time. I have to keep a separate note in my phone of what I ordered when so I can find the order quickly. Please improve order history viewing!
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6 years ago, Nicholas Naime
I wish I could give it 5 stars!!!
I really do love this app and use it frequently for a myriad of things at home and in-store. I adore the buy online/pick up in store feature EXCEPT, on numerous occasions when shopping my local store in the app, specifically filtered for my local Kohl's and items that are available for pickup today, I begin trying to put things in my cart only to be told "not available at this location". Some even say "not sold in store". So I find another deal or product and settle for my 2nd choice. Later when I'm inside the store I inevitably walk by my first choice and the items that were "unavailable". 🤦🏼‍♀️😕 I don't know if it's my error or system error but when there are discrepancies, it ends up wasting more time than it saves. Beside that I really LOVE the app and the customer service at my local Kohl's!!
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3 years ago, Milqtoast
I used to really enjoy this app. Now not so much. When shopping you try to filter down to things in a particular size you get all sizes. And the results include the oddest things ( example looking for jeans in a size 8 petite, results include plus size pants, pajama bottoms and leggings). More popular sizes are never available. But the worst the absolute worst is trying to pay your credit bill. 9 times out of ten I get an error saying it can’t connect to try back later. I end up having to leave the app to go to the Kohl’s charge website, the last two times I went there to pay my bill it told me my password was wrong. Tried to change it to the password I thought it was, the one it would not accept. Then it said I cannot change to my current password. Here’s a password for you B1t3me. I would go into the store but the lines are long and no one working there seems to move any faster than a three legged turtle.
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