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The Kroger Co.
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User Reviews for Kroger

4.78 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
5 years ago, Deb frm Ashland
Shopper 100
I appreciate the Kroger app. It is good in a lot of ways, but also has some problems. You have to be letter specific to bring up an item in the search engine or else it says “no results found”. You have to add + to the quantity after you add an item to the cart, not the + box on the far right that you press before”add to cart” or else you can end up with a quantity of 97 yogurts. Also the categories aren’t set up right. Eggs & dairy, meats, beverages, paper products, yes. But some others, not so good. I couldn’t find a wine I drink at all. I couldn’t find spaghetti sauce or lasagna noodles. However, I do like the scan feature you have added, and the memory feature in the search engine. One more thing you have changed that is very inconvenient for me is the coupons. I spent a lot of time going through them, choosing things I may buy before they expire, only to discover those items were in my shopping cart, not loaded onto my Kroger card like they used to be. That’s why they’re coupons, not a shopping list. There’s another place for that, it’s called a shopping list. You messed it up. I had to unload all of them but one. Later when I’m ready to buy the other items that are coupons I will have to add them again. Why would you change that when it worked, to something that doesn’t work now?
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4 years ago, Zgildner89
HONEST REVIEW!! fast and friendly service!
AN HONEST REVIEW I ordered delivery which was amazingly fast! Using Walmart’s grocery pickup doesn’t have half the personalization/ communication/ and friendliness. For delivery they keep you up to date each step of the way and if they have to substitute an item they text you and ask what you would like instead in pretty plain as day detail! I have a condition that makes grocery shopping difficult and being the only place that does grocery delivery I’m exceedingly glad that it was such a great experience. The delivery fee is not that bad I live in the country so them getting me my groceries in a matter of a couple hours was astonishing after ordering. It was less than 2 hours from start to finish and the costs on many items were better. (Some not so much but that’s expected when you change to a new store) the convenience alone is well worth the difference which I have to say isn’t very much. Thank you Kroger’s for the excellent service you provide it’s more than appreciated while I am trying to recover from my mental health issues. I’ll be looking forward to using this app and service again! I recommend this to anyone looking for such a service. 5 stars, 10/10 service, America looks better with the ability to order burritos and have them delivered to your door lol!
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4 years ago, Rusty-2
Krogering via picknclick
Awesome! A little difficult with the fruits and veggies. But!! Once you realize that 1(one) banana is not the bunch of bananas, and 1 vine ripe tomato is not the-bunch of vine ripe tomatoes pictured...then it gets easier. You must select the number of bananas that you want... in the notes you can say keep in a 4 bunch medium size, small to medium length, or long length bananas etc. Green or ripe, etc...otherwise, with the counting of the bananas ... you will only receive 1 (one) banana. This has been an awesome experience!! The staff have been attentive, personal and in it for the long haul of the virus and then some!! I’ve been very pleased. Substitution have been acceptable, and have been discussed upon the delivery. Kroger should be commended for their overall outstanding rising to the occasion of COVID-19!! This is the safest way for everyone!! It also helps to keep their workplace( grocery store a safer place for the staff!! Business can continue as usual with the exception that the general public needs to be accommodating as well!! By picking up your groceries... minimizes the contact of the general public - keeping an extremely safe distance to not allow the virus to spread. Nothing wrong with that!! No One ever really wants to become ill from any type of virus or flu!! Thank you again Kroger Teams!!
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8 months ago, heiwa1
Overall, very satisfied.
We’re out in a fairly rural setting and could not get any grocery delivery to our area, until we saw a Kroger delivery truck about 2 miles from our house. Also got a teaser card in the mail. (It said, based on our address, we qualified for either delivery or shipped) First downloaded the delivery app, as instructed. As advised from within the Delivery app, also downloaded the primary Kroger app. Both apps indicated eligibility for both shipped or delivery to our place. Fast forward a week or so and an occasion arises to order some groceries and to try out Kroger so I went, what I thought was logically, to the delivery app and spent about an hour entering an order. When the order finished processing, guess what!? There was a message that said, sorry but we don’t deliver to your area…😑 We are a cancer fighting house and the occasion was that it sure would be nice to not have to leave the house for groceries, now that a service is…available? OK. So, I went to the “K” Kroger app, and after remembering 1-3 items at a time I re-entered my list in the Kroger app and my fairly large order will be here tomorrow between 9:00-10:00 AM. Happily delivered by a Kroger employee who can’t accept tips… My suggestion would be: do it all from the primary Kroger app. Found similar and like items and some nice sales and values. Thanks! 😊☮️
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3 years ago, tr876()$5cr
Frustrating app
Issue 1: Neither the Kroger app nor the website tell you when the next available pick up time is. That is always the first thing I want to know. The available pick up times used to be displayed and now they are not. So I have to place my whole order, then find out when I can pick it up, or choose to order from another store that will tell me first when I can pick up my groceries. Issue 2: Lately there are so many items the app says they are out of in-store. Yet when I go into the store, all the items are there. It is super frustrating to place a pick up order, pick it up, then park my car and go inside for 9 extra items I tried to order via pick-up but were told they didn’t have. Tonight it was brie cheese (the app said there was no brie, from any brand in any size), arborio rice, Heritage Farm chicken breasts, fresh green beans (again, the app said there were no fresh green beans; in-store there were two different options), and fig jam. There wasn’t one item they said they were out of that actually was out of stock. If it were 2 or 3 items every now and then, I could believe they just restocked those items between the time I placed my order and the time I went into the store. But this is happening with so many items now, every time I order. Hoping someone sees this and fixes these issues. I’m a very loyal, long-time customer of Kroger but I am this close to switching to another grocery store.
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2 years ago, whispering south
Love ordering online
One of my least favorite chores is shopping in-store. You have to park, cross parking lot in all kinds of weather, wAlk up and down aisles searching for items that may not even be there, wait in line to check out, and walk back to car in whatever weather. I don’t have time for that! I Love shopping from the comfort of my recliner, where I can easily find and choose items on Kroger’s website, and check and compare prices. Then I can choose a convenient time to pick up, or have groceries delivered to me at no charge with Boost. I love that Kroger notifies me of unavailable items and offers substitutes that I can accept just me or not. If I choose pickup instead of delivery, I reply to Kroger’s message to let them know I am on the way, by pressing only one button. So when I arrive they are right there with my order, frozen foods solidly frozen. Less than 20 minutes from my house and back with groceries. I’m very particular about meats and produce, but haven’t been disappointed in the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been using this service. If I were not satisfied with anything they would take it back and credit my account for it.
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5 years ago, jayr95
Card information is correct and continues to say it’s not!
I began using the Kroger click list feature a while back when it first was introduced and it was very convenient. It was something that was very easy for my family and I to do after having a newborn and then became very convenient for our work and childcare schedule. However I have not been able to use this Kroger app to order a click list since September 2018 because every time I try to it says that my debit card information is incorrect! The unfortunate truth is I don’t always have time to go and take the time to shop however it’s been convenient to be able to do it at the tip of my fingers because of this click list option. I think the click list addition was a great and convenient thing for us as working parents and in general to conveniently pick up groceries on the go. I’ve tried this with multiple debit and credit cards, all of the information being correct, but a prompt shows up insisting on saying that I have put in invalid or incorrect information when I have double and triple check the information to be correct. I’m not sure if it is just the payment feature that may be messed up but it is something that I hope someone will look into because I know for a fact the information is correct. Prior to this I had no other issues with this app it’s just become incredibly frustrating that for almost 7 months I haven’t been able to use this feature.
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3 years ago, Morgan 307^
Had to delete my whole order
This may not be an issue for some people but it’s a big issue for me because for one when I put together an order I have an idea on what I am going to be cooking for the next week and with that I’ve done research on the Internet for certain recipes and not only that I have edited the recipes to meet my diet so it is a headache when I have to go through and look for everything all over again I really think they need to fix some other bugs and have the option to save an order on your account what happened was it constantly asking me to change my store even though the store I had on file had everything I needed and also everything was ready on my end for pick up And it just ended up being a waste of time at the end of it because after I deleted my app call customer service I still wasn’t able to get the order through and app was acting wonky I was very disappointed and I have to do other things that I have to attend to other than my groceries and people who use these apps don’t have time to go throughout the store to get their own groceries and I’m sure people Live a busy lifestyle and still tries to eat healthy good tasting meal as I do also also understand my frustration I was very disappointed to say the least and don’t even get me started with the customer service not only they were sassy and gave a attitude and their tone they were absolutely no help
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4 years ago, Your Mahjong is too pricey
Local shopper
Using the order pickup service for the first time. Just found out from my daughter today it was available! The site itself seems a little disorganized, thus pretty unwieldy. For me, it would have been much easier to shop, had all the like items been grouped together. For example, all the frozen dinners together, not interspersed around frozen sausage, ice cream, etc. Grouping like items together might not have been possible- I’m far from a software developer or website designer/manager. So this isn’t really a complaint, per se; it just would have made my online shopping a little easier. Just like in the brick and mortar store, a shopper wouldn’t go from the ice cream freezers back over to the frozen pizza section, then back to the ice cream, then back to the frozen pizzas. Just saying! If it weren’t for that, I’d give an easy 5 stars for the relative ease of browsing around the site as a whole. Also, I see I’m getting a $4.95 pickup fee waived for my first three orders. That’s great, but I should remind you WalMart pickup is always free. If you kept it free, I would tip the person bringing it to my car. Once you add on that fee, however, tipping will no longer be possible on my limited budget UNLESS you can reassure me the person bringing my order gets 100% of the surcharge. Fair enough?
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4 years ago, lovepeacehealth
This is my first time following thru with this service. I tried once before in 2019, but didn’t follow thru because there isn’t as many coupons when doing and I am paying more than if I just went into the store. Now today with doing it, the same, but I am kind of forced to do this way being I have an autoimmune disease and the Covid19 happening. The saddest of all is that I went to see about disinfectant supplies, and isn’t allowing me to even load to my cart! Also with Easter candy? This isn’t helpful with it showing in stock at store, but I can’t go in the store. I can, but I want to be safe for myself, having a husband/heart disease, two children, elderly grandmother that lives right next door, and my mother/diabetes. As you can see with my closest of family we are all at a disadvantage due to our health issues that could prone us to getting or dying from this Pandemic. It’s great that the service is here, but in the end if all items in store where actually available that would be awesome and the use of all coupons and limiting them when doing pickup would also be great. Giving all of this I will not use unless I absolutely have to until this changes, if it ever does.
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2 years ago, ashtonw
Not user friendly
I have thought that this app was difficult to use for a long time, but the new update has made it even worse. The search feature has been changed to where you type in a simple item and the first 6 things that come up aren’t even close to what you’re looking for. Also brands that I’ve purchased previously aren’t prioritized in the search, so now instead of just typing “eggs” and seeing the Kroger brand eggs at the top, I have to remember to type in “Kroger eggs” or else scroll through 30 things to find them. The search feature is just absolutely terrible. If I type in “lemon,” the first item that comes up shouldn’t be Mtn Dew soda because it’s “lemon-lime flavored.” Other issues: Not being able to reserve your pickup time before you make your order. The “delete item” feature that I’ve accidentally used many times and there’s no way to undo it unless you click within 3 seconds. How easy it is to accidentally add an item to your delivery cart instead of pickup without noticing, and then you wonder why you didn’t get your toilet paper and find it sitting in your delivery cart. The new feature that shows items as “in-store only.” This app is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Kroger is much closer to our house, but I’ve switched back to Walmart pickup solely because of this terrible app. It’s not worth the frustration. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Gram2354
I work with customers at a Kroger store. Many of our customers are older and this app with it’s constant updates is extremely difficult to use. You need to separate the online shopping part of the app from the digital coupons and weekly ads. Many of our customers see the shelf tags with the sale price with digital coupon and try to download the digital coupon when they get to the checkout. They open the app and see the item and click on it thinking they are clipping the coupon when it is in shopping mode. Also you have waaayyy too many coupons to go through. People will be standing at the UScan checkout looking for the coupons that go with the items they are purchasing and get frustrated and and hand us their phone and tell us to find them. You need to simplify the use of the digital coupon part of the app. Remember that most people using this app are not tech savvy. Make it simple enough for your Grandmother to use. Also stop changing it every day! People don’t like change! They want to know that when they open the app they can quickly find what they are looking for! Also Kroger customer service number listed in this app is a joke! When people call they want to speak with a PERSON, not an automated message system that transfers you to someone in a foreign country that barely speaks English including the supervisors! Had too vent!! Grrr
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5 years ago, Cindia Borden
Pick up and delivery
Every time I attempt to order groceries I have an impossible time getting the order to go through. I spent over 3 hours this morning ordering food and then all pick up and file very. Would not take my Kroger card . Please correct this. I can’t hotheadedness pick up and delivery if I cannot get it to preform as advertised. I was in the hospital yesterday until night. I started at 12:45. 3;90 pm, when I completed. Storetoladme to call instacart who couldn’t help me, intsacart told me to call the store. It is useless if I cannot get it to work. Did not recognize my address or Kroger card. Please correct the problem. I have used app many times and live five minutes from store. It finally gave me the wrong time. The order number is not findable to insta cart. I called like I said but, I certainly started well before time limit. I am really upset about this. It is supposed to be for convenience and for those who really need service, which is me this week useless if those who need it have to make many phone calls without success. Please check into this organization and get sort out the problem. My shopper card number was unrecognized as well as not recognizing my Kroger card for shoppers which is really irritating in the list
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4 years ago, Getyuio
Needs work
The search feature needs to be more intuitive. Unless you have exact wording , you get nothing. The lists feature is such a mess. It is easy to remove items and change quantities but it is never clear if item in list has made its way into your cart. It used to be simple to find your cart but somewhere along the line the cart is impossible to find. MOST IMPORTANT please improve the share list feature. I am unable to go out at this time. I send my husband who struggles to find the items on the text version of the list. The text version of the list runs in together and is a jumbled mess unless there is a link in the text that provides the same view of the items as the app and he missed it in the text? The print version is much better but does not indicate where it is located. If it is possible to print or share your list as it appears in the app with PICTURES of the product and location in the store , please let me know. If not I suggest an update to your app. If the share feature is not clear on the other end it is useless. I would imagine that I’m not the only one that has to send others to shop for them. Overall, navigation through the app could be improved quite a bit. The appears to be patched together and lacks intuition and logical flow to make it user friendly. Thanks and hope this is useful to you.
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5 years ago, Tara0209
Step it up
Kroger you have had this program long enough that we should be seeing some basic improvements by now that we have all wanted from the beginning. This stupid thing about the rotisserie chicken needs to get taken care of once and for all. If I am picking up my groceries AFTER 11:00am then you need to let me put it in my cart! If I place my order before 11 it’s a no go! I need to put my order in before I go to work and pick it up after work...and I need a rotisserie chicken or two because I am a working mom and we are the ones that use your pick up service! This brings me to the next fundamental problem with your system. Your time between order placement and available order pick up it too long!!! There are times when I need to order my groceries and I would like to pick them up in 3 hours or sooner. Why can’t that happen? And wine! I need to be able to buy wine and pick it up! You can card me when I pick it up - hello??? If I am not 21, don’t give me the wine. And if you can get your delivery system up and running - that would be fantastic!!! But for real - just fix the rotisserie chicken ordering screw up in your program and I can be patient with the rest.
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3 years ago, cbrisvet
Few selections
Store is great, but the App is a little difficult to view and navigate. I love the easily added coupons. Prices are decent and comparable in most cases, especially with the coupons and had savings. The selections are not broad, very few in some cases so I can't go above a 3 star right now. Also, you really have to check the sizes when comparing prices because Kroger sales items in much smaller packages. Kroger is a much better much better store overall than its competitors and after coupons and had I would say prices are pretty competitive as well. The online ordering is a bit behind competitors but I’m confident they will catch up to build the ordering and pick up service to the high quality experienced when shopping in the store. The professionalism, courtesy, and respect for their customers is phenomenal compared to similar stores, and greatly appreciated! The app isn't the best but I think I'm going to switch to Kroger for my pickup services as well. Personally, I wish they would just run their main competitor (just across the road)out of this town! Also...I really love the Kroger commercials!!!😃
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4 years ago, perma1113
Expired replacement product
I’ve been using the app and pick up service for several months now and overall satisfied. What I am not satisfied with is my last visit. Specifically a replacement product. I had asked for was salami. I received prepackaged Genoa salami. I have never purchased this particular product but was open to trying something different. When home, I tried a few slices. It had a really fatty consistency and tasted odd. I checked the ingredients. Ingredients seemed normal. Then I checked the expiration date (which was difficult to find and see). This product had an expiration date of March 2020. My purchase date was August 23, 2020! My next step was to call the store and alert them. Thus, the frustration begins. No one would answer the phone. I tried several different extensions with the same “non-result”. As a last result, I dialed the pick up phone number, gave a brief explanation to the girl who answered and requested to speak to a manager. Long story short, I was told no manager was available. Then I filled the survey out with all of the information I have stated here. It is now Thursday and I STILL have not heard a peep. Why have Customer Service phone numbers and surveys if you don’t follow through? I’m still waiting for a call or email. I want my money back. Also, I really think I may go inside the store this week to see if the expired salami is still available for the next unsuspecting customer.
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7 years ago, The Phamily
All I do is browse coupons and the weekly ad. For the coupon you can choose which is relevant to what you’re looking for, Friday freebies, expiring soon, or all. your choice! And when you view a coupon you can add it to your Kroger card or not. Bonus part is you can scroll up inside that coupon and there it will tell you the product the coupon is for, how much and what size. That’s amazing! You could also see exactly what the picture of the product you are choosing. For browsing the ad you have the option of a list of the sales, same as the coupon you can choose which to look at, produce, floral, etc. You could also view the ad itself and if you want to zoom in the photo and print of the ad it is still so clear! Amazing! I’ve only used 3 grocery store apps and this is by far the BEST and most equipped to handle everything I need in one. I’ve just tried the Click to Pickup feature (I’m sure I got the name wrong) I’ll update on that later. So far so good! Great job Kroger! P.s. omg, don’t forget the points for fuel and giving back to the school of your choice options earns an A+ in my book! Love y’all!
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4 years ago, PenguinXoXo
The app is great besides one thing
I have ordered groceries to be delivered on several occasions. The past two orders have been totally screwed up. When making the payment and tip it says you can alter the tip later... for example if you are not satisfied or are more satisfied than you expected. This is misinformation! I have tried to change the tip I have given okay multiple occasions and no where is there an option where you can do so. I have tried while the person is shopping and also upon arrival of my groceries. ALSO, there is no way to survey your grocery picker/deliverer. This is very frustrating. On top of it all!! The order I just received didn’t have my receipt. I have tried to reach out to customer service and they have been no help! On my last order over half of the items were refunded, most of the rest were replaced and not even replaced with comparable things. For example, my dog cannot eat dog food with chicken, I ordered beef, it said it was replaced with another beef recipe within the same brand.. upon arrival of my groceries the dog food I received was chicken.. 🤬 this is one of the very many items that were completely wrong. AND there was no receipt for me to return the items. Sincerely, Faithful Kroger customer.
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4 years ago, Montero 17
Newest update ruined a good service
The newest update now forces you to choose a substitution for any item that they *predict* to be out of stock. And they predict almost everything will be out of stock. It took an extra 30 minutes to go through the list of substitutions on my most recent order. After you have completed the entire shopping process and you check out, You get a warning that items are low in stock. Then you are forced to choose from Kroger’s list of suggested substitutions (they show you red grapes to replace green grapes, for example). But here’s the kicker— once you add that suggested replacement, you go back through the checkout process and it tells you that the new item is now out of stock. They send you to a new list of substitutions that includes your original item, which of course you choose because that’s what you want. Then you go to checkout and it sends you back to the suggested substitutions page *that includes items that you previously chose*. Grrrre—It’s like a loop from he!! that you cannot escape. But if you walk into the store, they have both red and green grapes on the shelf. Soooooo frustrating. Surely it’s some sort of bug they will fix???
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7 years ago, CathieR
What happened to this app?
I have enjoyed shopping with the app for weekly curbside pickup for about a year now and loved it. The latest update makes it very hard to navigate the ordering process. I usually shop by scrolling through my recent purchases with an occasional search for something else. Now after a search my list of recent purchases has disappeared and I have to navigate the site to find it again. And now, when searching for items tonight that I know you carry, the message popped up that the items could not be displayed. After about three searches I got a message that my access to the site was denied. I closed my browser and the Kroger app, then reopened the app and clicked to go back to the order online site and guess what—my access is still denied. And it couldn’t be at a worse time, with holiday dinner and parties this week I need to finish my order! Please fix this app!!! Edited to add...I think the problems I am having are all due to everything being done in the app rather than going to Safari to order and complete purchases. Every time I go to the app it has logged me out and I have to log back in, which never happened before. So now the app is worthless to me and I will revert to going back to internet ordering, or change over to a nearby store (HEB) with a better curbside app.
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3 years ago, MAGwyre
Need to fix List Bugs
I like Kroger and the List feature on the app has always been great until the last several months. I don’t know what has happened but it feels like Kroger doesn’t really want customers to use this feature anymore so they’ve made it as annoying and difficult as possible. The app is always prompting you to add to cart for pick up or delivery rather than adding to the list to go to the store. They have a tiny button there now but it’s so close to the ‘add to cart’ button that it’s hard to select without accidentally adding to the cart. Whenever you select produce, it completely freezes the app and you have to close and restart. If an item has a coupon and you want to clip it from the list, again it goes completely blank and freezes, requiring a reboot. You can’t just have your list on the home page - you have to navigate to it through the settings every time. It’s taken me over 30 minutes just to load 6 items and I’m just done with it. I’m trying to load my Christmas list, which is probably going to be about $600 in groceries. I really like that the list will sort items by aisle and let me check them off as I go. But the app is no longer worth using as it currently is. I’m better off taking a paper list at this rate. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, CJS1976!
App can be hit or miss
There are times where the app works great and then I’ll have issues like the free-bees section doesn’t work properly and won’t open or I’ll place an order and remember I’ve forgotten something. I go back to modify my order and continue to receive error messages. The app will state I still have plenty of time to modify my order however nothing works. Also, sometimes I’ll get a notification that my item is sold out and other times I get no notification and it’s a surprise when my order is delivered that items are not available. As a side note, if you have an issue with your order or app, customer service representatives are hit or miss as well. Sometimes, I get a fantastic rep that can help me when I paid for an item I don’t receive or my order isn’t delivered within the delivery window and I need an update. Other times, I get a representative that isn’t helpful and doesn’t know what to do or how to help. Just know that if you use the app and call to get help, you may find that customer service isn’t always helpful either.
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1 year ago, putykanski
“Search for replacement” function still not working for weeks
When using the app on an ipad to place a Kroger order, there are options for how to substitute a different item if one is out of stock. If you choose to substitute “Specific Item,” the app will suggest related items but you can also search from there for a specific substitute item. The search function in this specific location stopped working 3-4 weeks ago. Now the response is that there are no search results, which is incorrect. When I search on the same term using in the general search bar, there are tons of results that are in stock. Example: cottage cheese. When I choose to substitute “Specific Item,” the app suggests 2 replacements I’m not interested in. When I use the search function in this specific area to choose a different substitute item, the response is “There were no results for ‘cottage.’” Even the 2 options initially suggested do not display. That’s not correct, there are lots of other in-stock cottage cheese options when doing a general search elsewhere in the app. Multiple ongoing tech issues w/the app the past few months. Shopping elsewhere until this is fixed. Update: still not working for a month. Shopped at Sam’s Club & Aldi’s instead.
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4 years ago, ARUSSE52
Easy to Use and Helps Me Plan
At first I didn’t believe the hype about the Kroger app and how it was so helpful but now I don’t think I can go back to shopping how I use to. The app allows me to create my cart and plan out meals. I can add items as I am planning a meal and that helps me not forget what I need and allows me to check my cabinets to make sure I don’t have something already. While browsing online it shows me both the Kroger brand and name brand items so I can always see which is on sale and get the best deal. It also will let you clip coupons for items in your cart or you can add coupons beforehand. This app has allowed me to take advantage of my grocery budget and really get my money’s worth. I have eliminated some unnecessary spending that I usually do in the store but you can still find those items in the app just by searching. I also like the ease of the search bar and the ability to look at past orders. Overall I give the app a 5 star because it has helped me so much and makes my life a little simpler and is really easy to use. I’ve even showed my grandparents how to use it.
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4 years ago, kroger forever
Having to use pick up after trying over 1 1/2 weeks to get delivery
I also couldn’t get a pick up date when using my phone. I called the 800# and got no answer. I was told to try later several times. I left a message and my name and phone and never heard anything. I finally decided to call the store directly, even though I thought they couldn’t help. The woman that answered was so nice and listened to me and suggested I call the 800#, of which I explained to her I already tried it several times. She was great. I just didn’t know what to do. I decided to try to use something besides my phone and at 3 am. It let me sign up for a pickup. This is not supposed to be this hard I think. I have shopped with you forever and I know things are crazy right now but this was suppose to be a delivery, not a pick up but I’ve had to wait so long, and I’m having to wait another week to be able to get this, so, I have to get it. I want to thank all of you for being there and helping take care of all of us here. I just wish this had been a little easier.
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4 years ago, ßdzxdrez
Prepaid Kroger Debit Card
Seriously? I cannot check out with my prepaid KROGER debit card if I order groceries to be picked up? And yet I get incentive points to shop with this card? And my budget is set up so that my grocery & fuel monies are loaded on my card. Forget your hype on your wonderful online shopping, delivery & pick up &/or prepaid Kroger debit card. Doesn’t work for me at all...and I am not happy about it! Above review was written during last online shopping for pick up experience. Last evening was better except my order froze & would not move forward until I turned phone off. I was quite concerned my order had not been submitted & all would be list. I think it’s all saved but we’ll know when I go pick up tomorrow. It appears my Pre paid Kroger card at check out this time. I do think I should be getting points though as I would be if I was using a Kroger credit card. I’m empathetic to the rush on groceries and the requests & demands from grocers has increased dramatically. Considering all of these conditions, Kroger is doing well.
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6 years ago, IloveClicklist
2 Star Rating should be a 5 Star Rating
I really like shopping by Clicklist. When my husband was ill, getting chemo and going to drs appt, it was a life saver. Today was the only time I have had a problem. I put an order in very early this morning, set pick up for 4-5 pm. Got reminder email about 2 pm, that my order would be ready for pickup at 4-5 pm. Went to Kroger at the appropriate time. The store had a system glitch, earlier in the day, that cancelled my order (according to customer service). I was told I should have gotten an email or text explaining what happened. (I didn’t.) My app is showing the order as still “In Progress”. I was told to put my order again, which I did for pick up tomorrow. My only concern is that the “in progress” order will charge to my bank card. I did change the card for this order so we can tell them apart. I realize computer glitches happen. I gave a 2 star rating to get someone’s attention. Overall I would give Clicklist and the associates and the customer service rep a 5+ star rating. They are very polite and knowledgeable. I will continue to shop with Clicklist.
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5 years ago, Goodwoman (Goodman)
Disappointed Kroger pickup
I had my confirmation and everything and was getting ready to pick up my groceries. Got a call from the manager about 45 minutes to pickup saying they couldn’t do it and I’d have to wait to get my items the next day. I needed diapers and milk for my 2 babies. Long story short, I ended up going to the store and cxl’ing my order (around $80) and they told me it would take 2-4 days for a refund. It refunded immediately THANK GOD, cause that was my grocery money and I couldn’t wait days for my refund. They guys that bring your items to your car said that they were short staffed and that’s why my order was cxl’d. They couldn’t fulfill all the orders. When I left the store headed to my car, I see people still pulling up to get their groceries delivered to their vehicles. Shouldn’t the later orders have been cxl’d verses randomly cxl’ing orders and inconveniencing those who ordered earlier in the day?!?!?! This was only my 2nd time using the Kroger app to have my items brought to me. I’m trying it again this evening and I hope this never happens again.
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10 months ago, StartledRed
One of the worst apps I’ve used!
We have a number of choices where to grocery shop in our area and I shop at different places depending on my needs. I have the Kroger app, but find it extremely frustrating and not at all user friendly. My husband and I had several digital sale items in our basket. We chose to use self checkout but could not get the sale items or coupons to pull up easily on my app. We had to call an employee over who had to come back four times (deep sighs, eyes rolling—not that I blamed her) to help us. She scrolls and taps and sometimes got to the coupon. Sometimes she just gave up and cancelled the item and did an over ride on the price which she seemed reluctant to do. It was so frustrating that it felt like the sale prices were almost bait and switch… sure the store gets you in, but they are banking on the fact that you give up and slink out without getting the deal just to save face and keep the line moving. We use other store apps and many aren’t perfect, but this is almost a deal breaker for me when it comes to shopping Kroger, which is too bad. I’m pretty easy going and forgiving, but this puts Kroger on the bottom of my grocery choices.
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2 years ago, 🚷♌♋♍♻🅱🚸✅🆘©💱🕕🕟🕧
All good but one thing
The app is easy to use and convenient for me to deliver groceries to my house. My only gripe is I order my groceries and every time I order there are about 10 things that need substituted, or I just don’t receive them at all. This is understandable on specific things like specific medicines or popular items but I think there is something up when you can’t find a cucumber 3 weeks in a row. Cucumber just being an example, there are many thing that employees struggle to find or are apparently are never in store. When I order delivery I select a store to deliver from and the selection is based off and changes depending on the store I select. When I do this I assume that everything that is “available” IS AVAILABLE. This is a simple system that every retail job I’ve worked for uses where there are counts on items and as items or sold they are taken off the counts for that item. Where this may be difficult for produce, the rest of the store has no excuse not to use a system like this. I really like this service but it is a problem when I have a plan for dinner and receive HALF of what I ordered for that meal.
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5 years ago, Jazmrstufflolhello
Frustrating beyond belief!
I started my order before 10:30 today. It takes me awhile to finish shopping for everything I need because I’m buying for a family of 6. A little after 12, my entire cart disappeared and I had to start over again, trying to remember everything that I had put in my cart. When I was finally ready to submit my order, nothing happened! It wouldn’t let me checkout! I went back to the home page to try and at least make my reservation and it says there has been an error and to try again in a few minutes. A few minutes later I went back in to try again AND MY LIST DISAPPEARED AGAIN! Now I have to go into the store and get my groceries before the current sale ends and I had coupons on items that were Clicklist only coupons. There was an update yesterday so I’m assuming it has something to do with that. I am SO FRUSTRATED with this app! This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either. If there were a grocery closer to me, I would definitely be going to the competitor instead.
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5 years ago, ruthy209
Making it simple
There are not enough hours in the day sometimes to worry about stopping at the grocery store or to go in and shop around, but we all do this. Sometimes there is no option until now.... Kroger has click and go app that’s make life easy for people who need more time. This is how it works just go on your Kroger’s app or down load it in your App Store put in your info and Kroger’s card number and shop on line during your lunch break while you are eating or smoking that easy then proceed to check out and pick up curb side at your convenience. I have been doing this now when I don’t feel like shopping. This is another way to avoid impulse buys, I only know because I am a impulse shopper this has cut our food by half and that is money we can put into other areas. Kroger’s has made it easy for everyone to just click and go and avoid the shopping lines they even deliver it to your car you park at the curbside pickup and follow direction on the sign and they deliver to your car. I give this convenience a thumbs up........
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4 years ago, 2DoUser123
Great concept, frustrating implementation
I love the Kroger app when it is working. But every time I go to the store, the app restarts multiple times while I am shopping... I get my produce, try to look at my grocery list to see what’s next, and then have to wait sometimes several minutes while it reloads. Then as soon as it comes up, I see it for a second before the app realizes I’m in the store again and asks me if I want to start shopping, and then reloads again. It’s also very difficult to check items off my list as I pick them up - more often than not when I touch the little square to check off the item it opens the item details and asks me if I want to add it to my cart instead of checking it off the list. Why would I want to add anything to ClickList when I’m already IN the store? All of that is annoying, but worth it since Th e app sorts my list by aisle based on the store I’m in - which is especially great when I’m shopping at a new location and don’t know my way around. But tonight the app logged me out and won’t let me back in - when I try to put in my password the keyboard disappears, so I can’t type it. Please fix this ASAP, so I can use the app again!!
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5 years ago, ayoshi
Former great app reduced to glitchy mess
I’ve loved this app the past few years when it came to keeping track of my shopping lists and current Kroger prices. It was very easy to build a list of all items you regularly buy, and then mark them as needed or unneeded to prep for your shopping trip. I could see current sales, and load digital coupons for items I wanted to buy. In the past couple months, they’ve updated the app numerous times and it just keeps getting messier and glitches and harder to navigate. Sometimes I can find my shopping list, and other times I cannot. Sometimes even when I find the shopping list feature, it doesn’t have my items saved in it... but then a couple days later it does. Their newest update says “New Shopping List screen, with new look and feel to make your shopping experience better”, however after updating the app, I’m back to not being able to find the shopping list screen anywhere in the app again. It looks like they’ve added some new features, but the design of the app is just a mess with no logical way to find or use anything. I’m usually app-savvy, but the layout here is very confusing. What good are app updates if I can’t even find the screens to use them? Come on Kroger - Help us customers out!
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4 years ago, --> name here<--
I love the idea of viewing prices before making the trip to the store. I love being able to see what each product contains before making the long trip as I have dietary needs. I hate that the app freezes up VERY FREQUENTLY. I also cannot stand putting dozens of things into my list, closing the app, arriving at the store just to have my entire list wiped away. 0 items. Super irritating as it wastes my time. What is the purpose of having an area to make a list if it doesn’t stay? I’ve even encountered adding items into my click list cart just for it to have random items from a week ago re-entered I’m without me every knowing. It costs me money. The app should never at any point add items a week later that were removed. And no, I did not hit “undo”. Your app messed up and costs me $50 on an order in products I did not need. Every time I need to access prescriptions it logs me out and I need to sign back into my account. The app is more work and stress than it is to write a handwritten list.
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2 months ago, MNM815
Such a Frustrating and NOT USER FRIENDLY App
This app just keeps getting worse and worse with each ‘Update.’ Moving from one section to another is so, so , SO clunky…ESPECIALLY when it comes to the ‘Weekly Ads,’ and ‘Savings’ sections of the app. I find that I’m constantly having to flip back and forth between sections to accomplish basic tasks. And don’t even get me started on the ‘My Prescriptions’ section/functionality…eerrrr or dysfunctionality…of the app (when you’re logged in under your Kroger/Pharmacy account/profile)! It’s the most UNRELIABLE section/portion/functionality of the app! Sometimes the info shown about your prescriptions is correct and accurate, and sometimes it’s not…you never know…it’s literally a roll of the dice, a crapshoot, as to whether or not what the app is showing as the current status of your prescriptions is correct and accurate or not. I could go on, and on about my frustrations with the Kroger app, but for brevity sake I’ll spare you, however I will also leave you with this…when searching for an item, why, oh why can you NOT SORT your search results by ‘Price, Low to High (and obviously vice versa as well), like literally every single other commerce type website and app allows you to do??!!
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2 years ago, Ukadike43
Do the people who make this app actually use it?
Overall the app is a 2-3 star. You can get what you need but its not intuitive. I shutter to think asking my older relatives to figure it out. Common things aren’t listed in easy places to find. The pharmacy portion of the app is my main complaint. Why should I have to scroll to the bottom of the app to find the pharmacy login? Not only is it hard to find, but you have to login every single time. You also can’t sign up for the pharmacy part of the Kroger app unless you have an actual prescription in hand to type in some random numbers that come on the box of your prescription. It seems ridiculous to think that you can’t sign up for a Kroger pharmacy account without having to fill prescriptions before hand. I tried to transfer over from Walgreens and couldn’t do it without having to go into the store physically to request medication. That’s stupid. Kroger should simply copy from Walgreens. Their app is intuitive, pleasant to look at, and easy to use. If Walgreens wasn’t closing on weekends and shutting down, I absolutely would not use the Kroger app. Hopefully they will update us in the future.
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4 years ago, Chickfila Regular
Friendly grocery delivery staff
I was contacted by a Click List representative July 4th and told that my order would be delayed by a couple of hours. I indicated that I would not be able to pick up my items at that time but would pick up my groceries when I had time to do so. When I arrived several hours after the originally scheduled collection time, I was unable to locate a parking space. Eventually I was able to park but had to wait for an extended period of time in the assigned space before my groceries were delivered. In spite of being slammed by holiday shoppers, the kind young lady who delivered my groceries greeted me with a smile and cheerfully explained what to do to remove unwanted substituted items from my grocery bill. Courtesy this go round went a long way, and my previous positive experiences using Click List will keep me going back again in spite of the long wait this time. I greatly appreciate that a Kroger provides this service for customers during this time when social distancing is encouraged. Thank you, Kroger customer service representatives, for your professionalism and service with a smile!
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4 years ago, Blue-Gray_Zane
Apple Pay is truly needed
The only thing I dislike about Kroger is their refusal to implement Apple Pay or another contactless, encrypted payment option as a valid payment method. During this time with the COVID-19 pandemic it is crucial to add this support. There has been a large increase of hackers targeting companies and consumers, and with Kroger storing consumer financial information to enable their homegrown Kroger Pay service is very concerning. Does Kroger want to be the next mega data breach of consumer data? Why a mega data breach? Kroger owns and operates over 2800 stores and within those 2800 stores there is a countless number of consumers that have provided their financial information to Kroger. Just food for thought, Kroger. Note to consumers: if you do your research on data breaches we the consumers do not receive substantial (or any) compensation for a corporations misuse of consumer data. For example the Equafax was ordered to pay a 575 million dollar settlement to the 143 million people impacted, but the cash payout ended up being 25 dollars per person. Is that worth it to hand over your personal and financial information?
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3 years ago, kso67
I have been shopping at Krogers for 42 years. Many of these years, I had to use a handwritten paper grocery list. I love using this app and it’s been so convenient to add items to my list as I think of something I need. However, since the update I’m having multiple issues. 1). Now I have to “sign in” every time I want to open my list. Sometimes it will open with face recognition, but most the time it requires a log in with a password ; it’s not consistent and I never had this issue before,,,,never had to do face recognition or use password to open. Before I could just click on the Kroger app and go to my list. No sign in. 2). When I’m preparing my list, the aisle number appears with the item (as it always did), but then when I’m shopping from my list, the aisle number is not present (but it used to be). Since the update, I noticed now there are 2 different views of my list. If I want to see the aisle number, I have to change views every time. This is very inconvenient. 3). As I physically put the grocery item in my shopping cart at the store, and “check off” the item from my list, my list scrolls back to the beginning, the top of the page each time. Then I have to scroll back down to where I left off. It never did this before the update, and it’s aggravating and time consuming. I would just like the app to work like it did before the update. It was great! Hope you can get it corrected. Thanks
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1 year ago, Blind Henry McClean
An advertisement kept appearing on my watch
An ad that says ‘ $2 off each of your favorites When you buy 3 or more participating items, with your Card. Start shopping’ kept appearing on my watch. There was no notification on my phone and no mention of what was being advertised or who was advertising. I’ve been trying to track down the source of it for a long time now. I even deleted all my watch faces thinking one of them included adware. Well, I finally know that it’s the Kroger app. By default, they opt you in to agree to share your information so that you can be bugged with ads. I strategically waited before dismissing the annoying notification this time until I found the source. When I unchecked the box the agree to the following, the notification on my watch went away: “Based on my purchase history and browsing behavior on The Kroger Co. websites and mobile apps, you may share my information to help make advertising and offers I already see on other websites, mobile apps and digital channels more relevant to me. Please note that The Kroger Co. will not share my name, contact information or purchase history with these websites, mobile apps and digital channels. Home Weekly Ads Savings”
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1 year ago, suneesabrina
Yes and No
I’m grateful for the app. It can do a lot of things. I’m disappointed in the e-coupons…sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t 🤷🏼‍♀️ A grocery store must get this right. It’s all about the prices and nothing is more frustrating than the wrong price at the grocery. I love being able to order prescription refills from the app and the notifications when they’re ready. On the landing page, please put the Kroger card next to Kroger pay. Currently have to go to the menu, scroll down and choose from the list of items. This is too complicated. Sometimes at certain Kroger’s, I’ll get a notification on my lock screen when I walk in the door, tap it and it shows my Kroger card. Awesome. The coupon section is way too complicated. I know you all have a lot to offer and having a million things in one app can get confusing. Sometimes it makes my brain hurt. I do absolutely love Kroger Pay. Overall great app just needs some tweaking to make more user friendly. Thanks for all your hard work🙏🏽
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3 years ago, Bluebunnybabe
I have had such an aggravating three days with this. There was a coupon in the app to receive $50 on the card for transferring a prescription. I did exactly what I was supposed to do on Friday, and never got the $50 credit. I did chat support through the app on Saturday, and they acted like they were going to help, but then told me I had to call. Called the number they gave me, went round and round with the lady who kept saying I didn't have any prescriptions filled or transferred. I finally told her that I'm sitting here looking at the prescription, would she like the prescription number? She takes that and puts me on hold for a while, comes back and says that she credited the $50 to my account. This morning, we look in the app to make sure that the $50 was credited. We can't find it anywhere, so we do chat through the app yet again. Well apparently chat isn't available today, so we call again. We finally find out that they credited us 50 cents, not $50, and they say that it's fixed now. Why is this information not available in the app or online account? The only way to know if it's fixed is to go buy something and see if it works? This makes no sense. Anyway, off to Kroger we go.
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2 years ago, Justask411
Going backwards
Now that I’m shopping in-store again I’m using the list feature in the app and have noticed some serious set-backs. The most annoying is that the list screen is so crowded with unnecessary stuff I can’t see more than one item on my list at a time. Get rid of that “forgetting something?” Box and reducing the size of the list title box would help with that. Also, what happened to the ability to email the list? That helped a lot when sending my husband to shop. Also, I’d be able to use the emailed list to see my list better since the list on screen is so tiny. The “shop the store” feature isn’t very useful- also due to size. The dots indicating where items are crowd over the top of each other so when you try to tap one, it’s often under another, and the item doesn’t clear until you go out and then back into that screen. Size matters- and people shop with their phones, not a larger screen tablet. I use an iPhone. My hands are not that big- I can’t see anyone with larger hands being able to make use of this feature. Clean it up.
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4 years ago, SICA sue 4 u
Kroger App Review
Most of the reviews for this app are a year plus old. I am so grateful tonight for this app and my experience and I wanted to write a review for it. I literally spent 10 minutes loading my cart, checking out, and setting up delivery with the Kroger app tonight. I've never had a poor experience Inside my local store. However, I've never been able to complete a shopping trip in less than an hour either. Tonight marks the change of a routine we will use in my house in the future. Busy schedules, growing children, and LIFE in general leaves us with not enough hours in the day to waste. I am thankful for the experience of having extra time with my family tonight simply by using this app. As well as having groceries delivered to me by someone who was kind, professional, and timely. This - in my opinion - is a game changer for families in this day and age who have to complete necessary tasks, yet still maintain TIME to fit in important activities. This is technology at its greatest! Thank you Kroger!
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4 years ago, Gratefulingreenfield
Incredibly easy and helpful
I had not used the pick up option prior to the need for social distancing. This service has been incredibly beneficial. Not only is it convenient, it reduces unnecessary exposure. If the service could be expanded and/or people would utilize it reasonably, perhaps the congestion within the walls could be reduced. For me though, it gives me some peace of mind knowing that I can then deliver some groceries to my elderly parents without having excessive contact with others. I would feel terrible if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank the many individuals working for Kroger who continue to show up daily and make all of this possible. In the months to come many lessons will be learned from this crisis, and as with all change, people will adapt to the new normal. I sincerely hope the new normal includes a greater appreciation for all the individuals who make it possible to safely put food on our tables. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you Kroger family. And special thanks to the Greenfield INDIANA Kroger
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4 years ago, SpecsTech
Missing Items From My Orders
I have mostly been a fan of ClickList since it’s release (when staff doesn’t forget to bring all my crates from the refrigerated storage and make me drive back to get them), but I am beyond frustrated with ordering through the app. Several times now I have had incomplete orders where items I submitted through my shopping cart were not included in the final purchase. It’s like they disappear from the app once the order has been placed and Kroger employees don’t even know they were ordered. On these occasions, I receive no notice from Kroger that items were unavailable or need substitutions. Yet when I pick up my order, sometimes half my items are not there and aren’t listed when I review my past purchases in the app. Today, I specifically noted the total sale amount when I completed my order through the app, and it should have been over $180. However, my paper receipt shows only $121 and NONE of the fresh meats or produce I ordered was received. I will stick to placing my ClickList orders solely through the website from now on and hope it is only an issue with the app. If my orders are still not filled correctly, I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Bartolololo
Need Notification of Outs/Shorts - Otherwise Awesome!
On the whole, Kroger is doing a killer job during the pandemic. Hats off to them for their process improvements, free pick-ups, and the many ways they are taking care of their team members during this crisis. Order fulfillment and quality has greatly improved in the past few months. The Kroger app is among the best, but with their recent transition to paperless receipts, there is no longer any kind of notification/tracking of items shorted or out-of-stock. I don’t know I didn’t receive it until I need it. I support the paperless initiative, but there are many ways you could still address this problem. 1) Send a text/email with outs (in addition to the substitution authorization messages), 2) Track outs in the order history or elsewhere accessible in the app (perhaps automatically add them to the shopping list), or worst case 3) Provide a printout of outs if requested at pick-up. This really does cause quite a bit of frustration that could be easily remedied. All considered, thanks for the wonderful job you’re doing!
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6 years ago, Laker396
Underwhelmed by this app
As most would imagine I expected that Kroger would have an amazing app considering they are such a large food chain and I have been with them for as many years as I have been in charge of my own wallet when it comes to food. But so far the customer service has been horrible they have dropped the ball with my credit card that took over a week to correct because they continue to think that it was my banks issue when in reality it was their mistake and the latest problem Is that they have now taken off their purchase history from the app so no longer can I just go to my purchase history and find items that I have previously bought I cannot fathom why that particular feature would be removed I have shopped on so many food websites and that is one of my favorite go to spots I always reference back in order to remember purchases that I have made that I enjoyed and maybe just can’t remember or just to make my shopping trip that much easier so very disappointed Kroger I guess we will be moving on....🙄
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