Landing: Furnished Apartments

4.7 (2.9K)
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Caliza Inc
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Landing: Furnished Apartments

4.7 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
4 months ago, Southern Packrat
Great app!!
I needed to relocate temporarily to the Birmingham, AL area to continue my remote business work so my wife could complete her Heart & Lung Transplant surgery and recovery rehabilitation. Landing came through for us with just three days notice before moving into the unit we chose after our first place with a non-profit group was denied due to hiring local nurses for assistance with my wife. After months of having a reservation with the non-profit group, we were left potentially not having any place for my wife and I to stay; Landing came through for us quickly in our time of need!! All of the staff were friendly and worked very hard to get our application process completed within just two days so we could move in on time when my wife got out of the hospital! Where we stayed at, The Retreat at Greystone, was a an amazing place that was close to everything we needed, just 5 minutes to the grocery stores, gas station, pharmacy, and more along with a very friendly staff and neighbors in very safe neighborhood and surroundings. We will definitely use Landings services again and would recommend to those that need to temporarily relocate for work or business!! Thank you again Landing!
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2 years ago, HeatherHarvey
We are SO impressed with our experience with Landing
Landing has proved to be a wonderful company to live with! While initially skeptical after reading some reviews, we have been very pleasantly surprised with this company. Our original apartment that we booked turned out to be unavailable when the property cancelled their contract with Landing. We were frustrated at first but they went above and beyond to make it right. They found us another apartment that was bigger and nicer and matched the price of our original place. Upon move-in the furnishings are spectacular and everything in our place is brand new!!! The whole place is comfortable and modern and the bedding and linens are just as advertised-luxurious! Our move-in coordinator was also wonderful! A few things came up on our move in and she was kind and took care of them, even offering to cover the cost of our covered parking spot when the information on the listing wasn’t clear about what was provided. I’d recommend Landing to anyone needing a furnished rental!
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4 years ago, Shochat
What a disaster! Run the other way. It’s a start up that is run by a bunch of 20 year olds who have no idea what they are doing. Communication is awful. Customer service is awful. The prices are ridiculously overpriced for what you get. They like to quote in daily rates for anything under 3 months to disguise how much they are ripping you off. They charge much more than anyone could use in utilities considering you don’t even get basic cable. My experience? They listed on their website and moved me into a building that had been devastated by a tornado earlier this year and was still under major constriction. Multiple mornings waking up to no electricity thanks to the construction. No warning. That dog park at the complex? Yeah, that’s not really there anymore but “we don’t know what’s going on at these properties. Sorry.” I ask to move somewhere else immediately. “You have to wait 30 days.” I ask for my pick of another place. “That will be $3500 a month” even though as I write this they are still offering “special offers” to get people in those apartments. Paying rent by credit card? Here’s a 5% convenience fee we didn’t tell you about. I could go on and on about how awful my experience has been. Will never use them again. Do not recommend. Hope they go out of business.
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12 months ago, ChristelJoy
Smooth, Elegant Landing
Hello Landing is such a great addition to the ‘stay in homes’ universe and such an epic alternative to AirBnB. The way they have their network of homes set up, furnished and the same kind of quality, ensures that you feel super comfortable staying in any of their units and you don’t have to spend nearly as much time ‘vetting’, like you would on the BnB. I landed back in the States after 2 years living abroad into a beautiful, easy unit (aside from the 2 flights on stairs and my 4 heavy bags), ordered groceries from the Instacart app, made coffee in the morning, connected to the wi fi and was on my way. I think this business will just keep getting better and better. Highly highly recommend this service for anyone looking for a smooth landing into the next part of their lives!
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3 years ago, rick78294!!.&
Room is nice and the concept is cool but thats it
I booked an indefinite stay before labor day to take advantage of a $1000 bonus on the FIRST months rent. That booking got canceled so I book again and then call support to make sure I’d still get it, I was told I for sure would. Then my second booking was canceled, I call again to make sure, and again I’m told it would. Then my credit card gets billed. I can pretty upset, and am told nothing can be done but that it would definitely go on November. Then after moving in(the day after which I had to get the disposal fixed) I get a response to an email about my $1000 from a manager saying she isn’t sure why it wasn’t put on my October(my first month which is what was advertised). Every time I called it seemed like they were shewing me off the phone. I’m leaving early and not using them again, I don’t trust that I’ll get my discount AT ALL. The concept is great but on a technical level the apps and website never update, and support is clearly doing everything to make sure they don’t have to escalate. I will not be using them again unless major improvements are made. The nicest thing I can say is that the actual room is nice.
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2 years ago, Barbiej1875
Avoid at all Costs
If I could give 0 stars I would. Back in December I booked with them. A week before my move in, they said the unit was no longer available. Tried to move me 20 miles further away. So I didn’t use them. Just last month, thought I would give them one more try. Told them my story. They assured me it wouldn’t happen again. They “confirmed” my apartment. Then a couple of weeks later called to say it wasn’t available anymore, but I could have a different unit in the same building. Ok. Then two days before move in day, they call to tell me their lease for my “confirmed” unit hadn’t been approved. Two days before move in. Wanted to temporarily move me into an apartment too far away for my work assignment, then move me into a different unit in the original building. You can’t trust anything they say. They obviously lie and tell you your apartment, which you have paid for is all set to go when they don’t even have a secured lease. In theory this company sounds like an answer to those of us who travel, but they’ll leave you hanging out to dry, scrambling to find pet friendly housing, two days before you arrive in your new city. BEWARE!!!
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2 years ago, Spencervdp
The support makes the stay!!!
My roommate and I are using Landing to travel around to different states and had a few questions to better understand the system and how it works. Not only are the support staff extremely helpful, prompt and courteous but they super friendly as well. Had the pleasure of talking to Colby and Jared on separate occasions and both of them provided some of the best support out of any company I have been in contact with. If you filled a DMV with Colby’s and Jared’s no one would despise going to the DMV anymore!
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7 months ago, tntitan0504
Some ups and some downs
The idea of Landing is amazing the execution is sometimes flawed. 1) It is clear there is not some central hub where all of your communication with them is stored. I’ve often had to re-explain my situation or why I need help or what I was already told several times. Anytime someone contacts me it’s from a new number. 2) The amount of times I’ve been given wrong info is probably more than right. 3) The app has a lot of weird quirks. If you’re on standby and someone books your home, it now sets that move out date for you but won’t let you pick another property until shortly before the move out date. According to the program you should be able to move with 3 days notice but the app is confused. I’ve had to contact them to do my reservation changes whenever this happens. You can’t see bed sizes in the app but you can on the website. 4) I’ve had instructions for check-in be wrong several times and I just have to figure it out. Overall, I like the program and will continue to use it but it would be great if the app fully understood the difference between Flexible and Standby. Standby was a new product at the beginning of 2023 and there are still a lot of things that mention mis-information or rules depending on which product you have.
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2 months ago, Nish1234556
Standby plan is a SCAM!
Absolutely dreadful experience with Landing. They blindsided me by canceling my reservation in Atlanta on the very day of my move, without any prior notice. Despite the app indicating it was move-in day, crucial check-in details were nowhere to be found. It was only when I stumbled upon the reservation status section that I discovered my reservation had been canceled. When I called for an explanation, I was informed that my spot was given to a 'higher priority guest.' This is in direct contradiction to assurances made by their sales representative, Alejandro, who guaranteed the security of my reservation a month prior. Now, I'm stranded in Atlanta, relying on the generosity of a friend, and forced to hastily arrange alternative accommodations. To make matters worse, Landing has already charged my card $1,500, leaving me scrambling to reclaim my money. Their utter disregard for loyal customers is appalling. Spare yourself the headache and avoid this negligent company at all costs. Your peace of mind is worth more than their incompetence.
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3 years ago, bobburnjr
Poor customer service/support
I signed up for landing as a way to learn a new city before signing a full term lease for a new job. The offer was rescinded due to covid. I called to cancel, I was told someone else needs to handle the cancellation and was told I would receive a call back. No one called. I sent emails, no one responded. Days went by of continuous calling until I finally got someone on the phone. They told me that the cancellation policy was 30 days and I was 24 days (even though I have emails and phone calls from earlier). I explained that with no job I cannot afford to pay rent for an apartment I cannot use. They cancelled my booking but charged me more than what I would have been paying for a month. I asked them if they could perhaps delay for when/if I do get employed and they refused. I was not even asking for the 200$ annual fee back. So now I am out of a job, out of 200$ membership fee, and out of 1900$ cash which at a time like this is crucial.
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3 years ago, banana4short
Such a disappointment. DO NOT USE LANDING
I used landing for a few months and things were okay at first. They got back to me and were responsive, but then once problems started popping up, all of a sudden I was put on hold all the time and couldn’t contact anyone. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. It seems as though the more issues that arise, the less responsive they are. I moved out almost two months ago and it was confirmed with two different people there, and they are STILL charging me for living there. They overcharged me initially as well when they said they would be giving me a discount. And they said they would be giving me a refund since my fridge broke, yet there is no refund and I’m still being billed. I can’t get a hold of anyone and no one will call me back. I have spent countless hours trying to fix this and get some sort of response. It is completely disorganized and irresponsibly run. Totally unacceptable.
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2 years ago, Rick Lobato
Absolutely Trash
I booked a reservation, paid, got a confirmation email. Booked my moving truck, made my plans. One week before my move, I got an email that my unit was not available for 2 weeks later then my plans. Ok, things happen, changed all my plans, rebooked truck and spent more money on this move. Can you Guess what happens next??? Another email that the place itself is no longer available and I needed to book another unit further than I wanted. Their solution was to offer me a 1-bedroom for the same price as my 2-bedroom. Classic bait and switch, which I believe is illegal! Zero empathy or compassion from these people. They wouldn’t even contact my back after several messages. This has been an absolute nightmare dealing with these people! Never will again! Be warned, do not believe the false reviews posted here most likely by staff! They are completely incompetent and so far appear to be scammers.
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this company is basically a scam. if you go on yelp or even on their instagram comments you will see that there are too many negative experiences with this place for them to be trusted. they cancelled our reservation we made MONTHS in advance… THE DAY BEFORE we were supposed to move in. they left us looking for a place super last minute in one of the hardest places to find a decent apartment last minute (aka new york city). we ended up in a terrible place because this company failed to let us know with time that the place we had a “confirmation” on, was actually NOT available. they gave us a refund (literally the least amount of effort they could do?) but they literally offered ZERO help or discounts or anything. they basically gave us our money back and said “good luck” idk there are just too many negative experiences for me to trust this company ever again.
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2 years ago, landingsucks
Zero support - Everything smells like cats and urine
The concept of Landing is fantastic, the execution - not so much. Upon move in, I noticed the apartment smelled strongly of cats, which I am allergic to. I broke out in hives as I was moving in, but thought a deep clean should fix the issue. It did not. There is a strong smell of urine - with a huge urine stain on a rug. I have tried everything to clean it. I am now going to urgent care due to breathing issues from cat allergies. The other “fun” part is that my car was booted after I was told I had fully registered for parking and nothing else was needed. Landing has not reimbursed the fee I paid to have the boot removed from my car. All of this would be fine if someone from Landing would respond to support tickets. When I call, I am told they are “working on it”. I am beyond fed up with the lack of service and seriously regret doing business with this company. STAY AWAY.
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1 year ago, cgoode19
So many hidden fees and broken appliances
I rented an apartment from landing for 6 months and I’m currently trying to move out but they are trying to charge me fees when I thought the point of this company was flexibility and being able to move. Also the rent price that was advertised was not what I was paying every month, as there were additional fees that add up. Throughout my stay in the apartment the sink handle has broken, the tv gives me trouble, a piece of the washer falls off everytime I wash clothes, shades in the window broke while I wasn’t even touching it, etc. And when I tried to have these items fixed they either never came or it ended up breaking again a few days later. Also moving in was a horrible mess and the people at my apartment clearly did not like the Landing company and how they do business.
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12 months ago, BoxerMom!!12
Love all but the WiFi
WiFi is a continual issue. I unplug and replug the router multiple times a day. I use my iPhone as a hotspot for my laptop and iPad bc the WiFi constantly crashes. Finally got a land line to connect the router to the tv which helps but only with the tv. The place is spotless and super comfy pillows on the bed and plush towels. Very well decorated and stocked kitchen. I would give it 7 stars if wifi was better!!! Pool is amazing too 😊 Also love the little computer niche here. Working from home a couple of days a week helps having that space for an extra monitor. Could prob fit both but didn’t bring both.
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1 year ago, cgavi94
The worst customer service
Every month I have a billing issue and every month the customer service team closes my ticket before resolving the issue. If changes are made at your complex it takes weeks for Landing Members to get access to those changes (our location switch from fobs opening the gate to an app. It took two weeks for us to get access to the app so for two weeks we had to wait and hope someone would be opening the gate when we arrived. Several times we had to wait 5-10 minutes). Right now this is our only option but there is no way I’ll be using this service in the future once this temporary move is over. Two stars cause the apartment is nice.
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2 years ago, Kelechirox
I'm a travel nurse, so the concept of a company that solely deals with furnished short term rentals all across the country was intriguing. After much research, I signed up for Landing and booked my first apartment. When I arrived to the location I was given a set of keys and the wifi login information. There is a broken towel rack in the bathroom and the refrigerator makes a horribly loud sound! I was told that both things would be fixed. I asked about a parking permit and was told I wouldn't need one. Fast forward to 5am the following morning my car was towed!!!! I was really looking forward to exclusively booking with Landing and telling other travelers about it, but this has been a terrible experience. I will not book with them in the future and you shouldn't either.
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2 years ago, Rainbowfreak
Maintenance issues
It was difficult to get the app to work. And once I moved in, issues won’t be resolved. My “host” arrived after 5 pm when the office was closed with one key and no mail keys. She told me that I could go to the office. The office told me that I had to go through the landing company since they were the ones who held the lease. I messaged the on call 24 hr number and was told they would put in a request. Have not heard anything. Then a cold spell came in and my heater wasn’t working. Was 58 degrees inside my apartment. Put in a request and messaged the number. They said they would put in another request on top of mine. Three days of shivering wearing sweaters and no response or even told when maintenance would come to check. Don’t recommend this company.
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3 months ago, Marcigolfin
Five stars!!!!! All the way!!!!
This was the best experience we have ever had!!! It far exceeded our expectations and we will continue to be grateful for the opportunity, support and superior service!!! Forget ALL the other options!!! Hello Landing is consistent and thoughtful with everything they offer!!!! It was very hard to leave💙🎉🎁 Thank you for the chunk of heaven 💐
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2 years ago, PLEASEFML
Deeply disappointed by the service in Austin Texas
Every single thing was deeply disappointing. Everything feels line a massive ripoff. They were charging 3300 for a horrible apartment in a sketchy part of town. When i said i was dissatisfied they offered little to nothing in terms of remedy. They were SO HARD TO COMMUNICATE WITH. I spent an hour on the phone for one rep to tell me “your move in coordinator is in a meeting and she will call you after”. Several hours later on the phone with a different rep “yeah i dont know why isaac told you that, your rep is not working today.” What is that? What was most sketchy was that prior to my move-in, it took 30 seconds to get a rep on the phone, and after move in, it was IMPOSSIBLE. Do not use this service. Its garbage.
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2 years ago, Annonymous_1
No communication, lies and horrible customer service
I have never left a review in my life but if I could give their customer support team less than a one star, I would. I have never had my concerns or questions been so disregarded by a company before. It’s actually disheartening how much they’ve nickeled and dimed from me. And then when I would call to speak with a manager regarding my questions and concerns, their response is always that they are in a meeting and will call back. And not once have I heard from them. It has been over a month now that I’ve attempted to resolve a number of issues. They continue to lie and state that they sent a follow up text but I’ve yet to receive a text, email or call.
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1 year ago, seabeenik
Worst service
I’m a traveling worker and my work partner and I split an landing. I had to leave so we had to transfer the landing into his name so he had to create a membership to rebook the same landing we had been in for over 6 months. Now they are charging him extra when he is giving them a 30 day notice to vacate because the outage is ending and they wanted to charge him more then what we were paying in the beginning. This company is not flexible by any means stay away from them. For people who travel for a living they are the worst company to deal with. I’d rather stay at a hotel.
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2 years ago, Russ's brother
Home away from home
We moved to S.C. To build a house and retire. We’ve retired, but the house has taken 14 months so far! Landing/The Heyward has been a phenomenal resting spot for us, taking all the hassle of moving out of an already stressful time in our lives. We love the freedom the Landing Living provides, and the Heyward is a fantastic property for my wife and I and our dog. 100%👍
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2 years ago, dk travel rn
Dk travel RN
Really impressed with my little apartment! Very smooth check in. Newly decorated and clean. One small problem; kitchen sink leaks 😟Impressed by the quality of kitchen amenities like pots and pans, dish wear, knives etc! Bedding and bath linens were crisp and clean. Super excited to see a firm king sized bed upon arrival!! Walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants! Considering it was rented sight unseen, I am very satisfied!
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3 years ago, smwade
Brilliant idea, terrible execution, no customer support
Was very hopeful for this, unfortunately was a bad experience and will never use again. Non existent customer service. When needing support about an issue with our apartment we sent 5 emails and called over 8 times. We heard no response for over three weeks. When calling in we would only get ringing (calling the new customer line however we got an answer with 1 minute). Even after all that still no help, had to cancel and spent the rest of my time waiting until we could leave. Buyer beware.
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10 months ago, Lady from Memphis/Texas
Service and communication. Is terrible
I have been renting for 8 months and liked the idea of a easy solution to renting. Unfortunately they do not perform or follow up on maintenance requests that go unattended for weeks and months and when I wanted to add a garage to my rental they promised to investigate with the property but never did after several follow up calls. I followed up with the complex and they had garages available but Landings was not doing their job as with the maintenance. I will be leaving soon as I have had enough of the poor Memphis service @ The Bridges!
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2 years ago, Amiroya
Amazing Stay!
We are honestly enjoying our stay with Landing, they are always there when you need them, the apartment is exactly as mentioned in their website, we do not face any problem contacting them, their follow up is amazing. I would strongly recommend them.
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2 years ago, Kellynova
Most unorganized & unprofessional company I’ve ever dealt with
Wish I could give 0 stars. Costed me over $3200 and was by far the most unorganized unprofessional company I ever dealt with. Read the reviews on Reddit and elsewhere. This app should be removed from the App Store and the company should be shut down. No one in the company is based in mn. You get a small fraction of what they advertise and they just straight up lie and severely over price their units. I’m sure it’s ideal for a small fraction of the world but the ppl they advertise for like myself it’s not ideal and they’re just straight up crooks.
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2 years ago, abdulaziz19
Do not rent with them
I rent an apt with them, and before the check in they canceled my reservation because the apt wasn't ready. They did not offer me an alternative or compensation. They keep it me waiting in the phone for 4 hours for nothing. How can I find now an apt for me and my family in less than 8 hours on a Saturday!!!!! They do not care about the customer and what happen to them. In summary, i wasted it my time, energy, money, which affected my work and my health and ruined a whole week. I will not recommend them even for my enemy
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1 year ago, TMoneyR523
I lived in a Landing for a couple of months and was scheduled to move into a larger unit in the same building. A few weeks before my move, I was told the other unit would no longer be available. I either needed to remain in my tiny unit (which I was only tolerating because I knew a larger one was opening up) or find another property. They also had some sort of issue with their credit card processor and double-charged me at one point and took far too long to refund the duplicate. Will not return.
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1 year ago, jorgeorpinel
The App is limited
I constantly get errors when trying to use the app. I’m not saying it’s unusable but they could probably automate more of their business with better tech. I’m regularly contacting customer support for things I wish I could do myself (especially around transfers in my experience). I do like that I don’t usually need to call them, since you can start support cases in the app.
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3 years ago, LG0210
10/10 Would NOT Recommend
Save yourself the headache. An awesome concept being ruined by a bunch of 20 year olds who are in way over their head. They list properties on their site that they don’t even have any business relationship with. They leave you without a place to live two weeks before you’re supposed to move in. When you finally move in the apartment is falling apart and the entire building is under construction with none of the amenities available, which they don’t bother to mention to you. We have given them multiple chances in multiple cities and each time they have screwed it up. There is a major disconnection between departments and nobody has any idea what’s going on. A real bummer because the business itself has a lot of potential, but I honestly would not recommend this to anyone.
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2 years ago, Trulyagift
Genius Way of Living
The Landing is an innovative way to live and travel. It’s like having a home in hundreds of cities around the United States! It’s luxury, it’s freedom, it’s consistent and the staff have the highest level of customer service I’ve ever experienced!
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1 year ago, Shamalauydshufbk
Believe the one star reviews
This company is trash. Super disorganized, overpriced, no actual support. Getting approved was a nightmare, had to give way more personal information than I was comfortable with. Plus they were giving me deadlines that I was meeting but they weren’t organized enough on their end to honor their own deadlines that THEY were missing. Sure they’re friendly enough on the phone but after more than a month living in a $3500 apartment the stove top glass is still broken, dishwasher still leaks, sliding screen door still missing it’s rollers, smoke alarm still not installed… I could go on. They don’t even respond to my service requests, everything was like that when I arrived. The app itself is fine, but the overall rental experience has been terrible.
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2 years ago, SamAnnFredMatt
Stay Away! Yikes!
This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. The apartment we came to looked nothing like the photos. The appliances didn’t work so we could do laundry. The smell of smoke was so strong it was making us sick. We weren’t give keys to use any of the amenities that were included in our rent. When we checked in the host that greeted us literally said this apartment should have never been listed in the first place but they still offered it to us.
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3 years ago, calplatypus
Fire alarm going off and won’t accommodate
FYI I guess if you have a fire alarm going off landing won’t accommodate… seems illegal. also when I was prospecting to lease they said they had my lease after I paid and 3 weeks before moving they say they don’t have a place for me to live!! And I had to relook all over again and it was scary … don’t trust this service. Shame on you ! Also to get the situation dealt with I had to deal with calling my property not theM. Tim is the worst
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12 months ago, Mw0987123
Do Not Book with Landing
I had a bad roach infestation in my unit. Landing customer service was slow to respond, took a full week to address the issue, and refused any sort of discount or partial refund because “it’s out of their control”. If you book with Landing you cannot have confidence that your apartment will meet even the minimum levels of cleanliness and, if it does not, Landing will not do the right thing or address the issue properly. Avoid!
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7 months ago, Spiresongs
Good experience
I spent 4 months in Landing properties in Las Vegas. The properties were clean, quiet and in safe locations. The support staff were excellent. It was a good value for the money. I would definitely use Landing again in the future if I needed temporary housing.
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6 months ago, Kenny Lavell
Over priced
From first glance I knew something was not right. I wanted to get a temporary apartment somewhere before fully committing. When I looked up my own city I seen an apartment in my area being charged the price of a house mortgage. I currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment and pay 1040 dollars a month. They are charging 2500 for an studio apartment down the street. My hypothesis is they are leasing apartments and charging more then double the rent to the customers.
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7 months ago, KKTG
Dustin is amazing and great to work with.
Dustin has taken care of all of our issues and concerns. We appreciate the great customer service for our first month with Landing.
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11 months ago, angry_customer&
this app is fraud!
This company is fraud! Though the unit is available, they would bump me out of the apartment while I was able to book it in the next minute. Another case is they cancel the unit within 24 hours of movein. I have kept all the proofs and screenshots. Legal act should be taken toward this company and I recommend people with similar issue to file together. Try everything to avoid this app!
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3 weeks ago, Blinddrow
Exceeds my expectations!
I’m a Standby Member. My current 3br apartment is beyond amazing. Very affordable and all modern appliances. Pool, and more!! Very easy to check-in and check-out. Really great customer service.
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2 years ago, Extreme NY'er
App is buggy
Love the idea, hate trying to book through the app. The app shows apartments that are not available for your dates and constantly resets dates, making it very difficult to find out what is available when. The website is fine but if you are always on the go, it’s not so great
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1 year ago, Peja Lee
Unreasonable charge
After moved out, they charged me for shower curtain, plunger, and soap dish saying they were either damaged, missing or had other issue…what a joke and they wanted a $45 delivery fee for those items they stated. Won’t recommend it. The room I stayed where had a lot roaches. The patio had never been cleaned so never stepped to it. Most outlets r not working and garbage disposal stopped working on the first day.
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2 years ago, Mr. Zippity Zop
Worst Rental Search App EVER
For starters, the apartments are exorbitantly overpriced based on fully furnished short-term lease comps in each area they have properties. You’re better off contacting realtors directly and telling them exactly what you’re looking for. Secondly, they use recycled photos for most of their units - meaning, you’ll see the same listing photos on properties completely across town, so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Finally, when I called to request accurate photos of a place I was considering, I was greeted with a cold, rude attitude from their representative. This app should be completely banned. It’s dishonest, predatory and borderline fraudulent.
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3 years ago, aggrivating
48 hours before my check in to a 4 month long rental I was notified by Landing that the apartment I had rented through them had a squatter and that all furniture had been stolen (?) I think the more likely story is that Landing falsely advertises available units and can’t follow through with bookings as promised/contracted. It’d be more fun if this were a scam but unfortunately I think everyone involved is just hugely incompetent.
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4 years ago, Bryce D overs
Scam? Re-use pictures for different apartments
In every single city it seems like they have pictures of 3 or 4 apartments, which they use for 10+ properties each. They obviously do not have pictures for each property they advertise or simply do not have as many properties as they solicit in their app. Not to mention you won’t find an option below 2k a month.
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1 year ago, Omi nurse
Landing Standby
The program is great for traveling professionals with flexibility and the staff responsive with much of the booking and information self driven. Looking to stay in new beautiful apartments and cities! Thanks Landing
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3 years ago, gotGUNSdoTRAVEL
Shady bait and switch tricks
Christopher in the woodlands tried to bait and switch us into reserving a unit while verbally promising it would be a better unit number but we just needed to go ahead and reserve the unit number we didn’t want. After I said I wouldn’t do it, he ended the talks and said well that’s the only unit you can get. Like buying a used car. Bullet dodged, Never again.
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