Lazada 6.6 Super WoW

4.7 (105.3K)
177 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lazada Group GmbH
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lazada 6.6 Super WoW

4.73 out of 5
105.3K Ratings
5 years ago, 7 3
report on attempted deliveries were all untrue
When item ordered were not delivered within time frame as promised, the tracking website could still say that several delivery attempts were made. When overdue delivery was finally made at 7 pm , we interviewed the courier and found out that the item delivered was only picked up a day before, stayed with the courier for a day because their courier’s delivery van was “colored coding”, thus it was their first attempt . Window given for delivery says “ anytime within the next three days, do they expect person authorized to receive delivery to be on stand-by for 3 day 24 Courier do not call nor leave message, we have to call all unknown missed call coming in our cellphone. We even tested back to unknown numbers saying pls come during office hours. Worst is that after complaining to the customer care, all their answers are what they were trained to do “ within the box- although they are quite fast in sending you summary calls which also were all “patterned” statements not addressing your concern. Request for assistance to talk to person in authority to help customer is NIL. , reason given is that they have many calls to attend. Was referred to live chat who are no different.
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3 years ago, {Puraagua}
Great selection and excellent discounts
Five stars to Lazada for the quality of products and selection offered. Where I see some improvement needed is on pairing items together for the customer to put in the cart with one click. Example: I bought a Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus, as I could not find the proper case and glass size because of not being familiar with the website; I chatted with someone online to help me find the right items I needed. However, the 3 in 1 suggested was the wrong item, so I wasted money buying the faulty product and repurchasing the right with another shipping fee. All that confusion can be eliminated by placing the additional items needed next to our purchased products. Common sense: Since a cell phone requires a case, tempered glass for the screen, and camera lenses, why not pair all items as a complete package? If the customer does not like the combination, at least he will appreciate the information to look for a different color or material; it all means, more sales, and happier customers.
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6 years ago, Kennieb
Returns have been a problem
I have had to return items twice. The first time LAZADA failed to give all necessary info but told me that was all I needed. When I got to LBC they wanted me to take the package back. It was too inconvenient since I had to travel by tricycle so I left the package and contacted LAZADA. Repeatedly I was told I didn't need any further info for LBC to process the package. After talking with the Lazabot, which I hate, I finally got a real person to send me the info LBC wanted. The second time, I received an item I did not order and the second part of the order didn't arrive (I had ordered two of the same item but LAZADA makes it two orders). When I arrived at LBC I was told there was an error in the info which I had printed from the LAZADA (LBC shipping label). LBC accepted the return package. When LAZADA sent a message to me that the return had been received, they would give me credit for only one item even after I told them I didn't receive the second item. I have had one email and one phone message asking me how many items did I receive. A phone call I received asked me why I didn't return two items. Finally, after speaking to at least five different people, the issue was resolved. The staff which helped me were always polite and friendly and wanted to help. But, I think LAZADA needs to get organised and quit using that Lazabot.
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2 years ago, ONE-STAR D!
₽6,000,000 and then…
I have relied on Lazada for the past two years during Philippines COVID lockdown and processed multiple thousand of dollars through their site. But every Christmas they seem to change something. I understand security and in most cases the inability to order things was taken care of quickly. But not now… completely unable to order off the site using their wallet app or my credit card despite giving them my card and ID twice in the past month! Two months solid now no ordering in Baby Milk, Daipers, Ramen Noodles in Bulk… I support 25 COVID-unemployed adults and children and am now unable to do what I have done the past two year and avail of time saving bulk purchases. The tech support continually tell me “it’s resolved” but a quick check shows it’s nothing but incompetent lies! They refuse to look at their system and blame outside actors such as verified by visa or visa them self—even when those entities get no charge request out of Lazada as a vendor! It was great while it lasted, but now it seems they are stumped by this impossible situation because they won’t look inside their system to see why charges never go out!
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3 years ago, tengvilla
Lazada IOS latest update
Hi guys, Im from Manila, Philippines and I updated to the latest update from Apple App Store. After updating, Lazada app wont run. When I click the Lazada app icon, it would give me a blank black pop up and go back to Lazada app icon without opening it. This started yesterday, July 16, 2019, Wednesday. I called Lazada help desk and reported the problem. Reboot my iphone, and problem still the same. Deleted Lazada app and redownload (6 times now) with same problem. My wife too had the same problem after updating. Btw, I used iphone browsers, safari, firefox n microsoft edge n when i go to the Lazada website, got another problem, it will close the three browsers without going to the website. Btw, I used my windows 10 64bit laptop and I can log in without any problem.
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5 years ago, RenQ B.
Great at First. Garbage Later
During my first several purchases, they were great. Now, I’m finding more and more unprofessional, untrustworthy and unreliable sellers. Lazada must be stricter to their sellers, because these kinds of sellers will make lazada unreliable as a whole. It’s also very hard to cancel the order even if the item has been marked as “to be shipped” for almost 10 days already. What in the world would be a sensible justification for something marked as ready to be shipped and for almost 10 days it is still not shipped? My order is already rotting and it is still not shipped. I asked the seller about it but no answer. I already contacted the customer service and told me to give them 24-48 hours to give me updates and it’s already past 72 hours and counting but still no updates. So all these, coupled with very unresponsive seller and unreliable customer service, where else can I go? What else can I do? How can I possibly get back my hard-earned money? This is cheating. I’ve never felt as cheated, disappointed and frustrated in my online shopping.
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2 years ago, Pojobeam
I’ve been using the app for a while(2019) and use it to get hungarian sausages because i like the ones in lazada compared to the grocery stores. I made an order the other day and when i finished it perhaps glitched and I saw the page swipe 4-5 times for some reason. I only pressed once but then when i checked it made my order multiple times for the same item, all were separate so i paid new delivery fees on each order which was half of the total cost. The sight is also quite slow when processing orders and instructions are difficult to follow as this sight has multiple sellers with their own guides to handling customers which isn’t too convenient but not impossible to straighten things out. I didn’t resolve my problem as it was overall still worth it but 200peso delivery fee x 4 does amount to a lot when it should have been just 200 from the sight, so still quite a bit to figure out.
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2 years ago, Marknasia
Philippines Online shopping
recently our area was effected extremely by typhoon Rai (locally call Odette). Lazada went out of their way to help restore regular delivery service to typhoon affected areas. this was very helpful as supplies by local vendors were bought up immediately following the typhoon. price gouging by local business (some) were really bad, but Lazada was able to resume delivery in a minimal amount of time and the supplies my family has purchased helped rebuild damage done by the typhoon which was extensive. Thank you Lazada. I would like to point out that other online vendors that compete with Lazada still has not resumed regular delivery in our area.
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3 years ago, YoYo Babygirl
Be careful of Lazada Vietnam
Bought a few items from them for my parents in Vietnam and it was all fine. Then had an issue with a rice cooker that came damaged. Talked to the shop and they said they would look into it. A week passed and nothing. Mind you we only wanted an exchange, not even to return it. So after that week we had to escalate the issue to Lazada. Turns out the shop said we already returned the item. I asked my mom and she said no one came over to pick it up. So Lazada said to talk to the shop again... another back and forth for a few days and they just said take it up with Lazada, we don’t know what to tell you. We showed timestamped pics with Lazada and they kept passing us back and forth between their staff. Very unprofessional and not helpful at all. Lazada needs to vet their distributors and they need to train their staff better on how to talk to their customers. Other times we bought were fine, but if you get an item that is damaged BE WARY!!!
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5 years ago, xtina gsel
Poor Customer Service
Last Christmas, I ordered 4 x Sony Headsets of different colors with different prices. I received 4 x Blue ONLY headsets which was the cheapest of all the headsets on sale. I called customer service and I was informed in order to get a refund, I have to go to LBC / 711 to return the items. I asked if my shipping fee will be reimbursed because I am being asked to go out and return the items, they said no. That defeats the purpose of ordering online and paying for shipping if I have to go out and return the items. To make the story short, I kept the items, no refund, no compensation, no assistance from Lazada, my pamangkins and I when we all go out and we ALL wear BLUE headsets. Never ordered from Lazada EVER again. POOR CUSTOMER CARE, they already made the sale, why should they care, right??
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2 years ago, LiquidDragon
Terrible company
My account was restricted to force me to only use cash on delivery and they won’t let me use my debit or credit cards to pay for items. When I contacted customer service they said I had fraudulent charges on my credit card and asked me to call my bank which my bank insisted I did t have any fraudulent activity on my account so when I reached back out to Lazada customer service they requested I send pictures of the front and back of my credit card to show proof it’s mine and with my name and then demanded I provide an email from my bank stating I do t have any fraudulent activity on my account. It seems to me that someone in Lazada customer service or their payment center is forcing customers to provide credit card info so they can use stolen credit card data to commit fraud or sell that credit card data. This is a terrible company and everyone should stay away from them if possible.
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10 months ago, dtx15790,33
Good but confusing
I’m aware that a lot of products on this site are knock offs, but it is extremely confusing when the same knock off product is listed multiple times with different pictures and descriptions. Sometimes I do not buy because of the confusion. Today I bought a hammer drill, but the pictures and listings contradicted each other. One shows a picture of a hammer drill, but uses a part number of a regular drill. The next shows a picture of a regular drill, but uses the part number of the hammer drill? This is just one instance, I’m sure you can look back at my history and see how much time I wasted on searching for what should have been very easy. Please try to clean up these inaccuracies. I’m sure you have lost some of my business because of this. A shopping experience should make you happy, not frustrated.
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5 years ago, WWtravelerGoingBananas
Poor design and buggy
I've been using this app for about a month now and the app has multiple bugs and a poorly designed UI that make the user experience very frustrating. The most recent bug occurs when trying to contact the seller/courier (not stated- the lack of clarity is another issue I won't get into). When clicking for further assistance, I'm bright to a screen to specify my issue. I select a choice and click next. That next button seems to refresh the step rather than proceed to the next step. This inconvenience only compounds the issue I already have with my delivery and threatens to lose my delivery. On the UI design, the check out procedure is very chaotic and poorly thought out. There are some creative ideas there (lazada combines cart, saved for later, and wish lists. To purchase something you select the items from your cart and click confirm.). Overall it unnecessarily complicates the process, imho.
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4 years ago, hey cat!
You need to improve your item display, most of the items that are out of stock or no longer exist are still posted. Such a shame your one of the biggest online shopping app but no improvements on this matter. Updated review: It took so long to refund money when a seller had a mistake of sending an item. I know they are aware of sending a wrong item but why does it take so long for refund process? I have sent a photo of my return receipt from LBC but why wait for the item to come back to them? It happened to me once and the seller is like so proud that they did a mistake, never replied to me. I hope you do something about the schemings of other sellers that sends wrong item or not similar to the once they are posting, it’s a shame you don’t do action of sellers deceiving their customers. Sometimes I was thinking that you are not protecting your customers but you protect more of your sellers.
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3 years ago, DeanSolar
Lazada used to be good
Those are used to be good but ever since they decided to call you before delivery instead of texting you everything went bad. When they would text me I could respond to the text message because I never have the sound on my phone it’s always on silent but I always check my text messages so this does not work for me this new policy where they call you so this is why I only give it a two star because most of my shipments nowadays they’re saying they attempted to deliver but they never texted me and they never came to my door to deliver
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4 years ago, boo hopper
Good App but
I like the app, but make sure you do cash on delivery. I suggest you don’t pre-pay for the order, you just might not see it. The delivery company doesn’t notify you a day beforehand. People have to work, if they do try to contact you and you miss their call, and then try to call them back the number does not work. If you do choose to pay cash on delivery open the package make sure you double check with your cart some will up charge you. Case in point, the item I ordered with delivery charge cane to a total of 99php the delivery guy tried to charge me 372php. That’s my advice for you when you get this app. 1) choose the option of cash on delivery 2) double check your order so you don’t get up charged. Watch out for some of the chines store they won’t help you out if you get a defective product make sure to buy from local stores if you can
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6 years ago, Jefotni
Good app but still lacks landscape mode
Navigation is good. No problems looking through dozen of products. Presentation of product page is very clear with different sections that is easy to jump into Deleting items in cart is not clear. It took me a while to realize that I should be swiping to display options for deleting items. It would be helpful to have this clearly presented to users. Biggest problem I have is that this app still lacks landscape mode. I am using this in my ipad and I am force to have my tablet on portrait mode. It would be helpful if landscape mode can be added especially for users like me where my tablet case only stands at landscape mode.
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1 year ago, Technisean922
Wishlist Arrangement
In the December update the wishlist was change to be in chronological order compared to when it was arranged by shop/store which I prefer for easier orginization and shopping since I shop multiple items from the same shop and would compare between other shops. My solution for now is add all to cart the browse/conpare prices from different shops there. I also noticed the checkout button is unclickable even when everything is correct. My solution is close then reopen the app. Please fix these, add the options to change arrangement or roll back some of the previous features.
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3 years ago, payator
Scam store
The store where I got my sd card are damaged already well packaging but the product it is not working ..!! I ask for the store to give me the refund but she’s giving me a hard time , I don’t get it she told me she will lose her job but what about my money that I spend it ! I just need her to do the refund the store name is chai knows selling the sd card not only complain to that store somebody else too … so I hope this problem will help me she refund me for one as card I bought 2 of them !! So I just need them to refund me for the other one thank û
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6 years ago, fashiongal68
Checkout system needs more work.
Sept. 2018 review: It’s time to say goodbye to Lazada. I have been your longtime buyer for years but I’m done with you. Your new shipping policy is horrible and discriminating. For all products that are priced low or high, shipping fee of P1000+ per item is ridiculous. Who in their right mind would ever pay for that?? Thank God for other online shops like Shopee. Only a few barangays are affected with this new high shipping rate. Other barangays nationwide are unaffected and still have the same shipping fee of P100 upon checkout. And you call that fair?? Nice going Lazada. Goodbye to you! April 2018 review: There’s a huge glitch on COD payment option upon checkout. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It forces us to use other forms of payment options which aren’t preferable. Always prefer COD’s. To the Lazada app developer: Find the COD ERROR GLITCH upon checkout and see for yourself. This glitch has been going on for months now. Please find the time to correct it. Thanks! Checkout system on the Lazada app leads to a double pay out. Needs more work. No email confirmation sent regarding transaction. The website is fine but the Lazada app checkout system needs to be fine-tuned. The rest of the app is fine. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Crayle
Full of dishonest vendors
Nearly every vendor I have interacted with on Lazada has been dishonest, incompetent, or an outright scammer. There appears to be little if any quality control, and vendors can make as many wild and inaccurate claims about their products as they want with no consequences. Processing orders as “shipped” even though they have not so that you can’t cancel, misleading or even false product descriptions with no way to get your money back after paying for an inferior product, the list goes on. And, as told to me by Lazada customer service, vendors can simply turn off reviews, so that you can’t even write a bad review if they scam you. To top it off, Lazada customer service is slow and ineffective at getting anything accomplished to help you. It’s less stressful and more cost effective to just go to the store or try Shopee or another competitor.
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2 years ago, makingthingsdifficult
Great place to buy things
The saying of “if it’s too good to be true then it is” holds true for Lazada. If the price is really low, compared to other sellers, it’s probably fake and bad quality. Because of Covid restrictions in China, things from there will take over a month to arrive. But hopefully, with China relaxing its Covid rules, things will get better again. (PreCovid was roughly two weeks. Orders from sellers within Thailand is usually 3 to 4 days.) Despite the above, Lazada is a great place to buy things. Even with the increased shipping cost, the total price is usually still lower than your local stores or shop.
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3 years ago, Chiqui Rigonan
My 1st order with Lazada
I am excited to receive my order for my pet dog. A brown color round bed for my dog. Hoping it will be delivered on time. Lazada made my expectation build high because of what I have heard & seen on TV as I watch Eat Bulaga noon time show. Many satisfied customers on line who shops with Lazada and turned out to be fun due to variety of items in so many to choose from. The accessibility of goods from all walks of life is just within reach possibly because Lazada made it really easy for everyone and safe too because we didn’t have to go out of the house to go shopping. Way to go Lazada!
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7 months ago, AaziG
Highly Recommended for all users
I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service I received regarding a recent issue with a faulty product. I encountered a problem with an item I purchased, but Lazada promptly addressed the issue and provided a refund, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction. I'm truly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of Lazada's support team. This positive experience reinforces my belief that Lazada is indeed the best online shopping platform. Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Anonymous88
Worst App and No Refund for missing item
Liar! Lazada constantly shows what is real disappointment for their customer service. There is an missing item in one of my orders, I requested refund of the single item, but they require me to send an empty package back in order to get the refund. After talking to the customer service agent who I waited online over 30mins, not shutting the screen down, otherwise, you will lost your connection and need to queue in line again, they said they will progress the refund process immediately after the chat is closed. However, they fail to do so. Not only this order, many other orders, it’s really impossible to get your refund. I really don’t understand the existence of this App, anf fake likes they got on Facebook.
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4 years ago, AChichana
An Actual Dunpster Fire
I used to love Lazada got a lot of things correctly and on time but then I guess I ordered too much or something because now I order something and the seller sends me something completely incorrect or it doesn’t match the product description or they’ll advertise as international sizes or as European sizes and they’ll instead send something that is in The China sizing system and that isn’t converted correctly. The last 3 orders I’ve received have not matched the product description and the sellers have rejected the return and refund. Which is something they are allowed to do, and lazada customer care isn’t helpful. I ordered a gameboy game but got a plastic toy and a pack of cards. I ordered a charging dock for AirPods and the iPhone X but got an Apple Watch charger. Also they will waste a lot of cardboard sending everything you ordered from one store one at a time also increasing how long it take to receive the package. Descriptions aren’t accurate, and there seems to be a lot of false advertisement in order to get more people to buy.
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2 years ago, bb_cyr
Very convenient!
If you are looking for items very difficult to find in physical stores, get them from Lazada! Although a number of items are bit more expensive than in stores, it can readily compensate the comfort and safety while shopping from home. And there are sellers who have taken advantage of the platform to sell counterfeit items so be very careful, make a thorough check. Overall, enjoy shopping at Lazada!
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3 years ago, Howard1357924680
Not set up for iPad and no translation
This app is not set up or compatible with a landscape orientation that would be nice for an iPad. It would be nice to be able to change the orientation. Descriptions written in Thai (and presumably other languages) cannot be translated within the app. I find myself having to often go to my laptop and access via Chrome so that I can get the information translated into my language. Would be appreciated if you could add the capability to auto-translate (even if auto-translate is not 100% accurate) or to copy/paste into a translation program.
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2 years ago, JamilaMalika
Great Company!
The app is easy to use, and there are always a ton of options! Always double check your delivery address, and be sure to click the correct size of the item you’re wanting. Sometimes items are extremely good quality, but they’re excellent for the asking price! I’d def download when looking for affordable items to receive quickly!
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5 years ago, JDub1566
Purchased an expensive product from Lazada, two days later after payment went out it’s still pending. No notification sent, I had to check the system. Followed up with customer service providing them with Proof of purchase and transfer. Now they say they need two more days to look into the problem, but they don’t work weekends so.... When you take someone’s money, then don’t process the transaction, then seemingly can’t even find the transaction, then make the customer wait’s not just unprofessional, it’s untrustworthy. As of today you’ve taken my money and refuse to process the transaction, even with proof of payment. That’s called FRAUD.
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2 years ago, marktolo
Where the best deals are
Very pleased with the app and its navigation and performance. They have done a good job at managing marketing and customer experience. I purchase overseas for family in PH and transactions have been smooth.. only issue I have had not reflective of the app is delivery in rural areas . No problem delivering smaller products quickly but TVs and large appliances get shipped but not delivered for last part of trip.
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3 years ago, Efren
Stainless Faucet
Just received my second order of stainless faucet. Packaging was excellent. No dents, scuff or anything. Installed it minutes and works fine. My lavatory faucet gives luxury class to my bathroom. My wife was very happy about it . The quality was excellent and quite heavy. I am planning to buy another for my daughter. I hope I expect to last long without rust in the future. I highly recommend this product.
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5 years ago, Thecool-1
Very good but needs little work
I rate it highly as it’s great having a service that provides COD delivery in the Philippines. Only thing needs fixed is the feedback service. If you rate delivery to low or say something they don’t like they won’t let it post. Also you place an order and a week later or more the seller may cancel and you can not leave them feedback, even though they wasted a week or more of your time waiting for the order, then suddenly they cancel it. Bad.
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9 months ago, bacon mcsasquatch
No way to delete an account
I made the mistake of installing this app last year, to try to make a purchase which wound up not going through properly. I haven’t used it since. But a couple weeks ago, I started getting notifications for orders somebody else was placing on my account. I asked Lazada to delete my account, and I’m no longer able to log in, but I’m still getting emails with invoices for transactions on this supposedly deactivated account. And, since there’s no way to actually communicate with Lazada without logging into your account, I have no way to see what’s going on or try to fix it.
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3 years ago, cgyvan
They don’t care much about their customers
Terrible customer service. I had several issues on purchases, which I decided to return. The process ended up being a total nightmare. They do everything to protect the seller by a rigid and opaque process. I tried to contact customer service several times but all they can do is apologize for the inconvenience. Totally incompetent support. The app itself is ok, and the experience écoulé be nice if only they cared a minimum for their customers. This is a good app if you are an unscrupulous seller and want to sell defective products. Everything is there to protect your business at the detriment of the buyers.
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9 months ago, Calpogi
Five Star
Your designated courier can attest to that how many times i order from Lazada. Never on Shoppee . Probably twice a week i buy something from Lazada and it did mot fail me when i return a product and ask for a refund. Though there are some bogus sellers i wish you double check their item before putting this item on your advertisement pages.
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2 months ago, Rrrrrrrgvvcdfghhhvvv
“LAZADA” is a good find.
I have been in Philippines for one year. I have found Lazada to be a great find. Theres alot of things a person needs, but most stores cant supply because theres no demand for the items. I have been able to find alot of things on Lazada that i could not find anywhere else. But alot of those come with high prices.
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4 years ago, LifeInFullHD
Useless App
The feed displays a lot of worthless junk so it’s better to use the search bar to browse items/merchants. The tracking page is more or less pointless since there are items that don’t receive updates and the chat button is even more useless because IT DOESN’T WORK. If it’s a bug, fix it. It’s bad enough that the delivery dates posted aren’t the least bit accurate but what’s worse is that you can’t even speak to a customer service representative because you’re automatically redirected to their chat bot. In my years of using Lazada’s service this has been, by far, the worst experience I’ve had.
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2 years ago, Pattyboy89
They are forcing me to use Lazada wallet
I ordered a carpet which the vendor could not deliver so it was canceled. Usually they just send me a refund to the card I used to purchase. But this time they put the refund on my Lazada wallet. I can’t use it because it requires your mobile number for confirmation, but I live overseas so I don’t have a Filipino number. I tried to chat with customer service but they’re not being flexible with it and just told me to ask someone I know in the Philippines to use their mobile number. One, I really don’t want to have to bug someone else every time they cancel my order.
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10 months ago, PatCulpepper
Too many ads!
This app is very annoying with all the adds that it present upon opening or just navigating through the app. I would give 0 stars if that was an available option as these adds are super annoying and have no purpose to be here in the app. They are not relevant to the app and impead my ability to buy or shop on the app efficiently. It better words it slows me down and i did not get on this app to be slowed down or aggravated with annoying adds. Have some common sense there and remove these lame adds that serve no purpose other then to annoy the customer.
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5 years ago, lilnrock
Great online shopping
This is a great way to shop , I have been shopping online for a few months now and so far the items have arrived earlier or on time . The packaging has been satisfactory with no or very minimal damages. The items quality has been 90% as expected, most of the time the item as described and few that are not but by just carefully reading the descriptions and reviews. Overall it’s so much cheaper than department stores prices.
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5 years ago, Red Amos
Crooked Company that Provide Cover for Criminal Vendors
This is the most dishonest vendor on the Web. They run scams and cons to rip off your money. There are few if any honest vendors on this site. They advertise “extra large” items for sale and will send you an overpriced a dollhouse item instead. They advertise “wooden” furniture and will send you an overpriced furniture cover instead. They will advertise “Nike” shoes and will send you an overpriced cheaply-made Chinese copy instead. Their lady bags are counterfeit as are most of the other items for sale on the site. This crooked company can operate in Asia only, where there are no consumer protections. It will never be allowed to operate in Europe or the Americans.
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5 years ago, hey joanne 670
Misleading Items
The photos that the seller posting are NOT the same as what the will send to you. Not all but most of the time. Order pillow cases asked for color that i needed but sent the wrong colors my mom said so ugly poor quality . Same as I ordered school bags for my nieces cause they love pink but sent me red instead. Simple instructions they cannot even follow. Just saying...
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2 years ago, AmInPhilippines
Great for ordering to our remote area
Lazada allows me to ordered needed items without traveling hours into a city to visit traditional stores. Only suggestion - please allow customers to select the preferred courier. In our remote area, J&T delivers Lazada packages with no issues. NinjaVan- issue each time. LBC requires traveling over an hour to pick up at nearest office.
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3 years ago, passaro2020
Conveniences absent
As a loyal redmart customer, in my opinion the ease and convenience of ordering grocery products has drastically reduced since merger with Lazada. The online interface is simply not as efficient and the option to add products (after placing order) has been removed. Moreover, availability of products as well as the flexibility of the delivery schedule have been adversely affected. Now the task of online ordering feels tedious to me.
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3 years ago, JaneLane1978
good enough, but i have complaints
This is an app for all shopaholics however it would be nice if you guys cleaned up the look so it’s not so messy and confusing. Also every time I search these weird results that don’t match come up. Please fix. Otherwise, it’s a great app. The website though is better if not for the fact that it tends to block you when you end up doing a thorough search for products, citing “heavy traffic” as the reason.
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2 years ago, jv.0255
Good app interface but very bad customer support
Lazada was my go to app when purchasing items online as I really liked the interface compared to others. However, a good interface can only go so far. Had an experience with a seller that refused to fulfill my order. They cancelled it on their end and provided the reason that they were unable to contact the buyer. Big fat lie as we had chat conversations in the app itself. Reported it to Lazada customer care but they just keep tagging the issue as resolved without providing any actual resolution.
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3 years ago, Diane_enaiD
Unfairness with the voting system.
When u try to get voted by sharing the link for the MU 21st placement, it gives an error message. I’m afraid of actually buying votes bc others from non-Asian countries have done so and no votes were reflected. As well as communication with the creators has been bad. I believe having that unfair advantage against the rest of the world is more than a justified reason to return all of the money from the votes, make an official announcement through the MU account, as well as the queens participating, a few days prior to opening the voting system, and to start from 0. That way everyone can have an equal chance.
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2 years ago, d078yb
Good service.
I’ve ordered different items ranging from kitchen, bedroom and outdoors furniture. Items arrived very well packaged and bubble wrapped. So far the metals or breakables had no issues. I’m happy with the delivery as well. Delivery dates changed but for the better because my orders were delivered earlier than expected. Lazada deserves a 5 star rating.
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5 months ago, ChuckBBW
Terrible return policy is a new scam
They promised change of mind return policy as long as the product is new. I ordered an Apple Watch band by Spigen. Issued and return the same day while they promised to pick up, they never did. I contacted the seller they said check with Lazada. I wrote to Lazada in English they insists on replying in Thai and implies it’s the courier’s fault. Fast forward 10 days later, no pick up. Can’t return. It’s only a 900baht band, but this isn’t the first time I had return problem with Lazada. I’m starting to think this is a ploy to drive up sales and get rid of their inventory?!
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