LEGOLAND California - Official

4.8 (6.9K)
79 MB
Age rating
Current version
Merlin Entertainments
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for LEGOLAND California - Official

4.79 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
3 months ago, sflege
Kids loved, waterpark needed work
Our kids (9, 7, 4) enjoyed Legoland a lot. The rides were fun, though none were thrilling. Everything was very cute and clean. The waterpark was a little underwhelming. The lifeguards waited ages to let the next guest go down a slide, making the lines feel unnecessarily long, and leaving kids shivering in the coastal wind (that day). The most disappointing part was the “showers”. I expected to have a solid (at least luke warm!), curtained shower, but we were disappointed to find the “showers” were public, outdoor, group showers that were FREEZING. We were not able to properly rise as we’d hoped, in order to re enter the park for more rides. Not mention, hauling wet towels and swimsuits around is less than ideal. I would tell other to skip the waterpark altogether and just do Legoland.
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2 years ago, swinginglyMKA
Mostly helpful
It was really helpful to build a schedule for the day and check off the activities as we did them. Oddly, the checked off items appeared first, so we had to scroll down to the next action item. Also, we couldn’t plan our visit the day before very well as everything in the app reads CLOSED after park hours. So there’s no concept of what might reopen in the morning or stay closed due to seasonal maintenance. Would be helpful to replace this with “opens at XX time”. Same with rides that won’t open straight up at park opening- a number of rides don’t open straight up at park opening. We planned our day to start at one in particular (expecting it would have a long wait all day) and we were told it wasn’t opening for another hour. I wish the app had told us that - we could have planned better. Never did make jt back to that ride. It would be so helpful to have Menus attached to the restaurant event so we can know for sure what we want before getting to the restaurant. It would also help if the digital park map had text descriptions the way the paper map does, to help show where you are and what direction you are facing. The “walk to” feature was fantastic!! That was the best part of the app.
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1 year ago, EllaB78
Great trip
The whole whole family had a great time this trip. I was somewhat let down by the lack of St. Patrick’s Day acknowledgement- no green foods at the hotel, no special activities at the park. Though I’d say about 80% of the visitors were in full green clothing and ready to celebrate. Loved that many of the staff had some sort of celebratory accessory, just wish the park had done something too, maybe on the app too? Ideas for next year! Thank you for a great trip, I can never speak highly enough of the staff at all the Lego locations, they’re all so great!
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2 years ago, WhateverBella
Horrible reservation system
The app is fine once you get in the park, but both the website and the app are poorly designed when it comes to making a reservation. Seeing as how every person visiting the park will need to make a reservation, why is there not a designated button for reservations? You have to go digging through the menu and website to find the reservation flow, and then once you get to it, it doesn’t actually work. Even worse is that even though I have the app with my annual passes loaded, there is no way to easily book a reservation for these passes. I have to either scan the pass or enter the very long ticket number. Since passes weren’t mailed to me I had to print the annual pass out first before scanning it (even though it already lived on the app!) It’s not intuitive or easy to use for reservations.
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10 months ago, clcorrea
More than I expected
I loved everything! The employees are very nice, everyone goes above and beyond and that was great! Atmosphere was good. It was super busy which makes the restaurant annoying but it was still good. It’s a good bang for your buck. LEGOLAND in general is very easy to navigate! I did not have a panic attack over planning the trip, the time you get in, reservations, etc (like Disney, which I hate) The park is a great size too! The things I didn’t like is that on our first day we couldn’t find a water refill station, every restaurant we went to was closed, we were so thirsty! Also, there’s not a whole lot of options for alcohol, which can be annoying, having to walk to find it. I loved that the rooms get cleaned every day!!!! That was a great surprise! The only thing is that the rooms smell like bacon grease 🤷🏻‍♀️other than that is a great hotel, experience and park!
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2 years ago, Vivisminks18
Wonderful Day
First I will say that this park is truly for kids 4 - 11. The park wasn’t full on the day we went so we were able to ride just about every ride and we’re able to navigate the park with ease with no map needed. You could ask the staff questions and directions and they were always happy to help. The food was good. Most everything was set at affordable prices and they had healthy options. I loved the family restrooms. We will definitely be going again.
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2 years ago, ryan26arthur
Very Helpful To Use At The Park!
This app is amazing to use when you are visiting the park. Everything is very clearly labeled and the map on this is great! It will show you how long the times are for each ride and navigate you there. The navigation directions are perfect and I would highly recommend you download this app when you are visiting the park. Makes the experience much better.
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1 year ago, HCSPYDR
Somewhat Functional
Overall the app works most of the time, but there are some huge gaps in performance and features when compared to other amusement parks for example: 1. You can’t add your annual pass to the app 2. Half the time rides disappear from search when the rides are running 3. Food locations also disappear from search 4. Food locations do not post menus 5. The water park is shown on the map, but you can’t get info on the rides, height requirements, temporarily closed attractions or food locations. This app has a lot of ground to catch up on to meet customer expectations.
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6 months ago, Missphil
Why can’t we reserve on the app??
We have annual passes and have to jump through hoops to get make reservations. First, find the correct reservation link for passholders, then choose your date (you will have to do the whole process all over again if you want to reserve several dates), then enter the long number for each passholder (which I was able to copy and paste thanks to my photo app on my iPhone, otherwise the Legoland app doesn’t allow the copy/paste), and finally, where are the reservations? They surely are not saved on the app. That would be too easy.
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2 years ago, Angrypiglord
Repeated visitors to LEGOLAND California
My kids has been hard core LEGO fan that always choose LEGOLAND over other theme parks. We love the friendly staffs and the kindness of trading for the LEGO mini figures. Even when we were told that the ones that kids traded were collectedables but my kids felt that if the mini figures make someone happy that’s cool. Thank you for stay this awesome for so many years.
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3 years ago, wash visitior
Good time
Great time for the kids but difficult to make reservations and reserve time. The reserve n ride FAQ did not specify that it was for the land rides only. The hotel did not state that valet was only reserve only. No way to contact a person to ask someone questions without sending a email and waiting 2-4 days for a reply. The reserve n ride was great feature but only for specific rides only and not detailed in any information. Overall we had a great time!
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10 months ago, DuckFuzzy42
It’s not great
It is beyond frustrating that I cannot reserve days from the app. Don’t make it a purchase of $0 and don’t ask me to put in a annual pass number - you know that info already ITS STORED IN THE APP! When I have reserved a day to visit, why does the my visit tab act like it has no idea when I am coming? You know! Show me the opening hours, show me the attraction times. The app should not be so quick to kick me out to safari for everything. Have information in the app. Don’t make it some weird front end to your website.
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3 years ago, Howland001
Great time!
We decided to do a last minute birthday trip for my son, we had so much fun the park was nice and clean and wait times were excellent especially since you have to do reservations definitely can’t wait to visit again!
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2 years ago, Sf007
Needs better integration with annual passes
I have added 3 annual passes (myself, wife, and kid) to the app. When making reservations for visits, why does the app not automatically know what my annual pass numbers are? I have to ‘copy’ the numbers from notes and ‘paste’ them into the app as I’m configuring the reservation. That is very error prone. I don’t understand why that field wouldn’t just allow me to choose one of the annual passes already stored in the app.
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1 year ago, Kkv559
Legoland App
The park map doesn’t come up all the time. Sometimes you have to close the app, then reopen and go to explore then tap on the map. Reserve a ride is hard to find. It is in the shop tab but there should be a button on each ride to reserve. I had a hard time finding it until I finally went to shop and browsed around.
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3 years ago, john_kraj
One of the worst apps ever
An App is supposed to be helpful. This does the opposite, especially the map/direction. Not sure who designed this, that person/team reviewer hasn’t even bothered to enable Feedback (feedback option on Info takes you to a page that tries to sell you more passes!). Maps should have names to the entities shown - it has absolutely none, and that results in confusing directions that make you go around in this maze. This app/map is everything a helpful app should not be… Sad
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2 years ago, tagger9
Pretty worthless app
The map has some info, but we found using google maps was better. The app would not link up our tickets. They say to enter your "Order Number" but there is no such thing on the confirmation email, and the "Booking Number" on our email confirmation didn't work. We also found the app layout was pretty confusing. Again, it was easier to google something than use the app. Happily, the park itself was great, even if the app isn't.
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2 years ago, jengrinn
Some things were really inconvenient
We had a lot of fun. We didn’t know until we got there that they do not take cash. We only brought cash. They also require you to use your phone for just about everything. If your phone dies you are screwed. Lots and lots and lots of walking and waiting so be aware of that and how well your kiddos can cope.
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1 year ago, angelybanez
Lego land
Had SeaWorld passes for a couple years and we wanted to switch it up so we decided to try Lego land our Daughter is 4 and there is so much to do for her. Rides didn’t take forever staff around the park are friendly we are happy with our decision.
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2 years ago, shanessagmata
Loved this app!
Just visited Legoland for the first time with my family and this app was very useful! From booking dining reservations to knowing where everything is and what was going on in the park. Everything you need at the palm of your hands.
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3 years ago, x ndnndndj
App is very useful
The app is very useful. Tracks your location helps guid to each ride. Tell each ride wait time. Very user friendly. This app is better than the apps from other amusement parks. Great job Legoland!
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1 year ago, tony@ca
The App is geared towards new comers, but very unfriendly for visitors with annual pass. While it allows you to store your membership, there is no way to make a reservation from the membership record, you have to find the reservation link hidden deep in the app somewhere, then retype in your long membership id. Plan a visit area does not let you make reservations either. The App is very poorly designed.
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1 year ago, Caguerrero76
Legoland on a Friday
Best time to come and visit Legoland, line weren’t as long, got to enjoy the majority of the roller coasters and shows with a 1 hour lunch in between. Our children enjoyed the theme park now that they’re 5 and 8. Great family day…!
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6 years ago, qwerrtyyiop
Pretty good
Map is useful but GPS often too slow to update so routing still difficult. Wait times useful but often inaccurate (actual wait often shorter!). Would be good if one could remove rides already done from map. Also would be useful if one could make a fav list and not see all attractions that aren’t of interest.
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2 years ago, Hrokus
A bit confusing
It was confusing to try to figure out on the move while in the park for the first time. I want to see the park and navigate it the way I want to and was confused by it. I still never got to a ride because we couldn’t figure out where it was. But it’s nice to filter the rides by height and age.
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6 years ago, Dash16
Great alternative to paper maps
I recently visited the park and made sure everyone had this preloaded on their iPhone ahead of time. The ride locator and wait time estimates were super helpful, but it was a little confusing because some rides were closed for maintenance and the app didn’t know about them. Overall a good alternative to a physical map and good park companion!
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5 years ago, Pththb
GPS is awesome
The GPS feature was really helpful as there are a lot of narrow pathways. The wait times were accurate, unlike other user’s experience. I’m glad I downloaded it, plus I got a coupon for a souvenir cup with free refills on the app.
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5 years ago, djcjdc
Overall the app wasn’t very helpful. The wait times on rides were wrong. It almost always said 5 min even if it was actually 30-60min. Show times also wrong which led to some frustrating experiences were we planned for a movie but was 15 min late. Having recently gone to Disney and their app was very helpful to planning a great day, this app was disappointing. Navigation also not intuitive.
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3 years ago, Can't make it work II
Nice app and helpful to navigate around the park. Would be better if it had a couple other features. 1. A Help feature where you could get FAQs or even a live chat. 2. Ability to search for specific food items (i.e. popcorn). 3. Name of each section of the park, like on the paper map.
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1 year ago, chrissybaz
Loud music
Legoland is a great place for young children but I don’t understand why the music is blaring everywhere in the park! Children don’t need to be continually overstimulated . In some areas it’s too loud to even talk to your child without yelling. Please turn it down!
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2 years ago, annoyed wi ap
Need to upgrade ability to make reservations
What is the point of putting in pass info to the app, when then you’re trying to make a reservation and they ask you to enter the numbers of the pass? That should all be synced! So awkward and unfriendly
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11 months ago, JeanetteCarmen
A must for a great day!
Super easy to use & help plan for the day. Love the little reminders for the shows and how accurate the map updates in real time!
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4 years ago,
Internet error bug
The app is great in theory, but a bug prevents me from using it. Although I have cellular data (working fine) it keeps saying I am not connected to the internet. I can’t access ticket QR code’s, see ride times, or use many of the real-time useful features. I even connected to Legoland’s WiFi and still got this message, despite restarting, etc. please fix!
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5 years ago, slch83
So helpful for wait times and navigation
Used to navigate the park—worked much better than the paper map!
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5 years ago, %GrumpyOldOne%
Useless / Real-time data is all wrong
Has the potential to be a good app, but the real-time data is all wrong. When queue was indicated 50min, I only waited 20. Shows indicated at some places at 1230 where on the opposite side of the park at 1300... please check what universal and Disney are doing and just copy them, and you’ll have a decent app. In the mean time I’ll delete the app and use the paper map which is much more useful.
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2 years ago, OlesyaRichards
The map is locked
I wish the app wouldn’t lock the map as you’re moving to your desired destination. The same way the google maps do…
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2 years ago, Time Out...
Wish the reservations were in the app
I wish you could do the reservations within the app and not need to go to another website. Otherwise it’s awesome!
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6 months ago, Briboardz
This app is ok for wait times, but doesn’t hold my passes correctly (and now don’t even have physical passes), can’t make reservations with attached passes (why are there even reservations at this point?), doesn’t have accurate shows and times, and didn’t list any holiday activity info. It is not very helpful and difficult to use.
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3 years ago, btwsp
Good app but wait times are inaccurate
The app is great. It guides you to all the rides with a walking path. It’s very interactive. I love this app as a whole. I gave it 3 stars because the wait times are inaccurate and that’s a no deal when you are planning what you want to ride.
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3 years ago, dirty****denny
Buffet could be better
Everyone was great at the resort. The reason for four stars is the buffet. I’ll always Beeline to the omelet station when a buffet has one. I’d like an option of fresh eggs instead of the giant batch of scrambled eggs or soggy looking boiled eggs.
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4 years ago, JJsanmateoeater
Could be so much better
Please add a feature that populates a map with all of the rides you’ve selected in the planner section. I found it really difficult to just figure out where one ride was located without having to manually tap every single icon on the map by trial and error (ie the search function is worthless)
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3 years ago, 5🐭🐈🐇🐎🐥🐘🐩🐞🐚🐬🌸
When I went to Legoland I used the app to look at the times of the rides at Legoland nothing happened and I was at the Legoland park. The app says wait times are not available. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Pedrovelascosantos
It was good
When I went to LEGO land it was such a blast so I got this app! It really helps me get tickets and more stuff that I need so me and my family can go again! I rate this app 10 out of 10! Best app ever c=
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3 years ago, pham_vickyyy
Legoland Stay
I loved the park and hotel food was great staff was very helpful only complaint is that the hallways were a little stuffy at times more air circulation would be good
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10 months ago, Much better than iCal
Battery Drainer!!
I use this app often but I close it in between using because it drains the battery fast. Wish I could rank it higher but I’ve been stranded with a dead phone too many times.
Show more
2 years ago, MeliVareli
Incorrect wait times
On the app, it said Emmett’s flying adventure had a 20 minute wait….. it was 60 minutes exactly. Wayyyyy off. Please ask staff to update.
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2 years ago, Gummiz20
Best experience ever, best customer service, easy way to move around, food was amazing totally worth it, i will be back for Christmas
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5 years ago, Chevy volt
inaccurate wait times, actual wait times were shorter!. GPS was always off. We were at the park for three days in a row and not once did we get any special offers. except for the souvenir Coca-Cola cup… Who wants that? Previous apps used to pop up special offers all the time. The previous App is much better.
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2 years ago, parkcity mama
Really a fun time. Entire family had a great time. Took 5 kids and two adults . Kids ages 8-13. . Everyone s first time .
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2 years ago, Medgirlj9
Wait times are not accurate
At least today the wait times are horribly inaccurate. We’ve been waiting in line bc a ride said 15 Min wait and it’s at least double that
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