Let's Roam: Scavenger Hunts

4.8 (11.2K)
115.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lets Roam, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.4 or later
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User Reviews for Let's Roam: Scavenger Hunts

4.76 out of 5
11.2K Ratings
6 years ago, jfowbf
Let’s Roam helped me find the one! ❤️
Forget the unproductive dating apps. Forget the apathetic movie dates. Forget the boring dinner dates. I think you get my point...Let’s Roam is the best way to meet your true love!!! My date Michel suggested Let’s Roam for our first date, and I had no idea what would possibly happen during a scavenger hunt. I expected that we would have a typical treasure map where we found random things...in attempts to keep ourselves busy and avoid the awkwardness of a first date. BUT I was SO wrong! Michel and I learned so much about the city I had lived in for years (when I thought I had known it all) and laughed the entire time from reading the quirky messages after solving each mission. Also, the romantic photo challenges allowed us to be closer and re-enact cute scenarios, and I now have several adorable photos of us that I will cherish forever! In addition to lots of laughter and wonderful photos, the challenges throughout the hunt helped facilitate meaningful conversations that helped us really get to know each other...and made me realize that I have finally found the one! Let’s Roam really exceeded my expectations in all aspects, and I can’t wait to explore more of world with my honey using this app! :) I hope you all get a chance to try it as well! Maybe you’ll find a new love, strengthen the relationships you already have made, or more!
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2 years ago, BMFL55
Don’t waste your money
I am not sure I have ever left an app review, but I had to for this one. My husband got this for my birthday. While at dinner we all opened the app and tried to join. There is so much other junk on the app not related to the event that it is difficult to figure out where to go for what you need. Not user friendly at all. We finally join but then all of us had issues. My app crashed every time I clicked the event button. Another friend couldn’t join at all. My husband finally got the first bar so we walked over and got a drink. We decided to just do the challenges he was seeing since no one else could join, but the camera feature was horrible. It was grainy and super zoomed in when taking a selfie. It rejected every picture we tried to take as “not what they are looking for”. We finally called the help line. Spent 20 minutes of our time on the call with zero resolution except that she emailed my husband the list of bars and we completed the tour with no challenges (Which was kind of the point. We could have bar hopped on our own.) As for the bars, ours were all really close to each other, which was nice. One of them was shut down. They were all kind of the same style of bar, small, pub style. It would have been nice to have some variety. We walked right past a couple of bars that was super eclectic and fun and would have been neat to have on the list. As a whole, a complete waste of money though. Fun idea, very poorly executed.
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2 years ago, Narasenbei
Great idea poor execution
I downloaded the app for a scavenger hunt in Detroit. We had 6 people in the team and everyone had loading issues, couldn’t upload photos or videos, and sometimes the app would just crash. The layout of the hunt was poorly done and felt like someone making it didn’t actually play it through, what was supposed to be 1 hour and 3 miles was 6 miles and 2 hours before we gave up. There was no guidance on where to go next and the locations were grouped in such a way that it didn’t make an actual circle. Just plot points on a map. If there was at least a numbering system or a recommended path that would helped significantly. The most frustrating part was every time we opened the map it went to Nigeria and we had to scroll and zoom until we got to Detroit. You couldn’t just pop up the map to find the next location without zooming and scrolling every time. Lastly there were some things that just no longer existed. The hunt was for murals but in Detroit they can be painted over at any time especially if someone buys the building, so we had to give up on a couple because they just didn’t exist, making us have to no complete the game. Overall I would say the app is okay but not great, the game is poorly planned and executed for Detroit, and it’s much too expensive for the overall experience.
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4 years ago, Papa18481
Puzzles are too easy
We tried hard to love this experience but it was not what we are looking for. First off getting the team registered was painful, it worked easily on some phones and not at all with others. We ended up not getting everyone registered and just starting. For each location there are several puzzles, but they are SO easy, the answers are all in the question. For example, one question was about a year. Something like “in the 1870’s some event happened, add the digits of the building address to get the last digit in the year”. You have to enter the entire year, but the interface gives you only four numbers to choose from, and you know the first three are 1-8-7, so the remaining one is the last digit. You don’t even have to look for the building address. The only challenge is when it asks you to go to the next location, but it just gives you a building name and distance, so you either know the area or you don’t, no logic or puzzle to it. This had the potential to be SO fun. We bailed part way through. Some of the challenges are to take a photo of your team here, which are clearly meant to elicit social media posts for the app. Good thing for them I am only posting my experience here and not all over my social media.
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3 weeks ago, jszakmeister
The app needs help
Signing up was broken. Couldn’t sign up with the Apple login. My friend’s Apple login seemed to associate her with someone across the country?! Signing up by email worked for me, but not my friend. Had to resort to using text. Had to kill the app to do it as it refused to do anything other than email after trying email. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Adding people to group was just as bad, mostly due to all the login issues. Most of the challenges were fun. There were several fill in the blank style challenges that appeared under the “pill” on the iPhone… so some work needs to be done to make sure things render correctly. Submitting was painful and hung up several times on the scoring step, leaving us to retake pictures since I couldn’t use the one we just just took. The hunt was out of date as a couple of the features have changed. And one of the challenges was a bit odd… it asked for an updated cover picture for Tiber Park, but Tiber Park wasn’t the destination and was not nearby. I like the ideas and think doing this in other cities could be fun, but the app experience really killed much of the fun.
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4 years ago, happymomma13
Actually a lot of fun once you finally set up
I bought the friends / family pack. It only gave me access for 1 person at first. However, I called customer service (Hannah) and was able to correct it after a few tries. She was extremely helpful and even followed up via text to make sure it worked. We did a backyard hunt to start. What’s impressive is how many things we discovered in our own yard! My daughters (10 and 15) and husband all were into it. I’m looking forward to trying it out in our local city and on road trips.
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6 years ago, Wonderland55a
Uninspiring, Boring. Poorly executed.
I thought this would entertain a few 5th & 6th graders and their parents, but it was very dull. Worse, it requires a Facebook or google ID to sign in (which my children don’t have) This was not disclosed until after the download! There was very few interesting factoids, much less actual history which could have been easily incorporated. The app itself wasn’t intuitive, so there was added confusion of what to do & why different players had different screens (I think of one player read a question and tapped an answer, other players would miss the question altogether and might be directed to the next location without realizing it - no way to go back and see the sequence or questions). There was a lot of walking to very random things. (Which is fine for a scavenger hunt) but there could be been more things in between. we never understood the ‘roles’ I think each might get different sub questions? Don’t bother - much too expensive for what it is. Great idea, poorly written. lazy execution.
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3 years ago, out80$
Save your money
I spent $80 for my family of 5 to explore Chicago. I downloaded the app to my phone like instructed. Walked to the start point then spent over an hour trying to get my voucher added then when it was added it only gave me enough coins for 2 players. At this point I was just wanted to start so I let that go. Then when I got to the starting point the app let me check in and that was it. It let me take a picture then kicked me out. When I went back on the app to continue my hunt, I had no direction on what to do next so when I hit continue it gave me some points and kicked me out. Customer service told me to take the app off my phone and download it again. At this point at over an hour of trying to figure it out my family (14yr, 12yr, 4yr and husband) were just done. Customer service said there wasn’t anything wrong with the app and that they couldn’t help me. No refund. NOTHING! DONT GET THIS APP might as well just throw your money in the trash!
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4 days ago, CapCut all the way baby
This app is terrible
This app is a waste of time and money. My family and I were on a vacation and for a fun way to end it we decided to do a scavenger hunt with this app. It was horribly confusing to share with your family then we went to one location and it was closed and the workers had no clue about any scavenger hunt. Next stop was like a mile away and the map does not move with you it just shows you where the location is and doesn’t move at all. Next stop was ok and was pretty close to the other one but then the next one was like another mile away. Eventually we gave up and had to walk all the way back to our car which we had no idea where it was. So yeah save your money and time and don’t get this game don’t make the same mistake we did! Also it drains your battery completely mine was at like 93 when we started and when we ended it it was at 20%
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5 years ago, Billybobjon
Fun game, but weak ending.
Did the Plano, TX scavenger hunt, and was really enjoying it for a good amount of time. It was fun, informative, and a great activity to do with the family. However, about halfway through the hunt, the scavenger locations started to get further and further apart, and weren’t nearly as interesting as the locations in the first half (like, the final destination asked a question about the color of the slides at a park, as opposed to earlier questions being about historical landmarks). The real kicker was the scavenger hunt ended a mile and a half from the starting point (where our car is located). So, instead of looping us back to the start point, the hunt left us over a mile away from our car, standing next to a busy road in a town we’re very unfamiliar with (we drove in from a town about 30 minutes away to try it out). We were expecting the route to loop back, and when it didn’t we were sorely disappointed. Would have been a nice heads up to know the route didn’t loop. Ended taking a Lyft back. All this to say, I think I’d give the app one more try, as it was pretty fun for the first half. I won’t be recommending to friends yet, and if the second time isn’t great I probably won’t do it again, but it’s worth a shot because it’s a good concept.
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4 years ago, Pullon7
Exactly how you add family and friends to your hunt in regards to tickets, coins, and vouchers is confusing. Also in the app, the fact that anyone can hit “We’re all here” means that others miss out on the challenge if they are not ready or present yet. The leader should be the only one to hit certain progression buttons like Next Location and so forth. The app also has no idea what you’re taking pictures of and gives credits to photos of the wrong things. Other than that it’s a lot of fun if the weather is nice. It could be improved by having more challenges at each location and include more statues, dedication/information plates, and nameplates on buildings.
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4 years ago, Kids7&5
Great team building and family activity!
We were able we to have a team building experience while remaining socially distanced. We loved the activities and everyone had fun. As an added bonus everyone was excited that they got ‘their steps in’ while having fun. We plan to do it again! We had coworkers and our family members from 12 to 54 and everyone contributed! Be sure to bring a teenager to help you navigate the app😂
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1 year ago, Meridith67
Fun but no points/no help
A month after our first (Lake Eola) hunt that we completed and got the message that we had been awarded points - it still doesn’t show up (nor the points). We’ve contacted support in every single way that we can find and always get the same tired message: it’s an issue they’re aware of and they are working on it. They’ll keep us posted. But it’s never fixed, they’re ever in touch or keeping us posted. Sorry to have bought a season pass to this. Will try to get a refund and try another similar app. Friends did the other app and got their points and moved on to do more hunts. While we sit here waiting for our first one to show up. 🙄
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5 years ago, AC1194
Great App... Until After.
I had a really good time using the app, but after our hunt, the app continued to harass me with countless pop-ups about leaving a review. Every 5 minutes, another notification comes in. It drained my battery and the only way to stop it was to write this review. Not everyone wants to leave a review and chances are that if you continuously bombard a person to tell you what they think about you, they might have some negative things to share. Improvement recommendations: 1. Option to save photos from hunt directly to gallery. 2. Be able to share score/summary directly to Facebook, this will be better advertisement than an angry review.
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3 years ago, Ender-R2
Hunt took my family into a dangerous situation
I tried this app for the first time today, in Richmond VA. We had a small group consisting of my household and my sisters, which left us with a bunch of children. We wanted to try the hunt on the capitol grounds for the history lesson, but the grounds are barricaded and fenced off. We found another hunt just a few blocks away and paid for parking and used the token. The very first clue held lots of graffiti from last summers riots over George Floyd. Being greeted with ACAB graffiti with the anarchist symbol emblazoned was not well received due to one of the members present being a cop. He most assuredly isn’t a bastard. On our way to the next clue, he informed us we were passing an open air drug market, which held a strong odor of marijuana, and several rough looking gentlemen whom color coordinated their wardrobe. 2 of the members of that group followed us for a block before turning back. We discontinued the hunt after that. As an activity that markets itself as being family friendly, this really wasn’t something I wanted to bring four kids under the age of 6 to. I will not be using this service again
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10 months ago, M0dsiw
Crashes. Impossible to cancel.
App crashed on my phone with blank black screen multiple times. Crashed on my wife’s phone with dozens of react errors. Couldn’t cancel free trial in app due to errors. Couldn’t cancel via phone support because they needed an ID from profile page which would not load. Phone support could not cancel with email, phone, and name. Almost certainly going to have to do a charge back via credit card as they don’t take subscriptions via Apple Pay nor PayPal (I’m sure that’s just a coincidence). Phone rep refused to honor or even acknowledge CCPA. App has a pints and achievements system; I didn’t see any MTX in my brief usage, but it seems like they either have it or are preparing for it. Stay Away.
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1 year ago, CLM in NY
Roam Away from this APP
This is a horrible app. We were excited to do a Mother's Day scavenger hunt and it was so frustrating. It was not clear how to start but we worked through that. Once we started we could not read the choices on the multiple choice options because of graphic design. Then there was a bad question but would not let us skip it so we literally had to abandon the hunt after about 15 minutes.. I don't generally post bad reviews because every business deserves a second chance but customer service was also horrible. In the end they would not give us a refund even though our Mother's Day plans were completely messed up because if this poorly designed app.
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2 years ago, HelenHeldog
LR should focus more on improving the app and less on forcing me to share it.
Before I even started my scavenger hunt, LR is pushing me to share the app. Every time you submit an answer, you have to navigate past sharing it on social media. The scavenger hunt is little more than a list of things to see in a place. That service is useful but not worth the money. One of our questions was literally “What was the Ashland Armory used for originally?” The answer? AN ARMORY. The app is not well designed or fun. It is very pushy about spending more money and making me share it. If it were fun, I’d happily share it! Please focus on improving the user experience so you have an app worth sharing.
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5 years ago, Angelique_bebe
Poorly executed, not that fun
My friends and I did the scavenger hunt in Dallas and were highly disappointed. Interesting idea, poorly executed. There were quite a few spelling mistakes, not many interesting facts, and could have included more interesting places. Additionally, I could not even use the app on my phone. It requires the user to purchase coins to receive a ticket. I was charged three times for the coins because the “server was down.” After all that, I did not even receive any coins. I had to call for a refund the following day, which was perhaps the only pleasant experience I had with this app. I’m not sure why it has received such a high rating. Overall, could have been a really fun experience but turned out to be another poorly executed app.
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6 months ago, 8camaro1
It’s ok - when it works
We are currently tracking full-time in an RV and paying for some type of tour in every city gets expensive. I thought this would be a great way for our family of 5 to see the areas we’re stopping in. The first time we tried to use it, the app didn’t work at all. I was told technical support would help and get back to me. I didn’t hear anything back. The next time we tried to use it, it worked better, but it is glitchy. If you let your screen go dark or switch to a different app, this app screen goes black and you have to close it out and go back in. Also, in the beginning, they have you choose a name and role for everyone. I expected that the app would assign certain tasks to each role. Yes, I want to work together with my family, but I don’t want the kids fighting over who gets to take the picture, you know? Anyway, I’ll keep it for the year we paid for, but I wouldn’t buy again.
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2 years ago, designlife12
It’s hard to put into words how horrible this company is. My account was DELETED literally couldn’t access it had to sign up again in order to use it therefore I would be forced to pay for their service../ but again because even though my account was deactivated guess what they still charge you! Charged two months before I noticed and when I reached out they told me it was still activated and they want me to fill out a stupid survey to stop FUTURE charges and refusing to refund me even though I HAVE NO ACCOUNT. Careful this company WILL STEAL your money they save your card information and continue to charge you even when your gone What a HORRIBLE company
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5 years ago, scammed by hotels tonight
No need to buy more than one ticket per group
No need to pay for more than one player in a group. We had five players, and I had expected each one to be able to participate in a unique way, so I bought 5 tickets. That is not the case at all. It’s the same question for every single player, and if someone’s phone dies, the suggestion from customer support is to quit the challenge. The font on the screen was so tiny, it is difficult to read. Very cumbersome to set up for multiple players. There is nothing interactive about the app. You are just basically reading things on a screen. I could’ve figured that out just by googling a fountain or something. I wasted $55
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5 years ago, Healthy Jeanie
Great Houston scavenger hunt
We had a great time learning about things in the museum district of Houston. We liked the variety of activities and loved taking pictures. The only problem we had initially was figuring out how to access our prepaid tickets through the fox shop. Finally I found the video that pointed me in that direction. It would have been nice to have that explanation in the email receipt. But we finally figured it out and had a great time!
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6 years ago, @kicktheball
Annoying yet Fun
Did this as a team work outing. It’s a great way to see how people do or so not work together. If you are a rule follower and/or like to win you will probably blow a gasket, because guess what, not everyone on your team cares about rules and winning! Customer support was awesome to us as we dealt with log in issues but we all had fun and their were no serious fights, lol. Hint: follow directions, even though they are vague. 3 stars because every minute I get a prompt to review the app. So I’m reviewing the app already! Otherwise 5 stars b/c it’s a great social experiment and team building barometer.
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5 years ago, Midvale Sunnies
We enjoyed it and saw parts of the city that were new to us. Would be nice if we could enlarge the text since we forgot reading glasses. 🎂Also, in the bright sunshine, we never saw the symbol to put app camera in selfie mode, so first photo that was supposed to be of our group was accidental and didn’t include our group at all...just strangers on a park bench and we couldn’t figure out how to change the photo.
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6 years ago, Cath1968
Team Nova
This Scavenger Hunt was so much fun! We had two teenagers with us and they enjoyed it as well. It took us through parts of DC that we don’t normally visit and the areas were not crowded with tourists. We learned lots of fun facts about history and architecture too. Only issue was not getting our score until 2 days after we finished and even then, we didn’t get to see stats from other hunts. It would great for you to have a leaderboard for comparison. Will definitely do one of these hunts again!
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5 years ago, Etoile34
Fun but a few recommendations
Purchased this for my family who was visiting from out of town. Setting it up was pretty straightforward but did have to call and sign out and then back in again to get it working, NBD. The review said 2.4 miles of walking, but we didn’t realize it wouldn’t take you back to the starting point, so when we finished we still had 1.5 miles to walk back to the car. That would have been good to know ahead of time. The little challenges throughout were fun, but had not thing to do with the location. Kind of strange. I noticed a fair number of typos - minor issue, but still. Overall, this is a fantastic idea and a great way to get people up and moving and using their phones to do so. Just a few tweaks and it will be perfect! We will definitely do it again!
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5 years ago, teacher jl
St. Augustine in a new way!
We did the scavenger hunt for our 10th anniversary and explored the city in a new and fun way! We saw several things we never would have thought to look at and enjoyed playing the photo challenge games. Definitely a fun date for people who like to walk. It was only an 1 1/2 hr walk, but maybe we’ll try it with a Segway next time in a different city.
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5 years ago, MF0718
Too many glitches
I used this app for a bachelorette party this weekend. While it was a great concept, and we had a fun time, this app appears to be very poorly made. 1. The toast makers got no independent challenges 2. It freezes and crashes any time I hit dashboard 3. The game never ended... we still do not know who won 4. There is no one ‘checking’ the answers. 5. Two of the group challenges were extremely similar (asking for a photo of a bird or flying insect then asking for a photo of a black bird) 6. I learned nothing about the city in which we scavenged. It really was a waste of 20. I could have put this together for free. I do not recommend at all.
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6 years ago, Skychick90
First timers
My daughter and I had a great time exploring Chattanooga. This is our first trip to this city and the first time using Let’s Roam. The app was a little unintuitive and I had to call the company twice before we were able to get going. The service provided over the phone was impeccable. Janet was super helpful and got us on our way. Save for the app difficulties we would have ranked this experience and app a 5. Thanks and we will definitely use your service again.
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2 years ago, idoyoutube
Doesn’t work at all.
This app at first glace seems to be a pretty neat app, it sounds fun until you actually start to play it. Trying to log in and join a game is hard enough, it took ages just to log in. But then when you actually try to play the game, the GPS is so horribly planned, that if you’re standing directly in front of the building, the app will still tell you you’re 200 feet away, and you can’t even send them proof to tell them you’re there, you just have to complain, but got knows if they even dare to check them. Don’t waste your money, never again.
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5 years ago, stanleymcgee
Not worth the money
We got this as a fun activity to do with the family. For what we paid for, it ran horribly and was unclear and confusing. The app has access to the GPS, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t notify us when we got to each landmark. Not only that, but once we got to the landmark, it was unclear what was a question for the team and what was a challenge for the individual. As a result, we missed half the questions because we didn’t know if it was a challenge or part of the game. It was a waste of money and you’ll have more fun walking around the city looking up and around, rather than looking at your phone.
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3 years ago, happy 3975
Ap freezes often
This is a great concept and has potential to be lots of fun. However the app freezes pretty regularly especially if you are in a service area that is not great. Unfortunately some of the stops are in these areas. I had many calls to customer service to try to unfreeze my phone. We found the only way to do it is to turn the phone off and turn it back on. It got a little old after three times. Wish this was a better app.
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1 year ago, Rperlow .
Poor route planning!
The starting point is poorly labeled. The house is an Air B&B and the tenants were very annoyed by us even pulling into the driveway to check in. Yelled at us to leave! We parked at a Parking Garage which looked convenient but turned out to be nowhere near the next stop. Meanwhile we passed another stop on the way to the stop we were on our way too (a library). Very poorly designed route. You should suggest appropriate parking and places to eat. Finally, the game ended without warning. Why can’t we finish the challenges?!!! Really sucked. Want our money back.
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2 years ago, skylarknz
Good idea, poor execution
Puzzles are very generic, like take a photo of some trash, or a sign that starts with an A. Most puzzles either don’t work at all or will accept any photo, which means it’s not any fun. It tries to get you to stand 0 ft from a spot but in a city gps is not that accurate so even when on the right spot it tells you that you are in the wrong place. Signup process didn’t work so we had to spend time on the phone to support. The support person was helpful and resolved the issue.
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2 years ago, Insomniac65
Tried to do this for a date night. We couldn’t even get two phones to join the hunt. Nor could we figure out how to begin the hunt…. and yes, we were literally on the phone with their customer service and they couldn't even get the other player to join. They said they’re going to refund one ticket. Like another 1 star review said, sooooo much other stuff all over the app that it’s difficult to even figure out how to play. Pretty disappointed so far. Shouldn’t take 45min to figure out how to get on an app to do a 20 min walk.
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9 months ago, Philly Parent
Not great for tweens
We tried a haunted scavenger hunt for a tween birthday. There was nothing remotely ghostly about any of the locations or clues (I am familiar with ghost lure in the area and there is a lot of great stuff that could have been included). The kids got bored and we eventually just quit. I have made much better scavenger hunts in the neighborhood for my kids. The only benefit was the kids got practice navigating with a map app—which they struggled to use. Thanks to lots of wrong turns, we also got a lot of exercise!
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11 months ago, Jared P & Fam
Buh. Roam elsewhere.
Got excited to use this app with our family. Subscribed and played a few times, but then the game crashed at the end and we lost all of our videos and progress. Cancelled subscription following website and three months later they are STILL billing us. Not what you want from something that is supposed to bring joy and fun. Locked into a subscription and customer service is crickets. Take your family fun to other apps because this one is like going on an adventure then falling in a pit you can’t get out.
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3 years ago, sunny2717
First Time
It was my first time trying this, the app was kinda difficult at first and I needed to contact support but I spoke with the same gentleman twice and he was SUPER great at what he did and very knowledgeable, I would definitely do this again this was extremely fun and a great thing for couples..
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2 years ago, Priprii
Super fun but wish they mentioned where you end
That was so much fun and we learned so many new things about providence. We can’t wait to do it again. However I wish they mentioned where the hunt ends cause I would have parked at the end and walked to the beginning because walking up the steep hills at the end was not fun. Overall awesome and a way to meet new people !
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6 years ago, MH0831
Bachelorette scavenger hunt
A lot of fun. Interesting clues and questions that really had us walking around. The bachelorette part was cute—we had to take pictures of ourselves doing bridal activities. I would recommend doing it in the early morning or evening as it was very hot and all outdoors. We had to pause the game several times to get drinks. And it ended quite far from where it began so that was a little shocking. But still a fun thing to do.
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7 months ago, This just in…
This was a very weak scavenger hunt. Very superficial and nothing historical. As if it were designed for 10 year olds. Incredible disappointment and waste of money. We ended up downloading a competitor product Also, it advertised unique challenges for each individual but we all had the same challenges so I don’t know why it had us buy a ticket for each individual when we could have just used one device.
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1 year ago, caralinamoon
Don’t waste your money. Not as advertised
They said that everyone in the group would get different jobs with prompts. This is false. We all got the same questions and prompts, and it was a matter of who answered it first. You really don’t have to pay for more than one ticket. Wandering around and seeing different parts of the city was fun, which is why I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1. Probably won’t be doing this again though.
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3 years ago, Overflowing27
Second hunt!
We just finished our second scavenger hunt and enjoyed it! I love that this one ended up really close to the beginning where we parked. That’s much nicer than the first one where we had to walk really far to get back. Can’t wait to do another one!
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5 years ago, katiekaboom87
Riverside hunt
We just did the hunt in Riverside and we loved it. My son loved running around looking for the clues and was so proud of himself when he got the answer correct. Would definitely recommend for a fun family day. We found some cool little places that we never knew about, and we go downtown all the time.
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4 years ago, musiquebelle
Great scavenger
If you haven’t done one in a while, it may take a while to get started. Make sure you have good weather if your partner is cranky with bad! Also at a location you literally need to be standing in front of door of the building when you check in, otherwise you won’t have enough time to answer the questions
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5 years ago, dlgrel
A great family activity!
We did the Charlotte, NC hunt with 8 people. Everyone was involved, and we all learned about and enjoyed a beautiful city! There is a lot of walking. Our group was fine, but it might have been difficult for small children. Highly recommend for an interactive group activity!!
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6 years ago, pudgenot
Fun way to make memories
Big city was fun. Did with family members thanksgiving weekend. Had one or two not engaged but not negative. I would carry a charge bank next time since it did drain phone much quicker than normal. My grandkids were the most excited about getting their challenges.
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5 years ago, Owenz Krewe
Family Scavenger Hunt Downtown Tampa
The hunt was fun, plenty of walking but worth every step. We are on vacation and took the scavenger hunt as a family fun event. The scavenger hunt exposed us to downtown and all of the history associated with it. I will definitely be using this site for every family vacation going forward, it was a great bonding experience.
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3 years ago, jstubb23
10 out of 5 stars
Recommend to EVERYBODY. Find Bird or Lime scooter and ride it in your hunt! Customer service number got us up and going when we couldn’t figure it out. Will definitely be doing this again and again and again!
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