Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons

2.6 (2.4K)
78.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lezhin Entertainment
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons

2.57 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Zoeyyy is ok😇😇😇
coins & pricing..
the app itself? it’s honestly rlly good & i like reading all the comics! the pricing and coins? you guys should probably work on it. first i would like to say that instead of buying a certain amount of coins for a super high price, you guys should probably do.. something like a premium. for example. you guys could do premium like the app “roblox” does! for a certain amount of time we can pay a certain amount of money. and that way for that time all the stories would be free. for the ppl that don’t like spending money on apps like me! an example: 10$ a month for episode unlocking! basically what i’m saying is that all the episodes will be unlocked since you have premium instead of buying all those coins! (sorry if that was confusing) and moving on.. pricing. the prices are WAYY too high. i get that you guys need to find a way to make money off your app but maybe your prices shouldn’t be so high. like maybe 5$ for 100 coins. because at the moment you have to pay over 100$ just to unlock one whole story!! don’t you think that’s a little too pricey? maybe try lowering your prices and try something like premium! maybe more ppl will then start to buy coins ! oh, and one more thing.. the “free coin zone” it doesn’t even work :( i’m very disappointed in that.. anyways , thank you for reading this, and please use my suggestions :)
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4 years ago, happyyyyy girllllll
Amazing authors but horrible app!
I’ve always seen many ads for the only comic I read on here and I’m honestly glad I started reading it. I’m reading secret alliance and it’s absolutely amazing and entertaining, I don’t know if I should say this but I genuinely think that all these amazing authors should move to a better app (webtoon) LezhinComics really needs to up their game! I mean this app has some amazing authors with some amazing stories but I’ve lost interest in reading them seeing all the coin ads. The coins are ridiculously over priced and there’s just so many times that I felt like if I hadn’t payed attention to what I was doing in the app ( because of quickly wanting to click on what I’m reading ) I could’ve been tricked into actually buying those ridiculous coins or even doing other things that could damage my phone! ( this one button said that if I presses it, it would see all my information from all my other apps! What the heck!!! ) i don’t recommend this app to anyone because you will most likely fall in love with the stories but it means you will also suffer :( if any of the beautiful authors or even future authors are reading this, please try moving to a different app! Trust me on this... this app does not deserve you at all, go somewhere where your talents won’t be wasted and if you’re staying on here because you could benefit from all the scams then stay but at the end of the day that just makes you a bad person...
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3 years ago, LiTa13
Company has a greed problem
I honestly like this app. It’s a nice interface. The comics I’ve read here are amazing. They have a large variety, good plots and beautiful art. So why the 1 star? The company. I don’t really understand what they’re trying to pull. But I’ve never seen such expensive comics in my life. We’re talking paying over $100 for a book. The regular priced coins are $4.99 for 20c. Episodes are usually 3c. And a comic is usually over 60ep long. Yea…it get very expensive really quickly. The worse part and the reason why im writing this review is because they used to have a system in which you could collect coins three days a week and eventually you could buy ONE episode for free a week. Well they decided last week thats way too much for free and now they implemented this system in which you do daily missions (ie. read a chapter) and you get a free coin. Everyone was excited since they said it would be 3 missions daily. Well they lied. It’s just two. Maybe. Oh and you cant save the bonus coins cuz they expire in a day. So you cant ever save up to buy an episode for free. You can only either read 2c episodes or spend actual $$$. It’s greedy and weirdly manipulative. A lot of other comic and story reading apps have either a daily advertising (free point/coins/ink/dias) system or you can gain coins by some other method. Not Lezhin. They want your cash and they want you to pay. Also, they inflate US prices compared to their Korean counterparts.
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4 years ago, dkofpxoeko
This is amazing, but horrible
To those of you who are here to find out whether it’s worth it: IT’S NOT. Everything is an overpriced scam, but the stories are amazing. It forces you to do things that change your device FOREVER. It’s all expensive and seriously needs some work Seriously. The free coins things are a lot of things only adults can do. You need to make this more easy and fun to use. I have to scroll for what feels like years before I can find something that I don’t have to pay to do, but then it’s always a scam. Honestly, you seem really greedy for money as far as I can see. Just saying, at least make the free coins more usable for teens like me. And stop making them scams. It’s really hard to get enough for even a single episode. I can hardly get 3 coins, forget 129... All I have to say is that maybe you should keep the things free. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, justansveragepetson
Greedy Company
If I could give it half a star, I would. The stories are nice, but the pricing on them are ridiculous. They give you 3 coins per week, that’s about 4 chapters a month (because each chapter is around 3 coins), and the stories are like 30+ chapters. It’s gonna take you about 8 months to unlock just 32 chapters. Don’t even get me started on the point system. You have to pay money to exchange the points them into coins 😑. 1000 points = 12 coins, and don’t forget you also have to pay 1.99 to exchange it ☺️☺️. The American pricing on the store are more expensive than the Korean coin store. I understand that they need to translate it into english, but then they decide to make people either in the American store or Korean store. So obviously if your in the Korean store and you don’t korean then you have to make a request to change it into American and I’m pretty sure they don’t let you switch back after your in the server you want to be in. Then your going to have to pay extra money to read it in English. Oh yeah, they also have a “free coin zone” where you go on these ads and you get certain amount of coins and they are trash. Some of them are answer 30 questions and get 1 coin. Who in their mind is going to answer questions and stuff just to get 1 coin. This whole app is a scam, they scam the authors and the readers. Just go on t@pas or t@ppytoon, anywhere besides here. WORST APP EVER.
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4 years ago, Max .W
Comics are great, prices? No.
As an artist I get that you should value comic artists and pay them adequately, but calculating the price of just one 40 page comic, its around $120 for ONE. On other websites a typical comic/manwha/manga is about twenty or 15, which is completely fair, but 100? Thats insane. Plus the features here just make this entire app/website money hungry, the fact that even after youve read pages twice due to deals or other means unless youve bought it you cant re-read it. You have to buy it. Daily coins dont exist and the “free ways” to get coins are impossible, stupid rigged surveys or.. buying stuff. Weekly coins expire quickly and its just impossible to enjoy a website where it either takes 8 months to read one, completed, 40 page comic or you have to spend 100 dollars. I dont care what you do just do something for Gods sake. Im seriously in love with several stories but i loose interest after three months of trying to read it and getting my coins snatched from me cause im too broke to even be able to order a coffee. Make 1/2 daily coins or a monthly bonus of ten or so coins even. Have people be able to watch ads for them and just change. The prices are absolutely ridiculous and the more i am impaired from reading these amazing comics the more angry I get about it. Fix it. Please for the love of God.
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3 years ago, W00PY
It’s great but…
I got to say LezhinComics is amazing but I gotta admit, it is a bit pricey but I think it’s a bit worth it too. It’s true that in probably other apps you get to pay lower or have a subscription to read everything with just a few bucks but I think buying the coins helps the authors who upload their work in there get paid..? Or it supports the authors which is good. So I personally think it’s worth buying coins (especially when they be having those discounts). Also sometimes Lezhin give discounts too like you just have to be patience and it’s worth the wait to be honest and some of those discounts are pretty affordable to me. I’m not speaking for everyone but I think it’s okay to spend some coins even tho I’m a bit broke and the coins being expensive and all but i think it’s worth buying them to support the authors. <3
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4 years ago, trapisoccer13
This app is alright but the coins are a problem :/
I originally got this app to read “The Blood of Madam Giselle” But I only got read 4 episodes because I had to pay with coins. And this is kind of a problem because when I went to the free coin zone I saw that I could only do the surveys that gave a small amount of coins because most of the options that reward you with a lot of coins make you pay so it is not really free. Not only that, when I completed one of the surveys it didn’t give me any coins so there was no point in doing it. I’m sorry if I sound rude but in the reviews a lot of people seemed to complain about this as well so maybe try to do something like daily coin rewards for each time you log in or something like watching ads to earn coins. You do not have to do these things because this is your app and I’m sure you put a tremendous amount of effort and time into it but I’m sure many users would be happy with these type of changes. And again I am sorry if I sounded rude or harsh.
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4 years ago, Snickersareyummyyyy
Coins and episode locking??
As you know I’ve always never try to spend money on any apps as I would wait. And I have to admit waiting each day is worth it. But the problem is, every time the waited episode has been released you get a limited amount of time before the episode locks itself. Which is really a problem because I spent my time waiting for the episode just for it to be locked if I ever wanted to read again. When I first got the app I got some gifts about 9 coins and 30 bonus points. But as I started to read more I realized I wanted to continue more. So i did some surveys and actions to get coins but they never gave me any coins. It’s really a waste because the ones that included actions that also gave you a ton of coins, you still needed to pay. It’s a pain how this app just bases itself to make the users spend as much money as they can for them to be able to read. If you would have limited some of these restrictions then it would be so much better than it is now.
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3 years ago, minigoldfish
Some suggestions? :)
Overall this is a great webtoon app and I enjoy all the webtoons on here. However, I don’t like buying coins so often to the point I’m spending loads of money just to finish up the series I’m reading. I have some suggestions that could replace the coin system or whatever they are, more people would download the app and buy more stuff 1. Maybe try a subscription? Manta does subscriptions and it works out so well, so instead of coins you could try a subscription system? 2. Maybe you could lower the prices of the coins a bit, they’re pretty expensive from what I have seen, I buy coins every now and then, but not too often to finish up series but it gets tiring. I have to spend so much money Overall pretty decent app :) (I mainly downloaded it for killing stalking)
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3 years ago, Mystery1305
Daily login bonus removed
Originally, when you logged in each day, you would either get points or coins that you could use for any comic. Now, they have removed the login bonus entirely and have replaced it with a new system. Now, you can’t earn coins at all in browser anymore. You have to download the app and go through ad surveys to even be able to get coins. After you complete a survey, you have to send a form to prove you completed the survey. I honestly find this to be a tedious system. The daily login bonus was simple, and it was easy enough to wait for the day you were given a coin upon logging in if you didn’t want to pay to convert points into coins. There are amazing writers on here, but sadly I can no longer read and enjoy these comics anymore because of this new change to the coins. It makes me sad because I really enjoy these comics, and I do like Lezhin’s platform. I’m just not a fan of them removing the login bonus.
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4 years ago, LaysChips Studios
I thought...
I’ve seen a lot of pop up adds of LezhinComics, so I gave it a try. And well it’s not what I expected. There is a lot of advertising surrounding the app itself and yet it lacks a bunch. I’d hate to make this sound harsh but in each comic I read there always consists of you paying for it 2 or 3 comics in. I understand that you guys charge for the benefits of the Authors but how can they truly get recognition if it cost just to see there art work. And even if I did have the coins of course they would run out in a instant due to the fact I’m trying to catch up on one story I like. Not only that it’s the free coin zone for most of the tasks it mostly requires actual credit card information or money. It almost as if I paid for a gift card just for free pizza. I recommend you guys figure out a way to invest in money but also let your viewers enjoy what the app has to offer. Thank you for listening to what I had to say
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3 years ago, iminlovewithmenicanneverhave
Comics? Amazing, so interesting and just great stories all together, love the vastness that WEBTOON doesn’t have. The prices? Yeah no, if this app were to have the same set up as WEBTOON and have you purchase episodes in advance/still releasing them weeks later, I believe it would become the best selling manhwa app. Since there a vasssstttt majority of manhwa’s here WEBTOON would never consider becoming originals, and that’s what I appreciate. The prices are just awful and drove me away from the app itself, I do spend money on WEBTOON a lot actually 100 coins for $10? Great deal, gets you a lot of episodes and gets you hooked too keep spending so you don’t have to wait weeks, but I wouldn’t consider doing the same on this app cause it’s just unreasonable.
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2 years ago, coraツ
Dear App Owners,
Alright, i am a die hard manga reader and every time i see a new one i like i have to go find it and read it. I love reading them but, when there mangas from this app i tend to avoid them. Why you may ask? First of, there are way to many ads that it’s became quite ridiculous. Second, i find it incredibly redundant that “coins” are they way people have to pay to read things. Like who says “oh this persons in the middle of a good story…let’s force them to by the next part to even finish this!!”. Third, why are you even making people pay if your just using money for other things instead of helping the app!! It’s so frustrating that i can’t even enjoy a simple thing like reading without having to pay. And Third, The ratings…why out ratings on an app if your not even gonna listen. The ones i have read have somewhat said the same things as i am saying now. This app DESPERATELY needs to change.
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4 years ago, Anime us life
This app has some really really good stories. But it is impossible to even read a chapter. You can read like the first three chapters of a story, then you have to use coins for the rest. Which I totally understand, but it is almost impossible to get coins. They make you download apps and once you get to a certain point in the app, you can get coins. Which on most of them it is impossible to do. I don’t even know if I am making sense, but it is like almost impossible to get any coins. And on one of my old accounts I had this app and reviewed it and they pretty much said “the way you earn coins are reasonable so shut up” they didn’t say it in those exact words, but pretty much. You guys need to up your game, your already at 2.5 stars. Nobody is gonna want your app if you don’t make an easier way to make coins it do daily coins or something like that.
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4 years ago, Beckeyt
Great comics, other problems
The comics are so good and the artists seem to spend so much time in their great works of art! The only problem is nobody can see there works of art, unless they plan on paying $10 to unlock every comic (3 coins per chapter). You only get to see a few chapters before they are locked up. There’s the free coin zone which doesn’t even work. You spend 45 minutes on a “3 question 3 minute quiz” and then it tells you on the second to last question you aren’t qualified for this quiz. And if you are, then you get to the end and have to spin a wheel with 1/3 chance of getting your 1-10 coins. It’s useless. I love the comics and the artists, but the app itself is not the best. If they end up loosening these things or fixing the problems, I will come back, but until then, I’m finding a different comic app. With actual FREE comics. Thank you for reading this and taking it into consideration if you did. ;) I’m sorry if it sounds harsh, but you need to understand your app isn’t working very well. If you want to earn money just use adds within the app and the adds in the free coin zone, but where the free coin zone actually works. Suggestion: have an option for 1 free coin per add watched (like 30 second adds or something) people like those, and you’ll earn money while customers enjoy there comic. :)
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1 year ago, quiet_killer
Well so it has good comics and mangas and stuff but dude, the only reason I downloaded it was to read angel buddy but I’m not an Adult and don’t have a bank account and I would get screamed at if I bought stuff without my parents permission. Also I think it’s really stupid that you need to buy the coins. And if ya’ll are trying to compete with webtoon you may as well give up because almost all of those ones are free and it’s just so muck better. I really think your app would be much more popular if you made stuff more affordable and not make us pay for your everything except the first episode which is just basically an intro. So overall I think you shouldn’t download the app until this issue is solved- and to the developers please solve this issue I really want to read some of those comics. Thank you
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4 years ago, mrs.stoleyoman
The comics are so amazing and yet great way to kill time but what I don’t like is that you have to pay for the comics and not just that but when you get credits you only get a fewer them and if you do a survey when it says you can get 20 credits sometimes when you finish the survey and did everything correct I would still not get the credits and I think it’s not fair because then that would mean that I would just buy credits and I don’t find that in a good way so if you guys could maybe do a spin wheel for every 24 hours you guys can put 3 credits or 8 credits or 12 credits that would be good for a little upgrade and a little boost in my opinion. Also I have a suggestion for you guy maybe if you can put ad videos and then give credits after watching them I hope you guys would be able to put it :) and help people with more credits
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4 years ago, UnKn0wn84
Coins are kind of a problem
So I love the stories they have! But the coins are a bit of a problem for me because I’m not really allowed to use money on apps. I believe this app should be like WEBTOON or webcomics. WEBTOON gives you the option to pay in order to go ahead or you can wait until the next “episode/ chapter” is released. And in Webcomics it’s the same thing! You can pay to go ahead or you can wait until it’s released. And the ones that were released is free forever. I think that’s what this app should do. And not have it locked until it’s available for “free for only 24-48 hours”. I’m not hating tho like I said I love the stories they provide but that’s what my problem is. If getting free coins is a prob then we can be made to read stories to get coins? Idk but I hope it changes.
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4 years ago, I ether lov
Love the comics the coins though...
Okay so I think the comics are absolutely beautiful but I can only ever see two of them before the app asks for coins which I understand why you have to pay for I mean this app is amazing and the comics are perfect but the price is way to expensive I mean I tried looking for ways to get codes and gifts and stuff but I mean come on! I spend a whole day looking for ways to find codes to get like 10 coins at this point I just deleted the app and went to webtoon and different comic apps but I keep redownloading it just because of how amazing the comics are and hopping that the developer actually looked at the reviews and decided to get rid of points and bonus coins and stuff and just made it easier to buy coins and receive them without paying once again no disrespect this is an amazing app I just wish I could use it.
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4 years ago, Baby_heifer
Great comics! But...
I would like to start this review off on a good note, the comics are amazing and the art is great, I love the story I am reading but I only got to read one before I was confronted with a very irritable issue. I can’t finish the series! I am unable to finish the book because the free chapters have ran out and now I have to pay to read. And this doesn’t even just apply to the ones who are at least able to pay, what abt the kids who have to rely on their parents and just want to read comic books? There parents are going to soon get annoyed and start rejecting their kids when they have to pay at least $10 for every chapter after the free ones. Please reconsider this so that this app is more enjoyable for the young ones including myself, I really like this app and if has great potential, but this is a little over the top
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6 months ago, MissMita
Love the stories but…
You guys really need to reconsider the bonus coins system; it’s bogus! I get all those coins, and I can’t even use them! I’d at least like to use them to take the edge off of buying the coins, because they’re NOT a bargain at all! You have to pay so much for so little! Why not do like Manta and do a monthly subscription, and that way, we can read all we want?? And also, the price on the website (where I read the mature comics) and the app are totally different! You get less for your money on the app! I really love a lot of the comics on here, and to be honest, it took years for me to get back here for that reason! Please reconsider the prices of the coins!
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4 years ago, theBrokeBoy
Great Comics! Not too bad practice.
This is a mature comics app. Unlike other apps, you can read smutty comics here. So of course you gotta pay. 1 episode literally cost $0.75. The stories are good and Lezhin offers deals on their coins. The artists spend over 50hrs a week working on each episode. So if you like what you read then pay for it. I know artists that work themselves sick making these. Doing this isn’t easy. I’ve spent $ on their coins and it was worth it!! If you’re a cheapskate this isn’t the app for you. But if you love reading well written and drawn stories then spend the $ for it. There are FREE comics too!
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2 years ago, unsubscribe to tseries
Coin system is terrible
The whole free coin system feels very scammy. There have been times where I’ve completed the offer and never received my coins. Or when I first got the app and I got a bunch of coins and then it told me to log in and when I did all my coins disappeared. You would think the app would have you log in before you have access to the app. Most comic paywall apps will give you a couple of free coins if you just watch an add. But most of the free offers here either want you to pay for something (which at that point I’d just buy the coins) or enter in your information. It feels like this app doesn’t care about users privacy and safety. The coin system is such a let down because there is so many great stories here that I can’t read because of a greedy company.
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4 years ago, ske ske ske ske happy
read this!!
so, honestly I love the app but I would regularly put it for 4 stars. BUT I see a lot of people hating on this app for the price and I really dunno why. Mangas irl, are 9 dollars and sometimes can come up to 14 dollars! Also, I bought a bunch of chapters to a specific series, (A guy like you) a few years ago when it first came out, and when I came back to the app from after a while they were still there! I guess i’m trying to say that I don’t understand all the hate because mangas and sometimes other comic series are just as high, sometimes higher, so why the rating so low?
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1 year ago, skeksyl
Super expensive!
Lezhin has great comics and is overall a good app, however it’s super expensive! For comics that are longer than 60 chapters (which usually they are) you’ll usually be paying over $50 or more. I totally don’t mind paying for comics, but that’s a lot of money! I don’t know the economics behind web comics and running an app like this but I’d prefer if it were a subscription based service like the shounen jump app, Kindle Unlimited, or Netflix. I’d be super willing to pay 10 or so dollars a month to access the library! That’s my only real complaint—love the service and content, I just wish it was more accessible money-wise!
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4 years ago, Im.Not.Happy
I wish I could love it
Ok the app and comics are wonderful but you can only read 7 episodes for free until you need to use coins which are only obtainable by buying them and the free coin things IN THE APP DONT WORK I just want to read great comics but LezhinComics makes it so hard. And I really want to give them the benefit of the doubt but I can’t. I doubt they read the reviews because there are so many like mine but LezhinComics please make it possible to get coins without spending real mone. I understand that you want to pay the makers of the comics and other things but nobody will read your stuff if you don’t make it accessible. Please find another way to make your money for the sake of your readers. (I actually deleted the app because of this because there is no point in starting a good comic you never get to finish)
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4 years ago, o92497
I am confused
Hello, so I downloaded this app to read ‘Killing stalking’. But when I go into the app it does not show up like at all. I searched it up online, and found it though, and then I click on the link for the website of the app. I logged into the website the same account to use for the actual app, and search it up and it showed up. I also subscribed to the story on the website and it still wasn’t showing up in the actual app. I added some other stories to see what would happen, and they worked just fine. I subscribed to them on the website and it went to the app. So I don’t know I probably did something but if you can get back to me on it that would be appreciated!
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4 years ago, Kova Trixie
The way to get ‘free coins’ is off
To get free coins, you have to leave the app: which seemed quite pointless but if it worked, I wouldn’t mind. But it doesn’t. Whenever i try the tests, no matter how many I get right it always comes up short. It is truly frustrating, because the comics a phenomenal, but I can’t read them. A way to fix this might be to wait a day or two for let’s say, two chapters. Or something like that so the people who get the app stay. Even if the person is there for one comic, you can have a cool down time. So they get the chance to read other comics while they wait ( it would also be wayyy more convenient for everyone). A lot of people are complaining about this, and if you don’t work to their standards, you’ll lose money. This is in no way a threat. Simply a fact.
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4 years ago, ytan1973
Worth it
It’s such a shame that so many people rate so low because they don’t want to pay. Lezhin comics gives quality content!! People are working probably full time to get these webtoons out to you expecting their pay to get food on the table. Considering how good the art, story, and length is, not a penny is wasted. People who always want free things and taking advantage of the artists and writers are despicable. If you want something free, go to webtoon or look online! Everything from lezhin is amazing quality, and those who don’t understand quality, it’s best if you don’t stay here.
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4 years ago, JACOBHER25
Chance or fix
This is a really good app and all since I’ve had this for years but I just now tried out the coin zone feature and it doesn’t even work. I did the uno quiz and didn’t have enough questions answered????? I clearly did when it said I answered the questions and pressed next and it says I don’t have enough questions answered. And then I tried the Halloween quiz and got 100 percent and didn’t nothing for it. Also when I press next and go to the little fact page, a add pops up and then it just destroys the whole website. This coin zone feature for the quizzes is broken, please fix or change the quiz pages and thank you if you read this.
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4 years ago, LexyLume
Paywall and lies
The comics are good but everything has to be paid for . I also can’t go past the first 3 or 4 chapters in some story’s not unless you have to pay. Sometimes it says that another chapter of a book came out but it doesn’t say that I can read the book chapter. I really enjoy this app but there are barley any comics I’m interested in and even if I as interested in those comics I can’t read them. Only a couple of new chapters of books are realesed. Some books say that you would have to wait but I don’t think that the book will continue on until the 120 days are over so you can read the full book. Like I said it’s good but you would always have to pay and you wouldn’t get the chapters it says came out.
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2 years ago, Allieeileen
Great content but app and prices could be better
They have great content and I would say most of the episodes are okay in length with having to pay for an episode. However the price to get coins to purchase episodes is ridiculous especially when comparing it to other premium sites. On this app it is roughly $30 for 43 episodes with median prices of 3 coins per episode. While another app it is about $20 for 75 episodes of their median to high priced episodes. Some of the comics you are able to find on other legitimate comic sites so there are cheaper alternatives for some of their content. Also not able to download purchased content to read offline. And the Plus app which allows users to read the adult comics is not available for iOS.
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3 years ago, MedAonEok 🤩
The coins
I was curious on the rave upon Painter of the night and killing stalking so I went to check out both these series through this app. But, I find the coins confusing and hard to collect. I recommend you just have one type of coin that you earn by buying with money, watching a limited amount of ads (maybe one ad available to watch a day for 10 coins), or maybe even daily free coins (maybe 3). You could also earn coins by watching the first 2 episodes of a comic. One more thing, I notice there are reviews similar to mine. Maybe try to earn money a different way, ofc idk if it’s that easy tho but I want you guys to realize that’s the reason your getting the poor reviews, the coins! So you guys should probably change up it up A LOT
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2 months ago, .bRi2007
the app itself is free but generally is it free? Not at all. I love to read so of course I download apps like this to read from so I can AVOID spending a hefty amount of money on copies of books. However it seems to be more cheaper to just buy books and manhwas themself then read them online, in Lezhin. Therefore Lezhin doesn’t really have a good purpose than becoming richer and leaving us broker than ever. Most to all reviews are horrible reviews just like the one I’m writing now, but they don’t seem to have changed a thing. To the point illegal websites have been created to avoid paying money, essentially leaving the authors of these books making less money, and who’s still getting money? Lezhin. REALLY a horrible app. Don’t recommend at all.
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4 years ago, JayCrayyy12
I LIKED it, but now..
I was so hooked on a story and then to read more, I have to have coins. Which I don’t have. And I can’t buy coins because the way my account is set up. The free coin zone is TRASH, nothing works and the “3 minute 3 question survey” is trash, it will tell you your not qualified or take you to a totally different website. Why don’t you just use adds for the coin free zone, you should watch a certain amount of adds to get a certain amount of coins, like watch 1 ad to get 1 coin, and after watching an ad you shouldn’t have to wait an amount of time to do it again. Just saying. I read some other reviews and people agree that you should be able to get coins using ads. PLEASE make this change? Your good reviews would go up and people would love it so much more.
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10 months ago, DoritoLover337
I’m not sure
The comics are great but why are they so expensive? I heard they used to be like 5 coins but now they’re 30 (Not all comics). I also like that you can get coins in the free coin zone but sometimes the sites don’t work. It also says what you need to do in order to get coins but after doing it, I get no coins…? (Sometimes) And are those sites even safe? Also, I’m trying to read a comic and the next chapter is 30 coins and I had enough (35 coins), but it kept saying I needed two more coins. A few days later, I got 55 coins, but it still told me to buy more coins.
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1 year ago, Diva m1236
Coins Issue
Let’s make this short and sweet. The overall comics on the app are amazing and I love the fact that they allow mature content. I have an issue with the coin value. I don’t like the fact how you guys updated the app to the point you have to pay 30 points per episode(Atleast all the comics I read.) Then when you got to the offers wall it’s only one per offer(the ones that actually work and don’t require money) Event thought there’s another offer wall most of those don’t work either. You guys could have Atleast made the offers worth 10 instead of one that way we could spend less time trying to earn coins. (That was not short😂)
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2 years ago, KaylaLQuarles
Not worth it
It’s $52 for 250 coins one of the comics I wanted to read cost 156 coins to buy. Why am I spending $50 to buy 1.5 mangas. Manga doesn’t even cost that much at the bookstore. They exchange rate from $ to coins is just way to high. They need to offer more coins for the amount they’re charging. Not only that I would have to rebuy the package several times to have a substantial amount so I could buy several mangas, so they either need a larger packages at a fair price point or offer a premium monthly service. I wanted to like this app but theres just too many inconveniences to keep it, and I make decent money but even I can’t justify spending that amount for that little. $50 adds up I’ll turn around and have spent $300-$400 for 9-12 manga just no.
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1 year ago, Anonymous222222222222289010
Comics amazing but there is a problem
The comics on here are absolutely beautiful I love reading them so much the only problem is coins. They’re so pricey and with the points you have to PAY for exchanging the point you ALREADY HAVE!! I just think that’s pretty dumb and it would be better if you had people watch adds for coins instead of paying a lot of money for a few coins and change the daily coins so they can’t expire like please that is the worst when you think you finally have enough coins to buy a chapter but then it’s like “Oh wait, they expired”
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3 years ago, hcuhrfhrifrfijr
Cost too much, hard to support authors
I realize that alot of the stories i LOVE are on Lezhin. But every chapter theres only about 2-3 free chapters. Having to buy every chapter that is and comes out is quite a lot. At least the coins arent too expensive, but I just wish you dont have to buy pretty much every chapter. Not everyone has the money, like me 😭 The most complain I have is about how hard it'll be to appreciate the authors. Ive seen so many people complain, that I bet there are very few people who pay for every chapter. The authors would also have a hard time earning support and money due to how many people do not want to pay for each episode/chapter.
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2 years ago, mmmmmmmly5
Love it but….
Okay so I LOVE THIS APP but… I went to free coins and it was the same as the app tappytoon (which is awesome btw) and when you first open it it says tapjoy (another name of tappytoon) also it has tappytoon surveys….. I only mentioned this because they are made by different people and I think it’s the same company making different apps with different names to get more money, pretty smart, so just letting everyone know. Ok so back to this app the comics ARE THE BESTTTT and the quality is great 10/10 would recommend
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3 years ago, jessicaheart2311
Watch videos
This is a really good app the comics are so good I love them they are the next level and I love that they give us things every day we log in however sometimes I want to read comics that I don’t get coins for and I don’t have money to buy coins so that makes me kind of frustrated so I just wish they did like tappytoon and many more apps and put an option where you could watch videos and get points instead of coins like tappytoon and then with those points we could buy or rent comics then this app would get better reviews and it would become my favorite app
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4 years ago, nonoodleswithnoeggs
Comics are good, but the system is horrible
Every time I read a free section comic (no need for coins or money spent/ wait a 24hr or 6hr interval) after chapter 60 or so it’ll lock the chapters and won’t let me read anymore. It restarts at the beginning and wants me to read everyone over again. This has happened twice! (Miss Guillotine and Save Me). You can’t read comics without spending money even with the “free ones”, Lezhin system is faulty and the worst. I’m all for supporting artists, but doing it this way is a big turn off for many. I recommend webtoon since it supports the artist with fast passes, cares for the income of readers, and has a great app with no glitches or any restrictions (you can leave comments).
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4 years ago, please stop with so many ads
I’m not trying to a Karen
Big problem so I don’t read often last time I read was in second third grade and I’m in fourth so that means I haven’t read in forever and I actually want to read for once but now I can only read but like 5 to 8 pages of the comic book I don’t understand I feel like you should at least let us read a chapter or two. That’s the only thing that I would want changed about this whenever it is changed I will download this app and actually read again because I found a comic I really liked but no I could only watch two episodes and I’m a child so I can’t pay for it I don’t have enough money so yeah that’s the only thing that I want you to change about it
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1 month ago, stormy_13
There are a few glitches
Overall this is a great, with some spicy comics but, there are a few glitches like how it was randomly kick me out of one of the comics I’m reading that I had bought with the coins and then say I didn’t buy it and there’s another glitch where I’ll have like 100 something coins and I’ll purchase something that’s only like 30 coins and then it won’t let me buy it and it says that I don’t have enough coins when I actually do. Anyway the app would be so much better if you could fix these bugs but then again it might just be my phone but if you can I would like these to be fixed
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4 years ago, goobingtungus
Supporting the artist
It’s so sad to see that this app has such low rating because of the coins/ free comics system.... Y’all, if you were to make something that took 100+ hours of hard work and dedication to release to your fans and people wanting to have your product, wouldn’t you want to have some compensation for that? These artists put in so much love and dedication into their work, so it’s no surprise that Lezhin encourages you to pay for what these artists are distributing!! I mean,, it’s not even that much money! C’mon people :(
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2 years ago, Edotz
I shouldn’t have to pay 75 cents per episode. They need to have more sales. I’ve used tapjoy on other comic apps and they give you way more coins/ink for your time/money. I’ve spent nearly $400 worth of ink on tapjoy promotions for Tapas but that’s because each episode isn’t nearly as expensive as Lezhin. I can read an entire 120 episode comic on Tapas for the equivalent of 30 episodes on Lezhin. The quality is the same, if not better on Tapas. Really wish creators would abandon Lezhin and go with Tapas, Webtoon, or Tappytoon. The only thing this app has more/does better with is M rated content. Hence the 2 stars instead of 1. Tapas has M rated as well though so 🤷‍♀️
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4 years ago, ttina616
beware !!! all comics are not available on app
I’ve seen lezhin’s ads everywhere and it piqued my interest. After downloading it, I realized you had to pay for chapters. there were a few comics that interested me enough to make me buy coins. as I used the app for a few days , i notice that there were only a few comics. little did i know, i read the clean version. all their rated R comics are hidden on the app and can only be accessed through the website.. I spent around $40 and I feel robbed. I wish they would give you a heads up cause I would have rather spent money on the original. so frustrated that i deleted the app and have no intentions of using it again. don’t make the mistake i made
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4 years ago, AvaMava24
Okay, like others I really want to like this app. They have great enjoyable comics with phenomenal artwork, that I genuinely want to read. But the coin system thingy that they have going on is confusing, unorganized, and unreliable. You can purchase coins, but I’m too afraid of scams and stuff. The comics are so out-of-this-world that I would watch hours of ad videos in order to gain more coins. Like should have an unlimited amount of sponsored videos, and have each video give three coins. BUT THEY DON’T HAVE THAT!!! Which would profit the app more...right? They would have more screen hours and happy clients. I wish that the app had some easier ways to gain coins and more organized (like the apps WebComics or WEBTOON). I HOPE THAT IMPROVEMENT ARE MADE. ;((((((
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