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LifeMiles Corp.
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for LifeMiles

4.59 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
10 months ago, chloe rrt
This App Is Great!!
Having all the miles information along with all my flight information all in one place, has been very easy to manage changes and upgrades. I definitely recommend this app to all. Specially to people who fly constantly.
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1 year ago, ericWWDD
Worst Airline and App since COVID
I have been a loyal Avianca member since 2015. Before, the app would give you flight info updates, gate changes, etc. Now, the app doesn't let you log your trip in, once you enter Iteneray and name, the next button doesn't light up and let you click it. So you call Avianca. Let's say your trip is $50 to change and $100 to cancel. So you call to change. And this is more than once it has happened, but you are looking at available seats, yet the attendent says nothing is available. So you ask to be transfered. The manager comes on and says they can help, but must transfer you to someone else. So okay. Then same story. So you cancel your flight and book the new one you wanted, no problem, but lose $50 plus. And then we talk about the first class service? One plastic wrapped cold sandwich. No beer or Alcohol drinks. Delta, united, aeromexico, alaska... first, business both have hot meals , and you can get alcohol from any seat on their planes. I stay with Avianca, because the Airport staff are friendly... but I will tell you that the flight attendents do not like how they have been treated lately either. So I hope Avianca gets back to where they were asap or their flight crews may be leaving to other airlines, too. How, I forgot to say that flying from LAX to BOG is more expensive on Avianca then United and Taca. So if they are cutting corners, the savings are not going to customers or the flight crew/app.
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1 year ago, Sdoubledub
Utter garbage
Can't book anything. Keeps asking for a PIN with my credit card. News flash. Many credit cards do not have them. Switched to a debit card- declined again for allegedly having the wrong CCV. Utter nonsense, I verified 2x before hitting submit. 2nd reservation now ruined. Customer service won't take a credit card over the phone, and the award space now disappears as it is held up by the reservation number that was generated. To make matters worse, if I book on another day, the carrier will "see" a duplicate reservation and delete them. Business Class 101- Make it easy for your customers to pay you. I can't even update my profile with acsaved CC anymore, as the last one expired and got a new CCV. Couldn't edit and had to delete it. Epically bad. My Chase Visa is accepted globally, without issue, accept for lifemiles.
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1 year ago, Uber Eats Disappointment
Sorry app or sorry website?
Zero availability for Star Alliance flight awards are showing up for any destination on any date. The same is true for the computer version of the full website. A few days ago it was offering some excellent deals from the East Coasr to Europe. But now nothing shows up as available for these flights. I don’t know if there is some quirk in the algorithm if you do too many searches, but I was planning to transfer some Citi Thank You points into Life Miles to book a trip. Not any more!
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6 months ago, aaires11
Fairly easy to use
This app is easy to use in its English version. But I do have a few suggestions: 1. Save the searches so each time it is not necessary to reenter them. 2. Allow searches to also include from/to nearby airports 3. Show pertinent general information such as to whether the flights can be canceled with or without penalty as well as specific flight information such as to baggage allowances
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2 years ago, Benha P
This is a user friendly app, found very convenient using it from the phone or tablet and it has all the features from the website
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1 year ago, Avid_reader_clt
Good but could be better
Make the miles purchase in the native app. Allow me to purchase miles when booking ticket vs having to buy the miles and then go back and book the ticket. Allow me to cancel partner flights and pay the miles reinstatement fee without calling please.
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1 year ago, iris DG
It’s ok
Every time I tried to make a transaction an “unexpected”error occurred. i had to try several times and when I finally was able to redeem my miles it still said an error occurred but my transaction actually went through. There is room for improvement…
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9 months ago, Mighty Power
Not functioning, and no English
I keep trying to use the English tab, but it keeps reverting back to Spanish, and I do not understand the language. i’m not able to save another traveler. i’m not able to change password and see if it gives me an error. I tried booking for a flight using my mileage, and it ran forever and then gave me an error. generally it takes too long and too many steps wrong design and malfunctioning is really bad for an app.
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2 years ago, Carsolmi
Very easy to use.
User friendly options. Straight forward.
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2 months ago, ChicagoMan1893
App stopped working
It’s amazing to me that the app stopped working a little over a week ago (believe me I use Lifemiles a lot) and it’s still not fixed. How does a major company have an app outage for a week and not realize it or try to fix it? You can’t search for flights it gets stuck in an infinite loop (as the other reviews this week have mentioned). Get your act together Lifemiles this is completely unacceptable.
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11 months ago, Great Entrepreneurship
Fraudulent Activities
I have recently used the service of LifeMiles Hotels to enjoy part of my Honey Moon, and at the moment to arrive to the address where the hotel was supposed to be, it didn’t exist. I highly recommend all customers to be aware of this fraudulent activities, and avoid being affected, because although we would expect a responsible corrective action, it is not going to happen.
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2 months ago, alvaro2022
Website not working
I have been trying for two weeks to make a reservation with my miles. I choose the cities and the dates and then the cursor spins around forever. I have tried the chat and that is a waste of time. I wrote and the reply is that they will reply in 24 hrs and then their reply has nothing to do with my problem. I have spoken on the phone and the representative states they are having the same problem and to try again the next day. My worry is that I will not be able to get tickets because it is getting closer to the dates I plan to travel, Can somebody please help . I m not getting anywhere. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Gimber71
Return button need update
App is grate but return button is not well designed it looks like retur but is start over button so you have to star over until realize that
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1 year ago, NoNick Name.
Ponderous, aggravating.
It retains no recent search data so if you go back, for example, to change a travel date, all information must be entered again. The calendar is tricky to navigate. Plus, if you do too many searches it tells you your a bot & locks you out. Typical crap Avianca/Lifemiles i.t. They just don’t improve it. Ever. Absolute junk. I question how it got over 4 stars.
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2 years ago, carlos_mauricio
It’s ok but could be much better
I’d say this is just an average miles app. Is not very user friendly and with so many flights going to the US; definitely shouldn’t offer some partnerships here I order to be able to accumulate miles.
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2 months ago, Tomasaurus Mex
Avianca does everything poorly
This app is no different. Want to book with miles? Forget it. The app hasn’t worked in weeks. Wanna chat through Whatsapp? Good luck! The AI will just run you around in circles. Want to talk to someone on the phone? Call quality is similar to what you would imagine if you called someone living in the molten center of the earth’s core.
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3 years ago, Michael Sauter
No fault of their own but my flights were canceled and it took 1 hour 22 minutes to resolve issues and have miles returned to my account
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2 years ago, Like to cruise
Great app
Using this app is much easier to use than the computer and more reliable
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7 months ago, cuca718
Love technology and user friendly applications like life miles. Makes a world of difference at the touch of my fingers
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2 months ago, Unknown Unlisted
Can’t complete any purchase or transaction
When I try to buy tickets using LifeMiles, the app just shows loading infinitely. I can select destination and dates, but the results don’t load. It doesn’t even load flights from medellin to bogota and doesn’t give me any error message. Major waste of time
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2 years ago, neifers
Amazing design
This app has an amazing design and offers a very easy to use interface to take advantage of all the LifeMiles services.
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12 months ago, Wasted 5 minutes
Can’t even log in.
This app is a waste of time. Won’t let you register no matter what you do. After 5 times trying to put in a password kept getting error messages. Capital letters, numbers, special characters that it asked for and still nothing. Even the nickname was taken on the review!
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4 years ago, Jose A. Lopp
Amazing mileage program
One of the best mileage programs!! App is great easy to use with a lot of promo info available to use your miles. A+
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1 year ago, Felipe Lopez E
Life miles
Good interface with various options
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8 months ago, RW60#*
Life Miles app is extremely slow, crashes and finally just goes into a blank screen mode. Have been trying for three days to use miles to book a simple national flight with no success and even tried 3 different devices. Good luck using your Avianca miles.
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4 years ago, Borcek
I like the app but you need link to calendar and easier access to my itineraries. It would also be great to receive my Electronic Ticket Receipt
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3 years ago, LMdeA
Lousy app
App does not work. It doesn’t let you even log in. Tried four times, twice re-downloading the app. User and pw work fine on the website. Please don’t make us waste our time promoting an app you cannot even get into!
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4 years ago, estusal
Last updates are non-functional
After opening the app, immediately displays an error message: “There was a problem displaying the required information. Verify your Internet connection and try again”. It is a big that needs to fixed. It does it over WiFi or mobile data. USELESS!
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3 years ago, Nixknne that usnt taken
Perfectly functional
Can easily search awards and make a full booking, great design too
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2 years ago, Dr 3
No service
Life miles has outsourced ALL of their customer service to automated programs. It is only possible to receive a limited number of the same answers. If these easy answers don’t help there is no way to move to a phone call email or any personal attention.
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2 years ago, Flaxhundili
Terribly full of glitches
The app doesn’t work. It crashes all the sudden, you change searches for tickets and it te-starts, you change cabin class and it takes you back to the beginning and so many more errors. Not worth it, unless you are patient.
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2 years ago, amadejs
Straight forward
Easy to use
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4 years ago, Paulaballivian
Its good to hace this friendly apo
It shows the balance of your miles and the status of your lifemiles The main issue us that its not always updated
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2 months ago, Moke 2000
Doesn’t work at all
Attempted to book flights with no luck. No options appear, just keeps indicating it’s “loading”. I’ve attempted multiple departing and destination cities with no luck at all. Customer service is non-existent. Really frustrating experience.
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12 months ago, acajiao
Works well
Has most of what you need from lifemiles
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5 months ago, Rudy Aruba
Life miles app
The app is very friendly user. Easy to navigate and very useful. Love it so far.
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3 years ago, Guido57
Not option to buy miles
Impossible to buy miles, that option is not working
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4 years ago, W!i
Improve APP
The app is much more responsive now and you can easily make reservations, both with AV and airline partners.
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2 months ago, IgorAppleseed
So frequently broken it seems intentional
Searches never yield results and it’s impossible to book flights. The whole program feels like a scam. Constant errors and that’s if you can get pages to load at all. Should be investigated by regulators.
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11 months ago, daningmama
Good points
The points are so friendly
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4 years ago, Huwei
Me . Hugo Estrada
It has improved over the last quite a bit. But it is not there yet. Case: " usability"
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4 years ago, Mkarraa89
So convenient!
Love the app! It is really easy to use and so convenient! The developers did a wonderful job!
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2 months ago, JJsmith137
Terrible app and website
Don’t know how the company runs it’s business if customers can’t book anything on the app and on the website. It just keeps loading and didn’t do anything. Waste of time!!!!
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6 months ago, 用户93627363810
Delay in making miles available
Miles transferred from AmEx. Though shown as credited in the account transaction page, it is not available to book. Customer Service don’t care and can’t help.
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3 years ago, luisrbaires
Easy to understand my miles and programs that are offered by Avianca/lifemiles
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2 years ago, Geovannie323
Easy to use
Love it easy to use and to buy stuff
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4 months ago, T FF
Spent 10 minutes trying to set up an account. Kept going in circles and finally I have given up might be a very useful site, but too much trouble (awful user interface) on the front end.
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1 year ago, El Matador😎
Needs work, too many glitches
The app needs work badly, updates urgently. Revision as it times out and overall too many glitches. It becomes so hard to do award bookings, yet cash payments process easily.
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12 months ago, Sunia123
Can’t use app if on another device?
If I’m away from home and using my iPhone but the LifeMiles app is on my iPad back home, your app WONT WORK. What stupid nonsense is this? Fix it. It’s ridiculous that only ONE DEVICE can be logged in to look at flights.
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