Live Cams - HD

4.6 (191)
53.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
EarthCam, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Cams - HD

4.63 out of 5
191 Ratings
8 months ago, Jennifer Olsen
Great app! I love watching videos of places around the world, but there are some cameras that are not working. One camera that is not working is the holiday critters cam. When I click on the video, all I see is a black screen and the cam is stretched to the bottom. Is there anything that the developers can do to fix the problems? I would like to see some new videos on the app that include the Northern lights, more volcanoes, and other places. Thank you for the entertainment!
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4 years ago, Jannwick
Coronavirus day safe travels
With the Stay-at-Home order in Texas this app. is a God send. I am so glad I have. I love to look around the world and see what is going. The beaches that are typically populated with many people are empty now. The beautiful views of the water, streams and falls keep me feeling connected to the outside. Thank you EarthCam. Jann
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5 years ago, beachgalsandy
My favorite cams
My favorite cams are the animals and beaches. Especially the Eagle cam where I can watch 2 adults raise 2 chicks. It's fascinating to see them feed and care for the ever hungry babies.
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7 years ago, Broman5thfloor
Just ok...
I thought there would be a larger selection of cams (before purchasing the app). Also someone keeps panning the cams around and it can get frustrating (namely the national mall cam)...also there doesn't seem to be a way for the user to move the cam. Lastly there aren't any cams in my home city (Atlanta) which was a bit disappointing.
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5 years ago, Lista1777
Best of web cams
I enjoy this app so much. It is very easy to use. I am able to view high def images immediately using it! It is the best!
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5 years ago, Little Smoke
Love it!
Wish there were even more locations.
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1 year ago, mslonglegz
More Selection
I really enjoy looking at other places, I do think it should be more cities, states countries!
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5 years ago, Granny Gaia
My Vacation.
Best short vacation trips that you'll ever see !
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6 years ago, Sorrycritter
Not many cams compared to other apps.
Cams keep disappearing and are replaced by other cams. The disappearing cams are still available on the internet (for free) but not in the app. This could easily be the best app if they made all of Earth Cams cameras available in the app.
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5 years ago, Lucy1915locket
Fascinating cams
Love the new underwater fish and the penguins. Keep bringing in new ones please. JC
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5 years ago, Iphonefunplay. Blogspot
Thats right because you can use earthcam site and see more cams for free so they just trying to get money for basically no value. Virginia Beach cam isn’t even there and i know thats a free online cam. What the hell is wrong with you idiots?
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13 years ago, Cary Groneveldt
Very Nice!
I read all of these absolutely CRUSHING reviews & thought: It can't be *that* bad .... So, throwing caution -- and a couple of shekels -- to the wind, I downloaded it. Well, it took me a few minutes to actually get around to writing the review, because I couldn't tear myself away & stop playing with it! It works that easy! Within seconds, I was looking at the sun rise in Bologna, the water tumble over Niagra Falls & the weekend night crowds in Times Square here in NYC. OK, the Niagra Falls cam was a *skeench* blurry, but it was at night so I'm sure during the day, image quality shoots up by magnitudes. But the other cams're razorsharp, crystalclear. There's a signup/email confirmation/login hoop to jump through in the beginning, but it takes 2 seconds & it's never heard from again. After that, it's flick to a country, then a city, hit a button & *BOOM* -- a cam loads in 1 or 2 seconds and there you are! I don't know what other app these bad reviews are referring to, but I am SO happy with it, I decided to help the dev out with a *realistic* review. Get this app -- you'll love it!
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7 years ago, Lttlou
Fun to see all around the world. Yes some of the cameras maybe positioned wrong but nonetheless it's fun.
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7 years ago, n0014
Terrible waste of $4.99
Do not buy. Half of the cameras aren't live and show you a "clip from our archives". I didn't enjoy them, thank you.
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7 years ago, Chicago08145679
Dosen't work anymore
Used to work now keeps telling me no data connection when it is turned on
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7 years ago, Markey5
Very enjoyable. Wish more places were represented. Sherri
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5 years ago, 25lupita25
What happened 5 Avenue nyc live camera some cameras pictures WHY?????? I pay money and people to what is going on.
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6 years ago, Windshift
Get the free version
Same as free. Says $4 then they charged $14? Rip off.
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5 years ago, felipini08
Best life Cam .
Not working any more.
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8 years ago, aKitaKaT
No remedy given-UPDATE! False advertisement! Run!
I am updating my review. Previous score of 1 star as you can't go lower & now giving same score. I was contacted awhile back concerning my previous issues. I was told there was no way as of that point to post pics to hall of fame from a hand held device on live feed. Let's review new update. States this has been resolved. So, can I post from handheld device as stated? Absolutely NOT!!! Better yet, I can't even post the previous less than 5% still photos as before. I can't post at all! Not only can I Not post from an iPad, I can Not post from my MacBook Pro laptop as I was told I could. I am beyond frustrated as this shouldn't be an issue! Also, considering that I paid for separate groups & then full set plus the HD cam... I still consider these apps a scam! (Not as advertised) Boy did they see me coming! There are still other issues, but why even mention them. Nothing gets resolved with additional decline in other areas. I will have no choice but to contact the App Store at iTunes for a Full Refund! Paid for service that I'm not getting! Instead of live feeds, I'm getting archives. My bandwidth is Not the problem, it's your app! Also you cannot do "hall of fame" pics from all cams, only a very select few(less than 5%). Others seem to have this option & share them. Please fix your issues or I want a complete refund! Btw - I am missing a Lot of apps compared to online. False advertisement!!!
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13 years ago, BoomerNerd
Most Fantastic App!
No, I'm not the developer, just an ordinary curious person. If you think by buying this app that you will get perfect HD quality on each and every webcam listed, think again. BUT, if you want to have a selection (45 or so) of EXCELLENT quality LIVE streaming cams from selections of world sites (some even with sound!!), then you must get this app. The price is well worth the enjoyment I have gotten out of it nearly every day! Be sure to look at buttons at bottom & check out everything!
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12 years ago, Chrysophylax
Does what it says
Charging a monthly subscription fee now, unannounced to me as a member. I remember when all this was paid for by ads. Not a good business move to change your subscription model without notice or reason. People - not every webcam is going to transmit a live HD feed. That would be an unrealistic expectation... However, to Earthcam this should be a goal to aspire to. Yea, some cams (particularly ones run by home users) will get stuck or stop updating at the whim (or tech limits) of the cam owner. Deal with it -that isn't the app developer's fault. Report it as nonfunctioning and move on. This said, I would like to know why I can add and delete fav cams, but not change the order they are listed. And where is the beautiful maps interface which will show me the world of usable cams? I would also like a smaller or less frequent "sign out" button to reduce accidental sign outs. Also useful, especially on a map interface would be a visual method of identifying which areas of the world are in daylight and which are at night.
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9 years ago, Mama B2B
Best app
I have been using this app since it came out. I do a lot of computer work and have dual monitors I always have Earthcam open all day on one of my monitors while I am working. Never have a problem and it is just great to travel the world. I never go anywhere but with Eathcam I get to go everywhere!!!! Highly, highly recommend this app. I am not paid to write this I am just an everyday user.
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12 years ago, 4.99 lighter
Worst app I ever paid for
Wanted to watch the Golden Gate 75th fireworks in live streaming HD video. Yeah right! What I got was a still image of two cars, a park with a hazy bridge in the background. No video. Not high definition (isn't that what HD stands for?) No fireworks. So, I thought to myself, well maybe this is just a technical problem with this cam, let's check some others. HD? My gramma's needlepoint is higher rez. Most are not even video. Do not think HD, or anything close to it. Do not think in focus. Think blurry low Rez traffic cam. If you aim really low, low, low, you might give it a 2. I want my money back. Ripoff if it was free. Not worth taking up space on my iPad. How do I delete this app? Never had to that before.
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13 years ago, EireJohnA
Quality and Price
First, don't rely on the images shown on this page as a representation of what you'll get, because you won't. Those look more like digital shots as opposed to what you get when you watch a stream which is often blurry and choppy. I've had issues with EarthCam before but hoped this iPad app would make me a believer again. It didn't. When I purchased it, it cost about 5$. Suddenly, I went to look at it and they wanted 99 cents a month subscription? Get real EarthCam! Either offer the subscriptions or the software free. Don't charge for both. I feel ripped off. I should have known better.
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8 years ago, Brian187
Surprisingly Good
I have this app on my iPad and it is surprisingly good. HD quality and sound on most cameras. I have been putting it through the wringer for a couple of days and have found no problems. Good locations worldwide to choose from. I would definitely recommend it!
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13 years ago, Jareditor
Wish I'd Read the Reviews First
Really a waste of money, unless you're a big fan of highway intersections, then it's a little bit of asphalt and concrete heaven. I know there's a spirit of caveat emptor when it comes to apps, but I think Apple should review these things more carefully and be prepared to pull an app that costs more than similar apps but delivers way less. The developers that offer crap apps like this are really just petty thieves. iSpy and Live Cams are much better, and constantly improving. I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting for updates for this piece of trash. These jerks are busily developing their next scam.
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11 years ago, Npjared
Great APP...BUT THEN Comes the "Now Pay Me Monthly"!
I have been using this APP for a couple of months now. Very successful and fun on my iPad each day visiting some far away place. Then yesterday it suddenly says that I must now pay them monthly to view what I have been getting for just the price of the APP originally. Never in my earlier purchase of this APP did it tell me it would start charging me monthly to continue. Now I feel I have been greatly RIPPED OFF! I refuse to do that. If they would have advertised that in the beginning, I would have made my decision based on that. Now I will not subscribe because it is a BAIT AND SWITCH. REAL NICE!!!!
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11 years ago, Just got raped
Do not purchase!
I should have read the reviews, but saw a link to this app when looking for seaside heights beach cam. I rarely buy apps, but was homesick so I clicked on the link an purchased this lousy app for 4.99. Yes, it took me to the seaside heights beach cam, but couldn't get off of it to even get back to the main menu! What a bunch of thieves! I can't believe apps like this are allowed on the market. When you get this many unsatisfied customers, apple should delete them from the play store instead of allowing them to take people's money. If there was a zero rating, that's what I would give this app.
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11 years ago, pfw2013
what a piece of junk!!!
I don't even know where to start. I do seem to be able to gather that one can set up their own web cam to share with the world how e.g. your doggie eats b'fast etc. etc. If you thought you get it to watch live earth cam views and visit the world's most fascinating sites and switch from place to place - maybe I am stupid but - I selected one site AND THAT IS WHERE I AM STUCK! Can't get anywhere else...can't find anyway to go back to a default state to start over again, can't find any help. BUT THERE ARE COMMERCIALS galore. I'll try to get a refund, wish me luck, lol
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7 years ago, Altogirl
Lots of fun!
Many of the cams have audio, and there is good variety. Most cams function well, although a few are dark constantly. Some are boring, some fascinating, but overall, this is a terrific app.
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10 years ago, rcarlberg
Partway There
Someday we'll be able to use our internet-connected HD TVs to visit, virtually, all kinds of exotic spots on earth, from the tropics to deep caves to landmarks and national parks. In the meantime there's this app, which shows an intersection is Snyder TX, a square in Jordan, and a crowded beach in Miami. It's not very exotic, and not very fascinating after the first couple of minutes, but it'll come someday.
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12 years ago, 97cugrad
Waste of $4.99
I bought this app just to watch the pregnant giraffe at Greenville Zoo in South Carolina, BUT the app NEVER works on the iPad. I would never recommend this app to anyone ever. I just hope that she gives birth during the day, because if not I will not be able to see it. The only way I can watch now is through our local news station. Very, very disappointed!!! However, if I want to watch Hissing Cockroaches from Madagascar at the University of South Carolina, then this is your app. :(
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11 years ago, Bob 1ooo
Bad App
The app worked once and never again. Would not even accept login credentials. Virtual keyboard displays horizontal and login is vertical so keyboard covers login information. The one time it worked it got stuck on the New Orleans cam and the only way I could stop it was to uninstall application. After that the app never worked again, as I said it would not even accept login credentials. The people who developed this really do not seem to know what they're doing.
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8 years ago, ChrissyRN
I love this place!
I have enjoyed so many hours of this site/app. I is so very interesting to be able to be there "live" in so many awesome locations. I can't recommend this enough and it isn't BY FAR THE VERY BEST APP OUT THERE for this kind of thing.
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11 years ago, Jjpeds
No longer loads
This app worked for awhile, but now it no longer loads. Most of the sites have static cameras and and are no more interesting than a distant a remote snapshot, so it's not a big loss
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11 years ago, spike91
This app has serious bugs to work out. Money taker with little for the cost. Do not recommend you subject yourself to this disappointment but rather learn from my own experience. Glitch on setting up. Doesn't recognize orientation of iPad. Very limited number of cams from glitzy locales. Wanted to like it but from the beginning a bad experience.
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14 years ago, GENEOSYS
Not as expected...!!! At all.
Very disappointed, expected the same quality as their website cams but it simply isn't. Wanted to use the Times Square HD cam as an animated frame on my ipad but all I get are lots and lots of big blurry pixels!!! And this is absolutely no HD. Maybe the nice lagging interface is in HD resolution but that's all...! Once again abusive use of 'HD' term as we see a lot these days. Worthless... at this stage!
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10 years ago, Brev9321
Looking forward to some updates
App is OK. Takes you right to the main point - the cameras. However, there is a transcient page that seems to show some info -- temperature, etc., but just passes by quickly. "Help" indicates there is an info button, but can't find. The map view is off on one side of the screen -- however works. You must click "select location" to update screen - should autoupdate as you move. I think they have an idea for the app they want, but right now seems to not meet their own specifications. $4.99 - kind of pricey for an app that doesn't work that well.
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13 years ago, _xDavidx_
I paid $4.99 for this application. I used it. I found it marginally enjoyable. Today, I turned it on to see if there might be more variety added (cams are somewhat limited)… and it now tells me that to "enjoy" this application, I have to pay .99¢ PER MONTH. It wasn't worth the $4.99… but to pay an additional monthly fee???? They are out of their minds. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. You will be greatly disappointed. Apple should toss them out as a vendor.
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10 years ago, Aannonn
Crash, crash, crash
The title tells the tale. The app keeps freezing on "Loading". Works for a while, then hangs up, and it is difficult to get it unstuck. Don't have this problem with any other webcam apps. Very disappointed in this purchase. Great camera locations, but the freeze problem is annoying.
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11 years ago, Chay1654
Live Cam
Despite all the bad reviews, I have had this app for a while and I love it. I have a lot of live cam apps and this is by far the best one. Also, I have not experienced any crashes. Works great.
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10 years ago, GLad I didntpaymuch
Love it
Live webcams from around the world. Full screen ( no advertising ). Many HD - television like with sound. Lots of content. Some of the websites don't work well, but that is not the fault of this ap. I love it!
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11 years ago, Brent36
Wow this app is a ripoff
I purchased this app during hurricane sandy to view cams of the east coast. Once I created my account it would not let me log in. I tried multiple times and once it let me in but crashed before I could use it. Every time are that it would freeze up again. Do not purchase this app it's a huge waste of money. I can't believe apple hasn't removed it from there store.
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12 years ago, CTMedic
Talk about unfair
I bought the Earthcam HD app for 4.99 because it promised HD video, I was shocked to see how many cameras are worse than standard definition, offline all together or showing still images that in some cases months old. Then to top it all off the last update disabled the app unless you agree to PAY .99 a month to use it! What a rip off I am deleting this app as soon as I finish this review
Show more
7 years ago, MetsBeisbol
Great app. Love watching for snowstorms!
Love that a lot of cams are in HD. Times Square is great. Crystal clear with sound. Right now, I'm watching the first snow of the blizzard coming down in NYC Times Square street cam. Lots of cams to see, so worth it!
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11 years ago, Gabby bhb
I really like this app especially the live streaming videos! My only problem thus far is trying to add cams to my favorites, no + sign or whatever! Maybe I just hasn't figured it out! The HD cams are really clear!
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9 years ago, KB9GGL
Trust me people the name Live Cams HD has nothing to do with the quality of the streams! They say HD on the link but are blurry and quite terrible. Some of the live cams have HD still shots! They should change the name to Still Shots HD. Fail! The App Store and live cams should be ashamed of their selves for robbing people with this garbage! Apps like this is the reason people resort to jail breaking their devices because $5 for this garbage is highway robbery!
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11 years ago, AppleFan2003
Just plain awful!!
If they allowed for No Stars, this would be it. The web cams are very few. The cams listed are mostly outdated pics, or lowest type. And there are just a handful that work at all.... These guys should Try ispy and see how it is supposed to be done!! At one mill times 99 cents, this should be much better, don't waste the money...... They made enough and gave junk....
Show more
11 years ago, Vonster100
Revised Review
Revised review- this app has got better. Still crashes sometimes but not as frequent. Does have good cameras and very good live feed. One time price is reasonable but not looking forward to monthly fee but will keep if add more cameras.
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