Logo Maker Shop: Creator App

Graphics & Design
4.8 (79.1K)
291.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
PIXO Incorporation
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Logo Maker Shop: Creator App

4.75 out of 5
79.1K Ratings
4 years ago, (-,-/+. d,cbcmd c x smd c
...no words
I have no words for this app except that this is the best app I’ve seen on my iPad in forever. Yes, there might be limited options, but you can make so many logos with them! I would rate this a 10 out of 5 but they don’t give you that option! This is an amazing app and I definitely recommend for beginners like me. I made some for my friends and they absolutely loved them! Ok so I guess I might have some things that I wish they had, but it’s perfectly fine because nothing is locked and you don’t have to pay money except for the premium access, which, I am perfectly fine without, but some of the back grounds are locked, but whatever, and some of the fonts, but we don’t need them. This is an awesome app and I absolutely stinging love it! Thank you for the people who made this app! I spend all my time on it and making logos for my friends and just plain old designs! 💘💗💕💓💞💖💝 Ok so I guess I had more than just a few words! 💚😶😊😁😀😁😃😆😄thank you!
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10 months ago, GET ME MY THINGS BACK
3 stars not the best comparison CANVA WINS
so this app is for people that really want this one specific logo and you have a lot of options for changing the shapes colors and texture it doesn’t have very good photo recognition so if you like put a photo on there you can’t really change anything and it does a really good job of showing you how the logo would look like in real life sadly the text options are not alot better than canva in a few things like space thing out the text but i would give the text win for canva shapes win is for logo maker but using shapes in canva is better a lot you can search for anything a Golden Circle Star Wars logos there’s a lot of things but here their isnt under even is no search not enough templates so if you want to have inspiration you would actually have to go look for the few hundred logos AND STILL THEIR ANIT GOOD ONES another problem no one mentioned the app immediately rotate the screen so it looks like it’s a phone but i am on ipad so I am holding my iPad in a weird way its not a phone another thing is that when you’re making your design you can’t change it you can only add a few small things to it but you have to leave your design and find another template in my opinion Canva takes the win by a long shot only thing that this app is better is that it shows you how the logo looks like in a t Shirt a card and a few more THATS IT
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5 years ago, jamied2
Not exactly intuitive
I guess if you are already familiar with making logos, this app might be great. But for newbie like me, it wasn’t friendly at all. Also even after starting the free trial, the designs looked really clip art basic. And I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy - just a basic vintage tire store logo. But I got nowhere with this app. I gave five stars because this app has very high ratings from people who seem to know what they’re doing, and I didn’t want to lower the overall app rating just because I couldn’t figure out how to work the thing. But I did want to give an honest review. For me, it just wasn’t newbie friendly and the designs offered seemed blah. ( However, the logos others were able to make and upload look amazing, so I’m sure it’s just in knowing how to use what’s offered in the app.)
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3 years ago, Phroggy Chair
Great app, but not without flaws
I use this app a lot, and my subscription is representative of that. I don't regret my purchase before you jump to conclusions. The only thing i found lacking was the amount of options missing. Im a symmetry kinda guy, and i think an option that allows you to take two objects and moving them on the screen parallel to each other. Something else I think would help out a lot would be more snap points on the screen. Like in the corners of the center of the screen, if you get what I mean. These are just my opinions, and y’all don't have to implement them, Just keep up the good work
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5 years ago, JoelDesigns333
The only app you need for logos
I have downloaded so many apps for logos over the past two years I have lost count. I have spent a lot of money trying to find the right logo app and I thought I did. Until I found this app a couple of days ago! I have updated all my logos and they look better than ever! This is the best app I have found and I am hard to please when I comes to logo apps! My only suggestion would be to categorize the art a little better , but I can’t complain . I found everything I needed and after a small search was thrilled to find even new art for my logo I had not seen or used before! Very happy !!!
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4 years ago, Jacob M!
Fairly decent
It’s really easy to use, works well. It could really use a merge layers tool, it would make it easier for creating. It would also be nice if you could import another saved file, for instance if I create a logo and want to be able to apply it to other designs or ideas. Also maybe be able to work on saved designs on multiple devices (iPad, tablet, phone) not just device specific. I also seem to have issues saving or sending designs from my iPad, it keeps crashing. Also being able to choose your canvas size and having a ruler so you know exactly how big your design is when working on it. It could also use a trace tool to vectorize logos. I think this app could go from good to amazing with a few improvements. Very user friendly.
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4 years ago, akseganti
Gets the job done.
Although you are limited to the shapes and templates they offer, with patience you can really pull of some quality logos. If you are not good with graphic design programs or don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer, I would highly recommend this app. You may be able to at least create a logo you can use today that will get some good use until you do hire a graphic designer. The only downfall is the basic edition will not get you much. The premium unlocks everything but the price is cheap compared to some programs/services out there for logos. Plus you can cancel anytime! Woot.
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6 months ago, Paul Van Der Kroon
Great app and no nonsense
This App is actually amazing for anyone looking to do anything. Profile pictures, Bigger Banner styles logos for different platform, Great way to make a business card and put QR coders or Readers, better way to design with no experience or artistic background needed from my own experience. You can even make Flyers to hand out and again 0 experiences needed. This is amazing for anyone starting a Brand or small business to use on social media, websites, business cards, flyers and a lot of useful tools available. I’ve been struggling with making all these different logos and sizes of stuff but this is really really a 1 stop spot for any needs. Really just loved stumbling upon this app at the right time to really save me some time and stress. Thank you owners and workers at “Logo Shop” for all they’ve done to help people succeed in life. We need more of this in the world.
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3 years ago, baby yoda is queen
super glitchy and crashes every time you get on
I was super excited about this app because I really needed a way to design a logo for my small business. The reviews and the layout of the app looked great, but when I had installed it it crashed and kicked me off immediately after I clicked on it. So I tried again, and again, and again but it still did the same thing. I’ve tried shutting off my phone, deleting it and reinstalling it, but nothing has worked. What’s the point of an app if you can’t even get on? Super disappointed. They have some major things to fix.
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3 years ago, Scoobysnackinquiryonprice
Review to open ornaments
Crappy way to get a review, but I get it. I’m just happy I can do ANYTHING ON THIS APP Without having to buy a subscription first. Very nice, even though it is very limited access. All other ones I tried first wouldn’t let you do anything without signing up for. Trial then some outrageous price for something they know you’ll forget to cancel. Anyway. This is great, I’m able to quickly create a simple yet professional looking business logo for a business letterhead without any subscription. Makes me happy. Even though the options of you buy pro edition are wayyyyyy better and more vast. I do recommned this for sure
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5 months ago, Game trier …
Didn’t really need this app
I downloaded this app to make a personalized logo for my small businesses and was just thinking that many other people could have the same logo and just made my own logo on Snapchat I feel like they should not charge for logos but that’s just my opinion and feel like people can make their own logos on Snapchat and if someone is reading this I really want you to think about it before buying anything on this app I just think I didn’t really like it because I don’t have that type of money to buy anything in this app but I would recommend to snoop around the first before buying anything for people who have experience on making professional logos and have a professional business this app if perfect for you
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3 months ago, ChickenNugget99999
I Love This App!
Logo Shop is so helpful when it comes down to making a permanent logo for your own shop! I am very young and personally really wanted to make my own website and thanks to this app… I was able too! My app is called Keep It Simple and I had a great idea in my head as to what I wanted to make the logo look like, but was having a hard time figuring out how to make it… but thanks to this app… I was able to make my favorite logo in 5 minutes! Yeah, 5 minutes! ❤️
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12 months ago, nvy19
I like this app. I really do. I’m gonna get straight the the point here. I like all of the things you can do on this app. HOWEVER. I do not like that I can only use the AI generator once a day. Now I understand this is how y’all make y’all’s money but guys, cmon . I would like to point out that 80% of the symbols you can only use on the free trial and or if you buy the premium. I’m sorry if that all came across as rude because I assure you I did NOT mean it that way in any way, shape, or form. I just get irritated when I finally find an app I like but it nags at me to get the premium. Sorry. Thank you for your time anyways🙂
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4 years ago, Imagine what we can be
This app worked out great! I’m making a business called Imagine to make Eco friendly habitats for animals and humans so they can have a home and so can we as we expand! But I made my logo on first try! I started making my fliers on a different app but yeah I had no logo! So I came hear! I would love to thank my friend who’s also starting a world clean up and I would love to ask if you ever see a flier or advertisement for Imagine please support! Back to the app! It’s incredible! It’s fast and I a hundred million percent recommend it!
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3 weeks ago, gwrinkly
It’s good
I do really enjoy this app only thing I would say is that it has a lot of things you have to pay for, and by that I mean like the templates but other than that you don’t have to pay to print whatever you are making non of that . So if someone was to come up to me and ask what website would you recommend for making business cArds, and more I would definitely recommend this app
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4 years ago, Xlr808er217yo
This app is awesome
This app is much simpler to use than other graphic design apps. It has most of the features that I need to do basic designs and logos. All my fonts are available, images can be imported. Much more than I expected. In fact, I use this app for most of my graphic design work. Not for drawing or illustrating but to add and arrange multiple layers and text/ color options. Definitely hard to beat. To get full functionality you need to pay but it’s a steal. Good job developer👍🏽
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1 year ago, KENDRA4 TW
Love it!!
Easy to use and navigate, lots of options, so many graphics and backgrounds to choose, very easy to edit and save. There are social media formats, and ad creation tools. It’s a fun app ! The only thing I would add is the ability to flip or mirror the images. But that may actually exist on the app though, and I just didn’t find it. But even if not, I’d highly recommend it!! It really brings out my creativity. Best logo maker I’ve used ! Thanks👍
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6 months ago, Ev animal lover
Amazing 🤩
Logo shop is a amazing app for all ages. You can make many different designs and logos of your choice, and the app gives you inspiration and a idea of what to make. One thing, I really like about logo shop, is that after you create your logo, you can print as many copies as you want and in any size that you want and you can send your design to anyone you want. I really recommend this app for anyone interested in designing logos.
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5 days ago, coachfinesse
I 100% am Satisfied
This app has been sitting on my phone unused forever . There was a specific look i was going for in my logo for my new business but i don’t have the money to pay for one at this time . I found this app on my phone , and in a matter of minutes i made the best logos ever and it was so simple to do so . I am highly satisfied with the other options to see how the logo looks on designs of all sorts also .
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6 years ago, Samuel Jacobo
Really awesome app
Earlier this afternoon, I needed to make quick logos for my frat’s website and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. Most logo creating apps have a small collection of images to work off of and little to no editing options. This app however has a large set of basic images that are easy to work with and even simpler to edit. I highly recommend this app if you need a good logo and but can’t make one yourself without a template.
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1 month ago, Blueyyyy!!?!?
Best thing ever love using it. I love the shirts too because I’m starting my own business and I love having my own logo and everything that I’m doing for my business is going perfectly with this app and all the shirts that it’s happening with it is so amazing because you get to make your own shirts and I’m gonna make my own logo and it’s gonna be a really good and I’m really loving the app you should get it
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3 years ago, Liztlaurent_yt
It’s fine
The app is fine but you almost don’t get anything to use you have to pay like 7.99$ every month just to use some fonts and backgrounds Not like the ads (why did I have high hopes) but it’s easy to use and if you just want some symbol with a text you got the app But you can just get Ibis Paint or Pics Art if you want an actual good logo and not having to pay EVERYTHING, really trust me they are way more worth it than this one that only lets you get a text and some symbols (unless you are willing to pay) Sorry if I come a little bit harsh but I always am always pointing out what isn’t really good
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12 months ago, Random dude 43634245663
Business owner
So easy to use! Made a logo in minutes. Much easier than other apps I have tried. The only thing that could be better is if the mock ups they offer could be sent to an in all shop for production at a low quantity level! Once stop create, produce, shop, and supply! Would be so convenient. Other than that additional service, the app is great!
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1 year ago, Vmdkvudl
Personally I never feel the need to type out reviews on apps but this app is outstanding. I love how simple the controls are and the limitless possibilities without having to pay extra. There are some additional features that can be paid for but I have yet to spend a dime and I absolutely love this app. Easy to use, easy to share, no adds, and no watermarks
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6 years ago, J4KEO
Great Options
This app has some of the best options compared to some others I’ve tried. Creating the logo is very user friendly and to the point. If you’re like me and only need one logo instead of multiple constantly you’ll be a little annoyed when the only option to pay for it is as a subscription rather than just buying the one you worked on. However they do have a free three day trial so that helps, either way still my favorite logo app!
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8 months ago, nice girl2.4
I really like this designer for logos. It works well and has lots of options. I’m starting a soap and scrub company and this really made some great options to create and eventually find the perfect logo for your business or really, so much more than that! You can design shirts that are perfect for big family vacations and so much more! I love this app and I definitely recommend it!
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1 year ago, go go lu dog
I honestly live this app its so good i got it made a quick design in seconds. And it was so good i wish there was a little more without pro because not everyone can afford (me!) i only dislike that you cant use like water color tools those should get added. And more patterns/textures for the fill in of graphics without buying pro -Overall great app!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😜😜😜😜🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳
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4 years ago, jackd is jacked up
Love this app!!!!
I absolutely love this app. There are so many options and fonts to choose from. My only reservation is not knowing how to legally own the logo. I don’t want to just assume that the logo is mine because I made it. I’ve looked at the terms of agreement and privacy policies and it’s not really clear on how I can LEGALLY obtain rights to the logo. Still in search. If anyone knows more info please let me know.
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1 year ago, !K1LL3R_M0NK3Y!
Great experience
I have been using this app to make logos not only for me but for friends and family, this app works great without even having to buy the premium, I haven’t bought premium yet but I’m most likely going to just to see and use all of the extra stuff. Overall I think this is a great app to design logos, business cards, etc.
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5 years ago, puppy dog5435
It’s ok but...
This app is one of those apps that gives you some of the things it has but not others unless you pay 💰 money 💵 it would be a great app if you didn’t have to pay I Don’t like to spend money on apps so if you didn’t have to spend money this would be a five star ⭐️ app But even if you don’t have the things you have to spend money on or follow them on Instagram for it’s still a good app that’s why I rated this a four not like one or something.
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5 years ago, J Gra
Great App, just needs one thing!
This is a great app if you’re creative!!! I’m addicted and have made so many designs! If there was one thing this app can do to make it even better, would be a feature to curve your texts. A lot of logos you see contain circles, and if you were able to write texts to follow the circles curve, it would make this app 100 times better! Please consider. And thank you!
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3 years ago, Attikus1
I tried to make a logo for my sticker business and before I downloaded it, I was like. “Oh my gosh! These features are so cool!” But of course when I tried to do the water color feature it said I have to be a pro, or whatever... it sucked! I wanted to be able to make a logo for my new business. I tried so many and the only I could find USEFUL, was OVER you have to be a pro for some of the stuff but I found that zooming in a making a “wallpaper logo” helps very much so I would recommend OVER instead of this.
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4 weeks ago, roblox vister
Well, this app was good and creative at first. But when I uploaded my own picture from my camera roll, it didn’t show up. I did it almost more than multiple, still didn’t work. Almost everything I do, it still doesn’t let me. I rate this only 2 stars because how it’s so confusing and like how frustrating it is. But the best part is, I like how we don’t have to go to settings and do these steps for access to our camera roll when uploading a photo. That’s what I like about this app. Thank you!!! ❤️
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1 year ago, nicknamebadidea123
Have to pay to use app
Either way you go about it they make you pay and their selection all look so similar and bland like an AI did all the work. Don’t think that’s the case but they all seem so close to each other not one popped to me and I scrolled for a while so I found maybe a handful or less that I could genuinely work with. Why a subscription when it’s just a one time use for a logo? Does it get removed from you no we make it then upload it and that’s it. Just feel like the price isn’t right.
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2 years ago, stephine roberts
Worst logo app I have ever had
So inconvenient. They only have 5 templates to chose from the rest are locked for a really expensive price. It is true they have shapes, ornaments, and fonts but most all of them are locked. For backgrounds they don’t have white!! They will let you chose from only red, orange, yellow, and green and that’s it! I really hate this app. If there was a 0 star option I would click that in a heartbeat. Here’s a suggestion for a replacement app download and use Pic Collage! So much better so use Pic Collage instead of this crappy scam app that is the worst at making people happy.
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3 years ago, 😷covid Free!!!!
It’s a pretty nice app. Though there are some things that could be changed. See, I just got this app to have fun making whatever types of logos I wanted to, but I can only use the basic stuff unless I pay monthly. Personally I think there should only be SOME pro stuff and others that aren’t basic or pro should be aloud with adds! Anyways hope you take this information under consideration!
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1 year ago, Niño the Mindboggler
As simple tool set that goes everywhere!
Whether a new logo, t-shirt design or a plethora of graphics, Logo Shop is a professional tool at a bargain price! I’m using it for all flavors of daily graphic design, from memes to promotional art with overlaid text. Hardly a day goes by without finding another graphics need that Logo Shop can easily handle. It’s worth far more than 5 stars!
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1 year ago, Alexis5436
It’s fine
It’s really good it could be better ofc but it’s really cute and stuff but something’s need to be better like a lot of stuff has to be paid just to use that one thing coast like 5.99 umm it’s not that it’s to much but like …. It’s could use better things like just shapes and stuff but it’s pretty good wouldn't say it’s the best but it’s a work in progress
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5 years ago, Mstins1988
Great app but would like additions
This app is easy to use and offers a variety of fonts and graphics to enrich your design. I have used this app to create several logos and make corresponding social media graphics. A few limitations keep my review from being five stars. I would like to be able to upload a picture/photo to use as a background. It would also be helpful to be able to create arched text. Please add these features!
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4 years ago, mellenator00
Background options
I use this a lot for transparent backgrounds whenever doing an emblem for t-shirt or something but i also use this for labels and posts and I wish there was a way you could add a picture from camera roll to be your background. Even if it only accepted square trimmed pictures. 5 stars plus a recommendation
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4 years ago, OlafOlivia
Wonderful app!
I have been using Logo Shop for about 3 years now, and I cannot day enough great things about it. It is so user friendly, affordable, and full of great graphics. It has made my life easier on many occasions!! If you are a creator of any kind or are simply looking for an app to help with making logos, backgrounds, or even social media graphics/posts then this app is for you!
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5 years ago, mehwish87
Great game, more changes will make it even better!
This game has potential to end up on the front page of the App Store. The creativity that the developers put into this game is beyond impressive. The fact that this is like the ONLY good Logo Creator is pretty weird, but impressive. So whoever the developers are, keep up the work and keep doing what you’re doing because it sure is working out!
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2 months ago, Keywine
Why I’m so proud of my self
I mean in a game I have a flag and it’s been amazing and I got a T-shirt and a custom flag in my room right now I’m very proud of this app very so much knowing you have to pay it really worth it I mean wow just wow I’m so proud then you can get paid for this to wow. Saying this is a amazing app is an understatement it’s what I’m dreaming of think you for making my life better
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1 year ago, RONEZONE
Easily worth 5x the subscription cost. I just made 6 logos in about 20 minutes , exported them all to PNG, JPG and PDF and shared them directly from the app to TEAMS for a product release. People are astonished at the quality. Im a dev, not a designer and “my” designs just took a huge dump on all their fancy weeks worth of Adobe crafted graphics tablet mangled artwork 🤣😂 Now my logos will ship to production because we cant wait for them to go scale their files correctly. OH yea i did all this on my ipad mini. Bravo developers, as a JS dev i can say i live in awe of the Swift world - so fun to kick back and just be an end user on some awesome software! keep it going !
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4 years ago, WonderFella
Free version is worth the download
While the free version is enough to get very creative and gives access to basic icons and shapes, you will want to try the premium if you need more professional level logos. But for someone just starting out with no logo, the free version will give you plenty to work with if all you have is a brand name in good font. Try it, it's very easy to use.
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2 years ago, Remanxnce
Used to love it, but now.. :(
I’ve had this app for a while now, and I’ve used it for a lot. I’ve made backgrounds for my devices, made profile pictures for my friends online, and generally got a wide use out of it. It’s like no other design app, it’s accessible and enjoyable to work with, and even without premium, you still have a lot you can access. But, as of recent updates, the app instantly crashes. I haven’t been able to access any of my work, and do anything with it. I really enjoyed the app, but, it doesn’t work anymore. It’s a shame.
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4 years ago, Alyluvsty
Great app. Needs some love.
Much work has gone into making this app user friendly and uncomplicated. I made my logo in a snap. However if I’d like to take my design to the next level I’d like to add my own images from camera roll/png/jpg. Please include this feature in the next update. Also curved text is a must. If you can improve upon those two issues, you’d have the #1 logo app in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Ttjan
Can’t see view logos on another device
I love this app—LOVE but has to give three stars for two reasons—the first being, it doesn’t save one’s logo’s from one device to another—a huge pain if you started one on an iPad and notice an error and only have your phone. Second—there should be some way of accessing this platform through the web. Otherwise, love it.
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4 years ago, Chanuka Erdita
Save me lots of time
I used to run my own design studio for 6 years. This app saves me a lot of time. Instead of Adobe Illustrator, I can just go here for a quick logo, especially for clients with lower budget. As a designer, I always like creating something spectacular but if the budget isn’t there, it’ll be hard to spend more time than necessary. This app solves that problem.
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1 year ago, kfdjvstdk. feklj rsg
Great App!
I love this app and I totally recommend it for those of you looking to start a business! I was so excited about this app and I now know why. One thing is that when I’m not on Wi-Fi, it doesn’t work. Maybe you can change that. Another thing is that a lot of this app you have to purchase. But other than that great app and I would %100 recommend it to you guys!🤗
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