LOT Polish Airlines

4.7 (687)
58.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
LOT Polish Airlines
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LOT Polish Airlines

4.69 out of 5
687 Ratings
2 years ago, CameronDouglas
Couple requests
Would be nice to save bookings in the app while logged out as well as having FAST TRACK show on the Apple wallet boarding pass if it is valid for that passenger.
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8 months ago, vanssk8er115
Good App
The app helped me talk with customer support and I was easily able to request a refund. But to improve the app I suggest you add more options when flights are cancelled and give the option for automatically switching the flight for free. We should not have to be charged for purchasing a ticket when your company cancelled flights.
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10 months ago, jcd13th
Bad Customer Service
Do not fly with them they don’t care about people getting delayed ruining their travel itinerary. They cancel the flight with out any advisory not giving a valid a reason why their flight got cancelled. And when you try to get compensation for damages they have made they will just ignore you. EU should look in how they handle their customers. Rating should be ZERO but it wont allow the review to be posted.
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5 months ago, Fred Serra
Needs a lot of work!
Compared with Apps from other airlines LOT’ App is underwhelming. If you check-in using the App make sure you save the Boarding Pass in the iPhone Wallet as the one in the App has a tendency to disappear and give you an error message when you try to retrieve it. Changing seats is typically unavailable on the App.
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2 years ago, jpk2022
Lot is Great !!!
Lot is one of the best airlines I have traveled on!
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2 years ago, Mihalikaola
An improvement
Slow, difficult to navigate and when compared to other airlines, LOT needs to work on improving its website
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3 months ago, Nowy_77
Adding a pet
It would be 5 stars, if it was easier to add a ticket for a pet through the application instead of calling and being on the phone with an agent for 15-20 min.
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2 years ago, AndrzejZak
Don’t work
Does anybody test the app when you release them useless on my iPhone can’t even get past the first screen to pick a currency. I end up booking it on my computer try to cancel two legs on my flight and of course they don’t let me Don’t use this airline fly Lufthansa or anything else avoid avoid avoid
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11 months ago, stevOnahim
Basic functionality is broken
It hard to believe app doesn’t show upcoming trips, but web page does, how is that even possible ?. Do you even update your app devs ?
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12 months ago, JayJay
Broken web links
This app will not perform well. Finding bookings is manual entry of reservation. Most content is from embedded web pages & will often show not available or permission error and restrictions. Much hope and promise… but not yet delivered.
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10 months ago, angheloook
Doesn’t work
I can’t order anything through this app and even though LOT in safari can’t order anything too So terrible
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8 months ago, Pass?
No Boarding Pass
The Ap will not allow to download the boarding pass
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8 years ago, Victor Demartini
New Update
Awesome new update!! Makes the app so much easier to use and makes it more fluid. It shows you more good information about best prices. Everything is perfect except when you press "more prices" and then press "less prices" the option to choose that flight goes away and you have to restart the search to choose that flight. This app really competes well against other airlines apps and makes the company look so better! #flylot
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2 years ago, Franco_barba
Useless junk - same as their airline and website
The app has little no functionality it directa you to their crap website Compared to United is complete junk 6 flights in a row 3 hours late App has no flight status notifications No management No seat selection No in app boarding pass
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2 years ago, bruturb
This app is completely useless. No electronic boarding passes, not even real-time updates on flights.
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1 year ago, der_meisterrr
Website is terrible
Can you refine website experience? It’s painful to do any action on it
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2 months ago, msrac3r
Lot 👎
Negatywne emocje
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3 years ago, mcedno
Doesn’t do much for the passenger
This is the worst airline app on planet earth and it may just be the worst in the universe. The developers appear to not have reviewed features of other apps before they started the LOT app. The “Manage my Reservation” section just allows changes to personal data. On a connection flight from Sofia through Warsaw and onto Chicago, I cannot obtain an electronic version of the connection flight Warsaw to Chicago and needed a paper boarding pass. There is no provision to change your reservation at all. There is nothing positive about this app and it should be redone completely taking into consideration other similar app’s features. One more thing would be great is to keep up to date with what the Polish government is doing with the moving target of who is and who isn’t allowed into the country as well. There isn’t anything useful on that either.
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2 years ago, Muminek1968
This App is so dysfunctional it makes you wonder if the airline is still in the hands of communist party as it is run by the government:-) The App was definitely created not for passengers - the whole app is control driven and every aspect of the navigation system is not meant to be personalized - they have forgotten that the purpose of having an app is to give control to a passenger :-) How am I suppose to use an App when it doesn’t allow me to create my profile and remember my flights and every time I switch between the options in the menu I have to re-enter the reservation number. It is both grotesque and ridiculous because the airline paid a lot of money to crest it but god know for who’s benefit.
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5 years ago, polackspolish
Basically useless
I am At jfk on 6/5/19 and inserted that info into app to see if flight was on time, this was around 9 pm, flight was at 10 Pm. Results shows ‘cancelled’. I ‘panicked ofr a second ‘ and then played with the app. Bottom line, that was yesterday’s flight that was supposed to leave jfk on 6/4 and arrive at Warsaw on 6/5. Moral of story: this app appears to be based on ‘warsaw time’. A bit confusing at best, and probably ‘stupid’. I will leave the Polish jokes to others. It gets better: my flight is actually delayed, but no time provided in app, so I do not know whether we are delayed by 30 minutes or 2 hours, and therefore cannot tell whether I will make my connecting flight in Warsaw. LOT app has a lot to learn from the AA app.
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5 years ago, max ryczek
So I am browsing to find a flight and I want to buy business class seats. I selected 2 seats with half of the business class empty. When I wanted to pick the 3rd persons to seat the whole business class was full! That's very strange just in a couple of seconds the business class is full???? Please make sure that not so many people can pick seats at one time! So the person that's ordering has enough seats for everyone that they are paying tickets for! Otherwise, than that the app is good I will be deleting it and maybe get United, Lufthansa, Or British Airways to get me to Poland.
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6 years ago, DM987
Cieżka do nawigacji, funkcje edit nie dzisłaja
Tylu dobrych informatykow w Polsce a aplikacja LOT-u is poorly designed and hard to navigate. Edit option does not work properly in personal contacts. Does not keep your reservations in memory. I suggest you guys look at United for example how it should be done. I was really looking forward to this app but was disappointed.
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10 years ago, Adas312
Passbook finally added but...
Passbook support added however you must tap add to passbook while viewing the ticket which is emailed to you.
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8 years ago, Adanyr
Needs work
The version from last year was much better. It had more options available in full web version, like upgrading your flight features. This new version does not have it (or is hard to find). It also doesn't allow you to save personal information. You cannot enter just e-mail address, or just phone number. You have to fill out whole page, and when you enter expiration date of your document it insists that your passport expired (which is not the case), so check the calendar setups. The reservation check is pretty slow. Once you enter confirmation number, last name and hit "check" you stare at the blank page. Please fix this frustrating app. I gave two stars for visual design.
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10 years ago, kaarlows
Just a shell to a web-base interface
This isn't a native iOS app. It's just a web-browser shell to LOT's web interface. And due to this, navigation, design and functionality are very poor. And without passbook, it's just a very poor choice. To make a simple check-in, you have to wrestle yourself through tiny fonts and counterintuitive tabs, to at the end receive an email with a poorly formatted mobile boarding pass. Using this app feels like my days of using Palm Treo back in 2005. A tip for you: the Lufthansa app allows you to check-in to almost all of LOT's flights, and through it you get a nice Lufthansa passbook boarding pass. Not to mention it's interface…
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5 years ago, Knightfighter2005
It is good
I found the app good and useful. It is easy to use and I had the app crash one or twice but everything else is pretty good.
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4 years ago, Majkel_27
Buggy, poor response from customer service
Both, the airline website and the mobile app are incredibly buggy. I attempted to manage my reservation, but I’m unable to do so since it does not recognize my passport as valid, despite it expiring in 2023... I attempted to notify customer service about these , but fell on deaf ears. Clearly this is a pattern based on all of the other reviews.
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5 years ago, Svksam
Worst app ever
I don’t know who is the developer of this app, but for sure they don't know anything about coding. I am a coder and I can tell you for sure this app has thousands of bugs. You can’t do anything in this app nothing works correctly. Same with their website. I hope this airline will fire this developers and hire someone better who knows how to build a working app.
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4 years ago, MamaKoalaBear
This app is totally worthless. Do not install or waste your time on this app. You really cannot get anything useful out of this app. I only installed this app and had these following issues: 1. Country and currency selection doesn’t allow USA on iPhone XS Max. Not sure if it’s only on this model of iPhone or all. 2. Manage reservations does not pull your booked itinerary without entering your details all the time. 3. Flight status search picks wrong date. The search is off by a day! 4. You cannot find departure gate information from this app. I couldn’t find anything useful so I uninstalled it right away.
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5 years ago, gaborv85
Everything is broken
This is probably one of the most painful apps I have seen. You cannot properly update your data, it would not take any date for a passport. Upgrade/bidding is broken. Unfortunately Lot’s online presence is still behind the major airlines, which is not great considering that those guys are not Google either.
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6 years ago, EnTer78
Poor app
The app is almost useless since you cannot save your bookings and every time you have to enter your booking number to see your reservation. Moreover it looks like you cannot save directly on your wallet the boarding pass through the app. Finally it is not yet optimized for the iPhone. Please update it.
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5 years ago, Domoman98
Horrible app (and website)
This app is horrible for an airline app. Why even have an app if it won’t (a) remember your booking information, and (b) let you update information about your booking. It makes me wonder if the airline executives even know that have an app. By the way, their website is fairly inept as well.
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8 years ago, Bigdoder
Needs an update
After iPhone iOS update to 9.3.1 a lots of stuff is not working , for example if going to check on my reservation the page comes back blank . I did reinstall app and restart the phone same issue ( iPhone 6+
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5 years ago, SheerQ
There is a difference between a reservation number and a confirmation number. Lot Airline issues both, requests the former when it really is asking for the latter.
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5 years ago, Pisihos
Not terrible, but not great
Change seats missing from app and website.
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5 years ago, Mariusz K
Very poor app
This application needs to be re-design, the application is extremely slow! Horrible design, pretty much impossible to navigate through the whole process of purchasing tickets! it’s impossible to check in on the app! Shame on you LOT. Please fix it😜
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11 years ago, Nas_matko
Just a web interface
Completely useless, its just a gateway to web check-on. Doesn't store the boarding pass, so you have to have data available to download it before check at the gate. Doesn't support passbook either.
Show more
6 years ago, RamblinSam
Useless for booking
The UI was obviously not beta tested for iOS. Keypad gets in the way at bottom of booking menu, and user cannot access the Search button. Does not store reservations and no digital boarding pass. Please guys, look at what other airlines have done, and do that!
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5 years ago, Andrehaero
Absolutely useless
Never stores my frequent flyer’s data, to the point that I have to set reminders to get the miles at the check in counter. Crashes (and I use it on an IphoneX), doesn’t send boarding passes to wallet. Will you please redesign this app? It feels cheap just like your prince polos...
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8 years ago, policy907
Boarding card!
I am not able to generate a boarding pass for my flight. The app crashes when I click 'Add to passbook' option. I have the latest iOS 10.0.2. Also there is a problem with layout on iPhone 5S.
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4 years ago, Lemberg gadfly
Choose country does not work. - setup broken
Could not even set up the app - the choose country feature does not work - there’s just a blank field instead of the option to select my country.
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5 years ago, Deaninsandiego
Rubbish app. My profile details from my website profile doesn’t tea fee I we to the app. I set up my new profile and many options are limited and missing countries, etc. This app has a long way to go.
Show more
7 years ago, Christian2510
Waste of disc space
The app doesn't even show your current reservations or information about your booked flights. Sad if the mobile website is better than an app.
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7 years ago, mikl!!
Plenty of bugs
Country selection in Check-in does not work. Update of personal data can not be saved. I hope the planes have a better technical standard 😨
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5 years ago, ramblingpolak
Why did they even bother releasing this?
Not optimized for modern devices, pretty useless and poor design just like the website. Please find another dev and design team and try again.
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7 years ago, Achaey
Waste of Time and Energy
Does absolutely NOTHING. Tried to create an account, tried to buy a premium meal, tried to buy a seat pick...all you see is the loading "image". Useless app
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4 years ago, RiffRaff1963
The application is almost useless. Can't remember my name and passport number. Every time I have to enter everything again. Does not send boarding passes to the wallet. Shame on you LOT.
Show more
8 years ago, Zoltar1977
Poor functionality, can't do simple items. Copying a webpage from other airlines isn't enough, customers deserve better
Show more
7 years ago, Nispace
a LOT wrong
Add to passbook doesn't work. App doesn't remember your bookings so you need to go through the check in process to retrieve your boarding pass.
Show more
8 years ago, MikeMilw0000012345
Horrible Guest mode freezes... When it does works, clearly not written by anyone with travel experience. No seat selection. Really bad information presentation. I have a connection in Warsaw. It shows only one time. Not sure. Arrival? Departure of my next flight? Couldn't you give a layover time? Took an email to customer service to find out. Horrific
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