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User Reviews for LoungeBuddy Airport Lounges

4.24 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Penn K
Great improvement
Great job on the UI improvement! Absolutely love it ——— previous comment I have to say, the UI looks really cool really fancy but extremely impractical. Every time i use the app, i keep getting confused about which sub category that I’m on. Also, why they are tons of empty space around the edges? The information on the screen is very limited, you barely can get information out of it without clicking into the details. I probably will just use the web for now. You guys really need to hire someone who knows about designing user friendly interface instead of wasting your budget on these impractical design.
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4 years ago, Pleaseupdatethisapp1985
Leaving LoungeBuddy and trying LoungeKey
I used to love this app, but I’ve been encountering so many issues as of late. 1. I’ve been unable to upload photos because my iPhone is set to “Live.” It’s not, but that’s what the app developer says. 2. Some of their lounge info isn’t up-to-date. For example, CX Lounge in PVG still has old pictures and reviews. That lounge has undergone a complete reno. 3. Priority Pass (PP) members really skew the ratings of a lounge. For example, the AS Lounge at PDX often limits PP members. As such, they rate it as one because they couldn’t enter. I understand their frustration, but that shouldn’t be a reflection of the lounge. Someone at LoungeBuddy should vet reviews. 4. Pictures should also be vetted. I’ve reported so many photos that are inaccurate. Some picture are also pulled from Instagram and aren’t the actual lounge. Why and how are pics pulling from IG? 5. Trip info is sometimes inaccurate. For example, if I enter a flight from HNL to PVG, the app also shows me I have lounge access at PVG. I really don’t because my final destination is PVG. If I have a connecting flight the next day (for example US to Tokyo to Hong Kong) the app doesn’t recognize it as one trip. It splits up the days instead which make the visual very clunky. 6. I understand we can’t write novels about lounge reviews, but 200 characters really isn’t enough. How about 400 characters?
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7 years ago, Beam.me.up.Scotty
Never travel without this app
Without this app I would have missed several great opportunities! One example: using this app, I realized my best lounge in the Frankfurt Airport was actually *outside* security! If I hadn't had LoungeBuddy I would have started my search planeside and realized too late that I had made the wrong move. I now use the app before I even book my flight because the reviews are so reliable. Bravo guys! Keep up the good work! Hoping you'll read this: there's a whole new class of lounge out the now, United Polaris in Chicago, Amex Centurion in Las Vegas (and elsewhere) that are truly a cut above. To the point that it's worth a longer layover to spend time in one! I think these lounges deserve their own category, maybe 'Ultra Lounges'?
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3 years ago, Remanman
Barely better than nothing. Now a LoungeEnemy
I used to really like this app. Then, as often happens, it was sold. Every change since then has made it worse and harder to use. This latest redesign takes it to a new low. One MUST create a trip in order to see what lounges are available in a given airport. Even doing that isn’t as straightforward as it should or could be. Being able to see what lounges are available has occasionally determined which airport I fly into or out of. Now that is hugely cumbersome. All my history, statuses, reviews and pictures are gone. Why did I bother with any of this? The biggest insult was when I told them I was displeased. I got a quick reply from someone supposedly from “support.” Not only was he unhelpful, he basically told me to use it the way LoungeBuddy wanted it used, or not to use it at all. Better to just say nothing. I’m not sure how these changes will make LoungeEnemy more money, but that is the only reason I can think of for what has been done to this formerly good, useful app. I took their survey as requested/suggested below. I know they must consider every user, not just me. But no harm is done by bringing back a feature that I and others deem important. Other users lose nothing this way.
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6 years ago, Frenzied Traveler
Very useful
I have access to numerous lounges thru elite status and credit cards, but this app really helps find the right one. I was surprised to find a much-needed arrivals lounge at LHR that works with a Finnair flight, since I knew that unlike for departures, OneWorld status doesn’t work for the AA or BA lounges but Plaza Premium accepts Amex Platinum). And the ability to pick among several options based on ratings/reviews is very helpful. Only complaint is that if you arrive and depart from the same airport on the same trip, you can only have one lounge, even though in most cases the arrivals lounges are landslide and the departure ones airside, so rarely if ever the same.
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1 year ago, joywood25
Informational, but lacking features that used to exist
I really enjoy a lot of this app, especially the ability to create my own trips and search for lounges that way. However, the inability to leave reviews anymore means there’s no way to get or give feedback on the current state of the lounges, really post 2020, and for obvious reasons, a lot has changed since then. Not being able to leave reviews in the app also means I have no way to log which lounges I’ve visited, which really leaves something to be desired. Bringing back these interaction-based features would definitely bring the app back up to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, TuringKai
Decent but could be great
A refreshed UI would help a little, so that I can only see the types of lounges to which I know I have access. For example, I know my Amex platinum lets me into delta lounges. Just let me say I have the card and flag them all as accessible without me needing to tie in my itinerary. I fly to much to do all of that, and would simply like to know: is there an escape lounge or a delta lounge at this airport? I don’t want to sift through many pages of unrelated junk.
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5 years ago, Yiyanartacademy
Must have for frequent travelers
I have various travel credit cards and this is a one stop shop to help me figure out what I already have access to, complete with location description and lounge information. Easy to use when navigating confusing airports and convoluted lounge rules, and way more accurate and updates information than even the official lounge websites. It's basically Yelp for lounges except it also lets you purchase access to lounges that you normally wouldn't have access to. Really great app.
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6 years ago, Apps Hippo
Useful but poorly made
I could never understand how this app gets such positive reviews. Yes, the service is a great one, but the app doesn’t function properly. For some reason, the interface just doesn’t feel smooth and refined. It doesn’t seem aware of which terminal you’re going in and out of even when you have it the full trip details. Filtering to the proper terminal should be automatic. Tripit sync barely ever works, and you have to “force sync” all the time. It also won’t re-add a deleted trip. I finally left this review because ever since the recent update, I can’t even see the Trips view—the app crashes when I try to swipe or click to it.
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4 years ago, ineedatoe
Only useful to small niche
If you already get free lounge access (or have an American Express credit card), and you fly out of small airports, then this app is for you. Otherwise you’re SOL. Major airports like SFO, ORD, LAX, LGA (I could go on) are all “coming soon.” This is a HUGE drawback because most people on earth pass through major airports during travel. The uselessness of this app makes it virtually impossible to even recommend it to friends who already have airport lounge access, let alone the general traveler. I do not have an American Express card (the app was acquired by AE), but even if I did, it would cost me $44 for lounge access at my local airport. Where are the discounts they advertised? This app is a hard nope for me.
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5 years ago, gtsh0pp3r
Best lounge app for the frequent flyer
Love using this when traveling for work and pleasure. Right off the bat it provides you a list of all lounges you have access to based on your credit cards and airline status. You can put in your trip info and it tells you the same. My only gripes are the reviews are not posted immediately, you can’t edit a review you previously posted, and reviews are limited to 200 characters. Still awesome though.
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4 years ago, Mdmitche
Needs improvement this many years later.
TripIt does not sync which requires that all flight information be entered manually. There was no messaging about them disabling the ability to sync with TripIt from the developer. When it did work it was never automatic but a forced sync. And after plugging in your airline info, paid lounge membership(s) and status the app pulls up every lounge at an airport. More often than not the lounges that you get are every lounge but those that apply to your profile, which I guess would be fine if they were at the end of the list of lounges provided by the app.
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5 years ago, BTec13
Not current in Asia
I really would have appreciated a heads up on construction of the lounge. It’s always a fun time walking through a Chinese airport for 20minutes only to find the lounge is under construction, not in service and that there is a temporary site 1/2 mile away. It’s even better to find out that the VIP, business mall is at some tug and run spa. I arrived at the airport 3 hours early to work, not get worked. I really wish I was able to upload pictures because this only a photo can really emphasize how ridiculous this is. I expect this from Chinese organizations, but not with a US based company teamed up with AMEX.
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5 years ago, SkiRun03
Can’t add personal data
This would be much more useful and accurate as to which lounges you can access if the following were added: reflect lounges that allow access with ticket on partner airline; better reflect access based on ticket class; build a personal profile that indicates existing access via credit cards or other membership such as Priority Pass. As it is, I’m deleting the app b/c it’s no more useful than just searching the Internet walking up to a Lounge to see if I have access (since I do have access abc therefore will never purchase a pass via this app).
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5 years ago, HEConsultant-Schladow
Quick accurate information on access & lounge choices
We came to Lounge Buddy via Kara & Nate on Yiutube and t was exactly what I was looking for. An App that tells me every class b, terminal location and from my input of memberships let’s me know immediately if I have access. The lounge review can also be helpful and tends to be accurate although we all look for different features in a lounge. It does the job!
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3 years ago, jamall02864
Update: problem seems to be fixed now ... you no longer need to make a trip to see if you have access. Still 3 star review for a probably better app because they put us thru this. Never written a review for an app before but this update has ruined the app completely. Having to create a trip to figure out what lounges I have access to is ridiculous. Old version was great and very helpful but now I won’t use it again. Real shame..
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4 years ago, Flippitti
Very useful
We are frequent travelers and this app is so useful for finding the closest lounge. I use it all the time. I like that it filters the lounges so I only see the ones I’m eligible for based on my ticket status. I also like that I’m also able to post reviews and pics of a lounge while I’m there. I haven’t yet bought access to a lounge thru the app. Hopefully if I ever need to, it’s a simple process. Very useful app.
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2 years ago, frenchkittiesofdoom
Slowly gone downhill
This app used to be great and my go-to. While it certainly provides some benefit, it's become way too buggy for me to recommend. For example, let's say I have a trip coming up with a layover. You can’t actually do that in LoungeBuddy because LoungeBuddy has had a bug for awhile now where you have to create a new trip for each segment of your journey. Similar bugs happen when trying to add access methods; the app just refuses to let you add them or just never updates your profile.
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2 years ago, SoCal77
Great but missing ONE feature.
I love this app to find lounges all over the world, it’s my go-to. The only thing that I would want enhanced (and I’m sure so many others) is to be able to zoom into photos. I have found myself many times taking a screenshot just to be able to zoom into a certain photo. Please fix this. Otherwise, I love this app! All lounge info all in one place!! Yes!!
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2 years ago, TheOriginalJosh
Waste of time & Money. Will not refund for closed clubs.
I have visited one of the clubs that was understaffed, didn’t have food, cocktails, or coffee and nobody to service. I requested a refund from LoungeBuddy as i didn’t receive my services for the $45 I paid them. This was their response per customer service. Please note that LoungeBuddy is a booking service for independent and airline-branded lounges around the world. We do not own or operate the lounge, and therefore do not manage the staff or the experience within the facilities. ​ Basically they aren’t liable and keep your money regardless of the experience. It’s pathetic.
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3 years ago, Stu F.
A Swiss Army Knife for the Road Warrior!
This is a must have for the road warrior, particularly if you have multiple programs that give you lounge access. I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because it doesn’t really run on an iPad. I’m not talking about it not being optimized for an iPad; it doesn’t run. The screen rendering is so off that it is unusable. You had slivers of screens. Totally unusable on an iPad!
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3 years ago, mikester411
Former Great App Goes Down the Toilet With Updates
Have had this app for years and loved using it to discover and research lounges ahead of trips. For awhile it could even import trips automatically. With recent updates there is no way to just pick an airport and search lounges; and of course no current auto import option. To view ANY lounges anywhere, you have to manually create a trip to see anything. This is a total waste and not going to do this. So looks like this app is going to get deleted soon. Have no idea what possessed them to do this but obviously they don’t understand how many people use this app!
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3 years ago, J82215
Not a fan of the new update
Not sure exactly when the update went into effect. However, now you must enter a trip in order to see lounges. No other way to see lounges. It’s cumbersome and when I tried to enter flight details it said no flights available. Couldn’t see lounges. This used to be a great app where I could go checkout what was available in each airport easily. See pictures and read reviews, etc. Just by simply searching for an airport then able to see lounge options. Don’t like being forced to enter a trip just so the app can gain that data. Deleting the app.
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5 years ago, GLVJR
Confusing with class of service
I log in, contexts with Tripit to show my flights, but it shows Economy class. I adjust LB to business class. And save it. Come back later and everything is back to Economy class again. I don’t get that. I know, with Business class I’ve already got access to lounges, but I still want to look, compare, and choose myself.
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3 years ago, TravellerII
Hate the new version! What were they thinking?!
The best part about the previous app was the fact that you could just search an airport to see which lounges they have. Sometimes that in itself was the determining factor for where I may want to connect! Absolutely hate this new version. What a downgrade! Now I have to actually enter a specific route, and then select a specific day of that flight, and then IF (a big IF) the apps finds that route, I have to select which fight, only then am I able to see the lounges at that airport. Really annoying and very disappointed.
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2 years ago, yungPabs
This app is so broken now
While this app was great while it worked, it is completely broken now and needs to be updated. I cannot delete nor edit any of my previously scheduled trips, and receive an error every time I attempt to. I have many trips coming up and I loved using this app to plan lounge access, but now I will have to wait until it hopefully gets fixed. Please fix this app!
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5 years ago, Lazy NJ
One stop shopping for lounges anywhere in the world.
I’ve used this app all over the world for lounge access and it never disappoints. Sometimes when I think there’s no way they there is a lounge available there is. Plus you get to see reviews from actual users to see which lounge is best for you.
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4 years ago, ricardofarinha
Some improvements yet to be done
This is the best app I’ve found so far when it comes to rating airport lounges. However, there are still additional details that should be covered in the app. Oftentimes, the categories (Luxe, Fresh...) are not really self explanatory and after visiting multiple categorized lounges I am still puzzled by these categories.
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3 years ago, Jp764356897643
Great improvement
Almost night and day. Now the app shows me some details not found before. Like whether a lounge is only a departure lounge. Clearer on access rules. Results presented more clearly. Process is a little slow when adding trips but end result is worth it.
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7 years ago, Inpawswetrust
Crash & Burn
I have a love/hate relationship with this app. It's really great to see the lounges worldwide, and to even be able to purchase access through LB. However, I'm always encountering issues like being unable to update my profile, the app not syncing with TripIt, or seeing multiples entries of the same trip (though I only entered the trip details once). There have been numerous times when I scroll through pictures and the app suddenly closes. Please fix these issues!
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2 years ago, crfgon
UX/UI has gotten worse
I remember being able to lay out my whole itinerary without any issue and being able to see the lounges I could and couldn’t enter. Now I can only add one segment as a “trip” instead of all the segments, which is inconvenient compared to previous versions. Also, it is far more prone to freezing than I ever remember. The info on the app is good, but what’s the use if the UX and UI of the app itself is bad.
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4 years ago, Steve9919
Reviews could be better displayed
When you look at the reviews for each lounge, they say “Fresh” or “Solid” which seems to have no meaning. You have to open each lounge individually to see the overall review rating. I saw total reviews of Fresh that were two stars overall and the same with Solid. No distinction that I could see. The overall ratings should be visible when you scroll through the list of lounges.
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7 years ago, Joesssss
Very helpful and intuitive app
Well designed app with quick navigation. Helpful when at the airport. The filters are useful also. Just wish there was option to auto apply the filter for lounges available to the user based on memberships.
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3 years ago, wow67127
Updated review
Developer notified me that the error I was getting was due to my phone not running the latest iOS. Once I updated the app ran smoothly and helped me navigate several airports as I traveled during covid. I would recommend LoungeBuddy to anyone who wishes to maximize their airport experience
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5 years ago, kmadhu00
Everything great except one thing
I'm using the app and I get a phone call. After I attend and hang up, the app is not occupying the full screen. There's black space on the right and bottom and the view has moved towards the top left. The app freezes and I have to quit fully and restart. Seems like an issue with interface constraints not being satisfied. Wish I could attach a Screenshot here.
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7 years ago, Snrohgnol
Very helpful
Great app. Very helpful when trying to decide which lounge to visit in a particular airport. Also let's you know which lounge you will be granted access to based on your status with the airline, credit card, or paying a daily date. Very good and informative app!
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7 years ago, Aw3som3r
Fantastic tool for travelers!
I recently got stuck in the airport due to a long weather related delay and this app saved the day. Was very easy to find a lounge nearby and purchase my pass right from LoungeBuddy. $35 for all I can drink beer, wine and cocktails, snacks, a comfortable place to relax and fast WiFi? I'll take that deal any day!
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3 years ago, DJ Spammy
From Best to Worst
Previously used this app to plan out layovers based on searching lounges by airport. Now the only way to look things up is by entering a trip. App is next to useless now and takes FOREVER to find info that was previously available instantly. LoungeBuddy, please listen to your user base and go back to the old layout / design. No one asked for this downgrade, nor do we want it. Stop trying to make things "easier" by entering a trip and give your users what we want (the old app back).
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4 years ago, Swimbikerun400
Still has some bugs, but does display available lounges
Unable to connect to tripit even though integration is advertised. Loading icon spins and disappears. Doesn’t work after multiple re-installs. No option for LoungeKey as a lounge program. Still nice to see all’s available lounges in an airport
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7 years ago, Nachoa18
Super useful app!
I have access to many lounges globally through my Amex card and airline status. I use this app pretty much every time I travel. The info is accurate and the reviews are good and often help me choose between lounges. Overall very useful app!
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6 years ago, Cobra1980
Do not waste your time or money
Tried using this today, there was some problem with the lounge accepting lounge buddy.... ok fine, it didn’t work for me. What followed was completely unacceptable customer service form lounge buddy team. Its been a massive interrogation and fight to get a refund. I was told by support that I was in the lounge when clearly I was not. Who knows if I’ll ever be refunded at this point... be very careful using this company, I will never use them again! Brutal experience that has cost me about $80 never mind the embarrassment of be denied access or the frustration of not being able to access the business cebter. I would highly suggest not using this company until they get there systems sorted out as they seem to be incompetent and handling customer service issues.
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3 years ago, Petersharris
Used to be great
Looking at potential trips for post-COVID and open this up for the first time in a year to find that they have absolutely gutted this app to the point that it’s unusable. Why on earth do I need to create a trip in order to see lounges at different airports?! Creating a trip was never anything more than a mildly useful feature, and yet now they’ve inexplicably decided to design the entire app around that. No point in keeping this now, it’s not even slightly useful to me now.
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3 years ago, Ryan C@
So useful
Really good for up-to-date info on what lounges are open. Sometimes the directions to the lounges within airports can be a bit confusing but they are often better than other sources.
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2 years ago, 208016128279269
This was an AmEx hit job…
AmEx bought and wrecked this app. You used to see lounge rankings from “Basic” to “Luxe,” see what lounges cost to enter, have the function to import trips automatically, and also be able to add and delete trips manually. AmEx decided to “improve your user experience” by killing all these features, and so now it’s extremely buggy and a much worse app. Kind of like what they’re doing to their charge cards…
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5 years ago, KC1974
Not that useful
I have One World Sapphire through BA and access to AA Admirals Clubs through a Citi card. I don’t need this app to validate whether I have what I have, but it would be nice if I could add this info to my profile and have it list what I have access to. I know if I’m travelling a One World carrier I have access to One World lounges post security at say LHR. This “could” tell me which lounges I have access to if it really wanted to (eg AA lounge, BA galleries, Cathay), but it doesn’t.
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6 years ago, 1_music_lover
Great idea but not ready for prime time
Putting aside the UI design being incompatibility with iPhone X, this app is virtually useless. It seems as though the only positive reviews are planted by the developers. Added my flight info for London Heathrow which was in terminal 3. Then I added a lounge and the choices were all from terminal 2 to 5. As I scrolled down it said I was viewing 15 of 14 lounges. Then an option to view all lounges. But does that mean all lounges in my criteria or just all lounges in the airport. Again, bad UX
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4 years ago, Skeptical Traveler
Ease of use
This app brings the many lounges, their features and reviews to you. Makes it easy to choose the right fit based on individual need and to compare prices. A must have for frequent travelers.
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2 years ago, Dorsk65
Major fall from grace
Used to be one of my favorite apps, but it’s basically useless now. The UI is almost impossible to use, reviews are broken, there’s no quick way to look at what lounge options are available. No more TripIt integration is a major loss. It doesn’t seem like this app is being invested in either, the problems have apparently been there for years. A sad end to what was once a great app.
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4 years ago, Lennys26
Great Idea but Broken Functionality
This is a great app to find lounges, however that the most basic functionality - the ability to import trips from TripIt - does not work. It is advertised, and there are menu’s to support it, however hasnt worked in years. Support’s answer for the last few years (since it broke) has been “we are looking into it”. Yes, I have raised several tickets. The app is also buggy, crashing often (interestingly, when sending feedback). From a UI perspective, things just dont flow. It seems like it should be cleaner and easier to use, but...it just isn’t. I am a long time user, but only because I havent found another similar app.
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5 years ago, in love with travel
Excellent way to spend a long layover
Found LoungeBuddy in the travel section of my webpage. Used it to pick a lounge in LAX during a long Layover. It was a spectacular value! It lists all the amenities of a given lounge. Also the availability. Highly recommend it
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