Love's Connect

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Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.
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4 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Love's Connect

3.75 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
2 years ago, itashious
Great but needs improvement
Overall I have virtually no complaints. It does what it sets out to do for truckers to make things easier while on the road and in the store. That being said the app has one MAJOR issue that should be a priority in fixing. The app doesn’t seem to have full support in push notifications for showers. Several times I’m been waiting in que for the shower and while I’m doing something else I’ll get a notification that the shower expired, but no notification before that my shower was ready???? This is getting annoying. Most times it’s not an inconvenience but the times that it’s late or there’s 7+ guys ahead of me the first time I was in line it’s gets infuriating pretty quickly. LOVES please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, Scott XD
Doesn’t Work
First you broke the login system on the app where my login worked just fine to where I had to sign in with my card and pin, which the app refuses to allow and tells me to call customer service as though they can fix what the developers broke. Second, you precede to brake the website as well, so now you won’t let me login to either the site or the app. Why can’t just use our email addresses and passwords as at least an option to login instead like normal people using a normal app or website providing a normal service. What the heck? I’ve already complained about this several times with you blocking my card and pin from being able to login to your broken app, then you break the website too. Now I’m running blind without knowing if I have points or shower credits. Loves, please fire these fresh out of app boot camp millennials and hire real, experienced developers to fix what they’ve broken. I can’t even use your service anymore. This has been going on for far too long. I’m very disappointed in Love’s upper management’s lack of over-site into what the tech department keeps breaking.
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6 months ago, Babylovebrat
Loves is going down hill 😩🤬
We ( my husband and I) have used loves for many years before the app and they have always had a great rewards program. I used to brag on how clean the laundry areas and showers were. Used to being the operative words. Now I carry rubber gloves and disinfectant cleaner in to the store with me washers are always and I do mean always dirty and stink I have had so many lives employees walk by and see me cleaning them and act like it no big deal that I am doing there job I could show you pictures of both washers and shower rooms that would cost loves a lot of customers because of filth where we pay high dollar to get clean. And fix your app issues please but the cleanliness of your stores should be first. you can now seamlessly request an ADA-compliant shower during Shower check in on the mobile app. THIS IS A LIE AND THE EMPLOYEES TELL YOU THAT THEY CANNOT PUT YOU IN A CERTAIN SHOWER ROOM AND THAT THEY ARE ALL HANDICAPPED ROOMS LIE LIE LIE
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9 months ago, Sail62
Love Loves - add more RV features
We have just started traveling in our camper van and have discovered Love’s as newbies. We have stopped at about 8 travel centers and overnighted at 3 that have RV facilities. We have found them to be universally clean as can be, the staff friendly and helpful and the showers are spotless. The sites had good water pressure, electric and one even had sewer hookup. As for the app, it needs to be enhanced to support the RV parks better. My suggestions: 1) add a section where I can find my past and upcoming visits, 2) allow me to reserve showers for more than just myself, so I can make shower reservations for both of at the same time, 3) add a place where I could see what is available in a travel center store, so we know what is there, especially regarding things like tools and other RV equipment.
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5 years ago, DukeReece
Great app
This app works really great for me. I love the Love’s pay, especially when it’s cold outside. I don’t have to stand out in the cold while I start my pump. Also really love the routing option to show me all the Love’s stores on my route and diesel prices. The ability to put my Love’s rewards card in Apple Wallet is also super convenient. This app is one of the reasons I chose Love’s as my primary fuel stop. The only suggestion I can come up with is rather minor, but I would like to be able to copy and paste the address of a particular store from in the app. I take student drivers, and when we run teams I sometimes text them the location where I would like them to fuel after picking up a load or trailer, but I wind up having to find it in the app and then look it up on Google Maps to copy the address from.
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7 years ago, Surf4him
Finding Fuel Made Easy
I like using this app for finding the closest fueling station, especially when you're getting very low in the tank. I like the fact that it gives you the fuel prices at the different locations, and that if you like that particular fuel stop, you can save it into your favorites to know which station has the easiest in and out service. I also like that it list what food restaurants are at that location, so that you know if that's where you want to eat. The only thing that I don't like about this app is, when you first open it up, every time it has to give you a disclaimer about paying attention to your driving, which as a professional driver you already know that. It slows the app down considerably. Other than that I really like using the app.
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5 months ago, Rumbrant56
Help the little guys
I love your app and gas stations, they are always clean and well stocked. I regularly go to the one by my house. I do however have some questions and concerns. Can we do other things with our reward points beside showers? I’m not a trucker so I don’t buy over 500 gallons of gas a month. Would love to be able to use it towards discounted gas or something. I really only use it to take advantage of the 10 cents off. Which today I went in and now they’re trying to ID me before I can scan for rewards. I know it’s a simple task but digging through my wallet to find my ID just to save a quarter while I’m throwing $10 in my tank just isn’t worth it to me. Makes me now want to go back to be honest. Is that a nation wide thing of just my store?
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11 months ago, TC Phoneix
Waste of time
Start with it taking up to 48 hours for my points to add onto the app….oh yeah, THEY DON’T!!! I have made hundreds of $ of purchases in the store, no points added. I buy fuel, no points added. Is my account active, YES. There is a record of purchases that date back to June 2022, let alone my original card when Loves was just starting out, those rewards have been gone for years. I have to wait 48 hours for my points to be added on if they aren’t I only have 30 days to bring it to your attention . First off, the waiting, that means no shower no nothing after buying fuel. Tell me I don’t shop Love’s often enough, of course not. Why waist my time when I can go to other truck stops and points are added immediately. I keep trying from time to time, really not worth it it. Here I come Pilot /FlyingJ and TA/Petro. You can have the best points program in the industry but if we aren’t getting them, why bother with your Truck stop. Not worth the effort.
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10 months ago, Slcolbylps
Does not work at previously EZ Go Stores!!
I am a regular customer at this new renovated Loves that used to be an EZ GO. The employees told me to download the app and get points, coupons, free items, and 10¢ off gas. I scan the barcode at the pump and at the registers everytime and I have not once received my 10¢ off or coupons. The employees are extremely unhelpful with questions about the app. I contacted support and at first they said it was my own fault and I'm not scanning the barcode correctly. I pushed the issue and showed pictures of my receipts and coupons. Then they proceeded to tell me the app does not work at locations that used to be Ez Go!!!! Yet the store has signs on all the pumps about the 10¢ off. There is signs inside the store about coupons on the app. The employees are telling people to download the app and it'll work here. This is false advertising and NEEDS to be looked into. Support offered me no solutions, no compensation, nothing. This is illegal.
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5 years ago, Brandon Berquist
Excellent App
OTR driver off and on since 93. 2M+ Off the road in 2017 came back Feb 2019. First app like this I have used other than Truck Path which needs a rework to work more like loves app. I find Loves app very easy and intutitve. Using it 4 months now, works great. Company switched to Flyin J Pilot recently got their app and like it less. I really like mobile fueling of FJP app although I wish it would let you enter data within 5 miles of location instead of having to be at location. Never used mobile fueling on Loves so can not speak to whether or not it works as flawless as FJP on that aspect. All other apps of this type should be modeled after the Loves app. Great job to development team. I can not see any way to make this app any better than it is.
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6 years ago, Dprsr1961
Needs add abilities
This is a really good app. I use it just about every time I fuel. It needs ability to get cash advance and oil purchases which you will pickup in-store just like when you use the pump card reader. Only frustration is having to login occasionally. Give us TouchID or FaceID to login or stop making us login after every update or every few weeks. This app is especially great when in very cold regions or when raining very heavy. Things to add to app 1. Remembers truck number automatically 2. Remembers driver I’d automatically 3. Ability to get cash advance 4. Ability to purchase oil 5. Ability to view all receipts (card reader or app) 6. Ability to get shower from App 7. Ability to use FaceId or TouchId to login. Only items to input in app 1. Mileage 2. Trip number 3. Number of gals of oil to purchase 4. Amount of cash advance 5. When requesting shower, there is a 5 minute countdown, mainly to prevent drivers abusing privilege. They will request shower, then go get something to eat or have a conversation with someone or order from fuel line, thus holding shower up. Still this app is an improvement over previous versions
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4 months ago, CashDollars4
Love’s App
I have been using this app for quite awhile and it some to have improved. Thanks Love’s for all you services and caring, kind, sociable staff members. Also thank to Love’s for opening new truck stops with more parking spots and not charging fees for hard working Professionals Truck Driver to park. Thanks for allowing Professionals Truck Driver to obtain points very time we purchase fuel/def and in return we receive showers and drinks depending on what you fuel cars status is. Thanks Love’s for showing concerns for us Professionals Truck Drivers. Oh yeah, I like the Love’s own Truck Wash and all the difference Brushes it uses to clean truck or trailer….. LOVE’S is the BEST than all the other TRUCK STOPS mess🚛
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3 years ago, sblackburn1992
I love this app so much BUT..
I am taking one star off bc I feel like this app would get way more attention if they would put PARKING lanes at the front of the store you arrived at just like they have how many showers are available. Parking spaces is very widely appreciated, I believe loves would have way more respect if they showed care for truckers ability to park and know if there is space available. Also it would just be all around better if you didn’t have to go to the “info” tab of the store to see its features etc. all info should show up like the live showers show up. It would be amazing if this was done
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5 years ago, selfTaughtfarmer
Apps replacing human job opportunity
As a millennial I’m use to calling an 800 number on the back of my rewards card, to speak with a human about my points/shower credits(while on the go) etc. Or review saved fuel receipts with my current points balance etc. Called the 800# and was instructed to use the Loves Connect app to check my points etc. Very disappointed that the app has essentially replaced someone’s job via “convenance.” So I called customer service and had them fix the problem the app took issue with my rewards card. On the flip side I completely understand the creation of the app. It’s free, convenient, quick, and user-friendly. The downside of having to use the app is making space for it on a mobile device, and eliminating a persons job. Not a fan of having to use an app that had a useful 800# to call & inquire the same information.
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7 years ago, bboozii
i love loves but not the app
first let me say that yeah loves has the best points system, free fountain drinks and coffee and showers after 500 gallons, yeah, awesome. plus the more u fuel the more points you earn for the fuel. it's awesome. but the app is behind on the other truck stop apps. it's messy and you have to go through hoops to see your points and stuff and it's just not very user friendly or aesthetically pleasing. I'd be nice if like ta/petro you could get your showers through the app but mostly i like the user friendly way pilot has their app set up with the bottom menu making it easy to get to everything you need. Loves wins because their point system is the best and in general they have great tire care and great customer service... but the app is definitely outdated and in need of an overhaul.
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1 year ago, NinaFjola
Nonexistent customer service
I had a problem with the app that kept giving me an error message to contact customer service which I did and that was the beginning of the run around where I had to deal with six or seven different people via email none of which were able to assist me with the problem. This went on for approximately three weeks when I finally had enough and I decided to uninstall the app for the 13th or 14th time and never upload it again because I simply cannot get it to work and the customer service people are totally in efficient. I was successful in downloading the pilot flying J app without any problem at all if the customer service department is unable to assist after all this time, I can’t imagine what the rest of the company is like.
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1 year ago, ElTigreManso
I’ve been getting an issue every now and again, when I purchase a shower in the app using Apple Pay instead of reward points I get charged for it then when it’s finally my turn to shower, I will get a message saying I don’t have enough funds and everything will cancel out no code,nothing. I’ve had to send emails about these to get my money back. It’s a huge hassle gathering all the information/evidence from the purchase. I think there should be a way to fill the account with credits using debit or cash, this definitely must be a bug or glitch within the app and it has happened to me at least 5 times. 2 times I didn’t even bother to try and get my money back because It was just one of those days.
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6 years ago, Alan-312
Good but definitely not great
The app is meant to be a convenience but it seems to take longer to enter the information in the app than it does if I swipe my cards at the pump. First thing it does is ask you for the pump number. When you are waiting in line behind two or three trucks you have no idea what the pump number is, and then you may have to change pumps before you get to it because a different lane opened up. Secondly, it doesn’t remember your truck number or driver ID which would speed things up a bit. I realize some drivers are not in the same truck every time but a lot of us are. I didn't want to say it here, but Pilot seems to have the edge on the fueling apps. Maybe Love’s should take a hint.
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3 years ago, DaeHeru
Great app could be better.
While loves enjoys pushing the envelope on truck stops and raising the bar their app is no different. I have rated this app 4/5 stars because it needs a contact corporate option that earlier versions had. When you contact us it goes to the store in question where it used to go to the corporate office. If this feature was reintroduced I’d give the app five stars it’s easy to use and extremely valuable to a driver from its ability to start pumps remotely to its ability to display your barcode for easy check out, not to mention a whole other lists of possible options.
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1 year ago, CMarkley7
Eventually does what it says it will
I love Loves! Always been a fav of mine. I know this app thing is fairly new. Thanks for the coffee punch cards. 4/5 because the signage on the pumps is misleading, it should say “input barcode” not “scan barcode”. It made it more confusing than it needed to be. Once I figured that part out, everything went smoothly and I saved $1.47, which is great. Anything helps right now. They do, however, SCAN that same barcode, that I can only assume is just basically assigned to me, inside the station. Input at the pump, scan in the station. Thanks though, Loves!
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6 years ago, Judy4decor
Average App
Used to love the Love’s app! Not so much with some of updates. Glad that the weight for being able to fuel with your app is over. They were a few years behind on that one. The warning EVERY TIME you open app is annoying. The prompt to let Love’s constantly track your location even if you are not using the app is beyond annoying. Why on earth what I want my fuel app tracking my location when I’m going to the grocery store? Annoyed to discover unless your fuel card is added to the Wallet, you cannot pull a fuel receipt simply because you used your loyalty card. This is standard on other fuel stops. Why can’t we see our receipts without giving you our fuel card data?
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2 months ago, Liveoni80
The shower system is wrong quite often. The app will show up to 3-4 showers available and in the 5 seconds it takes to reserve one,there are several ahead of you. The app will also show that there are no showers at all at the location when there are showers and several available. While the showers will be clean,the maintenance is going down hill. Hooks to hang clothes are gone,the shower controls are about to come off the wall,benches about to collapse,not to mention that when being cleaned,the attendant will not look behind nor clean behind the door,quite often leaving used towels laying there. Come on Loves,pick up the pace!
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1 year ago, shuutttit
This app is the most rewarding app I’ve ever downloaded when it comes to saving on gas. There’s no membership fees and the best part..this app was designed for the customer!!! I couldn’t have built a better business model to show customers LOVES is just what it stands for LOVE because it definitely shows through its customer appreciation. We need more businesses to follow suit and stop making customer pay for “perks” when the perk should be applied towards keeping the customer not the customer keeping the business! Fantastic job LOVES
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2 years ago, undresser22
Awesome but please add team showers
Love this app! Makes getting fuel so easy. The one thing I would love to see added is the ability to get team showers in the app! As someone who drives team adding this functionality would makes our lives so much easier. As of right now one of us always has to go to the fuel desk to get a shower or stand inside during long wait times while the one using the app gets to hang out in the truck till their shower is ready. Adding team showers would solve a lot of issues with the shower system.
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2 years ago, patrick brown sr
Having problems with verified email
It was working fine I really like the app I can get my showers won’t talking to anyone, and I don’t have to stand in line either and I don’t have to worry about peoples scam in my fuel card but lately I’ve been having to verify my email with every purchase a fuel . Now it won’t allow me to verify because once it sends the email to verify your email it says your email already has been verified but I still can’t get fuel ! what would I need to do to get my email verified properly?
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2 years ago, lowrnu
STILL needs work…
4 years ago, Dprsr1961 wrote this app up and identified several items/features that could be addressed, and I wholeheartedly agree with his opinions surrounding improvements that should be made. Although his comments were read and even responded to by the app developer, several of his recommendations have not been remedied as of this writing, specifically the ability to recall/auto populate driver inputs that rarely, if ever, change, as many of the other large truck stop chains’ apps do. You’re listening to the feedback, but don’t seem to be doing anything to make it very driver friendly.
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1 year ago, Paulsink
Tough to rate
I can’t evaluate the app if it doesn’t work. Could be a great app. I have the pilot on and love. But there are just as many loves around. So I use both. I have tried to gat my gas discount 3 times today and tried to purchase cigarettes but didn’t because the app wouldn’t work. Each cashier tried to tell me I didn’t validate my email address but I did. After they check say just say I don’t know. So there are 3 cigarettes purchases along with the gas. I will try to contact them about it. Just tired today. So basically I won’t give it 1star but also can’t give it 5 either. But definitely a great idea
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1 year ago, Nonna5388
Where is the RV info???
On a RV forum and people were commenting on the RV sites at various Love’s. Also mentioned the “RV” button that takes you to info & ability to make reservations. Did not have an RV button, so I deleted and reinstalled app and still no RV button. I did take a circuitous route clicking on amenities, but still can’t find the links to reservations. Plus it’s a lot of clicks to even find it. I’ve had the app for a long time. Used the app to locate Love’s & to start the pump (use truck lanes). Very frustrating as I would like to take advantage of the RV parks via the app. I have a link to Campspot, but would like to use App.
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4 years ago, RandellH120
Love the Love’s App
I love being able to start the fuel pump with the Love’s Pay feature while inside the cab of my truck. Especially when it’s really cold outside. Having a digital copy of my Rewards card on my phone is handy as well. It eliminates the possibility of leaving it or losing it. I really like the shower check in as it lessens the wait time for a shower. I don’t get cash advances because I get home every night but I’ve heard some drivers complain about not being able to advance cash from the app. Overall I really like the app.
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1 year ago, Dupas-2
Does not work at pumps
The biggest reason most people would get this app is for the 10 cent discount on each gal but it does not work at the pump you have to go in the store to use it. The part that bugs me most is you only find this out once you have given them all your info. It just needs to be fixed but when I contacted them they told me I could just walk in the store and pay. Or type in my number but but there is no option for typing in the in fo just to pay or go inside and pre pay. The parts of the app work but not the most essential part of it.
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6 months ago, Disgruntled Charter Member
App needs refinement
Not unlike many drivers using your network I have the same vehicle everyday. I think the app should ask if the truck number we entered last is correct for this use and not require me to insert my vehicle number each time. Also I’m seeing that the distance to a given store selected on the map is not correct and not updating. I’m currently at a store and the app is saying I’m 76 miles away. And before you ask, yes my app is up to date and I’m using an updated iPhone 12 Pro Max. The app seems to be using the last location I used pump start.
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6 years ago, danda-01
Great app
A couple suggestions 1 ) drop down with tractor / trailer numbers most used.. being able to save a list of units. be able to set a default if you use the same tractor or trailer 2) in setting be able to turn off paper receipts save paper and confusion for love’s employees 3) set a permanent driver / employee number as a default.. could use radio buttons first button would be the driver / employee number and the second button would be selectable to enter a different employee/ driver number on the fly
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7 years ago, Zionstyles
Could be better...
So far this app works well but it’s basic regarding needed information. I’d like to fuel at the pump using the app that’s synced with my fuel card and member card. How about available parking features that allows drivers close to violating can be confident there is a place to park or needs to seek an alternative place. The app could be used to pay for showers and reserved parking in advance. And for god sakes, the point system for tirepass needs to be better. It should be like showers accumulating per cost of fuel. More drivers would use it more often and tire sales may go up. Know and understand the needs of your targeted customers.
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1 year ago, LuckyWolfie777
Thank you Loves!
Thank you for creating this seamless app and making things such as reserving showers and having a digital copy of a fuel receipt convenient without interrupting the cashiers. Thank you for not removing the odometer from the receipt. It has to be said considering that Pilot Flying J no longer includes the odometer in the digital receipt (that entire company makes the stupidest decisions). And thank you for not charging for parking and succumbing to greed with this reserve parking scam that has plagued this country like a cancer.
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4 years ago, Garry-Robinson26
Great App
This app is such a wonderful app it allow you to activate the fuel pump without having to stand out in the cold, hot, rainy, or snowy weather. I love that you can also reserve a shower without standing in the store line, you’ll be able to even get the last shower before that last person takes it who was standing in line, it’s just that much faster. You can use this app for point purchases and not have to worry about that old beat up loves card working when they try to scan it.
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3 years ago, Don't waste your time.
Still can’t log back in!
It still won’t let me login with my card. It keeps saying, my user ID and card are already being used. (Yes, by me!). The screen y’all messaged me about to login doesn’t exist. The support for the app is terrible. No one listens to the exact issue you’re having. Removing and reinstalling the app doesn’t work either. (Because my information is still stored in the app system not the app itself!). The forgot password link doesn’t work either. I’ve said that a couple times and it doesn’t get fixed. And it’s driver appreciation month, and the app won’t work for me. Great! I’ve been messaging y’all for 3 months and zero usable help. The developers are terrible.
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8 months ago, Ksowkfnfn
Do not use loves pay
Do not use the Love’s pay app to get fuel. I attempted to activate a pump, and it said the app was not working. So I went inside to pay and got my fuel. Several hours after I left, the pump was activated for someone else under my card and they stole $600 in fuel from me. I contacted Love’s support and opened the case and nothing has ever been done. They never once called me back. I had to call them multiple times for updates. And finally at the end, they claimed it was a valid transaction, and refused to give me my money back. I called them the very same day that it happened. All anyone would have to do is look at the security tapes to see what happened. But now I’m out $600.
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12 months ago, this is a total joke
Pretty good for the most part
Overall the app is stable, and easy to use. My only recommendations would be: 1) allow the retention of “truck number” as most drivers don’t change trucks often. Keep the option to enter another truck if needed. 2) same as above for driver ID. This never changes in their tenure with their company, therefore it should auto populate once entered in relation to the Loves rewards card number. Other than those issues (which are minor), the app is one of the easiest and most reliable that I have on my phone.
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4 years ago, 41 year trucker
Customer no service
I was off the road for a while and you guys shut off my rewards card, something the other major chains did not do to me. I called and was told by a rep. That my card has been reactivated. That was not true. Called again and a different rep told me reactivating was not possible. Told To get another card and she would send the proper web links to my e mail enabeling Me to transfer a balance from the old card to the new one and add other receipts. Never got an e mail. Got the new card and called again asking for help. Was basically told that the world was a digital world and I need to learn to deal with the issues myself. I’m liking the other chains to a much greater degree today than ever before.
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3 months ago, calicajun21
New Replacement Card
Trying to get a Loves card because when we first signed up they only gave us the online app. Tried to activate the new card but your system won’t take the new card number existing account out. Can’t delete old account because it’s in the cloud. So when deleted and reinstalled it just brings back the old existing account. Tried call in for help many times using your automated system though that won’t remove the old account and replace it with the new account. Requested to speak with a real person which your system says it will transfer me to but only takes me back to the automated system.
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5 years ago, RojasLive
It's ok.
So, of you're like me you HATE caring so many cards in your wallet. This app eliminates that, BUT that's pretty much it. Unless you have a "fuel card" like Comdata and such, you can't pay at the pump. I have a business American Express card that I use to fuel my semi truck/RV/etc. at the diesel pumps. Pilot/Flying J (major competitor) allows me to prepay from the app so I can pump without having to go inside and wait in line to prepay. LOVE'S... Why are you falling behind? Everyone in this business knows that time is precious when you're on the road. Being able to prepay from the pump with a regular (non commercial/trucker's/fuel card) credit card saves us up to 30 mins at the pump. Please fix this and I'll be more than happy to update my "rant".
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2 years ago, Joshua Lior
I use it everyday… one suggestion.
I’m a professional driver and I love the Love’s app. I use it multiple times a day, for fuel, showers, drinks… very user friendly. But I have one suggestion that I think would make it the perfect app. So, when you check in for a shower and there are several folks ahead of you, you have to watch your phone the whole time … which can be a while. How about an audible alarm when your shower is ready???
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2 months ago, bikes fly
Loves is awesome
I had a long day of trucking and I was ready for a break. I pulled In got fuel on the app parked and then checked in on the app for a shower. The lady was super nice too me. I was having trouble with my shower bag she held the door open for me and helped me too my shower. She said I was cute and she would be able to help me in the shower also. I said that sounds like fun. She definitely went above and beyond. I would put 10 stars if I could.
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1 year ago, R2D2manbot
I love this app!
Been using for 8 months now and still loving it. There’s no pop-up ads but if looking for deals at the market you’ll find it. I mainly use it for the 10cents/gallon savings and when combined with the Upside app for cash back my savings increase anywhere from 3-25cents more. These two free apps are worth getting because why pay full price when discounts are readily available.
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2 years ago, Bukwurm62
Love the app
I use the app for everything, and I mean everything. I’d be lost with out it. My big wish is that at some point in time they will allow driver number and truck number to be added once and saved, that would make life easier. That’s my only complaint, well almost. I smoke Camel but there are never any offers for them, only Marlboro. Please add Camel to your offers.
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3 years ago, Hanson154
Not working properly since the new update
I love this app, but since the last update it hasn’t been working properly. The app won’t open up properly. It freezes up while it’s opening and when it does open I’ve had problems getting coffee and showers. It sometimes says I don’t have enough credits for coffee refills or showers when the clerk scans the barcode.
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2 years ago, rebel{ion}
Now i loved it!!!!
I had bad experience at first i used this app for a while it works really good suddenly when i try to reserve a shower or fuel over the app I kept getting verification request even though my account was verified. When i try to open the email to verify again it says something error happened. I contact loves technical support they finally fix it.
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2 months ago, MarkCondrey
This app would be better ( IF )
I use the Love’s app and it is nice. It would be better if I could manually type in a city/ state and pull up a specific store. When you open the app it tells you about the closest store and a lot of times going to that closet store is out of route from where I am going. So it would be nice to visit the internet on my device and find a store that is in my route and punch this address into your app to find out fuel prices shower availability etc.
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3 years ago, Richard OCon
Best app for a Truckstop
This is one of the best apps has better functions than other fuel retailers. Don’t have to get out of the cab to start the pump. Can download my receipts right to my phone. Smooth functioning app an usually runs quick even in low signal areas. Although in them same areas it may be hard to use the online shower check In
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3 years ago, frstrated driver
Needs major improvements RE: Fueling
This is only in regards to fueling but using the app to buy fuel is tedious and time consuming. It's a good alternative when the card reader at the pump can't read my card but it often lags and takes too much time to load pages between steps. Enter PW *loadloadload* Select pump *loadloadload* Select fuel *loadloadload* Enter truck number *loadloadload* Enter mileage *loadloadload* Enter driver ID *loadloadload* Want a Cash advance? *loadloadload* Want other products? *loadloadload* Want to pursue a different career? *loadloadload* Start pump? *loadloadloadloadloadloadloadload* I was at a Love's just the other day and the whole bloody process took about six minutes and change. There is no excuse for that. Every other app feature seems fine, but this is the most important one and it needs massive improvement. At the very least several of these prompts can be combined together minimizing load times and saving the driver valuable time.
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