LTK: Creator Guided Shopping

4.9 (427.7K)
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Current version
rewardStyle, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for LTK: Creator Guided Shopping

4.92 out of 5
427.7K Ratings
4 years ago, RP426
Love this app! One tip though
LTK has been an absolute game changer for me. I LOVE the new(ish) feature of searching by product name. If I see an item I’m interested in while browsing a retailer, I can search for it on LTK to see how it’s styled, usually 20+ ways. And then I usually purchase through the link of the blogger who styled it my favorite way. Such a functional tool for figuring out if a piece actually fits into my closet and if I can style it more than one way. The only thing I might ask to add to your product roadmap is to have either a) a hierarchy of the photos that appear for product searches so that the ones where the product is actually styled in an outfit come first or b) the ability to filter the results for product searches to filter out un-styled products. A lot of the bloggers will post a pic of the product on a white background or on a style board and it makes it hard to find a photo of a blogger who has actually taken the time to style something. I understand purchasing from a blogger who puts a product on a white background if you’re a loyalist to them and there’s context to the pic. But I’m not using that feature bc I want to see the product alone on a flat lay on someone’s carpet (lol). I want to see the product used in an outfit and then give credit where it’s due to a blogger who took the time to style it. Thanks so much for creating this amazing tool though! As I said, GAME CHANGER!
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3 years ago, lishmorgan
Only social media I use!
Never one to use social media, during quarantine I checked out Instagram and loved the fashion and beauty content of the bloggers/style Instagrammers I followed but not the constant marketing content - it was like non-stop plugging. I like the aesthetics and info of the products through the LTK app and can accomplish fashion or decor inspo without feeling the disconnect of personalization I feel when they start plugging products. I think I’m just old-school like that, I don’t know this person and they don’t know me yet their content through video is to interact with you like it’s a personal connection you have. Ummm no…..I like how you throw this blazer with those boots. Or oooohhhh I like that fall decor, “where did they get that?” So knowing myself and what I like, I deleted my Instagram and solely use LTK for my aesthetic inspiration and have all the detail I need for me.
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5 years ago, ldelissa
Recent updates less than functional
I really love this app, I use it more than most others on my phone. So much better and more accurate than something like Pinterest, because it’s specific to linking items and influencers. With the recent updates, tho, the UX of the app has gone down significantly in my opinion. The swipe functionality is no longer convenient, it’s actually just frustrating. Clicking out of items you want to view without visiting the actual link to each one shouldn’t be so difficult. One of the best things about the app in the first place was the ability to view really simple information quickly (like price, for ex) and not having to reroute to the affiliate links - which I keep accidentally doing Bc I can’t swipe out of an item pop up at my own free will it seems. I also used to be able to view an individual post and then swipe left to go back to the grid screen to keep browsing and now it most often goes to another individual post that I wouldn’t have otherwise clicked on. These are super minor things that make viewing items (the purpose of the app) kind of annoying now. Hopefully there are improvements soon Bc this is such a helpful app for avid shoppers.
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11 months ago, Cskinn
The biggest scam. Save your money!
Brands: DO NOT JOIN. Especially if you are a small business and cannot spend a bunch on influencers. We are a small, female owned business and were looking to grow our customers. We joined ltk with high hopes because they promised access to all sorts of influencers at different budgets. At $6000 it was quite an expense but we justified it by thinking of the amount of sales we would get. After using it for 5 months and trying every practice they recommend, I realize it is a total scam. We have sent over 200 offers to influencers with ZERO response. The ones that did respond were often flaky and the few we got to post for us equaled almost zero sales. Most of their engagements were other LTKers scratching each others backs. There are also all sorts of glitches on the platform. Messaging will be down for weeks and no influencers can write us and have to reach out on instagram. Often the follower count is not actually correct. When I mentioned this to the representative they laughed at us and refused any sort of prorated refund. Save your money and contact influencers directly on IG. You will save a ton of money as their rates on LTK are inflated.
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3 years ago, Shargett94
Love this app but have a couple suggestions
First, let me just say that I love this app! I’ve been using it for years for styling purposes, however, I have noticed that my LTR home follows and beauty follows tend to crowd my fashion follows. I think it was be a good idea to see if there is a way to separate the feeds in tabs so users could flip and back and forth while keeping everything in one app. When influencers make a post, they would have to pick a category (i.e beauty, fashion, home, or general (for holiday collages). I think this would be very beneficial for users who like to use this app for both but find the current format a bit clutter some. In addition, I think it would be great if we could create folders for items we want to purchase and have an alert system in place so we could get notifications if the product(s) we want go on sale. Anyways, that’s my two cents. I appreciate your time and thank you for making this app be available for us “fashionistas” to enjoy!
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6 years ago, aebrakefield
Great app, but room for improvement
I hate shopping in stores / refuse to do it. I love that Like to Know has made online shopping so much easier! I can find real everyday women (as opposed to professional models) with similar bodies and styles to me and see what they pull off instead of me trying in a bazillion things and driving all over god’s creating. 2 gripes: 1) Opening a new tab in safari for every item I want to look at it is SO annoying. I would use this app way more if could view the items “in app” instead of bouncing back and forth between safari and app. 2) Are you supposed to be able to just “like” a picture and it show up in your LiTK app? If so, it doesn’t work for me. I have to screenshot the picture. Just liking it would be way better. I don’t want a bunch of screenshots piling up in my photo albums. That said, this is a minor issue as I can always just bulk delete.
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2 years ago, hybiscus alley
Hi, I learned about LTK from LoLoPoppin and I’m so great full to have such cute looks to copy from. Because of her I’m looking stylish and confident with literally no effort! I have Also found super cute home ideas from other influencers as well. Keep up the great work. My only concern at one point was I wanted to purchase cute shoes that LoLoPoppin was wearing from Steve Madden. I had trouble purchasing them because it then switched me to Steve Madden and I was a bit unsure what to do. After that Steve Madden contacted me personally by email each day. That’s all fine but I didn’t feel as though LoLoPoppin got the sale credit. I felt as though Steve Madden intercepted the sale. Thank you so much for this chance to give a review. Keep up the great work that you guys are going over there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LIKE TO KNOW IT!!!! Thank you Cynthia
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2 years ago, KerilynD
Easiest Shopping Tool - MUST HAVE!
I scroll through Instagram a few times a day, usually following influencers to see what’s in style. And if you ever see something you want to know more details on — prices, where it’s from, how to style it — this app has it all. Take a simple screenshot of your influencers photo, link, or profile on your Instagram, and it shows up in your LikeToKnowIt App! It saves all your screenshots, allows you to favorite photos or just the specific items you love. You can also search on the LTK app for other influencers or shop for products directly: clothes, beauty, etc. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who wants to keep up with styles and needs an easy, quick way to shop for the best, highly recommended fashion pieces!
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6 years ago, AvrilJo
Almost perfect BUT...
It would be better if I could tap on the item and have it tell me the store and price instead of taking me to the website. I would choose to go to the website later, but I’m usually first just wanting to know where to get it. And the navigating between websites just takes too long on my phone. The other thing that I wish they would change is that they should say if it is the actual item or a similar item. It’s frustrating when I think I am finding the item and it is a totally different item that they think is similar enough. It is usually not very similar at all. And when they show similar items in addition to the actual item, they should let the viewer know which is the actual item (because there are times when they do look similar). Otherwise, I am really enjoying this app so much!!!
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5 years ago, Kmancough
What happened? New update?
Why are the prices gone? This is really frustrating. I’ll have to go unfollow multiple influencers because I know the majority of the products they tag are $$$ and now it will take a ridiculous amount of time to click through all the products just to find out how expensive they all are and to be let down. Loading all the websites really takes a toll on my phone’s battery as well so 👎🏼 Also, every time you click on a product it doesn’t show the one you click on, so you have to scroll through the entire list just to go all the way back to see the item. This is also frustrating. I just got over it and never wrote a review untilllll you took the prices away. Now there are just too many things that make using this app unpleasant. And that makes me really sad because I loved this app...
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4 years ago, lizzieandlilly
Update fail
The new update really messed this app up. It worked well before, but now it crashes all the time. If it doesn’t crash, it takes forever to load! If I click on an item from the app and it takes me to a different page, I’ll try to go back to the app to keep looking - however, it completely has to load up again instead of just letting me go back to where I was. When it reloads, doesn’t take me back to what I was looking at before and restarts completely, even though I do not close out of the app. It was very great before but thinking about deleting it with the new update issues. Hope they fix it before that happens because I loved it before!
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2 years ago, CAMLAX44ELITE
Change the app back!
This app is/was my favorite, I used to be able to spend hours scrolling through posts and adding my favorite products into specific albums easily. After one of the more recent updates, you cannot scroll through influencer posts you follow- it only shows a few recent posts and says you’ve reached the end. Then it shows “recommended posts” and only shows a few posts there too. I loved being able to just scroll through all of the influencer’s posts that I follow, but now you can’t. Please change it back!! Plus it’s harder now to add favorite products directly into an album; you have to “heart” it and then go to favorite products and then put it in an album. The screenshot feature is still the best though.
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7 years ago, NikOBow
Almost perfect
I really like this app... but I think it could be even better if the exact items that are shown in the pictures were the only options. I get that it’s nice to have other options in case items sell out, but could the exact items shown on the models be identified or starred or flagged in the photos below somehow? And when there are sale alerts, there’s no way to know what exact item in the photo is for sale. It’s annoying to have to select each item’s picture (shoes? Watch? Sweater? Jeans?) and get directed to each retail site until you can figure out which item is actually on sale. I’m a new user, so that’s just my first impression. Maybe these things already exist and I just haven’t figured it out yet.
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5 years ago, Effie Jane Everyday
Effiejane’s personal shopper
I cannot tell you enough, how much I have enjoyed the LIKEtoKNOWit app! When you don’t always know what you should wear for certain occasions, or better yet, what not to wear, here is a spot that you can come to and easily get help! It is better than having a personal shopper or even having your sister or friends go shopping with you! You get to see what something looks like ..... not just a perfectly sized model, but real people. All types of figures, all different tastes! You are easily connected to sites where you can buy cute, appropriate clothing while having the ability to buy the pieces at the price you feel good about! You will absolutely love this app!
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6 years ago, Wolf3351
It was amazing, and then....
So when I first used the app, or was amazing. I'm probably a different user than average, since I don't typically follow influencers. I found this app to revamp my fashion by finding outfits that look amazing and shop from them. First use of the app I was shopping from the individual images, and if I selected a piece of clothing, the app would have a small pop up window in the bottom that displayed the price and store. Amazing! But then it all the sudden stopped working and would open a safari page. Annoying! I found a workaround that if I liked a piece of clothing and went to my favorites it would allow me to have that quick display of price and store. I'm a budget shopper, so being able to see the price quickly of an item is very important to me!! I binged on this app for hours. Closed out, got some dinner, cake back and, POOF, the pop up window stopped working again and only prompted the opening of a safari page. I'm seriously so annoyed! You can't just tease me with that perfect pop up window and then have it stop working all the sudden. I'm so annoyed I stopped using the app all together. Get it together LKT! EDIT:: credit where credit is due, I LOVE that you have a 'curvy' category! Thank you for that!
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3 years ago, Dee M.
Love this app for fashion and home inspiration
Honestly, I use this app to follow influencers that I don’t want to follow on Instagram to help manage my social feeds. I ain’t got the time to scroll through all that Instagram content! And sometimes I just want to see where they got that item instead of asking them. If I like a product, all I have to do is click on it and the app takes me directly to the retailer. Or if you “like” a product in the app, you can see all your liked items and purchase them later. No more “click the link in my bio” nonsense. Lastly, content is organized in a way for users to see everything in one view.
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2 years ago, TrivetteInThird
I LOVE this app but…
I LOVE this app but it could use some improvements! I wish the app would let use filter or sort searches. It would be great if it could even filter out searches we have already interacted with as well. LET US BLOCK CREATORS! Searches are seriously annoying when it shows the same image over and over agin! The same creator will upload the same thing over and over again so that is all I see when I search something like “wedding guest dress”. I will scroll for quite awhile until I see a new image fitting my search. Let me keep scrolling my feed! When viewing creators I follow I can only see up to a certain amount of posts before it brings me to recommended posts. I want to scroll for hours 😇 Still love this app but these fixes would be great!
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4 years ago, Kyenco
Love the app, but Recent update disappointing
I love this app. I use it to follow fashion bloggers and influencers. I typically view a lot in instagram and then Use the LTK profile to scroll my feed and their outfits. The best was the home feed and the ability to view multiples postings at once unlike the instagram one picture feed although you had the option to view this way. It was great you could choose. The recent update took this away... Why did you keep this ability on “my likes” and “discover” but remove from the home option. Major Bummer. I’ll probably unfollow a lot of accounts for this so I can only see my favorite people. It was nice to get a sprinkle of some of those accounts but now Its taking time much time to see the posts I want.
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2 years ago, Sassafras Jones
New size = depression
Thanks to menopause, the pandemic, horrific stress at work, and being too exhausted to exercise much, I went up 2 sizes in clothes. I was horrified that after being one size at least a decade, I had to buy all new clothes that fit my new shape. If it wasn’t for LTK, I’m positive I would have gone down a shame spiral of despair. To see other women around my size that were dressing great and with amazing finds at my normal haunts (Target, Abercrombie, Aerie, Anthropologie, etc) made me feel so much better about myself . I’m honestly embracing my new me - much bigger size and everything. I am so thankful for all the great ideas and body positivity I have found here!
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5 years ago, aahercules
Missing something
I really like this app but it’s hard to remember specific influencers I follow and there needs be a menu feature that allows me to see who I’m following so I can go directly to their page. There also needs to be a feature to search for influencers that may have pages dedicated to other interests. For example if I want to search for home decorating influencers there should be categories set up to search for those people. Or if I change my mind and want to look up influencers who share food ideas I should be able to search for those categories easily. I hope we can see some easier navigation in the near future.
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3 years ago, stmtszell
So confused
I love this app and have used it for over a year. Recently it has completely stopped working and will never load content. It just continues to load but nothing displays. Often a message will pop up saying “service not available”. It’s not my internet and I have tried to install/uninstall the app. I’m not having issues with any other apps. I have even tried to access the content on the website with my laptop but have the same issues. I do not see any way to contact the company either. Super disappointing and frustrating. Am I the only person having this issue?!
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3 years ago, Toranje
I love the app itself and the concept of it, but it is extraordinarily frustrating to use with the major glitch at hand. Every time I open this app I have to wait about 2-3 minutes for it to be useable because it remains a frozen or painstakingly slow state. After several minutes it functions as normal, but if I get out of the app and go back over to it I have to start all over again. I’ve been waiting for them to fix this for a couple of months now. When the app was functioning normally it’s a very useful, helpful, and fun app!
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5 years ago, jlcahill
Realistic Buys
These women have given a lot of great ideas which I use when shopping... but a lot of their links are typically extremely pricey. I check out $ and under, but I would like to see more affordable options advertised throughout... I’m not paying $150-$800 for a sweater, pair of jeans... etc lol I guess this is more of a review that you’d have to pass on to the advertisers. Do they look great in these options... yep. Does it lure me in...yep, but the price is a total turn off on a lot of these and I say “surprise” when I click to buy and then move on. Then I search outside here for a more affordable option.
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6 years ago, caitlynh57
Annoying changes
I used to love this app but now I can’t stand that screenshots are the only option. It was so combiner that the normal Instagram scrolling and liking would send me an email as a reminder to go check out the sources of items. Now you have to stop scrolling to screenshot an item, get out of Instagram to go to the like to know it app, and then your phone is crowded up with screenshots. I know there is an option in the app to delete the screenshots but I just really don’t want them in the first place. They old version was so convenient. I get that they are trying to force people to you the actual app but it isn’t hassle now. And my other complaint is that the home bloggers NEVER source the exact items. I know they probably don’t have that anymore but almost every time I fall in love with something in a home shot, it’s never sourced!
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3 years ago, Kid_R
Great concept but needs a LOT of work
I love the concept behind this app-I think it’s super innovative and resourceful. However, the algorithm is HORRIBLE. I never find anything I like based off of in-app recommendations or features-no matter what kind of posts/products I interact with, the “For You” section of the app never takes it into account. It seems like it doesn’t take personal preference into account AT ALL, because the “For You” section just pushes pushes the same popular accounts as well as the same products/styles I have never interacted with over and over again. I really really want to use the app because I think it’s such a helpful resource, but this issue is so frustrating to me that I might end up giving up.
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5 years ago, jessc6
Loved until the latest update
Used to be my favorite. But with the latest update when you click on the image and the preview window shows up - the price no longer shows up. You have to then click the url and go to each individual website, and wait for it to load to see the pricing. For each individual item? Not the ideal shopping experience. Go back to the old way - click on the image and preview the price before digging deeper. The user experience should be top priority as they are buying the product.
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2 years ago, Rissyjanee
This is an influencer app and not clearly stated.
I was under the impression that I could add my own photos to this app and I’m unsure why you can’t.. they would have so much more of a following if they made it to where all viewers could also post outfits I’m searching to find a social media that’s mostly just for fashion and I thought this was a game changer, evidently I was wrong. And not only that it’s so difficult to even become a creator .. they’re not advertising it, you have to go into the help option in settings and then it says you have to fill out an application to have a chance of becoming a creator and you “may” get chosen if you have a high enough following and are consistent enough for their app..(like it’s such an accomplishment to post pictures of your ootd’s) lol..what a joke.
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6 years ago, Wanelo Wanelo
Love it but one thing that bugs me is...
First off, I do LOVE this app. It is so easy to use and find great pieces. However, I’m a bride to be so I am constantly looking at the Weddings tab for white attire and wedding outfits/ideas/etc. It seems like bloggers just tag #LTKweddings for views not because it’s actually relative. Not sure how their latest selfie or, even worse, their new home goods dresser is even remotely related to wedding attire or weddings in general. I’ve also noticed that most of these bloggers tag #LTKbaby... I wish the app would be more strict on these hashtags so the tabs are more useful because I’m obviously clicking it to look at those specific topics. Otherwise - it’s a great app.
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2 years ago, Aeliz023
Literally why
Whoever had the idea to remove the item prices when tapping on the photos of the linked items within the app, before you click on the actual link to go to the product’s website… it wasn’t a good one. The only changes made to this app seem to be ones that aren’t helpful or asked for. It’s to the point that this app is becoming more of a hassle than it’s worth. It would be much better if the focus was on ways of keeping users from tagging “#ltkhome” when it’s a photo of shoes 😳. Or when you type a word into the search bar how it always shows you people you already follow over other search results. Like I’m trying to find new users, not a post from three years ago by someone I already follow.
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6 years ago, bemmabemma
Helpful improvement tips!
1. I wish there was a way to sort your likes and outfits by store and website. It would make it so much easier when I go shopping! For example, when I walk into Nordstrom or go online to ASOS I would know what to look for/search. That way I could know exactly what I’m looking for when I go instead of scrolling through each like. 2. It would be much easier if when you clicked on the link it could open up in an app (if you have it). For example, I have the Nordstrom app and it gets annoying having to be re-directed to the website because I’m signed in on the app! PLEASE take these improvements into consideration! Me and my fellow like to know it girls all agree that these would be complete game changers!
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6 years ago, LCRowyourboat
Why change what works??
I love this app and use it all the time however I’ve noticed recently that my likes weren’t showing in the app and once I updated it I got the message that limit a photo is no longer supported and you must screen shot. I have no idea why this change was made but it is a poor one, seems to be going backward in user friendliness rather than forward. The last thing I want is hundreds of screen shots of stuff taking up space in my phone when all I had to do before was a quick tap on something I liked. I’ve used it much less because of this. Go back to the old way!
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5 years ago, TaylorlP0162
Best. App. Ever.
Okay. Hands down, this app is amazing! Sometimes I need help figuring out what will go with what when choosing an outfit. In the past I would use Pinterest for my “outfit ideas” don’t get me wrong Pinterest is awesome too, however, with Pinterest I would see an outfit that I’d LOVE but would have no idea where to buy any of the clothes from. BUT with this app, you just click on the picture and either the exact clothing item or a clothing item very similar is linked so It'll just send you right to the website!! How much more amazing can it get? 10 out of 10
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6 years ago, Missutgirl
You don’t haveta been on insta
I love love love that I can still seeing what’s new and cute and trending without having to be on social media (as I’ve been down with it for about 6 months now.) I also love how I can click on something and it takes me directly to where I can purchase it and immediately see how much it costs. Occasionally the models don’t have the exact item posted that they’re wearing but a look-alike and that’s super annoying but that’s not the apps fault and it’s not very often. As far as the app goes, love it and I love the emails of latest posts.
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6 years ago, Nightlock627
Miss the Instagram feed
It was really so much better when it worked with Instagram! This app includes people I don’t follow and wouldn’t—-people expecting for example.. I don’t plan on having more babies! I have to search each time specific people that I already follow. It would work for me if it was JUST the people I wanted to follow and those showed up in my feed .. now, I only come to this app when I see something on IG ... and then l have to search for that person even though I follow them on IG! It’s annoying and cumbersome. The new format is a fail for me
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2 years ago, Shdjdidbdjsi
It’s good but a few off putting things for me
It’s very similar to Pinterest. What makes this stand apart from Pinterest? Also, would it be possible to differentiate between business/shop profiles and those of individual people/influencers? I scrolled on to see people styling their products but instead every time I search for anything, my page is filled with a bunch of products being sold on each search result/poster rather than seeing photos of each individual product actually styled in daily life. So scrolling through feels like I’m just looking at a bunch of business ads rather than what real people are wearing or using and how they’re styling it.
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1 year ago, chroniccrafter
Feedback - PLEASE READ
First off, I love the app and have been using it since it’s inception. However, there are two things that could be improved. One, if I unfollow a creator, they still show up on my “Creators I Follow” feed (even after hard closing the app). Second, anytime I link to a new creator’s page or post from LTK’s Instagram, they automatically have you follow that person. I finally realized that my feed was filled with creators that I didn’t actively choose to follow. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, pleasechangeback!
Really disappointed in the new “enhancements”. It’s fine not to send emails anymore, but your current likes should at least still show up in the app. I don’t want to screenshot, since I don’t feel the need to give every app full access to my photos. It’s invasive, and I feel like apps would finally learn people want privacy. Plus, the likes I already had before are now just permanently in the first tab, making it’s useless altogether going forward since it isn’t being updated any longer. I can follow influencers, but I already do on Instagram, so searching through all my followers for a specific item is like scrolling through my insta feed all over again. Pointless to use your service, since I will be going direct to the source from now on.
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2 years ago, LINDSAY_R
Recent changes have made it harder to use
I used to really LOVE the LTK app, and would use it as my main source for outfit inspiration! However, the recent changes have made this app a lot more difficult to use. 1. They removed the full-image feed, and you can only see the tinier, grid view which makes it harder to see. If you want to look at the products, you have to click the image to expand it. I just think it was a much easier experience when you didn’t have to expand each image to see the products. 2. Once you’ve clicked to expand the image, and want to go back to the main feed, the app glitches and sends you back to the top of the feed. This glitch can make the experience a bit frustrating. I still like the app, but the recent updates have taken away from the easy user experience that I loved about it. I don’t expect the team to actually fix it, this is just for any user to consider before downloading.
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5 years ago, betsycrocker
Loving it
I really love that I can click on a photo and see where I can find each item. It helps me see what outfits will really look like on. Not just on a mannequin or on a model. I will say that I don’t like that some people don’t actually tag what they are wearing but instead something similar that is way more expensive. I also don’t understand why some “Influensters” are taking photos of multiple outfits in the dressing room of the store rather than what they have actually bought.
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1 year ago, selxo97
This app must be ran by a group or mean girls. You have to apply to have a creator page? What if you’re someone who is just starting out, someone who shops like crazy and has a ton of products and outfits you want to post and recommend, and always have people coming up to you asking what skincare you use, where you got your outfit, what perfume/makeup are you wearing, where did you get your rug to decorate your home? All these things are posts I’d love to create but yet I have to apply and have more following? Makes zero sense. I’m just looking for an app I can use to create my own page with all things and products I recommend as a mother, and someone who loves health/beauty and home decor. Super annoying.
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6 years ago, Yorkiesandme
Horrible functionality on the iPad
Update edit: now that you no longer support likes I have to clog my device with screenshots? No thanks. Deleted. 5/2/18 I hated the website the having to sift through stuff the emails. I'm not a fan, but influencers want that money so they use it. (Mind I'm not against monetization) I had hoped that the app and screenshots of pictures I'm actually interested in shopping would solve this. Nope.. every time I log on with my iPad it wants me to connect to my Instagram. Then it tells me I'm already connected use another account??? My screenshots never appear. They do on my phone, but I browse IG on my iPad. 2 stars because I think the concept if it worked improved a service which quite frankly I hate. Could we just go back to tap for deets please???
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2 years ago, kimmcclellan
App malfunction
I have been using this app for years and love it. however, recently they must have done some update to it and messed it up. Every time I want to scroll through the people I follow feed, and I click on a post to view the content, and then go back, it refreshes the page and makes me go all the way back to the top again. If I got pretty far in scrolling, it is so annoying to have to go back up the top and start all over again. I kept trying to update my app or hope they would fix this major user issue but they haven’t. It’s been so annoying that it causes me to not want to use this app and I get too frustrated. Really hoping they fix this issue soon.
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5 years ago, AWacasey
Improvement recommendations
It would be so amazing if the items that I “love” come with options. I want to pick my size/color in that item and then be notified if that item goes on sale or comes back in stock all within this one app. There are third party apps that do this but I would love for everything to be all in one place to keep from making separate lists all the time. So many times the items I like are sold out and this would help greatly. I feel that this would also better guarantee that the influencer receives credit for the purchase.
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6 years ago, Libbiehartley
Used to love this 👎🏻
I used to love this app and I used it several times/day. Now I barely touch it. Why did they have to change such a good thing!?!? At first, They would send me my “likes” in an email with links to where to find the items which was great as I could shop and peruse at my convenience. Then they took the emails away so I had to “like” something to see it in the app feed. I used it less and less then as it wasn’t as convenient. Now I have to take screenshots In Order to see my likes. Nope. Not doing that. My phone barely has enough space as it is and I don’t want my photos filled up with things I might want to buy. Please go back to your roots! The people want this!!!
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5 years ago, hmy8777
No longer useful
I used to use this app daily to see if I could spot something cute at a great price—both furniture and clothes. A few days ago they stopped listing prices of items (the brand/designer is also not listed) —so you’re left without having any idea what price range any item is in. And with the amount of items people list, it’s simply become unusable. I’m not going to click on every item and be led to different websites, only to find out that a plain tee is $500. App creators, please fix this issue. The app has honestly become such a mess, whereas it was my absolute favorite before! It’s chaotic to the point that it gives me anxiety, so I don’t even open it anymore. It’s a shame because you really had something awesome going!
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12 months ago, 1christianGal
Not What I Expected
I downloaded the app thinking I could follow normal, everyday people posting what they wear in their normal, everyday lives (product links included), and then be able to do the same. Nope- apparently, if you want to post content you have to apply to be a “creator”, and one of the requirements is that you need to have a social media following. Ok…so automatically normal, everyday people who are not influencers or small business owners are excluded. Sadly not what I expected. The app does look nice, but the content and function is not what I thought it would be.
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5 years ago, AliciaDuBose
Good app- but frustrating.
I used to love this app. I would browse the items that the bloggers would post & purchase. However: the girls post links to items that is different from the item that they are wearing. The shirts, pants, jackets are similar- but not the same thing. If the links are up and running and are the same thing- the item is usually sold out. The app is aesthetically pleasing, but I have found myself not using it as much. False representation - too many filters making the item look better too. Decided to just scan for outfit ideas and try and find the items I like on my own.
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9 months ago, 891989L
Shopper & Creator perspective
Love love love this app, but please bring back the old feed that shows multiple photos of ALL the accounts we follow in chronological order. It was so simple and straightforward! Or, give multiple feeds like other social platforms: “following feed” and “for you page” feed to help push every creator (of all following sizes) equally. As a shopper, the new algorithm has been showing me what the app “thinks” I want to see and all the same suggested mega influencers the app “thinks” I want to follow, but really I just want to scroll through the posts from the creators I’ve personally chosen to follow for myself in a grid format. As a creator, my content is invisible in this new algorithm. I am lucky to have earned 10k followers throughout the years, but out of the 10k only 5-10 people see each of my posts according to my analytics. I can’t imagine the frustration that newer creators are feeling with this algorithm.
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5 years ago, Meg804
Great app, but not a fan of the latest update
I love this app and that I’m able to shop for items I see influencers I follow wearing, or browse different pages for decor or outfit inspiration. One HUGE complaint I have is with this most recent update. Before when looking at a product, the price showed up in the app, but now no price is listed. This is a major letdown and inconvenience because I don’t want to spend my time looking at something not in my price range or from a retailer I don’t like. This update makes me not really want or need to use the app anymore as it’s more challenging to shop now. I hope the fix this!
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5 years ago, Tiffany1788
Need bloggers so specify when it’s not the pictured product!
I use this app primarily for the home section and I find myself getting frustrated A LOT. First of all, influencers often use the wrong tags just to have their content seen which is misleading. If I wanted to see clothing I’d search that. They should not be able to use the home tag unless it’s for decor. Additionally... it’s suuuuper annoying when influencers tag the wrong item. I like posts by I want to know where they got the item pictured; hence “like to know it” I feel like if it’s a similar item; they need to differentiate and let users know that it’s not the actual item pictured. They are getting paid for this.
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