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Deutsche Lufthansa AG
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User Reviews for Lufthansa

4.63 out of 5
45.6K Ratings
10 months ago, Leselura
Flight from Frankfurt to Dulles
I want to say how I was delighted with our Flight Attendant from Frankfurt to Dulles!! It was LH418 leaving at 12:10 on December 7th 2022. We were in economy in Seats row 39 but felt we were treated in such a wonderful manner! I am so sorry that i did not register his name, but he was tall, slender, and a consummate professional!! I want to let you know he was magnificent in all aspects of taking care of all passengers and especially there was another passenger in distress, but he took good care of her, supplied oxygen to her and was a calming and soothing feeling for her to settle her down. For us, he was humorous, always with a smile, treated us with such care and kindness during the entire flight and even came by to say goodbye and have a good time in DC. He is top notch and do hope that you can determine his name to let him know how wonderful he was to seeing s and how much we appreciated him. In addition to let you know as a Company that you have a magnificent staff member and he should be recognized. Thank you so much, Lesley Maltby
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1 year ago, HGBear
Lufthansa theft
Avoid Lufthansa and avoid this app. You can’t actual contact anyone to complain about their booking or service. Lufthansa removed my business seat and won’t refund. I am told to submit a complaint for the error on their website, but their is no form. I can only send an email to customer relations. No good since I am checking in now. They acknowledged their mistake but did nothing. They have my money but didn’t refund. Plus, I have spent hours on the phone complaining, and now have a huge international phone bill because their system auto hangs up after about 30 minutes. We all know they delay resolving the problem so the system will hang up and you have to call back and start over with a new person. I used to fly Lufthansa a lot. Never again. I will fly Air France before I fly this airline. No matter the cost. Horribly run company and the app is useless for getting assistance. Currently, $1200 in the hole. Now I will battle for weeks to get my money back and all I get is,”my apology.” If you can’t execute customer service, close the company and allow others to provide service. Where is Qatar or Etihad airlines when I need them? Recommendation to all, pay more in the beginning with a better airline and avoid spending more later with Lufthansa.
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3 months ago, jojo202020181818
Now scamming sick passengers. Read before you fly Lufthansa.
 Take your last notes with and from me Lufthansa on flight number SGIINU. Initials, D.V. I intended to cancel a ticket for a full refund and the policy under medical condition was possible and confirmed by their agent if i would provide all my medical records. As i suffer from a long haul Covid symptoms and getting worse post reserving the ticket, i called the airline and the agent advised me to send medical documents via email to the right department and i did so. Somehow, all my 7 medical reports from different doctors who fight to cure my condition in my breathing and coughing for over a year and a half were dismissed and the actual Lufthansa agent today changed the story saying that they will not refund the ticket unless a passenger is dead. Well, dear Lufthansa since you lie and care for as human beings so much and as our records on recorded line confirm that you are abusing with your policy towards your passengers i assure you it will only fireback on your company. I could only imagine how many people get abused this way but my voice will make a difference and i will come with all i got to fight against this abusive behaviour from with your airline. Lufthansa, i will not bow to fraudulent abusiveness from your staff abusing your policies with your costumers. See you in court.
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3 years ago, mouch
Best airline app I’ve tried
I’m not a regular LH traveller as I’m based in a medium haul city that is served by short haul planes, whereas the competition uses more comfortable planes. However I am Currently nearing the end of a trip that had many complications and changes due to COVID, an the app was always keeping me updated of changes, gate changes, luggage status, delays etc The boarding pass updates with new gate numbers etc Excellent app! If I could change one thing: make the check in process a bit faster - the load screen is long...
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1 year ago, Asad Farsad
Very disappointed
I thought Lufthansa was reliable and has customer treating well service but i was wrong . The agents at gate refused me to board my flight from Chicago to Istanbul transiting through Frankfort ,they were all female and seem new employees who doesn’t know the basic German visa requirements, i showed them my green card , an email from German consulate general in Chicago as well as the official website of German foreign affairs ministry all clearly indicating that i need transit visa with my passport unless i have either of several documents one of them is Valid US permanent residence card which i have and showed them . Unfortunately,those rude and ignorant ladies all agreed to deny me to board . I didn’t have a choice but to go to Turkish Airlines and pay a lot of money to catch the flight within few hours . Now i am begging my money from Lufthansa for the arrogance and ignorance of their employees . Bye bye Lufthansa . UPDATED:::Lufthansa fully refunded me after 2 months . They admitted their employee’s terrible mistake and i changed my mind and will keep flying with them .
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4 months ago, addeees
Terrible app and website/server!
Been trying to reset password for weeks without getting any email, and I have checked all inboxes including junk. Their us 24hr customer service number doesn’t work. Finally got a hold of someone after hours of struggeling. That person told me to fill out a form which require me to fill in my service Id number. I don’t know my Id number because I can’t access my account! The customer rep finally digged up my number and told me that someone would reach out via email manually with a reset link, that was 1 week ago and still no email or reset link! Extremely frustrating! I’m now trying again to reset password after typing in the email 34 times I get an email with a link which is supposed to be valid for 24hrs, when I klick the link 1min later it says expired. Ridiculous. Who can I contact? No signals are going thru for the us customer service number!
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2 days ago, Critically happy
Wrong information
Lufthansa delayed our initial flight and therefore we missed our connection in Frankfurt. The app had the wrong gate listed and it showed that it would take 4 minutes of walking from our arrival gate to our departure gate. Needless to say it was not true. It was almost ½ hour. The flight attendant stated that there are 10 people in our situation and our connecting flight would wait since it was also Lufthansa. Then, the app alerted me that I missed the flight and have the option to reschedule. Of course that function took us to the chat bot which did not work and it indicated I need to talk to a person. The app option to chat to a live person failed. We ended up waiting in line at the service desk in Frankfurt for over an hour since Lufthansa eliminated all the live people and now you have to fumble with the chat bots which don’t work. Fantastic set-up Lufthansa l! and the app devs too.
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8 months ago, nemarket$
good app but could be better to manage family
family functions: - being able to take care of family members checkin at once instead of having to do this individually for each person traveling - seat assignments — if i have to do this for each family member one by one, no guarantee we will get paid seats next to each other because let’s say i pay for seat selection for myself and then i have to do the same thing for my wife, what if the adjacent seat is taken by somebody else before I do the seat selection for my wife? — somehow miles&more cannot be easily added to profile. and so, have to go thrpugh the painful process of scanning boarding passes to get miles.
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4 years ago, The Doyenne
Why is this so BAD?!!
This has to be the worst airline app on the planet. And I should note that I downloaded this yesterday and haven’t even tried to use it at an airport for check in. This review is based purely on trying to select a seat. - Trying to complete a seat upgrade purchase is an infinity loop of frustration that continues to prompt you to “enter all information” even though you’ve entered ever piece of information possible. - Oh did you book a Premium ticket but that section is full so you want to see seat availability in the main cabin? Good luck. That’s not an option. - Be prepared to get a warning that the app can’t find your reservation because your last name is different from what was used at booking....even when it’s literally the same spelling you booked with and what’s on the Lufthansa website itinerary. - Finally, WHYYYYY am I constantly being prompted to accept cookies within an app?!!! Dear gawd leave me alone.
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5 years ago, aao13
Slow, convoluted, buggy , intrusive
The app is a drastic improvement over the web site ( i could not even checkin on Lufthansa web site from my ipad), BUT the app is slow , it has counter intuitive user interface , it could not scan my new biometric passport (US) , it still display status of the flight that completed yesterday ( no way to delete it ) , while I have difficulty adding two consequitive flights . There is also excessive and completely unnecessary amount of security checks , this is just an airline , not a freaking bank. Overall idea of the app is excelent , but the interface is convoluted , counterintuitive and buggy. Just discovered that they want to collect my personal information just to submit this review , when submitting from within the application , i am going to submit through app store and give it a one star just for that ( instead of 3 i intended originally )
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1 year ago, freeskierboy
What the heck is going on with you guys
My wife and specifically chose Lufthansa based on our last flight to Germany that was so enjoyable. This time around it has been the complete opposite. Customer service was rude, dishonest, and even ended the chat mid conversation. I told him my son has an illness and we need to be together and he didn’t care at all. I ended up having to download the app myself after tried on the web to check in with multiple errors. Once the app was installed it kept telling me we couldn’t change seats, until kept picking some and finally it randomly worked. Then my wife got an email that our seats got changed again without us doing anything so we were no longer sitting together. Luckily I was able to change it again, maybe? It’ll probably screw us again. Not sure I ever want to fly with you guys again.
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10 months ago, another business traveler
Not a good user experience
The design is appallingly bad. The links are too small to tap and not visually clear what is a link and what is not. Combined with the fact that the app is slow and links are often unresponsive I have trouble knowing what is a link and what is not. Navigating to different functional parts like flight status is high friction. Users should be able to simply tap the link from Mg Bookings but instead have to go to the Flight Status section Besides the look and feel, which I hate, and the poor functionality described above, the data is out of date. Simple things like “which gate should I go to for my flight” is incorrect! The app tells me gate A66 (in tiny virtually readable font) but at the airport it’s gate A83. Then the airport changes the gate to A82 but this is not reflected in the app either. And speaking of data, it would be nice to understand why there are delays. First my flight was canceled, then after rebooking I arrive at the airport to find out there is a delay… then another delay, but there is zero reason given. WHY!? I cancelled business meetings to rush to the airport for the new flight and then Lufthansa just delays me anyway! Terrible airline. Terrible app.
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1 month ago, Linhoov
Needs improvement
I had three back-to-back flights yesterday with short connections and thought the app would be helpful. However, it did not show current flight status (ex: continuously said On Time for a delayed flight) and did not show current gate (which is needed when you only have a short time to get there, and the gate changed). It also did not provide information on the baggage claim carousel, which would have been helpful. The only aspect I thought was useful was being able to check in through the app and access my boarding passes. I travel a lot for my job and use several such apps. This one was a bit of a disappointment when compared to others.
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6 months ago, Nando-lg
Downgrade, not upgrade
The only upgrade is the look, but you were so ambitious to provide all the possible bells and whistles that you forgot what the main use of the app is. The first time I used it, I almost missed my flight because the “Add booking / Check in” button and the result of the operation made me think I was checked in, when I fact all I had done was just save a booking. The most important functions used by frequent travelers like me are hard to find and not intuitive. You get a one star on user-friendliness and usefulness, dear Product Owner & Development Team. It shows that you don’t fly often. What you wanted, instead, was a fancy look. You succeeded, admittedly, because the look is sleek, but who cares about appearance if functionality is poor?! Fix it!
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1 year ago, navar23
Truly Subpar
The Lufthansa app is truly subpar. When comparing to other airlines like American Airlines, the I app experience is so disappointing. Navigating the app is not intuitive, but you can figure it out. The absolute worst part are all the bugs!!!! Loading flights seems pointless as they drop out of the app a few days later and you have to reload your flights. Then there’s the whole issue on looking at your account statements to track your status. You’re logged out every time, and when you log back in, it shows nothing. Honestly disappointing. I am assuming Lufthansa outsourced the development and maintenance of the app to a low cost center, which is fine but at least ensure that the quality of the app is upheld. Very disappointing from such a big airline.
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3 months ago, pripovedac
Wrong Validation druing the Check-in Process
Please make sure to remove the validation for the certain letters which do not belong to the English alphabet. I encountered this problem while I wanted to do a checkin. I live in Serbia and my last name, like for the most people here, ends in “ć”. When I type it, the validation prevents me from moving on. If I enter last name with “c” instead, I get the error message that I am not providing the adequate data. This makes the app useless for me, because I don’t have a laptop on me everytime I travel. Otherwise the app works well, so I will reduce only one mark as this is really important.
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1 year ago, toddadale
You will never see your money..
Lufthansa is a scammer company!!!! We used them for so many years and then it went down the hill. We never got our COVID cancelation money back( although they where the ones who canceled). For months and months we were checking and calling to get our credit or money back , never received it…!!! This time with war in Ukraine, the same …would not let us fly to any other closer country,since there is war , didn’t offer any choice to safe our ticket, just said ,” you have to cancel your ticket . Now again, no refund email and no info about money. In general we lost two tickets and not even for our own reasons !! Pretty unfair!!! Do not go with this airline , they will steal from you without any shame!!!
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1 year ago, 8imster
Purchasing baggage to “economy light”
Was a nightmare! I arrived in Germany via United and return was via partner Lufthansa on an international flight. Not use to having to checkin my carryon of 14kg. Your 8kg allowance should change! The suitcase itself is 3.5kg. Unless I put my stuff in a plastic bag. The purchasing of 23kg was impossible to do online. I chatted with a robot then try to add baggage only to learn that if you purchased ticket via a partner airline you can’t do it online. And of course at the gate it’s like double. I had to call in and waited over 1 hr for a live person to help me at international calling rates.
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3 months ago, Nickname Fiasco
Rudimentary and Innacurate
This is as much a review of how Lufthansa uses their app as how the app is. It is sparse and clean, with a sleek design, but it often shows inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information. It is often out of date (for example, notifications like “Boarding starts at. [5 minutes ago]” while you’re still outside the plane and clearly not boarding) or shows different information than what can be seen on airport monitors. And, in contrast to other major carriers, it’s functionality is extremely limited. So… good start, but it really only annoys you with how incorrect it is. I don’t recommend it.
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1 year ago, k.e.r. san fran
Surprisingly poorly designed & ineffective
Given that as an airline Lufthansa is consistently well-run and has a high standard of quality with their operations & service, the functionality of this app comes as quite surprise. It is so problematic with the most basic tools, such as: a log-in process that is clear & quick, retaining booking information, providing accurate updates, allowing for quick/easy access to boarding docs, allowing for a simple, streamlined check-in process, and making sure passport docs are saved properly…& that is just the most obvious stuff. It would serve Lufthansa well to revamp this app, and perhaps study in detail the features and functionality of other airline apps.
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2 years ago, Elinka2
App has bugs and customer service nonexistent
Unable to add Miles & More service card to Apple Wallet even after logging out, deleting the app and reinstalling. I had no problem with Alaska Airline or Delta. Find both the website and the app hard to navigate, unable to find basic information, and the UX/UI designers could learn lessons from any of the companies with a digital footprint in the US. Therefore, I have called a customer service in the US. The rating I would put for that experience is below zero with a person multitasking on another end and therefore unable to hear them. Call #2 started the same way and blaming on a connection on my end. When they finally started to pay attention and started talking into the phone, the connection issue was resolved. Asked for an information that they had to search for, put me on hold, and then they hung up without getting back on the line. It is really a shame bc the flight service, flight attendants and flights are really good.
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9 months ago, Ruby796
I want to warn future passengers and let you know to NOT FLY WITH LUFTHANSA. They’re canceling almost all flights. Connecting flights are being missed. And the only way to get a connecting flight rebooked is by waiting in line for 5-6 hours. Lufthansa has lost 1000’s of people’s including our’s. They’re not even compensating and reimbursing us. The customer support couldn’t care less and are refusing to do their jobs. Also, this app is horrible. The boarding passes aren’t updated on time, the flight cancellations aren’t updated on time. Nothing works the way it should! Please do yourselves a huge favor and pick any other airline. I really hope this doesn’t happen to any other family.
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11 months ago, round80
Count on it
Lufthansa continues to provide excellent service before and during flight. From economy up one can count on the special treatment one looks forward to on their flights. Tickets are booked, check in swift, and flights on time. Luggage is carefully handled. Even on long hauls the kind crew is attentive to needs of all passengers. Even before the flight waiting in the security line, the crew was also waiting next to me, a crew member announced with a grin “We’re all your crew!” Nice
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9 months ago, Austin Mattson
Customer service
Customer service is a zero! No way to talk to a human, and no one gets back to you on reported problems in complicated reporting internet systems. I lost 2 pieces of luggage in Amsterdam. Reported in person at the time. After 2 weeks I got one piece of luggage. Can’t get any response about my second missing piece. I also had to spend the night on the floor at the Frankfurt airport without luggage, and no hotel was available due to cancellation of my flight and full hotels without agent support. All agents walked off the floor at leaving time, without attempting to inform their customers about what to do. There’s more, but just say an awful experience. Not the Lufthansa I used to love to fly. They lost me!
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1 year ago, stupthansa
I have choice I’d take another airline, I just as thinking theses are smart but really stupid, first of all you arrive to Munich coming from an EU Europe and you a connection flight and you have to check passport, if I was coming from USA I’ll understand, ok no problem after checking passport, you need to check passport again with another long line with stupid people from Lufthansa again forget about the connection flight at end they offer a piece of chocolate inside the flight and want you to give a 5 stars, you deserve 0 star, if I gave two just because a woman helped me inside the airport and she doesn’t work Lufthansa
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11 months ago, SpencerJess
We want to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful service and flight your company provided. We flew out of LAX to Madrid, then flew back from Milan, MAL to LAX. All connecting flights were in time; create choices of movies on business class. The head phones were broken but the crew attempted to accommodate me. The food was amazing as well. Bravo to the crew and the whole company. I honestly cannot wait to fly with Lufthansa again: My whole family felt the same.
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2 years ago, Khmehta72
The Best by every means
I have traveled from Mumbai to Newark on June 30, 2020 which the BEST BY EVERY MEANS. REASONABLE FAIR PRICES IN WORST TIME: This was high to me of COVID in the World. We want to returned to USA from India. Airlines booking was not available and whatever Airline booking was available those are with very higher charges. From internet we found LUFTHANSA AIRLINES are offering nice deal with Safest journey in COVID time. We have talked with my son for flight booking. Only missing thing is that there is NO FLIGHT FROM AHMEDABAD TO MUMBAI so we booked taxi and we reached Mumbai. FULL OF SAFETY: After Health checking LUFTHANSA AIRLINES given us PPE Kit , Face mask ( more than three ) Sanitizer Bottles ( more than one ) and Box of snacks. Mumbai airport and Frankfurt airport have only two coffee shops are opened. Finally we reached Newark, USA with full of Safety. Our BEST WISHES FOR EVER.
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5 years ago, Ed & Juno
Slow and annoyingly difficult to use
This app is so slow that it is nearly unusable. Add to that the ridiculous number of times data entry is required to go to the next step. If you are already logged into the app, why should you manually have to add booking reference numbers to see your bookings. That info should already be associated with your account. Similarly, if you are viewing a booking and click on check in, the app then prompts again for the booking reference again. Make absolutely no sense. Another bug i noticed was for notifications. A fill day after arriving at my destination, I received a notification that the gate had changed and the flight was boarding.
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4 months ago, g916543
Rather poor app for a flagship carrier
Lufthansa’s app is unreliable and rather slow. Just checking in for a flight is quite painful. The workflow is clunky, and the process errors out frequently. I’m also not sure why I had to re-enter all my data for the return leg of a round trip. This includes my Miles & More number, which doesn’t even match common practice going back many years. To be fair, once you have gone through everything to add your flight, it’s decent. It shows the flight times and gates in a helpful way. It also alerts you to gate changes and checkin times.
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2 years ago, Pakis6580
Over 3 months waiting my refund
Worst airline company to book your ticket!!!These people they are on a different page and each employee say different things!!!Three times they didn’t let me board on the plane cause Coronavirus issues once cause I didn’t have Pcr test the second cause my Pcr test it was 32 hours and the third time cause I was positive of the virus !!!They have not refund my money over 3 months now and I keep calling them and they are telling me different things each one of their employees!!!I need an answer on my problem and my money back to my account!!If someone can help me cause nothing of that is my fault please I will appreciate it so much
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5 years ago, made_in_Spain
Rubbish. Impossible to download eJournals after check in
Spent nearly an hour trying to retrieve booking in order to download eJournals. Even that I was able to retrieve my booking details, the eJournal option is buried somewhere in a hidden menu and redirected me to an external website (which I already tried before downloading the app for this very same purpose hoping to get a different result). Basically the web cannot recognize my last name and or booking locator for this purpose (while otherwise it works for any other options). Silly that you have to enter your details twice and it won’t even recognize your booking. For Swiss this works perfectly.... Make it simple!
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5 years ago, LDfamily
Could be better
The entire Lufthansa system could use a do-over. On the plus side, my tickets for a family of four showed up in the app and could be scanned at the gate, security, and customs. On the down side, entering passport information is a complete fail; I was only successful on the website ON MY PHONE. Very frustrating all around. The info I put in for my flight to Europe was not copied to my return flights and it all had to be entered again. Also, my Miles account never showed my flight information, I could only see the flights logged in at Lufthansa.
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2 years ago, Adam's Mom
Awful Customer Service!
I have been placed on hold only to be hung up on several times. The first time, it could be a mistake, but for the forth time today is simply unacceptable. I emailed, I called the customer feed back center and I chatted with a virtual server but NOTHING is resolved. All avenues of “help” end abruptly. I need to fly out for an emergency. This is dealing with people’s lives and I would appreciate it if some consideration is given to the customer that pays for this service. I am not asking for a hand me out. I paid, I waited, I filled out papers, now do your part!!! I am only asking about my flight. Is that too much to ask for!? The Lufthansa app is useless too.
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9 months ago, AAArens
Worst ever - customer service is NOT answering
The concept of customer service escapes this company. Do you have a question? Go online is their response. When you go online the response is ‘we will get back to you within 30 days’. What about my luggage? Trip of a lifetime to Ireland. NOPE, no luggage for 5 days. We are going home in 1 1/2 days and have spent most of our time here shopping for replacement clothing, toiletries, essentials. Air tag says it has arrived here, we spent 26 euro to get to airport and pick it up ourselves. NO ONE HERE. Sign posted “ ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS OUR VALUED EMPLOYEES PLEASE BE DULY ADVISED THAT WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY FORM OF ABUSE, WHETHER VERBAL OR PHYSICAL, FROM ANYONE TOWARDS OUR EMPLOYEES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THE SAFETY & WELLBEING OF OUR EMPLOYEES IS OUR UTMOST PRIORITY PLEASE REST ASSURED THEY ARE DOING THEIR PERSONAL BEST TO ASSIST YOU IN A PROFESSIONAL AND TIMELY MANNER IN VERY CHALLENGING CIRCUMSTANCES. SO PLEASE BE KIND AND PATIENT AND THEY WILL HELP YOU TOO! SKY HANDLING PARTNER MANAGEMENT” How convenient for them. I will be spending the extra time and effort to get my things returned AND filing appropriate claims There is NO excuse for this behavior.
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4 years ago, Grammy2012
Be warned
The app and customer service are dreadful! When you register after agreeing to all the cookies / statistics etc they need to gather quote “ for app to function fully)! Leads me to my warning!!!!! Warning do not put your salutation information in when you register!!!!! - for example if you select Professor it will add this to your ticket - I ask you - who’s govt ID adds that title? In addition if you call to speak with web help - they will scold you!!! Plus no one could correct my now changed reservation - simply dreadful app and unprofessional customer service (FYI calls were routed to Manila ) do not download the app - and hire new web help that have customer service skills and can actually help!!!
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5 years ago, _strelnikoff_
Best travel companion on LH flights
Before I installed this app, I had a habit of printing out everything (all info) for my flight. Since I have istalled the app - I don’t remember if I ever lost the track of any details. It saved me from a lot of trouble few times. It is always spot on for gate info, easy to navigate, has all what I need for my travels. Download boarding passes before you lose connectivity though!
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11 months ago, iejw
I don’t understand the high ratings for this app. It asks me to enter the same information over and over despite always checking off “save information”. It also makes me check off that I understand a mask is no longer necessary. Seems like that is an unnecessary sign off. Took me 20 plus minutes to check in to my flight and I had to excuse myself from a dinner to find a secluded space to concentrate on all the confusing and repetitive questions and screens with awkward information input controls. Why isn’t all the information saved from when initially booking the flight?
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2 years ago, jazzzbsmmiittthh
App is decent/scan for travel documents is horrible
I have tried numerous time to scan my travel documents for my flight to which I keep receiving an error message. It’s to the point where I now have to go to the counter to have my documents checked and get the boarding pass and this will slow me down. The app already moves slow enough as it is but this has made it so much worse. I’ve Been at it for well over an hour now. I don’t understand why Lufthansa makes things so much more difficult than other apps
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1 year ago, My iTunes (US)
Disorganized & Bloated App
This app is attempting to replicate the website, but did not quite attempt to make it app-simple. I just thought that if you made an app that better be very functional without being unnecessarily clunky and bloated. Too many unnecessary details. The presentation of information is disorganized. Flow of information is incoherent. If there are functions that don’t work or is not supposed to work in the app, remove them. Keep an eye out for those that give out errors and don’t offer those functionality in the app. If you mean them to be part of the app, make them work flawlessly.
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4 years ago, Henkes83
Took our money and our flights
We were told by the customer support line what our refund would be an approximate amount on 3 x business class flights. The refund amount was $60 dollars! The support line also told us if we were not happy with refund they would reinstate our flights. We have tried everything to get our flights reinstated as who would cancel 3 business class flights for $60 ??!! If we had known we would never canceled. The support line gave us the incorrect information and now they will do nothing to assist us! Now they can sell our tickets and make double for the seats. It is thievery! Do not fly this airline.
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1 year ago, FadeToGrayWolf
Horrible experience
The app is only able to do the basic functions: but a ticket, show a ticket. When I needed to use this app to rebook a canceled flight it failed. Completely. Lufthansa phone support sends me to the chatbot, the chatbot sends me to Lufthansa support. The app shows alternative flights as available even when they are not available. No intelligible error handling. This could be a great tool to help travelers solve problems instead makes things worse. Lufthansa should ask United for help. The United app handles advanced rebooking notifications and allows selection of alternative flights properly.
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1 year ago, Remi M.
Get ready for frustration
Lufthansa is very disappointing with this application. Delta or Southwest are much more user friendly. Show my trips right away. Why should you dig into the app to find it. Same thing for the check in. To top it off, there are several ways to check in, one of them ask for your confirmation. Come on, this is the app you’re logged in. The system should know that. And after checking, you have to do an extra step to get the boarding pass. Lufthansa, you can do better than that.
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2 years ago, lady crackerjack
Mess up
I booked a flight San Francisco to Madrid via Munich business class. Got phone while out of town stating flight sfo to Munich was cancelled and over the phone I got the reroute. I had to fly to Frankfurt short turn around made even shorter by the confusion over wheel chairs. I’m. 80 and had been told it was a long way to change terminals. Finally got to the gate as they were boarding. I had a 6 hour 20 minute layover in Munich and was booked into economy. I made numerous phone calls to Lufthansa to no avail. So my 16 hour flight turned into nearly 24 hours. I checked the the original flight was not cancelled Thanks Lufthansa
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5 years ago, Heli2reg
Visa entries and Known Traveler Information capture not working
The app does work well for booking and flight status information in general, but once you start capturing all your detailed information, including Passport data, Visa information, Known Traveller ID, etc. it’s buggy as it could be. It asks for all data and shows on the form screen that everything was entered correctly, and as soon as you hit Save, you get error messages. Very painful when you go through the process with a family of four (4) twice only to find out the software simply does not work. UGH!
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2 months ago, nan1803
Late departure and connecting flight missed!!!
Our flight from Lyon took off with one hour late. Our arrival in Frankfurt was on the run way at 5 pm, 60 minutes late. We had to take a bus. The boarding of my next flight was closing at 5.15, I ran as much as I could and arrived at 5.24 and was told the boarding was closed. I went all over the airport to finally found the Lufthansa service center. Waited at least 20 minutes to be helped. Got a rebooking for the following day and a hotel night, dinner and breakfast. We waited one hour for the shuttle to the hotel. It was packed with young children, old people and handicapped people. No air. It took us about 30 minutes to finally reach the hotel. So overall, it took me about 3 hours between my missed connecting flight and to finally sit in the hotel room.
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1 year ago, John1683
Most user unfriendly of all!
Of all airline apps, and I use several, this is the most non-intuitive of them all! It does not give your receipts handily even when signed in. Frankly, it matched my recent unpleasant experience where Lufthansa couldn’t find all my baggage receipts I paid online ahead of time them forced me to pay 2 1/2 times more at the counter. The counter agents in Miami were more interested in chatting among themselves than helping me anyway. They were also woefully uninformed on Germany’s COVID policy that had been revised 5weejs previously. Just avoid the hassles and go through another airline if you can!
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5 years ago, snack it
pathetic webview version forcing you to give out personal data
The update worsened things. At first start it asks if i want to manage personal data or do it later. Selecting first option the app brings you to the initial screen with 2 options instead of 3: login or register. Regardless if i terminate at this point app or not, I NEVER can get back 3rd option that allows me to bypass registration. So if i click Register, appears again pitiful webview screen where exactly HALF of the screen is blocked by Accept/Manage "data stealing" dialog(cookie crap). By clicking "Manage data stealing" button the app hangs totally. Termination helps as well as deleting forever.
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4 years ago, Rupa Hora
Freedom flights
The Lufthansa App allows the user to book/ look up a trip, upgrade seats, connect with Miles & More & there’s a upload a playlist version too. There should be Reminder Tips that Lufthansa Staff is there to assist you. Use minimum devices & gadgets at Airports & during travel. Avoid use of internet. Rely on Staff & Paper tickets too. Take Travel Tips as you have to fly across Countries & perhaps, Continents too.
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2 months ago, bright12087
Not great
Worst airline app I have seen. Allows seat selection then resets it after a few hours, If I can’t select seats then why not say so at the start? Then on return flight after I input all my info(which they had from outward flight) then says they can’t check in online, no reason. The address was a trick question, don’t type it it won’t work…. You need to input a few letters and select from drop-down. Keeps resetting my phone number to Canada. Not great…
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1 year ago, jsonlinter
Utter piece of crap
You cannot create an account due to an unknown error. You can create an account online and login there. But even with those credentials you cannot login with the app due to “The combination of the entered login and password is wrong.” No it’s not. Further clouding this whole setup is that you can create an account on Lufthansa directly or you can create an account via Miles and More. In fact, when I first went to Lufthansa it redirected me to Miles and More but then on the second attempt it did not redirect. Pretty obvious that no one on the dev team performs any serious amount of testing.
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