Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands

4.8 (64.7K)
70.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands

4.84 out of 5
64.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Swirls and circles
i love! plus suggestion
i downloaded this app cus i kept seeing ads for cool items on instagram that were through this app. i downloaded for fun, and it totally exceeded my expectations. i thought it was a second hand app but no it connects you with brands and items you like (with a large list of brands to follow also) and when you want to buy something it brings you to the website that has the item for the lowest price. for example i got Michael Kors boots and it brought me to bloomingdale’s website because they were cheaper there than the actual store. BUT! my suggestion is adding a size filter option. because i’ve found a few things i really like but they’re not in my size so my hopes got up for no reason. it would be nice to filter via size so i can only see items based off my input sometimes. like only show me 8.5 & 9 for shoes or 6 for pants or whatever. other than that i love :)
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3 years ago, Customer No. 292727393
Perfect for casual yet high-standard styles!!
I thought the app would be like Depop (which I love!) where it’s be independent sellers but this is actually wayyyyy better!! It’s hard finding a genre of the clothes you want and this is perfect when you know your style, and want your clothes to be new and modern, yet never know where to shop!
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4 years ago, LeathyGreens
2 suggestions for an excellent app
I really love this app. 2 things I’d love to see are: 1. When I’m in my wishlist section and I’m trying to remove an item from there, the whole section completely reshuffles each time. Not only does it reshuffle but if I was sorting it from cheapest to most expensive, and I remove a heart, it also takes me out of that sorting option and back to a new and random order of items. It is time consuming to keep going over the items that I’ve already passed in order to get the ones i want to remove. This is a non issue in the ASOS app. You can just unheart things and keep going. 2. I don’t know why i get notifications for items I’ve simply viewed. For whatever reason, we’ve elected not to purchase or add this item to a wishlist. So to get repeat notifications on an item I am not even interested in is pretty wild. There are many notifications. If there is a setting to make sure that doesn’t happen, then it’s not immediately clear to me how to change that option.
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5 years ago, Gabrielle_Ast
Filter by Condition!
I like the idea of Lyst but I am giving it 3 stars because: 1. You can’t filter the results by condition. I don’t want to see the used merchandise and there is no option to remove it. You can filter by store but how do I know which store is second-hand? 2. Items don’t update as quickly as they should. If you want to get a real bargain you will probably see it on Lyst when it’s already sold out. It doesn’t update momentarily so I still have to check the retailer’s website one by one when I know they are having a sale. 3. Not all the results appear when you search something on the Lyst. I don’t know why but some items are missing while I see them on the retailer’s website. This is probably because they don’t update it hourly or so. 4. When I get a notification that some of my favorite items went on sale, I click on the notification and it just takes me to the start page, so I don’t see which items the notification was for. I go to “my favorites” and look them up one by one. If you could fix all mentioned above you would be my number 1 app. But as for the moment I have been using Yelp for a month and never managed to find a good deal. I still shop like I used to shop online before downloading Lyst.
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7 years ago, D. Hill
Lyst is an extremely well designed fashion retail application that allows you to shop from various men's and women fashion brands, as well as stores and even designers. The app can be used just to shop from or you can create an account, personalize the brands and stores you want to follow and shop from curated results. The design is a large improvement from older versions of the app. The app itself is almost like a high end store with a modernistic sleekness that allows you to quickly navigate the UI or find products that you like. The app also works to save you money by comparing prices of the goods listed from sources all around the marketplace so it should be both easy on the eyes and the wallet.
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2 years ago, Belcuore
Love but you to a point
It’s a great resource for what’s going on out there price wise but it’s not updated. Sometimes the best price is not on the website they advertise. Also, many times the item is not available at the website they are referring you. And finally, I receive confirmation of a big but I can’t see it on the app. No way to even know what I ended up buying. Not even on the confirmation email they send. It’s just an acknowledgment that the order was placed and a tracking number. What exactly did I buy? Go figure…..
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7 months ago, 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾
Bad businesses and customer service
App said item would be delivered own certain date I was going on vacation it don’t come when suppose to and then the delivered it while I was on vacation in which they left the package in front of my door and someone took it I called the number on return it shows a USA number but when u dial it a overseas number charges me roaming charges twice $42 $ 27 then told me they would not send me the item again so o paid the charges and didn’t get the item worse customer service every talk to supervisor no help and tried to deflect everything disappointed to say the least tuning my outfit plans terrible
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1 year ago, juvey b
Great service
I have purchased a few items from this company and I am truly impressed at the high quality material that is used to make these products also the deliveries were right on time. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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6 years ago, Hexademical
Good, could be better
This app is fun to use for window shopping; I haven’t used it to actually make any purchases yet but it’s fun to look around and useful to see where the big sales are happening. It could be improved in 2 major ways: 1. Allow searches to be unisex. Currently the app requires you to choose between searching for men’s fashions or women’s fashions. I wear both so I want to be able to search for both. I’m sure that many people feel the same way. 2. More flexible search functions, especially the ability to exclude certain results from searches. For example, if I’m not interested in buying from a certain store that’s heavily featured on the site then I’d like to be able to exclude them from my searches so I can find more stuff I’d like.
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5 years ago, Blahhhhhhrgggg
Missing saved items on iPhone appp
Up until today I had several, at least 100, items saved and tracking, getting updates for them, etc. Today I logged on and they were all gone! It said I haven’t saved anything. Thankfully when I logged onto the desktop version they were there, however after logging in and out on the iOS version they still aren’t. I hope I don’t lose my saves because that would absolutely ensure me deleting this app.
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3 years ago, Cybabs
Wow! Life changing
I have spent hours looking for a way to keep track of what I like and when and where to order. It is exhausting and I always end up without. This takes the pain out of ordering searching and finding the perfect dress or pair of shoes thank you.
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3 years ago, saz omar
Payment and shipment problems
I have ordered a couple of dresses at the beginning there was a problem with the payment somehow wouldn’t allow me to buy, however made the purchase but it’s been 3 days and the shipment is still not confirmed..
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2 years ago, 265280$(;/
App Glitching for days
For months my daily notifications page was notifying me a day late or sometimes not at all about sale items. Now I keep getting a message that app can’t find any updates on my tracked items right now. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. I’m still getting the same message. All of my previous saved items were deleted from my account. The same goes for my followed list of brands. Not a reliable app any longer.
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6 years ago, Zphd1
Just fix this
Love the app and have found many items I like there. But the option to look for New items especially "New From Brands you Follow" seems to not be there sometimes. Instead one can only sort by "Recommended". Make the NFBYF feature permanent PLEASE
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4 years ago, juanP2209
Simple question
Is the clothing here fake? Or how you get that price on those brands cause it’s always 50 or 60 dollars cheaper than the actually brand’s websites Also for example, sometimes you can find the same clothing twice but one cheaper than the other one, I would like to know how this works, and if it is fake but a really high quality fake 😅
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5 years ago, Boblo17364837272827
Order never processed. Two weeks in and no refund.
I tried to order a hoodie off of here. When the order was canceled they told me it was because Barney’s changed their prices. Fine. But now it has been two weeks and I have not gotten a refund. I’ve emailed them multiple times. The last I heard was it would only take 5-7 business days and they stopped replying after that time was up. It’s not the banks fault either because I tried this order with two cards an the same thing has happened. LYST IS A SCAM.
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2 years ago, Watsonamarie
Idea of Creator
I love to see these brands mixed although I see that they are mainly big brands. Many other designers are not added to an app for example smoke rise, RTA, capsules, and many different brands of small companies. More clothes, accessories, etc people will use this app more than having to go on websites on their own.
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5 years ago, Beenthered1dthat
Only app I use
Pls add an option to select all stores, so we can deselect the ones we don’t want. For example, I’m ok with all stores except for a couple, now to do this in the app, I have to select all stores one by one till I deselect the couple I don’t want to see products from.
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2 years ago, bubatyty
Where is the sale % feature?
The app is fantastic. The only caveat is that the sale percentage feature that they do have on the website, is not on the app. Please add this feature if possible.
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2 years ago, Tmntina
Corrections needed
I love the concept of this app. Please add more plus size fashions, more of a variety and from different designers. Also the app should be corrected to pull up exactly what we’ve selected including the correct sizes.
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7 months ago, Nattrawl
This App is Great!
Lysst does the work for me by sending good deals from brands. I appreciate that the app doesn’t apply sales pressure like some brands have started doing. I wish that promotion codes were also offered, but the sales are great!
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4 years ago, Blah master
Love this app but it doesn’t save my login when I use apple.
Literally my favorite clothing app ever, only problem with is is that I have to sign in and choose my brands every single time I open the app after closing it (signed in with Apple).
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4 years ago, Idog17
Payment option
One thing I noticed is you can’t pay within THE APP so what the point ... it would be nice to pay in the app rather than being directed to another web page. so maybe in the next update consider adding payment option in the app It will make it So much easier !!!!!!
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1 year ago, Hollerbackgirl89
Review of Lyst
Great items but only rarely can I find a size on the site other than a small, xsmall, xxsmall 😱! An occasional medium is available on just ok things, and goodness gracious forbid they offer a Large!🤯 There are plus sized options but I’m not there. I’m just a larger version of a small, or medium person that likes yummy clothes at great deals!🥰
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4 years ago, foyoimprovement
It’s a cool app to check out different shoes but really pointless since you can’t actually purchase through the app. Also, I’ve looked at 6 different shoes already and each time I clicked on one (although it said my size was available) the size wasn’t available on the actual site, which makes the app extremely pointless. The app has a lot of work but great potential.
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6 months ago, cindy1015!!!
Great but wish there were better item descriptions
I love Lyst - they have a much bigger selection than SSENSE and FarFetch. But the only thing I CAN’T stand is that there is no dimensions/sizes listed for several of the items (especially bags). Please update product descriptions!!!
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2 years ago, mnnymd
Like what’s the point.
Can’t really find many choices on my size, on the stuff I was looking to buy “bathing apparel”. Stuff that is on sale has a 19+ shipping charge unless the order is over $ 200. What’s is not on sale or over certain price point ($50 or so) has a shipping of $9. For regular brands, one can find anywhere for way less. Same exact designer or item. And even free shipping. No sure what is the advantage. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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2 years ago, J. Redd
For the Low!!
Lyst is a must have app if you like finding deals for the low. Period! I have found my favorite brands for unbelievable prices from top retailers!
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2 years ago, From:Create A Name
Please don’t make us divide our feeds by gender
It would honestly be great if we didn’t have to pick don’t force us to divide our feeds by gender. A lot of clothing is essentially non gender specific such as hoodies or sneakers, but we are forced to pick whether our entire feed is men or women and it’s honestly overly restrictive for no reason.
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2 years ago, GirlonHeels
False advertising
This company will post an item for sale but when you try to check out it will not allow it saying it is sold out. I have been refreshing both the website and application and the item is available but I am unable to checkout since the company won’t allow it. Totally false advertising to get you to download the app.
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3 years ago, ZacharyJL
Love this app but please fix the sort feature
I always use this app before making a purchase but the sort feature no longer works on the app. If I go from high to low or low to high price it always just shows the high to low price. Please fix!
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1 year ago, PGYC
Middleman with no benefits
Don't waste your time ordering from Lyst, particularly if you live in the US. They require you to pay taxes and duties and then you never see that money again. Use the app to shop, but then order directly from the brand or a store. Lyst is a middle man and offers nothing to the process. I ordered a dress and paid $300 in duties and fees and Lyst customer service says it’s not their problem.
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6 years ago, 72138592
This should be a social app
I really loved this app when it first started, you were able to follow brands and designers to curate your own timeline, and post your pick of clothes on your profile. It was genius, a twitter app for fashion with nice clean UI, if you will. Now it’s just a bad Google search app. They’ve lost the whole point of this app, and it’s really unfortunate. Please bring the original features back. You can’t compete with Google.
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6 years ago, SuthyB
Good app
Nice to see a list of prices, but I think it needs to be updated more frequently as sometimes when I click on the website, it will be sold out. Otherwise it’s a great way to look across several websites.
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2 years ago, Mar1-Mar
Need more attention
I love that they always have sales in deals.. to be honest they should have a market price for the people so there’s more room to improve the app. PS you can have more available sizes and better updates with the software! Like bundles & exclusives
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1 year ago, toriiiitrejo
This app allows sellers to scam people… I purchased a wallet through the seller Garmzsy on 2/24. It is now 3/7 and have yet to hear from them. I’ve contacted Lyst which by the way only has customer care through email that has an automatic response team that feels like an AI responded. Don’t waste your time or money. I lost $400 through Lyst that I won’t be getting back unfortunately.
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4 years ago, sadesherris
Very Useful
I find myself using this app quite frequently more than I even expected . I’m able to save the items I have my eyes on where I can remember all in one app.
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2 years ago, gjfzjzfjfzj
Love this app but one question
I will love this app for the rest of my days but for all the high fashion things are they the real deal by any chance? That’s kinda all
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2 years ago, Glynn ct
Need a purchase
I need this white womens Versace couture demin shirt in a size 10 us. Please let me know where I can purchase it. I already have the app, that’s where I found the shirt.
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3 years ago, noam😊
I love this app so much. I love that it gives me updates on items that are on my wishlist and updates me when anything is on sale! It’s perfect.
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3 years ago, Shadow_Squeaky
Purchasing clothes
So far the app seems great bringing a lot of clothing to my attention i’ve never seen, and brands. But i can’t help but feel sketched out, i wanna be assured if i buy something i’ll actually receive it and this app isn’t just a big scam.
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7 years ago, notfakenewsNY
Menswear everyone??
This app is useless. Their website aggregator is obviously for both women and men but the moron that approved that app to be launched didn’t check that menswear was an available filter. Therefore you can’t shop using the app if you’re a male. If it was the opposite (and a bigger website) it would be such a backlash - they’ll slowly be out of business as female would do the right thing to spread the word. This is so dumb.
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6 years ago, kate.spade
Crashing *Fixed*
Latest update crashes upon opening app. Really frustrating. Please fix. Update: They fixed it! Props to devs for listening to reviews.
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2 years ago, QueenBink
Please update — keeps logging me out and I cannot log back in to see my wishlist. It has me to agree to the terms and conditions but never goes to the next step after i press continue. Very annoying!
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3 years ago, Cakebear's Mom
Broken App-No Lyst customer service response
For months, the Lyst app has been unusable. The only page one can open is the disclaimer about tailoring the app, that L uses cookies and then, you cannot get past that page. Uninstalling and reinstalling as well as reporting the unusable app to Lyst have been as helpful as their broken app which has been and remains, useless.
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3 years ago, Dubb513
App doesn’t work. Why would you stop access to using the web browser for a app that doesn’t work after you log in? Updated 6 days ago but still doesn’t work. Worst part is I used Lyst for all my deals now I can’t go to the easy links I gotta search which website and do digging. Deleting the app again
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4 years ago, JPAuthenticReviews
Great Awesome App, But....
Really Great App always Shop on it but only complain is with you can filter your results by size and not only by price, it would make it a lot easier
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2 years ago, GooGoowa
I would update 5 stars if
The problem of viewing product page being uncomfortably zoomed in and I cannot see well the provided details regarding the size and such… please fix it soon 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Copahc
This app is soooo unhelpful
I live in Europe but when I search for anItem and always brings up US stores, which if I buy from them I have to pay $1 million in duties and taxes and shipping and then I can’t even return it if I want without paying another fortune. It’s so stupid. Why can’t you just just search European stores for someone that lives in Europe??
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3 years ago, AubreyG<3
not very good
i got the app thinking it would have nice things but it seems to be mostly for adults and it recommend s things that i said were much too expensive. i do NOT like this app at all and won’t be keeping it. again not cute clothing in my opinion
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