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User Reviews for Macy's

4.84 out of 5
1.6M Ratings
6 years ago, LibraScribe
Hackable? Perhaps...
So I am a big Macys shopper, and I loved this app from when I first installed a year or two ago. Very convenient, between my list and my cart, it was easy to select and move items. Loved the search, really truly loved this app. When it was updated to include a dashboard recently I was thrilled. It called up recent activity and orders for me without my having to login. But to actually place an order login was required. One evening i placed like 10 pairs of boots in my cart for consideration. When I came back the next morning to narrow it down and place the order, my cart was empty. Strange. I clicked recent orders and found an order had been placed that morning. Hmmm. The order was for a $200 pair of sneakers ( not my style or size) and shipped to an address in LA (I'm in NY). THEN I noticed they'd changed the billing address, email and phone number. Seems like there was some back door vulnerability in the dashboard feature that the developers missed. App deleted. Sorry Macys. Fix that and I'll be back.
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2 years ago, kbeckett8504
I love Macy’s as is always my go to store for clothing, shoes and decor. However, I have to say I don’t like a change they made in their app. When you go to your Favorites it used to have the icon of each category I had created, ex: Kitchen, Gym Clothes, shoes, winter Coats, Purses, Dresses etc. so I will click in any of the categories and it will show me the items I put in that category. Well, now with the update it doesn’t do that. First it show me category “kitchen” and I have to scroll down to all those items to see the next one like for example “Gym clothes “ then I keep scrolling thru all the items to go to the next one. This is troublesome. Let’s say I want to see all the shoes I had like, I have to scroll down my other 5 categories to see the shoes list. By the time I finally see them I am annoyed. I think this was done on purpose so i am “forced” to scrolling down in each category and see all the items I have put in my favorites and maybe decide to put them in my cart to buy them. Believe me I don’t have time for that. If I know I want to buy shoes then let me click on the icon I create for that category and then show me only that. Don’t force me to scroll down thru all my categories. Please change this back as it was before an icon that you rename with the category and when I click on it to show me all the item I put as favorite under that category. Until then 2 stars
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5 years ago, 425509
Better than website at least
I decided to register for my upcoming wedding at Macy’s and after the initial registering online through the website, had nothing but issues and site glitches. The pages won’t load, and even when you do get it to work, when you click on the next page of your search nothing happens. So you might have 50 pages in a search but are limited to one page of it to select an item. So I then decided to download the app, thinking it’s gotta be easier there. Kind of... but not really. When you add things to your registry and tell it the number of items you want, sometimes it doesn’t even add them at all. If it does add them, it’ll add one to the registry, not the 4 you told it to. When you go to the registry, you can’t click on the registry item and easily change color options from there. You have to go back through the search process and re-find the item and re-select it that way. At one point I considered canning the whole registry at Macy’s because of how clunky the app AND website are to use and navigate. But instead just stuck with the very few items I had on there and will not be adding any more. FIX THIS! Most people don’t have time, patience or the will to try to navigate your clunky and glitch filled website and app. At least have ONE reliable self service site.... wasted a lot of my time.
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5 months ago, Jeffry Sushi
More Prod Testing needed
I use this app everyday, for years, and I work in technology. After releases you need more people doing Production testing to confirm functionality- especially regression testing. Old things that were fixed are breaking again. For instance, when going through search results, clicking in a result then going back to the full results, the app gets slower and slower and grainier in movement, then shuts down completely. So frustrating! It was fixed for about 3 months, then broke again about a month or so ago. Another issue is the app having so much trouble adding new items to Favorites. Especially in the last 2 weeks I have been getting the “Oops something went wrong” message when I click the heart. Ao frustrating. I spent all that time hinting down new items, and now they are lost. A new issue that has been around for about 3 weeks is absolutely every item showing the “more colors” banner, but only having 1 color available. Please fix these things, add them to your regression testing plan and make sure full regression testing always completed in test and in prod. Thanks.
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10 months ago, JZC$
Very Disappointed!!!!!
Rated with 4 stars bc I tried multiple times rating it with 1 start but Macys kept deleting my review and never let it through. Why does it take sooo long for Macys to give you the correct current balance as you make online purchases? Interesting to me that the available credit rarely match the current balance. This has been an issue to me since I’ve been a member for 2 years. I believe they do it on purpose because Psychologically as you see that you own a lower balance than what is expected, you are tempted to buy more, also making it more confusing/harder to track the balance. They are purposely behind updating the current balance at least 99% of the time. Additionally, I just realized that I paid on interest charge last year even after making all complete payments on time. Platinum Member and their statement/balance is hard to track. This is very disappointing and a total Macy’s scam. Just hope other members read my review and keep an eye on these matters to be aware of these dishonest fee charges.
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5 years ago, KittySaysRoar
Poor App Development
I have been a Macy’s customer for over 10 years. I love being able to browse and purchase items with the app. Unfortunately the “wallet” section is a disaster. Every time I try to go to the credit card payment page it gets stuck on the loading screen for 5 minutes or indefinitely. It’s a crap shoot. If/when it final goes through and you click review payments, or any other tab, it goes into a frozen state of loading again. I always have to close out and just go on my laptop to the full website. Even that payment area sometimes freezes! For over a year I have updated the app and waited for bugs to be fixed, and they have not been. I do not recommend using this app to track your Macy’s credit card and make payments in anyway. It is even discouraging me from shopping there all together since the issues have cause me fines and missed payments due to the issues.
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5 years ago, BrittElyse820
25% off first purchase is a scam
I downloaded the app because after months of searching for a dress for an upcoming wedding I found one at Macy’s but it was too expensive so I checked for discounts online. I downloaded the app because it claimed the first purchase was 25% off. I tried creating an account but they told me I already had one connected to my email (not bc I had the app before just the regular one you get from ordering online) so when I clicked back to log in it wiped away the 25% discount. So, I decided to try again on my bfs phone we created him an account got the order to go through and arranged pick up and the following day got an email stating the order was canceled the discount was not reinstated and no explanation was given. Now I also ordered shoes from my regular account later when I realized I didn’t have shoes to match the dress that full price order went through fine. If I can’t get the dress I have no use for the shoes and am back at square one 10 days before the wedding. This experience has made me delete the app, will likely return the shoes and am having second thoughts about shopping at Macy’s if they are going to be manipulating customers like this.
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2 years ago, shanonr430
Macy satisfaction
Love the rewards and all the items they offer. I have always been satisfied. I do have one complaint I had to return something and I didn’t have my debit card used with me when I initially purchased it and they gave me a difficult time refunding cash to me. Because it was a debit card the the amount was immediately deducted from my bank account, this paid in full. And, they didn’t want to return cash money. I had to show the manager my bank account in my phone showing was charged for the items. It was insulting and unnecessary. Since I used a debit card it is the same as cash and I am entitled to the refund how I prefer not the store. If this happens I will boycott Macy’s and tell my story to all my friends and family and have them boycott Macy’s as well. I make a lot of purchases often at Macy’s and being treated and humiliated the way I was is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, Coach Mac 12
As the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gets closer to the date, it reminds us all of when we were kids and enjoyed seeing Santa at the end of the Parade and got us all excited for we get older it reminds us that Christmas is about a month away and how crazy it’s going to be fighting for gifts for loved ones and finding that special gift for that special person..... but if you stop and focus on the FIRST WORD, MACY’S, it will put your mind at ease, even if you haven’t started your shopping yet! Just download the app, and buy GREAT gifts for everyone, including that special gift for that special person! What’s even better than finding everything in one store? Never leaving your home to find it, buy it, and bring it home! And if you’re like me, you never miss a single play during football season and get credit like you must have been shopping for at least a couple months!!!!
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6 years ago, MintySmiley
The app is not working properly. Processed my order with many errors over and over. When I called to get support was held on hold fo 38 minutes. Then when was able to finally speak to support was told that my problem had to be transferred to a different department. Of course I got hung up on. Called back now getting very close to 1 pm cutoff for the sale and again took over 15 minutes to go through all the prompts before getting to “right” Department..... again I hold, another 24 minutes later.... finally speaking to a live person and describing the terrible wait and hung up situation to be told one again that he had to transfer me. I stated my concern again about being hung up on and he stated:please give me your name and number and I assure you that you will not get hung up on....which I of course did!!!!!!! Needless to say, I already missed the deadline for the sale. Well Macys, you missed my $$$$$ order. I will definitely spread the experience with everyone I know
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6 years ago, mickeymantis
My Fave Store
Love Macy's - the products, the customer service the easy returns, on- line shopping the selection - all of it. I'm not crazy about Last Act I don't like the 30 day return limit and that you can't use your "star rewards." They are my star rewards for spending money at Macy's so I think I should be able to use them any time I want to. Other than that I am a gigantic fan. I love that I can find a super deal on a close out item and find more of the items, at the same price, at other stores in the USA, and have them shipped to my home. I just moved into an urban condo and have purchased Kate Spade Crystal and China for my new kitchen- all items on clearance, at very good prices. Finding one or two pieces locally then completing the collection with other pieces getting shipped. How fun it is to come home to a package with my special Kate Spade Crystal inside!! The salespeople I have worked with all over the country have been delightful and professional. I also bought all of my bedding, pillows, sheets, toss pillows, etc. from Macy's - Ralph Lauren, Hotel Collection, Martha Stewart, and Jessica Simpson all contributed to the trendy, modern and comfortable vibe. And, as always, Macy's fashions helped me dress for success so I could rock my new promotion at work this year and enjoy a well deserved beach vacation, wearing Bar III.... Can't wait to go Christmas Shopping❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Grigoryan Sergey
hello, I am very discredited by your customer service because I ordered glasses on your website after 7 days when I called to find out why my order was not sent, I was told that they would contact the store and send my order, but in the evening of the same day my order was canceled and said that it was not available. and they offered me to wait forever when it appears or cancel my order, I said that I see such glasses on the site but of a different color and I agree to send me a different color to which they replied that these glasses are of a different price but I ordered glasses when there was a discount on them and it's not my fault that you didn't bother to close the offer because these glasses are out of stock, it's your fault and there is no discount for these glasses now. I am your regular customer, not only me and my family, and we spend thousands of dollars in your store and I think this attitude towards your regular customers is not acceptable. and I think that this was the last mine and my family in your store if you can not figure out this situation. thanks in advance
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1 year ago, Rezaqt
Macy’s Doesn’t Deliver
Many, many times in the past year Macy’s has actually not delivered what I purchased through their app. Their items become stuck in shipping limbo for forever, and they leave it up to the consumer to contact them and let them know. If it happened once, no big deal - but it HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Check and make sure you didn’t order something and forget about it, and it never arrived but you were still charged for it. They also are constantly running out of things and apparently never have the missing item in stock... There is also no easy way to contact Macys. It always says “Chat Unavailable” so I have to dig around to try and find someone to notify. It is ridiculously difficult to let anyone know that you in fact did not receive the order you already paid for. I have significantly reduced my Macys spend for this reason and will cease to purchase from them in the future. They are the only retailer I order from with this persistent problem. Macys needs to get it together and figure out how to be an online retailer.
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6 years ago, 1990k75rt
Alleged customer service with Macy’s credit card
It took 45 minutes in phone calls only to be disconnected, and nothing accomplished. It’s bad enough being connected to a foreign country with a major communication gap. I tried to do the automatic system but it one point it asked me for my full Social Security number then a foreigner got on the phone and try to ask me for my Web ID, This was all through the Macy’s app. I clicked on the phone number to call I found it hard to believe that I was even talking to Macy’s after the information that was asked of me. So I went through Google and somehow was connected to the same site. All of my ID information was correct but when I tried to place an order it would say The payment information was wrong when I clicked and checked on that it said that my mailing address is wrong I clicked and checked on that then it said my billing address is wrong eventually I had to login again and another credit card Extremely time-consuming very frustrating and I believe the app is compromised as asking for my full Social Security number in the web ID is not OK
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4 years ago, Nikkeys
Love Macy’s... However!
I love Macy’s... However, I placed an mail order and it never came. Called they were to reship but sent to the wrong address and stated they would resend. 3rd time around waiting. Meanwhile, receive a harsh and rude email from a representative, Krizel Joy Q. She stated that: We have investigated the order in question and concluded that due to excessive claims of non receipt, we will be unable to credit or reship your merchandise. Additionally, we will no longer be able to process any reshipment or credit to this billing name and address. This incident is addressed as excessive claims of non receipt... Just go to the store if you want to purchase. You are responsible for missing packages. I asked if they could just leave for store pick up but rep said for the inconvenience they’ll reship. Then they send to the wrong address in another state!! Macy’s you’ve disappointed one of you “Valued Platinum Card Holders”
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5 years ago, jos phine
Macys decreasing quality and value
Since becoming a regular, online Macy’s shopper I have noticed that the name brands are great but the quality of the items shipped are always in ‘rough’ shape. I have ordered clothing from the Calvin Klein and Michael Kors clothing line from Macy’s. The Calvin Klein swimsuit that I had ordered has a thick lining to the bust area. The lining was twisted outward and I was unable to fix it. The Michael Kors top that I had ordered has an elastic neckline with a chain detail, the elastic was broken and required sewing. I have been disappointed with the condition that the clothing is being shipped in. I have since stopped buying clothing online at Macy’s and just stick to purchasing my Estée Lauder make up necessities and that’s it. Macy’s rarely has sales on fragrance and cosmetics so I use the coupons sent with my monthly Macy’s beauty box. My satisfaction or lack there of has reduced my shopping at Macy’s significantly.
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1 year ago, dont have one dont want one
Bad check out
I have an account but every time I put my information in you refuse it and therefore I cannot check out with my address and everything filled in for me I’ve had it I’m going to find somewhere else to buy my clothing and shoes and whatever else I Byam in fact I’ve been buying very little because I can’t stand the way you do business. Send things to my daughter’s family in Wisconsin and every time that happens they fail to put it back to me no-fault address which is my address which is where most of my packages go entrance continue to go there but I end up sending my daughter things two times after I sent her the first thing because they refused to change even though I go in and change the address I wanted to go to
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5 years ago, Marinette5050
Scanning needs work
I downloaded this app so I could scan numerous items before deciding what to buy. Macy's has connected the scanning operation with the purchase operation, so that everything you scan goes into your "shopping bag". After scanning several items you reach your credit card limit. Then you have to go into your "shopping bag" and remove everything. That's stupid. Most people want to scan stuff in order to decide whether to buy it -- not to buy it!! How do I know if I want to buy it before I scan it? You gotta fix this. What would be better is to have all the scanned stuff go into a "scanned" list so you could compare and then select specific items for purchase - either onsite or online. Clearing the Scanned list should be doable per item (by swiping left, as it is now) and a one-button "Clear all" operation. Then I could go home and look at my scanned list, decide what I want, and order it to be shipped (or sent to my nearest store).
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2 years ago, Meghz...
Recent update is very inconvenient
The new update is inconvenient and not user friendly. The features were definitely not upgraded keeping in mind for someone is who uses app regularly to find products. To begin: the list is collapsed all the time and if you have more than 2 list for number of family members in one account you will have keep scrolling and scrolling to find the price of item you saved to buy at some point in future. The bag items do not show actual price and coupon applied rug under. The placement of price and discount available is not apt for user to make decision. Earlier the view was compressed to view all items in the bag/cart. Now you just keep scrolling to see all the items. I hope you make some improvements soon. The new updates are definitely not user/shopper friendly. In times like past 2 years consumers spend more time on phone app rather on laptop/website to look for products. And the new feature /update is only going to push away lot of us from using app.
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1 year ago, Sweetbeats33
Done with Macys and AMEX
They changed the app and you can’t see the information like you could on the old app version. I had to call. Guess they severely lowered my credit limit on my cards and never properly notified me. When I called I got a rude immature kid handling my money and credit information. They lowered my $6000 limit down to $600. The rep told me they could not see that it was lowered. I’ve had the card for 13 years and proof it was that high years ago. The rep talked down to me like I was mistaken yet she could not look up the info one way or another. Just another young kid that knows nothing about finances or life for that matter. I’ve had credit cards for longer than you have been alive on this planet. Go home to mom and let her cook you dinner. You are too young and immature to have employment yet. Glad I have them out of my life now. You need to do better when hiring people. Pay them more and you won’t get unqualified employees.
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2 years ago, electicprune
What have you done?! Awful update.
This app used to be okay. It seems they recently tried to fix it, but made it absolutely worse. When browsing clothing or shoe categories, you can’t even access a filter for size. Go to women’s shoes, pick a category (I selected womenswear boots) and you aren’t able to pick a size. There is no size option under filter. There is a button next to “filters” saying size, but click in it - no options. Doing simple things like changing the color of a shoe makes it so that you can’t even look at the object because it disappears behind ads and options so you have to do loads of unnecessary scrolling. When you click on a color option for something, it shouldn’t navigate you away from it. You should be able to look at that thing. Look at any other site of any kind - when you click colors, you watch the color change immediately right where it is, without having to get back to the photo somehow. This update is bad.
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5 years ago, Heftysack
Horrible customer service.
Macy’s customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. After multiple attempts to buy a handbag over the telephone, the final one I was trying to buy was the wrong one ordered as i discovered when I looked at the email order. I called back to address the irritating and unnecessary problem and was passed from one person to another because an “error” message showed up which apparently no one understood and i was put on hold multiple tones while being forwarded from one person to another. Ultimately, they hung up on me. I gave up and had to go to the store to get the issue solved. A very basic problem was non English speaking customer service people which made the whole process even worse. These issues most certainly now impact my purchases at Macy’s.
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3 years ago, Buzz, Farmer
Major problems with scan and pay
I’ve tried twice now on two separate occasions to use the scan and pay feature. In each case, I struggled with getting it to make the transaction work. In the first case, it complained that it wouldn’t accept the card and after a few attempts and wasting about 15 minutes and calling customer support, I had to go to the register to buy the item. To add insult to injury, it logged four transactions against my credit card vendor and I had spend time to ensure those wouldn’t debit my account. After repeated calls and my prompting, someone finally admitted that they were having system problems. In the second case, I was trying to apply a gift card to my account as part of a scan and pay operation and it wouldn’t accept that. Again I called customer support who didn’t provide anything to resolve the problem. And yes, again I wasted a bunch of time and ultimately went to the sales counter to wait and pay.
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4 years ago, Wade2190
*Slightly* better than the website
I want to love the app, but it really is too hard to do so. I downloaded the app as a way to avoid the horrendous website function, but I’ve found the app isn’t much better. Shopping bag empties, I have to sign in to my account Every. Single. Time. I go to a new search, or open my shopping bag, or exit the app for a brief time - that’s with the settings allowing me to stay signed in. Not to mention the fact that my password never shows up, even with Touch ID enabled. I’ve missed out on sales and discounts (part shame on me for coming down to the wire on time, part shame on you for not being reliable) due to these issues. The closest Macy’s to me is over an hour and a half away now, and as such, this is generally the only way I can be a customer. When this is the experience I get, I generally don’t even bother. It’s unfortunate, because I’ve spent a lot of money at Macy’s, and would continue to do so, but it’s becoming more and more difficult.
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3 years ago, concreteRusty
Loved For Two life Spans
Amozon Took my Five hundred Dollar Card I out cash on . And Macy’s Saved the day I got 1 of my items ordered The next day ‘ the very Next Day I couldn’t believe it . And Macy’s made it so that My Daughter of 34 years Has a nice Christmas for once ‘ Before it was all about the Kids my grandkids And a little something left for The grown kids . Well Its Been 15 years now And I spent most of my Macy’s Card money on her So this yr Everyone can be lavished with lots of Great Gifts So Thanks To Macy’s for Helping wife & I save the day For a hard well earned year so Christmas Can still be A wonderful one even though were apart gifts shipped from the geart Always make one feel better . Thank you I cant say enough ih yes the rewards are awesome . My grandmother Was the first yo take me to Macy’s Thats where I learned Real true Beauty inside !
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3 months ago, roeraz
Usually I like to read reviews before I buy. However during the Presidents sale I only could see the number of stars but when I tap them they disappeared. Obviously Macy’s did not want one to actually read the reviews. Disappointed. I came to this page and found the review here. Problem is I did not write that. I came to this site to tell you I’ve been trying to enter to look at sandals but it won’t let me in. I keep getting a white screen which appears to be turning a page until it times out. I’ve been trying for 3 days. Your Customer Service suggested I close down the app then set up again. Also I want to apply for a credit card. I have closed down the first app and will try to use it again. Please have tech check to see if my problem can be fixed. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Spankman1963
Macy’s is awesome
I’ve had my Macy’s credit card for about six years now. I have purchased clothing, small appliances and furniture. Every experience has been amazing. With Covid the past year and a half it made it impossible to go to the store to purchase items. With Macy’s I was able to get great quality products delivered in a timely manner to my home. They offer great products, fair value and their sales can’t be beat. So be on the lookout for coupons. It will save you money. I have to include their customer service via email or by phone. All my experiences Have been friendly and met with direct attention to solve my problem. Macy’s keep up the great work and you have a continued support from our family.
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5 years ago, Dipasaco
K app, annoying bugs
This app is just ok. When I’m in a store, it doesn’t work when I want to scan a tag to get the price, simply bc some Macy’s stores are in buildings that have poor cell signal (Queens Mall, Herald Square and Dadeland for example) so the app doesn’t work. Terrible, since this app is supposed to work inside the store. Secondly, when I’m shopping through the app and want to check a product’s reviews, if there is one that I want to read fully, I click on it and the app kicks me out to the beginning of the reviews so I have to scroll down again and find the one I wanted to read. On that same note, if I try to scroll down the reviews, after a few scrolls the same thing happens. Kicks me back to the beginning of the reviews. Very annoying. I read reviews all the time to minimize having to return items in-store and the fact that the reviews screen has such bugs is discouraging. Please fix it!!!
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1 year ago, bshdkfnd
MACY’S Is a SCAM, no item Arrived. Wasted $400+
I love going to Macy’s a lot. Most of my stuff are bought from Macy physical store but since I moved to North Dakota, for the first time I ordered online coz my friends told me they have a lot of item on sale items and We don’t have Macy store here. I ordered 4-Versace perfumes it comes with freebies I was very excited for it’s my gifts for Mother’s Day. It was Ordered, shipped but it keeps saying it’s delayed which is fine for me coz I understand there was a blizzard that time/snow storm. I don’t check a lot emails a lot but I realized it’s been a week or so and did not received the items then it says it’s delivered but I didn’t received anything. Prior to my perfumes order i Also bought clothes for my kids which I received. I contacted customer service but they denied my refund/replacement requests and their reason was “we believe there is a problem receiving deliveries at your provided shipping address.” I replied to them, and no response. I SPENT $400+ for the invisible perfumes —- I WASTE my money.
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2 years ago, kfranz924
New update issues
I liked this app, but am frustrated with some of the features in the new update. Old lists didn’t migrate to the new app which is disappointing. Looks like only some items migrated to a style board and the rest are deleted entirely. I won’t bother creating lists again, mainly because the “Add to list” button is gone. The “always visible” filter options are distracting and take up a lot of room. I liked how they used to disappear as you scrolled. The biggest pain point in the app for me is that you can’t see item subtotals after you apply a discount in your shopping bag. This still persists after the update and is the reason why the web checkout is better. I hope user feedback is considered and future updates will include improvements based on genuine frustrations.
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5 years ago, Mediating Mensan
Navigation, Final prices not under FRIENDS items nor in cart!
Difficult to simply leave cart and return to exact place I was shopping. There needs to be an arrow back from every page in the mobile app. Clicking through each garment in one’s cart may enlarge or diminish the numbers of garments appearing in one’s search. I had a very limiting search entered-women’s, regular, size 4, cashmere, 40% off and more and found many more options by clicking through each garment in my cart. It was frustrating! I want to see them all and then choose. Secondly, it is deceiving to have the final price list below the sweaters in my cart, e.g., but have the discounts applied to other garments, but not showing its final price! It does not show it in the cart, either! It only shows the totals. That is a HUGE error in the app!! I removed hundreds of dollars of items from my cart trying to figure out the ACTUAL FINAL SALE PRICE OF EACH ITEM REMAINING! You need to fix that ASAP as I’m not likely to use the mobile app until you do. It’s too frustrating!
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4 years ago, Lazy Skater216
As bad as their website
I want to start off by saying I very much like Macy’s, I even used to work there. This review is not intended to put a bad name on Macy’s or Bloomingdales. However hopefully this reaches someone to fix the issues with their ordering system. I tried ordering a product 4 times from the regular website and it would go through with no issues only for my confirmation email to be a “your order has been canceled” email. I tried 2 of my cards and Apple Pay. I decided to try the app in hopes that they are trying to put their focus on their app. After 2 more attempts to order my item from the app, I still have not been able successfully place my order. Additionally, I did call the number on the “order canceled” email to get a team that would not truly listen to my problem. Again i love Macy’s and this does put a huge damper on my experience as this product is not sold in any of the stores from the Pentagon Mall all the way to Richmond so I may have to go somewhere else unfortunately.
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5 years ago, Puzzled by the Changes
Over it!
After reading the above review, I experienced the same thing with Macy’s. I have been a loyal Macy customer for years! Yet, my last two months of experience with the company have not been good at all! I ordered a pair shoes that are still available online (and were on sale at the time of the order), but Macy’s canceled the order with no explanation. Thinking it was error on my part, I reorder the same shoes again a few days later. The exact same thing happened again… The order was canceled with no explanation. Two weeks later I ordered a suit that was labeled as a new product and also on sale. The order was canceled with no reason given. So, I ordered it one more time, and again it was canceled. However, the suit is still available online in all sizes. In all my years of purchasing clothes online from Macy’s, this had never happened before! When I contacted the customer service representative, she apologized and said it must be a technological glitch. That was a month long glitch.......
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4 years ago, Asilirpan
Trash App with glitches, errors, and pathetic customer support
My orders were automatically cancelled AGAIN and when I called the phone number provided in the cancellation email, the customer service had no clue about how or why the glitch happened nor how to fix it. Apparently a ‘verification step’ was skipped during checkout -I used this app for all orders and it’s logged into my account so if there’s any additional steps required, it’s not visible to me. The error/flaw is in the app! During checkout, it showed me the points I earned for my Star Rewards (including over 2k bonus pts) but since they cancelled my order and it was reactivated via phone support, the order is not at all linked/placed into my account. I’ve been scammed as NO POINTS were added to my Star Rewards acct. Also it’s inconveniently difficult to track the shipments and deliveries since it’s not linked to my account. Does Macy’s have any qualified technical support that customers can contact/reach?!
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5 years ago, BBH1935
Love Macy’s, but App frustrating at times
I have latest version and each time I update I hope they fix the bug where when you are reading the reviews about an item/product, it will just go back to the first one without warning. I am constantly going back and forth until I become frustrated. At which point, I just go to the regular site through Safari. Also, I wish you would fix the shopping bag where you could remove or update an item without having to go all the way back to the item. I have made many mistakes in my ordering because I could not just review it on one page & make updates/changes. App still needs a little work. However, I will continue to shop at Macy’s through the website.
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5 years ago, Lalamcland
The app works fine. However, every single time I go to open it, it forces me to download an update first. I’m sick of that. Macy’s is also playing games with prices. Aside from the coupon nonsense, items are different prices in the store v. the app. I went to the store to buy suits I found discounted online in sizes the app claimed were in stock at the store. Not only were the suit sizes NOT at the store, they WEREN’T DISCOUNTED either. Then I bought two shirts at the store, both marked down 1/2 price on the tag (yet full price on the app), but the sale prices didn’t ring up at purchase. On top of all this, someone thought it a brilliant idea to put the men’s restroom in the ladies suit department at the Macy’s Houston Galleria location. The smell of poo and constant stream of men walking/running by as I dug through racks was ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on the terrible customer service provided by the clerk that day. No thanks Macy’s. I’ll just keep shopping at Nordstrom.
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2 years ago, Soocccaa
Beware- charged for duplicate order
Had this app a few years ago, deleted it then as it seemed glitchy. I downloaded again recently for second chance. Last week, I used the Macy’s app to place an order to mail a birthday gift. It was again glitchy but I thought I’d been successful. To my surprise, the recipient received two identical orders. My order history lists two identical orders placed five minutes apart via phone app with identical delivery address, both mailed as gifts. Clearly I would not intentionally place two identical gift orders to the same person with same gift message five minutes apart. Per customer service, my only option for receiving credit for erroneous order is to ask the gift recipient to go to trouble of returning the duplicate items to a Macy’s store or box them up and take to UPS center to mail back for return. Once I determine a better resolution to this issue, I will be deleting this app once again.
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2 years ago, nilu40
Hate the modification of “ Favorites”
I am always enjoying the Macy’s app, but you did modification to the “ Favorites “ modules, did not like the new modification at all. First of all, you can not see your saved items with date range, it used to displayed with the newest saved items on top , and the oldest at the buttom, now when I want to check the items I saved recently I have to go over all the list and find the item, then you added function to group and categorize , who have so much time to do that??? I tried but tired a bit later, I still want to see all the item in one list with recent date range, simple and efficient!!! New modification is time consuming and complex!!!!
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2 years ago, MeeLehNah
Terrible update!
This app was amazing until they did the latest update. I had created multiple wishlists and before the update I could select the wishlist and items I wanted to view. Now this new update has me scrolling throughout all the items in all my wishlists to look into one! How is that convenient?! It makes my shopping experience a lot harder. In addition, when you view an item and scroll down to check colors, the item disappears because you scrolled too far, wth?! So I can see how a shirt looks in blue because I scrolled too far and the shirt is now not visible. It’s more of a hassle to shop now and very frustrating. I only shop through the app, so not having it function properly is a problem. I don’t think I’ll be platinum anymore if they don’t update this crappy app to a more user friendly app. So annoying when they had such a great app prior to this update. Change back or lose customers!
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6 years ago, JAR0306
Customer Service
No help in donation or sponsoring. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a non-profit which supports those who have lost a loved one and those dealing with personal struggles. Sucide in high school is increasing. It’s the second leading cause of death. I would’ve never imagined my son taking his life. Living in Hollywood working for an A-list actor. The phone call received telling you the bad news is the most worst thing I’ve ever been through and I don’t want anyone else to receive the most devastating call that affects the rest of your life. I have suffered a lot of pain and been hospitalized two times since his passing in 2013. I’ve received many email address and the information is not available for my particular question. Maybe it’s due to the fact Macy’s does not want to support the nonprofits however it does sponsor the Macy’s parade in New York. This kind of makes you think. All I want is the email address or preferably a phone number. Is that too much to ask for?
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1 month ago, Denise555000
Anyone else having an issue of items going to last act in middle of shipping?
This has happened multiple times to me. I’ll place an order only to find out a few days into shipping the item oddly goes to last act. Then i am stuck with it be it fit or not. I’ve hade a couple hundred easily stolen from me with this practice. Other stores at least honor a return. Not macy’s. Your stuck with it. This miss leads consumers and you cant tell me I’m the only one experiencing this. It would greatly be of help to have warning note that say will go to last act in the date…. So i know not to order it. I use to love shopping at Macy’s but this behavior started shortly after society opened up from covid. This has lost total trust in me as a consumer. Now it’s in person at my local mall or nothing. Macy’s didn’t use to practice this.
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I love Macy’s app, better the than visiting the store
After used the App for a long time, cause the city I live don’t have Macy’s store. When I have chance to travel to Macy’s store, i feels I just waste my time to find the size I need, the color I love, the brand I want. All that things you just need to set up in the App. It’s show up what is available, and it ship out to your door extremely fast. Also free return. In holiday seasons, shopping by Macy’s app is great opportunity to get your stuff at earliest, before it’s gone. This is my opinion, while my mom, a Macy’s fan, always tell me she want to walk in the store, touch and feel the material. Anyway she was RIP last Mother’s day. I will not back in the store, it’s bring too much memories about her.
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2 years ago, buggie24
Ordering’s A Breeze, Tracking’s A Nightmare
Looking through the app and ordering is simple with the app. The nightmare begins once they take your money. Tracking your order is a cluster nightmare. Items are shipped individually, resulting in many different tracking numbers. To add to it, the tracking numbers cannot be copied or linked to a hyperlink. So tracking your various packages is an absolute nightmare. You have to shuffle between internet apps and the Macy’s app just to input the tracking number. With multiple shipments in my single order, it makes it a nightmare having to do this with each individual shipment. They should focus on making this more user friendly. I don’t think I will buy more than a few items at a time, seeing how complicated they have made this process.
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4 years ago, Böhme417
Scanner broken
The most recent update that brought changes to the scanning portion of the app essentially broke the scanner. Whenever I choose the price check option, I get an error that says, “oops… we’re not sure what happened. Let’s try this again.” It does this with every item, every time. So, I try to use the scan & pay option. Then it prompts me to change my location settings, which you CANNOT do for the Macy’s app in settings. Macy’s is missing from privacy > location services, and there are no location settings under the other settings for the app. The other option is to connect to the Macy’s Wi-Fi. So, I connect to the Macy’s Wi-Fi, and nothing happens. I’m connected to the Wi-Fi and select the scan & pay option again. It then again prompts me to change location settings or connect to the Wi-Fi I’m already connected to! Scanning to check prices and inventory was the main reason I used this app, and now I can’t do either.
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3 years ago, all lives matter in Gods Name
My experience with online shopping with Macy’s
Macy’s makes it very easy and affordable to shop online and whenever you have a problem can always call them with no problem and they’re always there to help you with nice train customer service reps always at the tip of your fingers I highly recommend Macy’s for all your shopping rather than dealing with the crowds in the store be safe shop online it’s the same has going in the store trust me I’m new at this and going through these difficult times will keep everyone a step closer to being safe and healthy and no I was not paid to say these Beautiful words God bless America all lives matter
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5 years ago, Feedback Feeder 😜
great clothing... organizational complications
So... I want to start off by saying that I am personally a fan of Macy’s and the its clothing quality and style. I am almost always satisfied after taking a trip to any of the many stores. I was really exited to get the app because I am a major online shopper and was looking for a few things in particular that I had seen in one of the stores, but didn’t have the time to go and get. But as soon as I opened the app, I found that it was quite badly organized with overwhelming amounts of options in one place. I simply found that there were a lot of other stores that are much more easily navigable... Oh! And those items I said that I saw in store and was hoping to find online? It took several days for me to actually find them (some in categories I don’t even believe they belong in...). And I have friends with similar issues. Overall — though I know I basically complained this whole time — I actually would recommend the app. I mean, I found what I was looking for eventually.... But I think that if you seriously need to find something, its best if you have time to go to the store. Macy’s has great clothing — just not the best app.
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1 year ago, shopper 82922
Not enough features within the app.
The app doesn’t load items fast enough. Also tracking purchases and making returns start in the app but then you get redirected to another site or get return labels by email. Should all be in one spot and be able to set up carrier pickups if needed in the app. I wish you could also make changes or cancel an order before an order ships. You do have 30 minutes to cancel an order, no changes can be made but if you get side tracked or continue shopping and you miss that timeline, you can no longer cancel or change your order. You have to receive it and go through the process of returning either at a store or drop off. I also used to get sale alerts for my favorites list, but I don’t get them anymore.
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5 years ago, Shop4me!
Customer Service
I have always expected and received excellent customer service from Macy’s for many many years. I stopped by the one in Rockford,IL with my sister to pick up some beauty necessities that the customer service age would find for me and I would pay and be on my way. However, after waiting over 30 minutes the people she was working with left. I was standing at the counter to be next and two people walked by to buy a purse and she immediately said they were first. Knowing that was false and so did the other couple, I waited a moment for her to reconsider since I had been there the whole time alone and she “passed” on me. I turned and left that store immediately and will not return.
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5 years ago, tinafey14
Ok website
Macy’s pricing is good, which is why I shop here. However, the website is slow as is the app. Plus there usually aren’t very many pictures of the items. Nordstrom will have 5+ of almost every item. Also, the app kept freezing and I would have to start over or it would take me all the way back to the top of what I was searching, and then I’d have to scroll allllll the way back down to where I had left off. Plus it seemed a little finicky on the “cart” could definitely flow smoother going back and forth From cart to where I was shopping. When I go from screen to screen, it’s helpful to go back to where I left off.... and not back up at the top (if that makes sense). They do have some details I appreciate, like the height and size of the model. Do this every time please!!! It’s so helpful.
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5 years ago, choppygirl77
Buggy and No More Size Chart
Very buggy new version. I mean, Macy’s app has always been buggy, like when you sit there and start browsing clothes page after page, it would shut down the app. However this latest update is so disappointing that I just deleted the app and come here to write a review. First of all, the size chart doesn’t make sense. There’s no size chart of measurement of any sort. Just a selector for International, US, China sizing, followed by a scale of too large or too small, and a scale of comfort level. I tried other products and size chart still showed useless info. I still couldn’t tell if I should pick M or L. Then all the sudden the Size type selections wouldn’t go away no matter what I tap on. It’s definitely a bug. I was tired of restarting the app and then have to imagine what size I need, I just deleted the app. Maybe one day I’ll download it again once you’ve fixed the bugs and give me back the size chart WITH measurements.
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