MAF Carrefour Online Shopping

4.4 (47.7K)
336.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
MAF Carrefour
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.3 or later
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User Reviews for MAF Carrefour Online Shopping

4.4 out of 5
47.7K Ratings
5 years ago, w.a83
Good start but needs work
The app is difficult to navigate, the items are hard to find even through the search bar which is the main problem and not properly organized when they do come up. You’ll find different types of the same item scattered throughout the page and not all together or in a row. The search bar is worthless unless your looking for a specific brand, a broad search for “shampoo” for example doesn’t work since it only searches for specific brands since most things come up as unavailable, but could be available under a different search result . The user interface needs a lot of work. It’s not very smooth and all the sub catergories make it difficult to guess where an item can be found . The positive is that the The delivery and customer service was great but the hassle of the app doesn’t make it very worthwhile
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2 years ago, babyherring
This app doesn’t really want you to shop
I was asked to write a review. What’s there to write? Almost nothing here in the app really works. Click on a category or a shelf — it will render itself empty with an illiterate “Ooops, something went wrong!”. It takes a Christmas miracle to complete an order. ~75% of what’s in the actual supermarket isn’t depicted in the app at all; the fact that however will not save you from almost immediately getting never-ending PHONE-CALLS: first from the supermarket shelf attendant (?) who will callously report that about a third of what you just order isn’t actually available for purchase; no need trying to communicate clarifications to her on how to get to your place without getting lost, considering the likelihood of how such handicap might come in handy later, — as she and the delivery chevalier apparently won’t ever cross paths in this galaxy; please, just seat back, relax and await for more phone-calls from the mentioned delivery male-gazer asking first how to get from the street to the building entrance and from the elevator door to the apartment door, as well as how to operate a building door buzzer in case it is completely and decidedly unlocked, — since a simple address, garnished will all the directions (that probably isn’t proffered to the currier by the app, why make the quest less tantalising!), just won’t suffice.
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2 years ago, Lolla11111
Awful Updates in Past 4 Months
Every time they change the app, it asks you to update your address by selecting a Location they want you to select from. When the delivery person calls, they can’t find the location & need to be sent a location. What’s the point of entering locations we need to select from & still be asked to send a location to the delivery person. They also hardly show any of items bought before to make easier to REBUY items we buy, so we mist re-enter them in the search function. When they show items bought before, they don’t show all the items, not sure if it’s because they don’t have it in stock or what exactly is issue? Why not make it easier for regular, loyal customers to re-buy without hassle of typing items again??? Their search function isn’t accurate, as example you can type Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges & it not match, but, type Scrub sponges & the only item matches is Scotch Brite, wth 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️!!! I can go on but enough said!!!
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2 years ago, $Tiger$
Doesn’t deliver all items.
The app is broken for months now. They advertise 50% off. No items are 59% off. The Deals tab includes items at full price. Worst of all, Carrefour doesn’t deliver all the items ordered! But they charge for all the items. Customer service is a joke. The call and say they will resolve, and never do. I am still waiting for issues to be resolved from 10 months ago. Even worse, they send emails saying they resolved your issue, but did nothing. It seems like they are increasing profits by shorting orders and never resolving, delivering, or providing a credit. Check your delivery versus your order!
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4 years ago, LollaaNoona
No expected terrible experience
So you entice us with ads everywhere, sms and messages to install the app and enjoy special offers and discounts... but what’s the use of the apo if I can’t even place an order??? It’s not a fun time pass to waste hours of my day loading a cart, then when trying to check out days error cannot place your order now try again later. Called your customer service 3 times didn’t even bother to use my email ID to log into account and see what’s the problem, all they kept saying is please uninstall and reinstall app because it’s working fine with all clients. Well guess what, it is NOT WORKING with me nor with others, I let my sistet try order from her account same problem. Actually this can be considered anti-marketing for you, made me totally hate all Carrefour whethet online or real locations shopping, I don’t think I’d use it again will shop other places more expensive but more convenient too
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3 years ago, MandyintheSandy
Fed Up and Frustrated
Since January 2020, we have done all of our shopping online. I’m very familiar with almost all of the store apps in this region. The Carrefour app and the Lulu app simply do not hold to the higher standards of other apps. The search bar is finicky and unless you specifically name a product as it’s been entered, it often will not show up. It’s sluggish and frustrating to order a full bill of groceries from this place. I am just about at the point where I would not use them anymore, but they have a few things that I can only get there. It’s just frustrating to me to give any money at all to a corporate structure that doesn’t, for whatever reason, manage its online app ordering well. It’s not like they’re a tiny business who can’t afford to create an efficient service app. I expect better.
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4 years ago, Neeneenah
Step up your service FAST
Everything about Carefour online is very smooth EXCEPT when you charge for an item and it’s not delivered. This is the main complaint that I once had and see online all the time. You need to have a professional online team that links operations with customer service and that empowers the online team to support not respond with “this is all I can tell you”! They end up frustrating the customers and for someone from the online team to call back is a nightmare. U are doing a great job except for this. I am a loyal carefour customer and really think you must improve this now that everyone is providing the same service or else you will lose.
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2 years ago, Adriana04
Doesn’t work
I did not expect such a bad app from such a large supermarket chain. But it doesn’t even work. First, I’ve been trying to place an order several times and all I get is that it was unsuccessful without telling me why. What’s the point of this app if you can’t order groceries? Second, when I try to redeem my points, all of them are gone even though my order is not placed. And I have to wait for some time before I can try again. Then late in the evening I am getting multiple texts about my points being redeemed. Why would you bother people with notifications about that? And there is no way to opt out. Also when I find an item I want to buy and click add to bag, it may or may not end up there. It’s a guessing game. I’ve never seen anything like it. And other reviews are right, so many products you can actually find in stores are not even listed here.
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3 years ago, Marwan.F
Technical problem in the app
No items are shown, every time u click on a page to get list of items to choose from, it says: oooops! The requested category is not available at this moment. It does that to all categories, so it’s impossible to choose any item because nothing is shown, it’s been like this for days now, and it says also: “we are experiencing some technical difficulties, shop online while we fix them”. So how can we shop online when nothing is available? no items at all, nothing to choose. The app has been updated and still same problem, please can u fix this problem.
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1 year ago, Bassem's Review
Major bug
It's time for the Carrefour admin (Lebanon market) to take notice. The devaluation is causing USD prices to skyrocket in the app! The currency selector feature in the app is causing major headaches for users, with USD prices displaying outrageously high numbers and astronomical numbers. This needs to be fixed ASAP, or the currency selector option should be removed altogether.
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4 years ago, H.Atwi
The worst online shopping experience
You may not face service more worst than this app, after many orders, first orders delivered with a lot of items not available without prior notice, 2nd delivery time more than all competitors, 3rd after sales service is zero after I buy a tv with default from the first 2 days I inform them without contacting me again then I tried second and third till I get bored off, 4th from 10 days ago I put an order and after 1 week they contact me that the 12 items I ordered all are out of stock, while the truth is not that because the most important item I have ordered was execlusive online and I try to buy 2 but it was only 1 in stock available, how it could be available 1 and I order then it disappears. Not recommended till they change this staff.
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4 years ago, Anghami user 007
Not all items are available.
As mentioned on carrefour website and online advertising. The app still has very long way to go. The user friendly app feeling is not there and the app is crashing always when you want to search for something and it’s always not available. If you order some items with Now” option why won’t you deliver other stuff with it and you have to wait for your time slot ? Come on Majid al futtaim you can have more staff for delivery. You know online shopping is the future as all the counters in carrefour are always full and the staff is never friendly.
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3 years ago, nothing on the website
The application has not been working well in the past 5 weeks .. I made two claims buy seems that no one really cares .... most of the items that we buy are not found online basic items, local tomatoes, locally cucumbers , Bayara fresh nuts, even Coca-Cola Zero .... u find only items as if u are shopping from a tiny store although I should be linked to Ibn battouta coz we love in palm jumeirah ... I want to tell u that carrefour is loosing millions or thousands everyday coz we don’t find the products so we started to switch to other stores and websites to get our groceries
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2 years ago, e476h171
I’ve used this app a lot in recent months to order groceries since my partner had to have surgery and there are so many problems. I think if you’re in Jordan and don’t have a car or have mobility issues it’s a good option, but wouldn’t recommend if you have even the slightest chance to go in person.. Firstly, the timing is always incorrect. If we book a time slot from 10-12 it arrives after 2. If we book the 90 minute ‘now’ option is comes after 2.5-3 hours. (I understand that Amman traffic is unpredictable but adjust the timing accordingly). Secondly, the app itself has a lot of bugs with things not actually being in stock and key word search not being accurate. Lastly, the mishandling of items. Even when we select “don’t allow substitutions” we often get products we didn’t order. Not only different brands but also products (like replacing pesto sauce with olive purée????). Our items diary products aren’t cold and any frozen items are half melted. And we even had a instance were the delivery person left the bags in the elevator and left without telling us?
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1 year ago, Naj Alam Eldin
The worse online market ever
My now delivery is never delivered and always canceled with no reason. I choose a time a slot for my standard order, it is delivered One day earlier, when I am not in the house to receive it, lastly I made and order for a specific item ( Carrefour’s balady bread) the order comes without it, the delivery man said the bread was not ready yet!!!! Disaster experience This review is only for the delivery service and has nothing to do with the app. The app is quite good.
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3 years ago, Amir Rismanchian
New Update (10.3.1) is not working
I use this app to buy items from Carrefour. Unfortunately, after recent update this app is not working. When I open the app, it ask to update address. I enter all fields and set the pin in map but when I click to save and proceed to next it shows an error message. I even deleted the app and installed it again but still same problem pop up. Please check and fix it.
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3 years ago, Ameera Al Shehabi
Gratitude & Suggestions!
Sometimes “ like today “ the App was too slow and it appeared too many errors especially at the end process unfortunately! And what about adding more items, stuffs and alternatives exactly like the available ones at stores ! for example I can’t find kdd milk at the app while I’m always buying it from Carrefour stores... etc. By the way , thank you for your noticeable efforts ! nevertheless all of the errors , l love Carrefoure :)
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4 years ago, untalemondo
Online shopping App/ CS staff rude
The Carrefour Application is not user friendly, most of the items are missing such as such as: watermelon, limited no. Of water 200ml/ limited options/I decided to take what’s available, washing machine soap powder, rice/ limited options, eggs/ limited options, brown potato/ not available, prawns/ limited options, ground beef/ one option (frozen), Salalah ground Beef/ not available. Fish limited/ limited options (frozen), Ginger/ not available, eggplant/ not available, cabbage/ system won’t allow me to pick it due to system error, beetroot/ not available, pears/ not available, carrots/ No weight option. Hence, I call your call centre to report the issue, spoke to Angelica & she stated that not everything is available online, & you can go to the Hypermarket to get the items, I believe that was rude. So I asked for the Manager she stated that he will inform provide you the same answer. Regards, Nofal
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3 years ago, iSafa
BAD development and UX
I have an account and I have ordered several times, now WHY does it ask me for my address while my address is stored under my account!? This is not the problem, the problem is now its asking me to enter my address (again) and when I click on the submit button, I get a very f*ing generic error message that says “Error while adding the address”!! what is the error? God’s nows!! Shame on such a place to hire cheep developers
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2 years ago, Timestirrer.
Use it regularly
Positives - Great app, especially for non perishables. Saves you having to cart all your heavy items around as they delivered to your door. Negatives - ordered fresh produce twice. Both times they arrived warm. Fine if you planning to use it that day, but wanted cream cheese/butter? Delivery times are not always accurate. Nice to haves - Apple Pay definitely would be a plus. Delivery tracking would also be a plus.
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12 months ago, btxtpinka
Worst experience ever
I placed an order and everything was fine until I received a wrong + damaged item and guess what? The most unprofessional and unhelpful customer service! First I contacted them online and they told me to go to the nearest store so I can return the item, I had no problem and went to the store directly to the customer service. They literally ( SHOUTED ) and told me to raise a complaint in the Customer Protection Department against them and I’ll not have an exchange + they told me that they will contact me “Maybe” within a week despite their return policy is valid for 7 days. This is Literally The Worst Customer Service Ever. The Worst Behavior Ever.
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4 years ago, yazz771
Lots of room for improvements
The app: The app has some good features, but isn’t easy to use and has many basic missing features s.a. Zoom on pictures, search within a department (you search for fresh apples and you get frozen apples, apple juice, apple pie etc. Etc.) The experience: Many basic online shopping features are funny the least I can say. You search for a computer and some funny algorithm will tell you that customers also bought broccoli lol The service: This is the main problem ! I ordered 4 times from the app and none was done right. I still have 2 pending to be delivered on my account since November...still waiting lol. Today was the worst, out of the 17 items I ordered I received only 4! The reason (communicated only through the delivery guy and not a digital channel) We don’t have them and you will receive the remaining tomorrow. Yes but when? We don’t know! This is the last time I give this app a try!
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4 years ago, lol Loki
Very poor online application
It’s the worst online application the most not user friendly application that I have ever used. categories are put in the weirdest way, I have to search for each item to find it. The payment never goes through using credit card or debit card, it gets deducted on my card and it gives u successful transaction at your poor application so I need to do it in cash every time - so inconvenient t and frustrating. Best super market with the worse app ever !!! Check insta shop and Learn how to create a user friendly application and fix your payment even Apple Pay does not work. Or check Kibsons it’s amazing you are wayyyyy behind !!!!
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2 months ago, Guled Gurey
This is worst customer service i have experienced
This is worst customer service i have experienced in my life , I ordered something on 27 april they say we will deliver around 8 pm to 10 pm and they didn’t deliver. Next day which was 28 april they did not deliver and today which 29 April i call their customer service and told them please deliver my order because I already paid. And that time was 7 am this morning and 3:00 pm they did not deliver my order and did not refund my money. Don’t pay anything for advance if you want something in kenya don’t pay before you get it they will scam you. And never return your money.
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1 year ago, . Diler
Allowing customers to deposit money into their credit
I eagerly anticipate awarding a well-deserved 5-star rating once this remarkable feature of depositing money into customers' credit is implemented. The prospect of such an enhancement excites me, as it showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. By offering this functionality, you will not only receive my highest praise but also solidify your position as a leader in providing an exceptional shopping experience. I eagerly look forward to experiencing the convenience and trust that this feature will undoubtedly bring, and I wholeheartedly assure you of my enthusiastic support and the recognition it deserves.
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4 years ago, Olalabed
Good start but not satisfying
It’s a good gesture and start for the supermarket. However it’s so hard to navigate, not all items are there and u would assume they should be as they are basics and I’ve purchased them in store several times! And then every time I order, I always receive half of what I ordered and the other is “out of stock” though the app did not mention that when I selected my items! Customer service is not helpful at all. Never answered me when I called to check. Ordering only when I really need it and sadly not all of my items end up delivered.
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2 months ago, C4UserNow
Increasingly disappointing!
I’ve been ordering from Carrefour for years but it’s become more and more difficult to use! So many items show availability but then become out of stock the moment I put them in my cart! Also, a lot of items are available in store but only their more expensive versions available online! For example corriander online is 3 times more expensive online, no I don’t want organic! I just want the regular one! I’m very tempted to shift to another service if carrefour continues to be slow and confusing and not efficient at all!
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2 years ago, Lindalam89
Lots of issues with app, customer support very bad
I normally do not write reviews but my experience the last wk has been horrible. The app has so many issues. Promo codes do not work (even the one they sent us by email to apologise for a 6hr delay of a previous order did not work). Customer support on whatsapp replies after 3-4hrs and basically say they cannot do anything (whatever the issue is). Customer support on phone says they will file/report the problem and i will get a call back in 6-7days!!! Basically, if you can avoid them, avoid them by all means!
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3 years ago, mohdtahir
Worst customer service
I cannot describe how irritated I am with carrefore on-line delivery service , one of the world worst service , even local grocery can respond better then carrefore online cs , please requesting everyone not to order online anything from them as they will take 1 week to update there application and there call center agents are like robot repeating only one thing that delivery guy will call you Never going to use them again and they can keep my money to improve their service If you don’t want to stress yourself don’t deal with Carrefore they are the worst
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3 years ago, ahmedyousefmohd
Update is useless
When you search an item it says “we could not find anything related to” a certain item which already available in Carrefour. Next, if you order fish there is no option to write if you need it cleaned or not. There is no use of this update and very poor.
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3 years ago, Bedourd7
My humble feedback
Really worst customer care and customer feedback!! First i don't know how people are rating this application 5 stars !! People should be honest with their feedback giving complements for nothing! I advise you all to change the filtering category from most helpful!!! To most recent to see the real feedback!!!! Since 23 of may i am waiting for my refund and nothing received yet!! Although i tried contacting them several times with no response as usual !! Email, telephone, app contact us nothing nooo feedback!!!!!!!!!! Well Let me says whats was my experience: 1- not user friendly 2- full of adds 3- hard to navigate 3- missing a lot of needed products 4- weighting the produce is incorrect needs better ways 5- delivery timing is very very very very very very very super bad , lot of delays and sometimes no available slots 6- limited options and offers
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3 years ago, Mahdigoal
Worst place to buy electronics from online
I ordered a phone that was supposed to be delivered on Thursday and it was not delivered when I contacted them they said that I can only make a complaint after two days of delay, and that the phone was not being delivered by Carrefour and it is delivered by a third-party it is one of the worst online services I will for sure never order from carrefour online electronics again neither should anyone as their delivery is inconsistent and unclear you can’t even properly track or contact the third-party in this case
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5 years ago, Tyson Majzoub
Shopping Expierence
The application is nice but it requires some modifications such as: 1- If you have a list, you can not select from it. You are forever to add them to the cart fully which is not logical. 2- When you add all the list in the cart it is hard to remove an item, takes time to process hope you can fix that
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3 years ago, Cr!ms0n-BL!sS
Needs to having billing address option
This app is fantastic yet unusable if your choice of payment does not have the same billing address as your delivery address. They run the info your provide with your card against what you put for your address. If it does not match it declines the transaction. They need to allow you to input a separate billing address. I verified with my bank that it is on carrefour’s end not theirs. I also tried every card I have. There is an option to pay cash upon delivery which I ultimately had to do.
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3 years ago, angela mors
Worst e-commerce app ever
Carrefour e-commerce is the worst I have ever seen. 90% of the time the amount goes up to the original price even when it’s on sale during checkout. I’ve been trying to order groceries online for the past 24 hrs every time I go to checkout it keeps on saying error. The customer service is no help as their only reply is to delete the app and reinstall like who even has time for this all the time!!! This is suppose to be for convenience not deleting and reinstalling apps everytime I need to order something.
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3 years ago, magdysaeedfawzy
Good but..
I used to use carrefour application for long time .. but I am changing my mind about it !! Several items are present in the application cannot be added to the cart ,.. Last time the order arrived with lots of missing items !!which already I have paid for!!
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2 years ago, KKamel
Worst online service ever
They took the money with commitment on their app to deliver my food in 90 minutes, one day later food still not delivered when I made complain to their customer service, they said we will reply to your complain in 24 hours! Do you know what you are saying you failure of a hyper this another day. للمرة الثانية فشل زريع أسوء خدمة طلب اودر شوية حاجات بقالة خايبة قالي الارودر يوصلك بكره من ٩ص ل ١م وبقدرة قادر الميعاد اتغير بقا اليوم اللي بعده كمان يومين عشان يبعتولي شوية بقالة حاجة فاشلة كلمتهم بيقولي قال ايه الاوردر ممكن ياخد لغاية ٣ أيام 🤨 ايه الحلاوة دي هو احنا لسه في عصر الجمال 🐪 هيبر فاشل مرة يبعت الاوردر عدل ومرة زفت.
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4 years ago, Insured1985
0 support. Won’t return your calls or messages in case they mess up your order
Ordered an item. My card got charged. A guy called me to say the item is out of stock, and if I wanted a similar item. I said no, and asked to cancel the order. He said, and I quote, “okaaaaaay....” and hung up. Now, 10 days later, they still wont answer my calls and the order is still “in progress.” I still don’t have my money back. If you’re feeling risky, go ahead. If not, before you order anything, try their “contact us” and see if anyone responds, I’m betting they won’t.
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1 year ago, Profilerat
Notification spam and buggy
Having this app makes me wanna switch off notifications to avoid being spammed everyday. However if i do that i cant get delivery notifications when and if i order. In addition, the app is very buggy and slow. You cant trust when you have made an order that it will work. Previously i used to spend a lot of time making an order for the week only to find out its not working on that day. So now i only use it for small orders.
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2 years ago, Tonygeagea
Slow app and payment hangs
Application is slow , it keeps hanging on the payment . It doesn’t work when choosing pay with credit card but it worked when chose apple pay option
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4 months ago, safi Lafille
Point issue, BAD service!!!
Firstly : i have lost my points, around 3thousands (if im not wrong) I reedemed it for an order that i didnt confirmed. When i came back to confirm my order, i had no points and literally no reedem options to click on. I Checked the points history but it showing i reedemed it in March 2024 wich is wrong because i have zero orders since March, expect the one i just made after the all issue few minutes ago, as you can check it has no reedem points. I want my points back kindly!!!
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2 years ago, Mesatowne
Doesn’t work
I have not been able to log into this app since May and technical support has no idea how to fix it. I am probably going to just use uberEats or Glovo since the app and technical support is non-existent. I have emailed and called and done everything safaricom wants me to do get the app still doesn’t work and the technical support cannot help me or even delete my number to let me try to make a new account. I’m an expat and only have one Kenyan number. I think this app is a huge fail.
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3 years ago, abhahajbdcsfagahj
Horrible.. Waste of time
I spent 2 hours on this stupid app to complete an order of Rs 3000 so that I don’t have to pay delivery charges...... but as soon as I clicked checkout they removed half of the items from my order...... I selected those items again and clicked checkout and again some other items were removed as well. I tried calling the customer service but no response. I really wanted to eat mangoes but now I don’t even have time left to go and purchase them from the market 😭😭
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3 years ago, Ahmed Almarhoun
Bad service
I dont recommend anybody to use this app. I put my address many times but the it does not update and I can’t receive messages for verification. Last time I tried to order and one Egyptian guy called me 12 am after waiting countless hours saying he is far and can’t deliver tonight because his duty finished I tried to tell him i’ll not be at home tomorrow but he kept repeating i don't deliver tonight because my shift finished. I’m deleting this app and I’ll take my business somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Mrbucemi
Very disappointing app
I spent long time filling up my cart, when I went to check out I received a message your cart has change, It seems the app can not calculate the available stock only at the end,it’s customers waste of time.
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4 years ago, Ather.Hashmi
Annoying App
Tried paying through my Apple Pay for more than 6 times but order never went through. Finally I opted for pay on delivery for which there are charges and the order was processed.
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1 year ago, Jumana hqk
Bad issue
This application is not efficiently working, it needs to fix the registration page as well bcs once it’s opened, you can’t navigate to any other page or login, even if you left the app and closed it, when you open it again it will stuck with only the registration page Very bad problem
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3 years ago, Salman bakhsh
Poor Delivery Service خدمة توصيل سيئة جدًا
تم طلب عدة مرات عبر التطبيق وكل مرة تزيد نسبة السوء في عدم احترام المواعيد وعدم توصيل الطلب الا بعد عدة شكاوي عبر رقمهم المجاني. أيضا عدم مصداقية موظفين التوصيل في مواعيدهم. أكثر من طلب تم إهماله وعدم توصيله بسبب عدم مبالاة موظفي التوصيل. I’ve tried the application for several times. They have a poor delivery service. Careless delivery drivers. Orders are sometimes not delivered and usually delayed. They are not paying attention to their customers service. So many times I’ve raised concerns without feedback. They are not following the selected delivery time at all.
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3 years ago, MBN80
App support
No one is answering from the customer care and the app support doesn’t allow to submit the bug issue. Since the latest update I wasn’t able to use the app without getting the pin your location on the map which gives error message all the time and doesn’t allow to navigate back to the app’s menu. This has been an issue for over week. Such a bad tech team behind the application and the website.
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2 months ago, thespaniard98
Can’t trust them
If you live in Saudi, do not order from Carrefour using this app (or even their website). They have consistently (easily 50% of the time) failed to deliver some items in our orders and then it’s a big hassle to try to contact them and either get a refund or have them return with the missing items. Even when they say they’ll refund you, I have actually gotten refunds which were the equivalent of 1 US cent. Ridiculous.
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