Magic Guide for Disney World

4.4 (2.1K)
62.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
VersaEdge Software, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Guide for Disney World

4.39 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Horse lover number 10
It is good
I’m going to Disney in a couple of days but my dad has this app and we’ve used it a lot to help us navigate around the parks and other things and I think it’s a really good app to help you navigate around to just find different things and stuff but you guys might think different because sometimes there might not be like cell reception some places and it will like glitch a little but the app doesn’t glitch it’s like the phone like saying hey I need Internet I need Internet please give me Internet but don’t worry it’s not the game I really think you should get the game I really like it I mean not the game I really think you should get this app I really like it and yeah so please please get it if you don’t want it not forcing you but I really suggest it and the people who made this app if you see this thank you for making this app.
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1 year ago, PatriotHero
Fantastic App! And quicker than official app
If you are just trying to get information, this app is the best! Sure, you have to use the official app to do things like mobile order and whatnot… but you can look at menus so much easier on this app! Load times on the official app sometimes annoy me, but this app is always quick and ready to provide information you want in an easy-to-use, intuitive way. I just love this app! Don’t visit the Mickey in Florida without it!
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4 months ago, Sscreen
Very handy!
My wife and I have been annual pass holders for Disney World the last 14 years and counting. This app has helped us so many times! We love the dinner menus, as they actually list what the food is, and help you locate carts for your favorite type of snacks. The wait times are updated quickly, and the maps are detailed nicely. If your a first timer, or a long timer, this is one of the best Disney World apps you could ask for!
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3 years ago, Joey fam
If there was a “Disney Experience Lite”, this would be it
This app is everything I need, nothing I don’t. Maps, menus, hours, and wait times. The sort of things I *want* to have readily on hand, without being annoying about everything else. I bought the premium version purely on principle because it was so helpful. 10/10, would recommend.
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4 months ago, dpela1960
Been there seven times and ……
Been there seven times. Had to do a hit and miss for rides. Now I have an idea where to go with wait times and what to go back to at a later time. All the information I learned is in the app, still do a refresher course but don’t need to do cramming. It’s all here. Awesome cheat sheet for new or old timers.
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4 years ago, Mcast19
I downloaded this app to get wait times and at first, it worked perfectly! Recently, it has been non stop, “Network Unavailable” I thought it might be the fact that I hadn’t bought the upgraded version so I paid the $7.99 hoping it would get me wait times. Unfortunately, no luck. I have all/full internet service and ALL my apps (internet required ones as well) are working perfectly fine, so not sure why “Network Unavailable” continues to be a never ending issue. Would have totally given it MORE than 5 stars when it worked at the beginning.
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6 years ago, BenDudley47
New Feature!! Pay to use it on Apple Watch..
I got this app since there’s no MDE for Apple Watch. At first the app let me check the wait times for all of the parks which is why I got it. At that point it would have been 5 Stars. But I recently checked it, and it told me I had to purchase premium to use the app on my Apple Watch. So needless to say this app and the Universal version have both been deleted. Don’t buy it. They’ll probably make you pay a higher premium price 2 months from now or make it a subscription for something that is free on your phone with MyDisneyExperience.
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6 years ago, discount time tra-vel
I original got this app since it is the only app that works on apple watch, but after The my disney experience update caused it to run really slow on my iphone 6, I used magic guide in the parks instead. It’s so much quicker and rides, restaurants, bathrooms and shows are all on the same map screen. The location feature worked really well in the parks.
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3 years ago, Movieanddisneylover
Suggestions for Disney
Dear Disney Imagineers and App Store people alike, I have a few suggestions to make. 1. Epcot’s Soundtrack Epcot is very amazing. It is very futuristic, Disney historic, and is very popular. However, Epcot is getting an awesome major overhaul or refurbishment. But sadly, this does include the soundtrack. Please, Disney. Don’t change Epcot’s soundtrack. Many people love the soundtrack, including me. 2. Remy the Rat Let me just say that everyone could cook. Even Remy. As I said before, Epcot is being refurbished and a new ride and restaurant will be added to the France pavilion. Please, Disney, add Remy the rat animatronic to his new home in the new restaurant and let him visit every table in the restaurant.
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6 months ago, virmundi
You still have to Google things
Here’s why it’s one star. Disney, a multibillion dollar company, has Google ads. Those ads might have pictures of people on various layers of dress depending on what kind of active wear Google is hocking. This is stupid. Disney you can afford to not have ads; not have full screen ads. Second, you still have to Google details about rides and attractions. You don’t know what something is aside from a ride or attraction. The whole point of such an app is to centralize that information.
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2 years ago, barbarak
A lifesaver!
This app is so easy and clean to use. You don’t have to search for anything, and it has really great descriptions of each attractions.I used the bathroom button a lot!We also used the official Disney app, but it was harder to find things. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Aire43
Not as it seems
This app seems like it would be a good idea, but after watching it extensively, I’ve come to the conclusion that the wait times are just made up. Maybe they are based on historical data, but it’s not live. They never match Disney Worlds actual wait time on their app. Now that they are also charging to get false wait times on the iWatch, I’m done with this app. It is good for the maps, but that’s about it. Just get the official Disney Word app called My Disney Experience. It has everything you need and more - and it’s free.
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2 months ago, Rich Beeeee
Magic times!!
Since the official doesn’t show wait times anymore this is my go-to app!! Wait times, show times, it’s all here!! Two thumbs up and 5 stars for this app!!
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4 years ago, mariacancun
I don’t like change...
I used to LOVE this app and I still like it with the exception of how they list the wait times. They used to list them by area in the park such as fantasyland, tomorrow land etc. they are now listed in alphabetical order. It was much easier to navigate the old way especially when you are IN the park. Please change it back!!!!!
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3 months ago, El guapo50
Great map!
Easy to use and always had my family and I headed in the right direction and saving time. Loved the accuracy of the wait times and the character appearances prompts.
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12 months ago, 2LittleMiss
App too diffult
This app has made Walt Disney World a nightmare for people that just want to come here and are not ab savvy. It is a nightmare I actually am pretty app savvy myself, and I have had a terrible time with it the fact that you have to make reservations at every freaking thing that you do at this place is ridiculous, the app is slow. It does not respond. Well I hate it.
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3 years ago, Red wordsmith
Park hours
Lately the park hours listed have been wrong. I had family go to the parks and said the posted hours were different
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4 years ago, LinePiano
Best Map Ever
I was looking at Disney apps and found this. I didn’t know it could be this useful! I love how it labels everything, includes every ride! Wait... I actually love everything it does! It will be very useful for our next trip!
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1 year ago, Kathy Weimar
Still love this app
We got to Disney quite often and I enjoy using it as a supplement to the Disney World app. It’s quicker, less clunky, and intuitive. Great for park times, menus, wait times, and restroom locations.
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6 years ago, kitkatasu
Does NOT work on watch 🤬
Works on phone but not Apple Watch. Reinstalled twice. Click favorites it only displays “to add favorites select them on the iPhone” message even though I DO have favorites picked on the phone. Tapping a park icon on watch brings up absolutely nothing, blank screen. Paid for the app upgrade specifically to use on watch and very upset to have given my money to crooks who lied when they advertised watch functionality.
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6 years ago, Vicwishes
Great Resource
I use this app all the time in the parks. Maps of the parks make it easy to locate rides and wait times, restaurants with menus, Disney Springs shop locations and restaurant locations along with their menus. An invaluable tool for navigating Walt Disney World and Disney Springs.
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6 years ago, Pwat316
Love it!
I love going on the My Disney Experience app, finding out the posted wait times, then coming on this app and reporting my finds lol! (#WavesofDisney) I’ll definitely buy the app before our next Disney trip!
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6 years ago, 5 High 2 Wide
50% good 50% bad
The wait times on this app were completely inaccurate and it was a real disappointment. Rides that were closed had listed wait times and rides that were open had wrong wait times. The map and the ride descriptions and the dining features were good.
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6 years ago, Rkard
Menus are not up to date
This app would get 4 to 5 stars but the menus are not up to date on many of the restaurants not to mention the codes for if the restaurant is a Disney Dining Plan restaurant is not alway accurate. Still a helpful app for planing and even with just two stars I recommend because you can still plan even if menus are not correct and out dated.
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1 week ago, Tsafoperator
Very useable app
We have used this app a few times during our recent trips to the D.W. parks. It was very useable and informative.
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12 months ago, Fountain_1
No help
This app stinks, most of the rides have sucked should be called an experience park sense like 2% of rides are actually rides and the rest just sit in place with a screen and vibrating seat. Add videos of the rides when you click on them on the map so you know if you’re about to wait 75 min to sit in a vibrating seat for 2 min and have it called a ride.
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5 months ago, TrickyBunnyBoo
I like that this app was updated, it’s been awhile, I don’t like that now you can’t see if a it is one or two table service credits or which items are snacks. I’ve been using this app a long time, please fix!
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3 years ago, Mercedez12
Not that helpful
The idea of this ap was good, but the execution was not. There’s no point of downloading an app to figure out where you are if it doesn’t tell you where you are. It’s basically the same as having a paper map. The other Disney app works in that way and proved to be of more use than this.
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6 years ago, DavidDSimon
Very out of date menus
Just back from a trip to Disney and found that most menus here are months out of date. Not only with food items but even as to what meals are served. Showed up at restaurant in Animal Kingdom that supposedly serves breakfast to find out they stopped mo this ago!
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2 years ago, houhhwdcdodhuhouhhevohj
This app is good because it tells you the wait times
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6 years ago, Kimmy SLP
Easy to Use
I love this app! It's quick and easy to use when researching wait times and dining information.
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6 years ago, 1017OldMouseketeer
Wow! I have found this app VERY both pre-trip planning and while in the parks. Invaluable when used in conjunction with the My Disney Experience app!
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5 years ago, Another Chucklehead
Seems Cool at First but Waste of Money
Download My Disney Experience instead which has more features and is totally free. The wait times in Magic Guide are never correct and aside from being able to quickly find a bathroom it’s not worth paying for. Especially at 6.99.
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4 years ago, Aprilp86
Quick Reference for food
I use the app mainly for quick food references. The only thing I would change would be to add and icon beside what’s a snack credit for the popular dinning plans!
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3 months ago, DME Reviews
Can’t Wait! I am a Foodie!
So many restaurants to try. I could spend an entire week at Epcot!
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3 years ago, PaulDute
Excellent Planning Tool
Makes it easy to find menus, and restrooms. Great resource when planning a trip.
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7 months ago, 890 bub
Great WDW app
This is one of the best go to apps to use in WDW. The ease of use and accuracy of the menus are especially helpful.
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6 years ago, Good49er
Wait Times
Wait times are constantly WAY OFF. Also, Splash Mountain has been closed for our entire trip, yet has shown it open with varying wait times. Every time I’ve changed it to closed, it doesn’t adjust on the app. Pisses me off I spent money on this
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5 years ago, Meteorpancake
Garbage app
It sure tries to convince you it is some kind of Disney app, but then you open it and get barraged with full-screen pop up ads for unrelated junk. Of course for only the low low price of $7.99 they’ll be nice enough to turn off those ads for you. Get the official My Disney Experience app and steer clear of this one.
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7 years ago, Roxxor2k8
Good but needs more consistency
Great app, love the features, but the dining information is often out of date, e.g. new items not listed, items shown no longer being served at the location, or prices.
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3 years ago, uhhhhWTH
It’s ok
App is awesome but I bought the premium but when i open the app on my watch it won’t work and says “ buy premium on iPhone for wait times and park hours “ so kinda upset I paid for it but won’t work
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3 years ago, YooperAmy
Loved this app until...
Loved this app until the menus became way outdated. Some restaurants are still showing Halloween specials...for reference it’s December 10th. OK for wait times. Terrible for up to date menus. Giving 1 star after seeing menus have been an issue for several years with no improvement.
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4 years ago, Antcoccia
So cool
It is so cool but you have to buy a premium pass to see where the bathrooms are like come on
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5 years ago, Racer83L
App does nothing unless you pay for premium
This was a waste if a download. I would be willing to buy if it worked for some time to see if it’s useful, or maybe it only works when your not in the park. But it does nothing unless you pay.
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1 year ago, Disney dude818
Great although you need premium to get it on Apple Watch
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5 years ago, Jmg52c
Disney Springs
You need to add Wine Bar George to the dining section. Otherwise I love the app. Easier to find menus and other info than the My Disney Experience app.
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6 years ago, Dis Princess
Pointless to purchase
Was excited that I would be able to get wait times and such quickly on my Apple Watch. NOPE! Have to pay a premium?!! No thank you. I will stick with my FREE Disney experience app even though it’s not available for my watch yet.
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6 years ago, ido tneedanickname
Fabulous resource.
I love being able to select a restaurant by the menus.
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5 years ago, justjrmi
Nothing magic about this app
Don’t waste your time on this app. Definitely don’t pay for the upgrade. There is nothing here that is not available on the “My Disney Experience” and that one does so much more. Really big disappointment.
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4 months ago, disney noob
I have never been to Disney world so this app is really helpful to me
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