Magic Guide: Universal Orlando

4.2 (200)
31.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
VersaEdge Software, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Guide: Universal Orlando

4.18 out of 5
200 Ratings
6 years ago, Megs979
Best Ever
I couldn't have done Universal without it! Showed me exactly where I was and how to get to where I wanted. The food button with all the menus, I mean the best! GET THIS APP it will be the best trip! Oh and the wait times too,
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5 years ago, Roxydiane
Magic Guide: Universal Orlando
I love this app and made the additional purchase for the extras. My only complaint is updating the app. There are several things which need correcting because of something closing, restaurants adding food to their menu, or changing prices. I like this layout better than the official Universal App. Easier to look at and see the food locations and menus. I do use this for meal planning so it would be great if it was up to date. Thank you!
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7 months ago, mach58
App works mostly as advertised
App does what is should except for family sharing as described when purchased. Our family sharing does work as my wife and I share purchases maxed by the other. This does not. Customer support says read the previously sent complete guide. The complete guide doesn’t resolve the problem. Single user works pretty well. Family sharing does not. Would rather have my money back.
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1 year ago, Lone Photographer
Upgraded for up to date wait times
Upgraded for the up to the minute wait times, yet now just showing closed and not giving any wait times. I even submitted an accurate wait time, it thanked me, still didn’t update. Will improve rating if fixed.
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5 years ago, Saifborgan
Must have when visiting parks!
Great tool that provides everything from wait times to interactive maps. Very helpful
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7 years ago, PaulDute
Good App
This is a pretty good app for navigating around the Universal Properties, worth the exception of its coverage of Volcano Bay which is somewhat lacking. Perhaps this will be corrected in the future.
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5 years ago, Candicevictoria
This app really helped us a lot in the park
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6 years ago, Whitey39
The only thing worth while is the map. The wait times are completely off and the menu items for the food places are completely wrong and out of date.
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6 years ago, hkdezigner
Apple Watch not working
So annoyed I paid for the Apple Watch upgrade and it doesn’t work on there. It was working a couple days ago. Please fix ASAP. I’ve tried restarting phone and watch with no luck.
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1 year ago, Goldielocks35!
Does this app really work?
I paid to get this and I feel like it doesn’t really give the most up to date info. I wish I had kept my money.
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7 years ago, Kott1988
What a helpful tool.
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8 months ago, monogrammedgardener
Won’t show restrooms without upgrade!
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6 years ago, a7x92ea
Doesn’t really work
Apple Watch app does not work, don’t waste your money in this app.
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3 years ago, WmH2
Thought this wasn’t an official app
It’s not. All the ads! 🤦‍♂️
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11 years ago, Mike78756
This app is great!
Don't pay attention to Jocaroth's comments. This app can do all the things Jocaroth says it can't (except for an ability to log the rides you've ridden). This app and the one for Disney World is awesome! The ability to look at all of the restaurants and their menus and prices is amazing and saved us a lot of time walking around! The wait times are user loaded, so if you walk by an attraction and notice a wait time update it in the app this way it is more accurate. 5 star app!
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11 years ago, Jocaroth
Total Waste of Money
I just spent two days trying to use this app. The maps on it are VERY general and lack any detail, showing mostly just major rides but missing a LOT of details. The map SHOULD use GPS to show where you are in the park but it doesn't. The food guide only shows fast food options and even then misses a few of them. I wanted to eat a real meal but it was not showing Mythos Restaurant even though I was right across from it! (Mythos is one of the best food options there, BTW.) Someone SHOULD make an app that does the job i had expected this to, but I found that this one is a major disappointment. I should have listened to my daughters, who had asked why I bothered buying it after seeing how useless this company's Disneyland app was.
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11 years ago, billca42
This has everything you need to have a great experience at Universal. It shows where you are on the map. It shows the wait times for every attraction. It shows the menus with prices for every restaurant. It shows you what is closest from your location. It shows where you can find the food that you were looking for. The maps are great. I couldn't imagine doing Universal without it.
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7 years ago, Mpsgt
Great Tool!
I have both the WDW and Universal Studios apps and I absolutely love them. So far I've only been using the dining and maps portions for planning our upcoming trip to both parks and they're worth every penny. Speaking of dining, I sent VersaEdge an email two days ago asking about possible a Volcano Bay menu update and just like that, today I see the menu! If the GPS map works half as good it will be icing on the cake for me! Well done guys!
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11 years ago, JaynVA
Wasn't impressed
The map feature was the only one worth using and a few times it showed us in the water or another section of the park. Don't count on the wait times being accurate. We walked to the other side of the park to ride MiB ride (said the wait time was 50 minutes) but found the ride was closed. I reported it closed on the app and it never updated. I tried it a few times and it finally showed up at 120+ minutes (not closed). I use an app for Busch Gardens (Williamsburg) that is FREE that's keep updated much better than this one for $3.99. I'm submitting a request for refund from Apple.
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12 years ago, ItsaMeNancyLeigh
Love it!
I use this app every time I go to Florida and I would never want to deal with the crowds without it. I also check the line times throughout the day in the days just prior to our trips so we know what are the busiest times and how to plan around crowds. This app is SO handy while at the park but also a very valuable planning tool so you can make the most of your day at the park!
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7 years ago, Number1BC
Pretty OK
We were only at Universal studios for 1 day. It was reasonably up to date on ride wait times. Digital maps were helpful. Dining menus were accurate for the items. Prices are very out-dated. There was no way to update food and vending prices they way that wait times could be updated. To get 5 stars, I would like to see real-time mapping with location service and current pricing. All in all, though good app for the price.
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7 years ago, mojoknox
Very helpful!!
It was great to have a map and wait time at my fingertips! Loved that part. I paid for the premium because I understood that I would be able to see where I was on the map. But that is not how it works. As far as I can see the basic is the same as premium so stick to the basic. Great app. Thanks.
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8 years ago, Maskog
The best guide app
This app not only shows you the map of the park but also guide you through the park and tells you waiting time for a ride. Yes, the restrooms location are missing from the free version. I assume Universal studios did not pay for the app and they did, that will be so unfair that they couldn't provide their customers with this app for free considering the insane cost of getting into the park. This app is awesome.
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8 years ago, Bmaustin
Knowing wait times helps!
This app allows you to see what the wait times are looking like so you can decide where to head to next. You can also customize it for your favorite rides. It helped us make numerous decisions allowing us to ride all the rides (some multiple times)!!
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8 years ago, Chacos4Life
Great App!!!
This app is amazing. I only needed it for a day but it was incredible. If I was allowed to I would've given it 10 stars but it only goes up to 5. I highly recommend this app for anyone who needs a map of the park, wait times for the rides, or how cheap or expensive the food choices are.
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8 years ago, Aileennj
Very useful
This app made my first visit to Universal so enjoyable. Having all the wait times currently updated was very helpful. The dining feature with the menus made it easy to decide what to eat. The map was very useful too. A must for newbies to the park.
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10 years ago, BSdozer
Way to ruin a vacation
The park opening times starting August 1st are off. For those of you that know how important getting to the park early and hitting rides on a schedule, this ruined our entire day. We saw signs at the park listing 8am early opening but trusted the app would have the right time and thought this was for resort guests as we knew they always got in an hour early. 5 minute waits became 50 min plus waits. Two children disappointed at how few rides we could go on in our day. Two parents regretting purchasing the app.
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7 years ago, Steph93222
Wait times are never updated
Have been attempting to use this application for the past 3 days hoping to get some insight on what the wait times are for each universal ride. Unfortunately they are hardly ever updated. And even when they are they seem to be inaccurate. If I were you I'd just pay attentions to the estimated wait times outside each individual ride instead of relying on this faulty application.
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10 years ago, JBC1864
Great Tool
Was glad to find and use this app. Spent 2 days at the park and found this very useful. Wait times. Ride height minimums. Restaurant guides. All were helpful. A GPS feature might be helpful but watch out the Disney App that uses GPS uses ALOT of battery and FAST. Wait times appear to rely on users so please submit as often as you can to help us all.
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8 years ago, Carrieray
Could have a little more Info.
I loved being able to have the wait times and the restaurants menus were a huge plus! I wish the Park Maps were a little more descriptive. It would also be really awesome for people to be able comment about the rides or rate the rides.
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11 years ago, Director Nick Flamand
Love this app
It has EVERYTHING that I could possibly need when going to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure! If you ever would like to improve the app maybe you could add pictures more pictures of everything!
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7 years ago, Jamrapcienski
A must have!
I use this app every time I go to universal and it hasn't let me down yet. Only addition is to add a comment section in real time for users to keep up on ride changes such as unexpected closures or delays. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Rockie128
Wait times never appeared!
This was a complete waste of money. The maps are not current. We waited in line to eat, only to get to the register and find out we couldn't use our passes because the restaurant was removed from the QS list. Also, the wait times stayed "--" all day and would not let us update with our own wait times. Besides, there were signs around the park that scrolled updated wait times and ride closures.
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8 years ago, HP1663534
Great App
This app made visiting Universal so much better. We used the maps and wait time features the most. You can see which lines are shorter so you can bounce around the park a lot faster. Great App
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8 years ago, Hrenman
Magic guide app
Overall it was handy to have. Helped us with wait times to decide where to go. Restaurant guide was helpful for venue and pricing. Unfortunately the menus on app are not up to date so don't count on a menu selection actually being on the menu when you get there. Happened to us twice.
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9 years ago, Harry7895432
Great for knowing the wait times!
We use this app every time we are at Universal. Gives us the wait times. Great way to figure out which rides are worth it.
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9 years ago, Iscp
It serves me well
All I need to know is about park hours and waiting times and it tells me well. Also, I can find the menus which is great to me. The only only thing is that I have to pay to know where the restrooms are located but overall I like this app.
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9 years ago, US020315
Wrong park hours!
This app had the wrong closing time for universal studios every night this week! A park app is only as good as the information in it and if it can't get the simplest thing right like closing time, it is useless. I went from IOA to US expecting the park to be open until 7 , only to be ushered out after my first ride since the park actually closed at 6 that night. Use the official app or touring plans app instead.
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7 years ago, EveryFackingNicknameIsTaken
More accurate wait times than the Universal app
I wish it was a little more user friendly BUT I found that this app had more accurate wait times than the actual Universal Studios app.
Show more
10 years ago, wrfdgj
Good, self reported
Good app, but there are others that are free. This one has the wait times, maps and restaurant info all in one. The wait times are reported by those at the park and are relatively accurate. May be off, but still good direction.
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7 years ago, DLHC77
Very Usefel
The wait times are constantly being updated. This is the app you need to find the shortest lines/wait times for your favorite rides.
Show more
7 years ago, TMasterOfAll
Very good utility while in park
Without aid of this app I would have been so lost. The interactive map can pinpoint your location and show what all is around you (Bathrooms, rides etc). 4.5/5
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11 years ago, Nskinsella
Very useful at universal
Not sure how accurate wait times are. And there are not separate ones for express pass customers. But the app is very good.
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9 years ago, Shark5,000
Too much money, not enough info
This app has some conveniences, but for four dollars I expected a whole lot more. The free app from universal is just as good, and well... free. I'm kicking myself for buying this one. I fell into the trap that it must be better than the free one because of the price. Yeah, no. It's not. Handy to have something like this with you in the park, just choose one that doesn't charge you.
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10 years ago, Franny2014
Great Quick Guide!
This app is great it gives you exactly what you need with a click of a button on their simple menu.
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12 years ago, MtBiker33
Great App!
Well worth the $3 to keep organized and know where everything is at in the park. Restaurant details were awesome, and wait times are very up to date.
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12 years ago, Starksw
Very good app
This is a very good app. It's very helpful for locations of rides, bathrooms and places to eat. I like the menus being there so you can choose without walking.
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10 years ago, LovingMumfordandSons
A) why does this app cost a dime? Didn't I pay to get in the park? I laugh that they hand out maps like candy by charge for this app B) the wait times were rarely accurate - off by as much as 30 mins C) if it showed your location and provided transit times it would be much better
Show more
9 years ago, Eolms224
Map, No Times
This is a great app if you want to have a map and and a short description of the attractions for both parks. Do not believe the wait times though, because it can be changed by anyone. Very helpful app.
Show more
9 years ago, Mr. Disney
Good but not accurate
It is accurate on many rides but the hulk has been closed since September 8. It is now October 2 and they still list the ride as open with a 25 minute wait time. The Hulk is in pieces with much of its track removed. Don't know about you but I wouldn't want to ride it.
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