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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA

3.67 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, user=anonymous
What’s up with the notifications?
Okay, I don’t mind the large, no, MASSIVE chapter gaps. We can just read them elsewhere. For the titles that I do read here, I’ve noticed that I haven’t been getting the notifications. I also can’t say I’m a fan of the “First Time Read” concept, it’s kind of dumb that we don’t have the option to go back and reread. You could have something similar to Webtoon’s DailyPass. Instead of the 14-day availability, we could watch an ad at the start to “unlock” the chapter as well as the ad that you already have at the end of each chapter. Then we could watch an ad for each time we reread that chapter or just permanently “unlock” the chapter after watching x number of ads. An additional way of doing this would be similar to the point system on Zedge: watch ads -> claim points -> stockpile however many points the chapter you want to read costs -> permanently(?) unlock the chapter. This would also be appreciated for the titles that have a relatively large gap between chapters.
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4 years ago, jcdragonx
The app possibilities
This app has great potential to being one of the best manga reading app but the problem with the app is that the only available manga is that of the ones you mainly find in Shonen Jump. Also there are a few manga with a huge gap of chapters missing making hard to truly get into the manga. So a way for this app to reach its full potential would to start adding a lot more manga from different publishers/ distributors so there could be a larger variety of manga which would draw more people into using the app. Also for the mangas that are missing a large chunk of their chapters should have them slowly become available so people could really get invested in the manga. Until then I will only recommend this app to people who are reading pacific manga and if all the chapters are available for the manga as well.
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8 months ago, delalunas
re: recent update
like many others, I think the most recent update was a poor decision or at least rolled out at a poor time. most people are struggling right now financially, and paying for subscriptions isn’t really feasible (I know that’s how it is for me). I thought manga plus had a decent set up previously, and I had no issues with the app, but lost some time to be able to read. so I re-downloaded it, unsure of where I was last left on some series I was reading but now I honestly can’t tell. with the subscription lock icons, I can’t tell which chapter i’m on to even see if it’s worth paying for the subscription or not.. which honestly I probably can’t do right now. it’s hard because I want the mangaka and the people that make these translations possible to be paid for their work obviously, I just think it should have been implemented from the start and that’s where people are upset. something that was once accessible now isn’t, and I do think that unfortunately many will turn to scanlations once again. I wish I had a solution here, but I don’t.
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2 years ago, orion1044
The app has changed a lot the old reviews are now meaningless
Yeah so a couple months ago they made it so that pretty much everything is free, upon first read, then you have to buy. This applies to 90% of everything on the app, and everything else is going through “re-releases” where you can read old stuff week to week as if it were coming out fresh, which is interesting in of itself if you don’t mind not binging already existing material. Point is the old reviews are obsolete now, you can read everything for free one time only, but one time is enough for you to experience the story, Which is a really smart way to actually encourage people to buy volumes/buy subscription since Why would you buy a volume of something you don’t know you like, but if you know you like it, then you’re more likely to buy it to support it and have a physical copy of it.
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5 months ago, Ashlee Meyer
To Everyone Who Wants To Get This App:
I really love this app, but they keep putting the “get the MAX version to read this chapter” thing, but what if we don’t have the money? This is one of my favorite apps, but it’s beginning to go downhill, this has almost every manga you can search, but it’s going to become like crunchy-roll it will be a great app, but your probably going to have to pay later in the future, I understand they are trying to make money, but this is getting sad to see one of my favorite apps trying to charge me, but if you don’t mind being charged, or having to find specific mangas, then this is one of the best ones I’ve found so far.
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8 months ago, Eloc Snave
Good service, odd update
The app updated recently, and got a new visual overhaul. The pricing structure changed a little bit too, but I’m honestly fine with it. They offer you a few different ways to be able to purchase a subscription and read the manga that you would like to read honestly, the whole thing is fine. But the visual overhaul is a little unsettling. Everything used to be sorted by the date, and you would always be able to see the series title, and what day it came out on. That way you could easily tell if something had just gotten an update. now it’s fairly tricky to tell what day something came out, so it can be a little tricky to know if you’re looking at today’s updates or yesterdays updates. Overall, it’s a fine system, but it could really use some polishing.
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6 months ago, El Kiai
Please change back the Browse screen
After making the Updates page needlessly complicated and adding a “Hot” page that I’m not even sure who benefits from or who asked for it, the changes to the Browse page in your recent update is the most egregious one. Gone is the page I usually used the most, as it gave me a clear view of all currently ongoing series, divided by sub-publisher (SJ, SJ+ and others) and it has been replaced by this useless, noisy page full of random lists that add no value to your app. I just want a quick and consistent way to check everything at a quick glance. I had it. It worked great. Now it’s gone and it’s pretty annoying. Please, at the very list, give us the option of opening a full series from the Updates page instead of just the latest chapter if you still intend to continue with your useless lists and polls.
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2 years ago, kbsgk dsrjkm
This is not a review of the content in the app, purely the app itself. The system they have in place where when you finish something for the first time it locks it forever is quite annoying, but excusable if it weren't for the fact that its EXTREMELY laggy. Once, i was reading a series and i was really into it but when i got to a chapter all the pages were blank, so I waited for it load. It never loaded and instead kicked me out of the app by itself I wouldn't mind this too much, but with said system in place when i got back in the app the chapter was locked and I would've had to download another app and pay to read it "Again". So, in conclusion, the app was very disappointing and if I could read manga in another place i would.
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9 months ago, Saigonohito
Awful UI after update
User Interface is worse after the recent update. In the updates page, they only show a picture of the series cover and the chapter title. So if you don’t know the series cover, you can accidentally read the wrong manga and use up your free chapter. Doesn’t help that the covers are smaller now and aren’t seperated by update day(at least as far as I can tell) aside from the “New” label. When you try to read a chapter, it opens a prompt to select the language. Which is annoying. Why can’t I just set it all to one language in the settings? I doubt many users are constantly reading two or more different language translations The spoiler warning when you open the comments is nice though. Appreciate the effort. Mostly pointless if you’re caught up every week though since comments are accessed at the end of the chapter
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11 months ago, TJay96
OK app with broken notifications
This app is fine if you want to read shonen manga for free, once, and only a set amount of the earliest and latest chapters available in the app; the rest are locked with no way of accessing (no subscription or points system). I would use it to preview something without paying and then use other means to read the whole series. Otherwise, if you can, paying for the Shonen Jump subscription on the Shonen Jump app is better. Also, this app’s notifications are non-existent. I have all settings for this thing to notify me when new chapters of my favorites are available, but I get nothing. I don’t even get any other app notifications, the whole thing just doesn’t work. Inconvenient.
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3 years ago, JosephJoJoJoestar
Chapter gaps
This app is a really great place to read your favorite mangas but I just wish that there weren’t ginormous gaps between chapters in certain mangas. Other than that the layout is nice and once you click on a manga you want to read it gives you directions on what page to turn to next or which panel to read first and I think that is really great for new manga readers who need help adjusting to the right to left reading of japanese literature. In all the app is great but again the chapters gaps can be very infuriating at times.
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2 days ago, SarahPingXie
Sign in and no current read.
It’s ok but it doesn’t truly give you the option to sign in. I just simply put my name and a photo. But I had trouble with it on my iPad. I got the subscription on my phone but my iPad I had to delete then reinstall and click restore purchase but it doesn’t show my name. And it doesn’t have a “current reading” spot or something that has you saved where you left off. I have to go to the manga and it shows all chapters and then click what chapter i was on. There needs to be a feature to where you exit it saves in that chapter and once you come back you click the manga photo and it takes you to that chapter or below it has the chapter last on.
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4 years ago, GuitarPlayer61
Potential to be the best since Manga Rock
Honestly, I’ve had a hard time finding a good manga reading app since manga rock had permanently shut down. I used a couple but they had their flaws that turned me off to them really fast. It felt like nothing was going to compare, until I found this app. While I don’t believe it’s currently at the same level Manga Rock was, it really has the potential to be as good, if not better. It’s selection is great as far as quality, a lot of big name series available to read, but it’s still lacking in overall content availability. I hope it gains popularity and starts adding more for people to choose from.
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1 year ago, pubg update load time
Should have been 5
The app is great all around and works pretty good load time are usually pretty fast even when on bad internet but there is one major problem for me and it isn’t the free ticket system that’s fine I have no problem with paying to get access to read a chapter again but the issue I have is that some titles don’t have links to go and pay for the subscription so if you some how end up out of a chapter and leave it or close the app your completely out of luck I hope this reaches some one who cares to fix it cause it has cause me problems in a couple of times
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9 months ago, Upset weeb
Great app, until now
I want to preface this by saying I’ve never written a review for any app on my 15 years of using a phone. But this update has affected me to a large extent. Manga Plus was in my daily routine, check the new releases, read the reeditions, catch up on old manga. Now, half of those options are completely obsolete if I don’t pay. The app still has great use but compared to where it was even a day ago, Its like comparing One Piece to Family Guy. I hope that they at LEAST bring back reeditions or the ability to fully read serialized manga. Otherwise, how can new readers even get into the genre?
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6 months ago, shinxyboi
I downloaded this app a little while ago, before that big update, and back then it was a really good app. I got to read things on my to-read list with relative ease. My friends who used the app didn’t really like how if you didn’t read a chapter in time it would be gone basically for ever, but I thought that it was good that people didn’t have infinite gratification with there manga. But then the update I mentioned earlier happened, the update made almost every thing only accessible by buying premium which I’m not gonna do, if I wanted to pay to read manga I would just go to the bookstore and buy it myself. I’m only gonna redownload it if it goes back to not having a premium version.
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2 years ago, adamuh
The App Is Better Than Ever
So up until a couple months ago, the app was functioned to serve the first three chapters of a manga to introduce, and the last/recent three chapters for people caught up. The app offered nothing but those six chapters every story, no in between chapters. That has CHANGED, most of the bad reviews tackled that topic. Now this app offers EVERY CHAPTER FOR FREE! This excludes non-serialized chapters and is only offered for english translation. YOU CAN ONLY READ A FREE CHAPTER ONCE, please keep that in mind 🫡 good app deserves better ratings for sure.
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2 years ago, sasithequeen
I love this so much!
I love this! The only problem I have with it is for some manga it doesn’t have all chapters so it’s Like u have to be there before to read it.. but there’s only like 10 of those out of thousands <3 some time ago I uninstalled it because I stopped reading manga and got busy with school and I installed it again and went to my favorites and was surprised to see it all save! It SAVES xx! I honestly love it so much and recommend if u are somebody that lives romance comedy fantasy books <3 9/10 recommended 100%
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5 years ago, shoukomisan
Great app!
Loving the app thus far! It’s a great way to read the latest chapters of your favorite Shonen Jump series, and I love the layout of the app and the fact you can leave comments for each chapter! One criticism I have is that the spread pages are broken up, compared to the VIZ Media and Shonen Jump apps, where I can turn my phone horizontally to see the entire spread, in full HD quality, and don’t have to scroll to see it split into pages, which is what I have to do with this app. Otherwise, it’s an excellent product! Thanks Shueisha!
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3 years ago, wolf__DOG
Love the app 🤩
I’ve been trying to find an app to read my favorite mangas like My Hero, Substitute classroom, Death Note, and much more. It’s easy and clear to read the pictures are just amazing the only thing I’m not a big fan of is that I have to turn the pages left if there was a switch to change it to where you can flip the pages right that would be amazing. But overall amazing app definitely recommend to book worms like me 😁
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2 years ago, Rapward
How is it that every update…..
How is it that every update, you say you made some changes for the better, but is it better really when you click on chapter that you can’t view it again I mean come on would if I didn’t mean to click that chapter then when I want to read it I can’t read it again, if you really want to make changes on the app for the better make it so we can view it anytime we want, like seriously if you’re going to make Changes on the app for the better actually make it for the better if you want people to continue coming to your app that is!!! 😡
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3 years ago, Duke draws
Very disappointed
I downloaded this app because I wanted to read the demon slayer manga I got to episode 3 and then... EPISODE 204?! It says all of the episodes in between weren’t available,if that’s true, why even bother, I was so depressed and sad over this because I’m a big fan of this manga, and I really believed that I would be able to read the manga, but as it turns out I can’t, and now I have to find some other way of reading it. I’m so disappointed that I don’t even have words, I searched for a while and I really wanted to read the manga and understand the franchise more, because I’m watching the show, and I have to wait until the April of 2021 to see season two, but there’s so many things I’ll never get to see.
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8 months ago, PizZaGawd4218
TBH, there's no point in paying
The only benefit to this app is the clean translations and pages. Most manga you're tryna read you'll only see the first 3 chapters and last 3 chapters, if you wanna see the in between you have to pay and 9/10 even if you pay the app won't have those chapters. Download the app, read the most current ones and any other ones you want to read, look up the name and just search through another app or online website. BUT never pay for this app, you're literally throwing away money
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2 weeks ago, Cash Corbin
This app is amazing
I have been loving reading the jujutsu kaizen manga I love anime and reading is good so I am so happy I found this app so I can read the manga I would recommend if you want to read the manga this is probably the best manga app I’ve tried I have also been trying some other apps to try to get the manga but most of the time it doesn’t let me read the manga but this app does, You should get this app if your looking for a manga reading app
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4 years ago, Seeam Ahmed
It’s great and all but.................................
But there is a problem I gotta say this is one of the best manga reading apps, I found this app when my friend recommended manga plus for reading manga so I downloaded the app and went inside to read Boruto but about 40 chapters was not available sooooo that's a problem and not only boruto but many other mangas as well.., I don't expect u people to read this but i am still just saying and if u do read this plsssss do something about this plsss!
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4 years ago, Mars1414242424424
This is Great but....
Okay so I have tried so many apps to get to be able to read my hero Academia but they all say “ Hey become a membee to actually read the the rest of the manga” but the only problem is that when a picture shows up for action you have to slide just to see the double page picture. Overall this is a great app but I would give it a 5 star if they would fix that issue, Thanks!
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3 years ago, AndiiMari
Great app, needs more content !
The app works amazing! I think the app is well build, however it lacks the most important thing… manga ! There’s not many options to choose from. Until this moment it just have 124 titles to read from, and most of them are shonen. This could be a great app if the add more tittles. And they also add the option to download the chapters, that would be a great update. Far from that, I think this could be the best manga app I’ve seen before.
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3 years ago, sofia mcnabb
Why do like all of the manga have only three chapters published? Also why can I only find the re edition of a lot of manga they said they have. For example I got this app specifically for Tōkyō Ghoul and I only found the re edition and it only had like three chapters. I just would really like to see some more chapters and also I really wanna read sword art online and I didn’t see it so that would be a cool addition. All in all I like the layout but it could use some work.
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2 days ago, 🙂‍↔️😚🙁🤩🥰😕🥰😍🙂‍↔️
Better than Viz! Everything is paywalled on that website!
This app is great for reading the Kaijuu no.8 manga! It was my last resort when all other pirating websites were too sketchy or broken to use and this app works perfectly fine! The only downside is you’d have to pay in order to re-read a manga chapter as once you read a chapter, you can’t ever go back to it unless you pay.
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2 years ago, gohatenks
Why free only for the first time?
I love One Piece, so I decided to read the manga to catch up on the series, as I have not read the anime much at all. So upon starting to read chapter 4, I realized that it said free only for the first time. At first, I didn’t really care at all. But when I accidentally hit the button to get off of reading chapter 5, I completely lost my mind. And even worse, when I deleted and reinstalled the app, it saved my progress, a bug in some apps which need to be PERMANENTLY fixed! If you make the entire manga series free, then I will finally be satisfied. If not, then I will sue you for life. You don’t want that to happen, don’t you.
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4 years ago, --->**TiMbErWoLf**<---
The Possibilities are Endless!
I loge this app, especially when I can read the Weekly Shonen Jump series that isn’t in the official app (due to age limits) but with other series that aren’t in America (Hinomaru Sumo as an example) with huge gaps in their chapters. It would also be a great idea to include others like Fist of the North Star and City Hunter. Maybe even the chapters of Gintama starting from volume 24. Those are just my thoughts and hopefully something good will come from it
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4 years ago, True Ninja Lord
An Absolute Joke
I marginally appreciated that they’ve made reading manga releases slightly more official- the execution of this app is pathetic. The biggest issue with the simplest fix is that Manga Plus utterly murders your reading experience. They are murderers. Every time you’ve turned to an epic double-page spread that shocked you and made your jaw-drop? Not happening. These developers lack the common sense to string double-pages together so that the art makes sense and is as powerful as it’s original medium. If you read the One Piece unofficial release: imagine that double-page scene with the 9 Red Scabbards marching... download this app just to see the injustice they did to that scene and then uninstall with me.
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5 years ago, WickedRaptor
This app is a lie
They try to get you to add it with the premise that you can read your favorite manga for free. What they don’t tell you is that you get to read basically 3 chapters and then the rest of the manga is unavailable. No one wants to read almost nothing of a manga it’s just a marketing ploy to get people to go buy it in the store after they hook them in a the app and unfairly tease them with it. I deleted the app because it’s basically useless and a lot of people are gonna go find illegal ways to read to make up for this failure of an app. Sorry but don’t tease your audience and expect them to stay with you
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3 years ago, viv❤️❤️❤️
Extremely disappointed.
If you are a person looking for a good app to read manga do not get this app. If I could star lower I would. There are more popular manga like demon slayer or my hero academia on this app that go up to chapter 3 (or lower) and then skip to 206 or 368 and it makes me incredibly angry. I got this about 5 months ago but deleted it when I saw it does this, I thought they might have updated it so that it doesn’t do that anymore but I come back and guess what? It does this. I dislike how it does this and I have read other reviews saying how it does this. This app makes me extremely disappointed.
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8 months ago, Jobokai
Great App until the recent update
The User Experience has dramatically tanked with the new update, you no longer see comments without going into a deeper window, you have to select a language (even though I have my default set) for EVERY chapter you want to read, they no have all updates in a running list rather than showing which updates came out today or yesterday etc (which made it super easy to browse). Love the content and the reader for the manga, but the surrounding app is really terrible.
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4 years ago, NWA4197
Really enjoy it!
I love this app. It's a really good one & I like the idea behind the set up may be in need of an update however. Since IOS 14 it only gives me a black screen whenever I open the app. Not sure what the problem is but I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times. Still a good app nonetheless, but hopefully this problem can get fixed.
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9 months ago, Jofradi
wth have you done to the app!?!?!?
Fine by me with this subscription thingy, but you made the app UX extremely annoying to use. I don’t need every single popup message on every part I click. the choose language pop up is invasive, even after choosing the language already. how about making it english by default and change in the settings? the comments “spoiler warning” is unnecessary. it’s the reader’s responsibility to not get spoiled. And putting Nisekoi behind a paywall after almost finishing it hurt me 🥲
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5 years ago, MahouPoint
Please support creators
A good app that allows people to keep up with the latest chapters for free. Very ambitious. There are a few non-invasive ads. Wish they’d fix double spreads. The Viz Shonen Jump app is slightly higher in quality and quantity when it comes to what’s available, but this app has better presentation as a magazine turned digital type of feel. I’m worried about the addition of comments sections tho, but it works for Crunchyroll, so as long as they keep on top of moderation, it’s an ok app. Please support creators by using this app.
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4 years ago, sgtbrightside
A great idea, just needs age ratings
I love this concept: A free and legal way to stay up to date on all of what Shonen Jump has to offer in English and Spanish. I was ready to give this app a 5 star review, but I had to knock a star off because of the lack of content warnings and/or age ratings on their individual titles (which is standard on all North American manga print releases). Once this gets implemented, I would easily give this app a 5 star rating.
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4 years ago, Mclovindee
IOS 14 issue
Great app and I use it often for the the on time weekly release of manga I read. The app is stable and easy to use although as of the IOS 14 update I just get a black screen while opening the app. Manga Plus was working fine prior to the update but it seems apple did not warn app developers of the IOS 14 release although I hope manga plus can be optimized soon
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5 years ago, Angresss
A good app..for a scam
This is an overall good app! You can read it clearly, It has a wide selection of mangas I’ve always wanted to read..but...What it doesn’t tell you is that you can basically only read 3 chapters before you can only read what’s actually recent..I was super excited to get the app! I finally found an app that lets me read manga for free, and then suddenly I realized I can’t even read more than three chapters! I am extremely disappointed, Please don’t download this app if your looking forward to read a full on manga! It’s just a scam
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9 months ago, ItsOkItsNotBadButYeah
New update stinks, made the app worse
The UI change is just not good. It removed the dates from the updates page making it hard to tell what came out today or in the past couple days precisely. Even WORSE, they made a subscription service that made previous titles in which you could read every chapter as many times as you want, now require the subscription service, meaning you don’t even get a “first read free” for these if you’d read them or not, they’re just paywalled. Horrible.
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5 years ago, Brushjmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,llo
Only One Freaking Issue
Everything about this app is great. I love how the new chapters and the first three are free. That is amazing, high quality translations for all. The only minor problem I have with it is that it breaks apart double-page spreads. Which is like a picture but on both the right and left page connecting but the separate them. It kind ruins the moment.
Show more
4 years ago, Pickle_204
App not working
This app is amazing I wanna read the new boruto chapter so bad 😫😫 but today I tried to read it but whenever I click on the app it’s just a black screen I restarted my phone and deleted and redownload the app but it still doesn’t work 😔 pls someone help I don’t know any other apps that are this good all the other ones don’t even have all the chapters
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4 years ago, abc i dont know
Pretty much perfect
I actually really like this app it had all the manga I wanted to read and even then there are still plenty more manga series on this app that I feel like I will never be bored again really my only setback was the direction you had to swipe in order to read but I got over that really quick so I really recommend
Show more
3 years ago, Jtaylor556
Don’t get this app
This is a terrible manga service. It has quite a few good manga titles, however you literally can’t read past chapter 3 unless you want to read the literal last 3 chapters. You can’t have a manga service where you can’t read the manga that’s not how it works. And the worst part is there’s no way around it either you actually just straight up can never read those chapters (from my knowledge) and basically all of the mangas on here are like that. This is a waste of time and a waste of storage. Don’t get this app
Show more
9 months ago, KirishimaEjiro1A
This is great if you don’t want to buy your own manga, or don’t want to go to the library. It doesn’t have some lesser known animes I like, and also the fact that you can only read certain chapters once is a bit annoying, but over all I recommend this ;)
Show more
8 months ago, Chasedon
Selecting Language is Annoying
After this update what was previously a one click interaction to select a manga from the updates page is now three. You need to deal with the language pop up even if you have only one Content Language selected in settings. The updates page no longer displaying titles or grouping by release date is also annoying.
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3 years ago, HxC papi
Shuiesha direct..
! Minor bug caught where logging in it ask to delete memeory of what has been read and where it also ask to delete from iCloud like dammit I don’t wanna delete nothing I just wanna log in and read where I left off without it asking me to delte my synced reading.. i
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2 years ago, Billie fly
So far really like it
I know they don't have all the options but I've really enjoyed reading/catching up on some of the big name titles. The free part is really nice as well, since you can view each chapter for free once.
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