MangaToon - Manga Reader

4.5 (4.1K)
93.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mangatoon HK Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MangaToon - Manga Reader

4.5 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Jellyfish2255
This app is great exactly if your a writer.
This apps has really gave me the confidence as a writer. Before I got this app I never really thought I was any good at writing. The community on this app is great for newbies. They encourage and critique in a helpful way. But I’m not saying that there is nothing that I don’t like on this app because there is. The first thing is the points. It’s really hard to have enough points every time you go to read something because if you constantly read like I do you run out really fast and then have to watch videos or complete goals to get the points you need. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be points though because they help pay the writers but, it would help if you could do a process like Webcomics. Another thing is if you are going to post a update to your story it can sometimes take weeks for it to finally be passed. It makes it really hard to have a scheduled update for your stories. Even with these flaws it is an amazing app and I would really recommend getting this app.
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4 years ago, Emily soalres
This is app is awesome
I got this app about a mouth and I can’t stop reading but to say there is one thing wrong I need points to get the next episode but ... it let’s you get a ad so you can just unlock the next episode I made my own novel myself go check out idol to the rise and pixie girl if you want 😋😋😋🤣🤣🤣anyway this is a awesome app I recommend it oh and you can see people’s comments to be honest they make me laugh so hard and am only reading the comments . And it has all topics historical romance , boy love , girl love , comedy ,action , and my favorite romance I just love it oh and ceo too where the ceo is the male lead oh and if you love manga that is like more adult this is kind of your place because in like every story that has the topic ROMANCE it almost always starts with sex so like they drink to much or do somthing somthing it just always starts like that idk why but I kind of like it ....oh no I wrote to much 😅😅😅well then hope you get the app oh and .... read my novel pixie girl and idol to the rise see you later manga readers
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2 years ago, HA Manor
Fair & understandable pricing (+freebies)
Of all the highly rated apps I have tried thus far, this one is the most credible from a consumer standpoint. There are plenty of opportunities to read for free and fair and flexible pricing to read on. The apps with GEMS are overpriced - seriously overpriced. You can easily end up spending $20-$50 to complete a story. Also, many such apps only allow you to buy in bulk for all remaining chapters while MangaToon lets you select from various options at different discount levels. You have several opportunities to earn points and the app has its own timers so you get credit without having to ask for it in advance which I found very annoying other apps. The selection is good but could be broader. Overall, best app I have used.
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3 years ago, kingmad 123
Can’t translate
I had been reading on manga for a long time, and I loved the comics that MangaToon had, and how there is point system and the check in system because to me it’s a pretty good deal with these, unlike other comic apps that I’ve downloaded, I also like the way how you could be a translator, Creator, Publisher and more, that could give you benefit. I was a translator in the MangaToon and had translated 3 works, and haven’t been translating for long time because I was pretty busy with my personal things and now I have the time to translate the comics that I want to check or translate and it wasn’t letting me type the translation or look at the translation of others work. I hope you could fix this problem for me.
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3 years ago, Kayna.Boba
Excellent collection of manga!
I enjoy the stories I read and the fact that we can get free reading coupons each day and collect enough points to read a chapter.y only complaint is the customer service. At some point I collected 18 reading coupons and for whatever reason I couldn’t use them all so they all expired! Yes I was disappointed and very upset. When I asked the customer service chat why this was their only answer was that only certain stories accept the reading coupons or can only limit 1 coupon per day which I knew was a lie because at that time I was only rotating between 3 stories where I was able to use at least 10 coupons a day for 1 story! At least be consistent in the information providing your customers who love and enjoy this app. Get it together people!
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2 years ago, eheydheyehe
BEST APP…but there is one problem
I sincerely get that all these apps need some kind of access so you can get to the next episode it being days and points concluding this app and use his points in order for you to get to the next episode I do not like that of the app I don’t know why it just points but can you please get an explanation and I know there’s ways to get the points you can earn them and stuff but I’ve been wanting to watch my episode I’ve watched 20 at the beach means I’ve watched 20 episodes and everything all my points and I just want to watch it now but I can’t because I don’t have enough points or anything to watch the app but other than that this is a really good app I gave a really big thANKs to the people who made it
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2 years ago, .!/&/!/&/$&!;!.(.?(
App not able to identify account
I have been using this app for some years now and I have not really had any complaints about it. Only issue now is that it asked me for an account renewal or it would close and I did what it asked, but I can’t access anything. I restarted my phone and all and still nothing. Update, issue solved the following day although it continues to act as if I logged out within some hours after me not using it and staying on a specific reading.
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7 months ago, mario fan 1234
Great app but…
I love it so much! It is practically perfect in every way, but I like binge reading when I’m bored and I do not mind watching ads or doing the tasks! However the tasks and ads run out and it leaves me having to wait and do something else!! I get trying to make people keep the app even once there finished with a particular thing but there is soooooo much more stories and I really want to keep reading! I do not want to pay money for this because it will eventually be a lot!! I really wish you could find more ways for people to keep on reading. Other than the lack of ways to keep reading I really enjoy it! It’s so fun to read these awesome stories. Please take my idea into consideration!
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4 years ago, #TwinNumber1
Just 1 problem
So I think this app is lovely when I was just finishing up some anime I found this app and decided to give it a try now I spend hours on it reading is so fun and captivating. I deleated the app because it just wasn’t working properly and then re downloaded it only to find out that it had been updated. The update was actually very nice but the one problem I have with it is that is dosent tell you what the manga takes or what it dosent take. For example the manga may only take coins or points but no adds or just coins or all. There’s no sign the gives me clues and it leave me wondering if my Wi-Fis bad . But anyway besides that this app is great and I hope you continue doing a great job
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4 years ago, ilovrbinnnnejsjs
It is good but it has some flaws
I think this app is a really good app but it does have some flaws like it asks to much for money and to many ads and the amount of points they give you is to little just to watch a whole ad. also they are not specific on how many points you are supposed to have although they do have many nice comics but I still think that they should do something like web comics were they have a wheel and it has like coins up to 30 or 20 and other things that you can do to get free coins but this just to much it feels like they are forcing you to buy coins and if don’t you u have to watch a ad and I think it is to much and for that I’d suggest other readers to try a app called web comics it is a really good app and I recommend it!
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3 years ago, Anonmyo
System is not functioning correctly
Your general coupon lottery is broken it is always out of stock please fix. I recently updated to a new system because I thought I needed the new update to get the coupon but it is still not working. Also when did you change the daily checkin rewards? Before I could check in every day and get one coupon but now I got a gift bag on the third day and I got a sticker and a profile frame. I prefer the a coupon everyday. And because you changed the daily check in does that mean if I check in for 7 days I no longer get 7 coupons or if I check in for 30 days I no longer get 10 coupons? Not a fan of the new check in system. If I have know this was the new system I would have never updated it because even with the update the general coupon is broken.
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3 years ago, iPadGirl71
IPad App Issues
The last few weeks, the iPad version is not working correctly. The Mangatoon home screen is split so that one half is the Mangatoon home screen and the other half empty. It's very hard to read the main screen like this. On individual webtoon series screens and the chapter screens, it is split. The chapter reading screens can be enlarged, but links to other suggested content at the end of each chapter no longer works. When I go to my library or to a series home page to read the next chapter, I am taken to the last read chapter and it won't advance to the next chapter. The only way it works is if I go to the series home page, select chapters, then Reverse order and then go to the latest chapter. I love Mangatoon but this is a headache!
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4 years ago, shymeganegirl
Please fix it
I’ve been using this app for quite sometime and rarely have any problems with it which is nice. Last night I read a few chapters before I went to bed, my log in was at 9 days, since I forgot one day to log and my 129 days were gone T-T had almost 8700 points and now I have 0, zero, zip, nada. The chapters I read are locked, my log in count is 0. I thought that maybe was the update, but even so I still have that problem. Just the thought that I have to start from scratch again make me just want to forget about it and delete the account. It was months that I’ve been logging and playing the adds and doing the daily missions so I could save up some points so I could read at my pace without worrying if I’m going to run out of points to now have nothing :/
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4 years ago, Gizkoolro
Love but wish there were better purchase options
This app is amazing. I love it but after you use a coupon it locks again after 3 days. You can buy coins to pay for the comic chapters but you can run out fast if you read a lot. I wish there was like a subscription to buy for like $5.00 a month or like have deals like $10 for like 3 months something like that. Like you would be able to read all comics after you have “premium” or “unlimited”. There are many options that are all very good reads just wish there was something that you could read them all. They have ways to earn points, coins, and coupons to unlock chapters.
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4 years ago, 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕖𝟞𝟞
At first when I tried it, I loved it but then when I got to certain chapters, it would be locked unless you purchased it or watch vids. I got tired of this but the stories are awesome so I had watched billions of ads. I saw some book covers that seemed interesting but turned out they weren’t comics. Chat stories are good and you don’t have to watch any ads. However, as I was reading a pretty popular chat story they started to add the locks on the chapters of the chat story too. I hate that but sometimes you get coupons and the stories are worth watching those ads for. I really hope there would be less tho. Thanks for listening to my opinion.
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2 years ago, critiziser/42
Good App
It is an amazing app I don’t mind the adds at all although the excessive need to spend coins is annoying my only complaint is how it is extremely unclear on how to save your outfits in the dress up section of the game I wish it would give a tutorial on how to do it since I’ve had to redo the second level many times. All I need is clarification and you have a five star app. PS this game has amazing books and manga plus this section maybe it’s just a glitch but I need an explanation on how to work it to enjoy this section of the game. Thank you for your time
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4 years ago, armybtsO_o
This app is great, when you run out of points you can watch a add for the next episode until you run out of adds and they give you cute little missions like stay on the app for so many minutes... However, I did the little like mission things and got 17 points, I went to the story to unlock the next episode and it didn't unlock it for me. I have to give 10 points to read one episode but it took 10 out of my 17 but wouldn't let me go on. this has made me a little upset due to the fact all I needed was 3 more points and I could unlock two but it took 10 and didn't give me my episode.
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2 years ago, Sammysamsammisam318sam94
Okay. I really like this app. It has great options. But I think it deserves 2 Stars. Because why am I still see these ads pop up when I am changing chapters or even going back out of the comic to go to them main home page. I am already subscribed. I pay every month for this. They always end up freezing the app. And I have to reopen. And this happens MULTIPLE times a day. Please fix this. I would like to continue my subscription. But what the point if I can’t even read two chapters without the app freezing due to the ads continuously popping up. EVEN after I press done! It’s ridiculous and it makes me just want to delete the app. I just want to read.
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4 years ago, SM50
Update to the original. What was broken is now fixed so updating to 5 stars. App is working great. Original review: I used to read more than I do currently. After months of checking in to get free coupons to read the comics for over a month it’s been telling me this is the first day I’ve checked in which means I’ll never get the bonus days where they give frequent readers 10 coupons instead of one. I reached out to support and was advised they would look into it over a month ago with no further response.
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4 years ago, unsightable
Love the app, but....
I love the app, but The ads don’t work in tablets. ameaning all I can really do with it is to use my points because the ads won’t work no matter how long I wait. I have proof that it doesn’t work on tablets (or maybe even ipad)... I waited for around 10 minutes for the ad to be open in my tablet but it didn’t worked, I went to the same episode in my phone with a different account and I can watch the ad and it doesn’t say “Please wait for an ad” or something. I hope you fix this bug
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2 years ago, aby_2004
Pretty good app
Overall it’s a pretty good app,I have had this app for about 1-2 weeks and so far I have read many comics but the only down fall is that you need to buy coins I order to proceed reading, I would really like if the app had monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions, I wouldn’t mind spending 20 bucks a month just to read or let’s say like 300 bucks a year for a year just to read over all the app is pretty good I give it for stars. Tho I would really like if we had monthly subscriptions or yearly subscription.
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3 years ago, Claw claw9000
Very good
At first k thought this was going to be a stupid app and once I saw it didn't have real manga o was going to delete it but I saw it had different types of book so I clicked on comedy and started reading some if the funny ones and I was kind if hooked I could not atop reading I read it so much I got a headache but it was worth it good,funny and very romantic books of your into books without pictures even most of the books have very good plot lines so definitely recommend .
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2 years ago, Jerlaini
I love all the stories
I love all the stories and everything there is but I wish I didn’t have to log into read the rest of the stories I wish I can just read it all without logging in but at least there’s a ad to watch and wait until you could read your story it seems difficult but it’s worth it to read the story you like thank you for making this this is the most greatest thing ever :))))))
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4 years ago, Cate6488
Similar to many other reviews, it is understandable to include a coin system to finance all of the authors and such however, there is the opportunity to watch advertisements instead of waiting or paying for coins. The bad thing is that there is never any ads to watch, thus you always have to wait for coupons. I would use this app more if there were actually advertisements readily available. 3/25 Update Once again this app continues to disappoint. Once they started getting the watching ads system working. Some of the comics immediately go into a not accepting ads because of Author’s copyright. Ok I get this for some of the comics, but not ALL OF THEM. This means that this app once again is not able to put ads because of flaws.
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4 years ago, wow i will never sleep agian
THE BEST!!!!!!!
This app is so amazing! Like I will never leave reviews on apps even if I like them, but this app is soo good that I just had to! From countless manga and stories I never run out of things to read! Also it allows almost anyone to write their own story, I love that the most, because it gives them a way to express themselves. I read manga with good art and not the best art, what really matters to me is that they tried! Amazing app I totally recommend this to anyone!!!💛💛💛💛
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3 years ago, Надя Лысенко
A great app!
I am just flabbergasted by all the negative reviews! This app is awesome! I enjoy all the stories, some of them are so well made that they can bring me to tears! I like that we can watch adds to get free episodes. Awesome customer service! On all of the recent complains in the reviews section, I see that for most of them they are being responded. Either way, keep up the good work! Oh, also, what time does the comics update for Illinois, US? I’ve been trying to find that out lately.
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3 years ago, BumblingBambi
Do better sis
So yeah this app is just wow... it use to be great but now you have to watch like 5 freaking ads before you can read one very short chapter. I understand a lot work goes into making each comic but seriously. If I have to spend 5 minutes watching ads to unlock a 2min read I rather not waste my time. Zing box was much more reliable. Also they have so Nikki dress up rip off game that you can only pass with spending money because earning the game credits is near impossible unless your willing to spend a week grind out levels fo 20-60 promo credits and saving for clothing items that are 1000x more than what’s possible to earn. Ugh just do better...
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4 years ago, Money boy doorman
Love manga
I love this app a lot but recently it’s been glitching and make me use my saved up points I had over fiver hundred saved up points and it forced me to use them because it didn’t give me the choice to watch adds it was just buy the episode without my choice I’m not mad I just really want all the points I saved up back it took my along time to get five hundred points
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11 months ago, Sleepy4896
Forces you to watch ads and pay for each manga
They only allow you to read certain amount of the manga then tell you to buy them. They still force you to watch ads even if you make purchases and they aren't cheap either. Theres no subscription to get access to all the mangas and you have to spend at least $10 to get access to a single manga series. Only good thing about this app is they have mangas that most other apps/sites dont have but you cant read it anyways unless you pay for it. App creators have to be making BANK off how much it is to use this app and how many ads are spilled out all over the place.
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3 years ago, 8821520
The app itself is great, but not it’s users
I recently started using the app and some of the stories are great and all but the app needs some restrictions. There is en excessive amount of spoilers. You cannot enjoy the trill in the novels AND share your opinion bc half the comments have spoilers. The people who comment should be banned from commenting. It ruins the story and ends up readers not want to continue reading. This also takes from the creators bc less people will put money into the stories and some authors really need the money. It is not fair to anyone
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2 years ago, PrincessGG15
I really do enjoy this app, it gives the option to read for free by collecting points by watching ads and it lasts three days which is all I really need. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars though is because when I watch ads to get 5 points it makes me watch more ads than necessary, so like I can watch 1 ad and get 0 points when in total I get like 5 or 6 ads to total up to 25-30pts yet I’m watching about a total of 10 or more ads without getting pts.
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3 years ago, Anonophone
Update: You took down the stories after they were reported. However, the same story was uploaded to your site twice by two different writers and the story originated from another site by a different author. There was nothing in place to keep two identical stories from appearing on your site and that’s aside from the story being stolen. This app has stories stolen from other sites and monetized here. You and the person who uploaded the story are stealing from actual author of the story and it doesn’t seem you’re very responsive when the original author tries to reach out for help
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4 years ago, Eingel <3
Good app but lots of glitches
I personally love this app so much but I have so many issues with it because sometimes I get kicked out for no reason and this happens often. And my check in streak disappeared even though I have been checking in every single day for the past 98 days but now it says only 2 days and I’m not really happy about that. I hope you guys can solve these issues with the glitches but other than that, this is a great app.
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4 years ago, starscrosslover
Thank everyone for their hard work!
I wish the chapters were much longer and and update quicker but thanks to everyone’s hard work we get to enjoy such beautiful stories manga and novels we get to feel their feelings of frustration determination hate love fear... etc. but over all just enjoying a good read has made my day thanks all write and translators for putting effort and hard work into this work! Thank you!
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2 months ago, Sikoiya
Need help fixing my app
I’ve had this app for a long time, but for some reason I can’t update the stories that I have going and I’m really getting upset about it. But if it has something to do with this app then can someone please tell me why I can’t update my stories
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2 years ago, Patchy🥰😍.love
Please fix
This Game is awesome but I don’t like how you have to have money to pay for points and use all the points in one day and I also don’t like how you get 20 ads because it absorbs the ads two times just to finish one episode and then start the otherBut the books are really good I wish we had like around 100 or 80 ads because then we could just divided up evenly amongst our favorite books or comics that’s what I really hate about this app
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4 years ago, JadeQueen100
Major Bug Problems...
I’ve had this app for a few months. At first it worked well, prices were annoyingly high but doable if you used coupons and did the daily checkins and whatnot and there is a lot of great content, but lately I haven’t been able to read at all. Many tabs open only to a white screen or the links don’t show up at all. All my points and coupons were reset. I tried various ways to fix it, but it is clear that the problem lies with the app not my internet or phone. Really hope this gets fixed soon!
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4 years ago, Tris app is so. Good
This app is really good, I love the mangas, but it has some problems with the coins and the passes that you get every day. Sometimes the passes doesn’t let me unlock the comics or sometimes it unlocks the episode that I already read, so it’s really annoying sometimes to have to watch videos bc of that. Yesterday I was reading and I got 30 points and today I wanted to use them but there weren’t there, I do love the mangas on this app but it’s having a lot of problems, also my daily free episodes are not working since last week so I can’t read anymore
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4 years ago, mangabunzie
Just another pay to read app
I had the old version of this app Manga Rock, it was the best manga reading app I’d ever seen it was all free and for a working college student that was amazing!! Yet now this new app is no different then all the other manga apps you find on here that allows you to read a few chapters then you have to unlock them with coupons or points, that nine times out of ten you end up paying and using to much money on just to read manga. I’m very sad to lose my favorite app it was an amazing way to destress from classes but now I’d much rather search the internet to find free manga to read than use this app anymore.
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4 years ago, Fyre Engyn
Episodes are becoming too short suddenly
I ve been using this app for a while now and as of recently, perhaps some time this year...the episodes have been shorter drastically. Also you pay money to unlock these episodes ( ONLY TEMPORARILY ) then they relock again. On some of the original stories they only have maybe 95 episodes, but because of slicing them in half, WEBTOON has them in the 100’s. I’m “PAYING “to read these stories. I feel also that this is extremely Unnecessary and wrong to your subscribers so therefore I will be deleting this app.
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3 years ago, avani mcleod
I’m a bit confused??
I got the app recently and I found this series I enjoy a lot, but I had to use my reading coupons for it. After I finished them I thought I could watch a few ads to get some more back but there isn’t that option. I don’t have many friends that I can send the link to or that I know who even read manga and I don’t have any Money to purchase more coupons is there any other way to get more??
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4 years ago, j.......,,,,
Its a great app but now i HAVE to pay
The app is great. I love it but its recent update makes it as i have no choice but to buy coins or i cant finish reading current comics. I understand the writers have to be paid but i shouldnt HAVE to pay for coins i should have an option. I really do like this app but i do think i am going to have to delete it simply because right now i dont have the money to constantly pay for coins. It should be an option to pay for coins or not
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3 years ago, topagent0014
My review and why
I mean I love it, and there are some really interesting ones there. But I don’t understand how to delete a novel and that stuff. I already used the help center for it but I didn’t get a response yet. I asked a while ago. Also for the Fashion Show I can’t get the requirement because I don’t have the right thing. And you can’t buy that thing.
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4 years ago, gsinte
I really liked this app and it has so many comics that I love!!! I didn’t care about the coins and coupons, I was okay with those and also I had ads to unlock each episodes BUT now I can’t use ads to unlock an episode. And like they ask for a lot of money to unlock an episode. And I really want to read my manga! I understand that this is a free app but still, You have to pay a lot of money to get coins. I really liked it until now.
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3 years ago, Ashuleyyy
Doesn't work
I keep trying the app hoping whatever bugs are preventing it from working on my iPad have been fixed, but no luck. Is this something that can be fixed soon? I want to apologize. The reason it wasn't working was because my VPN was on. App works great now.
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3 years ago, !Rin~kun!
I am now so addicted to this because unlike other apps are used for reading comics and texting stories and all that I have to pay for them but this one I don’t have to well so far I haven’t figured that out yet but so far I don’t have to pay I love this app so much🥰
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4 years ago, yodutdust
Personal review
personally it’s a great app, a lot of apps usually don’t even give the ad option to still read a comic, while the coins are a little annoying it’s understandable that the author needs to get paid. I wish there was an option where you pay monthly and get free comics with light having to buy each time. Besides that I love this app, like I’m high key addicted to it.😂😂
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4 years ago, luney79
Need an option to skip to page
This app seems great but it is lacking the option to be able to skip to a specific page. It’s a pain to sit there keeping pressing the next button for 100x just to continue where u left off (if you happened to read it somewhere)... other then this one complaint it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, Fix this problem quick!!!
Minus 1 star problem
Ok so I used to read manga like all day and night and complete a whole bunch of shows but now your app only lets me watch a certain amount of manga each day and it happens on both of my accounts so now I can’t read much so I am bored and has to go to other apps to watch tv or other stuff
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4 years ago, Espreso_girl
I used to really love the app and I was using it every day but one time I wanted to reread some old chapters in Vampire Sphere and it wouldn’t let me, saying it was locked. Now I am specifically mad at this because I payed money so I could read the whole book for free without paying any coins. Then it decided to start charging me coins for future chapters even though I payed for the whole book. I payed real US dollars so I read it but then you all want to go and just erase it. It was a waste of money and I don’t recommend this app to anyone unless you want to get scammed.
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