MANGO - Online fashion

4.8 (32.4K)
82 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MANGO - Online fashion

4.82 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
4 years ago, jdfoeosnfneiisncbe
Can no longer sort by color
The last update made the app supper laggy, and it no longer sorts clothes by different categories, only price range. I only purchase black clothes so it makes extremely difficult to scroll down all the way to the bottom just to look for anything. I mostly sort by size and color so the list will be really short, now everything just takes forever to look it up.
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4 years ago, haya al khaled
Very unprofessional and unhelpful
Ordered 2 items and received it in 3 weeks (when they actually stated that the order is delivered in up to 7 days) so I tried to track my package, but the tracking number is untraceable!! I had to literally wait until the courier company calls me (cause i had no idea what company they shipped through since its untraceable). After 2 weeks, I got an “invalid” tracking number show up when i clicked on the tracking number, but the courier company logo finally showed up, so I contacted them and asked where it is & after maybe a week or two I received the package. However, one of the items didn’t fit well so i decided to refund it, i requested an at home pickup and waited a few days, after 3 days I received an email saying that an agent will call me and sort out the pickup, 2 weeks later & still no one came! I sent out 3 emails (no one even bothers to reply), I requested another return request, & still until this day... no one picked it up! I called the courier company today to pick it up, so I’m still waiting! But overall, my experience with mango is so bad, tbh I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Such a shame that one of the biggest clothing brands are providing customers with such a bad experience, very unprofessional!
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4 years ago, lucy<3er
Trouble since latest update
I’ve been ordering a lot the past couple months and everything was working well (except for “track” on the order page did not work on my iPad, only iPhone). Loved the mango app until now! Latest update a week ago deleted my order history and nothing happens when I click “info” on the current order made after the update (the only order listed), so I can’t see the itemized list or anything pertaining to that order. I also cannot see order status, tracking, shipping status or anything else on both devices. I’m completely in the dark about any outstanding orders, what I ordered, what has shipped, when something will arrive, prices of items purchased and total, etc. It’s horrible! I only hope my orders are still being honored in an unorganized manner on their end even though I can’t view anything on my end. This needs to be corrected ASAP. Customers should feel empowered and able to access their own order history. As of now I won’t order from Mango for these reasons. Also I’m awaiting several return confirmations, so I’ll see how well they manage that.
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4 years ago, Oder43
They are legit, but they need to be more transparent
I’ve only purchased one thing from Mango and it was a bomber jacket this past May. I purchased it at the beginning of the month and received it about 3-4 weeks later. I want to say this was due to COVID, but I’ve purchased products from Europe (they’re in Spain btw) during the pandemic and have received them a week later. Anyways, I ordered my jacket as a large, but received a European large (American medium). I called them, they told me to check the conversion chart, but still exchanged my order for free, no questions asked. I understand they’re European, but if the app is available in any country outside of the EU, it would be nice if they converted the sizes to those countries’ sizes to lessen any confusion. As it is, they have a store here in America, in NYC!
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5 years ago, 10086aha
this app try to make it looks Modern, but it super useless. When you ordered something, u can’t see the small pic on it, it’s only showed the item number. ( if you only buy one or two, it’s fine. But if you buy more than it, you will find out how useless it is, make things complicated). Otherwise after you order something, they will send you the shipping “information” which tell you, your order has been shipped, but with out tracking number. You have to go the app>your acct>your order to find the link of tracking information. And last thing, you brand always ship clothes as immediately shipping or 8business days shipping, so people always get the clothes after two or three weeks, that’s why customer need something easy and clear. But your app is not helpful at all. It’s probably the worst app for fashion that I ever used.
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4 months ago, 16Meg958
Love it but the app need improvement
Love Mango and the app, but there is one feature that is missing. As a frequent shopper who scans the app pretty often, I’m interested in seeing the new items in each category more easily. So a simple sort by (newest to oldest) when browsing each category would greatly improve the user experience. I know there is a section with new arrivals, but scanning through everything from all categories or trying to filter items is not as usable as a simple sort when browsing for examples, the jeans section. I really wish the developers include this feature in their future updates.
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6 years ago, Elliott78!!
This app will erase all your information as you run through the checkout process. It looks slick but simple UX fixes and commands to dismiss a keyboard or tab would prevent severe errors from happening in the checkout process. I had to submit my cc info nearly 4 times before accidentally pressing the “MasterCard” option to move on. Editing and submitting a new address is also difficult if you hide the submit button under the keyboard with no proper way to click “done” on the native keyboard. One more note... when I search for clothes and enter the product detail page, if I dismiss or navigate back from that don’t place me at the top of the search again. Take me back to where I left off. This is a native app not a mobile web experience, it should reflect that.
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2 years ago, ellarrrrrrrr
Payment glitches and inflexible on modifying orders
This is the second time when making payments and it changed the shipping address. There’s still some glitches on payment methods. I really wish they could have an hour window of modifying the order details before it is being dispatched or send order confirmation for transparency. The order took very long to dispatch but you have to wait till it dispatched, and it will take another long time to process. Should have more live help or better customer support for orders. I appreciate the team have improved the team rearrange the purchases section to be more visible. The app has still more improvement to do like transparency in shipping and order details.
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2 months ago, Chiquitita123
Decent App But Has Issues
Shopping and initiating returns are pretty easy to do on this app. I also like that they don’t limit you on the size of your wishlist and keep you signed into your account. On the other hand, the Store Availability feature is almost never accurate and needs to be fixed. More often than not, I’ll arrive at a physical store, ask an Associate about an item the app says they have in stock, but the item is sold out. Super frustrating! I’ve also noticed that Afterpay doesn’t really work on the app—it has glitched out every time I’ve attempted to pay with it.
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6 years ago, jumpingj53
I love Mango but I’ve had more than a few problems when editing my cart. Each time I’ve tried to remove an item the wrong item is removed. I am certain that I am clicking on the correct item and this has occurred repeatedly. It is very frustrating and most recently a pair of pants I really wanted was deleted and then I couldn’t find those pants again anywhere on the website. Please check into this problem. It won’t stop me from shopping on line with Mango but it is annoying. Thanks. :)
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11 months ago, Goldenbear19
Everything Out of stock :(
Excellent selection except that mostly everything I wanted was out of stock. Hopefully the notify me feature is actually meaningful and the items come back in stock. I’d be thrilled if they did. The website is also very glitchy and difficult to navigate. Even on the app. It dumped my shopping bag 5 times at checkout and I had to go back through and re-add everything that I could remember was in it. So annoying. Overall, I think ended up purchasing less than half of what I intended on today because of these issues.
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2 years ago, glos1014
Site glitches
I live browsing for a while before making a purchase because I hate doing returns. I have noticed the site glitches after a while. In example today I couldn’t open the purchase items in my bag to double check size etc. I hope it was correct. Other then the occasional glitch I’ve been happy with my purchases.
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3 years ago, Hi wot
Items just disappear off the shopping cart?
I was in the middle of shopping ,putting items in the cart and when I finished I returned to cart to check out and Half of the items disappeared. No warning no nothing. At least hold the items in the cart for half an hour or so before somebody else can claim it. I was so disappointed!
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8 months ago, barb.nickel
Customer Service
This app needs a lot of work. Here’s a couple of suggestions. 1. Since your sizing is SO inconsistent it would be great if you’d allow purchasers to right reviews on the products - to know if they’re true to size, run small, etc. 2. An easy way to contact customer service would be nice. There should be a support email or something. 3. Better filtering on searches. I will also add on a positive note returns are very easy to make. Thank goodness due to the sizing inconsistency. Check the Nordstrom app if you need ideas on excellence.
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5 years ago, Cathy514
Love the clothes, but.....
Very slow to load, not like other websites. Also frustrating that the descriptions of items aren’t very good. And if you click on an item, the website takes you back to the very beginning of your search and you have to scroll all the way until you find where you left off...thank you, love your clothes!
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2 years ago, JibaKen
Poor application
Here is a list of enhancements for developers to improve the application. 1. Provide what size model is wearing and the model’s parameters, all clothes are fit/sit differently and it's better not only to see how it looks on the model also to know what size she/he wears. 2. Instead of writing an item that has 2 colors, it will be user-friendly if you provide radio buttons with colors, so the customers can see without clicking into the item to see colors.
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2 years ago, Marine Garibyan
Frustraiting experience
I really don't understand how people are using this app. I cannot check out, it doesn’t work. I cannot fill the form on the contact page. It seems clickable, but nothing happens when you click. I don’t understand where I can change my profile information. I don’t see it. The only two things I like are products and easy return by usps. However, you cannot check return status in the app, so I have no idea will it be returned or not. I really love mango, but your app is super annoying and is not user friendly. Hope you will fix it.
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4 years ago, ejr101
The app and the website in the US is beyond buggy. I don’t even know how to describe. It removes items that I believe are in stock, however the app just fails and does nothing. The website brings you back to the home page?? It’s really not hard sort it out!! So many other retailers could have my money instead of putting up with this carry on every time I want to purchase from mango. Also no description of what the model is wearing, no reviews - we’re in the middle of a pandemic where no one can try on clothes, we need this information!! Again standard on all other retailers platforms.
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4 years ago, Mais Saad
Can’t see the picture of items in the order
I would love to see the picture of the items i purchased when checking the order later from “my order” list! It is hard to tell what i purchased as it is only mention the items by names or ref number
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2 years ago, Jen bednar
Love Mango
I’ve bought so much from this company. The pieces I’ve chosen have been excellent quality & staple pieces for my wardrobe. Mango always takes a bit longer shipping product than other retailers. It’s never been over 2 weeks to receive my package, unless pre-order. I would highly recommend. 💕💕pepper
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5 years ago, aeonunique
App still needs a lot of work. PROS: - love that you can scroll down selected items and find other pieces worn on model. - mango saves/ keeps items in cart. Sometimes I get preoccupied and leave my cart for a while ;) - like that you can change view from list to a grid. - ease of use of filters. - (not about app, but love mango’s styling/ layering of pieces!) - love when they include a styled complete outfit photo along with photos focusing on the main item. CONS: - items are missing descriptions/ info. Especially important for me to see the heigh in heels of shoes, fabric materials, etc. - can’t click on item once item is in bag to see descriptions. VERY FRUSTRATING. - adding items to wishlist is not visually clear. I think the empty heart and filled in heart on their website communicates this better. - should link pieces from lookbook. - should have more lookbooks for styling recs!
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1 year ago, me12332
Awesome return policy!
Love Mango! You have my size and don’t force me to buy petite pants to fit me in the hips but are too short like BR… I really like your return process that is so easy and effective. I have had to exchange 2 items and it worked both times without issues. I also like your recyclable packaging! 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Elliott199
Terrible IT infrastructure
Mango must have the worst IT department in history. This app doesn’t even open—it immediately crashes. Their website has similar problems where things disappear from your shopping bag even when they’re still available. I tried emailing customer service and the address no longer exists. Great clothes but seriously has the worst IT infrastructure imaginable. Please invest in your systems Mango! I want to buy your products but often can’t because of how poorly maintained your website and app are.
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1 year ago, Mezsy
Other colors problem
Items with multiple colors - plus button for choosing other colors that hides are not working - when you choose it doesn’t show the selectable color and just show last color - Other colors are just visible on website.
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4 years ago, unhappy online shopper :(
Poor service
This stores shipping department is absolutely terrible and have screwed up 3 consecutive orders. It’s a shame because they have a quality product but the service doesn’t back it up well. I will unlikely ever make a purchase through their app or online site ever again.
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5 years ago, NinZ24
I love Mango but..
I have been shopping from Mango since 1998!! I love Mango and almost half or more of my closet is Mango. I can not stop shopping from Mango, but i have only one thing that upset and frustrates me and that is their customer service strategies and how they do not offer any care to make up for things or please a customer especially when it is the company’s fault.
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2 years ago, Digitz Family
Miss Amber
In simple words, just can never get enough of seeing elegant yet in style collection always at mango with such worthy prices. Although customers like myself always look forward for sales or special prices segment. :) thank you Mango and entire team!
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1 year ago, BeaRiv
Delivery is horrible.
Delivery is very bad. I did never receive 2 of my packets and still waiting after a month for an answer. Love the clothes but I am no buying anymore. They should use pick up locations as an option at least
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5 years ago, Nataliavip
The app isn’t working be careful
Never had problems with the app until now. The last order I did never was processed, although it charged my card... “to easy” the devolution, it’s been weeks since that happened and still They don’t charge my money... In the other hand I gave it a second chance and ordered again... theorder was successful but I don’t receive anything and it was 10 days ago...I can’t even access to the section of “my orders” So disappointing.....
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5 years ago, Cameoshell
Wishlist issue
There is a bug with wishlist - open wishlist, open any of the items in the wish list and then click back button. You’ll get redirected to the home screen and will never be able to reopen wishlist again. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, uluzein
White leather wrap sandals
I was waiting for these shoes SO MUCH! And finally they made it back to stock only in my size! I’ve noticed that it happens usually when Mango’s bestsellers are in a very limited quantity, and its a little sad. But still, I’m happy that those shoes are back. Please make more of the shoes in this kind of style!
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1 year ago, imeleni
App needs refinement
Keep the menu at the bottom of the page rather than having the user to click back to the product page. Auto-populate customer information that’s already provided in Account rather than having to enter during Checkout. Tighten the CTA buttons on Product Pages- too big.
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2 years ago, Lu Calero
Long time customer
I have been buying from Mango for 20 years, I love their designs, quality, fast shipping, packaging, app, customer service, anyway it has been a good experience for me, I highly recommend it.
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9 months ago, thisnicknameistakenusa
They make returns excessively difficult to make
They stopped including return labels in parcels -which was also a may be or may not be included kind of thing- claiming you can just pull a barcode from the app to return to USPS. Guess what, you cannot do that. You have to get on the phone, wait, get someone to send you the sheet. Hours are business hours Cetral time. Oh, and the help section does not even load in. I am so sick and tired of dealing with them.
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2 years ago, Detkova
Great product
I’ve always loved Mango! Very good quality apparel. Especially i appreciate the colab of mango designers with women artists! The app is very easy to use. And the delivery is also always on point - it says delivered in 3 day, it will indeed be at your door in 3 days.
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5 years ago, TalaHasbini
Customer feedback on items
It would like to suggest including a feature on the app with customer feedback on purchased items. I believe this would improve the online shopping experience. Thank you! Tala
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2 years ago, RíRí16
My Favorite Online Store!!!
This is the first place I check whenever I need any type of clothing! Quality is AMAZING!!! I’ve ordered so many things from them already and haven’t been disappointed
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2 years ago, WV disappointed shopper
An attempt to send a gift to my daughter…. Five hours later
Here five hours later, I must change my billing address to Send five hundred dollars worth of clothes to my daughter. It’s impossible to fill out. I cannot find an online associate to assist me. Please change your app and make it friendlier. Because this is not going to keep too many people trying the way I have……
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2 years ago, Looboo15
Good App
Good app but could use some improvements like customers’ reviews, sometimes it’s helpful to know if item runs small/big, etc. Also customer reward program would be great!
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3 years ago, millysau
I am having problems with the payment method that I have been using in previous purchases and it has not been accepted for a few days
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4 years ago, alessandra Mayra
Easy to browse
Love shopping at Mango. The website and now Mango App works great. It makes it easy to browse through the app and go over the amazing clothes and accessories they have. I have made purchases thru this app with no problem. I love Mango Items.
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2 years ago, Mazen7
Cancellation from the app
I wish if I can cancel or add items to my order from application and also there is no local number to contact with customer service, I send email from 4 days and I didn’t receive any reply, I went to my nearest branch they couldn’t cancel or edit from their side.
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2 years ago, a-a-qumber
Shopping Bag Issue
When I add multiple items to the shopping bag, and then continue shopping, the app deleted multiple of the items I added without notification! I had 21 items and suddenly changed to 17, when I add the items again, and continue shopping, the app did the same thing! I tied the website also, the website had the same issue! Please fix, this is so frustrating!
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1 year ago, Lucky57134123
Can’t pay - being redirected to the home page
There’s definitely a glitch in the page and app, on both when I try to go to the payment page (chart), it redirects me to the home page or gives a notification “that something new is coming”. Therefore I am unable to purchase any normal item or Black Friday deal. Costumer service is not helping so far. Does anyone else have this too?
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2 years ago, Bea Stone
Constantly crashes!!!!
I love Mango and would love to be able to purchase via the app but unfortunately, although I’ve downloaded the app dozens of times, each time I try to open it, it crashes! (And yes, I’ve: deleted it and downloaded it again, deleted it and restarted my phone and downloaded it again, deleted it and rebooted my phone and tried again, etc etc.) FRUSTRATING!
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2 years ago, Marthawarta
Customer since few years
I never had an issues with Mango. Delivery takes 4 to 7 days. Return has been never an issue. Love to shop here!!!
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3 months ago, ZaraTq
Previewing Photos
I don’t understand why I am able to preview photos of an item without clicking into the product on your website but not on your app? That seems like an easy enough functionality to duplicate from the site to the app. When will that be available within the app??
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5 years ago, Mista.moose
Easy App and Great Clothes
Great app that provides a very clean and simple experience. Really enjoyed shopping on their site. Back buttons were efficient as it brings you right back to the item you were looking at.
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5 years ago, Harvestmoons
I love Mango clothes but this app is hard to shop. I find I have to go back and forth from the website to the app to find the things I’m looking for. Very frustrating! Please put the names of color choice items 🙏🏻!!
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3 years ago, Nada Ellabany
I can’t track the orders
I was here just to know if I’m the only one who can’t track the orders and I found a lot facing same problem long time ago !!! So they didn’t fix this problem !! I wish I knew this before I order Btw I’m still waiting to receive my order to review it
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