MAPS.ME: Offline Maps, GPS Nav

4.7 (65.9K)
221 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MAPS.ME: Offline Maps, GPS Nav

4.68 out of 5
65.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Casey In LA
no ads and in-app purchases! and yes it's really free.
This free app is already at the top of the heap simply because it has no ads and in-app purchases. But moreover, it's actually useful! You can use this without an internet connection. This means if you're a cheapskate like me and don't have a data plan, you can still use this. After downloading this app at home, just download the maps you need. The maps are detailed with many POI's included. It'll also create a route from your current location to a destination on the map. It's better than CityMaps2Go which I used before until it started charging a fee. There are a few things I wish they change. First, the name. It doesn't conform with other app names. Second, the icon color. Green is usually for chatting apps like Message and FaceTime. And third, either the arrow color or route color need to change when trying to follow a route on the map. Both the arrow color and route color are the same color blue and it's difficult to see where you are along the route. Other than these things, this app is perfect.
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9 months ago, Somedayisnowrtw
Completely ruined from what it used to be
This used to be my favorite map app, but now all of the added features have considerably slowed it down. You’ll notice that many of the 5 star reviews are several years old. When I open the map and it searches for my location, it often takes me to the middle of the ocean before it gets confused and freezes. Searching usually causes it to freeze and when you just want to do a quick search, there are too many hoops to jump through to see what you’re looking for. If you don’t type fast enough, the search will ignore the first letters you type and only search for the last letters which is completely useless. I used to be able to change the color of a pin with one click, but now you have to hit at least 4 clicks just to change a color. I have ignored all of this annoyance and the fact that many locations are missing making it inferior to other similar maps anyway, but now they want you to pay for a lower quality map seems like pure greed. With the unpaid version, you can only download 10 maps at a time, but the maps seem to be smaller so if you’re on a road trip, good luck being able to download all the maps you need without being asked to pay. Not to mention that I have deleted maps several times only for them to automatically redownload so that it appears I have reached my map capacity again. As a long time user I can say it used to be much better before they tried to turn it into a paid product.
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6 years ago, Abby and Sydney
I love this app
I just got back from a two week road trip in Norway. I live in the US and was not wanting to buy an international plan for data. I downloaded this app after I read that it doesn’t use WiFi or data. The minute that we got into our rental car and we’re trying to find out how to get to our hotel I turned on this app. I put in the town name and a bunch of option popped up, including hotels, restaurants and sightseeing opportunities. Still being new to the app I was waiting for an error message to pop saying I needed to connect to a server. Fast forward to the last day of vacation. We traveled over 3,500 miles in Norway, Finland and Sweden and every time this app took us to the place we wanted to be. This entire vacation was stress free and we didn’t have to worry about using the gigantic paper maps when we got lost. If your planning on traveling to a country or location that you know you won’t have service or your like me and does not want to pay extra charges for an international plan download this app.
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12 months ago, :(!:(!35&25&&/4
Used to be best offline navigation map
This app used to be the best offline navigation map. Now guess what they did? They ask for money if you want to download more than a certain amount of offline maps. It’s like $4.99/month? WHY? They already had other ways that they made money through other in-app purchases like their eSIMs, etc. I don’t want to have to delete maps if I want to download more. They even have their own credit card. I have been using this app for 6-8 years, and on multiple domestic and international trips. Only now did they decide to do this. It’s only a matter of time before they start charging for other features. Besides this major annoyance, this app provides turn-by-turn directions (it actually talks!), and good offline biking, walking, and driving directions. The walking directions used to not have speech, though they might have fixed that since I last tried to use it. I mainly the directions feature for driving and biking. They have all the hiking and mountain biking trails mapped that I’ve needed so far. The maps are more detailed than Google Maps, yet somehow manage to use less storage.
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2 years ago, Thi-cot
Poor navigation
I tried this app both offline and online in a pretty rural area that I know well of Connecticut and I really am not convinced I could trust it when abroad. First, the directions are very basic, no indication of any kind about the exit numbers or general directions to follow, no indications about stops and sometimes, it got very confused with curved roads telling me to keep left or right for no reason. It just says turn right, turn left, that’s it. You better keep an eye on the screen to understand where you go. Second, it does not choose the shortest route. When on my way home from point A, it told me to exit then instead of turning right, it was going straight, back to the highway I just left?????? And finally, searching an address should be simple bit within this app, it is just a nightmare, you never know what to input first: state? Town? Street? Number? Who designed this? I mean, I entered my home address, it did not find it the way it is recorded by the postal services! Why not guide the user in how to input the address? Now, given the poorness of navigating in a “rural” area, I don’t think this is going to work in Paris, France… I grew up in Paris’s outskirts and this thing is going to lose me.
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5 years ago, Giantmike13
The international companion that saves you money
Do you like saving money on international trips? If so, this app is a must. I found it before our 2 week trip to Chile. On that trip, we rented a car and drove 2100 kilometers. In all of that driving, we encountered one waypoint the map didn’t have, and another that was off by two blocks. Because of the completely offline nature of maps and waypoints and directions, we only had to enable cellular once in that two weeks to find that waypoint that was off by two blocks. So just $10 to Verizon for travel pass, instead of the $140 we likely would have paid. One complaint is the turn by turn directions. They could use some tweaking. As is, they sometimes cause you to blow past turns and take a U-turn. Not because of the diver, but because the route did that. It was weird. Also, the voice wasn’t too good at announcing the turns, but luckily my wife was.
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11 months ago, ohddtyv
Good app. Has its ups and downs, like any, but useful!
My family and I recently traveled to Aruba, where only I was able to have reception. Being on the (beautiful) island before, my fiancée was aware of the app, which has you download the entirety of your locale/destination/local map and then uses GPS. So even if you can’t make calls, texts, or such, it will work. Lifesaver, really. The only real downsides were that it: 1: Seems to be off by about 50 feet or either measures the turn exactly, so no doubt, before one realizes this a few turns may be missed. However once you notice it, it’s not a problem. 2.I think (not sure) it gives the time to destination as if there were PERFECT conditions. Everyone going the speed limit. No problems/sudden stops, raining pigs, etc. Makes sense, honestly, as it can’t update in real time, so 🤷‍♂️. No biggie! 3. Now the one annoying thing is that sometimes the app just spins like a top, and you’re thinking “well I’m definitely going to miss my next turn 565 ft in-front of me, and then suddenly 75 feet before you turn it’ll act “normal.” Haven’t figured out why it does this not how to “fix it.” Sure that others have noticed it and there’s a patch coming out. Ultimately, if you’re going to a place that you won’t be able to use you preferred GPS of choice (aside from satellite), I would recommend this! Just wanted to give an honest assessment so one knows that the experience will be like! 4/5 for me! Thanks! -R
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1 year ago, jumpinnow
Ruined in update 14.6.0, and all for money!
This app was ruined during most recent update and the new version 14.6.0, and the new “in-app purchase.” Only 10 maps in “basic” (free) edition - which originally had no limit on maps to download - and now you have the the nerve to try to charge $48 a year. If you kept all the unnecessary new “on-line” gizmos and gadgetry out of the app, you still would have had a great app. But as you have tried ( so many times) over the course of “updating” it it has proven only to be actually less functional or attractive for what was originally designed for as the best “off-line” use map. Guess I will just download the FREE Google maps when required for vacation travel purposes. Your “new” $48 app is not worth it in the least.
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4 years ago, Pmenconi
Great but not perfect
This is a wonderful app for travelers! Download the maps for the areas you need, and forget about a data connection, all the info needed is stored on your device. Update, download, and delete maps as you need. Set waypoints / pins at your location and never get lost agin (hopefully!). I like it particularly for walking. I would give it 5 stars if not for one little problem. Once a route is started an arrow appears that points in the direction to head. Driven by the compass this feature works even when you are not moving. If it worked properly this would be a 5 star app, no question about it. Even without this feature I’d give it 4 stars. But the arrow ALWAYS points in the WRONG DIRECTION. it did that years ago on my iPhone 5; it did it with my SE, and now it’s the same on my 7 Plus. It’s not a feature, it’s a bug that has persisted across many updates and several hardware changes. So, 3 stars. It’s still a great mapping app, though.
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5 months ago, Closet Luddite
WAS the best app - “improvements” have ruined it
I have used this app for over a decade. The offline access has been lifesaving more than once. It has let me follow hiking and skiing trails in the backcountry of the US and Europe that don’t show up in anyone else’s map app, online or offline. It has helped me navigate driving through confusing roads where offline was the only choice and nothing else would work. I don’t mind paying but to go from free to full pay is a slap. While I do appreciate that the free version still offers some map access, many new features recently added have slowed it down and make it crash sometimes, so I am hesitant already to pay for something that is becoming unstable. This was an elegant lifesaver for me for many years. Now I can’t rely on it online or offline anymore. I hope the developers can get back to basics - i.e. ensure it WORKS - and also consider offering either monthly (not just annual) subscriptions or graded subscriptions (e.g. 10 maps free, 20 maps for a year for $20, all maps for a year for $50).
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12 months ago, Lostcoaststar
Suddenly subscription
This is my in case staff map application. I never really use it but like to have the maps downloaded because it will work off GPS with no cell service, previously had downloaded over 12 GB of maps of North America. With the latest update, all of a sudden I am over the allowable limit of maps, and it requires a ongoing subscription to download more than 10 Mabs, California alone has more than 10 maps the way they’re broken up. I like the app and I don’t mind paying for an application, but I am NOT paying in perpetuity, especially for some thing that ideally wont meed to use. I would love a one time purchase version, more stripped down and bare bones like this used to be years ago without the extra fat. No voice guidance would be fine with me, just an address search, wouldn’t even mind planning out my own routes, some long as I can search for my destination, like A map as if I pulled it out of my glove box would be great. I have no problem paying a one time fee, or buying maps for a one time fee.
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1 year ago, el skillet
Seems to be getting worse, not better
I’ve had the app for several years. It once helped a friend and I find a remote trail on a Mexican volcano. I’ve used it several times in remote areas without cell service. While the turn directions were almost too many at times, I appreciated that the app could get me somewhere until I had service. As of late, however, I get no more voice from the app, it keeps telling me to turn on location services when it already is turned in, tells me to backup bookmarks, and hasn’t played well with CarPlay - not updating time nor distance and often locking up. I considered a subscription, but not if it’s like this now. Today, just to see how much the Pro subscription is, I tried to look by pressing the button in the app. It says there’s no internet connection, even though I have allowed cellular data, am on wifi, and every other app I’m using is working.
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7 years ago, Kyle00428
GREAT idea but needs LOTS of work
I love the idea of this app - especially as a NYC dweller who always finds myself needing to look up destinations on the subway with no internet connection. I downloaded the NYC map and then tried searching for a destination. Even though I had internet connection, it couldn’t find ANY locations for names of businesses I typed in... frequent destinations that show up #1 on a simple Google search. So I tried to type in the address, which is extremely annoying in an age where no one memorizes addresses or phone numbers anymore, but it literally couldn’t find ANY address. Not a single one. Finally, your nail in the coffin was that there’s zero support for subway directions, which is the only way I get around. A LOT of people in NYC could seriously benefit from this app (since lack of internet on the subway drives us all nuts) but not without transit directions, and DEFINITELY not if you can’t find anything. I’ll revise this rating if you get functionality, because I want this app so badly and would even pay for it, but honestly it’s not ready so I’m deleting it.
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3 years ago, JeroldR
New version destroyed the app
I wish there were a way to go back to the prior version. While the new version (11.0.0) may have "pretty" maps, it has removed the ability to navigate with north up, so now the map spins around crazily while driving. Also seems to be 3D navigation only, not flat map, so you can no longer judge distances by looking. It no longer downloads maps if the screen locks, so you have to babysit while downloading, constantly tapping the screen to avoid auto lock. Downloads take forever - I am at a location with high speed fibre optic internet, and each map takes 15-20 minutes to download. Prepping for a road trip across South Africa where many routes have no cell coverage and the app does not let me download three of the nine provinces. The app no longer tells the download sizes, so I cannot make an informed decision about downloading over data vs wifi. The developers seem to be living in some sort of wonderful bubble with lots of wifi and complete cell coverage, unlike much of the real world. Disappointed.
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4 years ago, soquilily
Best travel app, can’t get lost
This is by far the best map app I have ever used. I’ve used it frequently for international travel (South America, Europe, and North America) and in remote places where I don’t always have a cell phone signal. You can download the map of the area ahead of time and use it in airplane mode. It even navigates in airplane mode! The maps are really detailed and you can zoom in to see anything, even things like small hiking paths, monuments, historic ruins, waterfalls, in addition to the usual street names and building names, etc. It’s easy to add pins of various colors so I use it both as a planning tool, and I also mark the places I’ve been and liked and may want to come back to, such as restaurants, shops, natural parks, etc. The interface is easy to use as well. Highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Bad apple?
I need other features, ...
Darn, thought I had found the map I need, ... guess not, ... this is missing things that a number of other maps already have, ... but is “supposed” to have stuff for hikers, outdoorsmen, (kayak fishing), ... like the location of “all” boat ramps, put in/take out points, marina repair, etcetera, ... for canoeing, kayaking, or float tube drifting, ... And I also need a marine version, that would include specific features, like area weather reports, current flow, depth charts, & user feedback notations for waypoints, ... in addition to including time of day moon/sun rise charts, ...Sure! Having hiking trail info would be great, I guess, but being able to also camp, fish, clean, & cook, plus places to rest overnite, including temporary shelters, would be a max enjoyable experience, ... maybe the developers could actually manage something of this magnitude? But then maybe not, I’ll have to stick to my Google maps for now I s’pose, .., great, but not detailed enough for me, ...
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2 years ago, stevii the traveler
Love this app
So handy to use, can mark spots like landmarks, restaurants, your hotel, metro stops, etc. Love the fact that it works offline- no internet or cellular connection needed when walking around a city, and it still provides your current location. Also provides an optional metro map on top of your saved locations, so you can see what metro stop to get off of and what metro rote to take. Saves you from downloading a metro map of every city you are visiting. Also provides directions from one location to another(say your hotel to a restaurant). It shows estimated time and walking or driving directions (so if renting a car you don’t need a GPS). Totally recommend wherever you may be!
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1 year ago, MikeFromArizona
Stopped working with Apple CarPlay
I installed and tested this app and it worked properly on both my iPhone 12 and in my car using CarPlay, but I updated the app and found it would no longer work in my car. After the update the icon appeared in the CarPlay display, but starting the app caused it to load and then terminate. I have tried this in two different vehicles and it failed in both. I wrote to the support line telling them of the problem but have not heard back yet. Since I use navigation software in my vehicles through CarPlay and since this no longer works through that display I have removed it from my iPhone. It still works on the phone itself so for those who use it on the phone and not through CarPlay this is still an OK app and I will reinstall it if they fix the CarPlay issue.
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1 year ago, LatifibnAbdullah
Used to be good
The app over the last year has had a lot of glitches and been crashing a lot but since it was free I never complained since this map app has saved many times where I didn’t have signal but I had downloaded the maps for offline use ahead of time. But now they are limiting the amount of maps you can have for offline use and the app still crashes consistently when updating maps and it has a hard time centering when initializing and finally most annoyingly the syncing doesn’t work at all, I have multiple devices and I have to add bookmarks on each device separately and re-add them all every time I upgrade. Even with all those complaints, it was free so I was happy. But now … It still has a clunky interface. And the amount they’re asking for the Pro subscription I would rather buy a legit map program at a cheaper price. Very disappointing to see this app go paid.
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6 years ago, Jjjjjjjjjjjj3568536
Very good offline map
Used this in a recent trip to Italy, including several smaller cities. Downloaded “the entire country”. Worked great at navigating around the city/village including the smaller ones. Also has a pretty good database of hotels, restaurants, destinations, etc. Some points for improvement (though this is still by far the best offline map app I’ve seen): GPS struggles a bit when “between cities” ie it thinks you are still in the previous city. We were using trains, boat, etc so not really an issue but it might be a problem if you are driving yourself. The search engine for the database of restaurants could use some improvement. It’s very specific on spelling and word order ie “ristorante simbiosi” vs just “simbiosi”. It doesn’t like navigating to a “street address” or “point on the map” which was sometimes a problem in smaller cities where the database didn’t include a restaurant that a guide recommended. Still overall the best offline map app that I’ve used, especially as it includes maps/data for an entire country not just the biggest cities.
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1 year ago, AngryBarry99
Not worth it
I’ve used this app for years, and it’s been buggy for a long time. I don’t recall ever being able to type in, for example, a residential address with a house number and the app be able to find it. I had better luck just typing in a street name instead or zooming in on the map to find the approximate area that I was looking for, which is not really ideal. I was surprised to find the app was suddenly changed to a subscription model. I am for developers getting paid, but the yearly subscription price, to me, is not worth it. I mainly had this app in case I lost my cell service when traveling. For the cost of the subscription, I could just buy a used GPS device even if the maps to it might not be up to date and use that if I lose my cell service when traveling. If the subscription cost was A LOT lower or if it was a one-time app buy, then it might be worth it to me.
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1 year ago, russdogg
Unsure who this app is for
I’m not sure who this app is for, but I guess it isn’t meant for me. I read an article singing it’s praises as a Google Maps alternative, but from that lens it’s not anywhere close. Not even an Apple Maps replacement. On opening it downloaded maps for Los Angeles, which was fine. But when I typed in a city I plan to drive to soon, it couldn’t find it. Maybe it needs the maps downloaded for that city? But no prompt, just a list of suggestions that vaguely sound like that town. Okay… so I checked out the “sights” section, it gave a random list of parks and churches nearby. 0 reviews listed for any of the places. Okay, I’ll write some for them to help this app out. No way to submit a review. Are there any existing reviews, or where are they being scraped from? There’s also some sort of crypto wallet I guess? Why my map would need that, I don’t know. I tried to look at it but couldn’t without signing up with my phone number. The ruler thing is a cool idea, you can drop pins and get a measurement of the distance. That’s a cool idea. However I tried to measure my neighborhood run of 2 miles and after 9 pins it just ends. It couldn’t even measure a 2 mile run. This might be a cool app for travelers based off other reviews, but if offline maps is the main attraction, Google maps also does this.
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6 years ago, Arnando's Review
Apple Maps
The Maps app that comes with every Apple phone is a pretty normal navigation app, you have your different views of the map, walking, driving, and more forms of transport. But, that’s it, it’s just a normal maps app with not much added to it, which is disappointing. It will definitely get you where you need to go with a very ordinary display, that isn’t too bad and with pretty good recommended routes. Now, there are some unique features to the Apple maps, you can do a flyover tour, which will show you a view of your desire from a view that resembles that of one you would see from a plane. The Apple maps app is useful and good enough for everyday travel, despite it’s very ordinary features, I recommend you use it if you have no time to download anything else.
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1 year ago, Eclipse291
2* just for how useful it used to be
Frankly, this app is useless now without paying the massive yearly subscription fee. I have sworn up and down for this app and have gotten probably hundreds of people to use it, and they’ve ALL loved it. Until now. Now you only get a small amount of map downloads, meaning if you don’t have the right map downloaded at the right time, you’re screwed. This app’s use has always been when out of cell data range for the sole purpose of the offline maps. Offline as in a one time download then periodic update of the map. For the new price, it would cost less to buy a nice GPS with unlimited maps than just to use the app. At least add a true offline mode so the app is still useable for its original purpose. Sad to see this app go this way, I’ve always loved it
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4 years ago, SFC44E
Doesn’t work with Apple CarPlay
Was recently on two trips where I’d lost WiFi and cellular data. I’ve downloaded many state maps and all of those I was traveling through. But when I tried to use this app with CarPlay, all I could get was a blank screen. Thankfully, I had a route designated through Waze and Google Maps. Received a response from the app developer stating to open the app on my iPhone before opening it on CarPlay. I did this and it worked. I’d become so accustomed to not having to do that with other map apps that it didn’t occur to me to try it. The app developer said this issue will be resolved in later update. So, I’m changing my review from 3 to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Vietxshorty
Life saver!
I live in New England. My husband and I traveled to Vietnam for two weeks. We didn’t have a phone plan and we were able to connect to WiFi everywhere we went. But for the times we didn’t have WiFi this app was a life saver! It didn’t use any of our data and it gave us such great directions. We actually had more fun and seen more things because of it. With this app we purposely got lost because we knew that we can use it to get back to our hotel. It allowed us a more carefree travel experience. I recommend this app to so many other tourists while we were away and my own friends before they went on their trip. Love love love it!
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9 months ago, Soul food man
Musician / Driver / Outdoorsman
It's great to have stool like this while traveling and being able to search ahead for new locations. The details on the city maps, such as places of interest and restaurants makes this an essential travel companion. I have also used this app for tracking my location while hunting and hiking. However, when you open the app it DOES REQUIRE a WI-FI signal and you will be able start tracking your location when WI-FI is no longer available, so you can mark a location and retrace your steps or simply find where you started without getting g lost. 👍👍
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5 years ago, Deb.4444
Amazing Trip saver map app
I read about this app on trip advisor regarding traveling. I was going to Cuba where there is no phone service or internet for travelers. I downloaded the map of Cuba prior to my trip and saved all the points of interest. I used it every day it was my GPS. One time we were walking the wrong way and since it shows us walking we were able to right away turn around and head the right way. This offline map showed us everything where the hotels were, the restaurants and places of interest. Going to Europe next month and taking this app with me!! It is amazing and free wow!!!!
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6 years ago, Kampcache
Offline capabilities are great but a few problems
I like this app. The ability to download offline maps is really great. The only problem is that you can’t search for street addresses, only for attractions, recreational areas, etc. You can add a custom pin on a map in which it will navigate to you, but if you don’t know where it is, you can’t. Also the ETA to certain destinations can be off, especially offline. Unlike Google Maps, biking and walking directions are available offline. The navigation system is not the best but works. Unless you walk or bike a lot, or want to download a very large area (like an entire country), I would recommend downloading an offline map with Google Maps, but in any other situation I would recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Pgmark1
Great app!
This app is wonderful for traveling! With it, I was able to find everything I needed and get where I wanted to go. The ability to put pins on the map was invaluable and well worth the cost. It also told me how far it was to certain places, which was nice. It also helped me find restaurants and gas stations, which was really helpful when traveling in an unfamiliar area. The ability to access maps offline was extremely useful. In sure I'll be using this again in my future travels. Unfortunately it does have some problems. While using the navigation function, it misled us while driving. Also, navigation using public transportation doesn't work at all.
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4 years ago, Lanc Local
Make sure you always have data available!
I've had this on my phone for a long time. However, recently I was in an area with no service. I decided to use it to find my way since it doesn't require service to work. But, unless it already has the local detail map downloaded, it will always pop up a notification box asking you to download the local map. Thus making it absolutely useless. If you zoom out far enough it doesn't ask, only if you zoom in does it require the map to be downloaded. I recommend that if there's no data at least allow you to say not now or select no service available and continue on instead of having to give up and use the sun as a reference point.
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5 years ago, mackie cheese
Best offline navigation app
This is an awesome app. I would give it 5 stars if they change one thing. The navigation is terrible in one aspect. It tells you to turn at every curve. Where there’s no alternative option. Which is really annoying and potentially confusing. Especially when it tells you to go around a curve that’s just a few feet away from a possible turn. Everyone knows you keep following the road you’re on until you need to turn. They need to avoid extra directions that aren’t needed and focus on giving clear turns when you actually turn. I end up not paying attention especially on curvy roads and then miss a turn because it always says to turn to go around a curve. Also a direct 90 degree turn is NOT a slight right/left.
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12 months ago, Mension1234
Update makes it worse
Removing features from the base version doesn’t make a “pro version”. Why can I only download 10 offline maps now? The offline maps was the main reason to use this app, and a $48/year “upgrade” to restore the features removed in the last update is just not worth it. Yes, the pro version adds a new color scheme and some new GPS navigator features, but the real change is having that arbitrary map limit restored. Shameful that the developers have chosen to use this route to make a “pro” mode rather than introducing actual features that make it worth it to pay for, or at least making it a one-time purchase rather than a repeat subscription (and a relatively expensive one at that).
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5 years ago, bwmoore22
Great when you don’t have data service
I originally got this for overseas travel when I would have my phone in airplane mode most of the time due to data costs. This app got me back to the hotel in Albacete, Spain when I got lost. I now live in a rural area that does not have full cell coverage, and I’ve come to love it even more. The search functions are not great for common vernacular place names, but are getting progressively much better. It works pretty well for standardized, formal place names. The routing is not traffic-aware, but when you can’t get a cell connection, traffic is probably not a problem.
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6 years ago, PoodleMac
Fabulous Travel App
Saved me so many times when not able to access wireless and use maps. I stored destination maps onto my phone before heading out each day and was able to track location and progress as I wandered around small villages in Provence. It is possible to drop a pin to find your way back to a location (think rental car) which is a major relief. After the trip I had pins saved in all the villages to correspond to my photos...that helped. It was fun to watch the little arrow navigate along the road and spin in confusion around the traffic circles in France. Best travel app ever!
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3 years ago, rtrain46
This app is, for the most part, easy to use—although I should probably remove a star for the part that isn’t easy—except that I wanted a map that was always ready to go, knew where I was, and could find my destination and plot a route when I didn’t have WiFi available. And this does just that. Very handy when walking around in a city. If you’re driving a ways, it’s best if you download maps for where you’re going before you leave WiFi coverage. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’ve not gotten lost yet!
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6 years ago, sfads
This app saved us.
I just got back from a 3 week cycle trip to Iceland and nothing was more helpful in that time than this app. We found out about it from a couple after we bumbled through our first few days using other downloaded maps. The fact that you can download an area and use it to give directions offline is amazing. Things are labeled on these maps so well. If you’re going to travel I would highly recommend this. Even for around town it’s replaced google maps for me. If you’re on the fence just take the jump and try this out, you’ll love it.
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5 years ago, eugenemirman
Great for travel
I used this app for Southeast Asia last November for 7 weeks, it made my life much easier I never once needed cell service I was able to download areas over WiFi easily and then I was set. I highly recommend this app for the traveler. I also used it on a couple occasions as a tracker, while kayaking In Hua long bay I left the tracker on and was able to navigate many miles and still find the boat in the middle of a hundred islands ( probably would have never found it) and made me feel very confident I could find my way back many times throughout my travels. Thanks maps me.
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1 year ago, Ling1973
Search box in the way on Carplay
The search box takes up half the screen on Carplay when not in navigation mode ie. not routing to a destination. Sometimes it’s nice just to have the map displayed, but half of it is lost with the search box. Can’t they put a small icon or field at the top of the screen that says “Search” that would open up the search options? Also would be great to have live traffic displayed. Another snag is that on Carplay when selecting display mode to auto, it goes to night mode! Another snag is sometimes the current position doesn’t automatically update and leave the map frozen. Lots of snags to work on guys!
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3 years ago, skwaustin
Updated: Latest update resolves the horrible prior release
Update: Most recent update seems to have fixed all of the issues including switching back to OpenStreetMap for data instead of MapBox. Not sure what happened with the previous release, but the devs seemed to have had a mea culpa. — Version 2.0 is frustratingly buggy. Search seems to be broken. Searches for addresses never find any results. More embarrassingly, searching for cities and towns is hit or miss, even major centers. If a city shows up on the map, why doesn’t search find it? Switching between layers inevitably results in a blank map that may or may not resolve itself without restarting the app. The ability to download offline maps for entire states or countries appears to be gone. You have to select every map individually. New design is fine, but is overshadowed by functional problems. A shame since this was my go to app for offline maps.
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6 years ago, miyashinits
Old version was better
### May 20, 2018 ### The app seems to be draining battery, so I try not to use the app when battery level is low. ### Original Post ### I liked the old version of the app much better than the new one. The old one allowed me to download small data without downloading the data for navigation, and the old one did not ask me to turn on the location service every time when I launched the app. The new one forces me to download large data and keeps asking me to turn on the location service. If this map can be used offline, I do not know why the app keeps asking me to turn on the location service. I am very disappointed with the new one (1 star), but it may be still better than other offline map apps (+ 1star).
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2 months ago, Vmo9
Poor quality maps - no recommended
I subscribed for one year and put up with having to spend hours downloading different regions every time there was an update. The visual acuity for the maps themselves is poor, especially when comparing them to other like apps available. After purchasing a new iPad, the subscription wouldn’t transfer. I contacted customer support and got little assistance and a response that my email didn’t show a subscription. I then sent a screen shot of my App Store Subscriptions, which clearly showed that I had a subscription to customer support and didn’t receive any response. Such a waste of time. I canceled my subscription and now use another service. The concept is good, the actual map quality and support is terrible.
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7 months ago, HTZ Cactus
Starting to go downhill…
This app was by far a 5 star app for a long time. Over the past year or so, we’ve gotten a lot of ads shoved in the app. The implementation has been a bit annoying and in your face. At the same time, there’s been no fixes to long-standing issues or annoyances whatsoever. (Labels and lines on map are kinda small, dark mode’s map is basically unreadable thanks to the map colors, etc…) I don’t want to move away from this app, as it really checks all the boxes. But paying for the app seems silly with it being a very expensive subscription, and that the “Hub” section is entirely an ad sheet that I assume won’t go away when you buy it.
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2 years ago,
Off-roading or city travels - this is the best app
I've been using this app for years, since I read it as a recommendation in a travel blog. I now use this with my husband and kids to explore new countries and random backroads. We have had incredible experiences and painless travels thanks to the dynamic options and stunning accuracy of these maps. I don't use anything else and never worry about whether or not I have cell reception. Just remember - zoom in on your potential locations and download all maps ahead of time, just in case!
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5 years ago, mjmjlm
I looked for an app that I thought would work for our trip to Europe. Well, I am thoroughly blown away at this one. We have been driving in many remote areas and it has been spot on the whole time. It shows even the smallest of roads in the Slovenian countryside in villages that are maybe 10 houses. It's hasn't let me down once in 2 weeks. We are now in Venice and it's a godsend with all of the information that is packed into the downloaded files. Being able to still know where you are offline is priceless. I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, xgh
Pretty worthless for a nav app
Unable to search for a specific address. It will find a street. But where on that street you want to go is up to you. So you have to know where you're going and perhaps use the app for routing and turn by turn. Even that is a pain for data entry as you need to enter a cross street. Well, again you have to know where you want to go before you can enter the cross street it's near. As the GIS maps I'm familiar with have address capability, my curiosity got to me. Seems apps that use GIS addresses are widgets or plug-ins, computer based and require the internet (not off-line). So don't expect this app to be updated for address capability. 2 stars is somewhat of a gift. For me, the app is useless. I frankly don't get the favorable reviews.
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1 year ago, Maux47
Good app but…
I have had this app pretty much since it came out. Was great for offline navigation. It was free, a bit lacking in information, but very easy to to use all around the world no matter the language. This year, 2023, they suddenly limit users to only 10 maps. If you want more you must pay more than $50/year. I had paid for another app a one time price of $50. It is much more accurate AND you can download by country - yes, a whole country. Sorry, but I cannot afford to suddenly pay monthly/annual fee for each app I had gotten for free. A one time reasonable price may be worth considering. This is why the 3 stars.
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2 years ago, LilyLDor
Really Good
I never write reviews for apps, but I really love this one! I use it a lot when i am travelling in countries that i don’t have cell phone service in and, for the most part, it has done its job. The only complaint that I have is that the last time i went to use the app i noticed that it no longer provides historical information about certain places, which happened to be my favourite part about the app. I don’t know if there is any way that we can bring this back, but it really helps me plan my trip and i love using it to learn while i travel :)
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2 years ago, Marquitos 2119
Probably the best offline map!
This app is perfect for me when I travel to Mexico to see my family because my internet over there is very slow and maps don't load quick enough and is very laggy this might not take you to a house but is perfect for searching up cities all you have to do is to download the map which surprisingly did not take up as much space as I thought it would take this is the perfect app for traveling really recommended
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8 months ago, Barryng
Monthly Subscription Not Acceptable For Infrequent Need
The original simple version was outstanding. As long as I had GPS reception I could track my location anywhere on Earth without a cellular signal. That is all I want it for. I am more than willing to pay a reasonable one time fee but I will not pay continuously for something I only use a two or three times a year. I am also not willing to pay for a ton of features I would never use. I just want continuous GPS offline map tracking down to sufficient detail to locate nearby cities, towns, etc. and major roads. Although not in original version, speed, altitude, and direction, simply overlayed in a corner of the map, would be a really nice feature.
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