MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking

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MarineTraffic Applications LTD
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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking

4.77 out of 5
54K Ratings
6 years ago, s/v Dawn
I just sailed from Chesapeake Bay to NYC. I don't have AIS on my boat, and was concerned about boat traffic in the C&D canal, the Delware river, and Ambrose channel into the Hudson. I DO HAVE cellular service on my Ipad. We remained within 10 miles of the coastline at all times, and this app identified all the freighters, both near us, and I could also look ahead and behind us. I was then able to hail them and discuss course and direction with them. There were a few times we needed to adjust our course a tiny bit, and avoid issues well in advance. This app was a life saver for our voyage. Even when I upgrade to onboard AIS, I will still use this app to see the freighters that are outside of the VHF line of site range to predict CPA. Thanks Marine Traffic!!!!
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2 years ago, Jsauceqw
Free unlocks expire when app closed
I was looking for an app to track my vehicle shipment. This app does a great job of that and more. There’s a catch for free accounts, however. You get three “past route” and three “vessel info” unlocks before having to register and pay. No problem, I thought. Just want to track one ship over a period of 3-5 days. So day one I unlock the past route and vessel info for my ship. Very cool info! Day two I go to check on the vessel and… I have to use another unlock for both the past route and vessel info. Now day two again, but I closed the app and it wants to use my final unlock for both the route and vessel info. It’s the same ship on the same route. If you’re going to subscribe, this won’t matter to you. If you’re like me and only have a single, one-off use of the app, go for it but don’t close the app! You’ll have to use your limited unlocks again and quickly run out. I hope the app dev will consider allowing each unlock to last for the current sailing of the selected ship instead of what seems to expire as soon as I close the app.
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4 months ago, Not mad, I’m just disappointed
Was good, recent update made it useless.
This app used to be good for what I needed it for, which was seeing the names of ships near me (I work on ships and frequently need to do this for various reasons). Now, the app doesn’t show any vessel names unless you specifically search for a specific vessel, even when the “vessel names” option is checked. Furthermore, the app used to show you a picture of the vessel for free, which is very useful if you have to visit a specific ship and you don’t know what it looks like. Now when you tap on a ship, you don’t even get a picture. So this app is trying to force me to pay for things that it used to do for free, and it still is possible to do for free if I use google or other apps, so there is literally no reason to use this app anymore. On an unrelated note, the old logo was completely fine. The new logo looks nothing like a ship unless you know in advance that it’s trying to look like a ship viewed from the front. Simpler isn’t always better. It’s an app logo, not a company logo. It should quickly convey what the app is for so that it stands out on a page with 27 other app logos.
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5 years ago, Adjdjdjd
Warning! 16$ app fee is just the start!
I was excited to pay for and download this app just to find that the 16$ I paid for it doesn’t do much. For example I bought a plane tracker app from a different company and the cost for life was 4.99$ which gave me an unlimited number of favorite planes and allows me to track planes wherever they are anywhere I’m the world. Not with marine tracker. Once a ship leaves a coastal area and moves into satellite range (which I think is about 20 miles off the coast) you have to pay 1$ per ship, per day). So say you want to track 3 ships for a month - 90$. You can pay for a monthly rate but only for each action the app does and those but add up pretty fast. For example to add more than 5 ships to you favorites would cost approximately 100$ a year at their best price of 8$ a month billed annually. What about larger packages. Those will cost you in the hundreds of dollars a year. The “pro” plan costs $1,200 a year. I would strongly suggest looking into what you want out of this app before dropping the initial 16$. Very disappointed in this app. It feels like the devs are just trying to milk every dollar out of me they can.
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3 years ago, Slugger099
Not as advertised / does not function / further follow-up was worthless
This app does not do anything more than the publicly available ship tracking websites. None of the information on the app is any better or more up-to-date than those other websites. The app itself does not provide many functions, unless you sign up for an account, which did not function. I was unable to insert my country or state to complete the registration to log-in. I certainly feel like I was duped into paying for an app that doesn’t work. I received an email asking for further feedback. It sent me to a link to a generic and positively worthless site. I will fully reiterate the complete and total rip-off that this app is and hold Apple responsible for allowing this app to exist. You clearly have my info. If you legitimately care about feedback, I would be happy to elaborate, but please don’t placate me with insincere and fake emails.
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2 years ago, SeafarersMom
Great for Moms of Seafarers!
It’s a great tool for moms and families to keep up with their loved ones. Our youngest son started working on ships recently for the first time. He laughed when I mentioned I needed him on my phone tracker list so I could see where he was while he was working! Lol! But, then I found MarineTraffic! I didn’t tell him for weeks I had it. One day I sent him a text and asked if he knew where they were. He responded that he had no idea. I sent him a screenshot of his ships location! Since then he downloaded the app himself. Now I even use MarineTraffic as my prayer list. When I hear about bad storms in the ocean I’ll look to see what vessels are in the path and pray for their safety.
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2 years ago, DBAustin
Can't be cancelled through Apple.
Can't be cancelled through the App or Apple. Must be done through difficult process on company site. Predatory! I purchased this product to track the tankers of a stock that I owned. I quickly found out the tracking the tankers was impossible unless I continuously purchased more notifications. The app is a complete scam and less you continuously purchase more and more. Not only that but it is almost impossible to cancel your subscription. I have been fighting with them for weeks to try to get a refund. And they still refuse to give me my money back for a renewal of a subscription that happened just a few days ago when I do not even have the app on my phone. This company is predatory and only trying to take advantage of users. Apple should ban them and any app that can't be cancelled from the phone when they bill using the phone. RIP OFF.
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5 years ago, ldels
Glad I took the leap
After using the desk top version of this I decided to download the app. I almost didn’t after reading reviews stating you had to pay for info on each vessel. After downloading I ran into the same issue, HOWEVER there is a super simple fix to see the vessel names/basic stats. For some reason the app does not default to this; but if you go to settings-map options- you will see “vessel names”, you just have to toggle that on and you will be able to see them for free. A few took a few minutes to update but overall it is working just as the desktop version does.
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2 years ago, deejayoned
What happened to the app that I love?
Advertisement banners, nothing that used to work is working. Require additional subscription. This app has seriously been downgraded. I am so sick of paying for apps . Just have the features removed. That I paid for. I need another subscription bill like I need a hole in my head. The developer response is a lie. Contact them directly. Is a complete waste of time. All they do is talk about somehow It must’ve been removed from my account. Then immediately try sell me on their subscription service. There has been no effort to restore my access for what I paid for. The nerve of these company stealing from you then expecting you to continue doing business with them. Crooks! Apple needs to be held accountable as well. It is an increasing alarming rate of companies getting away with this on this platform. An apple is doing absolutely nothing about it.
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4 years ago, Jmania
Great app with more potential
Updated Quick suggestions to improve app for this user: Make the ship icons on the map more easy to understand (rather than just color and size, change the shape like Plane Finder does - where the shape of the icon shows what type of ship it is). When I tap a ship on the map, show a little pic of it right away rather than just the name. Show a link to web search results for the name so I can easily get more info. Or just allow people to annotate the info like “this is Jerry Jones’ yacht.” Make following and alerts much more easy to use. Fix the bottom bar to work better with the latest iPhones so there’s room for the swipe up bar. Let me set alerts somehow for “interesting ships headed my way.” Thanks!
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4 years ago, Docrobert2020
Nice when it works
We left Florida to go cruising in the Caribbean and had friends and family that wanted to see where we were. I, unfortunately, suggested this app and they all purchased it. Now it RARELY updates my position. For example we spent 3 days in a marina on Great Exuma and it never updated. It updated once when we were sailing off the north coast of the same island. Now after 4 days anchored 9 miles north we have not updated. Other cruisers in the anchorage are showing up. Keep in mind that we have brand new Vesper AIS and we show up on other cruisers Navionics and WatchMate consistently. Only answer I got is maybe we need to upgrade to “satellite version “. This is the response from tech support, “ The lack of Updated Positions of a vessel can be a result of a number of factors. Signal strength, functional transponder, local (vessel area) and surrounding (nearby stations) weather conditions, temperatures, traffic and the satellite constellation frequency are some of the most important ones. After checking on this further, I can see as well that your vessel is equipped with a Class B AIS Transponder. Please note that the above information is especially true for vessels equipped with a Class B AIS Transponder as their signal may be weaker.
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7 months ago, smooth bob
Marine Traffic app review.
Spent the last 31/2 days in A Bay closing a friend’s cottage, been doing this for approximately 15 years. Only thing different this time was the Marine Traffic app. OMG !! It was like Christmas when you’re 10! We can look right out the shore of cottage and see the river. At night you can feel and hear the thrum of ships engines, just don’t know which way they’re going. NOW , we know everything and when they will go by us. We are all dads in our 70’s with kids and friends. Guess which group was the biggest hit this year, yup, all of us old guys!! Best app. I have. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Great Shipping Education
Shipping to Fiji
Wow! I’ve always wondered what happened to my packages that get shipped to Fiji. This time I had a whole container with a tractor in it. So I followed it through the shipyards and then the ship it was put on. VERY educational. Now I know why it takes anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to get my packages! This was all new to me; like watching the draught of the ship change between ports. And the info you can get on any port in the world at the tap of your finger…amazing. I only needed this for a month but I will use it again for my next shipping project.
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1 year ago, Alaskan Raised
I use other location and tracking apps and they are very user friendly. This app however is confusing to navigate and use. I was after a simple identification and tracking app for boats and ships in my area, similar to the app ‘Flight Radar 24’ for aircraft where I simply click on an icon and get specific identification of the aircraft and planned route..Marine Traffic is nothing like that..all I get when I click on an icon is the type of vessel, unless I pay extra for the 24 period to ID one single vessel icon. I’ll continue to look for an alternative app that doesn’t nickle and dime me while leaving me confused when trying to navigate it…
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1 year ago, Chillbizzee
Inescapable ads
Great concept, I use a similar ones for flights frequently. Free version not very usable at least on a 13Pro. Frequent ads take over your screen, like the same frenetic video game which will not turn off even when you press “X” or “skip ads” repeatedly in a panic as it burns up data. You must shut down app and avoid, which is easy because you just had a terrible experience. Constant upgrade attempts for most info is locked. I realize a company needs to find the line where they can convert users, but if it’s unusable I don’t see me getting attached when I have the rest of the planet in my hands, limited time and a distaste for being annoyed. My experience suggests they have a monopoly.
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5 years ago, viking621956
Your recent update seems to have turned off the ability to filter vessels...
Right now I am using this app to track a single vessel on which I will soon be taking a cruise. I used to be able to filter out all other vessels as a default. Now with your recent update, while I can still do this, it doesn’t stay that way and all vessels keep on coming back. This clutters up the map a bit, and it is annoying to constantly have to go back and reset this filter. Other than that this is a great app and I enjoy it very much. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Belcuore
Fun, educational. Track your ships!
I love cruising and traveling but I also live near a busy port and I love knowing what’s coming in and out and where in the world are my favorite ships located. I’d wish they would feature the complete scheduled and travelled route before and after of, let’s say, a cruise. It seems it only tells you the last port and next future port. Also it tells you the name and flag of the ship, tonnage, dead weight but it will not tell you the company the ship belongs to or how many passengers it can hold so I took off one star for that. Otherwise, I love it!
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1 year ago, windy saiks
Free version is unusable
I make my living docking ships. Almost everything that once made this free app good is now behind a paywall. At one point I had a version I paid a premium one time fee for, but since changing to a subscription model its just hot garbage. There are much better free apps and much better paid apps. Disappointed. Update: Contacted customer service. They explained what I already knew. When switching from a one time fee model to a subscription model, they took away the additional features I paid for when I changed devices. Seems wrong. Like buying a car with cash then yesrs later the dealership says they’re switching to you to a lease and lowering the top speed of the engine if you don’t pay. Doesn’t make sense.
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6 months ago, Wdmso
Where and when
I have mostly use this app for my line handlers job we get a basic tug time of arrival but it’s always nice to take a peek on the map and see where in the river the ship is . before this app, I spent many wasted hours sitting at the dock, waiting for a ship that was delayed or much further from the dock then it’s arrival time . No a little bit before I leave and take a peek at the map and adjust my schedule accordingly and use the yearly subscription really isn’t that much money
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7 years ago, Winjama
Tracking Made Easy!
I’m an old Navy Radarman from before everything was computerized. This software has revolutionized the ocean shipping industry as far as being able to keep track of vessels of concern. I know we could have used this as an additional tool that would have proven itself in short order. I live in Belize and like to track the vessels coming down here from Florida so I can keep track of where items might be at that I’ve purchased and shipped down. It makes for a fun hobby too - kinda like train spotting used to be.
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6 years ago, Ssg dégagé
Great for Cruises
Love using this app while on cruises. Fun to find out more about the ships around me, and there is a wealth of information on the ships. I just use the app for fun and feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of the features, but it’s easy to use and the augmented reality interface is pretty cool even if it doesn’t always seem to get the location right (very difficult given that these ships are moving). Have really had a good time with this app. If you’re going on a cruise, this is worth every penny, as is the AR upgrade.
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6 years ago, empuje
Paid $.99/day for better tracking and no good
My son is on a ship sailing around the world and when the ship is out of range, it isn’t traceable. Ok, fine. But then they started offering $.99/ day for out of range tracking and it does not update. I’ve paid for 4 days of tracking and it hasn’t updated distance traveled at all. It shows the location of ship when you pay the $.99 but never again. Very frustrating. While it’s only $.99 it’s not giving us what was promised. I’d like my money back.
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1 year ago, o2go2c
MarNav App, My Personal VTS
The ability to track vessels during transit increases the efficiency of planning dockage and wharfage labor distribution While shifts may not change significantly, where labor is deployed during the shift shaves cost of under utilization. Also, planning critical operations sensitive to vessel wake, effect of bank cushion, or bank suction in a confined waterway so much more helpful….being able to see work windows and calculating real time interactions make Marine Navigation an important tool for Stevedoring
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5 years ago, Ghettomedic909
Cool app
Really cool App, gives you a general idea of the Vessels around you. But not all vessels you can gather information on or give the exact location of them. Also even when you pay the $5 dollars some features like vessel tracking require you to pay an extra dollar to unlock. For $5 bucks you can’t go wrong for an App. I would rate this as more of a fun toy while on vacation or on the water rather than a hardcore navigator life or death tool to use on the water. None the less 5 stars for me.
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3 years ago, shanna_mama
Huge fan of the app!
This app has been my companion all over the world, tracking boats and figuring out “what I can see” from various places from the US to Germany to Sydney. I absolutely love it and would pay a lot more for a truly premium version, if one is ever released. That said, I’m having crash issues lately - iOS 14.4.2 and version 4.0.8 of the app. Usually happens upon opening the app. Thanks for the many many many happy hours of nerding out over boats 💛
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6 years ago, Learnin' Fast
Good app - extra features don’t work between devices, though
Works pretty well, aside from slow vessel updates at times. . . Also, big peeve is failure of feature upgrades to work between devices. For example, I upgraded to nautical chart option on my iPad, expecting to see it in effect on my other devices - phone, laptop, office machine, and so on - as well. But it only works on the one device. That stopped me upgrading anything else. If I pay for an account and purchase an upgrade it should work on all my devices!
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6 years ago, jshawngentle
Track Vessels In Water Near You!
This app enables you to track vessels anywhere in the world but especially in waters where you’re familiar or active. It’s up there with flight aware in aircraft tracking tail numbers. Way too much public information out there but you might as will take advantage of it -this is really cool. Suggestion- get a VHF radio and use in conjunction with this app. You’ll learn tons and can use to teach your children or grandchildren or simply to navigate and stay out of the way!
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3 years ago, DesertRunnerAZ
Great app but expensive!!
The app run great but it’s expensive for what you get!! I ran out of notifications which I have never seen on any app of the 100s I have purchased. Got a notification that I’ve used all my notifications until 3 weeks from now. So I’ve used all my notifications in one weeks time. Notifications they have sent me at random. I even Downloaded and subscribed with the full amount to keep updated on a friend who’s traveling on the water. It would be cheaper to purchase a gps location device where you could send text messages. The price and features is to expensive.
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2 years ago, Crunchberry
4 yrs ago told everyone to spend the 5$ on this app. No longer
3 to 5 yrs ago, for 4.99 you could get this as a paid app. For what we and our land lubber friends used it for, the occasional ships, going on a cruise etc, this was fabulous. Even my 85 yr old mother in law bought it. We probably got at least 25 people to download this app. More than any other! Unfortunately it’s changed… Now it’s full of ads and pushing you to another paid model. I get that you can do routes etc, but sad it’s going this way. We’ve heard from probably half our friends they deleted it now and do we have another app to promote lol. Ughhh. :(
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4 years ago, AJLethem
Confusing, Annoying, and not user friendly
The cool thing about this app is you get real-time information about boats, ships, yachts, etc. Here is what is frustrating, I have to pay in order to view a specific ship and it only lasts 24 hours. There is no “renew” button and so one is forced to guess which ship you want to view and pay if you want to continue. There should be a “Renew” purchase option or something. I also have to keep logging in over and over and over again. I’ve logged in 3 or 4 times just in the one session, even when I didn’t close the app.
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2 years ago, Sean baseball
Update: Fantastic customer service. They addressed my concerns quickly and explained how the app works. I am new to this type of app (mom of a new Maritime grad). They even offered to locate the vessel for me as a courtesy. I paid to join then am asked for $.99 to get a satellite location of my son’s ship for 24 hours. What did I join for? You would think the plan would at least include a location of one ship.
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6 months ago, RJ1924
Horribly Buggy
Unable to complete registering using "Sign in with Apple." Asks for a country, but won't accept any variation of "United States" or USA or U.S. or etc. Apparently a list should populate when you start typing & you have to select from that list, but it never does so you're never able to select a country & thus can't register. Really basic usability issues that should never be allowed to reach production. Maybe there is amazing capability after one registers (don't use Sign In with Apple, perhaps?) but this sort of shoddy work in a high-dollar app - at least, one that seems to offer lots of ways to spend money - is pretty disappointing.
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7 months ago, Eye See Em
Marine Traffic Period.
Our vantage point elevation is at 750 ft. overlooking 20 miles of the Columbia River. Curious to learn where the vessels come from, and which port they will land at, gives us a window into the supply chain conversation. Most of the ships travel thousands of NM, over the course of weeks to deliver petroleum and automobiles, or retrieve grains, corn, chemical, steel, and forest products. Fascinating for local viewing, but awe inspiring when dialed into the world shipping lanes and ports. Recommended to many.
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5 years ago, Surewin4me
Pricing to correct.
The app is really great I was using find my ship. With subscription on yearly basis. I bought this one at $4.99 as one time payment and there was a pop up for Access plus 24 for $0.99 bought them as it doesn’t show any further detail like it is valid only for 24 hours after purchase only came to know it is valid only for 24 hours. I like that to be refunded and please correct that. It is like a insurance catch. Make it transparent and it makes the buyer to buy without any hassle.
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5 years ago, Meakibble
Great Ap for Tracking
I got this ap on a whim because there was a ship parked off the coast and I was curious what it was and what it was doing. This ap is amazing. You can see, worldwide, what boat traffic is at sea or in port. Look at Monaco and see the super yachts, Or look in your local port and find out what Ships are dropping off goods. Always fun to see and use. The $.99 tracking is an option as are some other adons but this is a great ap and a must have for any maritime enthusiast.
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7 months ago, Jeremi@Whidbey
A must if you live near the sea
This app gives real time updates for ships and watercraft worldwide. I live within a mile of a shipping lane, there are large vessels sailing past my home day and night. It helps to know which ones might delay land traffic over drawbridges. If you’re catching a ferry it shows if it’s on time or late. (Provided you know the ferry schedule.) it is an absolute must if you live near the sea.
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3 years ago, Mustbejamcuz
Fantastic Marine Traffic Website
Great fun to use this site to look up the marine traffic here on Narragansett Bay, in Jamestown, RI. I can identify, through your website and Google most of the sailboats, yachts, commercial ships, and gigantic RoRos, heading to Providence and Davisville. It’s become my hobby view all of this from my front porch, since I’m fortunate in that my front yard goes right down to the water’s edge. Newport, RI, home to many yachts, is only 2m across the water.
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5 years ago, msklmall
You’ve ruined my favorite app
As a frequent cruise who lives by the sea, Marine Traffic was my favorite go-to app to see where I was on the open sea, or find out what ships were nearby. I don’t want to follow 1 ship for 24 hours, that’s not how I use the app. I know there are other cruisers out there who are in a similar position. Please let us go back to our casual use of the app, seeing the ships that are in the area. I’m sorry I updated the app to this version and in its current version it is of no use to me.
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5 years ago, 5wa
Access plus 24 is misleading. Charges for each ship
Prior to Marine Traffic’s Access Plus 24 you could click on a ship and open the overview for free. This was a click look at the ship name, tonnage and few more data points. Yesterday, I clicked on the ship, opened the more >, but Access Plus was on next screen to purchase. Didn’t tell you I’m anything else. Had no idea what this was. I purchased and saw the details and more on the ship. Close this, go back to Marine Traffic, and click on another ship. I get the Access Plus 24 screen to our purchase. Odd, I had just done this but did it again. I was charged. So you get charged for every ship you want to look see. Where Marine Traffic provided a quick look at the ship where the name was most important factoid, now you can’t see anything! Now you get charged for every ship you want to know more about, such as name, tonnage, next port. Charging for every ship and not telling you is downright wrong. Go back to the way it was.
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7 years ago, Donnabea
Worth every cent!
My parents have a cottage on Lake Huron in Michigan. We can see freighters and other boats out in the distance but not close enough to see their names and other details. Just open the app and you can find out what freighter or boat it is, see pictures, see where they are coming from and going and much more. It's great for anyone that likes boat and freighter watching especially if you live on the water.
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5 months ago, P007NY
Using MarineTraffic as an observer
I am an old sailor who had AIS on my boat. Now that I sold my boat, I enjoy using MarineTraffic to locate cruise ships I am planning to take through their voyages. Always precise and up and running, the app is great. From time to time I pay MarineTraffic to monitor one of the boats offshore. I strongly recommend if you do not have AIS on board or if you want details about some boats that interest you.
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3 months ago, digarts2020
We call them Ore BOATS 😁
I know, I know. They’re “ships”. I worked for Interlake Steamship / Pickands Mather way back in the mid 1970s. Had the opportunity to sail on several of the vessels in the PM fleet including the James R. Barker, Mesabi Miner, Elton Hoyt, Harry Coulby and William J. DeLancey. Best time of my youth by far. I’m old now and have survived several other very rewarding careers, but my time on “the BOATS” has always stayed my favorite with rich memories. This app keeps those memories fresh. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Tuglife912
Tugboat Deckhand/Moran Towing
This is a very useful app at work and for my off time hobby of Ship watching. I can keep up with my favorite ships and when at work aboard our Tug at the Port of Brunswick, Georgia I can see all of the Inbound traffic before it gets here. Thanks for all you do and please continue this app! I love the little updates you get too with the Horn! It's awesome! Take care have a safe day. Smooth sailing.
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2 years ago, BSOB68
Tedious picture loading
I just signed up for this app and tried to upload a photo of my boat. It is a tedious process and an unintended photo has now been assigned to my vessel. There’s no easy way to change this. I’m going to have to submit a help request to do a simple task. How do you even delete a picture do you know longer or not posted? Not easy to accomplish! And this is on top of a surprise when I originally signed up – a Cal20 sort of boat was associated with my vessel and it was not a picture I took! How it got there I have no clue. the health center has no clue either. Really, why is this so hard?!$&@!!?
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4 years ago, FunToPlayGames
Greedy Company
I already paid for the app itself. Then theres extra fees if I want to use certain features? Last I checked, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. So now here I am with a paid app, yet I can’t access vessel information without paying for satellite radar. Then you have to pay for weather readings. Then you have to pay for navigation charts. Then you have to pay for augmented reality. What’s next? Are you going to start charging when you to fart while the app is open? Only reason I got this app was because I was vacationing on the coast while ship watching and I was stoned. Otherwise I never would’ve paid the initial app fee!
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3 months ago, Goldie246
Avid cruisers
This is a greatest app ever for tracking your ships and all ships that you would like to track. We have cruising friends that sometimes takes different ships but end up in the same port once in a while. We can track each other’s arrival times from this app. You can also follow your friends on their journeys.
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5 months ago, Streff1955
DON’T Try to Reset your Password or You’re Screwed
The app is decent and informative (not always correct - see stats for Icon of the Seas). But I recently had the need to reload and reset my password. No matter what I did the password reset feature came back with “invalid data” .. which did not allow me to proceed and deleted my old password. So I now have no access. After a few tries with customer support, I deleted the app and wrote out my subscription as “don’t try everything because it’s not what it appears”.
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4 years ago, Jones Point
No Longer Useful.
Marine traffic was once a useful, and for some, indispensable tool. With the recent “update” you now have to pay daily to see the name/position of one vessel. Seeing unnamed vessels on the screen is not worth the original price paid for the app and certainly not worth the daily extortion money MarineTraffic is demanding now. The point of AIS is to have a better idea of who you are dealing with out there before you meet them. Extremely disappointed with this new development and I would no longer recommend this once great app to anyone. I would request a refund if I thought they would actually grant one.
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6 years ago, Hawk33
Now Completely Useless
When I first started using MT several years ago, it was a great resource. What I saw out my window was exactly what I saw on the app. The information was accurate and timely, and the app was a lot of fun. For whatever reason, the timeliness and reliability of the information in the app has gotten continually worse, to the point now that none of the ships I see in port now are represented accurately in the app. With the latest update, I'm now getting generic titles like "yacht" or "cargo ship", and when I click on them, I'm redirected to some paid app ($150+ per year!) that I will never buy. This never used to be the case. The several times I've written to ask for help, I've been told that the problems were all on my end and that there's nothing wrong with the app. So, all that said, I am done with Marine Tracker, and will be deleting it from my device. It used to be a lot of fun, but it's all but completely useless now. A shame.
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3 months ago, nwmtnr
Great for Armchair viewers too.
Speaking from experience I give MarineTraffic a double Thumbs Up for monitoring ship passage and local marine traffic. In my mid-Eighties, I am certainly not spry and agile as earlier in life, but MarineTraffic allows me to keep tack of what as once a portion of my sole and appreciation for the life I lived. It is a great application that gives one the opportunity to stay informed and connected to our world on the water.
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