Marriott Bonvoy: Book Hotels

4.9 (2.1M)
232 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marriott International
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Marriott Bonvoy: Book Hotels

4.91 out of 5
2.1M Ratings
5 years ago, PennCCRN
Overall, Great App - Still Miss SPG!
Overall, this is a great app and even after the transition from SPG I think the app outshines. If I were rating the rewards program, I’d give SPG an A and the new program a B- But that’s not why I’m here - so I’m rating the app not Marriott, SPG or even the Bonvoy program. Overall, the app is very easy to use and like many Marriott properties it really depends on the property you are staying on how well it integrates with he app. In my experience, about 1/3 of my stays truly honor a mobile check-in where I get a mobile key without visiting the front desk, perhaps security perhaps individual hotel preference. I will say that all properties do use the chat feature which is great when I need to communicate a non-urgent issue or perhaps let the staff know about an issue in a room for the next gift. Mobile check-out is truly the best, it works almost all the time. Booking on the site is easy and straightforward. One of the best features that I like (might not be from the app) but how I get WiFi quickly since it remembers my device at every property. Overall, I think the app is well done, the rewards program is okay - still my brand of choice. Thanks Marriott!
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2 months ago, MJLongval
Inconsistent performance
The app is great, but I should mention the policy to treat me like two different people whether I am staying with you as a flight attendant or as a civilian is very uncomfortable. I have earned my status over decades very close to ambassador and exceeding platinum for life, many thousand of dollars spent. Most of the time when I come to your hotels you treat me like I am a first time customer and don’t acknowledge me in any even though I know you know who I am, (I’m in the app) no breakfast no lounge no welcome gift, sometimes no points even when I am paying myself. I think it is wrong for you to treat me this way when I am staying with you and wrong for you to contract with United Airlines to undermine my status. It seems you have met at high level to plot to demean the status I have earn with my loyalty. It is unjust, immoral, and an interference in our business relationship for you to meet with a third party United to undermine my relationship with Bonvoy. You have been doing this sporadically for decades, but the bad behavior has now reached a crescendo. While you are capable of a five star performance you treat me At at two star level more than half the time I stay with you.
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6 years ago, BusterSEMM
Would be great if hotels actually honored half of the features!!!
Marriott Corp has tried to make a good app - but problem comes to the fact little to none of the hotels use the pre-order functionality to stock your room, they don’t use the chat function if you need something while at hotel, they do not honor the checking or late checkout out function (they don’t care and still need to use old school process to know if they can accept a late checkout). App does not notify you of a room ready early either - as the hotels don’t use the feature. App is good to book and change hotels if needed - to change a reservation you are better off cancelling and rebooking as app is not flexible on honoring changes. Basically the app is good to track Marriott points and the progress each year to make Reward levels (not a perk for me as I’m lifetime Platinum member). So being lifetime Platinum you would think Marriott would listen to their customers and force their Marriott properties to use the features in the app - or do away with the features all together. FYI - I’m also an Elite member with Hilton properties and guess what - their Hotel locations use the app and it actually works really well...
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2 years ago, AggieM04
DON’T modify your reservation on the app!
Terrible tricky UI/UX. This coming from a UI/UX designer. I had 2 nights booked at the JW. I decided to look into adding a 3rd night. The app has a button that says ‘update’ after the date entry that you have to click just to see the new prices for the changed dates. The rooms show the updated price/night and also shows ‘total per room’ with another button next to each room type that also says ‘update’. So you would think, just like the first button that says ‘update’, that it would just lead to more info but NOPE - it actually just submits your change as final with no review. And worse yet, ‘total per room’ is not the final price. You don’t get to see that amount before your change is submitted unless you calculated resort fees on your own on the screen before. They’re tricky! They show ‘final TRIP total’ everywhere else in the app but here apparently. In the end I’ll end up paying more than double for my trip for just trying to add 1 night. I tried to call customer service and the lady was SO rude and can’t change it back even though she said all the history is in the same confirmation number. So if you want to add nights, just start another new reservation for those dates instead of modifying an existing one and save a few hundred. If this stay weren’t for a birthday kid, I’d cancel on this terrible experience all around!
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9 months ago, Bernard jordan
The app that makes a difference in travel
Title: "A Travel Companion Like No Other" Review: The Marriott app has swiftly become an indispensable companion in all my travels. Its sleek design and intuitive user interface have made tracking my rewards points a breeze, subtly nudging me closer to my next goal with each stay. Marriott has always been my hotel of choice regardless of which corner of the globe I find myself in. Their vast selection of 4 1/2 to 5-star rooms never fails to add a touch of luxury to my stays, making every trip feel like a lavish retreat. This app not only consolidates all my bookings and preferences at my fingertips but also enhances my loyalty to Marriott, by constantly showing me how close I am to my next rewarding experience. With each journey, I am greeted with stellar room choices, each one seeming to outdo the previous. Through this app, Marriott has managed to seamlessly blend the practicality of booking and point tracking with the allure of their exquisite room variety. It's not just an app, it’s my passport to a world of comfort and luxury.
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5 years ago, Bimini bill
Poor Design and Functionality, MARRIOTT PLEASE LISTEN
This new App is almost useless. It is not user friendly or intuitive. It is also generating hordes of unnecessary paper if you want to print your reservation details; there are way too many advertisements to “partners” on it’s side bar links to “Get more Info” (or similar words), and fonts are overly large for what we need to see. However, when you click on any of the links, it just takes you to the overall Bonvoy site. You would think that if you want to see local dining options, it would link you to restaurants in that area, but it does NOT. Ditto for the other ads included - car rentals, things to do, etc. Total waste of time. MOST IMPORTANTLY, there is no where that I can find in this App that I can submit my room/stay preferences (room location, view, housekeeping, etc.). Marriott needs to QUICKLY RESOLVE the functionality of this App for it’s loyal members. I have had to call Owner Services, my home resort, and email the customer internet/web support numerous times and spent hordes of time about my upcoming reservations- most all were to no avail to resolve my requests. As a multiple week owner at a high demand resort in Vail, CO (Streamside) I find this to be an unacceptable level of service. The only folks I’ve found responsive are those at the resort, who assist as they can. Marriott, PLEASE FIX THIS! Platinum Elite Member (Xxxxxx559)
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2 years ago, Mdub1987
Works mostly ok…most of the time
1. Why does the app not show me past non-point earning stays? I can add a non-point earning stay when its upcoming or current but when the stay ends, it just disappears from the app and does not even show on the website. The customer service reps can see it on their end but the app just filters them out. 2. Your check in feature doesn’t always work. I checked into a hotel when I was prompted, added a credit card for incidentals, and opted for the digital key. When I got to the hotel (when I was informed my room was ready), I went up to my room without going to the front desk (because that is the whole point of the app check in) but the key was not available in the app. I had to go to the front desk to get it sent to my phone. Then I ordered something and attempted to charge it to the room when I was informed that there was no card on my room. No where in the app did it tell me any sort of failure or error happened. Just didn’t work. It did check me in but that is all. Not really much of a point of doing it via the app though if I still have to go to the front desk.
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9 months ago, Shahbaz Abu Ahmed
Shahbaz Khan (Human Rights Consultant)
Stayed at Marriott Casablanca between Sept. 2nd to 4th. It was pleasure to see this beautiful city. Hotel staff welcome us warmly at the doors, front desk Staff Ms. Jehan was pleasant person and checked us in quickly. In cafeteria on breakfast, we met Mr. Ilias at desk, extremely welcoming employee, nice, soft spoken and courteous very fluent in English. Although I talked in Arabic with him but he showed his best services to us. Ms. Wadiaa is another very efficient server we met. She serves us everything we asked for. We recommend to visit these efficient and courteous people if you visit Casablanca. Thanks everyone at Marriott Casablanca. Love you guys❤️. أقمت في فندق ماريوت الدار البيضاء بين 2 و 4 سبتمبر. كان من دواعي سروري رؤية هذه المدينة الجميلة. يرحب بنا موظفو الفندق بحرارة عند الأبواب، وكان موظفو مكتب الاستقبال السيدة جيهان شخصًا لطيفًا وقاموا بتسجيل وصولنا بسرعة. في الكافتيريا أثناء تناول الإفطار، التقينا بالسيد إلياس في المكتب، وهو موظف مرحّب للغاية، لطيف، ولطيف، ومهذب ويجيد اللغة الإنجليزية. ورغم أنني تحدثت معه باللغة العربية إلا أنه أظهر لنا أفضل خدماته. السيدة Wadiaa هي خادم آخر فعال للغاية التقينا به. إنها تخدمنا بكل ما طلبناه. نوصي بزيارة هؤلاء الأشخاص الأكفاء والمهذبين إذا قمت بزيارة الدار البيضاء. شكرًا للجميع في فندق ماريوت الدار البيضاء. أحبكم يا شباب❤️.
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3 months ago, maine traveler
Don’t use app to book (revised 3/2/24)
The app works well for everything but when you book through the app it is 10-20% higher than if you log into the Marriott website. I have checked and all filters and rate types are identical. When I talked to the person checking us in they said this is America and it is a way to increase profits. Researching online it appears that this is a universal problem and has been going on for a while. I think Marriott owes a lot of points to their rewards guests to make up for this deception. I received a response that explained the app shows a total cost including all fees and taxes where online it just shows the basic rate. I did confirm that is the difference so I am updating my review. 5-stars is more accurate as using the app works very well in all other aspects to book, check in, and check out. My only issue now is the front desk at one hotel which is not a reflection on the app. I will pursue that issue directly with Marriott
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6 years ago, Mikey1492
Good But Needs Improving
The app is good, but could definitely be better. I completely agree with the other reviews that any function in the app that was designed for interaction with the hotel staff (chat, special requests, etc) is useless. I’ve tried it several times and then called the front desk to ask if they’d received the request. None of them ever had. And more times than not, the person who answered the phone didn’t even have a clue as to what I was talking about. Marriott needs to focus on training and ensuring that their hotels are 100% on-board with the app communication features. Another HUGE improvement that could be made to the app is a floor plan map (per property) that allows guests to choose their room at check in (right now the check in function is essentially useless). Hilton has this feature and I LOVE the point where I choose Hilton sometimes over Marriott because I get to choose my room and see exactly where I’ll be staying. Many Hilton properties also use keyless entry that is built right in to their app. I really like Marriott and I have bounced between all 3 statuses for over 20 years. But they need to keep up with the times and the competition.
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6 years ago, la vida vira
Just updated, could be better
First I’d like to say that their customer support for the app is amazing! It felt like a team was on the case for troubleshooting and my problem was resolved in about a week. I tend to go through Ebates when booking with Marriott. The Marriott mobile site accessed through the Ebates app had a filtering issue (after choosing the airport shuttle filter, it would refresh back to the search page saying no hotels could be found). So I decided to use the Marriott app to look at different properties close to the airport I’m flying out of. I realized that I couldn’t filter which properties had an airport shuttle on the app. I find this troublesome because I usually travel with a pet. So if I can’t use the app to filter results, I either have to use the mobile site, or wait to get access to a desktop. I’m fine using the mobile site, especially since I access it through Ebates, but the point of an app is convenience. If I needed an idea of what’s available for my travel needs, I prefer to use the Marriott app. But I won’t be able to do that if I can’t filter the results.
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2 years ago, Ravi0201
Needs some revisions
I frequent Marriott and Hilton and book my rooms through the apps. The Hilton app is SOO much more user friendly. I can choose my room when I check in online, choose my check in time, change my method of payment if I made a mistake, chat online with someone about my room if I need additional items and get my electronic key on the app without checking in with the front desk. Marriott has none of these on the app and I have been a lifetime titanium platinum member for 10 years! Also I have never had much of a problem with check in times with Hilton either. I have sat in the lobby for 3 hours waiting for my room with the early check in request….again lifetime titanium platinum member. I have now heard they will now not guarantee check in times at all. Bad business and this is why I now prefer Hilton over Marriotts. I travel extensively and used Marriotts for more than 10 years pretty much exclusively but switched to Hilton and I now see many flaws.
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3 years ago, Bootstrap Pickup
Nothing is without merit and opportunity for improvement
As a Marriott associate, I have opportunity to see the best and worst of the companies benefits. By that I mean, things like the Bonvoy program and the Elite program. Often times, I hear about the ability or lack of ability to utilize SNA or other benefits. All members need to realize that Elite membership is not a guarantee of lounge access at most resorts or utilization of SNA or upgrades. Instead, it’s the ability to get prioritization. If you are an Ambassador Elite, you clearly have the top billing. But below that, it can be difficult to get the ultimate priority, particularly at resort. Keep in mind that large conferences generate exponential revenue for resorts and as a for profit company, your $25,000 a year spend is nothing compared to a group that will do millions in catering in rooms revenue. My best advice is to start your own company and generate enough capital to buy out a resort to reap the greatest benefits. If you can’t do that.....well, that’s capitalism baby :)
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4 years ago, RTW747
I used to love this app and when it’s working it’s a great experience. But in the last days, maybe corresponding to an app update?? none of my upcoming or canceled trips are visible at all! Problems get worse cause when I log in online I can’t see them either. After 2 lengthy calls to Marriott they politely reassure me that my upcoming trip reservations are all still ok, but had no interest to hear about the technical probs of the interface. Other problems persist online too with hotels shown as available then disappear once u want to make a booking. Or crazy stuff like the member rate being higher than regular rate for some hotels and some stays. Yes it did happen and verified it multiple times. I did all the regular stuff like log out and log in again, clear the cache, delete and reinstall the app on multiple occasions with no fix. As a titanium member and regular traveler this is frustrating to say the least. It’s enough for me to go back to Hilton! Please Marriott fix it soon and I will stick with you.
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3 weeks ago, Kompleksonedge
My recent experiences
Based on your experience with the Bonvoy app over the past 6 months while staying in two different countries, it is evident that you have found great value in its functionality. Your proactive approach in communicating your requests ahead of time for check-in, service requests, and local area inquiries showcases a strategic and efficient use of the app's features to enhance your overall stay experience. The app's convenience in facilitating communication with the hotel staff and addressing your needs in advance has likely contributed to a smooth and personalized stay at the properties you visited. Your consideration for planning ahead reflects a proactive and organized travel approach, which is commendable. However, your concern regarding the process of modifying reservations, whether to add or subtract from them, suggests a potential area for improvement in the app's usability and clarity. Streamlining the steps required to make changes to reservations could enhance user experience and provide added convenience for travelers like yourself who value flexibility in their plans. Overall, your adept use of the Bonvoy app to communicate preferences and requests in advance has undoubtedly contributed to more enjoyable and tailored stays during your travels. Addressing the reservation modification process could further enhance the app's user-friendliness and solidify its position as a valuable tool for seamless travel experiences.
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5 months ago, kkflippypie
GREAT Customer Service and very Clean
First, let’s start with customer service! We were checked in and given our room with no problem. The first thing I do in any hotel is check the room thoroughly to ensure everything is clean. Not only was it really clean, but the entire hotel smelled fresh! The next day, we met Ms Yui and her son at the front desk. They were very pleasant! Our room was a bit warm so we called down and asked about the AC as we assumed it wasn’t working bc we couldn’t get the room cool. Ms Yui sent her son up and he readjusted our AC. He was very nice and assured us it was ok but even then Ms Yui kindly offered us another room but when we got back to our room us was cool so we decided to stay put! We will be here until Wednesday and have already made another reservation for next month when we come up to with our son who attend Dean College for Senior night! Bottom line, you just can’t beat a clean stay AND great customer service!
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4 years ago, goldhillmesagal
Poor Management:Discrimination
The Marriott has offered neighborhood pool memberships for several years. I have belonged for over 10 years. When the new General Manager took over he has had a very discriminatory and random policy for who he allows to join. My personal experience was that he allowed one family to join today and denied my request to join. I waited over an jour to speak with him in person. He justified his action by saying the other person was “Grandfathered” in Then he said she had personally called several times so he allowed her to join. Basically saying the squeaky heel gets the grease. I was told I was on a waiting list. I have been on his waiting list and he allowed another person to go to “the head of the line”. Another person came in while I was waiting and she was also told she would be on a waiting list. I consider it a privilege to be able to use the pool in the past. Now we have a manager playing God in who he allows to join. This is blatant discrimination. And poor management. When I asked for his supervisors information. He took my email and said he would get back with me. This manager “Patrick” needs to be held accountable for his actions
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2 months ago, HijinksAndSue
What’s Not To Love?
I confess to being a Marriott lover. I don’t have a zillion miles. I got lucky that during my career I traveled a lot and had been tipped off by co-workers to always try to book Marriotts … I definitely can’t touch most of the members whose lifetime points are in 7 figures (probably many with even more). What I learned early on (mid-‘90s) was that whether I was in a top 5-star big-city hotel or a small-town FFI, I was treated with friendliness and care by everyone who worked there and always felt safe and comfortable. (Favorite memory was woman at front desk at a FFI in a smallish Texas city bringing me —unasked — Pepto Bismol and ginger ale when I was felled by a stomach virus during a work road trip). I retired several years ago largely due to health issues but I still always try to “go Marriott” whenever/wherever we travel. While I’ve digressed, to answer the specific prompt, the Marriott app has been a huge help by making options clear and easy. (To misquote Tina Turner, I like things clear and easy). JUST made an online app reservation for a midweek getaway with my husband in July and have none of the creeping “will this get screwed up?” qualms I sometimes get … instead I can relax about the lodging (Courtyard SLO!) and instead do homework on restaurants and fun things to do in driving distance! I’m so happy to be a “Marriott For Life” person … thank you all for everything you do!!!
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10 months ago, Flexin75
Customer service and room quality
The people were very nice and accommodating when checkin. I had issues with our tv the 1st day, then someone tried to fix it but the repair didn't last. The next day the head engineer helped fix it, but it stopped working again so had to call for help again later that day. The next day it stopped working so I called again for help and couldn't get a response from the front desk. Unfortunately this has been a problem for our stay because it's a major inconvenience. The room cleanliness is very good, we were serviced daily. Beds are semi-firm, not the best and not the worst. The elevator is loud or the walls are thin so you can hear everything. Rooms are very small. Customer service is good on most days but after talking to several staff, your membership value grants you extra perks! Interesting to know next time I need a hotel. The last day I couldn't get a response to a repair request for the tv, maybe because I don't have the highest membership value or not enough staff. Interesting hotel!
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1 week ago, SleepySin
App Is Inaccurate - Check Your Points!
The app has been notoriously inaccurate for me. I’ve been a member putting on a decent amount of travel due to work but the Marriott app has become unreliable. Missing stays, missing promotion points, and missing bonus points. Marriott guest services phone line will point the blame at the hotels and the hotels will point the finger back at Marriott guest services. I travel nearly every other week for work and have to call Marriott every month or so due to missing credits. These phone calls often take up towards an hour of my time and very often, multiple calls about the same issues. The representatives and managers on the other end see the constant errors and extensive case history on my account. I can’t imagine I’m the only one experiencing these issues. I’m on the brink of Titanium Elite status and still considering switching over to another chain due to their indifference in the customer experience. Almost every time I call, there may be anywhere from 10-30K points missing so I encourage everyone to check their records!
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4 months ago, Chill pill pill
Booking with Marriot BonVoy app
Traveling through the Marriott universe across the USA, with 15 nights this year alone, felt like a VIP tour with Tony Stark's tech at my fingertips, thanks to the Marriott app. Its user interface is as sleek and intuitive as an iPhone in an Apple ad, making navigating hotel options as easy as swiping through a playlist. The mobile check-in and check-out feature is a real life-saver, akin to having a Doctor Strange portal for bypassing queues. Integrating my Marriott Bonvoy adventures feels like tracking achievements in a video game, only with real-world perks and rewards. The app's performance is as reliable and speedy as a Millennium Falcon jumps to hyperspace, with no crashes or glitches. The cherry on top? The customer service chat feature, is as responsive and helpful as JARVIS to Iron Man. For anyone traversing the travel galaxies, the Marriott app is your trusty sidekick, turning each stay into a blockbuster experience.
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11 months ago, Silverdesk84
Great out wish there was a couple more features
It would be really nice to see the option to filter through more amenities such as hotels with balconies/personal outdoor space, close to popular areas, floor availability/preference etc.. It would also be nice if y’all‘s mobile key system worked like the Hilton app, where there was no need to go to the front desk. in to play with corporate rates but if you’re already an established member ( silver, gold, elite) This should automatically make an exception. Overall, extremely easy to use, navigate, 100% meets my expectations since my company switched from Hilton. On Marriott as a band, I’m extremely pleased with the quality of hotels I find with Marriott versus Hilton. One issue I do have that Marriott does his lack of transparency on reviews from customers, the reviews used are biased and paint each location in a better late than they actually are. Online Google and Trip Advisor reviews actually paint a truer picture of each location.
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1 year ago, Big Red IV
Learn from Hilton
App works great if all you want to do is track your points and reserve a room. If using for checking in most Marriots still require you to physically check in before they release the mobile key. Often they even need to swipe your credit card again. Next issue is you have less than a 50% chance that the mobile key will even work and the times it does work your not sure since it is so slow. I called support on this once and they blamed my new iphone, which btw worked perfectly at Hilton. Checking out is almost as bad. I travel for work yet they cannot seem to ever email my receipt to me unless I visit the front desk when leaving and specifically requesting it. The app says receipts are available there but it takes weeks to show up. I need these for expense reports asap. When i use the Hilton process i have a receipt in my inbox before i get to my car. I get much of this is not the apps fault itself but how can Hilton do it so well and Marriot so bad. This is not rocket science. Marriot i like your points but your app workflow is awful.
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10 months ago, NightGuard2002
Would give 5 stars if…..
If only the mobile key worked. Experienced malfunction issues throughout my stay that sometimes even affected my regular room card. Got the mobile key to work a little at the end of the first day and a little on the second day after numerous resets of mobile key, card key, and mobile key with card key at front desk. Sometimes mobile key worked to enter room, but card key stopped. Sometimes mobile key wouldn’t open room, but would open other doors like pool or outside BBQ fire pit door, but card key would stop. When both the room key and card key worked properly, the mobile key would stop working the next day. My iOS and app are up to date. Friend forcing app to close and restart. Signed out and logged back in. Nothing fixed except the occasional reprogramming at front desk or reissuing of mobile key, but problem tends to repeat the next day. Sounds like app or their network needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, D&H Travels
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cheyenne Southwest/Downtown Area
We enjoyed an exceptional stay at the Inn providing us with a quiet sleep, black out curtains, providing a microwave, frig, Keurig coffee pot, ice machine on floor with ice bucket in room, comfortable bed and bedding, love the shampoo, conditioner and bath wash dispensers in shower, great shower head and hot water in a large shower, and all lighting works in the suite. Kiddos to the cleaning crew as the room looked and smelled like the Inn was newly built. Last, but not least, to Carly, the Inn’s Wonder woman. Not only was she a trainee working alone, she facilitated the entire breakfast singlehandedly doing a suburb job, while answering all incoming calls and taking reservations, ringing up sell items the Inn offers, waiting on customers at the counter, checking people in and out, and staying kind, pleasant and efficient during it all! Totally amazing asset to the Fairfield. We will definitely be staying there again on our return trip home. D&H Travels 😀 TEXAS BASED
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6 years ago, Tarheel1992
Marriott App
The Marriott app is a great tool that works fine. The reason I rated it a two is because for some reason my app doesn’t have all the features that others have. I’m specifically speaking about the “spend” amount needed to reach ambassador status. I had it on my app for about a week and then it disappeared. I updated my app and I have it loaded on a second phone so I doubt its an update issue. I looked at my coworker’s app and it is visible for him. Everyone wants to blame the merge but no one wants to fix it. How can your rating be 4.7 when the VAST majority of ratings over the past several months are one or two stars? I’ll wait..................Because your average is skewed in such a way to show Marriott in a better light. Not a true rating of you product. If you are an executive at Marriott tracking metrics then you need to make this a top priority. Stop accepting excuses from your team and correct all your problems.
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2 years ago, Mch from RVA
Adding guests names
I enjoy using the app to make reservations for me and my husband. We usually use his member number. It would be nice to be able to add my name as the additional guest to the reservation from the app. We often travel separately and I arrive first and cannot access the room because my name is not on the reservation. Even if I have a mobile key because the mobile key has never worked. Which is another issue. It always tells me I have to connect to Bluetooth which I am. My other hotel app allows us to enter my name as the additional guest. For our next trip my husband called the hotel to add my name, which was a twenty five minute ordeal waiting to speak to someone, they stated they added it. But there is no way to confirm. Hopefully I won’t have as problem checking in as I did in Baltimore. Thank you in advance if you could make this change.
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6 months ago, The Real Chef Tica
Vacationing made easy
I travel often and sometimes due to work or friends, I need a near by place to crash. Marriott is a brand I trust but this app simplifies my searches and offers reviews. I am huge on reviews and enjoy getting honest unfiltered feedback. Being a single female, traveling can be risky business. Marriott facilities are safe and I feel more secure staying in these properties than anywhere else. I won’t slam Hilton or other places, but the price point is not bad to know I’ll also be safe. Plus I can bring my dog with me and since I have an 84lb American Pit Bull Terrier, his presence is not always welcomed despite his well behaved demeanor. I don’t really like talking to people if I don’t have to and using this app helps me avoid that and offers convenience in making requests for my room upgrades and using digital room keys.
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5 months ago, Stepburns
App only good for tracking status
Marriott updated this app so that it is no longer possible to request a room upgrade using suite night awards. You must use the old fashioned way of going to their web site to request an upgrade. And once you do so, the app doesn’t even show the request is pending. The app also doesn’t show rate details for some reservations. Again, you must go to their website to see them. Not all hotels honor checking in via the app and requesting a mobile key, which is supposed to allow you to bypass the front desk and go straight to your room. When you check in using this feature, they still make you come to the front desk and show your credit card before they will activate your mobile key. Finally, hotels don’t honor your late checkout request in the app. You still need to call the front desk or use the chat feature in the app to make the request and confirm a late check out is available (I am a Titanium member). Basically, this app has become useless for anything except tracking your status.
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3 years ago, Carndog242
More information
For a fact the people that work for Marriott give more information than the application details of the app. It’s nice to have all bases covered, so when I can, I prefer to talk to the people in-depth. But sometimes I end up using the app. I am a very reserved to use only the app, because I am always unsure that what I am booking matches my travel needs. I live in Europe, sometimes when I book it is not always correct for the rules of the country/establishment. I travel with a family of four, and my golden retriever. A lot of the time, when I check-in at the Marriott using the app, friction happens. The App is not intuitive while projecting Marriott’s Mission because it does not capture the detailed needs of the end user. It turns into a waste of time on travel v, time for riot planning. To enhance the lives of our customers by creating and enabling unsurpassed vacation and leisure experience.
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4 months ago, AttorneyDebraBuschman
Not as Good as the Hilton App
I appreciate that you can check in and access your room (digital key) using the app. However, the booking process is severely lacking. You can’t add a guest name to your reservation so they can arrive ahead of you if traveling separately. And you can’t share your digital key (which doesn’t work as reliably as the Hilton version). Two features that are essential. I WANT to switch my top use to Marriott and have been trying but for these two reasons find myself going ahead and booking with Hilton when I’m not traveling alone. Also, if you book multiple rooms there’s no way to choose a different room type or bed conference for each room. So if you select king for the first room, you get king for all the rooms. The reason I like to use the app I do not want to have to go to the front desk or call. At all. I don’t with Hilton but I do with Marriott. Also, Hilton let’s you select your room at check in which is very nice.
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3 years ago, ndick
Spring Hill Suites San Antonio
We came home exhausted from our get-away(supposed to be)relaxing weekend. The room was clean and had a lovely design but was so poorly thought out…sofa too hard/uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time…Frosted windows for doors/separators(that wouldn’t move/separate) defeating the purpose of the extra space as any light spread, keeping anyone from staying up later or using a night light… toilet leaked to an empty tank, so had to be flushed twice every time…thermostat would not work/set for longer than several hours, dropping back to 82 degrees and therefore, had to be reset every few hours all night long. Consequently, duvets probably sweat filled, but the only cover…clock was not correct and had no mechanism to set…shower head not adjustable to direct dribble of water and only two lonely bath towels…whatever is used to clean made both of us too stuffy to breath by morning. The ONLY saving grace was the lovely little lady in charge of the breakfast room, and we don’t eat breakfast, just joined our group. Seriously doubt you will see any of us again.
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6 years ago, pDall
App is inconsistent and promotional programs are significantly behind
After reading about 20 reviews I would have to agree with the following issues; 1. I too don’t see how much money I have spent in 2018 to hit ambassador level. I have 154 nights so far but have NO CLUE how much money I am away from Ambassador. This feature was on my app but it quickly went away. 2. The chat feature is conceptually great but practically awful. I have confirmed with multiple hotels (especially the Marriott Irvine Spectrum) that all my requests have been fulfilled. Unfortunately none of them were in my room at check in. 3. Inconsistency of the mobile key function. I select the mobile key function during the mobile check in process but rarely get the mobile key once I check in at the hotel. Even at hotels that offer the mobile key (Marriott Irvine Spectrum), I don’t have the mobile key on my app. 4. Marriott has consistently reduced their promotions throughout the years. What were once industry leading promotions are now significant behind other properties.
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4 years ago, TeraPat
App Defaults to Pre-Pay NO REFUND
When booking a reservation there is no visual indication that there are different type of rates between standard and Pre-Pay which charges you up front for a lower rate. When booking, the default is pre-pay and it is not noticeable, it just looks like the normal way to book and I ended up prepaying when there was a possibility of cancellation. No warning, no color coding or alternate font to make it clear it is a pre-pay rate and no warning pop-up to inform you that your card will be charged. If it did I could have made the appropriate decision. It says it is non-refundable if cancelled after 24 hours, and I didn’t notice the mistake until the charge hit my card 2 days later. I had to get a case number and now waiting to see if I can cancel and get a refund or if Marriott will just take my money as if to say “Sorry sucker!”. It is so frustrating to be guided through what looks like the usual method of reserving a room like any other hotel only to find out it is not. This app needs to be redesigned from being bait and switch to being honest and informative.
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5 years ago, DM8397
Way behind compared to Hilton Honors App
This app is not as user friendly as it could be, and it has poor functionality. There are way too many arrows and clicks to have to go through in order to get basic reservation information. I’m a Platinum Elite member who is about to hit Titanium Elite. There is such a difference between the Marriott App and the Hilton App when it comes to ease of use and feature functions available. For one, the Hilton App allows me to pick out my specific hotel room on a hotel map when I check in. Why can’t Marriott add this as a feature??? It’s an amazing feature! In addition, I hate that you cannot add filters for pricing and ratings to filter down results. This is so basic, and yet Marriott doesn’t offer it. When I am traveling on business and I want to filter out hotel brands that are way out of my company budget range for a particular trip, there is no ability to do so. I am forced to scroll through results of hotels that are $400+ per night and out of my company budget range for particular trips.
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5 years ago, Laughy_taffy;)
Needs Improvement / Name Matters
App is a great step forward. I use it extensively; however, it often seems app communication and the check in procedure don’t match. Recently checked in with very friendly professional service but there was no connection (it seemed) between the reservation and front desk. They asked about my preferences which had been selected already. This is really not a problem especially when they are so friendly it just seems they need to marry up better. BONVOY in my opinion is not a classy, professional name presentation for such an outstanding organization. Value and elegance in varying levels, have always been your mantra from the Fairfield Inn to the Ritz-Carlton. I am older and perhaps this name and marketing plan is designed to target the younger more stylish generation. Apologies as I only wanted to share and perhaps this is not the right venue.
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2 years ago, Costco Paris
Sondra at the Westin Annapolis is SO PROFESSIONAL!!!
I booked several rooms for an upcoming stay and wanted to guarantee that at least two rooms were connecting. I tried to call the hotel directly which somehow got rerouted to Marriott Reservations and 30 minutes later with many prompts ( you can’t really look up your Bonvoy Number on one screen and type it in on another while sitting in an airport) still didn’t have a human. I hung up and started the process again trying to call the Westin Annapolis directly and got Sondra!!!! A REAL LIVE person with a wonderful demeanor who promised to do her best!!! That’s all I wanted - to just make sure the request was in the system!! I can’t wait to meet her in person!!! With a person like Sondra representing Marriott you can not go wrong!!!!!! What JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is the little things. Thank YOU
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5 years ago, rmj0572
BonVoy: Easy to use, extremely accurate
I reserve rooms or “getaways” almost every weekend and I’ve never had an issue with the desktop site or the cell phone app. The information is always accurate. The detail really provides everything you need to know about the hotel you select, the amenities & the service. The photos are extremely attractive & represent the exact description of the hotels. I have been using the app since it was SPG for several years now & I will continue because of the great point plan in place for members. I strongly suggest you sign up because after a certain number of stays, you get such great deals as free nights, early check-in & late check-out & you build points to move up to higher tiers of membership, which gives you even more perks. Best app & most frequent app I use. Definitely the best benefits!
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2 years ago, boobala11
A Constant Return !!!
The first time I came here was because it was a little closer to where my daughter lives than the hotel I previously returned to for over ten years. Thought to take a chance. What a great choice. I was thrilled by my in person welcome. This after having spent time on the phone booking with the sweetest voice and knowledge I came to know as Karina. In person she is even sweeter and certainly knows how to make a new arrival feel like they made the right choice. I am returning for my third visit this year. And I will say I look forward to the hot home cooked oatmeal for breakfast! I’m someone who needs a hot meal to start my day. And the Inn is run very well. And I also take advantage of the gym. If I need something it is taken care of in real time. My husband is coming with so we will enjoy our time together.
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6 years ago, Ryan Sleevi
Where great features go to die
With the SPG/Marriott merger unifying the apps, a number of the great features of the SPG app are gone. Traveling a country where you don’t speak the language and they don’t use the Latin alphabet? SPG App had your back with “Show Address in Local Language” right from the reservation. That functionality is gone now, as is almost hope of finding the address through the Marriott website (hint: maps apps help, so long as they aren’t blocked in the country you’re visiting). Want to take advantage of Your24? Not a problem, there’s an app for that! Or at least, there way, until the app unification - masked by policy changes that now require your Ambassador to request it. Want to make sure your SNA is being processed? Worry no more, because now you can’t see what reservations have pending SNAs. The App is a big step down from the functionality that used to be available, and as others have pointed out, most “functionality” there is requires contacting the hotel or Marriott directly. The one upside is you can view your reservations, so it’s got that going for it, I guess.
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7 months ago, Thebezzs
Lax Marriott
Recently stayed at the Lax Airport Marriott for a vaca/Business trip. This was such a great stay with a great staff and a beautiful atmosphere. Everyone from check in to check out were extremely welcoming, helpful and patient. Being our first time in California we had many questions. A huge shout out to our check in host Kevin, who was beyond amazing and took the time to jot down some must see spots while in town as well as food recommendations that we requested. Kevin was phenomenal and I hope Marriott appreciates how wonderful he is for there brand. Top Notch! The only downside was a left behind pair of board shorts that we are still hoping turn up because of course they were the favorite ones….We have contacted the hotel and they are on the lookout! Thanks Marriott for a great LA stay, on to San Diego.
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5 years ago, Schnitz44
Works great most of the time
Overall I love this app. When trying to book some hotel stays on points I occasionally get random information and error messages. Example - I tried to book a “stay 4 nights get the 5th night free” at the st Regis in Punta Mita on points in early January 2020. It’s a busy time of year and hard to find spots available for stays on points at this time - but that said, When I attempted to check availability - I would see that the stay was available, and I would then click on the stay to try to book, at which point in time I was told that it actually was unavailable! Stuff like this drives me nuts in apps. I know this is some complicated stuff between the hotel management locally and the Marriott system etc, but cmon - it’s a Marriott/SPG power house. These glitches should be a thing of the past. Overall tho I do love this a and it works well about 90% or more of the time for me.
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5 years ago, KLS2222
I miss the old SPG app...
My advice to the developers would be threefold. First is to make the overall design more intuitive. It is trying so hard to be sleek that it is hard to navigate to anything. Second, it does not sync up with my actual travel well at all. I travel for work and move from property to property. I checked out of one hotel this morning and into another this afternoon, and hours later it is still displaying me as being at the first hotel, so I can’t access any services for the property where I actually am. Finally, I miss the old SPG app/site ability to book multiple rooms but put each room under a different name/Bonvoy number. When booking travel for myself and my colleagues, my only option on the app is to book everyone under my name/account and then at check in we have to split the reservation up. SPG used to let me make a single reservation but have each room assigned to a unique guest name/SPG - would be lovely to have that feature back instead of jumping through hoops at check-in.
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3 years ago, Cami the Hammer
Love the new app
This new app is wonderful. It’s easy to book rooms and cancel if needed. Much improved and simple to navigate. Really love it. Only recommendations would be to add a chat function to the Marriott desk, currently you can connect to the hotel by chat which is great, but sometimes you need the Marriott help desk. Also needs a way to add additional names to the room for check in. Sometimes a daughter will arrive before me because we all live in different corners, and I have to contact the hotel each time. Adding an easy way to use any certificate you may have would be another feature to consider adding. Currently you have to call the Marriott desk for that too. Even with all the recommendations listed this is my go-to way to do everything Marriott as much as I can. I love an easy button! And I love Marriott. My go-to hotel whenever possible.
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1 year ago, BennnMcK
Great app! A couple of bugs since the merger
Please get the mobile key to work on the Apple Watch ultra!!! Overall, Marriott has done a phenomenal job! The only notes to know about, our the incompatibility/use with the Apple Watch five with regards to the model key - flat out does not work... I travel about 200 nights a year. Doesn’t work. Also over The mobile key works maybe four out of five times at any given Marriott. Most of the front desk people are very humble and honest about it - “ The mobile key either works or it doesn’t work, the digital locking systems have a mind of their own when it comes to using the mobile key”. Can’t wait when Marriott fixes this bug. Will take convenience of mobile check in to a new level!! Otherwise the app is perfect!!!
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7 months ago, TheDude1017
Unable to use app since latest updates
I am a long time Marriott Bonvoy member and try to stay exclusively at Marriott brand hotels for both business and personal travel. I have come to depend on the Bonvoy app. The app has become unreliable and unusable recently. When I try to utilize the app, I am receiving “Man in the Middle” warnings and the app doesn’t even open up. This even happens when I am on my own home network which is secure. It also happens when I am even using a VPN to secure my phone. Right now your app is useless and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get assistance. Hoping this review gets the job done. *** Supplemental Review I received this same, unhelpful, response to my prior review regarding the issue currently being experienced by many based upon similar recent reviews. “Hello, thank you for your review; we are sorry that you saw this error and we are working to resolve it. Please check any security software apps on your device for web proxy settings and disable these settings to avoid this issue. Thank you as always for using the Marriott Bonvoy app.” I am not an IT person, so telling me to “check any security software apps on your device for web proxy settings and disable these settings” is useless. Please tell me where to find find these web proxy settings and how to disable them. And, if they are part of my security software, is it wise to disable them if they are part of what is providing security on my phone?
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5 years ago, Not Billy Beane
Could handle password changes better
Marriott forced a password change. I used the website instead of the app to manage the change (which was its own headache, but that’s another review). When returning to the app, it could not recognize my account and password combination. Neither by account number or email. Worried I had misspelled my intended password on the website, I reset it on the website. I tried the app again using my account number, and it couldn’t manage the new password, again. I tried my email, and now I’m on an account lockout for 30 minutes. Why am I being punished because the app doesn’t recognize the password I was forced to change? Marriott could have managed this forced password change so much better than this, instead of springing it on a user when trying to use the app. Use two-factor means to authenticate it is actually me on my phone, and make me change the password on a computer the next time I use the website. This isn’t hard.
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4 months ago, RBW in NJ
Done with Marriott
Was recently on a business trip to Alabama and ate the cost of two bookings I did not use. I am forced to use a government booking system and had a preliminary trip booked for a Sunday arrival and it included Airline tickets. Travel plans were modified and I arrived Monday. My original travel orders were never approved and I was not charged by the airline because this is how out system works. Marriott charged me anyway for Sunday and would not remove the charge for a booking that was not officially made. On my return I was staying in Atlanta on Wednesday. On Monday I discovered that coworkers were staying at a different Marriott and I changed my reservation directly with Marriott. Was given a cancellation and told there would be no cancellation fee. Get my credit card and again I was charged for a night at a Hotel I did not stay at. Once again called Marriott and was told I was given wrong information. Been a member with them for decades and I am now done. To quote Eric Cartman, “screw you guys I’m out if here.” Hello Hilton.
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3 years ago, Writing31 GB
App will not respond
This app continues to not be fully tested. Finding a missing stay has two experiences depending on which page you request from; ironically both will not let you enter a stay date correctly. On native page, date dial selection resets to today’s date as soon as you stop “dialing,” and the responsive site won’t let you manually enter dates, and won’t take my selection in the calendar feature. So, that’s frustrating. So now I have to call. Last time I used this, the directions for using my free stay certs did not work, and I could not find a way to use the free stay certs unless I manually called. Highly suggest you solicit feedback on the pages in case something is not working right. There is not enough testing being done on this app, and user feedback would help you to make this a 5 star app in no time, and significantly decrease calls to help desk.
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2 years ago, asb2km
A good start
There are a few things I'd like to see for this app: 1.) A full-function MacOS Apple Silicon version, 2.) Filter options when searching the map, to refine by rating (with a precision of 0.1 stars), hotel type (e.g. extended stay), or hotel brand (e.g. Towneplace Suites), 3.) better flow in the booking/search process - particularly on the screen where "rooms/guests per room/dates of stay" are selected. The option to have the app remember my selections on that screen, even if only for ~24 hours, or just the app-use session, would be helpful, 4.) if I click on a hotel on the map, then click "select this hotel", I'd prefer if the app would still allow me to navigate "back" to my original search results (my position on the map). Often when I click "select this hotel", it's just to see the available room tyles and rates. And, finally, 5.) I would appreciate the option (explicit opt-in only, for security), to allow my Apple (or other) watch to unlock my room, independently of my phone - assuming it's connected to the internet by itself. This would be useful for going swimming, when I'd prefer to just wear my watch, leaving my phone in my room. The app is otherwise quite good. Major props to the developers for allowing "select from the map", without specifying any location first. Nice.
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