Marshalls Official

3.4 (561)
124.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
The TJX Companies, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Marshalls Official

3.4 out of 5
561 Ratings
5 years ago, Jack_ie
Not what I expected
I love all Marshall’s stores but shopping the app is just like shopping the store. Cluttered. I like to zero in on certain brands I know and wear often, although you can’t search the app that way. Some brands can be searched and will be listed under the item while scrolling. Some other brands you can’t search and won’t be shown under the item, you must click the item to get the brand information. Really a let down. That’s just the way I like to shop online.
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1 year ago, beifmdjfk
To many flaws
The biggest most consistent problem with this app is the login. ( It is the same for homegoods TJX, Marshall's across the board etc )and I have had continual problems not being able to get in the Marshall's app. I've tried calling , singing up again, signing in, changing passwords /forgot passwords and there is always a problem. The system is slow and they say if you try and login to many times it may take days to recover! It's 2023 if we can give people fake limbs, surely we could figure out a website. Anywho, besides not even getting into the website (I did finally get in once and ordered a pair of shoes.) They arrived same shoes- totally diff color. No big deal called to let them know the pic is not correct they are not selling the lighter color boot and they didn't seem to care or give me any kind of stellar customer service. I also had a pair of kids shoes - got an email saying they didn't have them so they were refunding me. And minutes later they arrived on my doorstep. So great if you like surprises... I think? Oh and if you did make it through the login and annoying " reveal designer" tabs- you will click the checkout only to be further dissatisfied with the forever loading symbol and never getting the chance to actually checkout. They just need to get rid of this app it really is the worst.
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3 years ago, Kempton runner
Does not link to TJX card rewards - get paper certificates!
The app, along with your TJX card website, used to link to your rewards, with a bar coded e copy of your reward certificate. You could use your device to redeem at the register. I have not been able to redeem my electronic rewards for a year or more. The app says they are linked, and shows “$0” in rewards. Customer service informed me that this app is not fully functional. More frustating is that the TJX credit card site (same as the “TJX rewards site”) show all your rewards but no bar codes, so they are unable to honor them in their stores. I was told by customer service that the app is not fully functional with the rewards. They advised me in their stores to request a change to all paper certificates. You can do this and still get paperless billing - you just need to be persistent with their customer support line. I don’t believe you can redeem rewards from Sierra online, although you can earn them more.
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4 years ago, TaraNay
So annoying
Why in the world would you be able to “browse” online but not be able to actually buy anything? Especially with stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx where inventory is constantly changing. —-despite the message from the CEO on the websites and app, you can’t even actually browse. Get it together. If all the stores are closed and you’re not doing online orders it shouldn’t be too difficult to at least have the correct info on your page. Now this is just ridiculous.... limiting online orders is probably the most ridiculous excuse for this covid that I’ve seen. You must have the most ignorant CEO ever if they seriously think that will somehow prevent anyone from spreading the virus. Nearly every other company has opened back up.... its absolutely stupid that you can’t shop online or in store still at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. Once I use the stupid gift certificate I have I will never shop at another one of your stores. The simple fact that you can’t even update your website shows how absolutely incompetent your company is.
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2 years ago, JAHWho
Don’t waste your time - horrible app
I always lol for the positive when writing a review. I try to find some good point to contrast what is lack luster. The app is very frustrating to use. Here is my run down. Firstly, the app acknowledged there is a store near me when I clicked locations services. When I went back to the Home Screen, it would only show a store ten miles away SA’s my closest store. Secondly, the app is programmed to not display to the shopper searching the brand of clothing being looked at (annoying right?). Instead it has an annoying practice of having the user click the “reveal designer” tab. It’s a cheesy and pointless attribute. I don’t have time to have some kind unveiling for a product taking more of my time that already do not have. I want to know what is and who makes - all else is a waste of my time and I am more likely to buy something from another store than straight forward and easy to-use than this crap of causing me an extra step. Third, many of the freaking link don’t work. Most ironic is the “feedback” icon - it doesn’t work, it’s a dead link. It speaks volumes to the lack of effort put into the Marshalls App. The IT department or vender hired to create their app has a lot of work ahead of them. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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11 months ago, FixMeNow!!!!!
Problem with this app
I got a problem with the app it appears that I can’t access it period. By that I mean is that I can’t login to my account and I have reset my password and still no avail on it period. So I suggest that you don’t use this app or the TJMaxx app either because they are supposed to be linked with one another and I tried both of them and got nowhere! Don’t know what is going on with them but I took them both off my phone and will be calling customer service to find out what’s going on with the app. Until they figure it out I will not be using them period.
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1 year ago, luvjxn
Worst app
This has to be the absolute worst app available for shopping. Not only is it unresponsive during shopping the checkout is a nightmare. Every time it prompts for login the password is wrong and the reset password is even worse. This latest shopping experience sent me 27 emails YES I said 27 emails to reset password all while the app is unresponsive. Once this order arrives I’m done not only am I deleting this app I’m cancelling my store card as well. Unbelievably ridiculous for this large of a company to ignore not only the app but also their website which is no better.
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3 years ago, susanrm
The only thing I have used these apps for is easy access to my digital rewards certificates. The certificates have stopped syncing to both apps maybe as much as a year ago. I can still access them on the website, but they won’t download to the app, and there is no way to manually add them anymore. They say if you have trouble to call customer service, but their hours are the same as my working hours, so there is no way to do that either, or to email or chat to the company. Save your time and effort and just go on the browser.
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5 years ago, SciSpdr
Good app except for virtual card
The overall app design is well thought out. However, when using a virtual TJX MasterCard to pay in store using the app, you are required to type in your card number and expiration. It is time consuming and confusing for sales staff and customers. Roll out a barcode like Target and other retailers to simplify payments.
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1 year ago, gumdropnina
Do not use this App
I love these stores but I’ve lost hundreds of dollars through using this app. Gift cards will be rejected but there is no clear alert. So, I’ve gotten rid of cards not realizing they didn’t go through. Customer service won’t help honor them. Additionally when you try to go through the app to contact customer service via email it will not let you “submit” with no alert that your feedback did not go through. I love these stores but I feel angry and resentful that I feel scammed by the app.
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5 years ago, amberrrstarr
Doesn’t link your orders to your account???
I made my first purchase from the Marshalls app last week. This morning I went in to check the status of my order (and hopefully track my package )only to realize that there’s no where on the app to view your orders or track them. I love Marshalls and the fact that they offer online AND app shopping is wonderful but not being able to view your order history makes the app a waste of storage space on my phone.
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1 year ago, Melly8989
App doesn’t work correctly , double billed
No more ordering through the Marshalls , T.J.Maxx , home goods , or Sierra apps . It’s constantly something going wrong from being charged for 5 times for the same item when I only purchased it 1x..then it can’t be corrected as the transaction Hass to fall off on their end or your bank account and which takes 21 to 30 days. Why should my money be tied up all that time . It’s not my mistake it’s theirs. Never again!
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5 years ago, jungemgal
So Happy!
My favorite store has its app. I was recently trying to find this app and was disappointed I couldn’t find one so while paying my bill using the T.J.Maxx app I noticed a link to other tjx store apps. Now I can shop all my favorite stores right from my phone. Thankyou!
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4 years ago, L.e.Parker
Really annoying!!!!!
I love to go to marshal because u can find good things there. But this app is glitchy; it is really hard to move around on the app when it take a minute to process a button you pressed. It is also really hard to find clothes you are looking for. If I search up kids clothes it will come up women’s and men’s. Same with other things you search. I don’t recommend!
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4 years ago, Good couponer
How about a way to earn rewards without the TJX rewards credit card like link other credit cards or debit cards visa MasterCard Amex discover or pay with cash to to earn rewards for shopping tj max, Marshall’s, Homegoods, Sierra trading post and home sense. Thank you
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5 months ago, Count L.
There was an attempt…
One of the roughest looking apps I’ve seen in awhile… definitely doesn’t make the company look good. Search is clunky and selecting filters blocks off lower half of menu. Viewing area is dominated by unhelpful text and can only scroll past one small picture of an item at a time. Not enough filtering options, no brand or material options. Just like no quality testing…
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4 years ago, gelly217
Needs Change
This app wasn’t what I expected. I was kinda looking forward to see the items that were in store for I can place a ship order, but it only showed a few options. Hopefully there might be a change of the app where guest can place a ship order for cloths that are sold in store.
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3 years ago, PrintisTriggs
Bad company
Ordered 3 pairs of jeans two weeks ago and never received them. $78 down the drain. The website don’t remember what you’ve ordered but can remember your wishlist. I ordered a pair of shoes and they didn’t have them so they canceled my shoe order and wouldn’t allow me to cancel my full order and I still haven’t received it. I say $78 down the drain because I misplaced my receipt because it’s been two WEEKS. 14 days.
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4 years ago, Meg080012345
A Very Poorly Designed App
The Marshall app is a true disaster. The search function don’t work when you want to search brands. You can’t access your order history or check your order status. You have to scroll all the way down the search pages again every time after you click on a product. It’s surprising how a company as big as this could put out an app this bad.
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2 years ago, Kimba1984
Rewards feature broken
This app used to be so convenient because you could access your rewards certificates from the app instead of carrying around a paper certificate in your wallet. This no longer works, so the app is useless to me. Apparently it hasn’t worked for some time based on the reviews. Why would you not fix this?
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5 years ago, galleria photo studio
1/2 Star Scam
Unfortunately app and services are just a scam. Have you try to claim reward? Impossible have to sign in and it never works. Went to store South El Monte) for info they didn’t know... Never receive a reward via mail or email. Just a scam... Use other cards with better rewards and more honest about their business practices.... PS Developer don’t reply... There is nothing you can do to fix the are part of....
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2 years ago, BlondyBoo101
Needs an update
This app is incredibly unorganized. You can’t filter by brand, clothing type, shoe type, cat/dog, etc. I’d love to shop from Marshals online but honestly it’s not even worth it. Definitely needs more filter options in order to actually find what you’re looking for.
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3 years ago, glairnfnd
Lack of development
Unable to price check the item, no able to search for an specific items, it will always give you something similar but not want you looking for
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1 year ago, TexanGigi
Too small
The app window on my iPad is the size of my phone when it opens. I may as well shop on my phone. At least the T.J.Maxx app has enlargement arrows on the bottom right to make the window as large as your screen. The Marshalls app window is ridiculously small.
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3 years ago, Gubbls
Keeps shutting down
When I try to tap on items to look at it, the app keeps closing and shutting down. It can open but when I look at products and clothes and other stuff it closes. I would suggest looking into this. Overall it is a good app except for that bug.
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8 months ago, SarahVictoria91
I can’t get my rewards
This app worked. Then it didn’t. It will not let me sync my rewards for the life of it. I go to sign in and nothing happens. Fix ittttt
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3 years ago, bidfern
At one time you could buy an item and return or exchange it at either Marshall’s or T.J.Maxx. Not anymore, you buy it at Marshall’s you return it to Marshall’s, same with T.J.Maxx. What the reason I don’t know because the sales clerk didn’t know. How stupid is this when they are owned by the same company and sell the same items. Disappointed.
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2 years ago, jan9289
Worst app
I love Marshall’s and all their sister brands but the app is horrible! It doesn’t let me stay signed in for more than 5 minutes and when I sign back in my shopping cart and favorites is empty and tells me to sign in again. Please fix these bugs in the app to make it more pleasant to shop online
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3 years ago, Nid9
Terrible app
If I could give it a zero stars, I would. It gives an error every single time I use it. I uninstalled it several times and it still doesn’t work. I called technical support, didn’t fix the problem. They told me to login through the website. I give up!
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5 years ago, emsright
App needs to be fixed.
I’m not making purchases because it’s too frustrating. There’s a things I’d like to buy but they just disappear from my cart - even tho I’m signed up with email and everything. I’ve added so many things to my cart and they’re gone 10 minutes later.
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11 months ago, KDLao
I was never able to Link my Card
As lots of people reviews I’m not able to Link my Card and get the rewards on the App. I always get an old phone number when the App ask for send the one-time passcode. Phone and chat customer service is useless and always say to call Synchrony Bank, but I updated my phone number with the bank more than 1 year ago and I always get their codes. So, when you will fix that or change the way to link the card???
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4 years ago, star3352
Won’t work
So I downloaded the app and every time I open it, it just glitches and brings me back to my home screen. I really want to browse on it, but it always glitches. There’s no problem with my phone because all my other apps work just fine. Please fix this!!!
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5 years ago, Basicagis
So happy Marshall has a app
I love this store , and can’t get to It everyday, now with the app I can shop sitting at home.
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6 months ago, blue nyc
Would not accept password, could not use to buy things
Spent about 30 minutes on this stupid app. Tried resetting my password, etc., still does not allow me to make a purchase. Urge.
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5 years ago, mccaslin15
Great interface, easy to browse
Love the new app, easy to discover things!
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1 year ago, Naomi 🦋
Search Bar
Please fix your search bar! I type in the most simplest thing and it gives me something random. Like I searched up “Airpod Case” is showed me some purses, then I tried “Earbud Case” that didn’t work either. 😭
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1 year ago, kl0ey_oof is my username
Don’t waste your time on this stupid app
Love Marshall’s, just hate the app. Everything is so like cluttered in the pictures and they don’t give you that many options. Don’t waste your time and download this app.
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4 years ago, pratikpbhatia
Worst app ever
Seems like this app developers and support team is most laziest people. Even if they can’t use their brain; at least check any shopping app and create basic basic features. I won’t recommend this. Better to visit store but those as messy too.
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3 years ago, dudrnoah
This app is so painful. I start out trying to shop men’s the page is blank. I close out open it’s working now I look at an item go back blank again. Over and over again.
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5 years ago, so fungame
I am still waiting for my purchase it’s been 4 days and not a word or text it’s still sitting on my cc waiting for a delivery date .I guess they have to work out the bugs yet ! I’ll hang in there a couple of more days and review it again..
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4 years ago, Jfidejjdjdjfifieow
Love Marshals but this app is terrible
It’s so poorly made that I have to scroll to “pay” my payment and I can’t because my finger is scrolling so I literally can’t pay my credit card bill which is the only reason I got the app. Gotta be fixed
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5 years ago, jiselle thronburgs
The workers there are very noisy about what your buying and are rude and racist to me and my kids I had a horrible experience I felt insulted and made my kids feel bad about there skin tone also they made us paid extra because are skin color
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2 years ago, florida mann
Can’t use your rewards anymore
Can’t view or redeem your TJX card rewards, which is the main point of the app. Been broken for a year, doubt they’ll ever fix it.
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3 years ago, Raegers
Immediately crashes
The app shows the loading screen for about 10-20 seconds and then crashes.
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3 months ago, UnsatCust24
Back arrow disappears
When browsing, the back arrow disappears frequently and you have to start over. Very frustrating. When will this be fixed?
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2 years ago, norah cordova
App does not work
To many bugs, trying to access is a very big hassle. Shopping is faster through the website. App is terrible 👎
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1 year ago, AbiPat
Not able to login. They won’t fix it.
I cannot login to the app any more. It just keeps spinning. I can login to the website though. Customer tech support is of no help.
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2 years ago, Mcchnky
Not expected
I tried to use it to look if they have it in stock and it doesn’t even show me with Marshall’s I want to use and it just shows me random items
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5 years ago, nagyo1
Pop up adds
Your app is super annoying! The pop up adds erase your shopping cart and resets the screen to the home page. After the 4th time in a 10 min period I gave up and went to a competitors app to shop.
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2 years ago, Sarah Ell
Bad Update
I just updated the app and when I try to log in it shows me the loading wheel and doesn’t do anything else. Please fix this asap
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