MARTA On the Go

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for MARTA On the Go

1.9 out of 5
421 Ratings
5 years ago, Yale16
I gave 2 stars because they do have the buses and all the on the app but, This app needs a lot of work. I use Marta everyday and you would think I use the Marta app, however that’s not the case. I use Apple Maps, which is more accurate than this app and that’s honestly sad. Another thing is that it would be neat if you updated the app and made a feature to check to see how many rides you have left and be able to add money to your Marta card just from your phone.
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2 years ago, monelxc330
Just as useless and incompetent as the fools who run it.
It’s just amazing that as technology evolves, MARTA demonstrates time and time again that the money they are making, is not at all going to the betterment of their transportation. The apps do NOT work for anything, their call center employees are clueless, and they are constantly renovating new looks for their stations while the service continues to be lackluster and mediocre. Black Hollywood is what this god forsaken city is supposed to be called, it should just be called the US slum district. With it’s sham of a transportation service unable to even get people to their destinations in a timely manner. It’s like, I’m better off giving Lyft of Uber $300+ weekly so that I can even get to work ON TIME. They have no drivers because the company is cheap and refuses to pay their employees a livable wage, therefor justifying their mediocre performances followed by corporates lackluster customer service. It’s like, why even have a service at all if it’s so bad. Just make people walk, at least I’d know I’d get there on time rather than having to gamble and hope that MARTA’s drivers decided to come in to work today. Pitiful. Now I’m forced to have to deal with their worthless call center employees every day now to see if their lackluster service is even MOVING.
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6 years ago, Paul Dfeet
Atlanta is making money hand over foot. And the public transportation is horrible. The applications lag time is around 15 minutes or more, and the busses and trains run around that late at the same time. Therefore, if you use the app, you get to the station after the train/bus has left and you have to wait for the next one, which is sub sequentially late usually as well. So using the app on a regular basis to get me to and from work ends up making me wait statistically longer for Marta than randomly guessing on rides. On top of that the drivers are generally pretty rude and will pass by the bus stop and give you the bird before stopping. Call in a complaint, and they give you an attitude about it as well. Atlanta is growing exponentially and the public transportation cannot handle it by any means. As I write this, the. Is should be showing up, instead it reset and the bus was past the stop by 4 or 5 miles. Way to go technology
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7 years ago, DougDDS3
Upsetting would be an understatement
This app constantly crashes when i need to look at the real-time map for my bus and for the bus stop times next to my house. The next train arrival function is terrible when planning out how long the wait it is because they only show the train going in the one direction you're not headed. I'm highly disappointed with my experience since some routes have changed all together, the paper pamphlets are not up to date, and the app is about as useful as guessing what the times are with out any help from Google trip planner. In the End this app, the services, and over all handling for these problems have made me hate public transportation even more, with it getting a little bit less reliable everyday. I pray for the day I get car, i'd rather deal with an outlandish car note than deal with Marta anymore.
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4 years ago, TiredofFakeApps
This app just like everything MARTA is such a inconvenience to the customers! It crashes, its not user friendly at all nor does it update after adding to the Breeze card! I loaded on Friday morning and still don’t see it on this app! How naive of me , MARTA doesn’t really care about its riders/customers or potential customers, I can tell by the stations and this app confirms it! You have children, elderly and people who have never ridden Marta or how about the ones who are visiting and don’t know the area- but what do I know. A lot of improvements are needed on this app , in the stations and the personnel morale ! Guess it’s true ... with MARTA it’s all about the 💰
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6 years ago, Afrohippie91
Pathetic app for a pathetic company
Marta is pathetic, so why would I expect their app to be any different? Marta trains come whenever and are hardly ever on scheduled time because the trains are extremely old and not well maintained. It would be nice to have an app that was able to keep up with the frequent delays on the train. But nope it doesn't. As usual Marta inconveniences everyone and they aren't going to improve their system. So basically they're saying screw us as customers and they will continue to take our money while spitting in our face. But unfortunately Marta is the only option for some people. Fortunately I have a car but it's a lot cheaper to travel downtown daily with Marta.
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2 months ago, Scarey movie lover
I used to like it
Why has the app changed to where they list the streets instead of the abbreviations that you could click on to see the FULL name of the street but now the streets are listed over the main routes but are partly covered by the route? And the "real time" bus feature seems to be gone. There's a "nearby" map but buses aren't up and running yet at 2:55 am for me to see them so I don't know if it replaces the radar map. I really wish you'd put everything back like it was. Thanks
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6 months ago, Brobert4
Simply Unacceptable
It’s shocking that a city the size of Atlanta has a public transit app that looks like it belongs on the IPhone 2. Teenagers make better Apps nowadays. Here’s a tip: simply invest a few dollars in an upgraded app and you will increase users and riders. That’s how businesses work. I don’t see how corporate employees go on knowing that their app looks like it belongs on a Gameboy. I do appreciate the realtime status when it works. But its 2024 as a Marta user you are literally making it harder for your riders. I don’t know how to make this any clearer. You are adults running a company. Act like it
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6 years ago, JAC_31
Excellent tool
The app provides accurate times for the bus and rail schedules, which allows me to plan my trip(s). The real time tracking of buses within a specified route is extremely helpful. Traffic in the city can be a headache at times, but knowing your bus is on its way from the palm of your hand can be reassuring. Excellent tool; and I’d recommend using it to keep Atlanta moving!
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6 years ago, Marta_sucks
Bugs in App
The sever seems to stop working very often. Some buses WiFi still doesn’t even work and doesn’t allow you to actually connect. I still can’t seem to understand why certain train stations on the app doesn’t show the other train showing time. For example, when I get off work I see that the Airport Southbound time is shown on the app but not the Northbound and this is vice versa for the Eastbound and Westbound train stations as well.
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2 months ago, novianknight
You guys are a joke
This app looks like it was made by a bunch of high schoolers lol (wouldn’t be surprised if this is true seeing you guys never spend money on MARTA itself apparently) The Marta bus/rail schedule is a joke like it’s the most unreliable transportation system I’ve ever seen 😂😭 i don’t understand why you guys can’t pay your employees more and hire more so people who depend on Marta aren’t having to wait 30+ for a bus to appear (and that’s even a gamble since 2021 and the covid excuse doesn’t work anymore you guys just don’t care)
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6 months ago, T A M E S H A
Recent update
I honestly had no issues with the app until after the most recent update. I can’t see real time train times now /: Update: Yay thank you for fixing train times! With that I have no issues with the app and find it very useful for my commute :)
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2 years ago, SAV_NC
It’s hard to use and has some worthwhile features
It has good info on train arrival and departure times. The times fluctuate lightly due to real world variances. They slow down and speed up to keep good on the scheduled times. It needs to update its old looking interface. It also needs to add the trains to the live map so you can see where they are. It’s not useless. It’s just not great at this time.
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6 years ago, andrewthad
Harmful to the User
This app’s main feature is a real time tracker for the position of the buses. It’s supposed to be able to let you know how far a bus is from where you are, but it doesn’t work. On multiple occasions, I have missed a bus because I assumed that the app was accurate when it told me that the bus was 15 minutes away. I go grab something to eat or walk down to the next bus stop to get some exercise, and then the bus comes and misses me. I have found that I am much better off just using the estimated bus arrival times on Google Maps.
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7 years ago, BaselyMinor
Constant crash
To navigate to a location the app suggests you use google maps. Really?! The app constantly crashes when opening real time data. Also the updates for single tracking have you exit the app rather than using the framework for a simple browser to open within the app.
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6 years ago, That guy :)....
Great app for Marta
Not sure what everyone is complaining about. Use this all the time and helps me a lot when I’m trying to figure out if I missed the bus with the real time function. Once I was strained in the city in the rain storm and had no idea what buses were around me. Use the app and got on my way in no time. Thanks MARTA
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11 months ago, j lute
Where are the buses
I’ll be on. The app looking for a bus and not see one but hey it’s just pass down the street. It’s been times I look at the app and it’s say it’s no buses in route and I’m like that can’t be true. The app is inaccurate a lot of time it was just a bus at the station I’m walking down the street and there no more bus and a bus from the other direction pops up I’m so confused
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5 years ago, Kaw204
In desperate need of a BIG update
I’ve been using this app for FOUR YEARS and it hasn't gotten a UI update and it’s still terrible. You would think the city of atlanta would care enough about its citizens to make sure they are able to use it’s public transportation as efficiently as possible. In short this app runs terribly and the interface is awful. It does not run smoothly at all, the timings are off, it doesn't update arrival times (buses and trains) sufficiently, and it looks all bad. Please, it needs work, a lot of it.
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5 years ago, toastedcode
Used to be great, now it’s just pathetic
When this app was first launched it seemed to provide more reliable train arrival times than the station signs, and was a great way to quickly check when the next train was arriving before leaving work, etc. Then arrival times seemed to begin to be less accurate or missing, and now train information usually won’t load due to a server error. It’s been unusable for several months. If this were a decent app it would make riding Marta much more enjoyable.
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6 years ago, peripheraATL
Terrible app that I depend on : /
This app just gets worse and worse with every update. MARTA is already horrible to ride, but using this app seriously makes it worse. None of the “real-time” maps for the buses so it is impossible to know how far away a bus is, or even more annoying not knowing where a bus is when MARTA decides change the routes which they just did. On top of that it constantly says “ no response from server” making the app even more unusable...please fix it!!!
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5 years ago, iMarsh
Super Bowl Blunder
Latest update breaks normal functionality of checking next train arrivals. Instead of loading the next screen, users are just directed out of the app and into a browser and onto a page that doesn’t contain helpful information. This is not a good user experience - give the users an option to leave the app with alerts if needed, but don’t change core functionality of the app for a worse experience. Please fix this ASAP.
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3 months ago, Pondragon76
thanks for great transportation I hope it is even better thanks for everything.
Hello, nice start to the week, could you please update this app, sometimes the time does not go well or it gets stuck in areas that do not have the estimated time of the transport bus. Thank you for your attention and collaboration, Estcion Marta.
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2 years ago, YallDidCaydeDirty
The app is useless.
The application crashes when you select stops on their map to figure out route information. The bus times and schedules were better off being put in an excel workbook and pasted as a pdf. With the amount they charge for rides, Georgia is better off letting a private entity replace them. A startup could do 10x better with the infrastructure given to this organization.
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4 years ago, tonyayy09
Very dated app, don't bother downloading
Coming from Boston I had such high expectations for Marta and boy oh boy have I never been disappointed!! This app is stuck in the middle ages and doesn't offer what's important to the riders ie real time bus tracking, schedule updates and not some old fashioned table of times! You're better off using Google maps than this comedy of an app. Seems Marta people may have as well forgotten this exists. Don't bother downloading
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6 years ago, ShaiBloo
Inaccurate sometimes as far as buses goes
I don't ever ever ever do reviews but this is really irritating and frustrating. The Bus Map thing is a total mess. Shouldn't have it on here if it isn't accurate. Bus schedule are awful and inaccurate (or the drivers don't know their route times, I don't know). Everyday I'm waiting more than the time expected for a bus that was suppose to come 20 minutes ago. Come on Marta. You can do better.
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3 years ago, A.S-77
It works when you manually reinstall for updates
So it’s a good app, except the updates don’t seem to come thru correctly. I wind up deleting and reinstalling the app for updates, and then I’m happy with it.
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7 years ago, Mista Bb8
Next to USELESS.
If you’re looking for safe, reliable train service that’s delivered consistently, move to the Bay Area or Washington D.C. The “Rapid Transit” part of MARTA is a stretch and when service issues arise, which is daily, the MARTA app rarely provides updated or real-time alerts. Their advice—listen to the station intercom announcements, even tho 90% of commuters wear earbuds or headphones. And let’s not even get started on the station or train way-finding and information screens...
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3 years ago, Thvjjyscjbgxgjj
Terrible app
The bus real time map is never correct. Most of the time it doesn’t even show where the bus is located. Sometimes it show the bus is far away while the bus is pulling up on you. Figure they would have gotten this together by now. I can get a accurate location to see how far away my food is located with food delivery apps but not get to work on time with MARTA app.
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6 years ago, JCBradford123345
Wishing it was better
This App works maybe 50% of the time. Some stations don’t even show any times at all. The current issue is the section that is supposed to show any delays or alerts is blank and causes the app to crash. It’s almost not even worth it to have the app anymore.
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6 years ago, Lodagh0st
Yo this app is honestly trash.. I depend on MARTA to get to and from work since my car broke down and when i need to see where a bus is on the radar it just doesn't work. The radar doesn't show either bus on the map so i have to just hope that the bus im waiting for isn't extremely late like they tend to be at times. It's been screwed up for a while now. It shouldn't take this long for a fix.
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6 years ago, candlerpark
Only use limited features
If you need to look at the rail map or a bus schedule, this app is fine. What does not work is the “Near me” feature or the real time bus tracking. The “Near me” screen still shows a route with stops near my house and the route hasn’t come down the street for over a year or more.
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6 years ago, Bridgig
Real Time Map
The real time location, would be the most useful feature for me, by far. Unfortunately, the buses jump around so much that if you’re counting on the app for any kind of planning you have as much of a chance of missing the bus as you do without the app.
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6 years ago, MARTA supporter
Could be better
Outdated design and clunky interface. Favourites should not be in the More section, favourites should be on the home page. Design could be a lot sleeker. Suggestions: The stop names on the Nearby map should show direction of service. Real-time map should show a time stamp of when the location was sent so that users can guess how far away the bus is or if they’ve missed it. Home screen with favourites or even better, favourite destinations if you’re fortunate to have multiple bus routes to choose from.
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6 years ago, Kudzued
Why did you move favorites from the main screeen?
So the street car pushed the favorites to a “more” screen. The whole point of favorites is because it’s what you want to look at every single day. If I wanted street car in my main screen, I could favorite it. Put favorites back on the first screen.
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5 years ago, eBay lunatic
This is ridiculous!
Why can’t you get this app right? The real-time map still works sporadically. It still crashes when I try to use the favorites options so I’m forced to scroll through the buses each time to find my route instead of one touch access in my favorites. Now the new update has all the route 87 times skewed. I re-booted my phone. Nope. deleted the app and re-loaded it. Still nope. The schedules are incorrect on my iPhone 7 work phone and on the iPhone X version. It says the bus departs Northsprings at 3:11 arriving at Trowbridge at 3:35 then at Hammond at 3:10, arriving at the Dunwoody Station at 3:20. 🤨 SO unreliable for at least the last five years.
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5 years ago, rlrch04
Need more features
Checking balance on card is useless as you can see what your typing and it doesn’t take your entry well. Marta needs to add a feature to house your cards in the app and use NFC for just tapping your phone to use. Also to track your balance automatically per use.
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5 years ago, Benjimus Maximus
Helpful app with an annoying bug
Everytime I add the favorites tab to the bottom bar, the setting gets forgotten and when I open the app again it's not on the bottom bar anymore. Annoying behavior for an otherwise useful app.
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6 years ago, Life.of.Peace
Unreliable Crashing app
The app crashes when I need to see the bus routes in Real-time. This is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed and fixed. The real-time app only works in the morning when I’m actually sitting on the bus. This does not help me when the bus is late, and I’m concerned it may not show up. Surprisingly, the real-time app works when I’m heading home from work at 3:50pm. iPhone X.
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2 years ago, derkaderkasherpa
Trust no arrival time
I’ve lived in many cities, this is by far the worst for accurate times. I lived in a 3rd world country that’s app was 100%more accurate. Prices are expensive so I expect a working app but this is Atlanta so not gonna happen. Train times are never right and I miss buses continually even when I plan for the incompetence of the entire city of Atlanta.
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5 years ago, Too tired to wait
Mostly useless
The only thing I like about this app is I can easily access the train schedule. The tracking system is totally useless. You would think in this world of smart everything we could more accurately track a train and when it will arrive at any station.
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7 years ago, eKimchi
Needs an Update
The app overall feels very outdated. It does provide most of the time accurate times of trains, not sure about buses. In all, the app is just meh to me. I find that the boards that show when the train will arrive are much better than the app. I now almost never pull the app out.
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2 months ago, D. Seth B.
App stop showing ETA for all trains
The app for a long time doesn’t give ETA for trains on the weekends, but now it’s not doing it at all. Tracking the bus is as consistent as it’s ever been (usually spottier on weekends and occasionally completely wrong) and works most of the time. Could use a better alert system for when buses or train are not arriving.
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3 years ago, SparklyStars22
App doesn’t show my train.
Is it just me? Without fail - I just tested this again - the app shows a list of the trains going in the opposite direction while showing absolutely no information on my train. I’ve noticed this in the morning when returning from work, and in the evening going to work. Makes no sense….
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6 years ago, BossyTaeNasia
Inaccurate Information
My wither the stops times aren’t correct or the real time doesn’t even show up. Now I can’t even tell the time of my stop. I really wish the maps included ALL the stops. Basically to catch a bus you gotta walk outside and hope you didn’t miss it or you could be standing for an hour. The app is not reliable
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6 years ago, JasonTM1
How can it be so bad?
No iPhone X support.. a year after release. Today’s bug fix update messes up fonts in your favorites, overly large compared to rest of app. Reorganizing tabs at the bottom is not persistent across app launches, this has been a bug forever. Marta, you need to hire an outside developer or fire the one you use now. You continue to embarrass yourselves and frustrate customers.
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3 years ago, atl-marta- users
Terrible app and the schedule is never correct
I am very disappointed in this app. The time schedule information this app offers was very misleading and the train never arrived as the schedule shows. Users should be mindful about using this app and google may provide a better information.
Show more
3 weeks ago, Bdougy15
Just keeps getting worse
I’m going to be stuck at a station for 30 minutes because there was supposed to be a train in 10. Then it just got deleted I guess. MARTA stations are a bad place to be for 30 minutes at night. The update has been horrendous and wildly inaccurate.
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1 month ago, celestialIl
Buses often disappear from the “ real time map “ which is really the only part of the app that anyone should be using those schedules are pointless, you can’t expect for traffic to be perfect everyday. Their for put more work into the real time map it so faulty buses disappear from the map IRT!!!
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6 years ago, informatrex
This wayyyy worst than worthless...DO NOT USE
Arrived at the airport, someone asks me is this the red train, I’m like the app says it is the gold train since the app signals the train as gold! The person didn’t get on...after departure, red train is announced. Just simply getting the right train couldn’t even do that...pls do not under no circumstances. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
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5 years ago, TCD312
“Alerts” is apparently just a concept
Alerts are not updated in an efficient or consistent way. Even if they announce an issue on the PA (which is 50-59 at best), It is never, ever in the alerts in a timely way on this app. What is the point? Marta struggles with many, many things. Thus, it would be helpful if alerts were current. However, they are not.
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