Massimo Dutti: Clothing store

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User Reviews for Massimo Dutti: Clothing store

4.77 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
5 years ago, I adore!
I adore your styles
I recently traveled over to Lisbon and entered one of your stores. The look, the feel, the styles and the customer service was impeccable. The associate who helped me assemble many pieces which looked spectacular on me. I had so much fun with your colors, textures and designs. I received many compliments over and over with just about everything I selected when I was wearing the clothing. I have now become a loyal customer! I literally went online to find a shop in the United States and made a point of checking out the store while my recent business trip. Once again, I fell in love with your fall and winter styles and the young women who helped me was amazing. I am going to be traveling back to Washington DC in December and once again, I will be shopping in your store. I also have to add that I am so excited that you have an app and the ability for me to purchase online. One of my most recent online purchases was a gorgeous wool coat. The young woman who was helping me made the recommendation in the store and she had me try the coat on...I was immediately in love! Since I was traveling for business and did not have a large piece of luggage, she ordered the coat and a stunning scarf online and everything will be delivered to me. Again, many thanks for your exquisite designs and luxurious materials.
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5 years ago, 0Nizzy0
Poor customer service
I would like to share with Massimo Dutti shoppers and warn them about Massimo Dutti shopping experience. I order clothes from them pretty regularly. I take advantage of sales around Black Friday, but here is the warning: I bought last year a leather jacket around Thanksgiving and did not get to wear it until spring, then I noticed that it had major flaws in leather, very visible on the sleeve. I did not bother to return it, then this year I ordered a pair of leather boots and they also came with a very distinct defect, it took a while to have it “approved” to return, before they “authorized” to mail it, they wanted me to send a picture, which was ridiculous. They have free returns any way so I could have returned them without their “permission”. They would not replace them with a pair without defect. I spent too much time on the phone trying to resolve it. Awful! My conclusion: when they have Black Friday sales they push out defective products on customers, that is pooor customer service.
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6 years ago, candicemama
cancel button
I do like the brand. i ordered a pair of boots almost one weeks ago, and when I look into the it’s status it showed online that it’s still in processing and not shipped yet, but no the other hand, they have been already charged my credit card for the total amount, usually other merchandiser only do that when the item has been shipped out, I was so confused so then I wanted to try to cancel the order as I saw there was a cancel button right below the order, and it didn’t work, it showed “order cancel not completed”my question is why do you set such an option when you don’t actually have the function!?? It doesn’t make any sense!
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2 years ago, Peggymia928
Terrible customer service
I ordered loafers which were supposed to arrive within a week. The only email I received regarding the order was a “Thank you for your purchase” confirmation email. When the loafers still had not arrived, I checked the order status, and realized it was “cancelled.” I never cancelled this order and never received any communications from Massimo indicating that it had been cancelled. The customer service form online didn’t work and I called them probably 20 times before anyone picked up. They told me the order had been cancelled because of a “credit card security error,” and that I should ask my credit card company and reorder. I reordered the loafers and called my credit card company to make sure it wouldn’t be cancelled again. They told me there had never been any issue on their end, but that the merchant (Massimo) had reversed the order. I once again NEVER got any order cancellation email from Massimo. I called Massimo again and they told me the order had been cancelled AGAIN because the loafers were now out of stock. This was a very frustrating experience just to try to buy shoes, which I never got.
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3 years ago, Allegrasuzprep
So, so poorly built app- nothing is linked: says to contact customer service but rather than linking the words customer service to their actual contact info, the customer is expected to click through 20 pages trying to fish around and find it themselves! WTH?! Did a human design this app? Probably not- or at least not one with any sense of user experience or CUSTOMER SERVICE! You’re supposed to make it EASY FOR US TO BUY!!!!! And when it says Join Life -30% … make that CLICKABLE!!!!! So customers BUY MORE & are MORE DEDICATED = MORE SALES where you don’t have to go out spending marketing budget to try to lure in new customers!!!! Returning customers who enjoy an easy sales experience is a THING!!!! It’s a GOOD THING!!!! But now I’ve spent all my time leaving this review I’m going to go SPEND MY MONEY AT NORDSTROM because their app is CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY!!!! Please hire a human who can fine tune your app (& your website which has the same problem) with an eye to customer experience. You’re missing the boat. Trust me.
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1 year ago, yourcage327
Horrible horrible terrible horrible.
I am the loyal Massimo Dutti customer since 2020. and I love Massimo Dutti’s design. I had two times manufacturing defect before. The customer service handled it easily and clearly. but this time the Chino I purchased came to me with a big hole and I contacted The customer service said I want to exchange and I sent the email to customer service with my order number and the picture. The customer service said I will receive The email back within 72 hours but now it’s already a week. I am contacting the customer service now they are replying me one small sentence with “I don’t understand” in 10 minutes and telling me I couldn’t exchange anymore because it is out of stock. But I checked on the website the size I want to exchange I still can purchase now. I don’t understand why they lie to me. But this is extremely disappointing and unacceptable. I will not purchase Massimo Dutti anymore and will let my friends know too。
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2 years ago, loveandsupportTX
Great Company
Discovered this brand in Munich, Germany. Fell in love. At that time they had a few stores in the USA. I was DESTROYED when Massimo Dutti Wash DC closed. However the online setup is IMPECCABLE. Fast shipping, easy returns, low prices, high quality! They concentrate on classic looks rather than trend. I applaud them for this. Also, be prepared to own unique pieces that NO ONE will have. I enjoy wearing their items knowing that I won’t see them on anybody out on the go. In my opinion all of their leather/suede pieces are the best quality while also having the best price! Don’t believe me... do a google comparison for leather/suede coats, jackets, shirts, or pants in the American market. They win. BRAVO Massimo Dutti!
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4 years ago, Shone - AD-VIE-GVA
1st Impressions
I must say I am happily surprised at the App and the notifications. Well done! User-friendly, no hassle order process and notification that the product has arrived in-store. My first, not with products from Massimo Dutti, but the online experience. Yes another reason why I will definitely stay with this brand. Many thanks to whoever developed this and for the products of this brand.
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1 year ago, la fantasiosa
Never received my refund
Sent back one item and it’s been already almost two months since they promised me the refund. I talked to Massimo Dutti team and they promised to contact me. They never did, and I am still waiting for reimbursement . This is my constant issue with companies which belong to Zara. They are juts not good with refunds. The app is fine, and I love quality of Massimo Dutti. Seems like I exhausted my options regarding getting my money back from Massimo. so here it is one star for unpleasant costumer service, poor boundaries with clients and refund process. Update after your response to my review. I contacted the number you’ve provided (+34..) and got automatic responses only in Spanish. I would love to speak Spanish, but I don’t. Still one start, still very poor customer service. What is the solution? When do I receive my money back?
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4 years ago, Olgaaba
Horrible customer service!!!!
I’ve made my first purchase over two weeks ago at their website and for unknown reason the package is still not delivered, and tracking number does not have any updates. 3 times I have contacted Massimodutti via chat, they told they will redirect my inquiry and someone would help me with this issue. No one still answered or gave me any updates on where my package and if it’s going to be delivered at all. Such a big company just does not care about their customers! I wanted to order more staff but with such horrific customer service where they simply can not resolve an in issue and communicate with me I’ll shop somewhere else! And now I have to call my credit card to cancel the payment. Update : I did send an email about explaining the problem and still did not get any response from the company!
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5 years ago, KNP6969
No wish list
App is easy to navigate but ridiculous that it doesn’t let you have a wish list! Update: if you put an item in your basket, there’s an option to move it to “buy it later”. To access “buy later” you have to enter shopping basket first. Which is a drag. Would be much more efficient to be able to add the desired item directly to wish list not leaving the product info page. And then access it right from your account. Also, a day ago I placed an order with 2 day delivery. It was delivered clockwork in time today. Quality of the items purchased is excellent 👍
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5 years ago, ivyxhdndm
worst shopping experience ever!!!
I bought an ankle boots online and according to the webpage the shoes come with a pair of insoles. but I didnt receive the insoles. i sent emails 3 times and after 6 days,no response. and i called the customer service number many times,finally they answered the call and said they will email their response to me. i asked when will i receive the response he said he dont know. and i said i think they should ship me the insoles,he said he’s not sure what will the solution be. i should wait for their response. normally,when a company made mistakes through packaging,they will immediately apologize and ship the missing item. I think i will just wait massimodutti‘s response probably forever. worst shopping experience in the world!!!
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3 years ago, BenFehri5
Love the clothes BUT
Your clothes are one of the best to me and your website and the phone app are easy to use but I hate to say that your clothes are made in China a country that commits a crime against ethnic groups (Uyghurs) and build concentration camps for them. I would love if I don’t support that country through Massimo Dutti. I wish all your clothes and materials are made in Spain or Europe in general or some poor countries in Africa that needs the money. I feel it is very unethical for a big company to deal with a country that commits a lot of crimes.
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3 years ago, Kanth3474
The clothes are good but customer support is ridiculous
I’ve been using massimo Dutti for over an year. Though I like the clothes, the customer support is by far the worst. If you’re from US, there’s no way you can reach their customer support. Most of the times, the returns are a pain and you may never know if you get a refund for your payment. Satisfied with their clothing quality but very disappointed by their customer support. I know they will reply here about my comment but they will not make any effort in trying to find out what’s the issue
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5 years ago, metheliving
Good but VAT question is faulty
I have ordered multiple times from their app. Overall it’s been a great experience! Easy to use and browse and see your past orders for sizing. Today though they refused to let me place an order unless I added a VAT number. I am not a company and have no affiliation with the UK. I had nothing to put in this field and could not bypass it, so eventually had to just type in a bunch of 1s. Very annoying and hopefully it won’t cause any issues.
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11 months ago, A.Bokhari
Amazing app!
The app works smooth and is easy to navigate. However, it’s about time they added the “Customer Reviews” function under each listing so people could leave feedback regarding sizing and fit of the items. Massimo’s sizing is quite inconsistent from season to season and adding the “Reviews” function would help customers get a better idea about sizing of the items.
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2 years ago, ExHTCfun
Bad UX
All other ecommerce apps in this world change photos of selected item when you swipe left and right but for some reason your UX decided it’s great to annoy users and change the item when you expect to look at next photo swiping right. Same with Zara app, horrible interaction design… check how many people swipe first and then go back to scroll down cause they actually intended to look at other photos of the same item
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2 years ago, Wasforcedforfivefreehours
Easy to use
Love this app! It’s so easy to use and everything is so smooth while using. The services are on point, I don’t have to worry about anything going wrong and my orders are always on point. I also love that I get to see my orders status and where it’s coming from. Delivery is 9/10 on it’s delivery dates. Perfection!
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4 years ago, Alex Yu chicago
Adding things to the basket
Hi team, starting last weekend I cannot add products into the basket. I choose an item , it has my size and I click add to the basket. Then for a second top corner sign shows that I have one item in the basket and few seconds later it has nothing. Once I open the basket it is empty . Both the app and the iOS are updated to latest. Thanks for you help! (Need to buy few things while sale goes on)
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10 months ago, AZ2906
Please fix the app and size XS
I like the style and quality of the items. I wish the clothes actually fitted me though. From all the dresses I ordered last and this year I kept only one and I still have to alter it as it’s wide and long. Massimo Dutti please make a true size XS or add XXS. Your XS fits like size 2 or 4 American size. Please fix the app - it’s been more than 2 weeks since I updated it and I haven't been able to open it since that update.
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2 years ago, wmcline
A Happy Ending
On my recent honeymoon to Italy my luggage was lost for four days . Luckily I found a Massimo Dutti store in Florence and was able to purchase a number of outfits with the perfect fit and finish Massimo Dutti is known for . My sense of style restored I continued my honeymoon on to Venice. Wherever you are in the world you’ll always be well dressed with an outfit from Massimo Dutti. Keep up the good work !!
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2 years ago, Joe Boateng
2 items bought today and I’m hoping to purchase more in the future.
As a first timer user , The products looks aesthetically good seeing them online . I’m only hoping it would be the same experience when the items is received physically
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4 years ago, LoriB08
Nice photography, need ability to indicate no box necessary for return
I bought two items to give as gifts and unfortunately, both turned out to be the wrong size. Because I purchased the items separately, I had to indicate a minimum of one box to be mailed back for each return transaction. However, I can easily put both items into one box to save money on shipping. Please make the ability to generate one shipping label For more than one item.
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4 years ago, gsals
Great online shopping!
I found shopping on this app even easier than the web screen. I was able to return two shipments with just a couple finger pushes and two minutes. ‘ next page loading’ works very well and it has a nice format overall. Great job developers.
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3 months ago, Jyaqoub
Useless App
I live in Dubai. I made an order online using the website. I received a confirmation email asking me to track my order by downloading this app. I did that. The app, however, doesn't recognize my order, nor does it have any information about the store where it'll be delivered. It says no Stores found!! When I tried locating the store using Google Maps there's no phone number listed. It means that in order to check on my order I will have to drive to store. Something isn't right.
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4 years ago, lava_lucky_R
No customer service
I have been trying to change my email for 2 months as I don’t have access to my old email anymore. I tried to change it on the app first but it showed error and suggested me to contact customer service. I called customer service they said do it over the app or email them, they can’t do anything over the phone. So I emailed 3 times still haven’t got my email changed. And for one email response they even said the only way to change email address is do it through the app. Excuse me? Your app doesn’t work that’s why I emailed!
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2 years ago, Nimbasim
Don’t like how you treat your costumers
Because I told you my situation about jacket that I bout online and I choose it according to your size receipt but after I got it from a friend that he received it from you and because of pandemic in my country I try to return it because the size was not the same as always and you refuse to return it and even your people in your shop told me you can give it as a gift to your friend and he laugh like he was telling a joke. So you need to work on your size scale. Not happy
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1 month ago, Cavaliermama
Difficult App
I ordered something previously and when I tried to log on, I forgot my password. When I attempted to change my password, several times, the app rejected my new password(s). The app requested that I log on with Facebook, which I did, but the store did not appear. This took longer than I expected. Finally, I just opened another account using my other password. Once I did that, the order was easy.
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1 year ago, Coconut 5656567
Super easy to navigate!
The few times I shop online (I mostly shop at stores) I always go to Massimo Dutti. Easy to use, and most importantly, does not confuses you with 1,000 steps (ok, I’m exaggerating, but you get my point!) to get to different places throughout the app. 100% reliable!!
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2 years ago, Dany2402
Nice design, but horible to find anything
You have a nice site, in terms of design/images, but you seem to have it left it completly in the hand of the design team, without any view from the customer perspective. For 3 minutes I am looking for the leather jackets section, without finding it. I am buying frequently from other sites, all of them seem to give you the information at once, as simple as posible, in this period of speed of light in which everybody is in a hurry it matters.
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1 year ago, Magnolia Shopper
Very disappointed in app and ability to return items. Does not function properly. Will not show points to return items in location mode.
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5 years ago, Fentana
Difficult to return/exchange. Directions are I must go to My Orders and click on items to return and you’ll email me a shipping label. When I access My Orders it states that one of items I re dived weeks ago is still in process. None of the the items I ordered show up so I cannot click on item to return. Now I will be too late to get return shipped out to get a refund and your customer service not open on Saturdays. I would say your site ineffective and will prohibit me from ordering with you again.
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6 months ago, Missing Massimo in the US!
Missing Massimo in the US
I love the styles and quality fabrics of my Massimo purchases - they are some of my favorites in my closet! I’m lucky enough to travel to Europe a couple times a year, was so disappointed when the New York store closed! Hoping you will open another one in the US! A couple of my favorite European brands have recently opened in the Dallas Gallaria - would love to see one closer to home. Bought several items in the Madrid Massimo a couple of months ago, will be back in March to shop again!!! Love Massimo, Janice Cama Colleyville, Tx
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2 years ago, jjabink
Awesome store
I usually order from the app and the shipping is always fast and accurate. I recently visited Paris and found that they had a location there as well. I’ve been shopping there all week 😂
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4 years ago, JessiyahLighten
Easy + efficient
Easy to navigate. Does a lot of work for me like, after adding an item to my cart, it goes directly back to the place I was before. I found about this Brand while traveling in Spain. Great quality + clean minimalist styles! Thanks for an effortless experience!
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4 years ago, EmiliaL'jung
Easy + inspirational
I find this to be the easiest shopping app to use for outfitting inspiration and ease of use. It’s almost TOO easy to navigate that I end up spending too much! The quality and fit of the clothes make it all worth it though. Favorite brand ever!
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4 years ago, SFSunny
Beware regarding returns and refunds. WORST app and HORRIBLE customer service ever. I’ve been unable to make simple return. They’ll not send you return label in the package. Have been calling and asking for return label for last 45 days. You’ll not get your refund. I gave up after calling and talking to customer service about 30 times or so. I’m stuck with product that’s of no use to me. Mdutti clothes are good not worth the headache to make simple returns!!! Will never buy anything
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3 years ago, Aniloracgorizont
Love this app
The quality of the products is amazing and the app really makes it easy to shop, discover and return items that don’t fit. Love the company and all of their products - well done!
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2 years ago, rudi ina
I can’t contact nobody for my order detail.
I have been a customer for years to Massimo Dutti and now they service is very bad. You don’t know who to contact about your order and the prices are really high.
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4 years ago, Riri121016
Need one main bug fix
I like the app, it’s user friendly for the most part. However, the ‘save’ feature (when u want to move an item from your basket to ‘buy later’ list) almost never works. It’s very frustrating! Again, other than that the app is smooth.
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10 months ago, Juicyjuicy77777
Holding my money forever
Hi my return was delivered back to them on 7/24 which has been 14 days already, and thewebsite shows the maximum time to issue a refund is 14 days, I’ve contacted the customer few days ago and was told refund will be issued asap, and I called them again this morning now they told me is 7-15 business days for verification, so what makes it so hard to issue a refund? Will never buy again
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3 years ago, GEWEPE
Ms. Olga
Website was good before pandemic. Last 8 months my orders get cancelled without explanation. And customer service does not answer why, they just hang up. I would not recommend this website anymore
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2 years ago, NYC-Dude
Quality style at reasonable cost
Massimo Dutti always offers men’s clothing with a stylish freshness that isn’t readily available among American clothiers. The make is of good quality and the fit is reliable. I miss the store in NYC but the online service, delivery and returns are tip-top.
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11 months ago, ReluctantReviewer2
Easy to use
It doesn’t skip. You can see multiple views of a product easily by scrolling down. Swiping is intuitive.
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3 years ago, Wal.gar
Useless if you can’t change your address
I simply can’t use the app because it assumes the location where you currently are as your permanent location. I tried to add another address, but it will always assume the same country where you first registered to be your address. It’s bizarre that one cannot put their own address themselves!!!
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1 year ago, jacq_oc
No tracking. Status not true
Tracking function DOES NOT work. There is no way to see when goods may arrive. Also, One of my purchases took place 5 months ago and I received the goods. Yet status do not show “delivered”.
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2 months ago, Hoda5657
Why ID details?
I wasn’t happy sharing my national ID details and address information. In the US I’ve never had to share similar information for online purchases; which shows that it is not necessary.
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1 year ago, E.Dada
Extremely happy with products quality and overall services provided via this app. Highly recommend
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3 years ago, Bev-60
I love the clothes and order all of the time. But your return process needs help. If you order more than one item and try to return only one of the items it takes forever to get it done.
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5 years ago, paulynyc
Very Poor check out
Everything worked great until check out procedure. When inputting address the App continued to not acknowledge my address although it did pop up on selection screen. And what is VAT number that is required?? I’m not traveling in Europe so doesn’t make make sense to input VAT number. I just input 1 as it’s a requirement but overall final procedure took longer than the actual shopping. Very poorly built checkout section.
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