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McMaster-Carr Supply Company
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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for McMaster-Carr

4.33 out of 5
180 Ratings
4 years ago, Azzedine
Good with a few bugs
The app is good. I can find what I need. Filtering is easy and effective. McMaster has the best web based catalog that I’ve used which I do a lot for work. This app I use for personal stuff. I took a star off because the checkout screen has some bugs. Even if my ship to address is showing it asks me to enter it. I can’t. I have to go back to the home screen then back to the order page to get it to show correctly and work. Same for the credit card entry. I’m using an iPad Pro with newest iOS.
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5 years ago, SemperVita
Best App, Best Supplier Ever
McMaster-Carr is always there to answer your questions, even though it’s not often that you will have a question because their app and website are so neat, well organized and full of and relevant information that you may seek. As someone who is often looking for new ways to do things and finding new materials to work with, McMaster’s descriptions make that a breeze. Any item you view will almost always be described as though you are learning about it for the first time making it very simple to find what you’re looking for, when you don’t know what you’re looking for is called or looks like! Shipping is also very reasonable and once you have a feel for their rates you will not second guess how much they are going to charge. Thank you McMaster for great service over the years!
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3 years ago, FM_M
Great supplier, poor image handling
I find the app a little clearer to use than their website, but they treat images as non-zoomable static size. I find myself constantly going back to their web site (another: why does it offer to copy the web link but not also offer to just GO to the web link. Makes what could be a single operation into copy, switch apps to safari, create a new tab, paste. Just have a 4th button to go there!) so that I can see the exact same information, except that when I pinch and zoom on the image, it does. If they wrote this in Xcode like they should have, these changes would be trivial to make. Hope to see them soon.
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2 years ago, fttvienna
The App and The Business Bravo
I have been a faithful and very satisfied customer for over 20 years, so I always trying to spread the good news to friends, family, and business partners about what a great source McMaster Carr is for all types of items. In the “Catalog only days” I used to “guard and protect” my copy but with the app which allows you to find or learn anything at anytime, I don’t need to protect and defend my copy or carry it with me. Plus everything is always in stock. Amazing if you ask me.
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4 years ago, Benjamin Rosenfeld
This app is great!
I'm so glad I found this app and thank you for making it. Now I can add items to my cart when I think of them instead of having to remember to do it the next time I'm at a computer. My only request is to add an option similar to your websites "is this page helpful?" link. I have a question about a product and I would like to be able to ask it without venturing too far from the product page. Perhaps you could include it on the floating link bar at the bottom?
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6 years ago, newforfall
Great app
It works flawlessly, the only thing I’d like is for it to have a general search. When you’re looking for a product you have to refine your search to see a specific product. Sometimes I just want to see what they have without a specific model or item in mind.
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3 years ago, Vic-Loc
Was good at first, but now I’m having issues.
When I first downloaded the app it worked pretty good. It kept asking me for a delivery address even though I had selected will-call/pick-up. I just put the McMaster Carr warehouse address to get around that issue. Now, the app will not even open. I keep getting a “No internet connection” window popping up when I use the app. So, basically it no longer working, which is a shame because my company has an account with them and it makes ordering parts and supplies easier. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Elliot's dad
Great app design and supplier
I’m a small 2-man manufacturer, and McMaster-Carr’s website is a joy to use. I browse this app sometimes just for fun if I’m bored. This is a great company that focuses on supplying higher quality components. (They find USA-sources for parts I didn’t even think America made anymore. This ain’t Harbor Freight guys/gals!) I’m in a metro area, but my elderly father’s business is in the country so industrial suppliers are distant. McMaster-Carr has helped keep his business alive.
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2 years ago, Mfed55
Superior app & service
I've been purchasing items from McMaster-Carr for decades. The shopping experience has always been first class, even before the app. With the app, I'm able to quickly narrow down the specific item I need and get it ordered. I'm relatively close to their warehouse so shipping is always just one day. Awesome.
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6 years ago, yuleth
Great app; almost perfect; fantastic company
This app is nearly as good as their website. The only flaw I see is that the app doesn’t show the orders I have saved for later on the website (“saved orders”). Everything else is fantastic. I use it all the time. By the way, there is now a section for Order History. Awesome! Thanks for everything, McMaster!
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2 years ago, RichfromLA
It’s a great app if you have the eyes of a 12 year old.
There are only a handful of apps out there that do not allow the user to increase the font or text size. McMaster Carr is one of the few dinosaurs. That is correct, it will not increase the font size even in iOS 15. I have joined the team to review new versions, and frequently asked about the ability to increase the font size, and was told it was not in the plan. It’s an absolutely amazing company with an absolutely amazingly bad app; it just doesn’t make sense.
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6 years ago, Pupnduck
Only one missing feature
The only thing keeping me from giving this app a 5 star rating is its inability to print. It’s a real pain to finally find what I’m looking for only to have to write down the part number, switch to the McMaster web site and enter the part number just to be able to print the item page. With the ability to print this would be the perfect app for in-shop use.
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6 years ago, Intuit subscriber
Greatest Best Perfect
The McMaster App is efficient, clean, user-friendly and appropriately simple. The technical writing and descriptions are succinct and accurate. The sorting features are logical and fast, meaning - they narrow down the selection appropriately. Even better though, it works! The material has been delivered on time every time without any drama or apologies or excuses.
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5 years ago, NullSet0
The best app ever made.
This is 100% the best app I have on my phone and tablet. Including games and everything else. Easy to use and integrates easily with my existing McMaster accounts. The user interface sets a high bar for every shopping app. I’ve yet to see it’s equal. Combine this with McMasters stellar customer support and we have a winner!
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3 years ago, thisusernamewastakensoididthis
You better know!
My problem with this app is it’s not as user friendly as the website. You clearly had great staff setup the normal website but the app was something else. I just don’t care for the super refined selection that they make you do in order to look at what you want. This leaves no room for other options beside exactly and I mean exactly what your looking for. Why force into extreme refinement before letting the customer look first? It just maybe me tho.
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5 years ago, Sushi Mad
Every online store needs to take a lesson from these people
You call them, you get a human. You search their store, tell it what you know, it tells you what they have. The app is even more effortless. Finally, a company that acts like it wants your business.
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9 months ago, JPMike
Great app and company.
Great, easy to use app and McMaster-Carr has Greta service. For me living in Pa and their warehouse being in Ohio, I get my orders the next day. My new go to for hardware.
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4 years ago, EXA Corp
One of the best source for parts and specialty components
I’ve used most of the retail apps for parts/tools/components. This is by far the most user friendly, high-clarity, and complete source for everything I need being a mechanical engineer in the advanced weaponry industry.
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6 years ago, pwmeek
One of my rare 5-stars
Like the McMaster-Carr website, this is the very tops in shopping. Super indexing combined with super selection makes this a winner. (I would estimate that I give 5 stars in less than 2% of my reviews - and I don’t bother reviewing things I don’t like.)
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12 months ago, 6bird4
Great customer service, straightforward, no nonsense, website! Love it. Most items arrived next day. McMaster Carr is what Granger wishes it could be. I’m always shocked at how few people know of this superior supply company.
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3 years ago, Twit lover, Twig hater
Latest update won’t load
Great app! Had a spell for a few weeks when it wouldn’t load, fixed now and back to normal!
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4 years ago, MotoRebel
Great app
This app is great. My only complaint I wish the parametric search was more like the desktop version. Were you can choose parameters and change them, without backing up.
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5 years ago, Dagnappit
Needs some work
Placing an order was a real pain, kept asking for the same things to be entered over and over, no matter how many times I did it, on the order page. Finally I saved the order then opened it and was able to complete.
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1 year ago, Jack Isidore
Legendary app
This is how you make an app. Really amazing and even better than their legendary catalog. I only wish I lived near a distro center cause the shipping can be prohibitive for a hobbyist.
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2 years ago, Tdawgg611
Once Great
McMaster Carr was once a great company. Used to be next day arrival. Now it’s hit or miss if you get your order. Not worth paying the outrageous prices when you can get it a 1/3 of the cost and actually get it the next day from Am*zon. And they carry just about everything McMaster does now. Guess they couldn’t keep up. No place to go but up I guess.
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5 years ago, Alejandropf44
Where are my items in the cart?
The app is pretty good browsing products, but terrible with its cart. There’s no clear way to view and review items in your cart, the shipping methods doesn’t have any predetermined options. I just end up going to the web browser to finish my order.
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3 years ago, sdub206
Several months ago they changed the way that search and sorting works. This was a terrible downgrade that makes searching and drilling down into products far too time consuming and painful and we frankly do substantially less business with MC because of this.
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2 years ago, User4892054
The next best thing to the paper catalog
Why am I not surprised that McMaster’s app is also excellent? For chumps like me who don’t merit a paper catalog, this is a great tool.
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1 year ago, AsyaCarrino
Incredible, simply the best!
Everything about McMaster Carr is exemplary. Please add Apple Pay as a payment option.
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6 years ago, Chuppa18st
Forward parts request doesn’t work
Ever since I had the app it is a good resource but when I need to forward my order for approval or purchasing it always never gets delivered then it gets lost. I can’t save a copy on my phone neither. Wasted time.
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4 years ago, Logan Sheaf
One of my favorite apps
Lots of great products to choose from
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4 years ago, Young Syrup
I love this app
Best app I’ve ever used! I love McMaster Carr! It’s way easier to use than the website (for mobile devices)
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5 years ago, Jander4
Deleted app to use their website
After expecting so much from McMaster-carr, this app was disappointing. I deleted the app I can go back to using their super easy online catalog.
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7 years ago, Ben in Toledo
Great app
Easy to use. Good reference. Works just like the website.
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4 years ago, Batter up bakery
Easy to use
App is intuitive and easy to use
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3 years ago, skeldbcidnsks
Horrid is not a good definition
This is no faster than with safari browser. After installing it, it is next to impossible to uninstall. I like and use company a lot but loathe this app.
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4 years ago, Kenho21
Scrolling Feature Horrible
The way in which they’ve setup browsing on the app is almost dizzying. At the very least, it’s a very unintuitive and confusing way to navigate the app. Deleting.
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9 years ago, Weirdbeard1000
Good app, missing a few things
Love the app, it makes finding just what I'm looking for very easy. It's missing a few things though. Most importantly, the ability to look at past orders, often I have to re-order items such as consumables and bearings and such. On the site I can just open previous orders and easily find what I need more of, or the part numbers are highlighted in purple on the regular pages. Not here though. Also part of previous orders is being able to get tracking numbers for orders I haven't received yet. I order from McMaster pretty much on a daily basis and they're an integral part of keeping my machine shop running smoothly.
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3 years ago, Crumbbum
Zero stars actually
There is no estimate of shipping costs before completion of purchase. I bought a $5 item and was charged $23 for shipping. Buyer beware.
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5 years ago, LexKyToy
We’re close to a DC, so my orders are always next-day. These guys rock.
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4 years ago, jb12eq23
Shipping cost hidden
Can’t see shipping cost before making order or after.
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3 years ago, OOffW
Hijacks clicked urls for McMaster
I have zero tolerance for apps that do this. I clicked a URL for a website, not some stupid app. Your app should not be hijacking my clicks. Uninstalled. Problem solved!!
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5 years ago, Tom Revolinsky
An amazing accomplishment-they made an app worse than their website
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11 years ago, AnalogAficionado
Sets the bar.
This app sets the example of what all iPad apps ought to be - intuitive, purposeful, minimalist, and reliable. I'm grateful McMaster didn't go over the top with unnecessary features or clutter. It's super easy to search or browse their catalog to find what you need thanks to a clean, streamlined interface. Add items to your cart and they're still there next time you come back. Purchasing is equally easy. What more could one want? Oh, good prices... Check. Lets hope they resist temptation to tinker. Just keep it debugged and up to date with the latest iOS, and your customers including me will stay happy.
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10 years ago, Xuy
I have never left an online review for anything
I have never left an online review for anything. This will be my first and this app will be the bar by which all other apps are measured. I was unaware that using an app could put me in a better mood. Everything is obvious, useful, and beautiful. I was able to order with absolute confidence. What a crazy idea! It was so good it actually motivated me to write a review. Everyone should have this on their iPad even if they don't need anything from McMater-Carr.
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8 years ago, Bunny Doo-Wop
Amazing filters
I got so frustrated rooting around the poorly-sorted fastener drawers at my nearest big box hardware store that I downloaded this app while standing in the aisle. I was already fond of McMaster-Carr from my days of browsing their encyclopedic catalog in my college machine shop. This app exceeded my wildest expectations. The filters for selecting parts are spectacular. I put together a large order in only a few minutes with complete confidence. I can't wait for my next project so I can order through this app again.
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11 years ago, Junior795
I have been using this App for quite some time now. It's a great App! You can add to the 'Cart' as you need to, close the App, come back the next day, and your 'Cart' is still there until you delete or make your purchase. It's very handy for use in the 'field' at the customers' location. You can look for the part or parts you need and order it before you leave the customers location… Very convenient. It works very well. No problems, hiccups or lockups.
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Phenomenal app
The McMaster Carr app is phenomenal. I use the app for the iPad and it is one of the best apps of any type that I have ever used. Certainly it is the best for ordering hardware, tools etc. Incredibly easy, simple and clear. It's super fast and I can place an order in no time. Delivery is excellent also. This app is a model for any online shopping app. BTW their delivery performance is outstanding also. Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in McxMaster-Carr, just a very happy customer.
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11 years ago, conklinm1
Nailed It
I almost never bother leaving reviews for any app, and I just have to say that you guys really got it right for the iPad. I also want to mention how much I appreciate having axcess to the 3D CAD Models when I am at my desktop machine Keep up the good work, eventually you will leave some of your near competitors in the dust. Others who are to short sited to realize how far behind the times they are
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8 years ago, Jcdoty
This is one of the most innovative catalog-to-cart apps ever written. It doesn't come as a surprise when I consider what an excellent company McMaster & Carr has been for for the 40 years I have been buying from them. I use iPad with bt keyboard in landscape, works flawlessly. Newest version added order history, that was the only thing I thought was needed.
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