MDOT Traffic (Mississippi)

4.6 (6.6K)
26.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for MDOT Traffic (Mississippi)

4.63 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Willow1953
Useless Update
Until today, this app was a 5 Star, and I used it daily. This morning I updated it, but when I tried to open it, I was told it needed to be updated. When I tapped “update,” I was sent back to the App Store which told me to “open,” which told me to “update,” which sent me back to the App Store. You get the picture. If I can’t open the app, it’s useless.
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7 months ago, nashdog251017
Very Good But One Thing…
This is a very useful app. The one issue I don't like is it not 4k but thats ok. The fact you can see across the city from camera to camera is amazing. I would personally not use this on a highway/ interstate that has bad service if you want to see the traffic. In cities I think its fine. LOVE THIS APP
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1 week ago, Beagal Man
Sure saves a lot of time being able to see where not to go
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4 years ago, ShanMady
Why do I need a Login
I’ve used this app in the past and it was very useful during inclement weather but this morning I go to use it and I need an account and I need a login. MDOT does take taxes which I pay doesn’t? Why does MDOT need a database of its users? I thought the use of these app was for public safety? How does using an account do this? I’m very disappointed. The only reason I can think for MDOT having a database of its users is to sell the information. This just feels wrong.
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2 years ago, Sgtblacdpd83
Traffic Cameras on Gulf Coast.
Large portion of cameras not working for several months. Some cameras quality is unreadable and has been for several months. When looking at cameras north of the coast they appear to be working and quality is far better than here on the Gulf Coast. Disappointing that these issues have not been fixed. We on the coast appear to be on the bottom of the list to have viewable cameras so citizens can check traffic and road conditions. SAD.
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3 years ago, bobalooo
Map & Cameras
Great useage. Would have been better if could be seen during the ice storm(s), but I totally understand restricting banduse for 1st responders. I do like being able to see slick stops on the map.
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5 years ago, dcmp85
Huge improvement
The update is a huge improvement over the old app. The accident notifications are awesome.
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3 years ago, Ten192u.
Receiving alerts for the area where you are traveling is very helpful to avoid issues!
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7 months ago, Bald Eagle 39401
Great app
The information is very useful. It allows me to avoid congested areas and crash sites.
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2 years ago, hgwayman 25
Folks getting tired
6 good day no rain did hit a lick pain lines and open the road
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5 years ago, Mjayperry
App crashing
The new updated app crashes every time I try to make a selection.
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3 months ago, ASebra
Don’t Go Without It
Dependable, timely and helpful…MDOT app is always there for us when we travel. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, Rhonda Lynn
A Valuable Tool
When traveling long or short distances, it provides information that aids in a smoother trip.
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3 years ago, Pilot of the Airwaves
Looks Good but Lacking
The slow is likely due to an insufficient server. Besides that, though, most cameras I’ve checked say the camera isn’t available. Regardless of the reason(s) it makes the app be of little benefit.
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5 years ago, ssmorris
It’s great now
All prior issues have been addressed and works amazingly well! Very talented developers behind this masterpiece.
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4 years ago, pi_thinkn_nk
Terrible app
Cannot get the information to update to my location. It’s stuck in New Orleans, LA. It shows my location in blue on the map but no update detail for my area. Terrible app! It use to be so good with cameras etc. I use to use before work all the time. We’re getting a bad snow storm & wanted to check traffic. Well looks like I’m going to FOX.
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5 years ago, andgekrkfibdkfkrbrhdifl
New Update
I can not believe y’all would mess with this app. It was the easiest traffic/cam app I have used. I was actually impressed by how great the app WAS compared to almost every state app that I had used. Well thanks for joining the rest of the states with a crappy hard to navigate app. I’m sure someone got their pockets lined for this new app. Ridiculous!
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1 year ago, TroyBradley
Some cameras work. Some don’t. So fix this app is solid for the most part :3
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3 months ago, Airvehicle2
Why did you remove all the cameras along the coast? Most of them never worked any way. Why don’t video work When I switch from time lapse to video ? The camera at Hwy 49 and 90 in Gulfport was one that actually worked but now it’s not even there.
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4 years ago, Firecheek
Very informative
Must have for driving around our state!
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3 years ago, Papa0861
Cameras aren’t available
Thought I’d give this app a try, but can only find 2 working cameras long Gulf Coast. Not sure why. If Hurricane Sally is the reason, turn them all off. If it’s not the storm, the app is a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Crazy&blunt
Best App
This App always lets me know if there’s a wreck or if I need too put my seat belt on
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1 year ago, onthego805
What use to be
This use to be a decent app but without any of the cameras working the app is completely worthless. When you can’t see the traffic conditions what good is it? There are no alerts pushed thru either.
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5 years ago, CAB Dolphins
Need a account to use app
You need an account to use the app which I think is dumb and secondly gives you option to log in via Facebook but doesn’t actually work. Thought the app would be easier than online but big fail.
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5 years ago, Phillipsjb15
Drains Battery
This app is awesome but it drains my phone battery like no other app I’ve ever used. Removed for now. For instance, the battery app in settings shows this used 31% of my battery in 6 hours today in the background.
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4 years ago, 50!!!50
Great information about traffic alerts 🙏🏿🙏🏿👁
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3 years ago, notonmywatch987
Need more information
Been using DOT maps in surrounding states. Unable to tell actual road conditions when needed.
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2 years ago, Jj23000
Always helpful! Thanks!
Always helpful!
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2 years ago, LSUfanintigahland
No alerts
So this app apparently doesn’t send you alerts about traffic/roadwork. So I have to manually open the app before I get in my car to see if there’s any wrecks on the way to my destination? Worthless
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5 years ago, Ms taxpayer
Login required,, ridiculous
Must create an account with email and password. I don’t want them to have my email and I don’t want another password. Arkansas and Tennessee do not ask for this in order to view cameras showing road conditions.
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5 years ago, Jtucker51
A great app
This update works sooo much better than the old one. The resolution is good. Thanks.
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3 years ago, scott112383
5 star
Good information
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5 years ago, ccbro1
Road closures
Why does the app not show road closure on Seaman Rd when the website does. Not updates nor notifications regarding bridge work time line even when you call Jackson County
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5 years ago, cbitty202
5 Stars
Very helpful! Necessary component of my everyday driving.
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3 years ago, massivelydisapointed
The app is awesome!! Gives me a lot of comfort knowing what I’m going to be driving into! Thank you MDOT!!
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5 years ago, Karl1982
Used to be good
Used to be a good app, but now requires a login for no good reason… You can still go to the website and view the cameras with no account or social media required.
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5 years ago, MrTBshaw
I shouldn't have to register
I shouldn't have to register to use this app, and you surely will never get me to sign in with my social media credentials. Fix this so I can continue to use the app without creating an account
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3 years ago, GGMJB
Doesn’t work
I can’t get the camera view to load on ipad or iPhone. The other features seem to work.
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3 years ago, SKH54
Needs improvement
Every state app needs to take lessons from Arkansas’ “idrivearkansas”. It is designed so much better than any other states. If you need to know road conditions or closures it’s simple to find out.
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3 years ago, Baller 4 life # 3
Weather lvr
Excellent application,I’m a fan!
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3 years ago, Gabby59
Road conditions
It would be nice to see road conditions do to weather.
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1 year ago, Old Southern Artist
Accidents that I’ve seen more that often have never been reported or posted in this MODT . And also most of the cameras are out of order.
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8 months ago, Dennihana
Spillway Road Cameras
Please fix the cameras on the Ross Barnett Reservoir Spillway. Thank you
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3 years ago, Flashbabe
Doesn’t Help
Does not give current road conditions. Doesn’t help much at all. I don’t care about where the message boards are or where traffic cams are.
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3 years ago, Kapda920
One star for reliability
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3 years ago, EC2/16
Doesn’t work
My wife showed me the website and the cameras work great. I downloaded the app and the cameras are not working.
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5 years ago, Freschey
Cameras need to go back
The map for the cameras need to go back to how it was. It was easier to find where I needed to see.
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5 years ago, greasons
I-269 cameras blocked for ceremony
Thinking caps, please...should have turned on new I269 cameras so we could watch ceremony and see when the road actually is open to traffic.
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5 years ago, Tawnylady
Can’t sign up
I have tried several different times to create an account and NEVER RECEIVED THE EMAIL to create an account. I can’t say if the app is any good because I can’t sign in.
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5 years ago, Dogmom 56
Updated app, now it does not work
This app used to work great. I updated the app, now it does not show alerts, just a blank screen. Worthless now!
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