Meanwhile: Interactive Comic

3.9 (8)
54 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zarfhome Software Consulting
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meanwhile: Interactive Comic

3.88 out of 5
8 Ratings
4 years ago, loss of balance
I loved the book as a kid
I can't believe I payed for this, it wasn't as great as I remember. I passed it a lot faster than last time.
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5 years ago, DrFoxxy
Thank you for the breakthrough approach to interactive comics!
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13 years ago, MeatyPants
Brilliant! Love it!
I own the hardcover book this app is derived from. Awesomes: This is a fantastic implementation of the interactive comic. I dig that it's not just jammed into an app, but that the flow and structure have been re-thought so that it's a block instead of pages. The controls are intuitive, worked right off the bat. It's also cool that you let players just browse the whole shebang; that was possible in book form (obviously) and could have easily been "restricted" in digital form in some misguided attempt to make it more game-like, or challenging. Kudos! Complaints: on a retina device the images are a little aliased/blocky. I assume the whole thing is half resolution for memory reasons. Maybe an HD release in the future? I'm playing on a 4S. My only other gripe is the icon. Edit the plist file and turn off the automatic shine! Also maybe a thin, dark border around it. I know, I'm picky. :) Awesome job! ---- PS - As a side note, I'm just a fan. It appears to me that I am the first reviewer. The game has been out for a few days at this point and I'm super impressed that there aren't 20 obvious shill reviews. I wish I could give a 6th star for that. It's a beautiful thing. :)
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12 years ago, John Cartan
Major Find!
I jumped out of my chair when I saw this in the app store! Meanwhile is a favorite book of mine - one of those special creations of genius that only come along once every few years. But to see it on the iPad is even more wonderful. And they did a great job! The UI is clean; it takes advantage of the iPad without detracting from the creation itself. Better yet: they did the extra work to make it all accessible to vision-impaired users. This goes straght to the top of my recommended app list. Buy it immediately - and then buy the book too! Both are gems.
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12 years ago, Foxyshadis
Awesome hypercomic
Definitely an expansion into new territory for the iOS, this "hypercomic" is simple yet engrossing. The art is really awesome and not pixelated at all since the last update, the story is silly and well-told, and the implications are pretty crazy. Best of all, it flows so naturally, and going back only takes a quick touch. I never read the book, but I might pick it up after this, even if it's not quite as convenient.
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13 years ago, Bennlich
I can't imagine reading Meanwhile on anything other than a touch-navigable device--the adaptation is so fitting. The comic is fantastic, and the experience of reading it is something that I'm sure will stick with me. I've never had a reading experience like this before. I sincerely hope we see more literature that, like Meanwhile, takes advantage of this new medium.
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13 years ago, User24601
Clever interactive story!
I got so sucked into exploring this that I completely lost track of time and was late to a lunch appointment. I love the way the print version was adapted into an interactive format! This has been a lot of fun to explore--both through the branching storyline and browsing the whole chart--and I'm totally charmed by the art, the story, and some of the funny little loops and choices along the way. My only complaint is that in the smallest panels, the text is a little pixelated and hard to read (I'm using a 4S), but I suspect that's just an issue of compression. Major kudos for making this accessible with audio reading!
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13 years ago, ZiZ Productions
So a Shiga and a Plotkin walk into a bar...
…and the bartender says, "Hey, guys, I've been playing Meanwhile on my iPhone, it's *really great*. Drinks are on me." This is a joyous rendition of the choose-your-own-adventure style graphic novel…thing, Meanwhile, which I had never had the pleasure of playing with until I tried this app. The art is whimsical and detailed, the story intriguing, the puzzles logical, and the controls smooth and responsive. Try it, but make sure you have some free time. SQUID. Full disclosure: I know Andrew Plotkin in a vaguely social context, but the only thing that did was let me know about Meanwhile a bit sooner. Your mileage may vary. Do not lick the Killotron.
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12 years ago, Nathan and Amy
How did I miss this?
I've already shared lots of laughs with my son. This is perfect. I would love to see more like this. If you aren't sure, buy this app. Great art and a fun story. Perfect if you have a young reader in the house.
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10 years ago, Nick name
I read the book before I played the game and the game actually works even better. It's basically a choose your own adventure book in graphic novel form.
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12 years ago, Jeid909
Love it (same with my friends)
I remember reading the book and with this new app I can't pry my friends off me! Just love it perfect job.
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13 years ago, chriscomet521
Good, but it has problems
I would have rated it 5 stars but I found lots of differences from the app and the book. Overall it's a great app, but the differences really bug me.
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9 years ago, app_whiz
Brilliant, and fun.
More coming, I hope?
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9 years ago, Dlovedj
Great comic
one of my favs
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9 years ago, Badjester42
Very good comic
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11 years ago, Onerous
There are so many brilliant details in Meanwhile. It's fun to work through, and try to figure out how combining things can lead to new situations. i really appreciate that they took a book that had been turned into a poster and kept that tactile feel in the transition to iOS. For instance, it has access code puzzles that are implemented in a way that were amazing for a print medium, and I really love that they stayed the same here instead of switching to buttons. The only critical thing I can say about the game is that the monotonous click sound is horrible. No big deal.
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