Mears Taxi

2.4 (58)
20.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
City Cab of Orlando
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mears Taxi

2.43 out of 5
58 Ratings
3 months ago, Gregroder
App not reliable
App does not work more than half the time and have to call almost every time to verify booking
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4 weeks ago, Whiskers120
App is terrible
I had heard that Mears taxi service was a good service. I downloaded the app because it seemed more convenient. When I went to reserve a taxi once I got to the airport, it said it wasn’t able to make the request. Later on my trip, I tried to request a taxi using the app to take me from one hotel to another, but I never got a taxi. The only reason I was able to get back to my hotel was that a taxi showed up for someone else and was able to take me. The worst thing was I had made a pre booking for a taxi to take me to the airport and I had made this booking about a week in advance. It showed up in the app as a pre booking but after 10 minutes of waiting I decided to call to ask where my taxi was. The customer service rep then told me the app doesn’t do pre-bookings and that this booking was never in their system. She then said they would send another taxi to get me. Luckily I still had plenty of time before my flight but if I had reserved it for later, I would’ve had other issues. The driver was fine and I was able to get where I was going quickly all 3 times but the app and the service not related to the drivers, was terrible.
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2 years ago, e_h22
Never again
I will never use this company again. Upon arriving to Disney, I expected to see the Disney buses from the past ready to take me and my friend to our hotel. Once I saw MEARS had replaced that system, I assumed it would be relatively the same. I was wrong. We had to schedule our bus from our hotel to the airport at the beginning of our trip, before we had any idea what our schedule would be the day of our return. We were five minutes late to our pick up (a Disney bus ran late), and the bus had already left. I called and they made me a separate reservation for thirty minutes later…. The bus never showed. We ended up just taking a taxi. It made for a very stressful end to our trip. I expected much better from a company involved in the Disney experience.
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5 years ago, Jes-Rhi
Taxi service
Haven’t used the app yet but the taxi service is wonderful!! Mohamed have us his card with his number and told us to call him directly and he’ll pick us up whenever we want! The night before we decided to take the free shuttle that went back and forth to our hotel from Disney. We ended up waiting two hours after the park closed to be picked up. So the next night we got a taxi from them and we were home in less than 10 mins! Very impressed with Mohammed for giving us his number and being so pleasant the whole time!
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2 years ago, Barry P.
Worst Customer Service in History
Mears touts their app as the way to “save time” by ordering ahead. What they fail to tell you is that if you reserve a taxi on the app there is no guarantee that one will actually show up. When I called today to find out why the cab I booked 5 hours in advance never arrived I was told (by a “customer service supervisor”) that they would send a cab when they got around it and that reserving a taxi on the app doesn’t mean that one will arrive when you want it. “We’re not Uber or Lyft. We don’t just send a cab whenever you request one” was the direct quote. So, essentially, this app is as useless as the company in general. Go with Uber or Lyft and save yourself a lot of trouble.
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2 years ago, ryanplayspool
Don’t depend on them
I downloaded the app, to try and bypass phone wait times. I attempted to schedule our ride for the next morning and was prompted “unable to process due to ugh demand”… well we’re at DisneyWorld, I wonder if it’s ever able to process. So. We made a phone call again, waited, I spoke to a very nice call service employee, scheduled my ride for the next morning.😃 Next morning we see buses to Animal Kingdom leave as we walk to our Taxi meetup spot, not worried cause we’ve scheduled our ride the night before right?… wrong.. we showed up at 6:50 to our meetup spot. No taxi. I walked up to a Mears Taxi Shuttle that was present and informed him of our situation. He said “you see that green color on the screen? That means no one picked up your ride appointment.”….😒 So we weren’t informed that we had no ride being provided to possibly make adjustments. This is my experience with Mears Taxi. Would not recommend, will not try again.
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1 year ago, hapily
Drive Not Receive Notes, App Not Updated
I am returning to calling. The app sent my driver to a location almost a half hour from where I was waiting. I left a note in the app with the correct location, but the driver never received it. Thankfully, she called so I gave her the correct location. Mears then sent a closer driver so I only had to wait an extra ten minutes instead of thirty. I then noticed that the app has not been updated in three years! Apps need frequent updates to keep running effectively. I will return to the app whenever it gets updated to see if it improves.
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3 years ago, SundayDriver
Mears is awful
What used to be a reliable service to and from the Disney properties has turned to garbage. The app is horrible. Will no longer let you store a credit card, so you can fight with the driver about how their credit card swiper doesn’t work and you need cash. They have no drivers available so you sit at park close every night waiting 40 minutes to see if one will finally come get you and your family. Don’t use them.
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3 years ago, BigDaddieJesus
Idk how it’s a 2 star
Mears was amazing for my family vacation, they were so fast and as soon as I request one line 3 show up! Their vehicles are clean and drivers are friendly!
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2 years ago, wildoz
No communication
I don’t really understand this apps purpose. I ordered a cab and it says it can take up to 5 minutes to assign a cab and after 20 … nothing happened. Called the company and they said my order was registered but could not give me a time. Ordered an Uber instead. Walk outside and they have a cab just sitting there waiting for people. Stupid.
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7 years ago, PS Its a Secret
20 minutes late and poor customer service center
I set my pickup time a day in advance, and an hour before I needed to arrive to work and the taxi driver still managed to arrive 20 minutes late 🙄 with no notice to me. I call the customer service center just to make sure he was still coming just to be greeted by rude agents who "dropped" the call.
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5 years ago, JEGreene
Good service and access
Have used App each time I’ve come to Orlando or DisneyWorld in lieu of driving or renting my own vehicle. I’ve never had a complaint. JohnG
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6 years ago, NotHappyatALLperiod
App is horrible
Just downloaded this app. I am a travel agent, and I thought this could be a great app to suggest to clients in Florida as I know this company well. HORRIBLE APP! It could not even get the address for a Disney hotel right and when I put in Universal Studios as a destination it did not recognize the name. Don’t tell me it needs an address? What a waste of time!!
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5 years ago, Sky.Walker.
GPS seems to work now
Used today to go from Disney hotel to the airport. Was able to type in name of hotel and it was recognized on map. Driver was on time.
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7 years ago, GameCypher
Terrible app. Stick to Uber or Lyft
I figured I would give them a try, very disappointed. Took very long time to find my destination (I was going to EPCOT) before I could book my trip. As a test, my friend used Uber while I tried to use Mears. Uber picked us up and still was not able to book my ride with Mears. As of this writing, not worth it. Use Uber or Lyft.
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2 years ago, Sad Vault Dweller
Don’t trust this app
Mears advertises their app heavily in their cars and while you’re waiting on hold. Don’t fall for it. I used it, like a sucker, and when I called them after waiting 45 minutes, the nice person on the phone said the app was flaky and that it’s safer to just call.
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5 years ago, deblooze
Good App, but Inhales Battery
Title says it all.
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6 years ago, Becky-All-Star
No taxis available, bad company
Get an Uber instead. I placed an order...waiting and waiting for “driver assignment” that could take up to “5 minutes” but after 7 minutes nothing. Finally I clicked on “Cancel”.. I called an Uber and driver got there in less than 2 minutes.
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6 years ago, CreateNicknameReview
Required sign-up
I was in an emergency situation where I needed to be picked up asap (but not a first responder moment) and this thing is forcing me to use my GPS but also signing up prior. I was only downloading the app the find rates and I instantly deleted it. Even if I weren't rushed I would still rate this a one.
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5 years ago, Ptrules1212
Worst app ever
Tried this app multiple times trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. Cabs never showed until we called multiple times. Each time cabs were 30+ minutes late. Trust me don’t bother. Wish I could give negative stars.
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5 years ago, RichardfromCalgary
The drivers for this company do things that bad old way — they try to cheat the customer and pretend the credit card machine isn’t working. Just use Uber or Lyft and save yourself the hassle.
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6 years ago, nickj6282
Awful design
No way to search for a destination like “Magic Kingdom” or “Hilton Airport.” As a non-local I’m expected to know the exact street address of every place I want to go. Useless. Stick to Lyft!
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5 years ago, Mikeinzona
Weak. Lame. Go elsewhere
Interface is a mess. Call if you need a cab. Both worth the memory useage
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8 years ago, popagony
Awesome but buggy
This has been so helpful a I take taxis quite often. I love being able to track the cars on the GPS map so I can see how far away the driver is once I've booked it. However this app is a bit buggy as I am quite often booted out - i usually have to open it back up due to a force close at least 3 times before it opens and stays open. Other than that glitch this app is perfect!
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7 years ago, Dazedinsomniac
Hey know what's great about mears? They have no idea how to get you to your destination.. Buy a GPS guys...
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2 years ago, Soccer__fiend
Scummy people
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9 years ago, jessiesrchen
This company completely screwed me over. I used it to book a taxi from our hotel to the airport. We were happily told to wait in our hotel lobby at the designated time. After 10 minutes of no show, I called the company and was told that our taxi was pulling up in one minute. Then guess what, no taxi. I even got a call in a few minute telling me to standby because my taxi was pulling up, again in ONE MINUTE. after another 5 minutes, I anxiously called them asking them where my taxi was, and the reply? Pulling up in THE NEXT F*ing MINUTE!! same answer ten minutes apart? THATS A PRETTY LONG MINUTE IF YOU ASK ME!! Then the woman told me that she had no way of tracking the taxi on gps, which was pretty amazing to me since the app claims that you can track the taxi real time. Then she transferred me somewhere and sure enough, all lines were busy and I hung up. All in all, horrible, disgusting, irresponsible company that can't even keep track of their own cabs. Caused me so much stress on the last day of my vacation. Ended up having to take a black cab and paying a lot more because it was the only thing available.
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9 years ago, Ryuc14911
Great app
Have been using the app for about a month and the app works very well. You get a cab to your location fairly quickly, and are able to track the cab as it gets close. Letting you to better use your time. Will be using this app a lot more in the future.
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9 years ago, EinRand
Über Kool!
This new release is a lot easier than the previous one. I like being able to make a reservation for a future date and the confirmation that the guy (or gal) is gonna be there at a certain time is a big relief. Tracking the taxi on a iPhone allows me to get other stuff done if I know their at least ten minutes away. Gotta love new tech.
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9 years ago, Isla del Caribe
Service was excellent. Very professional
I had no idea there is an application. The service Was impeccable, professional. This is the third time I've taken A taxi. I did it the old fashion way. The 1st time and 2nd time I ve taken A cab I promised myself I would Never use another cab . However I was shocked to see a cab that looked like a cab , clean outside In. Vehicle was easy to identify. I believe the cab drivers name Is Carlos very nice but also Professional. I was running late For church. The cab company was very accommodating. Thank you
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10 years ago, CHG2013
Quick Service!
Used the app to get picked up at home and taken to Church Street in downtown Orlando. Within 4 minutes my driver was assigned and I was able to track him via this app! It was very easy to use and super convenient!
Show more
11 years ago, Gatita86
Can't use!
It needs you to create an account. Fine. But Jen I created an account, it said I would receive a confirmation email. I never got one. I signed up for a second account with a different email. Never got that one either. This app probably has zero reviews because no one can actually log in to it! And there is no Help or Support button or option to fix this. What a waste of time...
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10 years ago, Brandon Latinwo-Jones
Cool app to use when ordering taxi services but I hate that it crashes every so often
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8 years ago, Johnny Local
Easy way to call a cab
I used this app to request a cab in Orlando. Everything worked perfectly, and the cab arrived quickly.
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9 years ago, Tennis score needed
Needs a lot of work
Curious if any user interface studies were used in this development. It is not user friendly. Edit functions are hard to find and don't give enough functionality when you do find them. Only allows current location even when booking in advance! No fare estimates. Please go find a great UI developer and product manager.
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10 years ago, Edmund XXIII
Do Not Use!
Do not use this to book a taxi! The address by GPS is not accurate and the search function doesn't work well. Also, when you choose a time, that's not your pickup time even though the app calls it that. That's when they START working on finding you a can. I waited 40 minutes past pre-scheduled time and then walked.
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9 years ago, ItsHazybaby
Delay is ridiculous
I booked a car at 4:12 received a call half hour later asking if I wanted a cab I said I booked it with the app she said she didn't send the car because I needed additional info I then had to wait about another half hour for the car to get to my destination in total about a whole hour waiting for a taxi -_-
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10 years ago, bbbykizzle
So much easier to get a cab using the app than having to figure out the address for the restaurant or venue I'm trying to get to. I love it!
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9 years ago, Cmhdez
The worst service ever, avoid at all cost
Supposedly the are the official taxi service for Disney World so certain expectation are due, apparently no since they have a monopoly they could leave you waiting for over an hour, they took so long that another resort guest offered to take us to our destination. Shame on your disrespectful service!!!
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9 years ago, Foohon Pie
Just what I was looking for.
No more calling and dealing with spotty dispatchers and wondering where the cab is. Tracking the cab's progress on the way to pickup was great.
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9 years ago, CCarns
The latest upgrades are wonderful
I have been using the Mears app for a year and it is great.
Show more
10 years ago, penny.m
Like in Disney
When we have a reservation and we caint take a bus we take a taxi and I use this app 😊 love this app
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9 years ago, Elf yourself lover 2000
Uber and Lyft CAN'T COMPETE
Mears is AWESOME! I feel so much safer in their taxis than any Uber or Lyft car that I've ever ridden in. Uber and Lyft don't have insurance or good background checks. Pick Mears!!!
Show more
10 years ago, Sammiejean22
Love the hybrid taxis
Love the new App! Very easy to use. As a woman I like the safety of having a camera in the car.
Show more
9 years ago, Sdiddy407
Can't compete
These douche bags don't compete with competition like Uber or Lyft. Instead they lobby local commissioners to kill any competition instead of actually providing a quality service or upgrading their deliverables. Here's to hoping you go out of business soon!
Show more
8 years ago, Maroonbooks
Nothing happened
I used this app to order a van to pick us up from our hotel in advance. When the time came, no car ever showed up, and no one ever texted or called me to follow up. The price quoted was very reasonable, but it made no difference.
Show more
9 years ago, MGK1214
Don't bother downloading. App is completely useless. I tried to book a taxi and it wouldn't let me enter the location I wanted to be picked up from. It would only use my current location.
Show more
9 years ago, SpeedracerGrrl
Stupid app locks up on me. Can't do anything. I close it and reopen it. Nothing. I don't know if I can access Web reservations because the app doesn't work. I hope the taxi service is better than their app.
Show more
9 years ago, thamysorel
worse app
Terrible. The worst cab/ride ever. Dont try. Is perfect for who want arrive late on work or something else. I tried several times to get a taxi by this app in diferent days and nobody came. I quit. I spent hours trying to get a taxi.
Show more
8 years ago, AdamPaSc
No one ever shows up
I ordered a cab over this app and no driver ever showed up. I received a "thank you for choosing mear, hope you enjoyed your ride" text an hour later. Completely useless app.
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