Megabus USA

1.4 (265)
14.3 MB
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Current version
Saucon Technologies
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Megabus USA

1.38 out of 5
265 Ratings
5 years ago, Elderado137484
Terrible App, Terrible Company
I have ridden Megabus over 30 times. Recently, my trips from Indiana to Chicago have been significantly delayed (multiple hours) causing me to become increasingly frustrated with the Megabus platform. Not only have my buses been delayed / late, Megabus hasn’t notified me ahead of time so I can make proper accommodations for the long, painful wait ahead (some of these delays have taken place in the dead of winter). Due to Megabus’s inability to proactively communicate with its customers, I’m forced to wait at the bus stop and work with their utterly miserable customer service to figure out when my bus is expected to arrive. Not only does the Megabus customer service team have a tenuous grasp on the English language, they are completely unhelpful and will hang up on you / lie to end a conversation. During one of my customer service calls, a rep recommended I download the Megabus app to check the status of my bus. A recommendation as useful as the app. This app has zero functionality and seems as if it was designed in 1990. Do yourself a favor and ride Greyhound. I will never ride Megabus again.
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5 years ago, Drizzy1024
Screw this app and this company.
The only reason I ride with Megabus is because the tickets are so cheap but I guess that’s why the app is just as crappy, I have to hope that the bus is running on time which is extremely rare customer service is complete garbage and when you call them to find out where the bus and why its running late how they tell you is to just continue to wait but they don’t give you an ETA. The drivers are always rude in their buses always break down, also not to mention they have the most inconvenient bus times they used to have one that left in the morning several in the afternoon and a couple at night now they only have one that leaves mid afternoon and after 10 o’clock in the evening seriously?!?! I have a better chance hitchhiking than using this service go to greyhound don’t support this company!!!
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1 year ago, RobertoMambru7
Use FlixBus instead. This app hasn’t been update in 4 years
Long story short, this app is terrible, the actual service is okay. Download FlixBus if it’s available in your area. The actually service that Megabus provides sadly due to the lack of public transportation in the United States we have to ride busses when I would much rather be able to take a train specially since I mostly use Megabus to travel to another city in my state that’s only about 120 miles away, something that if I lived in Europe I would be able to just ride a train instead. Now let’s talk about just the app. No updates in 4 years…. What else do I need to say. Apple should remove this app from the AppStore. This app really is completely useless, the design is straight from the 1990’s and i mean design by kids in the 1990’s actually kids back then would’ve probably done a better job. Pro tip, just use safari and go to the website if you need to use Megabus.
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2 years ago, -the anonymous-
Horrible App
I agree with other people writing about how bad Megabus customer service and the App is. App doesn’t work half the time and times it does work the info is not upto date. My kids use Megabus to travel from NewYork and State College, PA to come home. App is okay when making reservations and it does ask for emergency tel number but bus is often late ( sometimes for hours) and no texts ever sent by Megabus to customers so they don’t have to waste their time waiting for bus. I think Megabus need to spend some money to upgrade this horrible app to better serve their customers.
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7 years ago, RJMNET55
Terrible functionality, if you can call it that!
I never submit ratings for apps but, in good conscience, I just couldn't let this one pass. Really guys, this app doesn't allow purchases and is clunky when trying to track details of trips purchased. It sends you to the Megabus website when you select purchase, which I could accept if it tracked and recorded details of the trip(s) you purchased, but it doesn't even do that. I enjoy taking megabus so I won't let this lousy app deter me but this app is so terrible that it does a disservice to the company and is probably costing them revenue. FIX IT OR DISCONTINUE IT. Jeez.
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6 years ago, Hanyusa2010
Not able to book a ticket on the app!!!!!
Is useless app, either to delete this app or make it useful app that allows people to book there tickets through the app. How come a big transit company like Megabus and they can not develop an app to serve the basic requirements of a customer wants to book a ticket or check the status of a trip. There a lot need to be done on this app actually it needs to be redeveloped from scratch and make it a real app. I think all not only most of the people check this app have the same thoughts as mine. Fix it ASAP
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5 years ago, Organize me
Terrible app, needs work
Does a good job if you’re buying a ticket. But afterwards, when I clicked the trips tab, it tells me I don’t have any saved trips. The little bus driver icon in the upper left corner does nothing to take you a menu. The buy tickets tab at bottom at least takes you to Megabus web site where you can at least log on and see your ticket if you know your reservation number.. Why bother with an app if it’s easier to go to the website. Scary when you’re on the move.
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7 years ago, chef_nyc
The worst app ever. Period.
I can write a better app in less than 4 hours without a UX/UI designer. Terrible UI, the tracking doesn't work when you want it the most. My friend is coming from DC; no cell phone. Had I known how unreliable their bus tracking is, I would have recommended her a different bus service. Come on, it is not rocket science to show the location of a bus on a map. Actually launchin those satellites involve rocket science and I am happy that NASA/SpaceX is in that business; not these developers..
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3 years ago, Larrive G
Extremely Frustrating Experience!
I got an email from the company that my trip was going to be delayed. I arrive on time because I think “better safe than sorry”. However, the bus either didn’t came in 2 hours or it left early than scheduled. I had to buy another ticket next day. Extremely frustrating experience and will never use Megabus again.
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6 years ago, Yoshi TX
This app is really poorly written
It is almost as if the CEO of mega bus hired his 12-year-old nephew to program a app. While it technically probably meets the list of requirements so the kid could get paid – – it is almost unusable. I have seen apps written for government websites that I would consider to be worthless that are 50 times better than this thing Mega bus do yourself a favor, throw this app away and spend $1000 for somebody in India to write you a good one
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7 years ago, goodwk4itunes
This app will put your mind at ease
Finally I can see exactly where the bus is and not have to rely on calling customer service. It shows you the bus location in real time!
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6 years ago, PinkTigerLily
Fix it
GPS for bus arrival works great, I can judge when to leave my house for the bus stop by where it is on its route and works out perfectly every time. But please fix the bug where it crashes every time i try to save a trip!! I take the same route every single weekend and I’m sick of having to plug in all the trip info every time I open the app.
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5 years ago, Leem
Don’t believe trip status info!!!
This is a totally useless App. The trip status tracking is totally unreliable!!! On my last trip it was showing that my bus would be leaving 3 hours late, but when I called customer service they said it was running on time, so I would’ve missed my bus if I was going by the app. Don’t bother with the app
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7 years ago, Jequalsmcsquared
Largely useless
Yes, you can track a bus through this app, but you can do the same nearly as easily on the mobile website. You can't do anything else on this app. It will act as if it's doing something but it will then open the website with no information saved. I don't recommend it in the slightest.
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1 year ago, Alcamene
What’s the point of this app?
You can’t buy tickets on it. You enter your origin and destination and then when you click get tickets it takes you to their website where you have to, again, enter all the information. Completely useless.
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6 years ago, Drice470
This app serves no purpose whatsoever. I Purchased tickets on the website, and installed this app thinking I would be able to find my trip and access my tickets with the app. There is no way to login no way to retrieve tickets. The only thing this app does is to waste memory on your phone.
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7 years ago, 烂软件要什么破积分
Useful for tracking bus location
This app is useful for tracking bus location, so you don't have to go to the bus stop and wait in case of significant delay.
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2 years ago, Erabesque
Can’t book certain destinations
When I select the from city as Orlando it only shows two possible destinations to purchase tickets for. If I go to the website I can see the full list
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7 years ago, Sirspiffycliff
Quite pointless
I'll be honest. I understand this is a bus service, but seriously. There is no way to track or hold your tickets, no way to purchase rides, I really don't see any need to have this app. I expected to just log in, and save my ticket stub or possibly add to the passbook/wallet. Nope. This company made a app for no reason
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6 years ago, Ndkskklfkfjdbhwhjskk
App is fine. Do not purchase tickets
Tickets are completely non refundable, no credits are permissable either. If You have to change something your money is just gone. Never again will I use their service. I'm surprised they're still in business with non refundable tickets.
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6 years ago, Sammy_b33
If I could rate it 0 stars I would
No functionality but most importantly the ability to track your bus is terrible. My bus is currently 90 minutes late and I’ve been instructed to wait and see when it will arrive because they cannot estimate when it will arrive.
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6 years ago, OddS0cks
Needs more features
I know having an app is cool and trendy, but to release one where you can't actually purchase or retrieve tickets in it has me confused. I guess the trip tracking is cool, but more functionality would be helpful
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5 years ago, @Wag28674
Great for its purpose
The tracker has definitely come a long way. Compared to others Megabus is awesome.
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6 years ago, Nqa2000
Never tracks when most needed
It seems there is only about a 50% chance that I can actually track a bus when I need to. This last time, the app didn’t even give my current trip as an option to choose!
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6 years ago, Fdiskit
Completely Useless
Deleting it; first year I used it was OK, now ZERO functionality. Check rates/buy tickets? Redirect to website (where you get to fill everything in again). Check bus location/ETA? Neither app nor mobile website do this anymore. Totally unimpressed.
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6 years ago, mbavet
Horrible app to use...
Takes way too long to initiate and start. It just spins and spins... no menu or items on dock to jump to, just Google Map loading and loading and loading... Definitely one of the worst apps out there. No wonder the Megabus USA bus driver icon hangs his head in shame...
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4 years ago, cdoerhoff
Worst app EVER!!
This is my first review if an app ever. This one crashed three times while trying to get fares. Then once I entered all the info, it took me to the website where I had to enter it all over again. Nope. @ Megabus IT team, you have quite a bit of work on this one.
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4 years ago, brighterorange
More like Mega Bust!
Downloaded this app to check on our Megabus, which had inexplicably departed 20 minutes before its scheduled time, leaving 7 ticketed passengers stranded. The app is filled with bugs and bad UI decisions. Would not recommend it, and would not recommend taking Megabus.
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6 years ago, 240front
Not really even an app
I don't even think this can be called an app. It's basically something to take you to the MegaBus website, and not much else. Want to book tickets? This will literally take you to the MegaBus website. Come on, MegaBus. You can do better.
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7 years ago, Jumble Jeff
Worthless app!
Why even bother creating an app if this is what you came up with. No information on where pick ups are. The map is worthless. I questioned if this was even a real app because of how half-as it was. Don't bother putting it on anything.
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7 years ago, Aakkjjj
No point to this app
Just use your web browser instead. This app does nothing except make you enter info to take you to your web browser then enter it all over again. Used to be better.
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5 years ago, ChristieNader
App crashes every time I try to save trip
I select all of the trip info and if I click “trip status” it seems to work ok. If I click “save trip” the app shuts down and doesn’t save. I’ve closed and reopened the app. I’ve rebooted my phone. Same issue.
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2 months ago, NRGmac
This App Is Garbage
Don’t waste your time with this outdated app - it doesn’t work. If you need to track your bus go to the Megabus website and go to the “Check my bus” tab, select “Track my bus”, then enter your departure and arrival destinations.
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6 years ago, Ray-anthony
Crashes to home screen upon entering the state leaving
I don't know if the developers ever read this but for the last several weeks this thing just crashes you can't do anything with the app at all
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7 years ago, MommyChante
Absolute WASTE of time and phone space.
Don't bother to download! The app has you fill out your trip dates and times and location, only to throw you to the actual website then you have to enter all of the information all over again! JUST GO STRAIGHT TO THE SITE AND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING THIS CRAP!
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2 years ago, QAQueenInTX
App crashes when I select city
I can’t buy a ticket or check status on this app. It used to work, but now whenever I select a destination city (Austin, TX), it crashes. Really poor QA from the software company!
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3 years ago, Geech22
Horrible App
I purchased a ticket through a browser but was unable to add that ticket to the app. The app will only display tickets you buy through the app. What a horrible and stupid system.
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7 years ago, Lizandro_thewise
Can't buy tickets from the app and when you do click on the button to buy them, it just takes you to the homepage of the Megabus website. Then to make matters worse, the UI is terrible.
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3 years ago, tospik
Why bother?
The app is absolute trash. Clunky interface, far fewer features than the web interface, doesn’t seem to support logging in to save tickets, or anything else useful. Quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever seen.
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6 years ago, Me761275
Over 3 hours late and still no answers as to when they’ll get here. People are literally stand in around in the middle of the night with no answers. Customer service line barely speaks English and just doesn’t give a crap.
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6 years ago, D.Mamabear
Fix the app!!!!
I was happy with this app until it stopped working. And now there’s no way I can find out if my bus is going to be on time or late. There’s no place close to watch for the bus in bad weather. It needs to be updated and ASAP.
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2 years ago, Dino0210
App Crash
Mobile app is junk. It crashes when selecting the destination and the user interface is not user friendly at all
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5 years ago, Lawrence S Wong
Terrible app, poor time keeping
Would NOT recommend! It was cheap, so it drove competition away from San Jose to Anaheim route. The app keeps crashing, have to go to website to book. The bus service was also poor. I arrived just in time but the driver drove away before 7:40 am. I am sure because he drove away as I arrived one minute before. 10:30 bus Driver demanded $5 to get on. Ride ok until arrival downtown Los Angeles stop. Bus could not start for 45minutes.
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5 years ago, Cah1945
Used to work. Not now
When this app works, its great currently it is not tracking buses. What’s wrong
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7 years ago, EF LIVES
Don't waste your space.
All it does is show you stations on a map with no fare info, then sends you to their main page on Safari to do the searches all over again.
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4 years ago, Janet023
What’s the point?
I entered in my date, time, and travelling to and fro and when I hit Buy Tickets it simply sent me to their website, where I have to start all over again. Truly, what is the point of this app?
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5 years ago, Meganfreels16
You put in all the info then press “purchase tickets” to which it redirects you to the website where you have to resubmit all the info. Save yourself time and just skip the app
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6 years ago, JennyFlip
Very Helpful!
This app made my life so much easier!
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5 years ago, Yo mama's fav
Nothing works
Absolutely nothing works on this app. And the bus ride/accommodations they say they offer while on the ride are never available. I’ve since stopped using their services.
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6 years ago, nehakaore
Go for any other bus than megabus
Its no use reserving the seat as they sell it if you dnt reach. And plus they dont leave the bus until the entire bus is full. The buses dont even have upper bag compartment and the seats are very uncomfortable with ni leg space.
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