Meijer - Delivery & Pickup

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Meijer, Inc.
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User Reviews for Meijer - Delivery & Pickup

4.65 out of 5
139.2K Ratings
3 months ago, best store ever lol
I will continue to get the word out to everyone I can. You have become out of reach for my food budget. You are way overpriced compared to Walmart on most items. I also noticed how you have tried to con your consumers by marking up your Meijer brand over the name brands. I believe you do this as to undermine the intelligence of your consumers. I’m guessing this marketing practice is to try and fool shoppers to automatically pick up the Meijer brand assuming it would be less expensive than other name brands. Your can foods are a perfect example of this tactic. You have lost me as a customer. Also to all Meijer shoppers, be aware of how the app collect your personal data from your phone. Why would they need to know my contacts and other personal information. I’m aware that you sell personal information to third parties from the data you collect from your consumers. Americans need to wake up!! What happened to having normal sales without buying 5 bags of chips to get the sale price. Also having to clip my coupons from the app. Ridiculous… just have good old fashioned sales without all the strings attached. I will make it my mission to get as many people to shop elsewhere. YOU ARE part of the GREED in this country! Shameful!
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1 year ago, connie24jo
Issues with order pick up
I have been a loyal Meijer shopper for many many years. I even have a Meijer Mastercard. I made an online pick up order thru the Meijer app in the beginning of July 2022 - I showed up at my time to pick up my grocery order. The Meijer associate loaded my order in my vehicle and walked away. As I was pulling out of the parking spot she came back up to my window and told me my Meijer Mastercard did not process to pay for my order and that I had to go inside and pay. This was very inconvenient as I was in a hurry with 4 kids in my car which is why I did the online order to save time and hassle of carting in my 4 kids. Then again in the beginning of August I had the same issue happened- however this time I had already left the Meijer parking lot and the Meijer associate called my cell phone when I was 5 minutes from home. She told me I needed to come back and pay for my order due to yet again my Meijer Mastercard did not process. I turned around and drove back to the store again with my 4 kids. And once I went inside to pay they were not able to get my Meijer Mastercard to pay for my order and I had no other form of payment. I was so embarrassed- they associates were very rude and told me I had to go get my order from my Tahoe and bring back inside. So I did - no one helped me. I do not understand why this keeps happening. I have no problem using my card when I was on vacation in Mexico! This experience has turned my away from Meijer.
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11 months ago, Empty nester needs a sale
Upset customer over coupon quantity requirements
I do not like how most of your coupons or sales in the store, are NOW requiring you to purchase 2 or 3 or 4 or more of the sale item, just to get the sale price. The requirement use to be on just a few things, but lately, it has been on a lot or most of the current sale items. It is just my husband and I left in our house, therefore, most of the time, we do not need such a large quantity, nor can I afford to purchase that many! I am not stupid, I know this is just a tactic that is use to get the customer to $pend/buy more. And I know some people are stupid enough to buy the required quantity, just to get the “sale price”, whether they need that much or that many! PLEASE , rethink this pricing tactic… as I am sure, you are will aware of how expensive things are, most people need and are looking for sales. I love our clean friendly Meijers store, but I have been going to our dirty Walmart,(with it’s questionable array of people), just to save some money, and were I don’t feel like I must purchase larger quantities of stuff, ethat I do not need.
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7 months ago, iChad1741
Trying to compete with the Waltons
I like the new scan & go app. The new update to turn off the continuous scan is a must. It helps to unnecessarily scan unwanted or accidentally scanning items that are not in your cart or possibly rescanning items already in your cart. However, the new update when trying to scan something it does not activate my camera and I have to close the app and reopen it to get it to work. Thankfully it saves my progress and once I go back into the scan & go app it saves my progress so I do not have to start all over. Also when checking out, the process of the scan & go app is to get customers in & out as fast as possible. How fast is it every time and frustrating for your employees that have go to the kiosk, sign in, and then rescan three items from our cart. How fast is this? Also how convenient is this for people who bag their groceries as they shop with the scan & go app, I see many who do this and I have started to do this as well. It is a waste of time and necessity. Sam's Club doesn't even count your items anymore or scan items in your cart. They just scan the 2D barcode on your way out to close/finalize your trip to their store.
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2 years ago, Elizabethomas
new Meijer consumer & lovin’ it
recently the Meijer in 7Hills OH opened & i have enjoyed shopping at the new store in person or shopping via the app & having it delivered (for the super price this summer! maybe that can be extended?). The ease of use when ordering, the multitude of delivery times, & knowing that I will get what I need quickly -instead of a day or two out -has alleviated a lot of stress during the pandemic days we are all still in. I’m able to get things for my family or my grandmother with ease, thank you! It is wonderful to have you in the area. when I do shop in person i have certainly spent more time in there than intended. the store is beautiful, great clothing, i like the Meijer brand products so far & i really like that there is an entire section devoted to pets & i am only a pet auntie. the recco or ask that I have is for the ability to utilize P-EBT cards via the app for payment (pandemic electronic funds Ohio’s children have been given to help with food insecurity throughout the pandemic). would like to be able to utilize those resources for my family at Meijer.
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4 months ago, bubble no good
The best cakes in ESCANABA MI…
Att: ESCANABA Meijer bakery~ I have ordered numerous cakes/ cupcakes from here for b~days, Graduations, gender reveals, navy boot camp departures,ECT. They were all amazing. The whipped frosting is amazing. (The lighter frosting) The cake decorators do change seldomly yet they always find awesome workers. I received a Hawaiian themed cake. I placed the order giving very simple instructions as maybe a palm tree or Hawaiian type flowers. I gave a colors to be incorporated. They blew away my expectations by 100%. I honestly have ordered over 20+ cakes in the last 4 years, every one of them was unbelievably remarkable. I just wanted to give a shout out to the hard-working cake decorators that work at the Escanaba Meijer. I will go nowhere else for cakes as you all put forth the extra effort to make your customer happy. Keep up the good work. I hope you see this realizing people are absolutely amazed at the perfection you put forth in the work that you do. Thank you for loving your job🙌🏼..
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2 years ago, i shop at meijer
Doesn’t show out of stocks, only substitutes
Also doesn’t show all items that are available in store. There are some items that I purchased in store, but I tried to buy it on the app but it doesn’t even exist on the app! Please fix this! Example: true goodness frozen tater tots and true goodness frozen crinkle cut fries. Late July crackers ( the ones that look like ritz) are shown as “available”, so I add them too my order, but when I pick up my order or review substitutes, nothing is mentioned, so I’m like okay I got my crackers, then I go home, unload my groceries and realize that I’m missing those crackers! Look on the app and compare my original order to the final order and notice that it wasn’t included in my final order, and that wasn’t mentioned ANYWHERE!! Why not??! UPDATE: Jan, 6, 2022. Why did you remove the ingredient list tab from the item description?? Please put it back!! I read it and based on it make the decision to buy or not buy a product. Please re-add this feature! Also, why are pick up times now only available the next day?? I used Meijer instead of other grocery stores because I could get my groceries fast, but now the only time slots for pick up are the next day, which is inconvenient. Please switch it back to same day pick up or I’ll have to shop elsewhere
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3 years ago, DLF-O
Getting better... but by how much?
I am a Shipt subscriber only because the Meijer app was so slow and difficult to use. The application was not intuitive and it was easy to get lost in all the layers of the app. After the past several months (summer 2020) the Meijer app is speeding up and becoming more user friendly. I am now thinking that I can use the Meijer app and not pay the Shipt monthly subscription cost. Not only can the Meijer app save the monthly cost but the groceries are cheaper going through the Meijer app. (Shipt surcharges each item purchased.). The Meijer application also allows the use of money saving coupons earned from past purchases. I really like the Shipt buyers but this service comes at an extra cost. (Note: Also the Shipt customer service was fast, easy and comprehensive. With the Meijer app I felt like I was on my own.) Since the Meijer app has improved, and been upgraded, I am going to begin picking up groceries through the store "pick up" program. This is a trial on my part and I will update you after a trial period. I'm anticipating that the Meijer app will be all I need and I will not have to go back to Shipt...we shall see.
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8 months ago, mom.gard
No option to filter and sort
I try to use this app when I’m in the store and before going, but it’s lacking many functions to make it a truly useful app. Can you please add the option to filter the options? Example: I’m trying now to help my son find some work pants. If I select the men’s clothing, these are the only options: All men’s clothing, underwear, socks, undershirts. No option for shirts or pants. The only option is to search through all clothing which has a result of 212 items. There’s no further option to search by type, size,etc. I’m not going to go through all that; I’d rather just go to another store that has a functional app. I’ve ran across this issue before when I’ve been busy in the store, but it’s enough of an issue I’m asking if you can please make it an update. I’ve used the app as a replacement for lack of employees available to help, but I can’t even depend on the app to help. **I went on the website the following day. Even though it is possible to sort results for men’s clothing, there’s still only options for refining results into socks, underwear, or undershirts. 😳 Another issue is there isn’t an option to share a product link with someone.
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2 months ago, t_kless
Very Finicky App and CONSTANTLY Crashes
I’ve updated my review from three stars to two because this app keeps giving me more and more problems no matter how many times it’s updated by its developers. The Meijer app constantly crashes, about every 30 seconds or so and it makes my phone overheat like crazy. I don’t have an older phone, either, so I know my phone is not the problem. On top of it crashing this often, it also does not let you modify the wording in your list, and sometimes even attempting to do that will trigger a crash. Your list doesn’t even tell you where anything is located in the store, if you’d like to know where items are at you have to type each individual item into the search bar and only then will it tell you. Also, at least once a month for some unknown reason the app will sign you out of your account completely and you need to sign back in and select your preferred store location, over and over again. This app leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability and ease of navigation. I think Meijer needs new developers for their app because I have none of these problems with any other store’s apps I use regularly.
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3 years ago, HGgirl1
App Suggestions
I’m enjoying ordering our groceries at our local Meijer, but the app could use some work. A few suggestions - 1) Make it easier to access the cart from anywhere in the app. Could this be added to the bottom navigation? 2) Let the user browse inventory per category instead of forcing me to search for what I want. Sometimes, for example, I just want to browse the bakery section to see what’s available, and I might find something unexpected and buy it. 3) Allow me to suggest what good substitutions could be for an item. Perhaps just a content box that’s viewable to the shopper? This will prevent me from having to go into the store to purchase items to replace items that were “unavailable” because I wasn’t provided a substitute. Or perhaps the app could send a push notification with substitute options while the Meijer associate is shopping my order? 4.) After the Meijer associate has shopped my order, it would be great if the app told me what items I was ultimately receiving. Information is power, and doesn’t leave me disappointed to first learn of what I’m not getting when the associate brings me my order.
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2 weeks ago, Heisyourlife
Search function needs work
I can’t log into the app. I used to be able to use Touch ID and it’s not even an option. When I thought I forgot my password it didn’t recognize my email. Went on browser and can log in. I’d appreciate not having to always log in. ——- I am searching for air conditioners. I know our local store carries both window and portable units. But when I type in “air conditioner” only one window unit shows up. I know there are a couple BTU options but only one shows up. To find the portable unit I had to find the item by scrolling through all the products. Come to find out that “ac” brings up that air conditioning unit. I have encountered this while grocery shopping. If an exact term isn’t used, the product won’t be found. I do like that in the grocery section it tells you what aisle to find the product. That would be very helpful for all departments. I am hesitant to use “shop and scan” because there are too many products that aren’t found in the system when I check for prices.
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4 years ago, trucker292
Needs work
Shop and scan should be upfront and on top when you open the app. At this point you have to dig into the app to get to it. Be careful when scanner is open because it scan things again in your cart or around you. Scanner should have a button like a camera, push when your ready to scan, as of now I go to “cart” after every scan to avoid this. App is a heavy battery drain too when your shopping,probably due to the constant scanner running. Lost my cart of scans one time due to a call coming in... Last thing that’s annoying is the “random” service scan checks, they say it’s random and the more I use the shop and scan, it will be less frequent, but that’s not the case, I’m getting checked every time, I shop several times a week at meijer. Personally I think loss prevention has control over it too over these “random” service scans. Today I just put my stuff in a cart and had a human scan my stuff instead, didn’t feel “profiled” at least this time today. Bottom line, good idea, just needs work. Oh,I’d also like to still see my cart after the “transfer”
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1 year ago, Ian.T.S
The app and mPerks have been great for the last couple of years of using it. One really nice thing about scanning the app at checkout was it saved the receipt in the app. I don’t need to look back at my receipts often, but it was nice knowing I had them just in case. I don’t know what update changed it, but they are all gone. I’m also not sure if it’s a feature or a bug. In the bottom right of the app I go to more>>orders and receipts, and all it says is that I haven’t placed any online orders. I don’t order online, I shop in store. I believe that is where it saved my in store purchase receipts as long as I scan the app at checkout. I’ll change to review to 5 stars if that functionality is returned. Edit: Maybe they moved where they used to be or my brain wasn’t working. In any case they are kinda hidden. I found in store purchase receipts by going to the bottom right and tapping more>>savings. They are all there.
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7 months ago, nance- tyl
Meijer shopping
I love Meijer.. but... the coupons on the mperks, are getting to be slim and none. Hardly anything we buy.. then any sale items are hardly ever stocked. I do not drive so I have to wait for a ride to the store. Sometimes that’s at 7 pm or after. No sale items are usually available and nobody is stocking. I miss out as I can’t get there early. That’s not fair. Then buying quantities... most times it’s a bit much. Groceries are way to pricy now a days and I have to get what I can get. I’ve started looking at other stores for sales as I have to save some money. I’d rather go to meijer but when I do I have to get the expensive stuff that’s left. And I’m not real wise on the new app. I feel I’m ALWAYS having to check with it. I’d rather spend more time in the store. Not on the computer. Please think of all your customers and make things better and easier.
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2 months ago, modmel19
I so badly want this app to function
The app has a lot of great features, I just wish they consistently worked properly. A lot of times they have “mperks” coupons that are “online only deals”. This is great! The sales are usually pretty good, which is the only thing that keeps me trying. But, alas, every single time I try to place an online order there is SOME SORT OF ISSUE. it is incredibly frustrating and such a waste of time. Currently, they are running a baby sale. I’m adding diapers to my cart specifically from the coupons tab on the app and the coupon isn’t applying. This happens consistently every time I’ve placed or TRIED to place an order in the past. I’ve cleared my cart completely, force closed the app, and tried to start over, to no avail. I have brought online sales to the attention of my friends in the past and every time any of us have placed an order or tried to, we come across the same scenario. You are a big grocery chain in my area…. You should be able to get this right!
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3 years ago, sjaajj
Coupons got even more annoying - and then fixed
I already didn’t like how painful it was to go through and clip coupons, but the functionality works basically the same as all of the other large store apps, so who cares. But with the latest update Meijer found a way to make it even more annoying than the industry standard. Now every time you click a coupon the screen refreshes and takes you back to the top of the list of 400 coupons. What a pain. I hope this gets fixed before my next shopping trip. Update: less than a week after posting this an update fixed my issue (before my next shopping trip). Bumped up a star to 4 because of the quick response from the developer and resolution of my gripe. Next, come up with a revolutionary coupon selection system for the industry that doesn’t leave me sitting in the parking lot for 10 minutes before each shopping trip, and I’ll bump it up to 5!
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1 year ago, allielikesjazz
Constant glitches
I love this app—when it works. Even after installing the most recent update, I have constant issues. Items not appearing in my cart after I add them, not being able to navigate to shop stores near my home when I’m on the other side of town (the list briefly shows my home stores before reverting back to stores that are physically near me). And I’ve currently been trying, for the past half hour, to add all items from a recent order to my cart which simply doesn’t work. I’ve had it show duplicates of everything with no coupons or mPerks added, then it shows all of the items but no total—only a pickup fee (which I shouldn’t have)—no coupons, and no way to select what store I want to pick up from. The issue of coupons and mPerks not registering has been ongoing for at least a year. The app has definitely gotten better, but it slows down and gets glitchy so easily—especially around midday—that it can still be incredibly frustrating.
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2 years ago, BeccaR0SE
Love-Hate Relationship...
There are things I love about the app (Shop & Scan on the rare occasion I shop in person) and things that I find very frustrating... When I do shop inside (usually because of physical coupons from Meijer) lately I’ve been putting things ‘in my cart’ instead of on my shopping list because I can tap the item in my cart to see its location. I wish the shopping list showed locations or had a way to get to the screen like the shopping cart does. Please add a ‘save for later’ function to the cart (or move to shopping list). Sometimes I will wait to get an item next week if I see that I’m over budget & need to get something else more urgently but I don’t want to take it off my order & forget! This would also be helpful for pickup & delivery shopping carts when an item goes ‘out of stock’. Don’t delete it from my cart, move it to ‘save for later’! Finally, I *really* appreciate the order pickup option but PLEASE improve the coupon feature. If you can link and apply my mperks coupons for pickup orders, then you can also link my Ibotta account the same as it’s automatically linked for in-store. This is the #1 reason I shop Walmart twice as often as Meijer. I’d rather give you my business, but Walmart links my Ibotta for pickup orders, and shows me my substitutions *before* I arrive. If I could get them to add the ‘save for later’ cart function (SamsClub has it) then their pickup would be just about perfect.
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3 years ago, aaaalllaa
Missing vital functions
This app leaves a lot to be desired. The sales never update on time so even though the weekly ad shows an item on sale it won’t display the sale price when shopping or in your cart. It will however show out of date sales for a couple of days so you need to be savvy about checking the dates to make sure you won’t be surprised by your bill. It has a shopping list but it doesn’t show the picture or the location in the store so I end up looking up each individual item as I shop if I’m not sure where to find it. Seems like this would be pretty simple to add to the shopping list. It also doesn’t have pretty basic search functionality which helps predict what you’re searching for even if you have a typo or search for something slightly different. For example if you search “cranberr” it gives 0 search results even though one could assume I just accidentally left off the “y” and I’m looking for cranberry. These basic features make it a real pain to use especially when trying to order a delivery and I rely on being able to search all my options and seeing the accurate prices.
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4 years ago, Findingthestars
Best app EVER!
I never review apps, usually I simply can’t be bothered, but I had to review this app because it is the best I’ve ever seen. This app does it all! It shows current gas prices, sale items, coupons, promotions, past purchases with current sale prices alerting you if they are on sale and would like to purchase again, and get this, your actual receipts (not just a list of purchases). It includes a scanner and tallies items as you scan, which allows you to keep track of how much you are spending which is nice if you are on a budget, as well as notifying you if they are on sale. Stores personal rewards and keeps track of how close you are to next rewards. You can also search for items and see if your store carries them. The developers thought of everything! Puts other store apps to shame!
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7 months ago, HiVeeVee
Latest update makes Shop & Scan unusable
I’ve been using Shop & Scan exclusively for a long time. This function of the app worked wonderfully. It was so easy and fast. The latest app update has made it unusable. When I scan a barcode, it takes forever to register and add the item to my cart. So there I am, just standing around and waiting to see what it will do. Then, it’s really cumbersome to change the quantity. I have to tap the item a few times before it will let me adjust the quantity. I turned on the constant scan feature to make it easier to shop. It now constantly scans random items on the shelves when I pass by them. It did this only occasionally before, but now it does it frequently. I have to keep checking my app shopping cart to make sure there are no items in there that don’t belong, and also to make sure quantities were updated correctly. The Shop & Scan feature worked perfectly before. Is there any way for me to revert back to the old version? If not, there’s no way I can use this feature anymore. It takes me too long to shop now.
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6 months ago, Barczs
Always something wrong
Whenever I order for delivery something is always missing from my order even though it says it was picked up and delivered to me. I can never report a problem in the app and there is no TTY number, so I just lose out on my money and it’s getting frustrating. Also whenever I order pick up (usually because we are very sick) so many things say out of stock, so I have my husband go in instead and he picks them up because the shelves are always full, even when the shopper said it was out of stock. Most recently I ordered frozen berries and peaches for my son who had surgery, I used the last of what was on my credit card and have no more money. I got almost everything in my except garlic (which was marked out of stock and not paid for ) but the frozen berries and peaches that were 100% paid for, were not there. Nobody is getting back with us about this and I’m fairly upset, my son is having a tonsillectomy in two days and I won’t be able to make frozen smoothies for him. Very frustrated.
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12 months ago, yes, it is me
The Meijer app has come a long way in two years, but still has some quirks. Several times I have ended up going into the store and found items not listed on the app. Occasionally I can’t get a pick up time when needed and my cart is full—I end up going into the store and shopping for myself, I use my Meijer app and take items back off my app as I put them in my cart. But two weeks ago when I couldn’t get a pickup time until the next day, I noticed a sale coupon wasn’t deducted. When I mentioned it to the cashier, she said I needed to use pick up to get the item at the sale price! What the heck! I know it’s hard to get enough shoppers, delivery people — so I don’t get upset when I have to go inside, but when I do my own shopping because you don’t have enough workers—-and then I don’t get the discount sale price—grrrrr!! So if I clip a coupon, and then end up doing my shopping do I get the discounts for those coupons? Or was the cashier new and mistsken?
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4 years ago, mj447725
The Deli is the downfall of the Valpo store. They are very slow. They seem to have trouble locating meats in the display case so they walk, with no sense of urgency, to the refrigerator returning with nothing in their hands and digging a little deeper into the display case and finding it. The last time my husband and I visited the deli, this ritual took 7 minutes! And it is a ritual, this happens 9 out of 10 visits. It’s as if the deli is not organized or that the prep for the next shift does not exist. Have the deli check their inventory before the next shift starts and make sure that there is plenty of product at their finger tips so they don’t have to go on a field trip and hunt it down. Procedures! They are not there! Procedures! No wonder why they move so slow, they are tired. One final note which sets the tone of the service at the deli..... 3 customers were waiting to be served, the first was being helped and I was next and one of the deli persons said “they are waiting” and Sandra G said “they can wait.” Sorry we were a bother Respectfully MJ Dennison
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2 years ago, hotdogboowho
Three days ago I went to MeijersIf you buy $15 worth of Dannon yogurt you will get three dollars off so I bought $18 worth I called them three days ago and they told me that their system was down and it will be up in two days here it is three days and it’s still not up evidently they don’t really care about their customers I’ve sent email messages and they have not replied back now Kroger‘s always get back with youI am taking my yogurt back to the store and getting my $18 backThis is not the first time this has happened it has happened two other times not even the groceries percentage is right I told them they might have a bug in their system but they are ignoring that I’ve been a Meijers customer for a long time but evidently they do not want to treat their customers right every time you go into the store they have no carts You have to go to the parking lot and get your own clean it off when you bring it back in and some of the boys are very hateful especially at the Middletown location I am very disappointed in the store and the customer relation department
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2 years ago, Tazman_OH
Needs HELP!!
I just moved into the area and decided to give Meijer a try. I’m used to shopping at Walmart and Publix. Meijer really needs to learn things from the way the other grocery stores do their apps. 1) For instance I am looking for scissors and it only gives me the location of “Office Supplies.” Well that’s nice but if I’ve never shopped in a Meijer before I have no clue where their office supplies are. Other grocery stores will give you the exact aisle. And what the heck is “Hard Home”?? A cheese grater is in Hard Home. Have no clue what that means. 2) Walmart will give you a map of their store. I see no maps online or in their app. Maybe I want to shop in the makeup section. I don’t know what I want. At least give me a map so I can find that section to take a look. 3) Meijer gives me a place where I can make a shopping list. And it’s worthless. Once again if it doesn’t tell me in the list where to find those items, I’m walking back and forth all over the store trying to find the items I need. When shopping with Publix and Kroger apps I was able to make a list and each time I added something it would be put on my list in the aisle it was located in. Made it easy to know what I needed in each aisle and able to quickly shop and get out of the store. 4) Pics of the items in the coupon area are so small I can barely tell what the item is. It would be nice if the pics were bigger. Change these things in your app and it might be worth continuing to shop at Meijer.
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2 years ago, Mikiecameraman
Extremely poor application
This is a new review! I have coupons clipped and I always put in my mperks number (tied to the app in my phone). I had made several purchases of fresh fruit over the $5 threshold and the app has not applied the clipped coupon of $2 off. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the app. Can you guys fix the app. Getting tired of the app and it’s issues! It it getting that as I try to use the app the images of the products featured do not show. It doesn’t help to close the app and restart, still no images. The last 10 visits (as an example) to the store and using the app to check prices and for coupons, the app is stating “no upc” product does not exist! Clothes, HBC products, hardware, toys, and some foods so not just one category!! It makes it difficult when you can’t check a product, can’t find an associate, and the scan stations don’t work. Almost makes me want to go to Kroger or Walmart. I have been a faithful Meijer customer for more than 25 years and it is getting much worse each month!!!
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3 years ago, Lwalson
Needs a lot of work
I want to like this app but there are so many issues. I like to add groceries to my cart throughout the week as I see I need things. It really makes me frustrated when an item becomes out of stock and you automatically remove it from my cart. Instead, it should just be grayed out in my cart so I remember and can select an alternative. There have been several times where I have not caught this before checking out. The other thing is that you guys show several things that are out of stock that are not out of stock. I checked three locations and each one was out of every single kind of mushroom and chopped lettuce. When I talked with an employee they told me that they were never out of stock and even if they were that evening, they would be restocked at night. Why can’t you just leave that item in my cart even if it is out of stock? Also, it should not take 30min for someone to bring my groceries out. I would have been better off going inside and getting the groceries myself.
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4 months ago, Shopper401
Disappointed Shopper
I cannot really give any stars. I am disappointed in this app and perks program. I have been locked out of my account for over a week. 3 calls to customer service have only resulted in the same troubleshooting techniques that are not working. As of now, I have accumulated reward points that I cannot designate to any redemption category because I cannot access my account by mobile app or computer nor on WiFi or data plan. I cannot clip app coupons either. I updated the app yesterday and last week. Customer service can see my email. On the third customer service phone call, they sent it “up the chain” for troubleshooting saying they would email me. The email contained only the same suggestions the customer service reps offered and no solution. Prior to this new rewards program, I would be offered at checkout to apply $ off my basket due to accumulated points. With this new system, it doesn’t unless I actively move them in the account, which I cannot because I’m locked out.
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5 years ago, horrified and hurting
I shop at Meijer at least once a week and no where else in town do I get treated so poorly. You see, I’m disabled. And I often use the power carts that are provided by Meijer (which I am so thankful for). But I’m younger (50 this year) and just about every associate treats me like I’m faking it and shouldn’t be in a cart. The only cashier that ever treated me with dignity and respect is Stacey ? She was nice. The rest of them give me the cold shoulder and don’t even greet me when I get in line. They’re awful and I’m seriously considering shopping only at Walmart where they treat everyone nicely. I’ve never had this problem anywhere else. I didn’t choose to be disabled and I doubt anyone would. So would you tell your associates to be nicer to disabled people and to smile once in a while. It wouldn’t kill them. They really could use some education and some attitude adjustments. Even if they have to “fake it”
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4 years ago, Larry670
Excellent Store App
We just opened a Meijer in our town this week, and having lived in Indiana, I knew what we were getting. This app is one of the best store apps I have ever used. Scan and Go works great and really speeds up the shopping trip. I also like that it automatically finds coupons for things you’re already buying. No need to dig through 350 coupons! One feature I would love to have is to retain price information and store location information for the items that I add to a shopping list. It would be great to make a list and have a running tally of how much my trip will cost and also be able to quickly glance at my phone to see the location of the next item on my list without having to start a brand new search each time. Thanks Meijer developers!
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2 years ago, SW Annoyed
Went down hill
The Meijer app has went down hill. Within the last month I have had several bad experiences. First when approving substitutions it didn’t show you when they were substituting. No picture just a shopping cart & then no description. I denied substitution as i have no clue what i would be getting. Second It took me over 45 minutes to place an order. Once i got to the check out I would get an error message that something went wrong on their end to try again. I needed groceries because my family was sick with Covid. Extremely annoying but it did eventually work. Last night & this morning I open the app to see what is currently in my cart. I add items through out the week. I keep getting another error message. Imagine that!!! Something went wrong on our end please try again. I prefer shopping Meijer online & often use Walmart. I have never had an issue with Walmart and might need to switch only to them if Meijer can’t get their app figured out!!!
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2 years ago, JT Living in the future
Good app. Just a couple things.
I appreciate how much this app has improved over the past couple years. My wife and I use shop & scan and love it. We finally started using the built-in list feature instead of switching back and forth from a list app. I can swipe from the scan screen the list in one motion but getting back to the scanner requires hitting two tiny buttons, usually while walking. It would really streamline shopping if I could swipe back and forth more easily. Or figure out how to have both on the same screen. The other thing is that we’ve both had our lists wiped out before getting to the store several times in the past month. We are both logged into the same mperks account. This never happened before. Seems like a glitch. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, ashmejia
More incentives
I used to shop at Walmart more often then I did at Meijer for the last 10 years but made the switch within the last year because I noticed I liked the atmosphere of Meijer much better than Walmart. I wish there was a coffee shop (Bigby Coffee, Starbucks, etc.) and bigger coupons on food, household, personal, vitamins and beauty products. I like the incentive coupon of spending a certain amount of money and getting a coupon in return for shopping next time. I just wish they were more frequent and at least $2–3 more. I noticed Walmart is displaying a very modern clothing section for the last 2-3 years and I actually chose to shop for mostly everything I need under one roof because it was accessible. I would love for Meijer to revamp their clothing choices (men, women, juniors, kids, babies) as well, and they have but it does need improvement.
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4 years ago, Gsdcjst
Super incredible
I cannot believe how amazing this app is. I set it up at home and then used it at Meijer last night. It was super easy to figure out and made our shopping trip much nicer and quicker because we didn’t have to wait in line at the checkout. We were able to bag our groceries the way we wanted them. Everything you could possibly need for your shopping trip is in this app. It even tells you if there’s a coupon for something you’re buying. Your Mperks are automatically on this. It has a button to tap if you’re buying more than one of a certain item. You can delete a mistake if you make one. The scanner works incredibly fast - much faster and easier than the self-scanner at the checkout. If you hate going thru the checkout, use this app.
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1 year ago, Sarahgracesc
I loved this app until it stopped working
UPDATE: Two people reached out to let me know the issue was resolved, but it wasn’t. I let them know and the next day received an email that the issue was resolved and thanking me for my patience. I also received a voicemail. Awesome customer service and I’m SO HAPPY to finally be able to order again! ===== It won’t allow me to select a pickup or delivery, it says there are no times available, no matter what store I choose and what address I enter, then shows an error. It’s been like this for several days. It’s so frustrating to not be able to get groceries from meijer (we cannot leave our home). Hopefully it will be fixed at some point so we can shop at meijer again.
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5 months ago, Quizgamer
I regularly use the app for shop and scan. Generally, it makes for a smooth trip to Meijer. However, now whenever I use that feature, it only works if I leave it up on my screen while shopping. If I have to go elsewhere on the Meijer app (for instance, to look at the coupons I’ve clipped in the app to see if an item I want to scan meets the coupon criteria), I can no longer access my previous shop and scan order. I wouldn’t even mind just re-scanning my items, but the app refuses to allow that. I click on shop and scan, and I get an error message that my previous shop and scan order can’t be found. When I try again, I get the same error message, with no option to just start over. You’d think a grocery shopping app would be designed to allow users to check on their coupons (while staying in the app) while simultaneously using the shop and scan feature. This app has become so frustrating.
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1 year ago, MikeLMA
App is a good basic shopping tool
I use the app for store shopping. The app located items down to the isle, but still may never find items on their long isles, and I have given up more than once - other store apps have more precise item locations down to a couple feet. It would be nice if there were better nutritional searches, but their app is typical, and it is not downgraded for that. They actually read my review, which is a huge positive for me. In the store, the people were very helpful, and the store is very clean. However, the local store had the worst covid response of any stores in the area, which did not match its corporate messaging - I don't know if this is a local thing or systemic. With my health concerns, I felt violated. Due to this, I already found other stores, and I do not plan to return. The app is typical, thus it is not enough to draw me back.
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8 months ago, Love my rebates
Not impressed anymore
I was for longest time a Walmart shopper but over time converted to Meijer shopper because I found some thing’s to be a better quality and the machines spit out coupons that helped with my grocery bill if someone didn’t want their coupons they left them for whatever came next. What I am finding is the cashiers run to the registers as soon as they see them, rip them up and trash them. I have even had cashiers run up to my register as I started to ring up my order rip off coupons, tear them in pieces, and trash them. There are people who need the coupons and rely on coupons to meet their budgets, especially now. I very well may start going back to Walmart if this behavior continues.
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5 years ago, ajredcoats78
I love this app!!
Okay, at first I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how a grocery app could be helpful. But it started out by keeping a digital log of your receipts. It saved me time and time again from returns that could have turned ugly. Then the coupons came in. Tailored completely with things that I regularly purchase. And these weren’t piddly milk?!?! What?!?! Then the mobile shopping happened! I have never been so happy to be able to get in and out of a store so quickly, either a cart overflowing with groceries!! So easy and it automagically pairs your purchased with the coupons you have digitally clipped! I love this app, this store and the people you get to interact with at the store! Now if they can teleport it to my home that would be awesome!
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1 year ago, WanderingLok
Decent but needs a couple things
Specifically, the “grocery list” function is rather un-useful and you might as well just use shopping cart function instead. You can add an item by searching or just typing it yourself, but if I add an item by searching, I can not easily choose quantity or see price. I can not see a total price for the list and in order to see what the item looks like, I have to click on it and have it essentially open a new page. It also doesn’t list items by isle or section, even though it CAN do that, as shown on an items specific page. I prefer shopping at Meijer but this one thing honestly makes me sometimes just go to Kroger instead as their shopping list function is much more streamlined and useful.
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4 months ago, Fletchowski
Version 9.19 is completely useless
Since there is no other way to report THIS kind of issue, it’s going to be here. Previous versions of app have been good. This one makes app unusable. Was signed in, products missing 75% of pictures, search function might as well be non existent except for basic item, like milk. Beyond that, useless. Quart milk gets you ONE item that is a quart, then half and full gallons including drinkable yogurt flavored products. And no way to select an item or quantity. Those buttons are gone. Won’t allow cart access or other functions. Says they are unavailable at this time. Restarted app, no difference. Restarted iPad, no difference. Signed out of app and now won’t take credentials to let you back in to it. It knows who I am but I put password in and get no reaction. No screen for wrong password, no moving forward for correct password and no place for Face ID for log in. Completely useless.
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12 months ago, c lip 777
Pickup order
We put an order in early this afternoon scheduled to pick up at 3 o’clock was given confirmation somehow the order got changed to be picked up at 4 o’clock. It is now 530 my daughter called to let me know that they came outside and told her that they were understaffed and they were working on on the orderAnd it would be a while still. When I called in to complain and spoke with the manager I asked if they’re understaffed why are they allowing these orders to go through she informed me that she has asked corporate to stop the online orders from being able to be processed because they do not have enough staff. I said if this is the case than why continue to offer the service. My daughter could have easily went inside and picked up the groceries herself , the only reason we used the app for the order was so that I could put the order on my credit card. I have always liked shopping at Meijer, but pickup shopping is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Game Hunter205
You you you
Cashiers are stupid. Double charged and don’t discover until you get home. Paid 5.49 twice because she scanned it two times. They don’t know the difference in vegetables. They don’t know the difference in bulk and bunch. You put items on sale and then don’t have it. Produce is very poorly displayed. Display it right and you will triple your sales. Stop selling old vegetables and produce. Start purchasing wisely and not foolishly. Your stock crew does not rotate merchandise. Doesn’t matter if it’s fresh refrigerated or canned. Get rid of the union. Your employees are lazy. Cashier s that sit on a chair and ring up sales. LAZY. Too too much personal talk between cashiers. Do the job stop all the BS. Get the dam entrance doors fixed right. They are always broke. Not enough cashiers.
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9 months ago, Sonneberg14
Weekly Log-Out & Items Missing From the App
This app works fairly well but it is a bit glitchy. Every Sunday night, it logs me out and I have to log back in. This happens every single week, like clockwork. None of my other apps do this and it’s very annoying. Also, there are grocery items, such as egg noodles, entirely missing from the app and it is frustrating to find them as a regular item in the store but be unable to order them for pick-up. Sometimes this is corrected but frequently items are missing from the app for months even though they are available in the store. Occasionally the app also randomly changes your default store and if you don’t pay attention, your pick up order be at another location and you’ll have to cancel it and start over.
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2 years ago, Sarabobara24
Loved this app and service until recently
The last two weeks have been sketchy with this app to say the least. I can’t preview/approve most substitutions when I submit an online order for pick up. So I don’t approve any and then it’s a surprise when I get home after work all day and live 20 minutes from the store. Or I hold up the already very busy workers at Meijer and approve all of my substitutions over the phone, which has to be frustrating for those working during these busy holidays. Please fix this! I absolutely loved the app and being able to pick up my grocery order on my way home from work every week. Before this I’d rate it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, MrsRiddler
Like but disappointed
I love the app I love how you can pick out your coupons I love the fact that you can go into a certain department and look for the coupon you want it’s easy access I love how when you fill a prescription you get credit for it and then when you fill a certain amount you can get a coupon what I am disappointed in however is before you would have to fill 10 prescriptions and you would get a $20 off coupon now that’s changed to getting only a $10 coupon very disappointed in that because that $20 helps with people who are struggling every day we’ve earned that and now it’s being taken away does that make me wanna go back to Meijer not as much but I still will but I’m very disappointed how they hype everything up and then they take it away little unfair there Meijer little unfair there.
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6 months ago, Danielle Str.
New Update is Not Great
I have been using shop and scan for years now. I love it, but recently since the new changes with the app there seem to be so many issues. In one single trip to Meijer I have to close out of the app and sometimes restart my phone at least 3x. The camera won’t load on the app to scan barcodes. It continues to try to “sync” my cart, and then it spins forever saying locating my store in the middle of my order. Previously (before the continuous scan option) I never had any issues and my trips were under an hour and check out was so easy! Now, sometimes my whole cart disappears and I have to rescan everything. Seems like these recent updates have brought upon many bugs in the app that don’t make for an easy shopping trip anymore.
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5 years ago, Tonishanorman
Good app
I love this app although I wish there were more coupons tailored to what you actually buy I still really enjoy this app...& p.s if you are blaming cashiers for prices calling them dumb and saying mean things about people you need to check yourself because it’s not the cashiers fault they are just that a cashier they can not help they do not have things in stock or prices are different if something was double charged most likely they did not mean to do that if you just take your stuff up to the desk they are more then willing to change it yes I get no one likes waiting in line but it’s life people need to be more compassionate and understanding we are all fumbling through life be kind people not that hard.
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