Mematic - The Meme Maker

Graphics & Design
4.7 (156.8K)
59.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Theodor Mueller
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mematic - The Meme Maker

4.74 out of 5
156.8K Ratings
2 years ago, mrsasia
Keeps getting better!!
Update: I bought this app when it came out but now it’s subscription only. I love it so I’m paying but not happy about it. 😠 I love this app! I’ve tried others but they make it too complicated or you have to sign up for a subscription. Theodur, the master magician programmer, who created this app is accessible if you have a question or problem. I’ve never had problems in the ~5 yrs I’ve owned this app. If I have a question, an idea or just want to share something that came out cooler than expected, he emails me back within a day. I’m probably annoying but he says he’s open to any suggestions, ideas on features and wants to hear critiques to make it the best app out there for memes. I appreciate that the creator, Theodur, follows up on questions via email, seems enthusiastic to make the best meme app out there. Plus, it’s so easy 1-2-3-4-share-save!! UPDATE: I am one a of privileged few who is testing the new Beta for an updated version of MEMATIC! First of all, it’s easy to learn the new photo editing tools (same type of tools as my iPhone, but easier to find) Then, pick a meme style (there are 7 templates, 24 collages which are customizable). I like Free Style. Find a photo that’s dying to say something. Use your words. Use tools to edit photo again if you need to. Hit save then share it! Also, there are sized templates for all social media formats. Theodur, you’ve outdone yourself! Bravo on new beta! Love it!
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7 months ago, Squirtlesquirt12345
Awesome!!! 😊 😍Plz Read
Overall an amazing app. Definantly the right rating if not should be a bit higher cuz it does have a lot of profanity and some of the things are quite inappropriate and the age I would personally say you should be would be about 15+ . Anyway it's a great app where you can make cool memes and and gifs(not jifs) they even have a whole entire thing of suggestions for memes(which is where most of the inappropriate things come from, but you don't have to use it) and a whole list of stock photos you can use and if you don't want to use that stuff you can use your own photos or videos. They also have a list of tutorial videos for how to use the app down at the bottom. They have a grid you can use to make different types of memes like with several photos but they also have a free style one so you can make your meme how you want. The app has a few in app purchases but very few unlike a lot of other apps. Any the app is great, not for youngings but it's awesome, anyway ty if you read this whole thing I'm sorry it's so long anyway, bye!
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4 years ago, Adam7711
Love it and use it for business as well
The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is worth much more than that when, along with some light markups, and captions, it can convey information properly and competently. I use this for fun but lately I have found that using it for business has been the real utility of it. Recently had a painter and electrician I needed to replace some small boxes on the outside of a commercial strip center. A picture of a site plan (with markup arrows) showing locations, then a picture of the current boxes (along with markup circles), and finally a caption explaining it all gave me everything I needed and it made there jobs easier by being able to simply send that picture to whoever was going to take care of it for them at their respective companies. They both independently reached out to thank me for the detailed information. If we tried to accomplish the same thing with phone calls and text messages some info would have been lost and other info would have been required to be repeated in order to complete the job.
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1 year ago, jrjrjrirjrirjrjej
To all you one star raters
Most one star readers say that “it’s not free to make a meme” it’s completely free (btw u don’t get any images from the pro update) idk I could be wrong but anyway if you say it’s to hard it is super easy just select a template then choose a photo then edit text and don’t leave one star reviews if you make it complicated yourself I have made 120 memes in this month without any problems or glitches and plus there’s like 10 or 8 tutorials which BRIEFLY explain everything you need to know so pls check the tutorials before you rate it one star but overall all the glitches have most likely been fixed and I thing either today or yesterday they updated meme templates so there’s lots u can do and I’ve made 1429 memes since I got this app and none of them have been any problems and if ur being a Karen and saying “it won’t save” then press export and then press save and no it is not in the projects section it is in your photos but I hope this was helpful and u change your rating
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5 years ago, Here's something to improve.
I love Mematic! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I believe Mematic is awesome for three main reasons; you can make anything (basically); you can share them with your friends really easily; you can use your own pictures. I was looking for a meme generator app, and I didn’t want to use edit in photos. I looked on the App Store for a meme generator, and the first or second thing I saw was Mematic. I downloaded it and tried it out. I loved it and I was cracked up with the memes I made of my dog. I love the way you can use your own pictures to make your own meme-y masterpieces. I shared a lot of them with my friends, and it was so easy to share them. I had to press one button and type in their name. And walla! My friends could see my memes! I love this app and the only thing wrong with it is that we have to pay for some of the features, like text color and fonts, but I don’t mind. I can make anything with what I got. I hope that you guys at Mematic Corp. or something read this and thank you! -Mematic User
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2 years ago, Opossum the Opossum
Works Great, Though Having a Recent Probelm
Overall this app works pretty well, and it’s been my go-to for the past year and a half or so. It even lets you insert an image within the meme picture/template that you’ve chosen with only a few simple taps, which I’d previously thought you’d have to do via photoshop or some other similar program (I have only a tiny amount photo editing experience and had never made memes or anything prior to downloading this app, it being so beginner and user-friendly another thing I like about it). However, recently I noticed that if you’re playing music from your phone while you’re using it, it will pause it once you get to the step of selecting a template to use and won’t allow you to keep playing it again, which it didn’t used to do. It isn’t really too much of a problem, just a little inconvenient and a bit of a downer if you happen to be listening to music and are in the middle of a song.
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2 years ago, Roblox_GamerGirl_Noice
Best place for memes
I saw that this app got a lot of hate, decided to try it, and honestly don't see why people hate on it. Normally meme apps require a premium for way too many things, and people without it don't have much to work with, and I understand that they need money but they should at least give the non-premium users a little more privilege. This app, on the other hand, gives you a lot of things to work with, even without premium! (I don't have premium myself) so a really good app, pretty much no ads, and the other details are cool so love it and recommend it! Edit: So uh I have been having a problem. You cant really make the text bigger or smaller, and if you can it's really hard (for iPhone users, at least.) So maybe try to fix that and pretty much everything else is good. Wide variety of memes to choose from, easy to use (other than my complaint) and yeah, pretty good app.
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5 years ago, Random Slav
This was absolutely incredible! I am very impressed. “There aren’t any good mobile meme apps out there”, I thought. I then found this app and was shocked! Not only does the meme come out in great quality, but there is a wide variety of formats to choose from. You can do so much with this app. You can even make a meme using random photos from your photo library. As a professional reta- I mean meme maker, I give this a solid 5 stars. Now, I won’t be laughed at for using a totally-not-Indian-scam meme making app that makes worse stuff then Cardi B. Like honestly, she looks like a depressed potato. Back to the topic, there are many things you can do on this app. The premium feature even lets you add watermarks! I will definitely be getting that 😏. This meme app is so good, Harambe came back from Gorilla Heaven and was like, “yo this app good”. You already know I’m going to be staying up all night making Grandayy-quality memes. Good night everyone, stay Cheeki Breeki!
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5 years ago, Sjmcdona85
Stay clear
Updated review: The developer not only fixed the issues mentioned below, but reached out to me to let me know the app had been updated. Out of respect for this developer and their excellent support, I’ll gladly say that this is without a doubt the best meme app available. It’s easy to use, has preloaded memes which are updated daily, and excellent watermark features as well. Highly recommended. Old review: Long time user, gladly paid to upgrade to pro years back when I first got the app. Though they allow you to “restore” your legacy pro status it suspiciously makes you restore this every time you login, and still contains the “‘made with mematic” logo on the bottom left even if you paid in the past. Shady business practices keep this app from being great, there are plenty of other paid alternatives out there that don’t require a subscription - I’d recommend those instead.
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2 years ago, 99% not a dbag
Just the greatest and easiest meme generator!
I just upgraded to the paid version of this app after using it for free for YEARS. The free version will let you make hilarious and fun meme’s for you to share so if you are watching a budget, go with this one. The funny thing is, I can afford it but I just didn’t think the paid version would be all that much better….well I was wrong!! The paid version is CRAZY AWESOME!! The fonts, colors and different layouts that you can do with the paid version is soooooo worth it! For the years that I have used this app, it has been reliable, easy to use and fun so I know you will enjoy it. I don’t do many reviews, but I just felt this app deserved it. Thank you to the creator(s) of this app, I appreciate your work! Brian
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3 years ago, Veryhandsomboat
Great App for Memes, but Has Minor Issues
When I want to make a meme, chances are I’m using Mematic. If the meme would be more enjoyable with more advanced editing, I might use a different app. I think Mematic is a great app if you want to make your own memes. However, I think it is a little too simple. Even with the premium service they offer, it just seems really simple for editing. Then I think, “Why use this when I can use that other editing app for free, with better editing tools?” But if I do like how there are different formats to choose from. There’s captions, free style, bottom and top captions, a quote, etc. With other apps you can’t format a meme with one click, you have to edit in the text or the caption or whatever format you are using. I gave Mematic 4 stars because although it has minor issues, it is mostly positive from me. Good job Theodor!
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1 year ago, CrusadingJester
Mematic Pro Subscription Error
I've been using this app for about a year now. And I have to say it's been alright. Came in handy multiple times whenever I needed to make a meme. But here recently I've noticed that it's begun to add the watermark again. I thought "Huh, well that's odd." I go to the home acreen of the app and it says "upgrade to pro" ... Uh, I've been using pro for like a year. And get this: When I try to "subscribe" (because it obviously isn't letting me use the pro version, being that it's putting the watermark in the corner) it says THAT I'M ALREADY SUBSCRIBED. Yet I can't use the pro version that I AM PAYING FOR. Then it gives me an error. 💀💀💀 I mean I have plenty of cash in my bank account so I don't see what the issue is here... For now, I'm going to uninstall, because I'm not paying for nothing. Plus, I don't have ANY other apps giving me this issue. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Dawson5621
This is THE meme app.
There’s a million apps out there to make memes but I found this app to be the most consistent with quality and performance. Easy to use and plenty of options to take advantage of I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative. And when I did have an issue when my subscription plan didn’t show with an app update I had reached out to the developer who promptly responded to let me know they had a fix in place and if I had issues to let them know. I almost never reach out for support but I did, and on top of the excellent and user friendly app they have, they matched that quality in their support. I tell everyone to use this app for memes and will continue to do so in the future.
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5 years ago, A doctor from Harvard jk
Good. If it didn’t freeze
So I just got this app recently and I love it. It is simple, easy to use, and my friends and I like doing competitions of who can make the best meme. But there is one problem that made this app a 3/5. In fact whenever I try to click on a meme format it always freezes. I end up not making the meme and just send the images to my friend on discord so he can make it for me. Not only does it freeze when I am trying to select a meme format, but it also freezes whenever I make a meme. Sorry if this is confusing but pretty much, I think it gives me a time limit before it freezes. I can’t use any formats because they freeze, so I have to screenshot a picture of the image I want in order to make the meme in a time crunch. When I do make the meme eventually when it says save I click it and then the screen freezes again. If anyone can help me solve this my discord is Fat Thor#4149 your help is appreciated.
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3 years ago, jurjfjvjf
I’m sorry, but this isn’t what I was expecting...
Honestly I’m not sure what I thought this app would be like, but the in app purchases are expensive. You only get two fonts without the pro membership, and I have never seen a more expensive membership... I’m really not willing to pay this much just to use all of the features this app offers... it is sixty dollars a year for the monthly membership, which is, in my opinion, unreasonable, and it is thirty for the full yearly membership. This app isn’t really all that and a bag of chips like I was hoping for, and being completely honest, I wouldn’t recommend this app to others if I knew they wouldn’t want to pay these prices... the app itself is pretty okay, but you get very little features without the membership... you only get two fonts out of so many, unless you have the paid pro membership. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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4 years ago, epicgamr96
I’ve used been using mematic to create a few memes now, and it’s pretty awesome. They have a ton of popular meme templates, and you can do a lot of stuff for free. I would rate it 5 stars, but I think it costs too much for mematic pro. I wish it was just one payment, and then u have it forever. If I want to make a funny meme, but need one of the mematic pro features, I’m not going to pay 5 dollars each month so I can make a few memes. You also have the option to pay 25 dollars a year, but if I only want to make a few memes, it’s not worth it. Anyway it’s still an awesome app and if you’re willing to pay money, you could make some hilarious memes. Again, you don’t need to pay, (it’s still great for making memes if u don’t pay) but if u do pay there is more options and there isn’t a watermark!
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1 month ago, marcusdiddle
Easy to use, lots of options
I’ve been using Mematic for a long time. I use it so often that I even paid for the Pro version. The app makes it so easy to quickly whip up either an original meme, or search for a meme template. My friends are often shocked at how quickly I can turn an image into a meme. The only feature I wish it did have was the ability to add text to animated GIF’s at a certain frame. The app does let you add text to GIF’s, but it’s static. Would love to be able to have text “pop in” on a GIF. But that’s about the only feature I feel the app is missing, which I currently use another app for when needed.
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6 years ago, Duh Duke
I love this app!
I don’t know about other meme apps, but this one is a blast! I’ve made tons of Memes with this app (some better than others). It makes your ideas look a lot cooler. This one has a lot of pictures you can use to create Memes, or you can find pictures from the web, or from your own photo album, and use them. You can make inspirational Memes, funny Memes, personal Memes, whatever you want to do, and it gives you a good variety of templates to choose from. Anyway, if you enjoy memes on the web, or on Ellen, and you’ve always wanted to make your own, this is a perfect app to do that. It makes it really easy, just for steps, and then you have your meme! Go for it.
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4 years ago, Triple.Distilled.Hotdogs
The superior meme making app
I never leave reviews for apps, but I’m writing one for this. Long gone are the days I’m using Google to find some garbage website that expects you to pay to remove the watermark. This app provides near endless templates that are ready to go the moment you open it. It’s very intuitive and easy to work with to the point that you feel a need to pay for it. It has a plethora of fonts and settings for the text which allows for minor adjustments that would otherwise throw off the meme you’re creating. The exports are clean and professional looking, too. It’s just a fast, efficient, and dare I say “industry standard” for creating memes on the fly.
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7 years ago, Vyapini
Use it daily
I put at least one new meme a day on Facebook, sometimes as many as three, Mematic is convenient, easy and intuitive to use with tasteful, finished treatment and generally attractive and useful fonts. It interfaces smoothly with YouDoodle, Captions, and my internal photo editor so what more could I really ask? Some things I'd like to see: more fonts (nobody ever has enough fonts) and some method of laying background tints on the white box at the top option, and a rework of the red colors. The dark red is too dark and barely usable over color photos, the bright red tends to come over with slightly blurry edges that I usually have to touch up with YouDoodle. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, Finnacheesenugget
Very good app, a few suggestions
I’ve been using this app to make my memes for months now and I’ve even got the pro version. A few suggestions. Make the way you resize images better. Instead of dragging one button, you should be able to drag it from each corner/side like google docs or photoshop. Also, you should be able to re-order the layers. For example, if you want one thing to overlap another, but it’s the other way around, you could re-order it to your liking. It would also be cool if when you pressed the “add image” button, you could add an image from your clipboard/pasteboard like you can while choosing a background. Devs if you’re reading this review, please consider these ideas. Thank you.
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5 years ago, ColorMeKauffman
One thing is missing
Best general purpose, easy to use, robust, and kept up to date meme creator that I’ve used. this app is in my top 5; make text posts on white backgrounds to 4 frame photo stitches, memes obviously, and more. It’s 9/10. It’s just missing one thing. So, I have a very detailed and organized photo album and it would help me and hopefully others significantly if this had the ability for its own album generated. (so that when exported your creations are sorted to that folder. Like Snapchat, VSCO, and Instagram.) I lose my memes in my currently 64,000 and growing photo library. From the Screenshots, selfies, receipts, and documents the memes shelf life or my attention will be lost before I can find it. Or, I could forget that I even made it. I would just make it easier to share my stuff online and on my phone when I’m with friend. The goofy photos on the home page are not entirely on message and don’t reflect the continuity and style Memematic is capable of. I hope you found a calling in this and are around for a long time. BUY PRO ITS WORTH IT.
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6 years ago, ICantTypeProperlyOnThePhone
Loved it!
This is a very funny app. I don’t mind editing the brand name out. I still keep the original one with the brand name! This app makes everything look more wonderful! Every single time I tell a joke I must make it a meme! With a couple of easy steps you can make your own meme! It’s also very funny! They have trending photos that help you create a meme if you are new. I don’t mind sitting through ads because I know the memes that they produce are amazingly awesome! I wish to help this app become even more amazing! I highly recommend you getting this app if you want to make funny and high quality memes! This may seem funny but I actually love this app!
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4 years ago, BrymanCarey
Look no further!
Best free meme generating app in the AppStore by far! Does everything you need it to do. Very few options are behind a pay wall. I’ve used this app for years and I’ve never once ran into a situation where the option I wanted was pay-only. At this point I’m paying for the pro version just because I feel like it’s the right thing to do given how much use I’ve gotten out of the free version over the years. This is the model all paid upgrade apps should fallow. Give people the majority of the features they need for free to create satisfied customers and they’ll happily pay to upgrade when they’re ready. Great job!
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7 years ago, Linkedinaddict
Fantastic App!
Just got the app and have used it a dozen times in the last 2 hours. As the owner of a screen printing business I love this app and will recommend it to all that will listen. Most people think that because I'm a screen printer and graphic design artist that I use fancy expensive software for everything but that's just not so. I love apps like this because they are super user friendly and quick. I can make and change memes in the time it would take me to open and start a new file in Illustrator or Photoshop! Again, great app and do yourself a favor and purchase the full version. It was money very well spent!
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5 years ago, KailuaDoug
Not just Another meme generator
I sometimes use this meme generator to make Memes. That’s probably 2% of what I use it for. The rest is for business. I’m able to take an image of something I’m going to sell, and professionally make a “promotional“ image that has text on it. And because of the various standard formats available in this meme generator they not only look professional, they are consistent. I’ve made literally hundreds of them over the past couple of years and they all look the same from a consistency and quality perspective. It’s exactly what I wanted several years ago when I bought this meme generator, and the updates have only made it better. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Awesomenessgirlpower
Great App! 💜
I got this app cause I was looking for a meme maker app of some sort and mematic was the EASIEST ONE TO USE! I honestly use this app once or twice a day! Me and my 3 friends have this group chat and I kept making memes and sending them and my friends were like "HOW? WHAT? WHAT APP IS THIS?!" And I was like "Mematic!" And my friend got it and sent a buttload of memes and I laughed my heart out. Then my other friend got it and they made these memes that were so funny every now and then. Enough about this but I really like the app and its so so so easy to use once you play around. They're quite a bit of ad's but I'm patient with it. If you don't like ad's just close and reopen the app. I recommend getting it if you gotta sense of humor!
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4 years ago, Athena Trosa
Good app, some room for modifications
This app is a great app. You see, I take part in a group and we have this contest to see who can post the most. Memes are a HUGE part of that contest and this app allowed me to make my own instead of making me rely on other people. This was very helpful and led to my team’s victory. However, it was hard to keep coming up with new things because of the limitations for pro members only. I get that it’s their way of making money but it does make the app decently harder to get super creative with. The fonts had to be the same boring thing over and over, and my options were very limited. Overall though, this app is a great app! Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, CindyCookie666
The Best One I Ever Used!
This is absolutely awesome! As a meme lover, I have always wanted to make my own memes. I tried one in the past but it didn’t work out so I deleted it. 1 year later, I come across this and decide to download it, and believe me on this. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The performance of Mematic was smooth and very easy to figure out. I love that it lets you customize your own memes with the classic templates and even make your own with the Freestyle option! I honestly love that this app let you show your creativity for memes in the best way, I hope you update this in the future. Who knows what more amazing memes you can make? 😁😁😁
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3 years ago, 9191try
Not Worth The Install
I bought Mematic over a few years ago. And now I am officially fed up with in the direction they are going. They keep changing where the locations of buttons are and menus which was logically vertical now they are left to write in a small Column without the fun background designs we had before. They made it a subscription for god knows what reason to access any features. Even though I payed for the original pro version. Where opacity was free. Now it isn’t they now took that away from being free and made it payed for. This app has lost my following as it’s been changed not for logic but for greed. I’d rather pay 10 dollars for all features and have menu layout sorted how I please compared to paying a subscription. Such a disappointment. Would not recommend
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7 years ago, Lonewolfjoel
I like it
I am a big fan of creating my on Meme's but since my laptop is on the Frits I'm stuck with less conventional methods. This app has been really useful in getting the job done. I gave it 4 stars because as of right now it's almost $3.00 to have the pro version which is 70% of the regular value. I have another app that would be even less conventional but at least I wouldn't have to pay for font or text color. Still as I said useful and well worth it just a little too expensive for what I use it for. And yes I know the deal but that won't always be there. So great app just not worth paying for what I could get for free from another app but I'm not everyone.
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5 years ago, Daxxidermy
Mematic has been by far my best app purchase
I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Mematic app. It’s got an brilliantly simple format and makes it easy to create memes no matter what source or file type you want your meme to be. I’m particularly grateful for the blank meme templetes that they have to use, which they are constantly keeping up to date with. I run a funeral service meme account on Instagram and this made making memes so simple I can test and create memes in under two minutes. I’m usually not someone to pay for apps but by far paying for Pro has been worth it. I’m excited to use the new version.
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6 years ago, Sellers Crisp
Great, but missing a game changing feature
As the title suggests, the app is very well done. It’s great for photos and gifs, but not videos as it advertises. You can CONVERT videos to gif format and add the text to the top, but you can not actually import a video with sound. This was my main purpose for downloading this app, but I’m sure it says something about this in the app description. For only $2.99 you can unlock the pro features — a much better price than the others, with some charging $2.99 a month. Adding a video import would be a much higher selling point to users like me. But, I do like this app very much as it is very simple to use, including a great layout, simple buttons to choose your meme type, etc.
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5 years ago, ItzYuna'sReviews!
Love it!
Mematic is a great game and I totally recommend it! You can use your own pictures or pictures they give you and make your own meme out of it. I always wanted to make my own type of memes and when I saw this app, I was so happy! My cousin introduced it to me and we both love it so much!! You can make people laugh and put a smile on there faces. Sometimes, when I see memes I just don’t get it and I also just want to make it better and make it something out of my own humor and that’s exactly what I did here! As I said before I totally recommend this app if you love memes and making them!👍🏻😁
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1 year ago, Inkboy45
Great app! Love it!
I love the fact that with the app default you can still enjoy most things! Pro isn’t popped up in your face half the time unlike other apps and rather just off to the side, and you barley notice the watermark anyway! I was a bit disappointed at first when I saw the meme template I wanted to make of the guy going “nah” “yes” in the orange jacket. But then I found I can just get the meme instead of having to get the template that looks like it for pro. So 5/5 stars! Great app! I would recommend this to all memers who are also afraid to touch grass!
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5 years ago, FinDogLove
Almost Perfect!
I love the whole idea and layout of Mematic! It is so fun to create funny memes, inspirational quotes, and even amazing memories! My only problem with the app is about the Pro selection. When you don’t pay every month to get the extra items, there are only 2 fonts, 2 font colors, 2 outlines, 2 shadows, and 2 backdrops. If you think about it, there isn’t a lot of options. There is even less when you consider that the 2 colors for each of them are black and white. Other than that, I think Mematic is an amazing app! I love it and I use it all the time for making virtual birthday cards to funny memes that keep my friends all laughing!
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6 months ago, Loolollololopphhdyjgdfhjfd
Very useful for absolutely epic memes!
I love this app and all its features. I really like that you can make most memes without the subscription, too. It’s great for making quick memes if you don’t have much storage. There is a feature I would like though. (just one) When you’re resizing a picture, I would like if you could adjust the size individually like the width or height. But all together, I love this app for making some cool memes and also the fact they give you quick little memes so you don’t have to think of one.
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4 months ago, DanH417
Easy to use
I'm the admin of a meme page on Facebook. This app is a good one, but new templates are added too infrequently. The meme-world changes quickly. For instance, the "Titan submersible" and "Barbenheimer" templates had already been out of vogue for a couple of weeks before they appeared on the app. Yes, you have the option of importing your own templates; but having to go to a different meme generator to find the template you want to use is an unnecessary step that discourages the use of this app. Why shouldn't I just use the apps that have the templates I want rather than having to import them into this one?
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1 year ago, C S Carpenter
MemaTIC is fantasTIC
Mematic is super easy to work with. The free version gives plenty of choices and options for basic memes. The pro version really rocks. I believe it's 30$/yr, and if you meme, it's worth the price. They are constantly upgrading and improving it; it seems to just be getting better and better. I highly recommend you try out the basic version and see if you don't get hooked on it. If you get hooked, sign up for the monthly sub to try the Pro version. I'm sure you'll be upgrading that to yearly shortly afterward!
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4 years ago, DarkOddity
Charged me immediately for free trial.
Great features. However this app charged me two charges when I signed up for the free three day trial offer. The first charge was the annual subscription total for the app confirmed through the Apple account to be charged at the end of the trial. The second was a $2.99 random fee that was dispensed to my Apple ID using the same transaction approval as the free trial offer without any indication as to the additional feel anywhere in the app or payment confirmation for the trial. I will be reporting this to Apple. I consider this to be fraudulent and irresponsible business practices.
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2 years ago, @zhl3y_W@z_H3r3
Great game but can be a little boring!
This game is amazing and I have made a ton of really funny memes, but it can be boring because of the lack of memes you can work with. I suggest if the creator could add more memes and images because it gets pretty boring when you have to use the same things over and over. But overall it’s an amazing game and people should definitely download it because it’s really fun to play and make memes with! It’s also really fun to spam your best friends and close family with memes because you can :) This game is great and I 100% think you should download this great game!
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7 years ago, KeenEdge1
Simple To Use, Dynamic Results
It does take a few minutes to puzzle your way through it at first, but once you get rolling the results can be utterly fantastic. I highly recommend the in-app purchases which add extra fonts, colors & styles to your meme generator. There are two upgrades for 1.99 each. I think 99 cents would be closer to a fair price, but they certainly add extra value to your meme creation. I would like to see more fonts, colors and styles added. But overall, a great app for a great price. NEW NOTE: To Developer. Found a new bug. The lower caption no longer resizes, the text just moves higher or lower up on the screen. —July 10, 2017
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4 years ago, Mayasapprentice
Great so far
This is great! Exactly what I’ve been trying to do on my own with minimal success. I manage a restaurant & need to post details on insta & I’ve just been making rudimentary ‘memes,’ if you could even call them that from notes & pix in ‘layout,’ but this platform is WAY better! I did pay the $29 or so for the full version, because I knew I would use it a lot for business purposes, & right away I feel like it’s worth it. I would recommend getting this app, if you’re out there comparing it to others.
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5 years ago, H.V.Information
Update makes the app great
The app is much better. It’s intuitive if you can operate a water faucet you can do this. I don’t do monthly subscriptions automatic credit card deductions may not stop when they’re supposed to and most agreements don’t return overcharges. Ppl think they can call the bank and make the payments stop. NO, YOU CAN’T. The payments stop when the contract holder says so, not you. The thing is a license to steal in most cases. If this is worth an opened $60 a year do you do your homework and talk to an officer at the bank. This is expensive and may be a bad deal.
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5 years ago, Pixy_Comet
Great app! But...
This is a great app to create memes on! I would highly recommend it if you love to create different types of memes! The only problem is that I wish their was a way to get more pictures. I kinda understand that’s why you allowed us to use our photos from our camera, but wouldn’t just be easier to look it up on google a add it? Rather than taking a screenshot or copying and pasting it? Also, use gave a us stock (I think that’s what it’s called) but it’s not really meme pictures. More like realistic! But that’s the only reason I gave you guys 4 stars! But please keep the gifs! I love them! Like, I said, this is a great app! ♥️
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3 years ago, Bonuslite
Amazing app but could use some improvements
Mematic is an absolutely amazing app but it could use a few improvements. First, when I first downloaded the app I thought you could see other people’s memes and what they have made in the app, I would love that feature. Secondly, I would like it if there was a voting option for memes to add on the menu for memes to be added within the next week. And finally, PC support, I find it kind of annoying that I can only use Mematic on my phone, so if I were on PC I would have to get on my phone to use Mematic, and I would love PC support.
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5 years ago, Kurt Lambroukos
Super easy to use to do certain things like collages or memes, or whatever you prefer. While you do have the option to upgrade to a pro version, the standard free version still has quite a few features that allow you do just enough of what you need to get done on there. It’s very fair when it comes to those who aren’t paying which I truly respect. It’s rare to see apps give so little limitations when you haven’t signed up for some ridiculous subscription. You have my full support and a LOT of respect. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Quinnzey
Whole World of Fun
I stumbled across this somehow and oh it was meant to be. I haven’t even paid for the pro version and I’m having waaaayyy too much fun already making my own little memes and gifs. I always wondered how people made them, now I can make my own personal ones using known images/meme pictures or images from my photo library. I’ll probably end up subscribing to have more variety of things, but the free version is quite adequate and highly addictive. Thank you to the makers of this app!!
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5 years ago, Dman110
Why why why??
First i LOVE this app. It’s very easy to use when I just want to make a quick meme. But adding a subscription to use all of the new features? I paid for the pro service and I do not regret that. But there are various apps out there (Pic Collage) that can do these kind of features (with more options) easily in their free version. So why would I want pay for a subscription on one that does just the basic things? I love this app, but I will probably use the free version of Pic Collage or ImgPlay (one time cheap fee for pro) to edit my GIFs from now on...unfortunately. I’ll be watching to see if subscriptions get rolled back or if features become worth it. But for now...adios.
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3 years ago, Velvetsea03
Great app, but needs some bug fixes
The meme options are endless! I pay for the app and have been a long time user. My only complains are that the “favorites” feature doesn’t work, so I can’t save memes I like when browsing. Also, once you click on a meme or are editing one, there’s no way to go back to the meme you were at previously—instead, it makes you start ALL over, at the main menu page. So often i find a meme I like but then I can’t find it again, which takes up a lot of time. If these two issues were fixed, it would save me a lot of time and I would give it 5 stars!
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