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Menard, Inc.
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9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Menards®

4.75 out of 5
56K Ratings
2 years ago, Mspikes82
Love the store — but not helping me find items in store is a pain
Like many others who have left reviews of this app, I really find it irritating that it will tell you if an item is in store, but will only direct you to the general area of where the item might be—especially when other home store apps, such as Home Depot and Lowes will give you the exact location of an item. I recently went into a store to find an item that wasn’t sold at Home Depot or Lowes and had to ask an employee where the item was when I could not find it. That employee pulled up an internal app that told them which aisle the item was in, which tells me that they should be able to do this in this app. I do hope that one day the developers decide to finally do this, because in a superstore with probably more than 10,000+ items for sale, it does no good to tell someone “it’s somewhere over there”.
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10 months ago, Kenmoore800
Trouble with app
I purchased items in the barn with a pick sheet from the contractor desk went out back loaded my items then realized I forgot to purchase 2x4s so I scanned them and tried to pay for them thru the app and kept getting an error message “Unable to begin checkout at this time please try later” had to go back in the store and get another pick sheet and go to front of the store to pay for them then walk all the way to the back of the store to get my truck. On my iPad if I search for an item then hit the back button to search for another item the search button is gone I have to close the app then reopen it to get the search button back. Please fix
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2 years ago, EZE Ruthless
Worst app, worst store
Is it any surprise that the worst home improvement store has the worst app? Certain other hardware store chains (who I won’t name) make it easy to locate items and shop from home; that’s because those apps are actually, you know, useful and stuff. But year after year, Menards continues to roll out an app that appears to be for decorative purposes only. Beyond that, I wasn’t ok with Menards’ useless age discrimination policy during the height of the pandemic (e.g., banning people under the age of 18 from even entering the store), and I haven’t forgotten. It made absolutely no sense, given that kids were never the ones disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Funny how Menards didn’t ban older adults, if they were oh so concerned with protecting vulnerable age groups, but then again, why would they? After all, the elderly might actually spend money at their stores, whereas non-paying kids tagging along with their parents were a much safer target for their bias. Plenty of other options out there for hardware and home repair, where the apps are actually functional and customers of all age are treated with respect. I won’t shop at Menards again.
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2 years ago, Turnip2113
What the heck
is wrong with this app??? Every time I type in a product it say “oops not available” You’re telling me Menards doesn’t sell kitchen windows?? It also will give me completely different options like sinks and curtains. That’s not what I searched for. And if it doesn’t say “oops” it just doesn’t load. It stays on the search page, doing nothing. I recently started using Menards due to living to a state that has one and at first I really liked it. Even though it’s an hour and half away, it is closer than the other large box store chains however I’m thinking of taking the longer drive. The rebate program is really cool until you have to mail in your rebate, um it’s 2022 we can’t upload and do this online? Also in store sometimes the employees are super friendly and helpful and other times they are so rude. I’m remodeling our whole house and the employees in the cabinet, counter area are never helpful and have completely ignored me before. Menards it’s time for some retraining and updates to your app.
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12 months ago, lisamyoung1
Don’t pre-fill in the valid thru date
The app is great but I have a suggestion to improve it. Please do not prefilled the Valid Thru date. A distracted user (that’s most people these days, let’s be honest) who is also dealing with many other things around them will see it filled in (like I did) and think they filled it in. Then when they try to make the transaction, it will fail, and with no warning of the reason. I thought, that’s odd, Menards won’t let me make a transaction with my Menards card. I spent valuable time calling the card, only to find that the issue could have been prevented by the app. As a computer programmer, I know it would be pretty easy to leave the field blank, and print an error message if the user does not deliberately fill it in. Having the wrong date there caused my card to be rejected. I almost got annoyed and gave up on making my $312 purchase.
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8 months ago, oomdelaooms
Keeps getting better, but could use a few more changes
I didn’t really care for this app at first, as it was not very useful, but it is getting better. The view in store was not very helpful, as it just pointed you to a general area. But now you can see the exact aisle and section, very helpful! I also like the addition of the option to save an item for later. Before I had to add items I was considering to a list, but now I just click save for later, I love it! A couple things I would like to see added are the ability to copy & paste. I was looking for a receipt and scanned the item, but I was not able to copy the SKU to paste to the lookup receipt function. I had to write it down and then type it in the receipt lookup. Another great thing would be to search for a SKU on all of your saved cards in the receipt lookup and not one card at at time.
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2 years ago, winner today
Menards Card
Wanted to open a Menards card, to get the 2% cash back. So went through the process, which in itself was a nightmare. Went back to the Menards website to buy online and pick up in store, only to find out that i needed the account number. Capital one was not able to verify my phone, which they said was correct, then transferred me to tech support, and they said they could not give me the account number either, and transferred me to Menards credit, and they either could not or would not give me the account number either. They said i would have to go to the store to have them put my SS and DL in to versify i am me and give me my temp card. I wanted to buy it on line as its a patio set they only have one left, so wanted to secure the purchase to pick up as its over 100 lbs. i just dont understand why if they can do this at the register, why can they do it online, or over the phone. Capital one says i have the account, Menards says i have the account but you just cant use it.
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2 years ago, STLracer
Hope you don’t want useful item locations in the store
The only positive thing I can say for the app is that it MAY give reasonably accurate inventory numbers based not on real time data. The “show in store” functionality is freakin’ as close to useless as it can be. Yes, I know a claw hammer is in the hardware section and not in plumbing. But is an aisle number too much to ask? Home Depot and Lowes both show this in their apps. To get that level of info I have to find a Menartian to consult THEIR computer that has more accurate stocking info. Why can the same data not be in MY app so I don’t have to go on a quest to easily find something. It’s like you want to frustrate me so I don’t buy anything and head up the street to HD or Lowes. Adding this would save me SOOOOO much time on my Menards trips. Please add this relatively basic functionality and get rid of the annoying pin that shows me such a broad area in the store that it’s laughable.
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7 months ago, Disappointed Customer 98765
Bitter Disappointment
I purchased 4 stoves and 5 refrigerators on August 8th or 9th to arrive August 26. The store told me everything had arrived…..they lied. The 4 stoves were there, but no refrigerators. To be clear, everything was paid for when I picked up stoves. As of September 18 the refrigerators weren’t there, so they suggested I pick other models, which I did. The problem here was that the store I purchased them from only had three of the new choice. I received a store credit for the remaining two. I informed the local store I would be unable to get to the other store until Friday, they said the other store cannot hold them unless they were paid. I stated, you had the$$$ for a month, and I had no refrigerators! I was told I could drive to the other store and pay for them (approximately 50 miles) to hold them for me. How’s that for customer service??? Just a FYI, I will be in the market for 150 stoves and refrigerators in early spring 24! Thanks Menards, for the top notch shopping experience.
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4 months ago, S Feller
Greatest store
This store is the best. The employees are very helpful. The managers friendly and actually acknowledge your presence. Like they appreciate your repeat business. We have done an addition and kitchen remodel and 95% of our supplies came from Menards. Great lumber and quality and prices. We love the rebates. The merchandise like food and water and kitchen supplies have saved us many an extra trip. We even purchased a sofa which we love and many outdoor buildings blocks and landscaping items. Definitely love this store. Great friendly cashiers and never have to wait in line very long. Thank you Menards for your great service and American Made quality items.
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2 years ago, Sir-Cooper
Very poor app and frustrating to use!
How can a company like Menards have such a confusing - time consuming - FRUSTRATING APP for anyone to try and use. They purposely have you run a maze to try and find the price or information about the products your only trying to see if they carry it or have it in stock. Once I finally found the product I had been searching for it was another struggle to try and locate the price. I just can’t understand why a top notch company would design and have customers try and navigate this very frustrating app. I have asked family members and friends if they ever have tried Menards app and had negative things to say about it. Another thing is it crashes after loading pages trying to reach the product I am looking for including their weekly ads page. Menards will you kindly do something better with your app?
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6 months ago, Dale Does it Again!
Dale at Detroit Lakes, MN Store
In this day & age of AI and online ordering & shopping it was VERY NICE having Dale in Plumbing/HVAC at the Detroit Lakes, MN store answer the phone on the 1st ring for his department AND assist me. I’m moving into a rental duplex and started sanding down the 25 years of wear on the white metal floor registers that are showing their wear with rust & paint chips. There is only so much a person can do trying to reach spots through the grates with black oxide sand paper in the somewhat futile attempt at prep work. And I do realize the spray pay is just lipstick on a pig. But searching & finding some clearance registers at a couple of different stores- both about 40 miles in opposite directions of where I live, put a different spin on my “volunteer project.” And, in the end the “New” - not “attempt to look newer” for the amount invested will be money well spent. Thank you Dale & Menards for coming to my OCD rescue! Now I can focus on painting the “New” Floor Lamp the color I want it to be by completely dismantling it piece by piece. Andrea
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5 months ago, Love then or hate them?
Love Hate Relationship
I love Menards because they offer great products at good prices BUT their website leaves so much to be desired. It is rarely updated and on several occasions, I have arrived at the store to find the products listed as available on the website and confirmed by store employees were sold out weeks before. Now Black Friday and holiday sales are great but you couldn’t purchase for online shipping until today and I have just spent two hours with items in my cart trying to complete the order but the website will not allow me to do that. I guess they were waiting for the items to sell out in the store before they offered them for shipping. Because now the prices have gone back up to the original and the items cannot be shipped. It all adds up to poor customer service, and false advertising in my eyes.
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1 year ago, Ekim Sevard
GR8 Shopping Center at MENARDS
Wow talk about Easy Check out ! This was a Breeze today with my online purchase! I will say that Menards has one of the best checkout apps & best customer service support menus out of all of them out there! and believe me I know what I am talking about because I do a lot of shopping online because I’m in a wheelchair and it’s definitely difficult going shopping, with getting on a bus transferring to a second bus to get out to the store and then going back home is a nightmare for anyone who wants to know! Thanks Menards!
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1 year ago, henrycountyfarmer
App has issues since last update
I use this app every single day as a contractor. It is beyond handy to use, but is getting to be a pain and almost easier to drive store to store. Search function is getting clunkier with every update. Many items are not sorted correctly and I get varying degrees of accuracy with exact descriptions and names of items I’m searching for. I can no longer make the app show items that are available in store, when I click “only show items available at X store” my search results come up blank. This is incredibly frustrating as I use 3 different stores in my area and am always trying to find who has what in stock. Please fix!
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2 years ago, Holstst
This app is terrible! And I haven’t been much more a fan of the store of late. The search feature doesn’t even seem to function in the simplest capacity, no matter how specific I get about what I’m searching for. The “show item in store” feature is useless too. If I need a very specific plumbing fixture for example, I don’t need the app to tell me it’s in the plumbing section… (and that’s if the search feature even gets me THAT far!) How about providing aisle and bay numbers like Lowe’s and Home Depot do? That may make some people’s skin crawl to hear those 2 names in comparison to this store, but at least they have something right. Follow the lead of those who have gotten it right, even if you don’t like them. You’re only hurting yourself and future business if you don’t. My actual rating was 0 stars.
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2 years ago, donchathink
Consumer Alert
App will process your payment for pickup orders then provide no receipt or record of the transaction in your account (serious bug). Without a transaction number there is no way to look up a transaction. The only recourse is to find the one person (took us 3 service desks and 4 associates) in the store that can look up the transaction and print out a receipt. Short of that customers have to call their credit card issuer to dispute payment. The payment processor should not be processing transactions for this app and Apple should remove the app from the app store until the payment processing issues are corrected - in my opinion because customers are charged and don’t have clear recourse. Customer service was so awful deleted the app and won’t go back to store anymore.
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3 years ago, ECwarrior22
App keeps crashing
I’m using the latest iOS update (14.5), and have not been able to use the app since I download it. Every time I open the app it just crashes. I downloaded the update today, and it’s still crashing. I tried a couple of different troubleshooting steps to see if I could fix it, but I’m still having the same issues. I can get the app to stay open if I don’t sign into my account. As soon as I sign into my account the app just crashes. Regardless if I sign into my account during setup or if I skip it during setup and log in once I get to the Home Screen it crashes. The app is unusable for me so I just uninstalled it. I’ve downloaded two or three different updates since I downloaded the app, and neither have fixed the crashing issue I’m having.
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3 years ago, Eykon 77
It’s okay I guess
The app seems to be helpful in locating items in the store or seeing availability, but one thing that still seems to be a problem is the rebates. 6-8 weeks for snail mail processing? How in this day and age can we not redeem through the app with bar and QR code’s? It would be one thing if I was getting cash in return, but it’s store credit. I’m sure Menards can handle a processing period to get their money back. But again, we’re getting store credit only to be used there. I remember getting checks from companies for cash in that timeframe and was able to be used wherever I chose. Maybe it’s time to do something different in how loyal customers redeem their store credit within an acceptable amount of time.
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3 years ago, SavyReviewer4U
Menards Rebate Program is Terrible
You advertise your difficult to use and punitive rebate program on TV and the radio and it only reminds me of all the “rebates” I didn’t get. Either because the time was too short or they just don’t show up even after jumping through all the hoops. You should digitize your loyalty program or get rid of it all together. A better model would be like Kohl’s cash. You get it instantly and it drives return traffic to your store. They even honor it when it is expired. Their rebate/ loyalty program evokes positive emotions. I like your store and most of your products but your rebate/loyalty program is the worst in the industry and advertising it only drives your customers to the competition. Maybe their prices are higher but they don’t play games with my time or emotions.
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9 months ago, Don'tmissme
Very unintuitive
I don’t know exactly I don’t recall every detail, but the order in the way, it works for check out, is very overly complex and unintuitive. Like it, not letting you go to the cart because you have not picked the store pick up or delivery for every single individual item. Instead of it going to another screen and asking you that then when you create an account and add a credit card and then does not prompt you for the address at that time but when you go to payment and then says you have not filled in your address but there was never a prompt to put in the address for billing. Just definitely could use some revising.
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2 years ago, chstomernumberone
Suggested improvement
I order online daily from both Menards and Lowe’s. The Lowe’s app is much much easier to use. Each order has a list and pictures of what was included. That makes it much easier to re-order something without having to look and open each order to find what paint, caulking, etc. was used last. Also, Lowes has the items ready for you to pick up whereas Menards charges an additional fee for this. Please consider eliminating the fee and updating your app to make it easier to search for items that have been purchased in the past.
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4 years ago, WhiteRavenMN
Stop force update!
I like that you can search and locate items in a store with this app. In fact, that’s my only reason to use the app. And I HATE, HATE, HATE that every time I’m in the store, looking for an item, I have to update the app to use it. And there goes my data... and for what? Minor UI update? Why do you have to deprecate the previous version and force us to update every dang freaking time?! I don’t get it: did you ship something earlier that is compromising the integrity of my phone? Either you did, and shame on you, repeatedly, or you did not and NOT every single update you post is so important that I absolutely need to update right here right now on my data plan just to find an item in your store. Please think of your users.
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3 years ago, Cloudskywatcher
App stuck in update loop -Fixed
After writing the original review, the developer responded by the next day with an updated version that fixed the problem. As a result I have added to my review and updated my star rating. Original review starts here, The latest update is broken. When I open the app it displays a box saying update, when I touch the update button it takes me to the Apple App Store which says I have the latest version. The app not useable in its current version on my phone.
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3 years ago, ScottSample
Marketing a rebate
I completely agree with the other reviews on this, it doesn’t take much to realize they just want to advertise some thing, which is actually nothing, if they really want you to save money they would just have legitimate sale prices, and not try to hide the fact that you have to jump through hoops, and wait six weeks to get a check, that then you have to deposit into your account, and during that whole time just plain hope that you’ll actually get the rebate check, trust me I have had rebate checks that never make it to me, it makes me feel like they see consumers as gullible and stupid, a very bad and poor marketing decision, they need to trust that their customers are as smart as them.
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2 years ago, BillO-63
Show More Items in Lists
The latest App update included a change to Lists that make it more difficult to use when shopping in the store. The addition of the Add to Cart button reduced the number of items I can see to only 2 on my iPhone. I won’t ever use Add to Cart on this screen and it’s redundant with the same button on the detail page if I did need it. Please remove that button or miniaturize it. Other than this issue, I love the App and use it almost every day to plan my weekly shopping trip to Menards.
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10 months ago, Rw in Phoenix
Attempted purchase on line
For whatever reason my attempt to purchase something online this morning proved to be a nightmare. Perhaps it was because I was on an I Phone. It was a $30 item and it wanted to charge $170 to deliver it. I finally figured out how to get it sent to the store but it was not easy. Every time I tried to get rid of the $170 charge it added another unit to the order. It didn’t offer the option of using my Menard’s card so I dug out a credit card to fill in all the blanks. When I elected to save the CC info it deleted everything so I had to start all over again. We should ask Mr Menard to try to buy something online using his phone. I’ll bet it would be fixed proto!
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1 year ago, diydad85
Problems after update
Update: after updating to newest app version, the issue is fixed. Thanks After updating to most recent version the “available at (your store)” option is not functioning. It shows nothing when I turn it on and clearly started after the update. Pretty useless b/c now I have to scroll through more products that aren’t in the store to find what I’m looking for. Please look into and fix this. !
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10 months ago, Gma cma
Ordered a Kennedy Skylight through Menards -mainly because it offered tempered glass, will open for fresh air, and had the best guarantee available. So disappointed when it arrived as the hinge was installed incorrectly, the paint on the inside had many runs, and one corner was bent. Wondered if it would leak even though seam Looked ok on the outside. I kept the flashing kit as i really want this skylight. Called Amber in Florida and sent pics. Hoping this one will be the quality product promised.
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2 years ago, SGT5C
So many notifications!
Yesterday my little red app icon notification counter said 73 messages. I opened the app to find I had one message. I deleted it and the red icon went away. Today, I get another notification that indicates I have 74 messages. I open it to find one and delete it. I don’t have any other issues with this app, but the inaccurate count of notifications on the app is a bit annoying. It just keeps incrementing from the last number it displayed instead of restarting the counter when you receive a new notification.
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3 years ago, Waterfish333
Needs Dark Mode
Overall, good app that shows products in the store, and their location. Have this app open pretty much every time I go to Menards. One glaring omission is a lack of night / dark mode. I know it sounds dumb on the surface, but more of us are realizing staring at a white background isn’t good or easy on the eyes, where as a black background with white / gray text is much, much nicer. So many apps have that feature now, please implement it on this one and the app is pretty much perfect.
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1 year ago, norybur
Review of App
I love the app it works very well. But two things, one, in the app you should indicate what aisle the article that you’re looking for is in rather than just a general area that you are using right now. Two, I really wish that you had better pictures for your merchandise. Some of the merchandise that I look at have just terrible pictures and it’s so hard to tell what you’re looking at sometimes. So I’d really work on getting some better pictures for your merchandise.
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4 years ago, Busy Mom 999
Takes forever to load results
Searching for 32 x 20 basement windows it starts it’s spinning deal and it spins an spins then then errors out and says try again later I tried again later and did the same thing. Also don’t spell a word wrong search results come back zero. Another thing is Menards item descriptions are usually different then Home Depot and Lowe’s and you can’t use the same description or comes back with zero results or something you didn’t even search. Whether at home or in the store have same issues. Only reason I keep the app on my phone is to find out if it’s 11% off week an then after the rebate it’s the same price or close to Home Depot or Lowes everyday price.
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10 months ago, Lizard 1965
Items not in stock and shipping
I was trying to order items to pick up at a store. Some of them were available, and others gave me an option of shipping so I added everything to the cart. The total for shipping was the total for everything that I was picking up from the store and the items that I was having shipped. The only way I was able to get the total correct is by deleting everything that I was ordering from the store for pick up. It was very frustrating. I am also not pleased that you charge a processing fee for shipping orders, as well as shipping costs.
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2 years ago, NewWorldWarrior
Watch your location on app
I ordered aluminum railing for my deck totaling $900 and for some reason although my home store on my app Is independence mo it showed it shipping to St. Louis mo. I didn’t notice until it was in transit so I had to cancel and pay a restocking fee so I could reorder and ship to the correct store. They dropped restocking fee from 25% to 10% but the money I’ve spent at menards over the last 2 yrs I’m disappointed I had to pay anything.
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6 months ago, Dog 2011
Master paws, training, pads
If your store in West Burlington would order these I could pick these up at your store as I am in there quite often and it seems that they tell me the paint department orders these pads when it’s clear on the other side of the store. I could save money on shipping them to my home address. Please check in to see why your store is not organized. Thank you very much.
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2 years ago, JohnWayne6577
Ok app and rebates
I don’t know why all the bad ratings on the app. I am a regular user for in store purchases and it works for me. Two areas that could use some work are item locations in the store and the search function. I have found the free guest WiFi in some stores to be very slow, so could account for some complaints. I rebate a lot and have always received my rebates. Rebate speed did take a hit with the 11% all the time but always come and getting better.
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3 years ago, texconsin08
Update -
UPDATE: The developers reach out and told me the release had issues, but was now fixed. I was finally able to install the update and the app is usable again. Still not the best app, but functional. ORIGINAL: The app was not great to begin with. I wasn’t expecting much from a regional hardware store. However, this review is coming after the update yesterday for “minor bug fixes”. Turns out that the app won’t work any more, it just keeps telling me to update even though it is already updated. Deleted the app, reinstalled, same issue. Not worth my time.
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5 months ago, Iowan25
Not ready for pick up !!!!
Don’t trust the App !!! The app application stated ‘ready for pick up’, but when I went to the store 60 miles round trip), all they could do is refund the money and tell me it wasn’t in stock. To get my item I had to re-order it which incurs another $10 for shipping and handling. This was not an equitable solution at all from the Menards newest store. The store manager said they tried my old phone number to tell me that it wasn’t available. Yes, my mistake, not having my phone number up-to-date, but then again, you would think the Menard’s app would’ve been updated too!!! so much for 21st App technology ??
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2 years ago, Danpopbradley
Item location lacking
First thing I noticed when reading through some of the positive reviews were they were reviews of Menards itself and not the app which makes those reviews completely useless. Until the app (and the menards web site for that matter) add the functionality of what aisle an item is in I consider the app to have no use to me. Knowing a store has 30 of s as no item in stock and pointing me in the general direction does not help. Lowes and Ace have had that functionality for years. I’m tired of wasting my time walking around their stores trying to find an item or someone to help me do what the app should.
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2 years ago, Archaic Pharaoh
Payment Options Process could Improve.
First, I would like to preface, that I love shopping at Menards. Therefore, I don’t order much online. As far as the process to pay online, by card, I don’t recall a “scan card”, Apple Pay, or any of the 3rd party card processing options. If this is intended to reduce cost and price, I don’t mind the small additional effort. As mentioned earlier, Menards is #1 in shopping locations, withe the best prices and the largest inventory, compared to their competition.
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3 years ago, Blues__Purist
Stop forcing push notifications!
I like being able to use the app to find the stuff that I need. I like being able to check out and go pick up the order. I even like the wish list feature. But the notifications are incessant and unstoppable. You can go into the preferences and turn them off. Close the app, reopen the app, and they’re all set like they were before. A couple of times a week I will have a badge number of like 65 on the icon and I will have done nothing with the app the entire week. It’s ridiculous. So I’m turning off all notifications.
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2 years ago, Rick-77
Terrible Search Function; Lousy “View in Store” Map
This app pales in comparison to that of Home Depot. It does a terrible job of filtering out search results. For example, if you search for a 8 ft board, it will return virtually everything in the store associated with the number 8. It makes you wonder if the app developers have ever been in a hardware store. Need to find something in the store? The Menards app gets you within 30-50 ft. Home Depot’s tells you the exact aisle and bay. I am much more likely to shop at Home Depot as a result of their app. You’d think the Menards owners would do something to improve the app, but the facts say they don’t care.
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1 year ago, KSH135$
Competence meets technology seamlessly
Congratulations Menards. I am deeply impressed with your stores, and your website is excellent. Most of all I enjoy the customer service I receive when I pick up my order out back. Cruz and her crew are helpful, polite and knowledgeable. I order, then pick up often and have rarely had an error in product. Thanks. I enjoy spending my money at Menards.
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1 year ago, Name#22!
Pickup and check out
Ok first off I love your price and product. But the problem is you’re checkout.. first u find a person to make u a ticket then u go to a register then u go get all ur stuff then u go get the truck drive to there pickup area after u go threw a check point then u find another person to load th order then you get checked at the gate on the way out this takes forever!!! Y can’t the one person take my $ and load my stuff….
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4 years ago, Sterling757
Search function is hot garbage
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the app to search for a product and confirm that Menards carries it for making the trip over? Well, that would require search functionality that this app has never been able to muster. It’s almost like the search purposely brings up randomized product results. Searching for galvanized deck screws? Here’s 3,246 results - 6 are screws (not galvanized) and 42 are galvanized items but not screws but hey, are you sure you didn’t mean aluminum rivets, spray paint, birdseed or 6” PVC pipe? Trust me, it’s faster and less confusing to just drive to the store and take your chances.
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2 years ago, Draica
Pretty nice
I like this app. Makes shopping a lot easier. Being able to see if my store has what I’m looking for or not as well as being able to pay for pick up. I do wish that it had the capability to take pictures of/save receipts to send for rebates. It would save in time and paper. And unlike the Home Depot app, it doesn’t tell me what isle I can find things in. Other then those two things, it’s pretty handy dandy.
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1 year ago, ddude55904
Can’t switch between accounts
I work at 2 different rental properties therefore each has their own Menards account. When I sign out and try to log into the other properties account it still shows the same account as before. Therefore there is no way to purchase for a different entity via the app that I can figure out. Why isn’t there a way to simply switch between the accounts?
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3 years ago, JKUon35s
Last choice for supplies.
I have to start out by saying the app is complete trash. It is so disorganized and hard to use it’s ridiculous. And the in-store map is crap, they might as well just put a caption that says “find it yourself.” And let’s be honest about the rebate program. This company plans on most people not sending them in. Products are purposefully marked up and then the rebate brings it to a normal price. Personally, I HIGHLY recommend using the Lowe’s app, and going to Lowe’s. They work hand-in-hand to find exactly what you need, they will even gather everything for you and bring it to your vehicle.
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1 year ago, Brandon7102
Search is terrible
I hate to try and find things here. I type in a specific search. “Lever bypass meter base” you know what comes up? Not that item so then I have read every description. Seems like this would be simple maybe I am wrong. I also despise the rebate pricing I want to know how much money I need to pay not this prehistoric buy it print out this waiste paper here. Snail mail it maybe it gets there usually don’t. But that the point make people “think” they get 11% off when really it’s a horrible experience to some. If they was honest they would just reduce the price at check out.
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