Mercado Libre: Compras Online

4.8 (233K)
202.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mercado Libre: Compras Online

4.78 out of 5
233K Ratings
3 years ago, Plushycakeuwu
For some of you people who are confused
The reason why they do not have a sell in USA is because this app is used to order a package a relatives outside the country and outside the United States that’s why also the reason why they ask you for Pasaporte is because The package is being shipped outside the country to your relative so that’s why it’s not in English or you cannot order it in the USA I made it clear also the customer service is located outside the country also so that’s why they can’t respond and this is not fraud. And you guys are saying that it’s a fraud for sellers well it turns out the company sells the products not the seller so please be clear before you use this app.
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3 months ago, El Poetarican
Good prices/Speedy delivery
The two products I bought we delivered quickly although not on the day it was advertised. After reading some of the reviews I almost almost hesitated buying anything, but did so anyway. So far, my products are up to par and I guess I’ll have to wait for any negative reports. What I don’t understand is why my credit cards overseas or local ones are not accepted. Forcing me to leave the comfort of my home to buy online at some banking institution or 24-hour convenient store.
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4 years ago, de1917
Question and answer section
I absolutely dislike the changes done to the Q&A section. It looks worse than a government form. It’s imperative for us buyers to see all and every question posed to the buyer. It definitely helps to get information and feedback when deciding a purchase. MercadoLibre gets a thumbs down on their “new format” throughout. Extremely generic and lackluster :(
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2 years ago, patrick lax
Message to seller big purchase
I have as unable to find a way to message a seller for a big purchase-a pure bred animal. Obviously that’s not a small purchase so I want to make sure of details before purchase
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2 years ago, RCpen
Awful! Locked out no customer service
They locked me out of my account and the number they are using to verify is an old number from years ago back when I first started using them. I changed the number, you can see that it is changed in Mercado libre but when I go to checkout and it wants to verify it used the phone from years ago. No way to contact them to have them help fix this. Rendered my account useless. Can’t sign up for a new one because I already have the existing one with my passport number
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4 months ago, AidenHolden001
Worst Customer Service Ever
Honestly one transaction and it’s been terrible. I had a manufacture defect with the product and the actual store has been very responsive but the people from the app have taken longer than 3 months to resolve an ID verification issue to give me a refund yet the ID verification wasn’t required for me to make a purchase. Apparently still waiting for them to fix an IT issue - whatever the case is, I still don’t have a resolution but it has consumed way too much of my time for a simple return.
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12 months ago, Beach33062
Order not received
I placed an order over a week ago. The delivery company texted me said they can’t find my address and I’m trying to get Ricardo libre to send me another one or get it delivered by someone else I haven’t had no response delivery company said all you can come pick it up. I’m not picking it up. I have no car and no way to get there and I have no idea where they even are. I need it delivered. That’s why I bought it here. Please refund my money and I’ll buy it somewhere else if you cannot provide the service promised.
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2 years ago, colombia era
Not human customer service at all
Service customer is almost imposible to reach, you have to waste 1-2 hours looking how to contact someone to help.. when you find an space, there’s a robot attending you, then they block your account and you have to proof your identity in different funny ways, 3-5 times until they accept you or reject you and you have to pause your announcements. There’s not phone, mail, how to write a complaint, it doesn’t exist for ML. Worst help service in the world
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1 year ago, Vasiliy Shaposhnikov
Impossible to make purchases with debit card
They won’t let you use your banking card to pay for your purchases. First they would ask you to prove it with your documents but when you send them your passport they won’t accept it. Service support stoped replaying after I asked how long will it take to confirm my credentials. It’s have been more then a week now since my question and another 3 unanswered messages from me. Grate service!
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3 years ago, leonjf
Tedious refund process
be careful with this app, I don't know if the management has changed but if you are not aware, the refunds may be lost in the process, this app don't protect the costumer neither the seller, and i don't know what is happening lately, but it automatically says that it has send you the item, but two days after that it says that there was an error with the delivery, we will send you the refund, and you have to wait 28 days for that
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12 months ago, Majedoulin
Why I don’t use Mercado libre?
I tray to open an account on the Spanish version of mercado …any time I try to set up an account they told me that I have to wait 24 hour to verify identity !! It has been more than two weeks!! Because my Spanish read and write is mediocre!! I’m not able to find the house support chatEnglish version ??!! But I was able to find English version of à phone number…but when I try to call …nobody answer!! I had to forget about it !!! Those peoples are loosing a lot of like me due to a subscription process that is not multilingual ? I won’t give them any stars!!! Until they fix that.
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2 years ago, Babidoll_xoxo
Scammed as a Seller and a Buyer!
I would give this app zero stars if it was possible. I have only used this app twice and I have been scammed both times and I couldn’t report it because their app and website is so confusing. After hours of research, I could not find a way to get help for my situations. They say that they protect the sellers and the buyers but it is a total lie. And I can’t find a way to contact them by email or WhatsApp for the life of me.
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2 years ago, &$72&;?4?
Daniel Flores is Horrible
I’ve never experienced such and unprofessional and person with lack of electronics knowledge. He canceled my order against my wish. I hope he is removed from his position.
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3 years ago, uglycatfishduck
It’s a nice place to shop but it would be great to have the option to see it all in English. Like having a translation button you can hit so you can know exactly what every thing is and be able to find things that you’re looking for a lot easier. Thanks
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2 years ago, Kudrusia
Except for electronics and some clothes, many of my purchases are on ML. For those who complain it’s not in English, stop whining and get a translating extension for your browser. It’s for Latin America so you should expect Spanish. 🤪
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1 year ago, hol holis
it's good
I don't get the option to pay in cash. that's my only problem
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4 years ago, criticgeek
The app is against the sellers who comission them
If you ever get a response from ML regarding a fraud you were a victim of (I was of 3 in Brazil) or harassment from a buyer or even buys who buy your stuff and reform it damaged or with missing pieces for full reimbursement it will be a miracle. Even if you try to reach them from another complaint, they will simply despise you. Don’t lose your money here
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4 years ago, Rad Snatcher
No Habla English?
No English language support, apparently. Would be an even better app if it offered that for travelers. Also, no option to use passports for identification? Seems that you must use only state identification. Hoping they will make changes.
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6 months ago, k!mpossible
Ridiculously difficult to create account and make purchases!!!
Requiring a local number to create an account is absurd. Then you require multiple validations, camera identity check, texts, etc just to complete a purchase. No way to contact customer service. Worst experience purchasing online ever!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, bbetio
I would like to know how I can change the language to ENGLISH NOT SPANISH. I was born in Utah grew up there. Now that I am retire living here in Mexico, I would like some apps to give you the option to change languages. Because I can’t read Spanish, but I sure like to shop,shopping thank you
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8 months ago, grivero86
Mercado pago is no good
We need additional ways to complete payments. I have international cards that can’t be used because of mercado pago. Something odd for sure, international cards should work internationally and an app such mercado pago (which is not a sufficient financial entity) shouldn’t block users with their absurd rules
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2 years ago, playa tom
Horrible Company
Do not buy from this company. They claim ‘Free Returns’. I received a portable ice maker that did not work from first day. I sent many requests to return the defective item with no response from Mercado Libre. I paid $20,000 pesos for a defective item and am unable to return it. An expensive lesson. I will never buy from this company again. You are warned.
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2 years ago, Ileonkey
Finally easy to buy
The only way to easy buy , is using the app. Great company
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1 month ago, MateusG
Can’t sign in!
Impossible to sign in on this app without allowing to see my camera and register my face. I don’t want more of you to access my personal information beyond what you need. Any other shopping website doesn’t ask to see my face while I’m shopping. Wake up.
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2 years ago, Which one?
I and my family always buy through Mercado Livre. In Brazil their delivery and punctuality are top. Very trustworthy and reliable.
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4 years ago, Tap my Chicken
Easy shopping but terrible search engine
The engine will provide “close enough” results that aren’t even near
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3 years ago, Gilgiljoy
Love this app!!
Wonderful app, great interface, great customer service and a large variety with great prices.
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6 months ago, efraim770
Horrible experience
Hey this app is horrible, purchased two items on discount, took all my payment, purchase did not go through, monies got blocked, payment has not been reversed, and the I am advised that price at discount is no longer available. Mercado libre is NOT TRUSTWORTHY NOT HONORABLE, cannot be trusted. Is worse that a fairwheather fan. DO NOT RECOMEND
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3 years ago, Paint Betty paint
Customer service
Paid cash for an expensive item, they sent the wrong item. In order to have it replaced they asked for a photo of my passport, my CURP number, 2 photos of me taken with the app for facial recognition, and remote access of my phone. This seems extreme and I felt violated.
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12 months ago, Luis1390
Hard to create an account
They require WhatsApp with +52 number only otherwise you stuck and can’t create an account
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2 years ago, frustrated filmer
I don’t get it
As a foreign resident in Brazil I tried to use the app to buy a replacement battery for an emergency light fixture. it asked for a copy of my resident ID, my CPF and the app took a photo of me. Then I was told my CPF number did not exist! Now they have all of this personal information and I couldn’t buy my batyery. What a waste.
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3 years ago, kraios77
Bad UX
The interface is clunky. I received a answer from a question. The answer clarified I got the wrong product and added a new link. I can’t copy the link from the app, so I have to go to the site, copy the answer, paste it, click again to re open on the app. UX -100
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4 years ago, th.dmtr
Asking login everytime
Bugged app asking for login everytime i open it
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4 years ago, Notmebutme
Filter button crush app again
Clicking the filter button is enough for the application to crash. This type of bug is unacceptable in this type of application. This is not the first time that I see this here. Some versions ago this also happened.
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6 months ago, cozumel reader
Your Great
As receive what we order and on time.
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1 year ago, 126james
The best app to buy stuff
It’s one of the best app to buy stuff only. Very easy to navegation and fast delivery
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10 months ago, Jasm76
Mala Atención al Cliente / Bad Customer Service
La Atención al Cliente de ellos es muy mala, no resuelven para nada, no se ponen en los zapatos del usuario y en realidad experimentar cuál es el problema, dan soluciones por darlas pero no para resolver realmente. Their Customer Service is very bad, they do not solve anything, they do not put themselves in the user's shoes and actually experience what the problem is, they give solutions for the sake of giving them but not to really solve them.
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2 years ago, cookielover
So difficult to pay for items. The charges show pending and approved on my credit card but I keep getting messages that my transaction is not complete, please enter another form of payment! I try my debit card, no luck!
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1 year ago, Roan29
Unable to register as I am a foreigner.
They keep asking for INE but I am not Mexican I cannot vote no INE so I have to go pay at the bank or convenience store. I tried and tried nothing will do they want an INE. 🤬
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1 year ago, bob9lives
As always, Mercado Libre is the most dependable service.
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2 years ago, acpbh
Change of Address
How can I change the address for delivery?
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3 years ago, times313
It’s a very good app and great service like the fact that u don’t need a credit card
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2 years ago, lilliemva
They don’t answer in the countries they sell either
Customer service is terrible they never respond
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2 years ago, byn eth
Volkswagen Parati
I am using google translate to search for items and make orders. Do you have English version? I have been trying to buy Volkswagen parts for so long but didn’t succeed so far because I couldn’t pay from the USA. I need help Thank you
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2 years ago, Paddy my
Bad bad bad.
I can’t get into my account and they won’t help.
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4 years ago, rolaufer98367
More infirmation about orders
It should have search procedures!!! Very difficult if you have many orders!!!
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1 month ago, Gio Hena
It is what it is
I’m glad Mercado Libre exists, but the user experience can improve aignificantly. From product information to setting up an account it’s just not the moat intuitive.
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1 year ago, JovemSofredor
App os not working
App is requesting for an update but I have the latest version installed already. App is not allowing me to browse , there is a huge bug that needs to get fixed
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12 months ago, PaintedRec
Can't change security phone number
I have changed the phone. But it's not changed in security. It's still my old phone. No English version. Identify verification up to 48 hours, other services do it immediately.
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5 months ago, bolzano77
A disaster for IPhone users
Wasted hours trying to make a purchase. Unable to enter my credit card info. The page does not format properly. A complete shambles. Doesn’t work with iPad either.
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